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NOW I Do Know

Category: Incest
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Have you ever had one of those “Aha!” moments?

You know the type I mean.

That moment when a life-changing realisation hits you.

That sublime, transformational moment when you realise your life will never be the same again.

That moment like the moment the apple hit Isaac Newton on the head, and he said “Aha! I’ve discovered gravity”

That sort of moment.

Mine came about five minutes after my brother David withdrew from me and waltzed off without a care in the world back inside the house.

He left me there on the chaise lounge, hips aching from being pressed back into my chest. Pussy still dripping with my juices and his sperm, being cooled by the gentle breeze wafting over its exposed surface. And my mind, God! My mind whirling like a cork in a washing machine.

What had I done? What would people think? How could we have? Over and over and over.

And that’s precisely when it happened, the little voice in my head said “STOP, you silly little bitch, cut it out. Stop all this false morality, you liked it, in fact you more than liked it, you loved it. You’ve never felt anything like it, and you’ve never felt so abso-fucking-lutely good”

And I hadn’t.

I had never felt so fulfilled, so warm and fuzzy, so goddamn contented, and what’s more, so fucking horny that I wanted more, right then and there.

I wrapped my towel around me, and sort of half shuffled and half staggered inside, where I bumped into a very tipsy mum and dad just going up stairs. “You look a bit bedraggled Amy dear” slurred mum “You’re not sick are you?”

“Far from it” I thought to myself “No, mum, I just fell asleep outside, I think I’d better go to bed”

She and dad weaved their way upstairs, and I tottered off to the kitchen. I swear I felt like I was floating 6″ off the floor, such was the feeling the orgasms had created in me.

As I opened the kitchen door, I bumped David with it as he bent over his carry bag. He was obviously packing to head back home in the morning, early.

“Yes” I blurted out. “Yes what?” was all the cocky little shit replied.

“Yes, I want to do that again, and don’t you dare make this hard for me, it’s bad enough as it is”

He tilted his head to one side, winked and said “Why Amy, whatever do you mean? You’d better spell out in words of 2 syllables exactly what you want this poor boy to be doin’ fer ya”

This time I was all wound up, and in no mood to be mocked, so I fixed my eyes on his, took a deep breath, and in a calm tone said “I want to get together with you, my dear, depraved brother, and repeat the extremely horny sex you and I had no more than twenty minutes ago. In fact, I would like you to live up to your promise, and take me to the heights you claim you have the ability to take me to. That is, if you’re up to it”

I couldn’t help the last bit, and quickly hoped I hadn’t gone too far, or upset him.

My fears were soon dispelled, David got a quick grin on his face, and with a twinkle in those damned dark eyes of his said “Friday night, my apartment, seven o’clock, tell mum and dad you’re staying the weekend.” Then he was gone, into the guest room, he closed the door, leaving me standing with my mouth hanging open.

Friday night at 6.45 saw me knocking at David’s door. Not that I was anxious or anything…much.

The week had dragged by as if encased in molasses. Minutes were like hours. School was torture. The nights were agony. All I could think of was Friday. Friday and David. David’s body to be precise. And what he would do with mine.

The door to David’s apartment swung open, but instead of David, there was a little blond woman standing there beaming at me.

“Oh, I, err” I stammered before she laughed and said “You must be Amy, Hi Amy, I’m Jenny, you’re a bit early, David’s still in the shower, come right in”

I was stunned. Here I was, after the longest week of my life, expecting a night of pure passion with my brother, and I find I’m going to share his time with some blond bimbo. At that minute I could have cheerfully let the ground swallow me, right after I had torn her blue eyes out.

I begrudgingly followed her into the lounge where she flopped onto the sofa, and looked over at me with those big blue eyes that I was soon going to have on the end of a fork.

“Well now” she said “Have you recovered from your little session with the sex master?”

I felt my face redden, and my jaw must have hung open, because she burst into a tinkling laugh and said “Don’t worry, darling, I’m one of his little victims. I was well on my way to becoming a nun till I fell under his spell. So, you’re among understanding and like minded friends here, relax, your secret’s safe”

Now I really was mad. Not only was I going to be disappointed, but also here was this blond flaunting the fact she’d screwed my brother in my face. And as well, she knew all about what David and I had done. I was getting out of there straight away.

