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Beautiful Leanne

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The opportunity that I hadn’t really been looking for happened totally by accident, and certainly not by design. I had the hots for my best mates mother, and had had them for as long as I can remember, I had known him and her for 12 years. I had always been in love with her, it was her ways, her movements, the way she was. I was utterly besotted with her all my life, I hung on every word.

Oh, and one other thing, as I grew older I realised that she was an absolute knockout in the beauty stakes. Growing up she had always just been Mrs Walker, or sometimes Aunty Leanne. Now when I looked at her, which I always did and she knew it, I would sometimes get a quirky smile from her, a knowing smile, oh she knew alright.

But I never once gave an indication of what I, as a young lad now 18 years old was going through, the torment of wanting to touch her, imagining in my fertile mind as I yanked on my 8″ todger That she was mine, tucked up in bed, making love, her surrendering to me helplessly. Accepting that I, had young mastery of her in every way.

Of course it was always in my head, and alone in my bed or wherever the urge to screw her overtook me. Don’t misunderstand, I wasn’t obsessed with her in every waking moment, I led a normal life, had girlfriends, was having sex, although like every lad my age I lie through my eye teeth about my conquests.

But I also knew what I felt about her wasn’t a silly childish dream, I had always wanted her, even before I knew anything about sex. Being close to her had always given me a thrill that I didn’t understand myself.

Me? I’m Toby Johnson, 18, going on 19 and at college later. I am now 6ft 1 and a bit inches, 175lbs, do all the usual lad things, play a bit of sport, go out with my mates hunting! You name it we are all boys!

She is Leanne Walker, around 5ft 5″ I guess about 110, 112 lbs and she is heaven sent. I know people could pick out a more beautiful woman from anywhere they wanted, but not to me. Mother of H as we call him, Harold is his given name. We have been close friends since they moved into our road those 12 or so long years ago.

If my memory serves me right, the very first time I looked at his mother at the tender age of about 6 or 7, I was enchanted by her. I can still remember her smell when I was shyly introduced to her and H, she bent, patted my head and breathed over me I can still feel my knees go weak!

I know her birth date, and she is 40 this year, and is as beautiful to me now, as she was back then when my eyes first saw her. She has soft, but thick and shiny chestnut hair, it reaches her shoulders and unless she is working or doing something, it is free to do what it wants. I’ve accidently touched it many times, I love sneaking a feel.

Her face is soft, gentle and kind, angelic comes to mind, full lips that I would kill for to be able to kiss. I have had over the years many pecks on my cheeks, and every time they have burned holes in me. Eyes that draw me in, I have fallen into them so many times you wouldn’t believe.

She wears fashionable clothes, skirts to just above her gorgeous knees, high heels, feminine dresses, and she always looks and smells great. Being alone with her on odd occasions wasn’t a problem, I did of course give her moon eyes, I couldn’t help it, but she knew. That smile of hers was our secret, I knew, she knew.

I wanted to fuck her so bad, make love to her, listen to her calling my name when I made her cum, Look up into those deep pool like dark brown eyes, as she leaned down to kiss me while I was laid on my back after screwing her silly. Her soft warm sexy naked body tight up against mine.

I wanted to hear her tell me I was the best of the best, ‘no one had made me cum like that Toby, never,’ she would say breathlessly. I would stroke and squeeze a heavy hard nipple making her moan, you wouldn’t believe the number of times I have made love to her in my head.

And then one day fate stepped in and took me to my personal heaven, but it wasn’t anything like I had ever imagines. It was a Saturday morning. I was just about to jack off over a thought in my head when my cell phone rang. It was Leanne, Mrs Walker.

“Hi Toby, its me,” she said. “Hello Leanne,” I replied, “to what pleasure do I owe this early morning call from you?” My prick was at full attention, as I was. “Keith, (her husband) and H are away for the weekend visiting his mother, and I have tried to get into the loft to sort some things out, but I can’t get the ladder to drop down, the hatch won’t open, can you pop over and give me a hand please?”

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes, don’t go away okay?” I said. ‘Oh wow, I’m going to be there alone with her, yesireeee!’ I chortled. I had a rapid shower, shave, combed my hair, squirted on a little smelly, jeans, trainers, a T shirt and I was of!

When I got there I knocked and walked in, Leanne was in the kitchen, making a drink. I got cheeky, went up to her, as she turned her head to greet me and I gave her a peck on her cheek for a change. I got that smile, our secret one, I gave her one back.

