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Hard Bargain

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Chapter 1

“You drive a hard bargain,” I said, taking a long sip of my drink.

“I saved your butt on this one and you know it,” Christine said. “It’s time to pay up.”

Christine and I worked for the same bank. She was the branch manager at a location on the opposite side of town from my bank, where I served as an assistant branch manager. We went through orientation together and had remained friends for the past five years.

A few months ago I approved a loan that totally backfired on me and it would have been career threatening if Christine hadn’t pulled some strings behind the scenes to get me out of a very bad situation. I told her at the time that I’d do anything to thank her for allowing me to stay employed.

Unfortunately, now she was aware of Chad, a gorgeous, young teller at my bank who I’d gone out with more than once following my divorce. Christine was in her early thirties and Chad was in his early twenties. But I swear she looked his age and he looked hers. To put it bluntly, Christine was a babe; long blonde hair, perfect tits and ass, and legs that made me sick.

I think she guessed that Chad and I were having sex, which was true. Great sex, I might add. Now, she was using Chad as a bargaining chip.

We were sitting in O’Neal’s, my favorite spot to unwind after work.

“You’re asking me to ‘give’ you one of my employees…for your own personal pleasure? Isn’t that, like, against company policy or something?” I argued.

“Wasn’t that bogus loan against company policy?” She knew she had me. She drank her beer and waited for an answer.

“How do you know Chad will even want to meet you?”

Christine laughed out loud. “God, Rachel. Didn’t you see him the first time I was in your office? I thought he was going to jump right over the counter and do me on your desk.”

My mind instantly went back to the stormy evening that Chad did exactly that to ME. God, what a fuck. I was really torn now because I hated to lose the best lover I’d ever had to Christine, but I also wanted her to experience what he was capable of doing with his incredible cock.

“Well, he acts that way around EVERY female,” I said without much conviction.

“I’m not every female,” Christine said. “And I want his body. I think it’s the least you can do for a friend—a friend who saved your career. Just set us up and let me take care of the rest.”

There was no getting out of this one. It was simply a matter of finding the least painful way to get Chad and Christine together. I would have to think about it. Maybe—just maybe—we could all benefit from this.

Chapter 2

“Hey, Chad. Do you have a minute before you go?”

I waited at my office door for his nod of confirmation, then sat at my desk until he strode in. He looked his usual impeccable self, even at the end of a long work day.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Close the door,” I said. “Sit down.

“Do you remember Christine Payne from the other day? She’s the manager of the Elm Street branch…blonde, beautiful.” He was nodding his head before I even finished.

“Yeah, I remember.”

Like there was any doubt. “Would you like to meet her? Socially?”

The look on his face was priceless. I could see the wheels spinning in his head. He had to wonder why I, of all people, was offering to set him up with a beautiful woman. But if he had any second thoughts about this ending our ‘relationship’, he didn’t show it.

“Uh, yeah,” he said. “Sure.”

I shouldn’t have expected anything else, but it was kind of deflating all the same. I mean, I’m thirty, have a great body, and am described as ‘cute’ by most people. And here’s my latest partner taking no more than two seconds to decide he’d be more than glad to cheat on me just because I suggested it. The nerve of this dude!

“Good,” I said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster. “I’ll set it up and get back to you. Or she will. I’ll talk to her.”

“What brought this on anyway?” he asked, looking a little less confused.

“She saw you the last time she was here and mentioned you to me. We’re friends so I said, ‘Do you want to go out with him?’ She said, ‘Yeah’ and here we are. It’s that simple,” I said, leaning back in my chair knowing it was far from that simple.

“Thanks. I owe you,” he said. “Is that all?”

I let him go home, while I sat in my office and repeated his words in my head over and over: ‘I owe you.’ Damn right you do. Now if I could only keep track of who owed what to whom.

Chapter 3

“Cool. Thank you for talking to him,” Christine said.

We sat in the family room of my house on a Saturday afternoon for the sole purpose of finalizing the plans on how to get Christine and Chad together. But, it was always nice to get with Christine away from the work environment. She looked stunning, of course, in her designer jeans and top. Sometimes I felt so inadequate around her.

“No problem. So how and when do you want to do this?” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking about this.” Christine took a drink and looked over at me as if preparing either herself, or me, for her next thought. “You certainly don’t have to agree to this if you don’t want to. I’d understand.”

