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No Strings

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I walk into your darkened room, everyone but you is gone or at work. You don’t hear me as I get closer to you. Your stretched out across your bed stroking your cock, watching a big breasted woman sucking dick on the T.V. Silently I move through the dark side of your room until I’m just behind your bed, watching you gently squeeze your balls and continue to jerk off that magnificent prick.

I smile to myself as I take my hair down so it falls around me in crimson waves, I unbutton my top and let it fall off my arms to land on the floor.

My skirt soon follows leaving me standing there in nothing more than a sheer camisole, a matching set of thigh highs and garter belt, and a set of red pumps. I take a deep breath and step up into your line of sight; and I almost laugh out loud at your look of confused shock. Your hand freezes in mid stroke and you just stare at me. I give you a sexy smile and kneel down in front of your outstretched legs, then gently graze the tip of your penis with one finger. “Wait…we can’t…do this…” You start to stammer while I softly cup your nuts and massage the base of your shaft.

“Yes we can,,,” I breath out against your thigh, then I lean over and flick my tongue over your tender cock head just once. You shiver and stumble over your words yet again.

“What about…hmmm…were friends…don’t want to…fuck that…up…” I suddenly slip your mushroom tip into my searing hot mouth and it instantly silences you. I stop and look up at you, holding your rock hard dick in my hands…and tell you,

“We are friends, and it wont fuck anything up…its just sex.” I keep stroking your rod watching it get even bigger and bigger than when you were rubbing it. ” I want to fuck you, right now, right here. I want to taste your cock, and fell you ram it into my cunt. That’s it, not love, not dating, just fuck me…” I caress your sac as I place my suck tunnel just over your twitching prick, I look up at you just waiting for a sign. You struggle with it, I can see it on your face, the need to shove your dick so far down my throat I’ll start gagging, I see you weighing the hottest sex of your life with the years of friendship until I slowly breath hotly on your pulsing head….

Finally I hear you groan, feel your hands tangle in my hair and thrust your cock against my lips. I open my hungry mouth to impale my tonsils on your rigid shaft. You let out a moan and I decide to have a little fun. I slip you back out and lick your cock from tip to balls and back again slowly, swirling my tongue around the tip. I take you back into my mouth, and I taste your bitter, salty pre-cum…and my pussy soaks itself at the flavor. I swallow you slowly, to torture you, inch by excruciating inch, sometimes pulling back out a ways just to watch you squirm and thrust upwards, to feel you trying to pull me back down by your tight, hard grip on my hair.

I oblige you and take as much of you as I can while tickling your sphincter muscles, just tracing your little circle with a wet finger tip. Almost three quarters of the way down your cock hit’s the back of my throat. You groan and buck up into my face in frustration but slowly begin to back out a bit for me. I open my eyes to watch you, watching me, swallowing your cock and give you and evil wink as I take a deep breath …and slowly pushed my head further on to your lap. Your twisting and grunting as I slowly but surely work your tip back against my tonsils.

I look up at you one last time before pushing even farther down, down that delicious cock with my hands rubbing your sensitive skin underneath your balls. You feel the resistance of my throat muscles, and you go still but I keep moving. I gently begin to force your head past my constricted rings of muscles . Easy…real easy…its almost through…Suddenly I feel you writhe and moan yanking my hair in pure hot ecstasy as your huge cock becomes clamped in my tight cum vacuum. I start to swallow down on your yummy rod, milking all the pre cum out of its pulsing head with my esophagus.

I can smell your scent and taste your salty sweat…I pull my nose out of your pubis hair as I release your penis. Your hips rise up in automatic response, you press down on the back of my head to get me back closer. I hum a little bit and it vibrates your sensitive spots as I quickly engulf you again. I alternate between quick and slow strokes, occasionally twisting my tongue against you and rubbing my tits against your tight sac. I reach up and rake my nails across your chest, and watch your nipples turn hard instantaneously.

You shove at me and groan. “Stop!” When I freeze, thinking I’ve hurt you somehow, you pull out of my sweltering suction. I tilt my head back to stare up at you standing above me, while I’m still kneeling on the floor, saliva shinning all around my mouth, my hair all mussed up and my shoulder straps off center.

“What did I do? Did I hurt y…? You shush me and grin, I wipe my face and you hold out your hand to me. When I take it you pull me to you and hold me against your chest.

“I didn’t want to finish yet and your mouth was fucking amazing…” I shiver as you whisper against my neck. Your hands slide to the camisole, slipping the straps off and the rest down my sides, exposing my tingling breasts. Your eyes feast on them and then you lower your mouth to one, taking a nipple between your teeth and tugging first gently…then rougher as I respond more and more.

