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Nursing My Helpless Daughter

Category: Incest
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We moved, my daughter and I. We loaded up the a U-Haul ourselves. Everything was going great. We unloaded everything at the new house and returned the truck to the dealership in our newly adopted hometown.

But then my daughter fell face-first from a few feet up from the back of the truck with an arm full of moving blankets. You know, the kind that are used to protect furniture. She was carrying the blankets to their U-Haul office so that the dealer could count them.

But the fall broke both her wrists and several of her fingers. The blankets cushioned her face and upper body

She ended up in casts to her elbows.

She took it well and with good humor. “Well, daddy, now all summer you’re gonna have to wait on me hand and foot.”

My crazy wife had run off to California with the married man next door five years before and had never come back or asked see our daughter again, so it was just the two of us.

I don’t think either of realized that I’d have to wash her in the shower until night came. She held her fork just fine when we went to a out for Italian to celebrate our completed move. But then night came. We had had a long day. A four-hundred-mile drive and we’d unloaded the truck.

“Dad, I need a shower.”

I followed her into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and I gently helped her take off her tee-shirt over her fiberglass casts. She stood and I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. She sat back on the toilet. I knelt and untied her shoes and pulled them and her socks off and then pulled her pants down and off.

Her b-cup bra and her panties were snow white cotton. She’s 18 but I don’t think she’s ever kissed a boy or been on a date. She’s pretty but loves books and is kind of shy.

She giggled nervously as I unhooked her bra and pulled the straps off her shoulders and down her arms, freeing and uncovering her breasts. Her half dollar-sized nipples were peach colored.

“You’re going to have to wash me, too, dad.”

“I know, sweetie.”

She giggled again. “I don’t remember the last time you saw me naked.”

Neither did I. My wife had always bathed her and had only returned to work when she went off to kindergarten

I turned on the shower and tested the water. It was our first time using it.

I turned toward her and she stood and giggled nervously again.

I bent down and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and tugged them down.

My daughter is both very beautiful and fetchingly cute. She has her mother’s blue eyes and my mother’s curly auburn hair. Her lips are lush. Her breasts turn up pertly. Her belly is flat, and her hips and butt swell nicely.

I really didn’t know if I should say it, but I decided to go ahead and said, “God, Becky, you’re very beautiful.”

“Thanks, dad.”

She had been looking down, but she lifted her face and made eye contact and smiled at me.

She giggled. “Hey, no peeking!”

I laughed.

“You’re even going to have to wash my pussy, daddy.”

“I guess so, honey.”

“Well, just remember the rule, more than five times in and out, and you’ll be fingering me.”

I laughed. I hadn’t thought that I’d actually have to wash the inside of her vagina.

As I helped her into the shower, she giggled and added, “Same with my butthole!”

I didn’t put a finger into my own butt when I washed.

I lathered up and scrubbed her back and her shoulders and then her legs. I laughed and said, “Bend over.”

She giggled and bent over and I washed the crack of her ass. She has a gorgeous ass.

“You ready?”


I pushed a soapy finger up her butt, only about an inch. I twisted it and pushed it gently in and out.

She giggled and said, “Nasty man.”

I withdrew my finger and she turned around I washed her neck, the front of her shoulders and then her breasts and then her belly and then her legs.

She giggled nervously. “Saving the best for last, I see.”

I laughed. I started to lather up her pubic hair and she spread her thighs, bending her knees, holding, leaning on the shower curtain rail to help steady herself. I then gently washed her her pussy lips with my bare fingers.

“Dad, don’t be so namby-pamby. I wanna be clean down there.”

I washered her more vigorously.

When I went to slide my finger into her pussy, she giggled and said, “Remember, more than five-hundred in and out with your finger and you’re finger fucking it.”

I laughed and pushed my index finger into her.

“How deep, sweetie?”

She giggled. “I go to the second knuckle, but what the heck, dad, all the way.”

I pushed it into her and moved it in and out, probing her with my soapy finger.

“Daddy, do you think things will ever be the same between us?”

“I don’t know, precious.”

“You’re gonna have to do this to me in the morning and at night, every day, until my hands and wrists heal.” The doctor had said six weeks.

I pulled my finger out of her.

I said, “We could hire a nurse or a home health aid or something.”

I had lost my job back home and we’d moved here, when I’d gotten a new one, so we had no insurance. And we had no family or friends here, actually didn’t know anyone.