“God, Christine. Just say it.”

“Well, I thought maybe you could just invite Chad over here one day and we could all…you know, all be here together.”

“And…,” I said after a short pause.

“And see what happens,” Christine said timidly.

I stared at her, considering all the possible meanings of her suggestion. The only one that kept floating to the top of the list was ‘threesome’.

“I thought you wanted to take Chad out?” I said.

“I do. But I don’t want it to interfere with our friendship. I thought the best way to handle that would be if we could both, you know, see him at the same time.”

“You mean date him at the same time?” I asked.

“No, no. Jesus, Rachel. You’re not making this very easy,” Christine said.

“You want a threesome.”

The abruptness of my statement—not even a question—seemed to stun Christine. She looked down at her drink, then back at me.

“Yes. If you agree.”

I’ve done a lot of things in my life, but never that. I can rarely get ONE person to have sex with me let alone two. And then there was that other factor: was Christine suggesting she and I…

“You and I wouldn’t…this is just Chad and us, right?” I asked, my apprehension beginning to show.

“Can’t we just see what happens without making any promises?” Christine urged.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” I had no right to ask that of her, but it came out before I could stop it. Maybe it was just me thinking out loud.

“No. Have you?”


We gazed at each other for what seemed an eternity. Then she said, “Listen, Rachel. We’re doing this as an opportunity for me to get with Chad. I’m suggesting we do it here, together. Can’t we just agree to that?”

It was impossible NOT to agree to that. She had every right to be making up the rules as part of my pay back of the debt I owed her. But it certainly wasn’t what I expected her to ask for.

“OK. Deal.”

Chapter 4

If I was a little bewildered by Christine’s plan, Chad seemed on the verge of hyperventilating when I explained it to him. The word ‘threesome’ never left my mouth, but it seemed as plain to him as it had to me when Christine first offered her idea.

“She wants a date with me but she wants you there?” he asked when we met in the office to discuss it.

“Yep. It wasn’t MY idea.”

“Are you going to do it?” he asked with a wry smile.

“It’s my house. I have no place to go,” I said.

He laughed. “What if we…I mean her and I…decide to, you know…”

“She made it sound like we’d cross that bridge when we got to it,” I explained.

Chad’s eyes lit up. “Well, you better fucking believe we’re getting to that bridge. I want to cross it.”

This time I laughed. It was going to be an interesting ‘date’.

A couple days later we had decided on a mutually agreeable date and time to meet. It was destined to be a life altering event, one way or the other. Either I was going to enter a world I’d never thought I’d enter, or it would blow up in our faces and I’d lose one friend and one lover. Was it worth the risk? I was in the banking business, where life was full of risks.

When the designated Saturday arrived and the meeting hour drew near, I showered and stood in front of my closet choosing between a half dozen outfits. Was I supposed to pick one out with Chad in mind, or Christine? Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever be making that choice.

I settled upon a short top that zipped up the front. It reminded me of a jogging top, only shorter and a little tighter. Then I grabbed a pair of hip hugging jeans. It was a safe option that didn’t seem to favor either of my guests. I decided against a bra and found a nice thong. A few minutes under a blow dryer and I was about ready. Nervous, but ready.

Chad showed up first, as I suspected he would. Apparently he had Christine in mind when he dressed. He looked gorgeous and comfortable and very fuckable. Christine was famous for being late to social events and tonight would be no exception. God only knew what she would wear.

We found out fifteen minutes later when she appeared at my door in a low cut, v-neck sweater and a denim miniskirt. God, she looked good. And the smile on her face when I formally introduced her to Chad was surely a portent of things to come.

There seemed to be an immediate connection between the two despite a ten year age difference. Of course, their jobs created a natural topic to start a conversation. But they were soon off onto many diverse subjects completely unrelated to work. I felt pretty good about the chances of Christine getting her wish to fuck the young teller. My role, however, remained fuzzy.

I kept the drinks flowing with an eye open for any signs of either Chad or Christine crossing the line into the state of drunkenness. An hour or so later, everything still seemed to be under control.

I was in the kitchen getting more snacks when I witnessed the first physical connection between Chad and Christine. They were standing, looking through the sliding glass doors that open up to my porch. I have a pretty good view of the mountains from there. Chad’s arm rested on the top of Christine’s ass, with his hand lightly caressing a cheek. She seemed to lean into him a little when she felt it. They continued talking, although I could not hear the conversation.