I was halfway to my feet, when David appeared from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, and still wet from his shower. He’d apparently spent the week in training, his tan was deeper, and his muscles seemed finer, more defined.

“Hey Amy, great to see you made it, sorry I wasn’t there to greet you. I trust you and Jenny have introduced yourself?”

Jenny piped up “You’ll have to excuse Amy, I think I just shocked her a bit, when I let on I knew what you and she had been up to”

“I, no, well it was just the shock” was all I managed to get out before David broke into an uproarious laugh. “Amy, Amy, Amy if you could only see your face right now, it’s a picture”

Right at that moment came another one of those moments you couldn’t duplicate if you tried.

As David laughed, he leaned back and his towel fell open, exposing himself to us both”

My natural instincts took over, and I looked away, but Jenny just gazed and said in a very poor deep southern accent “Why looky here, prime chittlins, Ah think Ah’m gonna get me a plateful o’ them vittles.” She made an exaggerated licking movement with her tongue over her lips, and stood.

Jenny was wearing a stretch cotton peasant blouse over a short, tight skirt, and as she moved toward David, she shucked them off in two quick movements, so that by the time she reached out her hands to him, she was naked.

David stood at her obvious invitation, and let the towel fall away, exposing his now erect organ.

I was immediately struck by the contrast between them.

Where she was short, only about 5’5″, he was tall, over six feet.

Her snow-white skin was a complete contrast to his deep tan. As they moved closer, they reminded me of a giant piece of Checkerboard chocolate. Whereas he was tight and muscular, with washboard abs, and long limbs, she was rounded and smooth. Not fat, just curvy and busty.

Speaking of busts, her breasts were firm, yet round and smooth, with aureoles much larger than mine, and larger, blunter nipples. David had an athletes ass, with those concaves in the sides that indicate strong muscularity. Jenny’s ass cheeks on the other hand were perfectly round, like two globes perched on top of her thighs.

They met half way between their respective seats, and wrapped their arms around each other.

Hers under his armpits, and his over her shoulders and onto her back.

She tilted her mouth up to his, and just before their lips met, he turned to me and in a quiet voice said “Ever made love with another woman Amy?”

“Me? Make it with a dyke?” I shrieked “Yuck, no way”

David gave me that damned knowing smile again, and turned back to Jenny, who was still with her head uptilted, awaiting his lips.

He crushed his mouth to hers, and she groaned as their lips met. His left hand moved to the back of her neck, and his right to her lower back, where he seemed to seek out and then massage the dimple right at the side of her spine.

Her hips moved into him, and I could see her ass clenching as if trying to force harder against his thighs. I must admit, by this stage, the sight of their contrasting naked bodies, and their obvious enjoyment was overcoming the dislike and disappointment I was feeling. I became aware of my own pussy becoming aroused, and my knickers becoming uncomfortable. As I sat, entranced by the events unfolding in front of me, I noticed her stiffen, as if in surprise, and then draw her head back quickly from his. She moved her mouth downward, toward his chest, and as she did so, I could see a slight trickle of blood on her chin, coming from her bottom lip. “Surely he didn’t bite her,” I thought to myself.

As if in answer, Jenny lifted her lips from where they were skimming his smooth skin, and murmured “God! When you draw blood like that, it makes me want to cumm on the spot, you’re such an animal”

She began licking his chest with just the tip of her tongue, running it through the fine hair there, and then making the circles larger and larger, until she was almost kneeling, and her mouth was level with his navel.

David, meanwhile had his fingers entwined in her blond hair, and was whispering just loud enough for me to hear “Do it to me, baby, you’ve learned well, do what you do so well”

She fell fully to her knees, and started rolling her cheeks and mouth around on his cock, moaning all the while, as if in a trance, pausing every now and then to plant light kisses on the object of her desire, or to massage his balls.

Speaking of desire, by now, I was almost beside myself with it, despite my best intentions to leave.

