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Taken by Bikers

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Kelly Wurtz had always gotten her share of attention from men. Her body was a most exquisite collection of curves, from her perfect 36C’s to her extraordinarily lush backside, she was the subject of stares wherever she went and enjoyed her choice of lovers while avoiding long-term relationships and the dreaded ‘M-word’. She loved the excitement of motorcycles and the company of the men who shared that passion, although seldom did she engage in intimacy with those men.

Riding motorcycles was such a liberating activity. Something she could do where men were around, men she could beat at something they loved, then she could tease them and flirt with them until it was time for them to go their separate ways. She’d been riding with two of these guys before, and enjoyed some social time and even intellectual discussions with them over the past few years. The other two she’d just met; but they seemed harmless enough. She saw Paul flashing his high-beam behind her, and pulled over to let him pass. He led the way, taking a few turns she didn’t recognize before arriving at a driveway taking them several hundred yards from the road to a small cabin. Paul parked near the steps up to the front porch, shutting his bike down and pulling of his helmet, then he dismounted and encouraged Kelly to do the same as the other bikes pulled up. The guys had mentioned that a friend of theirs had a place ‘out in the boonies’, and that they should stop in and say hey since they were close. This must be it; but…

“Hey Kel… come on in.” Paul said, hanging his helmet on the mirror.

She looked around and saw that the other men had parked and were heading up to the porch. Well… what the hell… she thought. These are just a bunch of good old boys… as she pulled off her helmet to join them. A beer and some BS and we’ll be back on the road…

Jim had been keeping an eye out for the group. Gary had said they would be bringing ‘a hottie’, and to ‘be ready with the gas’. He had the bottle in one hand and a handkerchief in the other, listening as the footsteps neared the door. He heard Paul’s voice telling the others to hurry it up. Then the door opened and Paul walked in, glancing over to give him a discrete nod. The next one through the door was definitely female, and his hands went to work. Before she knew what happened he’d placed the cloth over her mouth and wrapped his free hand around her waist to hold her in place while the chloroform took effect and she went limp.

Other hands kept her from falling. “Let’s get these leathers off her.” Gary said, tugging at the zippers as they half-carried, half-dragged her limp form toward a table. Wolf whistles filled the room as the riding suit was peeled off of her supple curves. As she often did in warm weather, she was wearing only a bikini under the suit and it didn’t cover much. Many hands copped a lot of feels as they took her to the table. “No reason the suit has to stay, it’ll just be in the way.” Gary offered, untying the two bits of cloth and tossing them on top of the leathers they’d removed, leaving the young woman naked. More wolf whistles, and more fondling ensued.

“Face down with her head over there.” Jim said, pointing at the table. “That way one guy gets her mouth while the other gets…”

“Whatever he wants.” Gary laughed, lifting Kelly’s body over the table as suggested by his friend. He moved behind her, his fingers parting the lush cheeks of the woman’s butt. “Oh yeah…” he laughed, leering at the tight brown wrinkle of her anus.

The men quickly bound her to the table, one wrist to each of the legs on one end with her knees fastened to the table legs on the other end. The narrow table had been chosen carefully for its size, and the fact that the tabletop had a section Jim could remove which allowed her lush breasts to hang down for easy access. “I think she might appreciate a cushion under her hips.” Jim told them, pushing a thin pillow under her body at the edge of the table.

“Alright, and now – just so she isn’t injured by what happens – let’s get her lubed up.” Gary suggested, picking up the bottle of flavored KY he’d brought along and kneeling behind her. “Damn… she has a beautiful pussy.” he said, letting his fingers explore her soft folds. “Just a little taste…” he mumbled, pressing his face between her legs. They could hear the lewd noises of his lips and tongue as he tasted her sex. “Mmm… anyone else want a fresh taste of some prime cunt before I use this stuff?” he asked.

Paul took a turn, then Jim and Bill as well, while Jeff declined at first, his gaze locked on the plush curve of her derriere. Just as Gary was about to get busy with the lube he moved in. “I think I will have a taste… of this…” he said, using his thumbs to spread her buttocks. “Tight little asshole…” he whispered hoarsely, worming his tongue at the entrance to her rear. He worked it for several minutes before Gary tapped him on the shoulder.

Gary held the lubricant nozzle just above her splayed crotch and gave it a squeeze, watching the viscious fluid drip onto her pink flesh, moving it slightly to deposit a dollop on her light tan starfish before working the slippery liquid into her folds with his fingers. “Hey guys, I think we get this party started with a little game.” he began, slipping one of his fingers between her pussy lips as he spoke.

“What’s that?” Paul asked.

“We blindfold her, then one at a time we slide our dicks into her mouth and she guesses who it is.” Gary chuckled.

“And how do we decide the outcome?” Jeff asked.

Bill laughed. “Now that’s a stupid fucking question.” he responded. “A beautiful woman sucks you off and you’re wondering who wins?”