“Drink?” she asked me. “Yes thank you,” I told her. We chatted about this and that, and she told me H and his dad wouldn’t be home until tomorrow afternoon. God I thought, ‘what I wouldn’t give to spend my weekend alone with you Leanne,’ I told my already wild imaging mind.

Leanne was dressed in a mans shirt, I think it was anyway, a skirt that finished as usual just above her gorgeous knees and a pair of pumps, her hair was up in a pony tail, her face was lightly made up and se looked as sexy as I had ever seen her, fabulous. But as I said, I have a very fertile mind.

Leanne to me was a woman in every sense of the word, she was self assured, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, (to me anyway) feminine, and at her age she was a woman of the world, the ultimate boys sexy wet dream, she was certainly mine!

‘If you only knew Leanne, if you only knew,’ I thought, as my prick hardened in my jeans as I looked at her. “Shall we go and have a look at the hatch Toby?” she asked me, did I see a twinkle in her eye? “Yep okay, lead the way,” I said, it wasn’t often I got the chance to view her from behind walking up the stairs. It mesmerised me, she swayed up, her skirt swinging gently from side to side as her hips waltzed in front of me 2 feet away. My prick was nearly ripping my jeans open.

On the landing she stopped, we were a few feet away from her bedroom, and a few feet more from her bed. She pointed up, I looked. The hook was ready, she handed me the little wooden pole with a matching hook on one end.

I hooked them up and pulled, it didn’t open, hmmm? I thought, so taking a stance I yanked hard, and down it came. “Oh thanks Toby, what would I have done without you?” she whispered. “No problem Leanne, glad to be of help.” I told her. “Come on, I’ll make you breakfast for getting me out of a jam.” I followed her again, this was wonderful. In the kitchen she got busy and I watched, I could look as much as I wanted because we were alone, no one to see me taking it all in.

When we were finished, I had a sudden thought, I had been trying to think of a way to stay there without making it too obvious why. “Can I help you in the loft Leanne, I have nothing on today, I’d be glad to help?” “Why thank you Toby that would be great!” So off we went again, me behind taking in the most incredible sight a young lad of my age can see.

She went up first and I nearly shot my load looking up there, I followed and she surveyed the mountain of items all over the place. “Jesus,” she said, “I had no idea it was like this. I had to agree it did look a real jungle. “Tell you what Leanne, you tell me what you want, and I’ll pass it down, okay?”

We worked away for about an hour, the she told me she was going to get a drink and that she would bring me one too. And that was when I saw the very things that would make me do what I did, and, thank god, got away with. Let me explain.

To one side was a box, I looked in and saw among other things 4 or 5 skipping ropes, they must have been hers when she was younger. My mind raced away from me, I suddenly imagined her tied to the stair ladder to the loft, me behind her fucking her wholesale.

I took them out of the box and examined them, they were supple and usable. When she came back I put them away out of sight, I had to think! She handed me my drink and as I looked at her stood there with her beautiful head in the loft and the rest of her on the ladder, my mind went into over drive.

I seemed to be under the control of my prick, I passed her some things and she dropped them down, in the mean time I took out a rope. I passed her some more and she climbed down this time, I fashioned a loop on to each end of one rope. She came back up and I handed her more things, this happened a dozen times before I knew I was going to do it.

She knew I was getting an eyeful above her every time she climbed the ladder back up, she must have seen my hard on too. I had slid the rope under a rafter. Then the point of no return, when she reached her hands up I popped both loops over her wrists and pulled them tight.

She just stood there looking perplexed to say the least, by this time I was dropping down behind her and tying her ankles to each side of the ladder. Then I was on her. I stood on the rung below the one she was standing on and put my arms around her waist then I started kissing her exposed neck.

I has slipped my hands up to cup and weigh her tits before she managed to speak, such was her surprise and shock. “Toby, what are you doing, I don’t understand, what are you after?” she asked me, I still don’t think she realised what I had done, and what I was about to do.

But she certainly got the message when I pressed my raging cock right into her ass, felt for and squeezed her nipples. “Oh, oh, oh Toby, wha….?” “Shhhh,” I whispered as I hammered kisses on to her neck and shoulder, then I bit her lightly. “Toby!” she cried, “please, Toby, what are you…. Oh oh oh Toby stoppppppp, please, hmmmmm.”

I wasn’t listening to the depth of her voice, nor did I realise that her pleas were only half hearted, if I had, I would have been more aware of a woman in the upcoming throes of arousal, I should have known straight away. But in my ignorance, I didn’t.

I wiggled my prick into the crack of her ass, she tried to squirm away but there was no where to go. “Toby please you musn…. Arggggh, no Toby this is naughty, you have to stop, oh please Toby Nooooooo.” Her voice was breathless, shallow, husky and her head was bent forward, a sure giveaway to someone who had more experience that I.

