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He saw her across the room and he felt his cock stand to immediate attention. She was wearing a minimal black dress with a cleavage so deep it threatened to spill her tits out the moment she leant forward. Her tongue licked her blood red lips as she smiled at him and he let his eyes take in the sight before him.

She had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes that were framed by long, dark eye lashes. Her dress clung to her every curve, showing off a flat stomach and deliciously feminine hips.

At the top of her thighs he spotted some lace that disappeared under her dress and he wondered if she was wearing any underwear or if a man could just slide right in under her dress. The shiny black stockings disappeared into black boots under her knees and her legs seemed to go on forever, aided by the 4-inch heels.

His cock ached. She was the sexiest creature he’d ever laid eyes on and he wanted her more than he’d ever wanted a woman before. She took a sip from her glass and pointed at her empty ring finger with a smile. He remembered his wedding ring. Damn! He loved Donna and the kids and didn’t want to hurt them, but he wasn’t looking for a relationship. All he wanted was to bury his cock in this sex pot’s sweet nectar for a night.

He shrugged at her with a smile, as to say that the ring didn’t stop him from wanting her. She put her glass down and headed out into the lobby. He soon followed her and caught up with her as the lift doors opened. They both entered the lift and he got a better view of her. She must be in her early 20s, young enough to be his daughter. He didn’t care. He pressed the emergency stop button and cornered her.

“I want to take you to my room and fuck your brains out tonight,” he whispered in her ear as his hand pulled one of her tits out of the push-up bra and felt that the generous d-cup was all real.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she replied and cupped his aching erection.

“How much do you charge?” he panted as he sucked on her hard nipple.

“You think I’m a hooker?” She sounded amused.

“Aren’t you?”

“I may behave like a whore at times, but I’ve never charged a man for sex in my life and I certainly don’t intend to start tonight.”

“Then why do you want to fuck me?” he asked incredulously. He knew he wasn’t bad looking, but there must have been at least a dozen guys downstairs tonight that were both more handsome and richer than he was.

“I’m staying in the hotel across the street,” she smiled. “When I opened my drapes this morning you were just getting out of bed. You sleep naked. And I knew I had to get myself some of that thick monster.”

He grinned at her. He wasn’t particularly long, but his girth was enormous. Donna hadn’t been able to take him properly for the first year of their marriage and even then it hadn’t been until she’d given birth that she got comfortable with his cock inside her. He’d watched a porn flick on the hotel TV the previous night and he’d woken up with the mother of all hard-ons. He remembered taking his cock in his hand and giving it some strokes before going into the shower for a good wank.

“What are we waiting for?” he smiled and started the lift again. He pulled her other tit out of her dress and buried his head between them. Soon the lift stopped and they exited, paying no attention to the shocked faces of a couple waiting to get on, not expecting to see a man with a raging erection and a woman with her tits hanging out. He pulled down the zipper of her dress as they walked towards his room and then he unhooked her bra that wasn’t doing anything anymore anyway. By the time he opened his door she was naked apart from her lace topped stockings and leather boots. He smiled when he saw her shaved pussy. Donna didn’t shave and he refused to eat a hairy pussy. Not that Donna would ever let him eat her anyway. She was a missionary position with the lights out kind of girl.

“Damn, you’re sexy,” he panted and started kissing her. She pulled his suit jacket off, tore off his tie and then ripped his shirt open. Her lips were all over his hairy chest and soon she moved down, unbuckling his belt and then pulling his trousers down. He stepped out of his shoes as she tore down his boxers. She gasped with pleasure as she took in the sheer size of him. She licked his balls in passing and he nearly came from the wonderful feeling. She stood up and led him into the room. She took off her boots and her stockings and they stood before each other.

“Do you want the lights off?” he asked.

“No,” she smiled and played with her nipples. “I want the lights on. I want to see every single thing we do with each other.”

She ran her finger through her slit and offered the glistening finger tip to him. He opened his lips and tasted her. She tasted so good.