I was transfixed by what was evolving before my eyes. My pussy was so hot and wet; it was all I could do to keep my hands off it. As I said, before David went down on me on that night, I’d had no experience of oral sex. Yet, right here in front of me, Jenny was making love to David’s cock and balls, as if they were separate from him, and there for her own enjoyment. And it was turning me on so much. I wanted to be Jenny, right there on the floor under David, doing what she was doing. As if reading my mind, she turned to me and with a dreamy look on her face whispered “Want to join me?”

“God, yes” was all I could say before I was on my knees right beside her, only inches from them both. “Your clothes” David said, “Take them off”

I couldn’t help but think of how far I’d come in a week, when, in less than a minute I had my clothes off and was back nude beside my own brother, and a woman I hardly knew.

Jenny had taken the opportunity to take the head of David’s cock into her mouth, and appeared to be swirling her tongue around it. She would stop and her cheeks would suck in and out as if she was drinking through a very large straw and then she’d resume playing with the tip with her tongue.

She reached down with one hand, took my right hand in hers and gave it a squeeze, then guided it to the underside of his balls. “Be gentle” David whispered, “Feel them and massage them gently”

Another first. I gingerly massaged his balls as Jenny continued her sucking and playing.

My face was only about 12′ away from hers, and I could hear her moans of pleasure, and the slight slurping noise as her mouth moved faster, and her saliva made his cock wetter.

David’s hips began moving, so I instinctively increased my speed, when an amazing thing happened. As if on a spring, David’s balls suddenly contracted, and where I was massaging became as taut as a drum skin. He gave a little moan, just as Jenny suddenly started bobbing her head up and down on him faster and faster. My eyes widened as I realised he was going to climax, and that she was going to let him do it right in her mouth. I was overcome by a feeling of horror at the thought, but at the same time, part of me was fascinated and yet another part was incredibly jealous it was her, and not me. David’s whole body stiffened, and he jammed her head down on his cock as if trying to shove his entire length down her throat. Jenny was totally unconcerned at his roughness, seemingly lost in the moment. Her hand had gone to her own pussy, and she was frigging herself as her cheeks indicated she was sucking as hard as she could. “Damn, you’re good” David finally exclaimed, as he withdrew his softening cock from her mouth, “You’ve learned so well since that first time when I virtually had to force you”

Jenny was in no hurry to disengage herself from him. Ignoring the sperm running from the corner of her mouth, she gripped him by the back of his thighs and leaned forward and with her tongue fully extended, began licking all over his cock and balls, as if cleaning him.

David laughed “Easy, easy, you know how sensitive the head gets when I’ve just cum, you’ll have me on my knees”

Jenny laughed too, and sat back on her haunches “Damn, there is no feeling on earth like that”

She turned to me, still with the dreamy look on her face “So, Sister Mary Amy, what do you think?’

“That was awesome, simply awesome, I can’t believe what I just saw, I can’t think, you’ve blown my mind” I stuttered through dry lips.

They both laughed in unison, and David spoke first, “Are you going to join us, or remain a spectator for the weekend?”

“Exactly what do you mean by join US” I said, “I was under the impression I was here to spend the weekend with you”

“No, no” corrected David “You were coming here to expand on what we started last weekend, and Jenny being here is part of that. As I said before, this is all by choice, nobody is making you stay, but if you do stay , you play by house rules. And house rules are simple. There are no rules”

All I could do was shrug my shoulders. “I suppose” I said, finding it hard to keep the disappointment from my voice. “You suppose what?” said David “Either you’re here and participating fully, or you’re not, there’s no place for sulking spoiled brats here”

By this time the tone of his voice had tears in my eyes, this wasn’t turning out at all as I’d planned.

My bitter rival, Jenny, suddenly became my ally, wiping the tears away with a fingertip.

“Take it easy, you bully, the poor kid is in shock with all that’s happened this week. Christ, it took you three weeks to get me to this stage, and I didn’t have the fact you’re my brother to deal with”

Jenny and I were still kneeling at this stage, and half facing each other. She leaned forward as if to kiss my cheek, exactly as I turned to thank her. Our lips met full on exactly as her nipples brushed against mine. It was another of those moments, just like the moment I first backed on to David’s cock on the pool deck. Only this time I wasn’t going to let the moment slip.