I had no idea of what to expect from her, but I’m sure I wasn’t expecting it to be this. She was getting turned on, even I could tell that now, and that in itself spurred me on. I kissed, bit, and licked at her neck; took complete control of her acorn hard nipples. I sucked an ear into my mouth. This had a response that told me all me all I wanted, and needed to know.

I felt her sag a little on the ladder; I cemented my hold on her and attacked her with all I could attack her with. I trailed hot kisses up and down, poked my tongue repeatedly into her ear, she loved that I think? She couldn’t stop me from doing it. Leanne twisted and turned but she was getting weaker, her movements trying to get away were lessening, was she as giving in? My cock was lodged tight into her crack now, I was commanding her nipples, and my kisses were having her mind away.

I undid her blouse, pushed her bra up and then it was flesh on flesh, her tits were sat in my hands and her nipples were locked between my fingers. I gently pumped my prick at her, she moaned, her forehead, resting on the ladder now told me she was gone, or going. She had stopped wriggling and resisting.

I dropped both hands and pulled her skirt up to her waist, and I pushed one hand down her panties and inserted fingers into her pussy, it was hot, it was also soft silky and wet! I pondered whether to untie her and take to the bedroom, but thought to myself, ‘no, that would give her a chance to recover her senses and stop me.’

So I did the only things I could do now. One handed, I undid and dropped my pants, pushed my boxers down and freed my raging prick, then it was her panties that went next. I just ripped them away with one heavy tug. I heard Leanne gasp, but there was no objection. My right hand in her pussy, my left hand on her nipples, my mouth on her neck and ear took care of any objections she might still have had.

Bending my knees a little, I pulled my hand from her pussy, took hold of my hard on and directed it to her entrance. I slid up and in, in one smooth movement. She sighed, then moaned softly, followed by a womanly mewl. I wasn’t particularly gentle, I didn’t have the time, I just wanted to fuck her no matter what. But I lasted for a lot longer than I thought I would, by the time I was about to spew my load Leanne was grunting.

“Yes Toby yes,” she whispered, more to herself I think than to me, “harder Toby harder, oh god Toby Oh Mmmm, oh yes.” Then I came and I know she came with me. I nearly fell of the ladder when my knees buckled, but I managed to hold on to the end. I stayed still for a while with my prick still in her, I needed to get my breath back. I kissed her neck some more getting a soft moan for my efforts.

Then moving away, I undid her ankles, hopped back up into the loft and released her wrists. Leanne stayed where she was so I dropped down again. I was going to ask her if she was alright, apologise, but decided against it. What I did do was pick her up off the ladder and carry her into her bedroom. My pants were already gone. I yanked my shirt off, her skirt and blouse, along with her bra and put us both into her bed.

She lay there looking at me not saying a word; I slid tight to her, put my arm around her, pulled her even closer and kissed her. I was actually kissing the woman of my dreams, I had just fucked her I know, but this was my, our first kiss, it was fantastic, I loved it. Then Leanne kissed me back, it was all going to be alright. Thoughts had penetrated my head over what I had just stupidly done, but her kissing me back told me I was good to go!

We lay there breathing heavily waiting for it to subside, we held each other, I was in heaven, our hands holding the other close, and body’s pressed tight together. Gradually she moved into a more dominant position I ended up on my back with her leaning over and kissing me fully. Nothing could better this, I thought, well, apart from fucking and making love to her, which I intended to do again very shortly.

She reared up from me and climbed over, knees either side, hands on my chest looking at me so intently. I was hypnotised by her eyes. Then she did the most amazing thing. It shocked me into temporary immobility. She slapped my face with both hands about 3 or 4 or 5 times before I could even think of moving. I manage to grab her wrists and stop her

I looked at her in horror, she wasn’t happy at what I had just done, my life flashed before my eyes, prison, shame forever guilt, my life in ruins. I would have to leave never show my face agin, everything was lost. How stupid could I have been, temporary insanity wasn’t in the ball park now.

She stared so hard into my eyes I was paralysed with fear, then she smiled, and said. “You bad boy Toby, you are a real bad boy, but I have to confess that was the most exciting sex I have ever had in my life, it was fantastic, thank you, thank you, thank you.” Then she fell on me and our mouths connected in a wonderful sexy kiss.

I almost burst into tears with relief, but instead my prick jumped to life and poked her in the stomach, I didn’t know it but Leanne did. “Ooooh,” as she wiggled on me, “is that for me then hmmmm?” she mumbled into my mouth, I, not wanting to stop her kissing me like she was, just nodded my head to her. I felt her fingers close over my now re-erected full cock.

