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Not Bad, For An Older Guy

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When my computer software company started a coed softball team I decided to sign up, figuring it would be a good way to socialize with other employees. As it turns out, not many people signed up, so one of the younger people filled out the team with a bunch of her friends. When I turned up at the first game, there were a bunch of 20 somethings, a few 30 somethings, and me, a mid 40s something. Since I am a fairly fit mid 40s, I didn’t stand out too much.

Age also has its benefits. The younger guys were stronger and faster than me, but they didn’t have a lot of control or knowledge of the game. They could hit the ball a mile, but it was usually a mile straight into the air where it was caught for an easy out. They could run down a grounder, but they didn’t know what to do with it once they got it. I did, so I became known as the old guy who always got an easy base hit and knew how to play infield. They put me at first base and had me as the leadoff hitter.

Our team wasn’t very good, but we did have a good time. We didn’t care much about winning, we were just there for a good time. We had a lot of cute girls on the team, and that made it even more fun.

One of the cute girls, Lori, played second base. She was short, trim and very athletic, a runner. She had a great sense of humor, a great smile and a fantastic pair of legs. Since we played on the same side of the infield and she batted right after me, we got to be pretty good friends. I could sense that she liked my laid back nature and sense of humor. I also had a vibe that she might be flirting with me, but I attributed that to my active fantasy life. I think she enjoyed talking to me because I was able to carry on a normal, casual conversation, as opposed to all the younger guys on the team, who mostly just tried to hit on her.

It was the fourth game when I started getting more than a vibe. We were playing the late game on a drizzly, rainy, humid, summer night. I made a diving play to snag a line drive and turn a double play and she was the first one there to give me a high five.

“Wow, that was really an awesome play,” she grinned. “For an old guy.”

I laughed back, not at all offended. “Thanks young lady, hopefully I didn’t injure anything,” I answered.

As we walked back together toward the dugout, she looked me up and down. “Well your butt did get dirty,” she said. I was looking back to see what she was talking about when she reached over and patted the dirt off my ass and then chuckled. “You don’t seem like you’re very old back there.”

I think I almost blushed but made sure to laugh it off. I replayed the comment in my mind several times and decided that there was no other way to take it, she had just complimented my ass.

Which was fair game I guess, I had also given her several friendly compliments. Once I had told her that she should never, ever slide, because it would be a shame to mess up those legs. It was not like either of us was hitting on each other, it was just friendly banter. Or so I thought.

Later in the game we were standing together getting ready to hit and she gave me the exaggerated once over look and said “Just how old are you Mike?”

I chuckled. “Too old,” I replied, and started walking toward the batter’s box.

“I don’t know about that,” she said with a sly grin.

I was so wrapped up in the comment that I missed the first pitch by two feet. I was still amped up for the second pitch and uncharacteristically hit it all the way to the wall. The outfielder was no Mickey Mantle and I managed to make it all the way around to score on an inside the park home run.

“Look at you with the blazing speed,” grinned Lori. “Not too bad … for an old guy!”

I chuckled and mumbled something about favorable winds.

Lori lined up to hit and I stood at the edge of the dugout to watch those fantastic legs in the batter’s box. Watching her bend over it was easy to get distracted. She hit the first pitch hard to the third baseman and sped down the first base line, just beating the throw. Unfortunately, the dork on first base had his foot on the other side of the bag, causing her to trip over it and take a nasty head over heels fall into the dirt past first.

Since I was closest to her I was the first on the scene. She was covered in wet dirt, had a skinned up knee and was nursing what appeared to be a sprained right ankle.

“I thought I told you to not to mess up those great legs, young lady” I said, helping her to a sitting position.

“You told me not to slide, you didn’t say anything about doing front flips,” she answered.

I had her put an arm around my shoulder and helped her up. The ankle was not taking any weight though, and it was clear she would have trouble walking off. Without thinking too much about it, I dropped an arm down to her legs and lifted her up in my arms. I’m no superman, but it was pretty easy to do, I don’t think Lori weighed maybe a hundred pounds.

“Wow,” she exclaimed with her eyes popping open. “Aren’t you just the heroic strongman … for an old guy.”

“Just don’t move too much, or you might throw out my back and then you’d have to carry me off.”