You lean me back on the bed never once taking your mouth from my nipple. You raise up finally to look at me and I smile a little, waiting for the head of your cock to part my pussy lips. But instead you kiss me softly on the lips, then trail kisses down my body in a fiery path. I tense as your lips brushed my smooth mound. Then your tongue pierced my cunt to tackle my hard clit and I was lost. I had no control, no speech or breath. My body twisted as you flicked your tongue against my pussy, but just as I was about to cum all over your thrusting tongue you pulled back again.

I whimpered in near pain at the loss. ” No…not yet…no. It’s not time yet tasty.” Your voice creeps closer to my ear as you slide back up my naked torso. Your hanging above me, and I can see my juices on your lips so I slowly lean into you to gently lick it from your face, nibbling your bottom lip as I go. You suck my lip into your mouth and bit slightly hard, making me moan into your mouth.

I growl and clench my fingers in your hair, pulling your face down to me and tongue fuck your pussy flavored taste buds until were both out of breath. Then I raise my hips to meet yours and your dick grinds against my clit, I feel the sudden sting on a slap on my uplifted ass cheek, and another on the other side. My pussy drips in reply, as your fingers delve into my sopping, hot, twat. I thrust against you, taking several fingers with practiced ease into my tight cunt.

I groan in pleasure as you finger fuck my cunt with powerful strokes. I am so close to creaming all over those tantalizing digits until yet again, you pull back leaving me right on the edge. I move underneath you urging you on with my hips and hands, I bite at your neck in frustration trying to make you go faster…then I feel your cock pressing against my lips; You probe me, then press into my pussy. I convulse on your cock, almost finishing but somehow holding back.

“I’m going to drive you crazy…” You growl into my chest as your cock slips deeper into me, you hit bottom and hold still, waiting. “First I’m going to fuck you nice and slow, filling you out…Then when that’s done, I need to warn you…” I rock up against your shaft and wrap my legs around you, getting hotter and wetter as you talk.

“I’m going to lube you up real good like this…” A finger slips into my juicy cunt and tracks its way down to my tight anus. “And get you ready for some dirty, raunchy, nasty, fucking…” You start to thrust in and out of my twat, pushing me closer to the explosion every time you speed up a little. Soon your pumping rhythmically into my wet snatch.

” But that won’t be all baby…so cum for me, now baby. I need to feel it now…I want to feel you cream all over my dick.” I feel my gut start to tighten, then it starts spreading in flames of sticky heat. I slam hard into your steady thrusts and cling to you as I feel my pussy shatter into waves of hot lava…on to your still thrusting dick. You silently let me recoup and as I start to breath normally again I feel you finger probing my ass.

Suddenly you shift in position and in mood. You get up and pull me with you forcefully; You turn me towards your big armchair and ask me…no tell me to kneel on it. I do as I’m told and feel your hand pushing me down by my back. You lean over my body and tell me huskily, ” Just tell me if I take this to far ok babe?” I nod feeling a little fear and some apprehension but even more excitement.

Immediately your wide head splits my ass cheeks, ever so slowly. It seems like it takes forever for you to even get the head inside. You finally slip past the tight ring of muscle and begin working your way deeper into my tightness. You start moaning and grunting again, telling me how tight I am, how damn good I feel inside…finally I can feel your balls resting against my skin and your body shudders when I clench down on that massive prick.

You reach up and start to wrap your hand into my thick, long hair. With the other hand you place your fingers lightly over my throat, rubbing and sometimes tightening a little. You begin to move extremely slowly, scared of going to fast and hurting me so bad we have to stop. So I rock back against you…hard. You gasp and twitch but quickly recover, yanking back on my hair roughly, spanking my ass hard enough to sting with the hand that was at my throat.

You growl at me, ” Remember one thing, I control this now, I control what you do, say, and how you move. Next time ask for permission.” then you laugh a little. ” But it did feel good though.” I almost collapse at the excitement as I pull away from you some, waiting to see what you’ll do. Another, even harder this time, yank on my hair and a strong slap to the ass come.

“Don’t pull away from me, you’re my little slut tonight…Don’t forget it.” You hesitate to see how I will react, until I scream out in lust and try to straighten up against your hard body. You quickly take both my hands behind my back and push my head down on the chair back. You yank the drawer close to us open, then I feel a soft cotton wrap around my wrists tightly, binding me with my arms up behind me, leaving me off balance towards the chair.