She moved to one side and lifted her self over me and then she sank down, I don’t know who had the loudest sigh, but we were both very happy at this turn of events. And then the women of my dreams set about fucking her young lover, and fuck me she did! It was fantastically manic, I had never seen a real woman in action, one which knows what she wants, knows how to go after it and get it. Well, she got me I can tell you.

If I had died right then, I would have been the happiest fella on earth, nothing could top this, here I was in Leanne’s bed with her, and she was rutting herself on my 8 incher, and was she enjoying it or what! Now, ask me if I was enjoying it too, I could have bellowed it from the roof tops, YESSSSSSS!

I reached up and took both nipples between my fingers, Leanne snapped her head backwards then forwards and moaned, “Nooooo!” She took my wrists and I let her force them down to the side of my head, then she kissed me, and said, “keep still Toby, let me okay?” Her eyes ordered me to obey her, I did. She fucked me hard and long, she was aware of me I know, she would lean down and kiss and tongue me intermittently. But she was away with the fairies too, her eyes became kind of glazed over, her mind was on what was happening within her. The impending orgasm was hers, hers to take, hers to give.

The explosion from her shook me, she suddenly reared up almost coming off my prick, then dropped like a stone back on to me, the slap was audible, she seemed to crunch up within herself, her beautiful head bowed right down, her hands left my wrists which suddenly felt like they were about to break, and she dug her nails wonderfully painfully into my chest as her climax shattered itself through her.

This made me cum too, I hadn’t realised that I must have been ready to blow, I was so taken up with her actions. This beautiful gorgeous sexy woman was giving me everything; it was all I could do just to stay with her. My natural response was to drive my hips up unknowingly and blast my cum up and into her, this seemed to make her have one final detonation. She collapsed on me whimpering, she straightened her legs out beside mine and laid her soft head on my shoulder, her lovely face was turned into my neck and she either mewled, cried or whimpered, something like that went on.

I just lay there under her not really knowing what to do. I didn’t know enough about beautiful sexy women like her to be able to make a decision like this. Should I move her, slide her off, hold her, turn her over and love her, what? I decided on staying where I was, which turned out to be the right thing to do.

Slowly she began to move, her head came up, her soft eyes met my popped wide open ones. “Wow,” she said softly, “now that’s what I call making love, are you alright Toby?” She was actually asking me if I was okay, can you believe that! Was I okay? I had never in my life felt better than I did right now. “Leanne, I have never ever been better in my life, I promise you.” I told her. She kissed me, “and I,” she said, “haven’t either, this is the best sex I have ever had baby, it really is.”

She lifted her magnificent naked body up, looked into my eyes and oh so slowly lowered her lips to mine. This had to be the kiss of kisses it blew me away, tongues tangled, lips devoured lips. Her soft body was laid full length on mine, her arms tight around my neck, there was no pretence here, this was a woman loving her man. And that man in this moment in time, was me!

We moved around a little ending up face to face on our sides, and then I felt her shaking me gently. “Time to wake up sleepy head,” she said softly in my ear. I, for a moment didn’t know where I was, my thoughts were fuddled to say the least. My first view was of her smiling at me, then she kissed me awake and then I knew where I was. It had happened, it wasn’t a dream. I was with her, Leanne, the woman I had lusted after for all these years was next to me, and we were in her bed.

I dived on her, took her in my arms and began her seduction to me all over again, I had a huge hard on already. I felt it hit her in the stomach or some where. “Toby, Toby, slow down baby,” she was laughing at my desperation, “we have all the time in the world. Listen to me, go and ring your mother and tell her that you will be staying with a friend, think of someone, not H though. You will be home tomorrow afternoon, okay? Lets get things sorted, you can have me as long as you can keep this in working order I promise, now go!” She grabbed my cock and squeezed it tightly, I nearly blew my load!

I tried to ignore what she told me to do, all I wanted was to get back into her, but her strident voice stopped me. “Toby! Do as you are told, now! I knew that voice, my own mother has one, I reluctantly got up, hurried to the phone, composed myself and rang her. I told her what I would be doing; she was okay and told me to have a great time. “I will mom I can promise you that” I said, as my whole thoughts were on Leanne upstairs waiting for me.

I dashed back up to find her missing, the first daft thing I did was look under the bed! Derrr! “Looking for me?” I heard her sweet voice trill. She was in the en suite of her bedroom, and stepping into the shower. “Come on dozy, in you get,” she told me. “I like my man nice and clean and smelling masculine when I make love, okay?”