Kelly stirred, regaining consciousness. “Let’s get a blindfold on her before she comes around.” Gary suggested, licking his fingers as he reached into the table’s storage bin to pull out a bandana. “Use this.” he said, handing it to Paul, who tied it over Kelly’s eyes as she struggled weakly.

“Wh… what the fuck… are you guys…” Kelly stammered, realizing her predicament.

“Oh just relax now pretty lady… we aren’t going to hurt you..” Jeff told her, stroking her back.

“N-no?” Kelly queried, her lithe limbs struggling against the bonds. “Then why am I blindfolded and tied up?” Then she felt someone’s fingers pressing against the sensitive flesh of her vulva, then one digit sliding into her vagina easily. “H-HEY!” she yelped, her hips writhing until the table nearly toppled.

“Put a belt around her waist man.” Paul directed, placing his hand on the small of her back to keep her still while they secured her with the belt. Then he reached over and gave her playful swat on the butt, letting his hand remain on the firm flesh to fondle and knead her perfect rear. “Damn fine ass baby.” he told her.

“Yeah… well come on now guys… you’ve had your fun… now let me go…” Kelly told them.

Gary moved around to the ‘head’ end of the table. “Oh I don’t think the fun has even started yet pretty lady.” he told her, unzipping his fly.

“What… so you want me to suck your cocks? And what do I get out of this deal?” Kelly barked, trying to be assertive. Then she felt somebody’s lips and tongue on her pussy. “ohhhhhhmmm…” she moaned, feeling the head of a penis against her lips.

Gary took advantage of the moment, pushing the head of his organ past her lips. His hands took her head, gently holding it as he eased his cock in and out of her mouth. “Mmmmyeah baby… suck it nice… that’s a good girl..” he mumbled. He fucked her lips for a few minutes before pausing. “Okay baby… we’re gonna play a little game now.” he told her, pulling his cock free.

“Glphgmmm… and what’s that?” Kelly asked, licking her lips. “ohhhhh…” she moaned as the oral ministrations continued at her cunt.

“Each of us is going to put our dicks in your mouth one at a time, and you guess who the cock belongs to.” Gary replied. “Now guys, don’t talk when your dick is in her mouth okay?” he laughed, motioning for Jeff to come around and get his penis out. Then he tapped Bill – who had been sucking her pussy – on the shoulder, wanting to take his place. “Okay baby… here comes number one.” he said, directing Jeff to go ahead.

“Mmmglphhhh” Kelly groaned as the sizeable cock was pushed into her mouth while a new set of lips began eating her wet pussy. Now this guy has a nice dick she thought, letting him push it into her throat as she suckled gently. The man’s fingers gripped her ears and he began stroking into her face.

Jeff looked down at his penis sliding easily in and out of the young woman’s sexy lips, wanting to say something; but knowing he shouldn’t. She was a very pretty girl, and while they shouldn’t be taking advantage of her this way, he wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity – and she wasn’t fighting. But that ass… he wondered if she would object…

Gary sucked her juices noisily, nibbling at her clit for a few moments before lapping along her folds and up to her bottomhole, teasing at the little ring with his tongue. Then he pulled back and looked up at Jeff, giving him a nod. He watched as Jeff reluctantly extracted his throbbing tool from her mouth, noting the precum oozing from its tip. “Okay girl, who owned that cock?” Gary asked her, patting her ass gently.

Kelly didn’t know how to guess. “Uh… oh gawd… I don’t know…” she stammered. “Bill?” she guessed.

“Nope.” Gary said. “Next” he said, nodding to Bill who walked over and presented his bulbous head to her wet lips. She let out a muffled gurgle as the man pushed his cock to the root in her willing mouth. “Dayum girl… you are one helluva cocksucker.” Gary chuckled, letting the hand on her ass slide down to insert a finger in her hot cunt. “Ohhhhhhyeah baby… hot fucking pussy…” he said, gliding his middle finger in and out of her moist hole. Her muffled moans told them all she was starting to get into this, and their cocks were responding as well. Bill was fucking her face now, his thick penis distending her pretty lips as he stroked in and out of her throat. Gary caught his eye and nodded, watching his friend withdraw his shaft from the young woman’s mouth. He added a second finger in her cunt, sawing the digits into her gushing warmth. “Who was it baby?” he asked as he caught Jim’s eye to motion him over.

“Um… ohhhhhmmm…. Gary?” she answered. “ahhhhgawd… ohhhhh” she moaned as he fingerfucked her willing cunt.

Gary laughed. “Wrong again sweetheart. But that gives me an idea.” he said, kneeling behind her as he pulled out his fingers and pressed his bulbous crown against her vaginal orifice. “This is Gary” he chuckled, pushing his cock into her cunt. “ohhhhFUCK that’s hot…” he grunted. Then he nodded to Jim, who was waiting with his dick near her mouth. “Next” he said, watching as Jim’s hips jerked forward to force his cudgel past her quivering lips. Gary eased his manhood deep into Kelly’s pussy and paused. “I tell ya guys, this is the hottest cunt my cock has ever been in.” he told them. “Hot and fucking tight.” he added, his hips beginning to move as he slid in and out of her wetness. “ohhhFUCK… so goddamn nice…” he grunted.