I watched for a minute, then carried the food into the room. Something was going to happen, but I couldn’t tell what or when. I just felt it.

“I’ve always loved this view, Rachel,” Christine said. “Can anyone see in?”

I was a little puzzled by the question. “No. I don’t have neighbors in that direction. Why?”

“Because if Chad keeps playing with my ass like that I might do something crazy,” she said, smiling at Chad.

“Crazy?” he asked before I could. “Like what?”

“Like pull out the hard cock that was rubbing up against me.”

I sat on the couch, facing them. “Don’t let me stop you.”

When they both looked over at me, I grabbed a pretzel, crossed my legs and leaned back as if waiting for the show to begin.

Christine’s hand was on Chad’s crotch, rubbing the outline of his cock. They moved closer together and began a long, sensuous kiss. You could feel the energy between them as their hands probed and their tongues clashed. There was a lot of pent up passion in that kiss. I couldn’t wait for it to proceed to the next step.

Christine pulled down the zipper on Chad’s jeans. Her fingers disappeared inside his pants, rubbing his erection and cupping his balls. Then she broke off the kiss and used both hands to open Chad’s pants.

The pants fell to the floor and both Christine and I stared at his shorts. It was more than obvious he was getting very, very hard. She had the advantage of being able to touch it. I just watched. Finally, her hand slid inside his shorts and gripped the cock I had come to enjoy so much. I knew what she was feeling—the thickness, the throbbing warmth, the large head.

Chad’s hands were also busy. They had been caressing Christine’s ass and roaming inside her sweater. Now he took hold of the bottom of the sweater and began to pull it up. When it got as high as her arms, Christine raised her hands above her head and let the young man lift the sweater off. He flung it aside.

Christine’s breasts were magnificent. Large, firm…everything a woman like me would kill for in breasts. Chad put his hands around them. He pushed them in and up, obviously enjoying the feel of the ample tits molding to his hands. Then he leaned forward and licked a nipple.

Christine tilted her head back with delight. Chad sucked on the rigid nipple for a few seconds before opening his mouth and taking in as much of the breast as he could. I could feel the moisture collecting between my legs as I watched the couple. I desperately wanted to touch myself, but decided to wait.

Chad spent time at both breasts, causing Christine’s nipples to extend even further. Her moans seemed to indicate approval. But she couldn’t resist getting to Chad’s cock. She grabbed his shorts and pushed them down to his ankles, allowing his cock to spring free.

Christine kneeled in her tight skirt, running her fingers along the length of the shaft. Then her tongue was gliding up and down the cock. Finally, it vanished between her pretty lips. Christine held it with one hand and sucked vigorously. The slurping sounds filled the otherwise silent room.

That silence was broken by Chad’s voice: “That’s it, Christine. Suck my cock. Deeper!”

She complied with longer, deeper, faster actions. I knew Chad was very good at holding back before cumming, but I wondered how any man could not be aroused beyond control by this beautiful woman. Chad held her by the head and fucked her mouth.

“Ohhh, yes! You’re so good,” he said.

Christine looked over at me. I was shocked to hear her say, “C’mon, Rachel. Help me out here.”

I hesitated at first, content with just watching. But then Chad said, “Yeah, Rachel. Come on.”

I got up, but before I could kneel down to join Christine, Chad said, “Take your top off. It’s only fair, right Christine?”

“Absolutely,” my friend agreed with a smile. “You’re WAY overdressed.”

I wouldn’t have thought twice about Chad’s demand—I’d done it for him plenty of times already—but the idea of being half naked in front of Christine was still a little intimidating. Yes, I knew it might come to this, but still…

I slowly reached for the zipper on my top. I pulled it all the way down, but let the top hang over my breasts for a few seconds. Then I put on a shy, innocent girl act before pulling back the top and exposing myself to them. It was more for Christine than Chad.

Once I was topless I got on my knees opposite Christine. We exchanged smiles and quick glances at each others chests. Then we concentrated on Chad’s cock. Our tongues and lips fought for space as the stiff cock bobbed up and down. More than once our lips met as we jointly sucked on Chad. It was electrifying—way more than I would have dreamed.

“Oh my God,” Chad said. “You’re both going to get messy if you keep that up.”

“Don’t you dare cum yet,” Christine ordered.

I watched her take his entire cock into her mouth. Then she gave me my turn and I tasted the sweet precum oozing from the tip.

