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Motor Cop

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“What would it take to get you to kiss me,” Paul, my friend and sometimes lover, stood on my front door step, off-duty but still in uniform. There would be little challenge in coaxing me to kiss him. Tall with dark hair, deep blue eyes and a quick smile, Paul was my romantic ideal of a clean-cut cop. His broad shoulders and tight ass, formed by hours in the gym and miles of road work, made my cunt throb with longing.

The afternoon sun, glinting off the rim of Paul’s shades, reminded me that the time of year was perfect. The days, though still cool, were getting warmer and the scent of fresh spring air clung to Paul’s body as he stepped across my threshold. Wrapping my arms around him, I buried my nose against his chest, breathing his scent. Fresh air. Leather. Exhaust. And the male musk that was uniquely my lover. With a sudden urgency, I needed to taste his skin. I began trailing my hands over his chest, slipping under his heavy leather jacket into the intimate warmth created by his body.

I felt Paul bury his nose in my hair, nuzzling me, murmuring something about the day having been a long one. Wrapping my arms around his torso, I felt him draw me closer, pressing me against the hard length of his body. Tipping my head back, I told him I was happy he was off-duty and safe for another day. Looking up into Paul’s eyes, I watched their stormy intensity scanning my face. He cupped my jaw in the palm of his hand and traced my cheek bone with his forefinger while his thumb outlined my mouth. My lips opened under his gentle touch and my tongue lightly touched the pad of his thumb before my teeth grazed his skin.

Emitting a low, masculine response, Paul’s lips brushed mine, less a kiss than an enticement. His mouth caressed mine gently before his tongue touched my lower lip, tracing it, testing its shape and resilience. Unable to resist the teasing slowness of his seduction, my tongue reached longingly to touch his. We tasted each other fully, tenderly, exploring each other as our tongues entwined, dancing in earnest desire for so much more.

As our kisses deepened, Paul cupped my breast through my blouse and bra, teasing my nipple. I gasped in pleasure and pressed into his palm as my hands traced over the crisp fabric of his uniform shirt under his jacket. I caressed his back and sides, running my fingers up and down his ribs as he cradled my breast in his palm. Sliding my hand between our bodies, I pressed against the crotch of his riding breaches, feeling the start of his arousal. Gently, I squeezed the length of his cock before caressing him through his clothes as he inhaled deeply, sharply through his nose.

Breaking our kiss, I nibbled my way along Paul’s jaw, lavishing in the masculine texture of his five o’clock shadow under my lips and cheek. My tongue traced along his neck, then up to his ear lobe which I suckled and kissed. Paul’s breath was hot against my neck as he sighed deeply, his eyes closed and cheek pressed against me in response.

With a sudden growl, Paul grasped my head, fingers tangling in my hair as he turned my face and plundered my mouth. His other hand clutched mine, pressing my palm firmly against his hardness. My breath caught in my throat as the dampness between my legs became a pooling wetness. Slowly, I backed toward the living room, breaking our kiss. I tugged the lapels of his motor jacket, coaxing him to follow me. As always, the sight of Paul in his sexy uniform caused my womb to tighten in anticipation. Reaching the couch, my fingers traced along the top of his gun belt as he started to unfasten it. My mouth watered at the thought that soon his cock would be free; hot, hard and naked for me to handle, nuzzle and taste. He began to remove his jacket but I stopped him.

“Leave it on for now,” I whispered against Paul’s lips, pressing him back to sit on the couch cushions. “You can take it off later.”

Hiking my long, flowing skirt to my knees, I straddled Paul’s lap, threading my fingers through his hair, looking down into his upturned face. Overwhelmed by sexual hunger, I kissed his mouth; the sound of feminine need issuing from my throat. I smoothed my hands over his shoulders before leaning back to unbutton my blouse. Paul brushed my hands away and assumed the task himself, watching as soft, white flesh was revealed with each button released from captivity. His hands smoothed over my bra, reaching around to the back to release the clasp with practiced ease. With a quick tug, the blouse and bra were discarded and I stood on my knees before him, bare-breasted, nipples pebble hard — pale shadows of the desire I felt for Paul, the need for him to claim me with his body for a few short hours.

Cupping my generous breasts, Paul weighed and shaped them with his fingers, tracing the nipples gently before tweaking them, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs and sending electrical shocks to a spot in my belly, just below my navel. I felt my pussy getting wetter. Pressing up, I raised my breasts to his mouth, brushing my nipples across the razor stubble on his chin and mewling in response. Groaning quietly, Paul began to lick and suckle one breast as his hand played with the other. I could have spent the rest of the night in exactly this pose, clutching his head gently as he feasted on my flesh but I also had a taste for him. I had a need to run my fingers along the length of Paul’s cock and feel its turgid strength; to cup his balls and play with them before suckling the satiny soft skin encasing them.