“That’s okay, dad. I don’t mind.”

I was spraying the shower head on her pussy to get all the soap out, when she giggled and said, “Dad, I always wash everything twice.”

I do the same thing when I showered.

She turned around again, and I repeated the whole process.

Afterward, the floor was all wet, mostly from water splashing out, since the shower door had to be open so that I could wash her.

As I was toweling her dry, she said, “Now I gotta tinkle.”

I helped her out of the shower and she sat on the toilet and peed right in front of me.

“I can’t even wipe myself.”

I did it for her.

“I always use a moist towelette.”

I got one and wiped her with it.

She giggled.

I helped her up and she followed me, naked, into her new room. We were too tired to set up the bed or to unpack, so I found the box with her blankets and sheets and made her bed with the mattress just on the floor and tucked her in, still naked.

“Sleep in here with me tonight, dad, in case I need something.”

I dragged my own mattress in and went and took a shower.

I tried to masturbate in the shower, but I’ve never done that.

I put on my pajama bottoms and a teeshirt and came back into her room. I made up my own mattress and turned the lights off and crawled into it.

We lay there talking for a long time, mostly about the move and our hopes for our new life.

In the morning, I went and took a pee and then helped her into the bathroom to do the same. She was still naked. As soon as I lowered her onto the toilet I heard her release a stream.

“Daddy, the floor is still wet from last night. Let’s not worry about modesty. You’re gonna take your shower with me so that you can wash me without getting the floor all wet.”

Now it was my turn to laugh nervously.

“Daddy, if you get a woodie, it’s okay. I know I got a bodacious bod, and I know you and Kelly broke up last year.”

Kelly, my girlfriend, had left me as soon as I’d lost my job.

I turned on the shower and helped her in. I stripped off my pajama bottom and my tee-shirt and climbed in with her, naked.

She looked at my cock and giggled.

“Daddy, I never saw one before. Never even played doctor.”

I was actually fine until I started to wash her.

I usually masturbate at night and in the morning.

As soon as I touched her back with my soapy hands my dick started to grow.

When I started to wash the crack of my daughter’s butt, she bend over and I slid my soapy finger up her into her.

“Go a little deeper this time, dad.”

I went in about two inches and she said, “That’s good, dad.”

I soap-fingered her in and out.

She giggled and when she turned around and saw my huge hard-on she giggled all the more.

“God, daddy.”

“I’m sorry, honey.”

“It’s okay, dad. I masturbate at night, every night, before I go to sleep. I couldn’t last night, of course. I had trouble getting to sleep last night. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” She giggled. “Truth is, I kind of like looking at it. Maybe one day you’ll break something and I’ll get to wash you all over.”

We were both laughing.

I washed her front. When I got to her breasts she giggled and said, “Do a good job, dad.”

Then when I got to her pussy, she opened her legs and laughed nervously.

As I washed her pussy and then slid a soapy finger into her, she asked, “Dad, if I need you to, will you masturbate me?”

“Sure, sweetie. I guess I’ll have to. Don’t be shy, just let me know when you need it or if you just want it.”

“You sure you really wouldn’t mind, dad?”

“No, not at all. I’m such a dirty old man . . .” I laughed.

She giggled. “How about when we’re done with our shower?”


“Thanks, dad.”

I continued to wash her and then washed myself while she watched.

“Wow, dad, that’s quite the monster you got there. Please, don’t get dressed. I wanna look at it while you finger me, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind, honey.”

She said playfully, “Promise that if you ever break your wrists that you’ll let me jack you off every day.”

We went in her room and she lowered herself naked onto my mattress.

“I can’t say how much I need this, dad.”

“It’s okay, sweetie, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“How often do you do it?”

“In the morning and at night.”

“Every day?”


She giggled. “Naughty boy. Can I watch next time?”

“I guess so.”

“You got massive wood, dad. You want to go first?”

“Would you like that?”

“Yes, as long as I can watch.”

I went naked out to the kitchen and found the olive oil, which I used to make my cock all slippery when I jack off. There were no curtains up anywhere in the house. Her room overlooked the back yard, however, so there was no one to see us.

I lay back next to her and it only took a couple minutes of stroking myself to cum while my daughter watched. It was maybe the strongest orgasm of my life. I hadn’t done it a couple days, and seeing her naked and touching her body had me all worked up. I spurted gobs and gobs all over my chest and belly.