Her naked body was glistening as the water slid from her in rivulets that I found a great turn on, my prick was looking up at her. She was looking down at it and appreciated me. “Now that’s what I call a cock young man, it’s a real beauty, you should be proud of it. I know I am,” she tittered, “and you sure know how to use it don’t you?” I smiled at her with my head swelling as big as my prick. “And no, I’m not going to ask you how either.” Her soft wet hands closed around it once more, she stepped closer and kissed me.

Lips locked in a lovers kiss I collected her tits in my hands, nipples in my fingers, knee between her ready open legs, ‘oh boy,’ I thought, ‘here I go again,’ but she slid down me like a graceful swan. I followed her with my eyes as she went lower and then onto her knees.

She looked up at me, water running over us both, she smiled enigmatically as her lips parted and my cock disappeared into her wonderful mouth. I had the sense to jam my feet into the corners, grab the hand rail and the shower rail and held on for dear life. Then she took me to the cleaners, literally, I watched in amazement as my heavy thick prick disappeared and reapperared as she went in and out.

The sensation was mind blowing; the feel of her teeth grazing my shaft and head sent me silly. I was trying to pump with her mouth but I had no co-ordination what so ever. One of her hands took my balls and worked them gently, she sucked like an industrial pump, and I was on the verge in no time. I knew I was going to give her a real mouthful. But her ministrations urged me on and I bombed my cum into her, my knees buckled but she held her ground and kept me upright until I had given her all I had.

Leanne kept up her onslaught on my prick forcing it all out of me and taking the lot down her throat. The finger that went up my ass forced me on to my toes and also made me empty my balls a lot quicker. I saw her gulping and heaving, but nothing was lost, and she drained me, she sucked every drop from I had. My reservoir was empty, void of any sign of cum left there.

I let myself slide down and place my knees either side of her, she kissed me, I don’t know whether it was my cum on her lips, or the water, but it sure did taste good. We stayed there for a while, then she made me stagger slowly to my feet, my legs were still weak. When I was up, she washed me like a mother washes her new baby.

We got out and had great fun drying each other off, then she insisted we went down stairs, “got to feed you Toby, you’re going to be busy my boy, okay?” she said, laughed and sank her perfect teeth into my chest. “Can’t wait,” I told her as I wrapped her in my arms, we were very close the whole time we were down there.

“Think you can keep up with me?” she asked, her eye brow arching wonderfully. “Well, there’s only one way to find out, and if it turns out that I can’t, I’m gonna die trying!” I told her firmly and lovingly. As I humped against her. That’s when I knew what I was going to do when we went back upstairs and I spent an age doing it.

I 69nd her, I attacked and loved her beautiful pussy cunt forever, making her cum, cum, and cum again. I had blown all I had out of my prick so whilst it was still hard, I was on empty! She savaged my prick but I held firm, nothing, but nothing, was going to stop me from gaining the upper hand here. And she didn’t, eventually she fell back as I ate her completely, her pussy was nectar, nectar for the gods, sweet tasting honey and it was just for me.

I also returned the favour, I got my middle finger up her beautiful ass, she struggled to get off, but my weight combined with my superior strength and determination won the day. I had her at my mercy now, mouth and tongue using and controlling her sweet sex pot, and my finger like a joy stick flying her to the sky!

When I finally pulled out and stopped her loving destruction, I turned around and fell into her arms and her kiss. We lay there for an eternity, both completely happy and satisfied. And it was more than happy too, everything was right, me, her, us.

Then after about an hour, she looked at the clock, it was 7.30pm. And reality was about to rear its ugly head. “Keith will be ringing soon Toby; you must be quiet okay babe?” I knew I had to obey, but I wanted shout down the phone that she was mine now, but I knew even then she never would be, not really, sadly.

It rang just like she said it would, putting a finger upright across her lips, shhhh, she picked up the phone. I lay there next to my dream woman as she spoke to her husband, my mates dad. I listened as she passed the time of day, I stuck my finger into her pussy receiving a slap for my efforts.

Then as a sort of recompense she squeezed my prick, oh heaven! She smiled at me. “Yes Keith I’m fine,” she said, “but if I get lonely, I’ll pop out and find a nice good looking young man, you know how I just love those tight butts!” she laughed looking at me. I stifled my own giggle. Then I heard him laughing too.