Jim was trying to pay attention to Gary, to be ready to pull out when he gave the command; but Gary was too busy enjoying her pussy to care. Jim grabbed the girl’s head and fucked her face, shoving all of his meat into her throat as she sucked him. “ohgawdddd baby… gonna cum baby… suck it… suck that cock baby… OHGAWDSUCKMEEEEEE” he howled, his hips jerking as his load emptied into her throat. She choked and gurgled; but he didn’t even know, his dick convulsing in her mouth as he splashed her gullet with his seed. He finally realized he was choking her and yanked his penis from her face, letting her empty her throat of his semen. “I’m sorry Kelly… sorry…” he said, stroking his fingers through her hair.

Meanwhile, Gary pounded into her clenching cunt, his cock engulfed in her steamy depths as he neared his own orgasm. He looked down, using his thumbs to spread her plush cheeks so he could see the little pucker between them. Not this time; but…

Kelly loved getting fucked like this, even if it wasn’t her idea. The man who was pounding into her was bouncing his balls off of her clit with each thrust, and she was getting closer with each stroke. Another cock was pressed against her lips and she opened wide to let it into her mouth, sucking hard as the glans worked its way to the back of her throat. She gurgled; but didn’t gag this time. “nnmmNGHHHhhh… nGPhHHHHHMMM…” she grunted, the testicles slamming against her sensitive nub as Gary skewered her pussy. Then she felt the penis spasm inside her belly, his seed splashing deep into her cunt as he hammered into her. Not… quite… oh… there… then the dick was pulled out of her vagina as the one in her mouth began to twitch. She sucked hard, letting the man pound his shaft into her throat. She felt another cock at her wet folds, letting out a muffled grunt as the hard shaft was slammed inside. Kelly began to lose count… she was pretty sure she’d had five loads in her mouth and at least four up her pussy. For a few minutes they seemed to leave her alone…

Jeff knelt behind the pretty girl and gently pulled her buttocks apart. “Oh… what a beautiful little hole…” he mumbled, diving in to worm his curled tongue a few millimeters into her anal port as his thumbs pulled it open. I am gonna fuck this tight little asshole… gotta do it…

Kelly realized that somebody was behind her… spreading her buttocks… tonguing her anus… “nnnNNNOOOOO… not there… p-please… I’ve n-never…” she stammered, wriggling her hips in vain. “v-VIRGIN…” she squealed.

“Holy fuck guys… can you believe she’s never had it in the ass – with a butt like this?” Gary chuckled. “Jim, why don’t you get down there and give those titties some attention… take her mind off things… elsewhere.” he suggested. “Jeff, just take it easy on that butt. Make sure to use plenty of… this first.” Gary said, setting a bottle of something on the table next to Kelly’s hip.

“So what’s that?” Jeff asked, noticing the bottle had no label.

“Astro Glide… with a little somethin’ extra.” Gary chuckled. “Just put plenty of it in there and use your fingers for a while, then coat your dick and she’ll slide right in.”

Kelly tried not to panic; but anal penetration was just not something she wanted to consider. Every man she’d ever been with had at least tried to get into her bottom, and most had succeeded in getting a finger into her ass. One man even managed to force the head of his dick in there; but she’d managed to squirm away – and the man was in pain after that. This situation was different. She had no way to resist. All she could do was beg. The men had already emptied at least one load into either her mouth or her pussy – or both. Now at least one of them wanted her butthole, and he was likely to have his way. “ohhhhgawd…. p-please..” she stammered as she felt the plastic nozzle being pushed into her anus. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgawdNOOOOOO she pleaded as she sensed something warm oozing into her bottom. Then she felt the warm wetness of someone’s lips suckling at her sensitive nipples, and fingers manipulating her clit. “ohpulleeeease… please don’t…” she begged.

Jeff gave the bottle four strong squeezes, pushing what had to be at least a couple ounces of the stuff into her rear. He pulled the nozzle out and spread a healthy dollop on his index finger, then put the tip of the digit at her clenching little rosebud. Her hips were still writhing and he applied a gentle pressure, waiting as he watched her sphincter relax for a brief moment. His digit slipped inside her asshole to the first knuckle before her anal ring clenched closed again. He could feel the tingling warmth of the lube on his finger. That is going to feel incredible on my dick! he thought, gently easing his digit another inch into her tightest hole. He watched Bill move around to present his cock to her lips, pushing into her mouth a few inches and pausing. I would not want to have my dick in her mouth when a cock goes up her butt for the first time… Jeff thought, sliding the finger out until just the tip remained then coating it with more of the lubricant before sliding it back into her mucky little chute.