You laugh and push me forward a little letting me fall against it. I’m struggling and moaning…you pull my head up by my hair and it only turns me on more. So you start to slowly build speed as you ram my ass, using my wrist bindings as reins. ” Take my cock bitch…All of it. Take it in that hot little ass.” I am trembling from how good it feels to have you using me this way. I ask you in a raspy voice,

“I’m your slut now?” You pull me rough back against you and grip down on my throat, you slap my ass hard again, and again, still ramming your monster cock deep inside my stretched asshole. I’m moaning uncontrollably and you slightly slow down to talk.

” Do you want it rough? I can give it to you any way you want it later…but now I’ve just got to take you and take you hard. Is that ok?” At my hot responses, as I thrust back against you, you must know the answer. But I fail to say it out loud, and I feel a hand at my throat again. “Answer my cunt…its not optional.” I stutter out a yes….you ask me, “Yes what?” I twist my head to the side so I can see your eyes.

“Yes I want it hard and rough…please oh please just fuck my brains out.” Your eyes go bright as I bear down with my muscles.

“That’s a good little whore, fuck me like your getting paid. Fuck me like I’m the boss you slut.” you thrust into my ass and reach around me, lifting my leg above my head and turning me to the side in one move to fill my cunt with your fingers. “How many fingers do you think you can take little whore?”

I tell you I don’t know and you start working your hand back and forth until you can add another finger; You keep on stretching my cunt until you get a fourth finger in, ” God you’re a good little slut, You’re my favorite whore; You’re my dirty, nasty, little cock swallowing cunt.” My ass is bursting with your tool and my pussy is ready to blow again. I try to tell you I’m close and you slam your hand over my mouth. ” I don’t need a talking slut. Shut up and take it like a good bitch.”

I tense up as you slide all your fingers into my pussy, you push hard and steady until I feel your entire hand slip into my cunt. You thrust it upwards and deeper, and start to fuck my ass so hard, so hard it feels like I might split wide open. I’m slamming into the chair again and again, screaming out in ecstasy. Your cock tears into my tight ass like it’s a hot knife through butter. Taking it for yourself, ravaging my insides with rock hard cock.

I tense up, in both holes as you yell out, ” You’re my little sex slave, my dirty nasty bitch, my fucking whore, my fist taking cock hungry freaky slut.” You yank your fist out of my pussy, soaking with cunt cream as you start to uncontrollably rape my tight hole. You pull my hair to bring my body back to yours; I feel your whole body start shaking as you hurry to pull out of my ass. I loose my balance as you pull my head around but the hair and gag as a hot sticky rod is shoved ruthlessly down my throat.

I try to pull away for a breath but you just grab my head and bury your pulsating dick back in my mouth. Roughly you face fuck me showing no mercy. ” Stop gagging bitch, and take that cock. Suck it fucking clean, do it right.” I gag again and you shove deeper. Your ramming into my mouth and I’m getting wetter, about to cum again just by you raping my throat! You start twitching in my mouth and I moan knowing I’m about to swallow all of your hot creamy jiz, I’m about to feel your cock cream hit my tonsils and plaster my mouth in steamy hot cum. You push harder knowing its turning me on. Harder and harder your cock penetrates my throat without invitation. I start to move a little trying to take more but you think I am pulling away.

You slap my face hard enough my eyes water and look down at me. ” Don’t you dare stop.” I try to shake my head and you grip me tighter. “Your going to swallow this whether you want to or not so deal with it cunt.” I try to swallow and gag again, automatically pulling back a little. “Oh I like a little bit of struggle whore, your just making it better.”

I moan again as you start shaking, almost there…”I’, going to fill your throat up with cum baby…god yes that’s good… gag on it. Take it. I’m Cumming!” You slam your pole into me again and again, hard and rough, filling me to capacity and then some. Jet after jet of molten cream pour down my violated throat. You buck into my face in the last spurts of lust, when you’ve finished you pull your cock out of my mouth and playfully hit my face with it.

” You make a good whore…we’ll have to do that again sometimes.” I agree and smile, give you a little kiss and get dressed. I go to leave and look back to say,

“See? No strings.” You laugh, and as I reach the door I say hello to someone just pulling into the driveway. I glance back to see that your dressed and all signs of what we did are out of sight, even the thong and binding your murmured you’d keep hidden for next time. All I can smell in the air is a slight sweaty smell and the cinnamon candles you lit a few minutes ago to mask the musk and cum.

“Oh by the way, your girlfriend just got home…” I wave to her and climb into my car, feeling your cum dripping down my leg. I rub at the light bruises on my wrists and reach for my planner. I need to know when my next day off is…hoping you might be home alone then too…

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