She spoke briefly to H, and he asked her if she had seen me. “Yes darling I have, he came this morning,” she squeezed me again as she said that! “Yes darling,” she said, “I know I can rely on him if I need anything doing,” another squeeze! “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow; have a good night the pair of you.” She listened for a moment, and then said into the phone and looking at me intently, she replied. “I will be fine, don’t worry about me,” she said, “I have all I need right here, and all I want,” another hefty squeeze followed that remark. It made me feel so proud, wanted and needed, my gratitude at her words made me tear up a little.

We palyed loved and attended to each other, I was all over her, she was all over me. I had made love to the most beautiful woman on earth in my humble opinion. And for the next 18 or 20 or so hours, she was mine completely. I was in love with her, I knew that, but I also knew it could never, and it would never go any where.

“Toby I can see in your eyes that you are troubled, and I think I know what it is. You love me right? Or you think you do.” I didn’t answer, I couldn’t, I just nodded my head. “Yes I know baby, and believe it or not I love you too, but,” she continued, ” we know it can’t turn into anything don’t?” Again I just nodded my head.

“Toby darling, you must promise me you will never jeopardise us, me and you, our families?” I knew she was right, I was too young for this, I just wanted to love her. So again, another head nod. “Don’t be sad darling what we have had, and what we are still having is the best thing, the best time I have ever had in my life. Nothing could ever get better than this. And I swear with all my heart, you will never be alone. And I will come to you when ever I can, or time permits us to meet, believe me Toby, believe me.”

And I did, I held her to me and kissed her and she kissed me back, and I understood this wasn’t just a kiss, it meant something more than that, she did love me, I felt it. I put me on a real high as well as the low. But I knew that I would be with her again after the weekend, at least I would have that.

I poked her bum hole, “ever had it up there Leanne I looked her sheepishly, but her answer put me on my heels. “Not for a long time baby, but when you’re ready, so am I, how about in the morning, in the shower maybe?” “You had better believe that too,” I told her as I worked my middle finger right in, she squealed so delightfully.

“Oh Toby, hah, urgh, oooh hmmm, oh I do like that honey oh yessssss.” She hissed. Then we realised it was dark outside, I looked at the clock and yawned, she smiled at me. “Yes I’m tired too babe, you have completely worn me out, ready for some shut eye honey?” she crooned to me and snuggled right into me like a my baby. “Yes Leanne,” I answered sleepily.

But before we drifted off she tickled my balls, and suggestively whispered. “By the way, I wouldn’t mind being tied up on the ladder again either, but the other way round, arms over my head and feet on the bottom rung so I can’t escape you, what do you think, up for it?” she giggled sexily. “Absolutely Leanne, absolutely,” I whispered into her hair, then we went to sleep.

When I awoke I was on my own but there was a definite smell of bacon and sausages in the air. I leapt out of bed, donned my shorts and dashed downstairs. Leanne looked fantastic, she had high backless heels on and a short but beautiful white satin dressing gown that just about looked over her gorgeous rounded ass.

She was balanced on one foot, her other leg bent sexily at the knee. I went straight to her, she turned so I could kiss her. “Good morning sleepy head,” she said softly. “What time is it?” I asked as I fed on her luscious mouth. She was washed, made up, hair done and looked so fantastically good I could fucked her right over the frying pan! “Its 9.45 we have slept well baby, we must have been a bit tired for some reason, can’t think what though?” her giggle was dreamy.

She made me sit, all I wanted to do was get at her and she knew it, “Whoa boy, whoa!” she laughed, “eat or else.” We sat side by side and fed each other off our plates, kissed, fondled and I had the best breakfast ever. I had a whacking great big hard on for her. She was rosy cheeked, her own arousal showing through.

When we’d finished, she said. “Come on Toby, I want you to fuck my ass! So get a move on big boy!” She said and dashed off with me close behind. I followed that beautiful ass up the stairs again but this time I took possession of it. Se was squealing in delight by the time we got back to bed.

She didn’t wait either, she handed my a bottle of lotion, “squeeze some on you and then me, lets get it on Toby, hurry darling.” She must have been well turned on, her voice was guttural, sexy and wanton. She was naked, on the bed, knees spread and ass in the air. If there is a better sight in this world, then I want to see it.

My hard on neded no encouragement, I was a sready as I would ever be, this was my first time doing it this way, and what better way could there have been? I lathered my dick, and her ass, fingering some right in there, she murmured at that but I saw her readying herself for me. I got right in position and leaned forward, my thick prick pointing right a her little brown glory hole.

I pushed slowly, Leanne pushed back and between us we connected, I didn’t know what to expect, I pushed and then I jolted forward, I was in, I look down at my prick, it was if someone had cut the end off! Leanne screamed quietly, if that’s possible? I had my hands on her slim hips and shoved evenly at her, she held herself and I saw my dick disappearing, what a fucking erotic sight that was.