“Would you mind feeding me some more of your sweet juices?” he asked and moved towards her, his cock pressing into her stomach as he kissed her.

“That would be nice,” she smiled. “And while you do that I’d like to see just how much of your shaft I can actually get into my mouth.”

She lay on the bed with her thighs parted wide and smiled. He straddled her face and felt her hands on his buttocks as he dove into her pleasure centre. He ran his tongue along her slit, opening her up for him to explore. The light from the lamp was aimed perfectly at her wet folds and he marvelled at the beauty. He started teasing her clit with his tongue when he felt her lips wrapping around his cock head. She felt great. He knew that she wouldn’t get much of him in her mouth and it didn’t bother him. He preferred coming in cunts anyway.

As she swallowed harder and harder to get him deep into her throat he went to work. His fingers started fucking her tight wet cunt and his tongue lapped up all the escaping sweet juices. He felt her moans against his cock and it spurred him even more. He pulled his fingers out and started fucking her with his tongue. She tasted so sweet. He could drink her all night. Then he locked his lips on her clit and started finger fucking her again. He soon had four fingers working her and her moans around his thick shaft in her mouth got increasingly louder. Then it happened. Her body went rigid under his and then it started convulsing. His hips kept fucking her mouth as she sprayed her cum into his hand.

Her orgasm seemed to last forever, but he soon pulled his fingers out and licked off all the liquid. He then pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned around. He started kissing her pussy and then he kissed his way up the pale skin of her stomach. He stopped and devoured her tits for several minutes. He sucked them. He pinched her nipples. He bit her nipples. He kneaded those luscious mounds. Then he started kissing her mouth and immediately he felt her wrapping her legs around his waist. She was ready to be fucked.

“You want me to fuck you now, baby?” he whispered against her lips.

“Oh yeah,” she panted. “I want your thick cock in my cunt.”

“Oh yeah?” he grinned. “You want my cock to ravage through your tight, dripping cunt?”

“Yessssssssssss… Please fuck me!!!!!”

He rolled over on his back and smiled with a confidence he hardly recognised. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and gave it a few strokes. “You want it, babe? Then come and get it.”

Her smile turned hungrier and she had the look of a predator as she straddled his hips. He guided his meat inside her wet hole as she slowly sat down. Their combined moans echoed in the room as he filled her to the brink. He let go of his cock and moved his hands up to her tits and started squeezing them. He tweaked her nipples and kissed her tits, stopping occasionally to admire the view between her thighs. He finally felt her buttocks against his thighs and she cried out in triumph.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. The tight little cunt had taken all of him. His cock was buried deep in her moist warmth and he could hardly think straight. She felt so good.

“Now we fuck!” she cried out with joy and placed her hands on his shoulders. She started bobbing up and down his shaft, bouncing her tits in his hands and crying louder and louder with pleasure. She placed her finger on his lips and he sucked it. Then she moved her hand down to her clit and started massaging it. His view was awesome. She was working up and down with the strength of her thighs. He kept watching his cock being engulfed by her delicious cunt. Her pants got louder and louder. He knew that she was going to cum and he started kneading her tits again. He sucked one nipple and tweaked the other. Her response was immediate. Then she cried out loud and her body shook on top of him. Her cunt gripped his cock hard as she writhed in pleasure. When she was done coming she collapsed on top of him and he pulled her off.

“We’re not done yet, babe,” he chuckled and slapped her ass. He pulled her out of the bed, onto her feet and then he pushed her forward, exposing her battered pussy from behind. He thrust straight in, all the way and felt her juices being squished out as he did so. He pulled out again and then quickly shoved his hips forward faster and harder than the last time. Her yelps told him all he needed to know. She could feel that she was being fucked.

He soon pulled her up by her tits and started kissing her neck as he fucked her delicious cunt. He bit and sucked her as he tweaked her nipples as hard as he could. His balls bounced against her clit as he used her as his little fuck toy. He’d never fucked as hard as he did now. She’d had two orgasms already. He didn’t care if she had a third one. But somehow his violent fucking turned her on even more. She panted hard and reached down for her clit, letting her fingers wrap around the thick cock that was impaling her and then massaging her nub.

