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The theater was dark. I walked in shyly. Knowing what was about to happen excited as much as it scared me. But there was no going back. A dare is a dare. And I had secretly dreamt of this one for years.

The only noise inside was that coming from the movie. Moaning and panting, enough to tell, even with closed eyes, that I was in a pornographic cinema.

I looked around as I walked. There were not many people inside. All men, as I had expected. I could count 5. All scattered. Away from each other. Surely busy with themselves. I walked from the back side, and few rows ahead I met the first man. I entered his row, and unashamedly I sat down by his side.

I could see he was masturbating, but he suddenly stopped as I approached, not believing I would sit so close to him. He was as surprised as curious. I could feel his eyes on me the whole time. I didn’t look at him, I simply sat down comfortably, pulled my butt to the edge of the seat, stretched legs, slightly open, and pretended I was watching the movie.

In fact I was a total turmoil to see whatever was on screen. All my senses were alert. I could hear this man’s breathing. I could sense every move he made. And each one almost made me jump. I was scared. I knew he was going to take action. And I wanted him to, so badly.

For a few seconds nothing happened. Maybe he was gaining courage, maybe still trying to understand what I was up to. I decided not to give him any more time. I opened my long coat, slowly. As if I had all time in the world, and there was no one around me. I could feel his eyes popping out of their orbits when he saw I was completely naked under my coat. That excited me even more. It made me feel in control.

I looked at him for the first time. With a smug on my face, I ran a finger down from between my breasts to between my legs, with a very deep sigh accompanying it.

It was more than he could take. He touched my right leg with his hand, caressing my thigh and waiting for my reaction. I tilted my head back, opened my legs more, and enjoyed it. Oh yes, I was enjoying it now, being touched by a complete stranger in public place. A fantasy come true.

I felt a second hand. He opened my legs and fingered my pussy lips, finding them wet. He knew that was a welcoming sign. He got up, kneeled in front of me, and started rubbing my body, chest, tummy, legs. I could feel those hands, coarse, indelicate, strong hands invading me and taking me over. I loved it.

I ran my hands through his hair, and pulled his face to my inner thighs. He knew what to do, as I felt a wet tongue opening my pink shaved lips. I moaned loudly. I made sure I had been heard.

And I was sure I had been heard when a second pair of hands started fondling my breasts. I opened my eyes and looked up. There was a guy on the row behind ours. With his hands on me. He smiled at me, and I saw lust in his eyes. He leaned down and kissed my mouth. It was not a kiss, it was a hard tonguing, as if he was fucking my mouth with his tongue. I welcomed that probing tongue in my open mouth. It made me feel a shiver down my spine.

When he got up again I sensed his male organ, erected just by my face. He hadn’t had the need to zip up his pants to walk to me. He knew what he was after. I turned my head to the side, and touched him with the tip of my tongue.

That’s when I heard him: “Oh my god, just look at this slut, she’s really here in it for a hard fuck”. This seemed to encourage my first partner. He got up, and said “Let’s give her the fuck of her life? See just how wet the whore is with the idea.”

It was true. I was not feeling shy anymore. Seeing these two men drooling over my nakedness, was driving me wild. I could only want more now. I wanted to be the whore they were talking about.

I felt their hands grabbing me, and stripping me from my coat. I was completely naked now. They turned me over, with each knee on a different seat. Legs open, facing the back row where the second guy was shoving his hard piece of meat straight into my mouth. I grabbed his hips to gain some balance, and started bobbing my head back and forth, eating this cock as eagerly as I could.

Behind me I felt two hands probing my hot hole. I knew what was coming. I needed it, and yes, I moaned loudly when the first guy’s cock pierced me violently, entering my body so fast that I almost fell.

I was getting the fuck I wanted, in a public place, by people I had never seen. I was being the slut I wanted to be. And god! It was exciting me so much. I knew I’d be doing it more times.

The harsh movements of the guy fucking me behind me, made me swallow the cock in my mouth even deeper, making me gag on it several times. He seemed to enjoy it as he felt his cock down my throat to the point of causing my eyes to cry. I didn’t want it to stop. I needed to feel I was their slut.

Then I noticed there was a third pair of hands on my back. I heard the guy behind me “You want some piece of this whore too? There’s enough for all of us.” And the hands got more daring, exploring my belly and tits.

The pounding behind me was driving me over the edge. He knew there were no limits, so he was fucking me as he never thought of fucking anyone. Each thrust drilled me deeper. I felt like an animal being used when the second guy grabbed me by my hair to deep throat me fully.

It was still with his cock choking me that I felt the first guy shooting his load into my pussy. It was more that I could take, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I orgasmed right there, still choking on the hard cock in my mouth.

Even before I could finish my orgasm, the guys grabbed me and lifted me up. “Let’s fuck her against the wall.” They said, and dragged my naked body around. Six hands on me, as if they were afraid I would change my mind. They would be crazy to think so. I was having the best time of my life. I only wanted more. More. More…

Once we got to the wall, they pushed me roughly against it, and the guy I had been sucking didn’t hesitate to stuck his hard wet cock inside my cum oozing pussy. The other two grabbed my body, keeping it still against the wall as I got fucked so hardly.

Opening my eyes I could see the other two guys approaching. The whole five were now near me. Making comments like “See how that pussy is so hungry for cock”, “Look at the whore loving it”. “Oh my god, we’re gonna fuck her until she’s numb”. It felt wonderful to be the object of such lust. I could see it in their eyes. I could see it in the way they all jerked off waiting for their turns. I was the actress of their porn movie now, and they were the main actors. I was just a piece of meat to be used. And it was feeling wonderful.

After the second guy came, the third pinned me to the wall with his huge penis. It was the biggest of them all, and it hurt me a little at first. I said it, and they all laughed. Oh my god, I was being raped, and loving it.

The big guy was the fastest to cum, and when he pulled out, I fell onto my knees. They held me, and when some of them were about to lift me up again, the fourth guy said “Let me have the whore like this”, and he spreaded my legs apart, with me still on my fours, and made me feel his cock entering my ass hole. “Not my ass!” I said. But they were not stopping at this point. “Yeah fuck her ass, rip that tight hole apart” I heard them encouraging my ass raper. And honestly, I wanted him to do it. I just wanted to offer some resistance first.

When I tried to move the other held me still, and feeling immobilized got me even hornier than before. When one of them grabbed me by my neck, I came instantly.

I felt the fifth cock entering my mouth, and I stopped resisting. I can’t help it, a cock in my mouth is something that makes me forget the rest of the world. “Look at her,” one of them said, “give her a pacifier and she’s quiet as a baby”. They laughed again, as the guy behind me got his cock fully inside me. “The slut is a pro.” He said “Her ass knows how to take cock”, and with this he slapped my bare ass several times.

I was cuming time after time, and from then on I couldn’t keep track of who was doing what to me. There was always some cock to suck, there was always some pairs of hands grabbing my body, there was always a hole being fucked. There was a puddle of semen dripping from my legs, there was much more being shot over my body, face and hair.

My numb body started to perceive that they were finishing when the pounding and thrusting ended. I couldn’t feel much more anymore. I had orgasmed more than I could count. My jaw was aching from so much sucking, my ass hole was sore. But I was feeling happy.

One by one they left, still smiling, and commenting on how much of a slut I was. I got up slowly. Spent, worn out. I looked up to the balcony above me. And I saw her.

My sister was smiling back at me, approvingly. I had passed her dare. I had outdone her. Not for long, I knew. Our slut competition was a full time job.


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