Once again, as had so often happened in the past week, everything I’d ever believed or thought about sex went out the door, this time my beliefs about dykes and sex with women went out the door in one lingering, full blooded kiss.

Where our nipples touched seemed to have an electric current flowing through it. Her lips were unlike any mans I’d ever kissed, much fuller and softer. The moisture in my pussy seemed to double with every second the kiss went on, and the swelling there was incredible.

Jenny’s right hand went behind me, and her left moved to my breasts, rolling the nipples and stroking them with her palms. My breasts took on a life of their own. Never had they been so receptive to touch, so sensitive.

The hand Jenny had put behind my back started to exert pressure, and pull me towards her, as she lay back herself onto the carpet. I found myself falling forward, still locked at the lips with her, until we were laying in each others arms, still kissing deeply. Jenny pulled me into a standard missionary position, as if we were man and woman, with her underneath me, her legs apart, with our pussies in direct contact.

Her pelvis was moving as if it had a mind of its own, and with each upward thrust, her pubic bone rubbed directly on my erect clit, and it felt so damn good. I couldn’t help reciprocating by pushing back with my own pelvis.

Even though it was the same standard position I’d always had sex in, except for the one time with David, it felt so different. Our breasts mashed against each other, our kiss was non-stop, her skin was softer and her curves rounder than any man I’d been with. Not that there were many. Despite all my earlier misgivings, I could feel an orgasm building, and could sense Jenny was feeling the same way. Our pelvic thrusts were becoming erratic, more urgent, and I could feel my pussy widening and spasming as I came closer and closer.

Jenny came first, and she clamped down on my lower lip as she did so, just as David had done to her earlier. The initial pain was soon forgotten as my own climax built, and I could sense the faintly metallic taste of my own blood seeping into my mouth as it bled. All other thoughts disappeared then. An almighty thrust of my hips into Jenny’s spread legs signalled the arrival of a mind-blowing orgasm. My back spasmed so hard, I became rigid, pushing Jenny hard against the carpet, until she was gasping for air.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God” was all I could get out, in between gasping for air and laughing with pent up emotion “I can’t believe it” Not me, not with a woman, not like that.

“Believe it, kid” came from behind me. I turned, and realised in my passion I had forgotten my own brother was sitting there calmly masturbating as he watched his own sister have her first bisexual experience. “And at the risk of repeating myself, it only gets better” he grinned.

I was about to reply when I felt something pressing against my thighs.

I was on my hands and knees, and Jenny had spun around, and was completely underneath me, her head forcing passage between my knees.

My knees parted, and she wrapped her arms around my thighs, forcing them apart as she did so, and she wriggled further under me. As I looked around, my legs parted, my hips dropped lower, and she reached up with her mouth and bit me hard on the pussy. I yelped, and dropped lower in complete surprise, causing my face to fall right on her gaping pussy.

It all happened so fast I didn’t have time to react, one minute I was about to relax in the afterglow of a beautiful climax, the next I was in what I now know to be a 69 position. At that stage, I had no idea such things happened.

Jenny’s wicked mouth and tongue started to work on my now sopping and swollen pussy, making me gasp with delight. I started breathing heavily straight away. Now I was in real trouble. She was making me feel so fucking good, yet I didn’t know what to do next. Nature solved the problem for me. My breathing became deeper and harder, and as it did so, I realised I was inhaling the full aroma of her pussy from a distance of only 3″, and it was such a delicious aroma. It smelled so, “warm”, that’s the only word I can think of, “warm” and deliciously inviting.

I thought back to my first oral experience, with David, and decided I couldn’t do any worse than just duplicating what he had done to me. So I began by circling her clit with my tongue, first fast and then slow. I alternated this with licking her pussy from top to bottom in large swipes, and then went back to her clit. At the same time, I remembered the delicious feeling David had given me when he inserted his fingers as he licked me, so I searched out her swollen lips and probed with first one, then two fingers.

