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Dirty Talk

Category: Fetish
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I love dirty talk. It is a super aphrodisiac for me. When a man whispers nasty things in my ear I get all hot and bothered. He can take me from a standing start to full speed in nothing flat, leaving a streak of metaphorical rubber smoking on the metaphorical pavement.

I think a man likes to know he can do that to a woman with just his words. It gives him power over her. When I tell a man how this works for me I give him that power. He likes that, and so do I. He gains the ability to affect my arousal and I gain the pleasure of that arousal. He can push me fast along the path to an orgasm or push me right over the edge when I get stuck on that path.

For example, a partner once did it to me when he was fucking me and I couldn’t quite get there. He saw my problem and grinned at me. Then he whispered in my ear, “Look, you filthy cunt. If you don’t come right now I’m going to quit trying and pull out. I’ll jerk myself off while sitting on your belly and shoot my jism right into your face. You’ll be drenched in my smelly, gooey cum. And then I will wash it off by pissing on your face.”

I was well into a crashing orgasm before he got to the pissing part, and that moved me along to a nice second, smaller one.

I was so turned on that when he recovered I asked him to fuck me again and do to me what he had described. He readily agreed. We did it in the bathroom. He fucked me from behind as I leaned on the sink. As he fucked me he returned to his dirty talk. He called me his little cum slut, his piss drinking pervert. He described what he was going to do to me when he came. He reached under me and squeezed my breasts painfully, and pinched and twisted my swollen nipples. He made me moan and wince, knowing that the pain was another turn-on for me.

When he was ready to come he warned me and I spun around and dropped to my knees before him, my hands on his thighs. He shot his cum into my upturned, open-mouthed face — spurt after spurt of his white semen. It felt so exciting I came right then without any other stimulation. Toward the end of my orgasm I took his drooling cock in my mouth. Staring up into his eyes I sucked our juices down my throat. His super sensitive prick twitched in my mouth as I sucked, making me chuckle.

When his cock softened enough for him to pee, he moved me into the tub keeping our same relative positions. As I knelt before him, he emptied his bladder, shooting his hot, surprisingly sweet piss all over me, concentrating on my face, my open mouth, and my breasts. I rubbed my clit furiously until I came again, hunching over with the force of my climax. That was the first time anyone had pissed on me, and the first time I ever drank pee. Now I’m hooked.

I emailed this story to a friend who long ago discovered the power of his words over me. He often “forced” me to masturbate by telling me erotic stories. He would laugh when I complained, tongue deep in my cheek, that he was not fair. So I decided to give the gander what he had given the goose. This was my cover note:

Rob, I would be very, very pleased (and turned on) to know that you pumped your cock while reading this story. Why not print out my picture and look at my image as you read and jerk off.

Picture your fresh cum splashing onto my breasts in large globs and running streams. Watch some of it slide downward, reaching the bottom slopes of my breasts where it dangles like a growing icicle for a moment before dropping onto my thighs.

See me take my fingers and scoop up a big glob and slowly bring it to my mouth, smear it on my outstretched tongue, and swallow. I do this again and again, until the cum is mostly gone, leaving me with only sperm smears that dry slowly on my skin.

I will leave it there on my skin and get dressed and go about my day, wondering if others can smell the aroma of your sperm on me. I know I can and it will keep me wet all day.

Your personal tease and jerk off partner,


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