Reaching for Paul’s zipper, I asked him to lift his hips so I could unfasten and open his breaches to gain access to his groin. Between kisses and with his assistance, Paul’s cock sprang free as I sank to the floor, between his legs, encased in tall, leather riding boots. Admiring the masculine beauty of his cock, my fingers traced lightly over Paul’s hot, silken skin in worshipful caresses. My mouth hovered over the broad head of his cock, yearning for that first sweet, salty taste of his skin.

Looking up into his eyes, I brushed my tongue over the head of Paul’s cock. His blue eyes were nearly black with desire, hooded as lust wrested control of his being. Grasping the base of his cock, I squeezed it lightly, running my thumb over the back as I worked up his length. Dipping my head, I licked the very base of his cock, moving up the shaft as I licked from side to side, tasting his hardness. Reaching the head, I licked back and forth across the notched back, teasing my tongue into the most sensitive area before taking him fully into my mouth. I sucked him briefly then pull away and blow a cool stream of air over his wet flesh before licking my way back to the base of his cock and to his balls.

I buried my face in Paul’s groin wanting him more than I thought possible as I began to tongue the tender skin of his scrotum. Paul’s hand dropped to my head as I licked and sucked his balls; his fingers threading smoothly through my hair. He whispered hotly, telling me how seeing me between his knees sucking his cock and balls caused a knot of lust to burn low in his belly. He told me how much he wanted to plow his cock inside me but I wasn’t through feasting on his rod.

Standing on my knees, I took him greedily into my mouth, fisting the base of his cock and jacking him as I sucked. I wagged my head from side to side and in a figure eight, letting his cock slide around over my soft, wet tongue. The unpredictable shifting of his shaft caused Paul to lift his hips slightly, yearning for even greater fulfillment. Using my fist to keep him from shoving too far into my mouth and throat, I began to bob over him, fucking his cock into my mouth as I sucked, my tongue caressing the back and fluttering against the tip. I tasted the flow of Paul’s precum and used the tip of his cock to coat my lips as I looked into his eyes. He groaned for me to slow down or he would release his load before having a chance to fuck me. Doing as he asked, I slowly licked his cock from base to tip again and again.

Standing, Paul’s six-foot frame towered over me; his uniform a symbol of his authority; his cock, impossibly hard, sticking out before him. Sparks of electricity flamed through my cunt, spawning goose flesh along my arms and causing me to shiver. Noticing my tremor, Paul removed his motor jacket, telling me I looked cold. Helping me stand, he slipped the warm leather around me, holding the coat as I slid my arms into sleeves that dangled past my fingertips. The heady scent of Paul’s body mingled with the aroma of leather that surrounded me. I was in heaven. I leaned back against his chest and felt him cup my tits, playing with my nipples as he kissed the length of my neck above the collar of the jacket.

Turning me, Paul asked me to sit on the couch, saying it was his turn to crouch on the floor between my knees. My heart pounded at the sight of him in his blues, such strength and control, such authority and command kneeling to pay homage to my pussy; to pleasure me with his mouth and tongue and fingers. My eye lids fluttered as he smoothed his hands over my calves and thighs. Lifting my skirt, Paul peered at my wet pussy like a naughty school boy. Humor and lust were etched on his face as he followed his deftly caressing fingers under my skirts. He pressed my legs further apart and pulled my hips forward on the couch, laying me down and spreading my thighs to gain greater access to my cunt.

Kisses, as soft and tender as those Paul rained on my lips and neck, touched my thighs. One, then another more lingering, and another. The breadth of his tongue skimmed the surface of my skin. Lightly using his fingertips, Paul opened the soft, pink petals of my pussy and paused. Though my skirt fell over his head, obscuring my view of him, I imagined Paul staring at the auburn curls and lush opening of my cunt as he decided just where to begin feasting. Dipping low, Paul’s tongue brushed my skin just above my ass, then worked up one side of my slit and down the other. My breathing was rapid and shallow as I prayed for him to tongue-fuck me as he encountered the wetness that seeped well past the entry of my pussy.

With feather-light dexterity, Paul’s tongue worked up and down my labia, switching sides to equally divide his attention. My hips moved on their own volition as he closed in on my clit. Pushing my skirt back from his head, Paul stared up at me. My slick wetness was shiny around his lips and on his cheeks as he whispered, “Cum to me.”

I stopped breathing for a suspended moment of anticipation then released short, shallow puffs as Paul approached my clit. Finally, he made contact, licking intently causing me to emit soft moans of pleasure and want. His fingers fucked into my wet slit, scissoring and stroking my G-spot as he sucked my clit into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. I closed my eyes to bask in the pleasure of his expertise, thrusting my hips against his face, moaning with my approach to the abyss then, with a scrape of his hard, white teeth against my clit, I crashed into oblivion, thrashing against him as his arms wrap around my thighs to hold me in check.