Her pussy was much larger than mine; its lips were at least twice as thick, and very loose. Her slit was already wide open, and my fingers went inside really easily. I remembered how I went out of control when David found my Gspot, so I sought the roof of her pussy, then moved my fingers around in search of the bump. What I found really surprised me. While I had a small raised area indicating my Gspot, Jenny had a positive mountain there, and boy, was it sensitive. I had my mouth and tongue pressed hard against her pussy, and the second I touched the spot, she convulsed so hard, and I thought she’s broken my nose with her pubic bone.

And she squirted on me.

At first I didn’t know what to think, then I thought she’d lost control of her bladder and had urinated on me. But as I regained my composure, I realised the fluid was all milky and warm, and had shot from her as she climaxed, covering my mouth and face with warm, creamy ejaculate.

I was incredibly turned on and even more so as I heard Jenny’s voice, seemingly from a distance moaning, “Baby, baby, you are so fucking good, don’t stop, don’t stop”

I felt myself going on my way, when a strange feeling came over my ass.

I was too far gone to realise at first what it was, but then recognised the feel of David’s hands on my ass. He seemed to be gripping the crack of my ass and moving the cheeks apart.

At first, in my orgasmic confusion, I thought he was merely trying to get a better look at Jenny’s mouth on me, but then I felt his hot breath on my ass, and then the tickle of something probing right in the hole itself. “Must be his fingertip” was all I could think, “same as last time” But then I realised it was moving up and down my crack and it was wider than a finger and wetter.

Jenny’s tongue was shooting in and out of my pussy, and circling my clitoris, and despite not knowing what it was, something was giving me sensations in my ass I’d never felt, and my head was just spinning with all the pleasure I was receiving.

Just then, David spoke “Want me inside you Amy?” he said.

I felt him say it! As he spoke, I felt his breath, each word left an impression on my ass, it was his damn mouth and tongue, he was licking my asshole, and all around it, and he was doing it voluntarily, and enjoying it, and dammit, so was I! How low had we got now? And what was worse, I didn’t care.

“Do you want me inside you” came his voice again, this time slightly sharper.

“Oh, yes, David, yes” was all I had time to get out, before it all became too much, and I slammed my own hips down on Jenny’s face in my own orgasm.

I stooped momentarily to regain my breath, and Jenny stopped too, to allow David to enter me. He knelt behind me, his knees on either side of Jenny’s head, and she reached up and guided him inside me. I thought about it, and wondered how Jenny must feel, having his cock and balls so close to her face as he slid easily in.

I needn’t have worried, she’s evidently been in this situation before, and merely altered her position slightly to allow herself access to both him and me.

I returned my focus to her pussy, as hard as it was to concentrate, with my belly being probed and filled with David’s cock, and Jenny doing her thing under me.

Jenny must have been enjoying herself too, I sensed another orgasm building, and tried my best to give her satisfaction, with my inexperienced tongue. She was well on her way, though, and as I sought her spot again, I received another gush of her fluid full in the face. All three of us were immediately aroused again. I could feel David speeding up, and Jenny seemed as if she was going again already.

I felt Jenny reach up and grasp his balls, and she started chanting “Do it, do it, do it, cumm in her, fill her belly, Do it”

David went first, he grabbed my hips in a vice like grip, and held himself deep inside me, motionless. I could feel every contraction of his cock, and every vein expand as the sperm started spurting from him. It seemed red hot, and he seemed to go on and on. It all became too much, with one last push back against him, I felt an orgasm coming from the pit of my stomach, moving up my spine and trying to blow the top off my head.

I must have pushed my pussy down against Jenny’s mouth, because her struggles for air brought me slowly back to reality.

David very slowly withdrew from me, and moved back, then stood up and sort of staggered to the sofa. Jenny seemed on another planet, and she just laid there, spread-eagled on the carpet.

I didn’t know where I was, and didn’t have the energy to stand up and move away from Jenny, so I sort of flopped over sideways, and lay in a semi fetal position on the carpet until my head cleared slightly.

After about ten minutes of silence, a small voice came from where I knew Jenny was laying.

“Now who was it said sex with dykes was yuck?”

“Some silly young inexperienced thing” was all I could get out.

“She’s long gone from this place.”

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