“Glpbphhhhmmm” Kelly groaned, trying not to let lust overwhelm her; but not really able to resist. She had a now-familiar cock in her mouth, lips and tongue on her always sensitive breasts, and fingers rubbing her hard little nub as the man behind her prepared her bottom for sodomy. She swirled her tongue around the glans in her mouth, suckling on the shaft as she felt a thicker finger sliding into her butt. My gawd… that feels so… HOT she realized there was something more than simple lubricant in her backside. The cock in her mouth began pushing deeper until the crown bumped against the back of her throat. She gurgled and twitched and the man eased back an inch. A second finger joined the first, more of the viscous lube was added, her anus was stretched a little wider.

Jeff took the lube bottle and coated his fully erect cock, then moved in with his hips as he eased the two digits out of her backside, using his thumbs to hold her bottom open. “Here we go Kelly… just relax your ass…” he said hoarsely, pushing the bulbous head past her clenching sphincter for the first time.

“mmmNNGLLLGGGGPHHHMMM” Kelly squealed, trying her best to spit the cock out of her mouth as the man behind her forced his penis into her asshole. She knew better than to use her teeth on a cock, and was grateful that the man had pulled out so that just a couple of inches of his shaft was in her mouth. She let out another muffled squeal as the cock in her butt was pushed in an inch, stretching her virgin hole wider than it had ever been stretched. It… kinda hurts… but… it’s kinda… wow…

Jeff gave the woman’s asshole plenty of time to get used to his dick, gently pushing in an inch, then out a half inch, and repeating that until he had half of his cock up her spasming butthole. Then he slid his meat all the way out and squirted a couple ounces of the special lube into her bottom and eased his cock back inside. He noticed Gary eyeing him and nodded. “Definitely a virgin.” he chuckled.

“Not any more.” Gary laughed. “Gotta be fuckin’ tight, eh?”

Jeff nodded, easing another inch of his rigid meat up Kelly’s snug pooper. “Tight as hell.. it would hurt if it wasn’t for this lube. So what’s in that stuff?”

“Astro Glide and blow” Gary replied.

“Cocaine?” Jeff asked. “Really?”

“Yep… works like a charm, don’t it?” Gary chuckled. He’d used it for the same purpose several times, so he knew it’s effect. “And you’ll last a long time in there my friend. Enjoy.” he added. Then he stood up. “Beer?” he asked. Jeff nodded and Gary went into the kitchen.

Bill tried like hell not to unload in her mouth again; but Kelly’s lips and tongue worked their magic on his dick and he just couldn’t hold back. “ohhhbaby… ohyeah… suck it… SUCK that dick… OHYEAH… OHHHFUCKYEAH…” he howled as his third load of the day splashed down her swallowing throat. His hips pumped into her willing mouth, his cock spasming as he emptied his balls. He finished and pulled out, his cockhead passing her still-sucking lips with a lewd PLOP. “Thanks doll” he said, steadying himself before slowly getting to his feet.

Kelly’s backside quivered as Jeff slowly moved his cock in and out of her tight asshole. “ohhhgawdddd… ohhhhFUCK that’s HUGE…” she groaned, her snug ring distended beyond any previous acts. “Just…. go easy…” she pleaded, knowing it was pointless to hope he would just pull out at this point.

“No problem baby… no problem…” Jeff reassured her. He still had not gone beyond the halfway point, with several inches of his cock remaining outside her asshole. It still feels incredible… so much tighter than Gloria’s ass… he thought. Gloria was the only other woman he’d sodomized, and she was very much used to getting fucked in the ass. Hell he’d gone in there with just his saliva for lube with no problem. This one would be a no-go under those conditions for sure. He looked down at his dick stretching her little ring and gave his cock a twitch. Her bottom quivered in response, her sphincter clenching tight around his meat. He grasped her hips and leaned down to whisper “another inch baby… here it comes…”

“ohhhhhhgawd…. ohfuck… ohmyGAWWDDDD” Kelly squealed as she took five inches of thick cock into her tight but well-lubricated asshole. But it doesn’t hurt… at all… ohgawd… she thought.

“Geez… ten minutes and you’re only half way up her butt?” Gary laughed.

Kelly giggled. “I am actually enjoying this nasty act, thanks to Jeff’s understanding, so just shut the fuck up Gary.” she said. “Jeff, you can go in some more, just don’t be brutal and I might actually like getting fucked in the ass.” She wriggled her backside as Jeff applied some gentle pressure to ease his shaft in deeper. “You know guys… can you please at least untie my hands?”

Jim went right over and removed the restraints on her wrists, getting a thank you as Kelly pushed herself up.

Jeff gently pushed his throbbing penis all the way into Kelly’s clenching butthole, revelling in the velvety heat of her rectum. “ohhhfuck baby… your ass is so fuckin’ tight…” he groaned. After letting her get used to it he eased out about half way, then pushed in deep again. Gradually he worked up to a pace that felt good, sliding all the way up Kelly’s ass then back out until just his crown remained inside her. He watched as the tender pink tissue gripped his cock on the way out, then folded in as he stroked back into her bottom. “Looks so fuckin’ hot Kelly… your beautiful tush with my dick sliding in and out… so fuckin’ hot…”

Kelly moaned as her rectal sheath was stretched wide, taking Jeff’s seven and a half inches over and over. “ohhhhhhgawd… cum in my ass Jeff… cum in my tight butthole…” she said hoarsely, her lush cheeks shuddering as she was sodomized for the first time. My gawd… it feels… GOOOOOD now… she realized as his shaft burrowed deep into her pooper. “Mmmm… mmMMMMmmm… ooooo… fuck my ass baby… fill me up…” she whispered, her hips writhing as she began to enjoy the lewd act.