In the next moment, Paul was rising over me, his ridged cock sliding into the heat and wetness of my pussy. Wordlessly, he fucked into me, a wash of pleasure over his face. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts, skimming my hands along the sleeves of his uniform until they rested on his shoulders. The wet sound of our rhythmic union filled the room as my female cum coated his cock and ran down his balls. Finally, he asked me to turn, get on my knees and put my elbows on the couch cushions.

Entering me from behind, Paul fucked my pussy again, his wet balls slapping against my clit. Rocking my hips, I helped direct his strokes across my G-spot, yearning for the feeling of another climax to wash over me. Spreading my ass with his hands, Paul began to work a finger into me telling me in actions, rather than words, his ultimate goal. He wanted to bury his hard cock into my ass and fuck it until he creamed. With my face pressed against the couch throw pillows, I was unable to see Paul but I visualized him, a sleekly muscled, uniformed officer hot to fuck the ass spread in front of him.

Knowing I stored lube and toys in a decorative box in the living room, Paul pulled out of my cunt and returned moments later. In a hoarse voice he asked, “What do you want?”

“You know what I want,” I responded.

“Tell me.”

“I want you to shove that big cock of yours inside me and fuck my ass hard.”

“Is this what you want me to fuck?” Paul asked, spanking my ass cheek loudly with his slightly cupped palm. “You want want me deep in your nasty whore ass?”

“Yes, please,” I moaned, turned on by the demanding tone of Paul’s voice as he slapped my ass several more times.

Dropping to one knee, Paul spread my ass, rimming me with his tongue. I could feel an erotic grimace take control of my face as I let out a squeak in response to the tingling want forming deep inside me. Hungrily, he licked me, coaxing my ass to relax and welcome the coming invasion. As his tongue and lips smacked with wet sounds, I shuddered in pleasure, moaning in want, yearning to be filled.

Rolling a condom into place, Paul stood and coated his cock with lube before pressing the wide, flared head against the rim of my ass. “You like the idea of a big, hard cop filling your tight ass, don’t you, slut?” Paul whispered as he worked the head of his cock into me.

Slowly, slowly, he filled me with his shaft. My ass, unused by anyone but Paul, was tight and hot around his prick as he took short, shallow strokes before reaching for the purple jelly vibrator with a clit tickler he retrieved from my toy box and left laying on the table behind the couch. Carefully, Paul worked the head of the vibrator into my wet cunt, made tighter by the fullness of his cock in my ass. Carefully, he fucked the length into me. When the vibrator was buried deep in my cunt and the tickler snugged securely against my clit, he turned it on, making me chirp in reaction. As I sank into the swirling wash of sensations, Paul’s cock worked with languid strokes into my ass as his hand repeatedly smacked against my quivering ass cheeks with stinging spanks.

“Do you like that, slut? Do you like it when I spank you?” Paul asked, slapping my ass again.

Unable to answer coherently, I simply groaned, “Yes” and felt his hand connect again.

Dominated by Paul’s presence, I gave myself up to the fullness stretching my holes, the vibrations from the front and the demanding strokes from behind. As he fucked my ass, Paul could feel the vibrations from my cunt against his cock. Changing the angle of his strokes, Paul forced the vibrator to ride on my G-spot, causing me to gasp and moan in response.

“You Goddamn, fucking whore,” Paul grunted as he fucked my ass with deep strokes, driving both of us closer to climax. “You know you want to cum with me fucking your ass. Do it. Cum for me.”

Bracing his arms on either side of the back of the sofa, Paul began to hammer into my ass with full-length body strokes that drove me into the soft seat cushions at an awkward angle. His cock filled my ass, stretching it wide as the soft inner walls of my rectum gripped him. My entire being became a shuddering mass of nerve endings and inarticulate gasps and grunts as my consciousness gradually merged with the teasing buzz of the vibrator. Paul’s cock, body and panting breath were all that existed in the world beyond the sensations of my own flesh. As I squeezed my inner muscles, gripping the shafts that penetrated my body, the remainder of the world melted into oblivion. I began to cum with lusty shrieks of ecstasy. My cunt and ass tightened as muscles spasmed in response to the joy raging throughout my nervous system. Paul pounded relentlessly into my ass, until he could hold back no longer and thrust himself balls-deep to cum while inside me.

Collapsing on top of me, Paul wrapped me in his arms and rolled us to the floor. Panting, we laid spooned together, his softening cock still buried in my ass. With my hands free, I shut off and withdrew the vibrator from my cunt and set it aside. Gradually, Paul withdraw from the heat of my body, turning me in his arms until I laid against his chest. Sharing a lingering kiss, I began to slowly unbutton his shirt.

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