“I think he’s ready,” I said.

“Well, we can’t do this dressed,” Christine replied. “Time to get naked!”

It couldn’t have worked out better. I had been terrified of when or if I’d have to be naked in front of both of them. But this seemed so natural. We each stripped at our own pace, watching each other and forgetting about ourselves for a moment. In less than a minute the three of us were undressed, standing close enough together to touch.

I felt like the luckiest woman on earth. Chad was gorgeous, of course, with his muscular body and rock hard cock. But Christine. God. It was enough to almost make me forget about Chad. She had curves I never knew existed and was flawless from top to bottom. I was actually getting hornier just looking at her.

“Do you have a bed we can use?” Christine said, looking at me.

I would have been happy with the floor, a chair, table, couch…you name it. “Sure. Follow me.”

I led the others down the hall, upset that I couldn’t be checking out Christine’s ass on the way. I already knew Chad’s was perfect. I suspected hers was, too. We got to the bedroom and I preceded them into the room, more than a little nervous. Was I the only one?

“It’s not much. But here it is,” I announced with a wave of my arm.

“It’s perfect,” Christine said. “But I think we need to bring Chad back to life.”

We both looked at his semi-erect cock. By all accounts it was still big, but not nearly what it was in the family room.

“I know what would do it,” he said calmly.

“What?” Christine and I asked in unison.

“Get on the bed, Rachel,” he told me.

I obeyed, apprehensively awaiting his next order as I lay down.

“Aren’t those beautiful breasts, Christine?” he asked, looking at my chest.

“Very nice,” she confirmed.

“Wouldn’t you like to taste them?”

She smiled. “I’ve been thinking about that ever since I saw them.”

“I think I’d really like to watch you do it,” Chad said, cock in hand.

Nobody bothered to ask my opinion, but I wasn’t going to complain. The thought of Christine licking and sucking my breasts was both scary and exhilarating. This was the part of her original suggestion that I feared most, but now that it was imminent, I couldn’t wait.

Christine climbed onto the bed next to me. I couldn’t help but look at her breasts as they hung from her chest. Her beautiful hair flowed down around her face…the face that was now directly over my breasts. She looked into my eyes for just a second, then lowered her head.

I don’t know why I expected a woman’s mouth to feel any different on my breast than a man’s. But I did. And it WAS different. Christine’s lips and tongue felt magnificent as she tenderly worked my nipple back and forth, then sucked on my breast. I found it very hard to believe that she had never done this before.

“Oh, God. Christine.” I arched my back and raised my breasts higher, begging her with my body to continue. She alternated between my nipples, getting each one harder and harder with her mouth. Then she put a hand around each one and massaged them while she licked. On his best days Chad could never make me feel the way I felt with Christine.

“I think she likes it,” Chad said. “Look at her nipples.”

Christine looked over at him while he stroked his cock. “I think you like it to.”

He was harder and longer than I had ever seen him. It would have taken two seconds of him inside me to make me cum. And I thought if Christine kept it up I’d cum anyway.

Luckily, she moved up and brought one of her breasts to my lips. “Lick it, Rachel. Suck on my nipple. I want to feel what you’re feeling.”

It took thirty years for me to taste my first female breast. After thirty seconds of having one of Christine’s in my mouth, I never wanted to stop. I licked and sucked and nibbled on her. Her moans told me I must have been doing something right. And I couldn’t keep my hands off her incredible body. If this was what it meant to be bi, I was sold.

“OK you two. I’ll let you play some more later,” Chad said. “Right now, I want to fuck somebody. Christine, how about rolling over.”

I was disappointed to have her lay next to me, but excited about what was about to happen. She was probably going to get the best fuck of her life and I was going to watch. My pussy ached with anticipation.

Chad was immediately between her legs. His cock shot out from his body like a tree limb, hovering over Christine’s pussy. She spread her legs even farther apart, bending them at the knees to give Chad perfect access.

I saw the tip of his cock touch the entrance to her cunt, then it—along with the rest of his shaft—vanished inside her in a sudden thrust.

“Oh God. Oh God! Yesss!” Christine cried out.

Chad began to fuck her. Christine held him by the ass.

“Harder! God, harder!”

I heard their bodies colliding with each plunge of Chad’s cock into Christine’s body. Her breasts bounced erotically on her chest. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

“Go on,” Chad said. “Suck her tits, Rachel. She’ll cum faster.”