“That’s more like it.” Gary chuckled, watching intently as his buddy fucked the sexy woman’s ass. He took a long drink from his beer, then decided he might enjoy participating. He walked over next to the table, stroking his fingers through Kelly’s hair as he pushed his glans against her lips. “Come on baby, suck my cock while Jeff does your butt.” he chuckled, his hand pulling her head down as her mouth opened to accept his penis. “There you go… that’s nice baby… suck that cock… nice and DEEEEEP” he grunted, pushing his organ into her throat until she gurgled. He looked over at her lush backside as his friend’s dick stroked gently in and out of her anal chute. Damn that looks so fuckin’ hot! he thought. Girl’s gonna have to take me up that ass before we’re done!

Jeff’s penis twitched inside the silky sheath, then spasmed as his libido took control. “ohhHHHHHFUCK… OHBABY… OHGAWDDDD…” he growled, his fingers gripping her hips. “GONNA CUM BABY… GONNACUMMMMM…” he howled, his hips picking up the pace as his semen splashed deep into Kelly’s asshole, making her rectal channel even more slippery without taking away from the tightness. “NGHHHH… NGHHH… NGHHH…. NGHAAAAAYEAH…” he groaned, slamming his pelvis against the plush hillocks of her derriere as his cock convulsed inside her clenching bottom. Then he noticed Gary fucking her mouth, and caught his eye.

Kelly enjoyed the feel of Jeff’s semen flowing into her rear as she sucked Gary’s dick, surprised when the man slipped his organ from her willing mouth. Then Jeff’s meat pulled out of her butt after being in there for more than a half hour. “Wha… ohgawd…” she realized Gary was moving behind her now. “Easy… please… go easy…” she pleaded as she felt the bulbous head of his meat against her seething anal ring. “ahhhhhhhgawd… ohhhhFUCK…” she squealed as his crown stretched her sphincter and pushed inside her butt.

Gary didn’t waste any time as he moved behind her perfect tush, his thumbs splaying her cheeks to reveal the puffy, reddened ring of her asshole. “Yeah baby… gotta get me some of this… ohhhhYEAHHHH…” he moaned as he eased three inches of his cock into her snug anal port. He paused, letting her quivering bottom get used to his intrusion. “Tight fucking ass…” he grunted, pulling out until just the head remained inside. He grabbed the lube bottle and squeezed twice, then pushed half of his eight inches into her asshole. Once more back out, two more squeezes, then he grasped her lush hips and slowly eased his full length into Kelly’s bottom, grinding his pelvis against her cheeks. “ohhhhyeah…. so fucking hot baby…” he grunted, his manhood gripped in the velvet sheath of her rectum. He reached beneath her and began manipulating her clit, intent on getting her off while he fucked her ass.

“ohhhmmmm…. gawddd… ohfuck…. easybaby… easy…” Kelly begged as Gary pushed his shaft all the way into her butthole. But this is so hot… so fucking nasty… she thought. She felt his fingers begin their rhythmic massage of her sensitive nubbin as he began stroking in and out of her ass. “ohyeahbaby… ohfuckyeah… make me cum baby… play with my pussy… ohYESSSS….” she squealed, her hips shuddering as his thrusts came faster in her asshole. Her bottom throbbed, her rectal sheath clenching around his reaming shaft in spasms of lusty pleasure. FUCK! I’m going to cum with a cock fucking my ASS! she realized, her hips writhing as the second penis sodomized her tender butt.

“Yeah man, fuck her up the ass.” Jim said, drinking his fourth beer as he watched his buddy buttfucking the pretty girl. He walked up to stand next to the table, reaching down to fondle one of Kelly’s full breasts while he watched. Then he felt her tongue flicking at his cock head and looked down as she engulfed his glans with her lips and began sucking. “ohyeah… hungry baby?” he teased her, squeezing her tit as his hips pumped his meat into her mouth. Hmmm… maybe I’ll get some of that tight ass too! he thought. Or maybe I’ll just cum in her mouth again… doesn’t matter…

Kelly’s passion pushed her to do things she wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Gary’s expert manipulation of her pussy, his skewering of her previously unexplored butt, and here was another cock she could suck… What the hell!? Fill me up boys… she thought, taking Jim’s penis in her mouth for the third time. “mmmgllllbphhh… ohllglllgph…” she grunted, sucking hard as the shaft grew to full size in her throat. Her body shuddered as she began climbing to her first orgasm with a dick up her ass. “mmmmphhh… glgggphhh…” she squealed around the penis stretching her lips. The throbbing meat in her rectal channel sodomized her relentlessly as the fingers on her clit drove her over the top.