I pulled back a bit then leaned in again, I was sinking in slow but sure. Leanne was grunting, was I hurting her, I wasn’t sure, but nothing was going to get in my way. I was off all the way in, right up to the hilt! I pushed some more, with drew a little and then in more, soon my bollocks were tight up to her ass, I was in!

Leanne was grunting and quivering, groaning, it must be hurting her I thought. So I decided to find out, I pulled my prick back an inch or two and then banged it home. She raised her lovely head, it fell back down and she let out a heavy gasping “Ohhhh!” “Are you okay Leanne?” I asked her.

“Yes baby, oh my god this is so, ooooh, er painful, wonderful, do me baby, do me, but take it easy at first, go ahead Toby, do me.” I stroked it in and out, the tightness was amazing, my prick was in a walled tunnel, I could feel it all around me, pressing in on my dick. I speeded up a bit, and then my impulsiveness took over. I began to hit home slowly at first then increasing my spontaneous thrusting into her beautiful ass.

In no time I was fucking her ass as if it was her pussy, Leanne completely gave it over to me. Her head was down, I could see the whiteness of her knuckles grasping the bed clothes, she wasn’t going to give in or stop. Then she howled, her head rose and fell. “Oh god, oh god, Jesus, Toby I’m cumming baby, make me cum baby, fuck my ass Toby, fuck my asssssss.”

This gave me all I needed, I banged her really hard, many, many times, and then I was going over the top too. When I came it was excruciatingly fabulous, my prick felt as though it was in a vice being crushed, but my cum forced its way out, up my tube and into Leanne. Each pulse of cum hurt like hell, but what could stop it? Nothing could that’s what.

Leanne was breathing like she had just done ten rounds in a boxing ring, she was gasping heavily for breath. Then she fell forward taking my locked in cock with her. I just lay on her back in wonder; the sensation of cumming that way took everything I believed in away. My prick was tingling like it had been wired up to 10000 volts.

How long I laid there on top of her I don’t know, I did know I wouldn’t be getting off until my prick had receded a lot. Then Leanne whispered so quietly I nearly didn’t hear her. “You can get off now Toby, but slow and easy okay?” I knew why too. I pulled away very gently and tenderly, it was okay until I got to the head of my dick, it was a bit painful getting it out, but even that thrilled me.

I rolled off her and flat on my back, she stayed where she was. “You okay Leanne?” I enquired of her. “I’m glad you spoke then honey, I thought I was dead.’ She sniggered quietly. I laughed with her, “I have just died and gone to heaven Leanne, I really have.” I told her. “Mmmm, see you there in a minute babe,” she said.

Ten minutes later after getting some much needed rest, she said. “Come on babes, we have to shower, we are both a bit soiled,” and laughed her head off. I was in stitches, how could any real live woman be this way, she was more than special, much more. I watched stagger off, I followed a minute later and joined her in there. She washed me totally, paying particular attention to Mr Prick as she called it.

She got out, holding my hand she dried me and then her, back in the bedroom, she renewed the sheets, and said. “I have more laundry from these two days than I have in a week you dirty, sexy beautiful boy!” She wagged her finger at me smiling, “come here,” and she held out her arms. I walked straight into them, we shared a very intense kiss. Body to naked body, full on, head on, we kissed passionately for a long time.

“Let’s have a rest honey okay? I need it after that; I won’t be walking straight for a week. I don’t know what I’m going to tell Keith?” she giggled brightly. “Tell him you’ve slipped,” I offered. “God knows what he would do if he came home and you had left me tied to the ladder, fully fucked and full of cum, your cum Toby!” she said smiling happily. “Hmmm?” I said. “Don’t you even think about it you rascal, you’ll never get me again if you do,” she told me and tickled me hard. I gave in. I held her arms, looked into those amazing eyes and told her I would never ever do anything to hurt her, never! “I believe yo Toby don’t worry, I know you love me, and I love you, I always will, but it is what it is isn’t it?” “Yes it is,” I had to agree sadly.

We lay there and just loved, touched, felt, caressed and held each other, long kisses, short kisses, we had it all, everything. It was magical to be with her like this. An hour later, I knew I wanted her again, my prick had a life all of its own. I prodded her with it. “Already! Bloody hell Toby where do you get it from, I want to bottle and sell it.” I gave her the most honest answer there was. “I get it from you Leanne, you, you are the catalyst.” Her smile said it all. “Thank you darling, thank you,” she said, and kissed me some more.