He could tell that she was about to cum again and he fucked her harder. He felt the familiar sensation in his balls, but more intense than he could ever remember. It wasn’t long now. Finally her convulsing cunt drove him over the cliff and he shoved himself deep inside her for a final time and stayed there as his cock spewed out his cum in wave after wave. He pulled out in time for the final shot to land on her ass.

“Don’t move, babe,” he panted and sat down behind her.

She stood there, her tits hanging from her chest, her legs slightly parted, with his cum and her own juices running down her legs. He was going to remember that picture for the rest of his life.

“Clean my cock, babe,” he asked her and moved up towards her, limping cock in hand. She licked her juices off it with a smile and then they kissed. He felt himself getting harder again. Unbelievable. He’d just had a mind-boggling orgasm and his cock wanted more of her cunt.

“I need a shower before I go back to my hotel,” she smiled. “Care to join me?”

“You’re leaving?” he said incredulously.

“Yeah, we wanted to fuck so we fucked. I have to get ready for work tomorrow.”

He didn’t know why he should’ve expected her to sleep with him, but he moved to the shower with her. She soaped him carefully, giving plenty of attention to his hardening cock and his erection was as big as it had been when they started fucking. Then she handed him the soap and he paid her back, with interest. She’d already come once when he pulled her up by her thighs and impaled her on his erection. The hot water of the shower drenched them as he fucked her against the cold tiles. Her moans and his grunts were loud enough to bring out an angry knock from the room next door but they didn’t care. When they exploded together their cried must have been heard in the entire hotel. She soon towelled herself off and got dressed. He lay naked on the bed and watched her leave. Just as she was about to open the door she turned around and smiled.

“Are you going to be here tomorrow night as well?”

“I’m here all week, babe.”

“Then why don’t you knock on my door at 8 p.m. tomorrow. I’m in room 712 across the road. Let’s have some more fun.”

The next day was torture. He’d seen her opening her drapes that morning, completely naked, and he’d remembered how those full tits had felt in his hands. He couldn’t wait to fuck her again, but he had to get on with business. He came back to his hotel at 7 and had room service. He kept glancing towards her window, but the room seemed deserted. As the clock struck 8 he got up and out the door. He still hadn’t seen any movement in her room, but he had to go there. If she wasn’t in her room he could always sit in reception and wait for her. He didn’t know what she was doing during the day and maybe she’d been delayed.

He knocked on her door with a tremble and was pleasantly surprised when he heard a voice from inside.

“Come on in and lock behind you!”

He did as he was told and entered the room. There she was. She looked like an angel, all naked on the bed.

“I couldn’t see you,” he smiled as he walked up to the bed and lay next to her to kiss her tits. “I didn’t think you were back.”

“I knew you were watching,” she laughed. “So I decided to tease you a little.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Well, do you know what punishment to expect for teasing me?”

“No, do tell,” she laughed as she helped him shed his clothes.

“Get on your knees.”

She kneeled before him.

“Open your mouth.”

She did as she was told. He grabbed her by her hair and shoved his cock into her throat. He groaned with pleasure as he could feel her gagging around his shaft, but to her credit she didn’t complain. She soon cupped his balls and used her other hand to help her mouth. He started rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth as hard as he dared. He could smell her pussy getting wet and he soon caught sight of the glistening juices running down the insides of her thighs in the mirror.

“Punishment over,” he said and pulled his saliva covered cock out of her mouth. He picked her up and placed her on the bed and he moved behind her, parting her legs as wide as he could before running his tongue all along the insides of her legs, lapping up all the escaped juices. He then buried his face in her pussy and started tongue fucking her. She was squirming violently with pleasure, but he had a firm grip around her ankles. He licked all the way from her ass to her clit and back down to her ass again. Then he buried his tongue in her tight hole again. He couldn’t get enough of her. He tongue fucked her, then teased, bit and licked her clit, then he tongue fucked her again. He was lapping up her juices. When she finally came she sprayed his face with her sweet nectar and he moved up her, sinking his cock in her wide open hole and let her taste herself on his face.