Gary looked down to watch as his manhood drove deep into the young woman’s bottomhole. “ohhfuckyeah… ohbaby…” he grunted, sliding in and out of her silky butt in long, measured strokes. His buddy Jim was using her mouth again, and Kelly was growing hotter by the second. He felt the spasms in her rectal sheath and redoubled his efforts at her gushing pussy. “Yeah baby… cum while I fuck you up the ass… that’s it sweetheart… yeah… yeah…” he groaned, the convulsions getting to him as his cock drove deep into her clenching pooper. “OhhhFUCK…. OHYEAH… TAKE IT BABY… TAKE MY CUM UP YOUR TIGHT ASS…” he howled, splashing his seed into her bowels as both of them got off. His hips were a blur as he hammered her tender butthole until there was no more to give. Jim seemed to be enjoying her mouth, shaking his head when Gary caught his eye, so Gary found Paul and motioned him over. “Your turn.” he said, gently pulling his dick out of Kelly’s juicy bottom.

Kelly pushed Jim away when she heard that. “Come on guys… give my ass a break… please… a break…” she gasped, then wolfed Jim’s cock down to his root and sucked hard until the man spewed his semen down her throat. Once his spasms subsided she pulled her lips free, swallowing and licking her lips before she turned her head around to see who the hands belonged to that stroked her butt cheeks. It was her friend Paul. She could see his cock wasn’t ready for anything, let alone her tight butt. Kelly smiled and winked at him. “Untie my legs so I can have a real break, then I’ll take care of him.” she told him.

“In your…”

“Yes… I’ll get him nice and hard and wet in my mouth, then you can have my ass.” she said. “Please…” she asked politely, waving her backside at him.

Paul looked down at the derriere he’d admired so many times, her reddened anus peeking out between the lush cheeks. He leaned down to run his tongue along the deep crevice between her buttocks, teasing at the puffy little ring as his fingers pulled the bonds loose. I have wanted this ass for ten years… I can wait another half hour… holy shit this is hot…

Kelly pushed herself up, then accepted Paul’s hand to stand for the first time in nearly three hours on shaky legs. “Got a beer for the working girl?” she giggled. Then she noticed four of the five men staring at her nakedness. “What?” she laughed. “You guys have been fucking every hole in this body for the last three hours and you’re still staring?” She accepted the beer offered by Jim and took a long swallow. The men gathered around, gawking at her luscious curves as they tried to have intelligent conversations. She didn’t object as one hand caressed her rear as they all relaxed, even enjoying the touch that wasn’t so focussed on penetrating her holes. She finished the beer and found Paul behind her. Turns out it was his hand on her bum, and she reached down to fondle his soft penis as she leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Okay Paul… it’s your turn” she whispered, dropping to her knees to take his flaccid cock fully into her mouth.

“Damn this girl is hot.” Gary said, watching her suck Paul’s dick into full erection in a matter of a minute or so. Then she let his meat slip from her lips and she stood up, pulling him along by his erect organ until she got to the couch and layed back to pull her knees back.

Kelly looked up at her friend with a steamy gaze, one hand on her breast while the other massaged the wet folds of her pussy. “Come on lover… fuck me…” she said.

Paul dropped to his knees between Kelly’s widespread thighs, his cockhead dropping naturally to the wet entrance to her hot cunt. He looked into her eyes and plunged his meaty cock into her pussy. He fucked her with long, powerful strokes for several minutes before reaching under her to tentatively probe at her butt…

Kelly pulled his head down to whisper in his ear. “Go ahead Paul… fuck my ass…” she told him.

Bill watched as Paul pulled his dick out of the pretty woman’s vagina to reposition the thick head at her rear entry. I just don’t get the whole anal thing. he thought, his gaze fixed on the sight of the man’s penis stretching the little wrinkle wide as he penetrated her anal channel.

“Looks pretty hot, eh?” Gary taunted Bill. Gary knew his friend wasn’t into it, and that was fine. “She sure is pretty.” he added.

“Definitely.” Bill responded. Maybe I’ll get some pussy later, or a nice long blow job…

Kelly wriggled her hips, taking her friend’s manhood deep into her bottom. “Mmm… feel good in there Paul?” she asked, clenching her sphincter around his meat. “You like my asshole?” she pursued.

“Ohgawddd… it’s s-so… HOT…” Paul finally replied, pulling most of the way out then sliding slowly back inside her velvety rectal sheath. “ohhhhmannnn…” he gasped, his cock twitching in her narrow channel. He held still, knowing that if he did anything else he would simply explode inside her tight rear entry.

Kelly kissed his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. “You just do whatever you need to do Paul.” she told him. “We’ve waited for this… there’s no hurry…” she whispered. She let him rest for several minutes, his penis twitching in her butthole. Now this is kinda nice… kinda hot… yeah…

“Here we go again…” Gary chuckled.