It felt great having her in my arms, her arm draped around my shoulder. I carried her over to the bench and reluctantly and carefully set her down. We had to go back onto the field, so I got her some water and a towel and trotted back out. I ended up covering second base for her and another girl covered first.

Midway into the inning I made a diving stop of a hard ground ball, tagged the runner out going to second, and tossed it to first for another double play that ended the inning. When I came to the bench Lori was waiting for me with a high five.

“Great play old guy, if you keep that up you might get to third base,” she grinned slyly.

Of all the clever things I could’ve responded to her suggestive comment, all I could come up with was a chuckle. I was enjoying the flirting but was still pretty sure she was just having fun.

“So how is the ankle?” I asked.

“It seems like it is swelling up,” she said. Do you think I should take my shoe off?”

“I don’t know, it seems like I remember reading that it is better to leave it on to keep it from swelling up.”

“Ok, but if it gets stuck on there you’ve got to cut it off for me.”

“No problem,” I replied, drawing a line with my index finger across her lower thigh. “I’ll cut it off right here.”

She laughed and playfully punched my arm. I made a mental note that for a girl who was covered in sweat and wet dirt, with a sprained ankle, she had a really good attitude. And fantastic legs.

It had gotten to be about 10 pm by then, and the rain had started to come down harder. We were already losing by over 10 runs, so the umpire decided to call the game.

“Oh well, I guess we’ll get ’em next time,” I said to Lori.

“Maybe you will, I may still be out of commission. Would it be too much to ask for you to help me get to my car?”

My heart fluttered at the chance. “Consider me your carriage young lady,” I said. I swept her back up into my arms and the team gave a sarcastic cheer as I carried her out of the dugout.

We walked through the steady rain, me taking my sweet time, over to the parking lot, laughing and joking the whole time. She pointed out her car, a great looking black convertible mustang. When we got to the car I had to set her down somewhere to get the keys out and open the door, so I set her down on the hood which got us laughing again. She looked fabulous on the hood of that car!

I got her keys and started to open the door and casually mentioned that she might have a hard time driving with that ankle. With the door open I walked back over to take another look at the ankle, it was showing some color and a lot of swelling.

“You know, its possible you might have broken a bone,” I said.

“Do you think so?” she said, looking at her ankle.

“You should probably have it checked out,” I said. “If you want, I could drive you to the urgent care place.”

She looked at me carefully and I realized I was asking someone I didn’t know very well to get in a car and drive off somewhere. Luckily for me I have a trustworthy face.

She gave her keys to one of her friends from the team who had driven to the game with someone else and had her take her car home. The plan was that I would take her to the urgent care clinic and then drive her home.

So I carried her over to my car and set her down on my hood, got the passenger door open and carefully set her inside. The urgent care clinic was a short drive away so we were there in no time.

Unfortunately a lot of people had decided to get injured or sick that night, so we were there for an hour before we got to see the doctor. Which was ok by me, I was really enjoying Lori’s company and we were having a good time.

The doctor checked her out and determined she didn’t have a broken ankle. He wrapped it up in an ace bandage and sent us on our way.

Which meant that I once again had the thrill and privilege to sweep her off her feet and carry her through the waiting room. When we got outside the rain had picked up considerably, so I told her I would go get the car and come pick her up.

“Hell no,” she said laughing. “I don’t ever want to pass up an opportunity to be carried through an urgent care clinic parking lot in a warm summer rain in the middle of the night by a heroic old guy I hardly know.”

“Fair enough,” I answered, and we laughed and enjoyed getting wet once again going back to the car.

After we got settled into the car I asked her where she lived and she got a funny look on her face and then started shaking her head and laughing. “I just realized that my apartment key is with my car keys and it’s midnight. I can’t get into my house and it is way too late to call her.”

We sat for a moment, letting that sink in.

“Listen, you are welcome to come and stay the night at my place,” I said. “I live alone, but I do have a spare bedroom you are welcome to.”

She thought about that a moment and finally nodded her assent, which, of course, thrilled me.

My house wasn’t too far away, so we were there in no time, driving through what had no become a driving rainstorm. I had some projects going on in my garage, so there was no way to pull the car in, so we once again had to brave the elements. By the time I had carried her across the yard to the covered porch we were soaking wet, but still laughing at the whole situation. In fact, we were so wet we decided to just take another victory lap around the yard, getting even more soaked. I carried her into the house and set her down on the couch, and then ran to the closet to get some towels. I had to admit some reluctance to giving her the towels, because she looked incredible laying on my couch soaking wet.