No doubt, I thought. Who wouldn’t? So I moved over and eagerly placed my mouth on Christine’s left breast. I probably wasn’t as gentle with her as she had been with me, but I was so fucking horny I couldn’t help it. I wanted to devour her.

Sure enough, it was only a minute or so later that Christine was ready to cum.

“Come on, Christine. That’s it. Cum for us,” Chad urged her on.

“God, yes! Now! Now!” she screamed.

I lightly bit down on her nipple and Chad pushed his cock in as far as he could, as fast as he could.

Christine’s body went completely stiff, then she lifted her ass off the bed and began to cum. Her moans were just sounds, not words. I felt her muscles contract and release with each new orgasm, one after the other. I saw the perspiration forming on her body after a couple minutes of nonstop cumming.

“I want you to cum on me, Chad. Cum on my stomach and breasts.”

Chad pulled out and took the huge cock in his hand. For half a minute Christine and I watched him stroke himself above her body. Then he grunted, aimed down at her stomach, and squeezed himself harder.

The first long stream of white cum shot clear up to the top of her breasts, leaving a trail to her stomach. Then another. And a third. Her breasts were both streaked and a small pool formed around her navel. Finally, Chad was done.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I had to lick the cum from Christine’s breasts. I only did it to the breast nearest me. I got most of it and made sure I licked her nipple in the process. It was marvelous.

“Oh…my…God,” Christine sighed. “That was incredible.”

“We’re not done, are we?” I asked innocently.

Chad was on his way to the bathroom to get a towel. “No way,” he yelled back at us.

When he came back into the bedroom he found Christine and I kissing. I’m not sure why it happened. I was licking her and she had her hand on my head and I looked up and she moved down and…well, we were kissing. I felt Chad’s cum being spread over my body as Christine rolled on top of me. What an incredibly sexy feeling to have a beautiful woman loving me with our lover’s cum between us.

“I guess we won’t be needing this,” I heard Chad say. I wasn’t paying much attention. Christine was moving down my body—licking me, licking Chad’s cum, inching her way towards my pussy.

My pussy. God, she was between my legs. I was spreading them for her. Christine was between her legs and I saw her mouth heading for my clit.

Something in my head wanted to scream out, but that’s when I felt her lips on me. I felt her tongue on my clit and I couldn’t make a sound. My body froze. I closed my eyes. I was in heaven.

Christine put her delicate hands under my ass and held me in place as she sucked on my clit. I felt her tongue occasionally slide down between my pussy lips and play with the entrance to my cunt. Then she was inside me. Say what you want about hard cocks, there’s nothing quite like a woman’s tongue inside you. She knew exactly where to touch and how long to stay there. I couldn’t hold out much longer.

As soon as she was back at my clit I was ready to cum.

“OK, Chad. I think she’s ready,” Christine said.

I wanted to scream. I wanted her to be the one that made me cum. But I saw Chad’s body looming above me, his cock unbelievably hard again. This guy was a freak. But Christine had been playing with me for several minutes and it must have been quite a turn-on for him.

He rolled me over and lifted me up by the waist. My pussy was his for the taking and I was ready. Except I didn’t feel his cock at my pussy. It was higher…on my ass.

“No, Chad! God, no! I’ve never…”

Too late. I felt him enter me from behind. I screamed out from shock, pain and pure pleasure. God, what a feeling. I clutched at the covers as he began to fuck me.

“How do you like it, Rachel? Should I stop fucking your ass?” Chad asked in a menacing voice.

“No. Don’t stop! Please.”

I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to have Chad’s cock inside my virgin ass. Then I felt a hand at my pussy. I looked back and it was Christine. She was playing with my cunt, then moved up to my clit. She rubbed it gently at first, watching Chad’s cock sliding in and out of me. Then she was pressing harder, apparently knowing that I was close.

“God, yes! Yes! Right there,” I cried out. “I’m gonna cum.”

Chad rammed his cock into me, resulting in a loud smack every time his legs hit my ass. Christine smiled and applied more pressure to my clit.

“Now! I’m cumming!”

About midway through my incredible orgasm I felt Chad pouring cum inside my ass. He pulled out just in time to deposit a small pool on top of my cheeks. I never felt so fulfilled in my life.

We collapsed on the bed to rest before the next ‘debt’ was paid.

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