He fucked her with long deliberate strokes. Soon he had her legs resting across his shoulders as their fucking got faster. She kneaded her tits and fed her nipples to him to suck, one after the other. The bed pounded against the wall and she shrieked as she came. He kept fucking her violently through her orgasm and then he pulled out, made her get on her hands and knees before him. He started fucking her from behind, doggie style, getting deeper and deeper with each thrust. He watched them fuck in the mirror and caught sight of her heavy tits swaying from her chest. He grabbed one tit in each hand and started pinching them and pulling them as he fucked her.

He knew that her tits were hurting from his actions, but he didn’t care and neither did she. They fucked hard and loud and then he let out a long moan. He started shooting his load straight up her cunt and it set her off. Her cunt milked him dry and they soon collapsed on the bed.

When they’d caught their breath she straddled across his face, showering him with their cum as she started sucking his cock. They both wanted more. He ate her dry and then he sat on the sofa next to the bed. She sat on his lap, his cock buried in her cunt and her tits resting in his hands. She slowly rode him and they both marvelled as they faced the full length mirror on the opposite wall.

It was a long, slow fuck. They were both tired, but still horny for each other. When they finally came and he emptied his balls inside her again she remained sitting there, with his cock in her cunt, for a long time. He caressed her tits and kissed her.

“You’re an unbelievable fuck, babe,” he smiled.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she laughed. “I wish I didn’t have to leave tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you stay another night,” he begged, shocked that his little whore was going to disappear out of his life.

“I wish I could, but I can’t. I have plans for this weekend that I can’t change.”

She stepped off him and sat next to him, not caring that a pool of cum was forming on the sofa fabric.

“We’ve had fun, but we both knew that it was just a one-night stand,” she laughed. “Well, a two-night stand maybe. I’d love to stay and fuck you, but the more we fuck, the harder it’ll be to leave.”

“You’re right, babe,” he said and kissed her. “This had been great. I’ll always remember you and your wonderful, tight cunt.”

He got up and got dressed. He kissed her tits a final time and walked towards the door. As he was about to leave he turned to her. “What’s your name, babe?”


“It was a pleasure, Dana. I’m Mark.”

And then he left.

The next day his cock ached for Dana’s tight cunt. He went across to her hotel and knocked on her door, but it was opened by an elderly man. He mumbled his apologies and went back to his hotel. He picked up another woman and fucked her, but she wasn’t as good as Dana and he was just as horny as before. By the time Friday came around he was relieved to be heading home. He kissed Donna deeply as he entered the house and handed her a bunch of roses.

“I’ve missed you, darling,” he smiled and pinched her bum. He was going to make love with her tonight.

“I’ve missed you too,” she kissed him back. “Nikki has come home for the weekend, by the way.”

“That’s great!” He missed his oldest daughter who was studying too far away for his liking.”

“She brought someone.” His wife’s voice didn’t mask her disapproval and he didn’t look forward to meeting the boyfriend. In his eyes nobody was good enough for Nikki and if Donna didn’t approve then he sure wouldn’t.

Nikki chose that moment to enter and she threw herself in her dad’s embrace. “Daddy! I thought I heard your voice.”

“What’s this about a boyfriend I hear?” he asked as he put her down.

“Well, it isn’t exactly a boyfriend,” she said. “It’s my lover.”

Visions of a married old man flashed before his eyes.

“No, it’s not what you think, dad,” she corrected him. “I’m a lesbian and I came home to tell you both that my lover and I are going to move in together. Now, I might as well tell you that she’s bisexual, but we fell in love and want to spend the rest of our lives together. Come with me into the living room and meet the love of my life. Dad, this is Dana. Dana, this is my dad.”

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