“Shut up Gary.” Kelly replied. “You got your rocks up my ass, now just leave us be.” she added. Watching as the rest of the men gathered, beers in hand. “Oh… you guys want a show?” she asked, laughing. “You want to give them a show Paul? Your cock going up my tight ass?” she asked Paul. He nodded, then slowly withdrew from her bottom. Kelly helped him up, giving the head of his dick a quick kiss before pushing him back down onto the sofa. She straddled him and reached down to position the head of his member against the ring of her anus. Then she turned around. “You guys gettin’ this?” she taunted them, easing her hips down to take Paul’s hard dick up into her now-receptive asshole. “Mmm…. looks good, doesn’t it?” she teased. She leaned close and whispered in Paul’s ear “You just let me know how long you want to go lover” she said, setting up a slow, easy pace with her muscular hips as she rode his dick in her bottom. “Mmmm… feels good like this… nice and slow…” Kelly said, plenty loud enough for the voyeurs to hear.

Jeff watched intently as the ass he’d broken in rode up and down on his buddy Paul’s cock. Damn that looks so fine… it was so tight before… now she’s actually enjoying it… he thought, his cock twitching at the lewd scene. Maybe… just maybe…

Gary reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his digital camera, turning it on as he walked over behind her. He aimed, looking at the display to make sure there were no faces, then triggered the capture. The camera was in silent mode, so there was no sound as the little machine caught HD video of Kelly’s asshole getting fucked. Oh yeah… a few minutes of this shit and…

Paul reached up to fondle Kelly’s gorgeous boobs, leaning forward to suck gently on her pink nipples as his cock moved gently in and out of her bottom. The skin inside her butt was exquisitely smooth, gliding along his length lubricated by the cup of coke-laced AstroGlide and two previous loads of semen. Her breasts were incredible, so full yet so firm as he kneaded them and kissed the sensitive nips. “Mmmm…” he moaned softly, feeling every inch of the rectal caress as her lush hips rose and fell in a passionate rhythm of sodomy. “Ohhhh Kelly… I…” he stammered before she pulled his face up and pressed her lips to his.

Kelly kissed him for a minute or so, then pulled back and pressed her finger to his lips. “Shhhhhhh…. just enjoy… we can talk later…” she whispered. “I know… we’ve both wanted… a physical thing… I know…” she continued. “We’ll talk…” then she resumed her stroking of his throbbing meat, rising and falling, unaware of Gary’s camera.

Gary watched the display, zooming in so that Kelly’s beautiful backside was always in the frame, capturing her distended anal port as it moved up and down on Paul’s dick. Gawd that looks hot… he thought. He got fifteen minutes of good assfucking in high-definition before he had to stop as Kelly turned around. He headed into the kitchen, pulling a fresh beer out of the fridge before checking the video capture.

“Whatcha got there Gary?” Jim asked, getting another beer for himself.

“Oh… just a little video…” Gary replied.

“What… ride footage, or?…” Jim suggested, walking up next to his friend. He watched the display, unsure at first what he was watching. Then it became clear. “Holy…” he gasped, then chuckled. “She know about this?” he asked, his eyes riveted to the clear video of the lewd act still taking place in the other room.

“No, of course not; but you can’t tell it’s her, I mean there’s no faces in this shot.” Gary said. “Just her gorgeous ass taking cock.” he chuckled.

Jim kept watching until Gary stopped the playback and put the camera in his pocket. “You gotta send me that clip man… holy crap…” he said, then quickly went back out to watch with the others. Kelly had gradually picked up her rhythm, and was taking Paul’s dick up her butt in long, steady strokes, her cheeks quivering with each thrust. Tiny mewls escaped her, as if she was about to cum herself. Then on one particularly aggressive stroke the cock pulled free, leaving her puffy anus gaping a half inch before she was able to reposition Paul’s penis and take him back inside. FUCK that’s hot…

Paul reached down, working Kelly’s clit with his fingers as she fucked him with her bottom. He knew she was close, and wanted her to get there. Her ass sure feels incredible on my cock… she deserves some pleasure… As her passion grew so did her pace, riding his penis with her snug and silky rear with stronger, faster strokes. He felt her asshole spasm around his dick, then Kelly squealed and her rectal sheath began convulsing as she went over the top with his fingers still working her clit. “Yes baby… yes… cum for me Kelly… cum with my cock up your ass…” he grunted as he held on to her hips to keep his meat in her butt.

“ohhhhhhgawd…. ohmygawd…. ohFUCK… ohYEAH… OHGAWD… YES BABY… FUCK MY ASS…. CUMMMMIINNNNGGGGGGG” Kelly squealed as her second anal orgasm sent waves of intense pleasure through her body. Her hips pounded down on her old friend’s penis, her anal channel clenching and convulsing around his throbbing meat. FUCK this is intense… she thought, her hips wriggling and writhing as she rode him. She felt his cock jerk inside her bottom, then his spasms came. YESSSSS…. “Oh yeah baby… cum in my tight asshole baby… cum for me… ohyeahhhh…” she whispered hoarsely, slamming her backside down on his member as she felt his semen spurting into her bowels.