“I feel terrible that I’m getting your couch all wet and dirty,” she said. “I’m not entirely sure I could stand up for a shower though.”

“Well, I do have a jacuzzi tub, and I’d be happy to draw you a bath, carry you back there, and throw you in,” I said. I didn’t expect her to go for it, but to my surprise she did.

I went back and filled up the tub, which was big enough for several people. I came back to the couch and picked her up and carried her back to the bath, which was next to the master bedroom, setting her gently down on the edge of the tub.

“Can I get you something to drink, or eat or anything?” I asked.

“A glass of wine would be nice,” she said, looking admiringly at the tub. “I can’t imagine not having a glass of wine when taking a bath in this fabulous tub.”

“Coming right up,” I said, and went down to the kitchen and poured two large glasses of wine. By the time I had come back to the bathroom, Lori had taken off her wet, dirty jersey but left her sports bra and shorts on and had climbed into the tub. I set the glass of wine down on the edge of the tub and she took a long, full sip.

“Perfect,” she said. “Thanks so much.”

I took that as a cue to give her some space, so I turned to leave.

“You don’t have to go,” she said softly. “It looks like there’s room in here for two.”

My heart jumped up in my throat as I stopped by the door. I was certainly not going to pass up the opportunity, I stripped out of the wet dirty clothes down to my boxers and was in the tub in no time. It was one of those moments where you suddenly take stock of how fortune and circumstance has smiled upon you. Here I was, sitting in a hot tub with a beautiful, young, half naked girl at midnight, sipping wine and having a great time. We sat there in the tub until the water started getting cold and then ran more hot water, talking and laughing and joking while the time flew by.

When we did finally get out of the tub I got out first and then she got on the edge where I could get an arm under her and pick her up. As I lifted her up into my arms, we stood there for a moment above the tub, warm water dripping off us. It was a wonderful moment, standing there looking into each other’s eyes, enjoying the wet skin contact. I turned slowly, smiling and looking into her eyes, and walked back toward the bedroom.

“I am starting to think maybe I should test this ankle again,” she said when we stepped from the bathroom to the bedroom. “Set me down here and let me see how it is.”

I set her down carefully, letting her rest her weight on me, and she gingerly put some weigh on the ankle. It didn’t hold well, and she tipped forward and fell into my arms. I held her close to me, with just the right amount of balance that said I am just holding you just tight enough so you don’t fall down, and just loose enough so that if you want, you can pull away.

She didn’t pull away, and instead looked up into my eyes. I got the message and slowly, tenderly pulled her closer and leaned down to kiss her softly. She immediately melted into me, kissing me back and pulling me even closer. Our warm wet bodies became closely entangled in a passionate embrace, though I could tell she was still having trouble putting weight on her right leg. For maybe the tenth wonderful time that night, I swept her up into my arms and carried her, this time to the bed, where I laid down beside her and began kissing her mouth, and face, and neck, while my hands drifted carefully up and down her body, avoiding the areas still covered by her sports bra and shorts. I did not want to be overly aggressive, I was ok taking it slow.

Outside, the rain and occasional thunder had reached the level of a deafening roar, but that was nothing compared to the roar going on in my head. I was rolling around in the bed with a gorgeous young girl who looked and smelled and felt delicious in every way. Best of all, she seemed really excited to be there.

In fact, she made the first move to take it to the next level, slipping her elegant fingers down to the front of my boxers and lightly touching my rock hard cock. The door was open, and my hands began to caress her breasts through her sports bra, and I could feel her nipples harden. I began kissing lower down her neck, moving down her chest, until my mouth came to find one breast and then the other, softly kissing and licking her through the bra. I could feel her body respond, and so I kept going, kissing my way down her beautiful firm stomach and then, finally, down to her shorts. I teasingly kissed her through the shorts, slowly moving closer and closer to her warm wet crotch. I could tell by her movements that I was practically torturing her, so I moved my mouth down between her legs and kissed, and then licked her through the shorts. I could taste her, and I couldn’t wait any longer, I pulled her shorts down and quickly got down to the business of oral pleasure. It wasn’t long before she began to respond strongly., and I really started getting the impression that she had never had anyone do that to her, or at least no one had ever done it well. I really enjoy going down on a girl, and will keep doing it as long as they want it. Judging by her moans she was going to want it for a while.