She giggled. “God, daddy. Can I watch every time until the casts come off?”

I laughed. “I guess so, but you know, it’ll be very hard to put all this toothpaste back in the tube when you are better. We’ll never be the same again.”

She giggled. “If you want to fuck me, daddy, just ask.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know. But until my hands are back to 100%, let’s just pretend that I’m just some cute sexy young woman you’re helping, the poor clumsy twit of a girl next door who broke her wrists rather than your very own daughter.”

I laughed. “Let’s wait and see, okay?”


I went and washed up.

When I came back, I asked her what she wanted me to do.

“I usually pinch my titties for a while first, but today I think we can skip that, unless you want to do it. I’m so hot and bothered that I might just go off like a nuke and wipe out a whole city.”

I laughed.

I sat next to her and reached out and started to finger her pussy.

“Just rub my clitty, dad.”

I did as she asked and she started to moan. But as much as I rubbed it, she just couldn’t cum.

“Dad, put some of that oil on your finger and finger my butthole. I do that in the shower before I do it. I used to think about a guy, Justin Hollis, a really cute fag at my school, fucking my butt, and I sort of got to love that feeling and that fantasy.”

I said, “I’ve never done that to a woman and I always wanted to do it.”

She giggled. “You want to fuck my butt, dad, just ask me and I’ll say yes, anytime you want.”

I did as she asked and rubbed her clit at the same time. She was very wet, but still she couldn’t cum.

“Use two fingers in my ass, dad.”

I did it and still she couldn’t cum.

“I’m so used to doing it myself, this is driving me nuts. I need it so bad, dad.”

“Let me try this.” I got between her legs and leaned down and licked her clit while fingering her butthole. I was pushing two fingers all the way into her.

“God, dad, that’s so good, so good, so good, don’t stop . . .”

She came, but I kept fingering her and licking her and she came again and then again.

Afterward I kept licking her clit lightly and I switched to three fingers in her ass and licked her harder until she came again.

“God, dad, that was the best.”

I got up and went and washed.

“You’re hard again, daddy.”

I used one of her buttwipe clothes and cleaned her butthole.

“You want me to suck you, dad?”

“Right now, what I want, is to fuck your ass.”

She giggled. “Dad, we’ll never put that one back in the toothpaste tube.”

I put a generous amount of oil on my dick while she watched.

“You’re really gonna fuck my ass?”

“Yes, unless you say no.”

“I better go on the Pill right away.”

“Yup, you got that right.”

“You want me face down or face up?”

“Face up?”

“You remember in “Rocky Horror,” where Frank-N-Furter does Susan Sarandon’s boyfriend Brad?”

“No.” I had only seen it once and thought it one of the stupid movies I’d ever seen.

“You do like you’re fucking my pussy, but you put in my butthole instead.”

“How do you want it?”

“Face down. Pretend you’re raping me, molesting me, but go easy. I used to have this fantasy about Mr. Johnson . . .”

I rolled her on belly and climbed on top of her. I smacked her ass hard and said, “Be quiet, bitch, or I’ll hurt you.”

She giggled, but then said, “Please, don’t, I never. I’m not on the Pill. I’m a virgin and I want to save myself for my husband or Brad Pitt or Matt Damon or Johnny Depp or Ben Affleck. I’ll let you do anything as long as you don’t get me pregnant and don’t take my virginity.”

I was laughing.

I lowered myself and pushed my dick up my own daughter’s ass. It glided right in.

“God, dad, go slow, please.”

I slowed down and stopped when it was all the way in.

“Okay, daddy, I think I’m ready.”

I started to fuck her and I reached under her and started to rub her clit.

She moaned. “Fuck me, daddy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She started to cry. “Oh, dad, it’s so good.” She was moaning and sobbing at the same time.

I had already cum, so it took me a while before I was even close again.

“I don’t want to put any toothpaste back in the tube, dad. Promise me that you’ll fuck me twice a day. Promise me, promise me, promise me, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” and she came, her whole body shaking.

I came too. I had never cum at the same time as my partner before, but her cumming pushed me over.

We took another shower together.

After that, we slept every night together in my queen-sized bed.

No one knew us in our new town, so we pretended to be married. It was weird too. Before, women didn’t notice me. But I’d go to our regular haunts without her, waitresses and girl store clerks would flirt with me and even give me their numbers, teasing me that I was a dirty old man to have such a young wife.

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