“Oh man… never seen anything like this…” Bill said hoarsely, watching Paul’s thick sausage sliding deep into the pretty woman’s asshole. Maybe…

“Pretty fucking hot, isn’t it?” Gary chuckled. “So nasty the way his semen squeezes out of her ass around that cock. Gotta feel good.” he laughed. “In fact, it does feel good – great in fact.” He had the camera out and was shooting even more video, even though Bill hadn’t noticed. He captured the beginning of her climax, and was still shooting as Paul finished ejaculating in Kelly’s butt. I just hope he’ll pull out and I can get some gape before anybody notices…

Paul pulled her hips down, burying his nearly spent penis in her bunghole to let his spasms subside. “Ohhhhhhhfuck… wow baby…. gawdDAMN that was good.” he whispered, his dick still twitching. Gary caught his eye and gave him a lewd signal; but he knew what they wanted. He pulled Kelly’s face down and met her lips with his, then reached down with one hand to pull her hips up. His cock pulled free of her anus, and Jim added some passion to the kiss, holding her hips up to ‘aim’ her puffy rosebud at the men who watched.

Gary zoomed the lens in to get a screen-filling thirty-seconds of Kelly’s wet and reddened butthole, stretched open at first, then slowly closing down before he stopped the capture and put the camera away. Geez… gotta be twenty minutes or more… what a hot beauty she is… he thought, watching as Kelly was helped up by Bill and Jim. She mumbled something and headed for the bathroom, her luxurious curves followed by five sets of eyes. “Fucking wow…” Gary said with a chuckle.

Paul wiped his genitals down with the damp towel and pulled on his boxers and jeans. He took the cold beer Jim handed him and looked at the guys who were waiting for his comment. “Holy crap.” he said with a chuckle, shaking his head.

“I heard you’ve known her for a while.” Jim suggested. “First time?”

Paul nodded and smiled. “Five years, and yeah.” he responded, taking a long swallow of his beer. “and… holy crap…”

Kelly emptied her orifices, then warmed the water and soaked a washcloth before gently wiping her crotch and between the cheeks of her butt. Geez, sex can be messy she chuckled to herself, her body still tingling as she carefully cleaned the sensitive folds of her pussy, and a little jolt going through her as the soft cloth rubbed over her tender bottomhole. Let’s see… Jeff – check… Gary – check… Paul – double check… that leaves Jim and Bill… hopefully there won’t be any seconds… Kelly thought, finishing her task before she realized she had no garments to put on. She headed out to rejoin the boys, not ashamed of her nudity. “Somebody get me a beer… and anyone know where my suit went?” she asked, glancing around.

Jim went to get the requested beverage as Bill retrieved her skimpy bikini from atop her riding leathers. “So… is this little thing really going to cover anything?” he laughed, holding her suit up.

Kelly took the two bits of fabric and pulled them on, barely covering her pussy and concealing only her nipples on top. “Yeah… well, you guys have your pants on, so I gotta have something, ya know?” she laughed, taking a long pull on her cold beer. She glanced at the clock. It was nearly eight pm. “I’m going to call it.” she said.

“What are you going to call it?” Gary asked.

“A day… done… no more…” Kelly responded, looking around at all five of their faces.

“But… Jim hasn’t… you know…” Gary began.

“Fucked my ass?” Kelly queried. “Well that’s true; but if memory serves he got off twice in my mouth and a third time in my pussy. You good with that Jim?” she asked looking at the man with a smile.

Jim nodded. “I’m good with that Kelly, thank you.” he said.

“Okay then, we’re done boys. I hope y’all enjoyed it.” Kelly told them, reaching over to grab her leather pants to pull them on. She noted the stares. “Just getting comfortable guys.” she chuckled, squirming into the form-fitting leather while they gazed at her.

Jim stood up. “We haven’t talked about it; but it’s getting a little late for you guys to head back, so you’re welcome to stay here tonight. I’ll fire up the grill and we can hang here and enjoy the uh… company.” he told them.

“Whadya got for that grill?” Gary asked.

“Everything from chicken legs and wings to steaks. Your choice.” Jim replied.

This was Kelly’s domain, the social gathering and party. “I’m good with that.” she told them, knowing the men were waiting for that. “Let’s party!” she laughed. As if we haven’t been…

Jim was good to his word, pulling out chicken legs and wings, pork ribs, and fresh cuts of beef as he got to work preparing a feast. The other men helped with preparations, marinades, basting sauces, and other fixins while Kelly just enjoyed being herself again. She even enjoyed being ogled, her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her bikini top in the cool evening air. After the feast pretty much everyone was done. Jim offered Kelly his bedroom and the bed, which she thankfully accepted. They were all asleep before midnight, everyone having sweet dreams of pleasure. The morning dawned and Jim provided coffee and fruit to go with english muffins, and the riders headed out.

Kelly would be in touch with Paul, and they got together many times as the months and years rolled by. He was twenty years her senior; but there was a special magic when they decided to hook up. She would always remember this ride and the special orgasms she experienced for the first time – and Paul was a big part of it.

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