“Ladder?” she whispered, “ready, go for it?” I was out of bed and pulling it down before she had stopped speaking. I climbed up and got the ropes. She was at the bottom waiting when I got back down. She had a blanket in her hand. “For my back on the rungs Toby,” she said. I agreed, I fastened it in and she tried it. “Just fine,” she told me.

Then she raised her hands above her beautiful head, I tied them to the rung there. I made her spread her feet and I tied them apart too. I had to kiss her and I did, she kissed me back so lovingly. And that’s what set us, me, off.

I teased her mercilessly, I don’t think either of us had thought of this, we had only seen me fucking her tied to the ladder, and that was all. But this was different now, I had her, there was nothing she could do, she had to accept it and surrender to it.

I kissed her how I wanted, bit her how I wanted, gave her hickeys in the crease under her fabulous tits. Fingered her pussy, knelt before her and murdered her clit with my mouth and tongue. Leanne was going crazy, she was utterly turned on. I walked behind and got her ass again, that made her squeal, squirm, and beg too. “No, no Toby not that please baby, not that.” I answered by shoving it all the way up.

“You don’t get to decide anything Leanne, you’re mine, mine, I own you.” This quietened her. I reached around her and got a nipples. She murmured, a moan escaped her bruised luscious lips. “You love being fucked by me don’t you Leanne?” I said in her ear. “Yes baby yes, you know I do, god forgive me, no one my darling has made love to me, or fucked me the way you have. My husband has never been any where near where you have.” It was all I wanted to hear, I walked around the front, raising my already raised dick, I said. “You want this Leanne, you want my young cock some more?” I said and squeezed her nipples again.

“Oh yes darling yes, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me, don’t stop, fuck me forever please.” She begged. I stood in front of the woman I am crazy about and just looked at her in the eyes. I wanted to make her wait, my fingers busy in her pussy and her nipps. But doing what I wanted and acting it out, were two different things.

I had to get in her, I lunged at her, bending my knees as I approached her, and rising up at the optimum time. I drove my prick right into her, If it had been possible I would have lifted her right off her feet. It was the ropes that kept her in place. I drove up like a man demented.

She cried out, but I knew her cries now, it was a cry of pleasure, delight, and complete arousal. I knew where I was going, what I was doing. I was a man on a mission, one that wouldn’t be completed until she had cum so much she could cum no more. My own pleasure lagged far behind hers. My goal in life right there was to give her all there was to be given.

I grabbed the ladder in each hand, steadied my feet and gave Leanne the battering I know she and I wanted. She had told me she wanted to be tied like this. There was only one outcome. I was going to fuck her the way she wanted to be fucked. I closed my mind, shut my eyes. My legs were like unbendable tree trunks.

And I got on with what she wanted from me. I gave everything I had, I gave nothing and no thought to my own pleasure, it was all for her, it would always be only for her. I beat her with my prick as if my life depended on it, that’s all I wanted, to give her all of me.

It wasn’t until sometime later that I looked at her, her head was hanging down, she was limp, but breathing deeply. Groaning, grunting, moaning, her body jerked spasmodically. My own body took me in hand then. I suppose it had decided I and we had had enough. I came in a thunderous blast. I filled her full of my cum.

Not realising what had transpired I fell down, I ended up in a heap on the floor. Nothing in my life had ever done this to me, no amount of training on the field and in the gym had made me get this way. But Leanne had.

Laying on my back I looked up at her, she was hanging by her arms, her knees bent. I got up as fast as my weary legs would allow me to. I untied her feet, then her wrists, she fell onto me in the heap like way I had fallen down.

Somehow I carried her to the bed where we both fell in, totally spent. We stayed there in silence for hours before we managed to look at each other. The first thing she did was smile at me, it was a weak beaten smile. For some reason I shrugged my shoulders, she took this a s a sign of satisfaction and she was so right. I had never felt so good, so weak, and so happy.

Later I got a soft nudge, Leanne nodded at the clock, it was 3 in the afternoon. “Time to get sorted,” she mumbled to me. I nodded my head, I had been doing a lot of that this weekend. We rose slowly and unsteadily and headed for the shower.

“I have never in my life had anything like this Toby,” she said, “nothing will ever compare to it again, you are the most wonderful lover and man, and believe me you are going to make some girl very very happy. I really do wish it could have been me. I wish with all my heart that I could have met you 20 years ago.”

I left for home, my heart breaking; the promise of me seeing her again by her was in my heart. But I had never felt so sad now. She called me the next day, and she assured me that she would see me again at every opportunity. And we did for several months but it petered out, it had to. But I will never ever love another woman the way I loved her.

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