Eventually she pulled me up by the hair and kissed me hard, then pushed me over onto my back and straddled me.

“Oh my, that was incredible,” she whispered, close to exasperated. “I’ve never had a guy go down on me like that before.”

“Happy to please,” I grinned.

She smiled back and started lowering herself slowly onto my hard cock. Slowly, carefully, she eased down until I entered her warm wetness, and then gradually, ever so steadily, she let me in deeper and deeper until I was inside her as far as I could go. Then, curiously, she stopped moving.

In fact, she seemed to completely freeze over. She seemed to be enjoying herself, but I was fully expecting her to be gyrating up and down, she wasn’t moving at all.

“How is it going?” I asked her.

“Fantastic,” she whispered dreamily. “You feel incredible inside me. I don’t want to move, I just … I don’t want it to end.”

“End?” I asked.

“You know, I don’t want to move around too much…I don’t want you to … I don’t want you to come too soon,” she blushed.

I smiled up at her, suddenly realizing her fear. I remembered that when I was 20 years younger, like the boys she had probably slept with, sex didn’t last long. One of the benefits of getting older is that no matter how great the sex is, I can pretty much last as long as I want.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I grinned. “Feel free to move as much as you want.”

Her eyes got big and her mouth fell open, and she began to move up and down on my cock, slowly at first but then, when she realized that older guys don’t lose it immediately, she began to move faster and more passionately. Her face had a combination of thrill and amazement as she gradually realized that sex was going to last…for a while.

My hands moved from her waist to her breasts, and then I had one hand on her shoulder and one on her waist as I helped her rocking motion as she lifted herself up so that just the tip of my cock was inside her, and then she plunged herself down, taking me in to the hilt.

By the time she had completed this cycle a dozen times, her breath had become heavy and she was trembling all over, and I suddenly realized that she was having an extended orgasm.

“Oh my,” she moaned. “Oh, my, my.”

Lucky for her, things were just getting started. We moved together like long time lovers, going from one position to the next. I’m pretty sure some of the positions were completely new to her. Periodically she would flash me a look that said I can’t believe you’re still hard, and I would give her a reassuring look that I was still in no hurry. I lost count of how many times she seemed to orgasm, and at some point I came to the conclusion that if I didn’t come to a conclusion her heart might.

I pulled her into my lap and leaned her back against me as I leaned back against the pillows at the head of the bed. I wrapped my arms around her and caressed her breasts as I buried my cock deep inside her. She leaned back towards me and we kissed, softly at first, then with reckless abandon as I quickened the pace of my hardening cock. I could feel the beginnings of the peak, but I still took it slow and even, trying to make my orgasm last as long as possible. Again I felt her whole body tremble, and she moaned and jerked hard to one side as my cock exploded inside her.

It was a long time before we started breathing evenly, as we lay on the bed spooning.

“Wow,” she said finally. “That was pretty amazing …. for an old guy.”

I laughed and playfully hit her with a pillow. “I got the sense that you were having a pretty good time.”

She purred her positive response, rolled over and curled around my body, putting her head on my chest. We sat there quietly for a while, listening to the rain slowly taper off and the thunder move further and further away. It was past 2 am in the morning and I wasn’t one bit tired.

“How’s your ankle?” I asked.

“I have no idea, I stopped thinking about it a while back,” she said. “I have to be honest though, it never really hurt that bad. I just liked you carrying me around.”

“Ah. Well, with this old body, it won’t be long before I’ll need you to carry me around.”

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this old body,” she said, stroking my chest.

She lifted her head up and looked me right in the eyes. “I’ll be honest with you Mike, I’ve never been fucked like that in my whole life. And I cannot wait to do it again.”

She started kissing me on the chest, working her way down my body.

I was all set to explain to her that while older guys can last a lot longer, it also takes them a lot longer to recover. Sometimes a few hours. And sometimes once a night is all they can do. But then, as I felt her warm mouth moving further down my body, I felt my cock leaping back to attention. And then I felt her mouth on my cock, kissing and licking it as it grew harder still.

i looked down at her sexy body, passionately taking me into her mouth and sucking my cock with wanton desire.

Not bad for an older guy, I thought. Not bad at all.

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