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Erica’s Boots

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The boots were her most frivolous purchase ever. For $400 they had only decorated the inside of her closet, reminding her of her woefully single state every time she opened the doors. They stood proudly in the corner, glossy and haughty, telling her she’d never be that girl, not the girl with enough balls to slip those boots onto her feet, zip them snugly around her calves and knees and thighs, and strut out the door on those 4″ heels.

She was, instead, the girl who dreamed of being a braver girl, a sexier girl. A wanton woman who would look for sex — and find it — in those boots.

It was Saturday night and she was drinking wine alone in her bedroom. She was by no means proud of this fact. She’d had a mostly productive day, but it was night now, and warm, and she ached for some immediate companionship. She’d given herself a break from dating — too many polite but sparkless dinners with benign accountants. And she knew why. The boots said it all; on the inside, behind closed doors, she was wild and lusty, but on the outside, she presented like a librarian, and not an edgy, sexy librarian, either. More like a boring, cat-loving librarian, And although she was, in fact, a middle school guidance counselor with a healthy sexual appetite, she knew that most men found her a bit unsexy.

By her third glass in twenty minutes she could feel a pleasant buzz suffusing her. She was loose and it had been far too long since she had had the right kind of man between her legs — or any man, for that matter. She stripped her clothes off and tossed them in the hamper, enjoying the feeling of her tits swinging free, of the air caressing her body. God, she needed to be properly fucked. Her heart beat a bit faster as she considered which of her three vibrators would be her lucky fellow tonight.

And then, opening her closet door to toss her clothes into her hamper, she spied the boots and paused.

No. Tonight she needed a sound fucking with a real cock, preferably but not necessarily attached to a decent man. Her nipples puckered and she toyed with them, slipping into a reverie where she walked down to Ammermon’s, found the first available man, and asked him to fuck her senseless. She giggled a bit hysterically. It was ridiculous, really. She could no sooner walk up to some strange guy and…

But the boots.

She could let the boots do the talking.

It was 9:30 and she knew Dawntee was probably still home. Her neighbor across the hall was a night owl, a drag queen, and a brilliant makeup artist. Although they’d only exchanged hellos in the hallway for the year that they’d been neighbors, Dawntee was friendly and very likely would be happy to help. Grabbing the boots, Erica flung on a robe and went across the hall.

She could smell Dawntee’s perfume wafting from the apartment before she even heard the sultry, “Who is it?” She had to repeat herself twice before Dawntee opened the door, a puzzled expression on her face, pulling her own kimono tightly around her lithe frame.

“Well, if it isn’t my neighbor,” she purred.

“Hello there, sweetheart. Come to borrow a cup of sugar?”

Erica blushed and held up her boots. “Sort of.”

Dawntee ushered her into the opulent apartment, beckoning for her to sit on one of the velvet couches. “Those are some boots,” she prompted, looking Erica up and down, “and I’m going to forgive the fact that you haven’t come to Dawntee’s Inferno on the sole merit of you owning such a fierce pair of boots.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been to your show…” she started weakly, but Dawntee silenced her.

“I understand. Not your cup of tea. So tell me what I can do for you and these boots tonight?”

Erica took a deep breath. “I need a man.”

Dawntee’s eyes widened. “Honey, don’t we all. Just for tonight?”

Erica nodded.

“Well then, ” Dawntee said with a smile, “Those boots are a wonderful choice, in that case.”

“But all I have is the boots.”

Her neighbor studied her for a moment and then rose, pulling Erica up by the hand. “Come with me.”

And just like that, she was in a bedroom straight out of Barbie’s dream house, staring at a wall of rolling racks stuffed with gorgeous garments. There was satin and sparkle and chiffon and sequins aplenty, every color of the rainbow, a confection of beautiful clothes designed to knock a man dead.

“Welcome to my dressing room,” Dawntee said with a proud sweep of her hand. “You’ve come to the right place.” She dug through one rack, then another, then tugged out a scrap of bunched magenta material no bigger than a bathing suit and held it up triumphantly. “I can’t believe it was so easy to find. You can’t consider anything else, not with that ass of yours.”

“What is…” Erica’s mind reeled. Surely that was an accessory, not a garment.

“I want you to try this on and then take a look at yourself.”

“But I’m not wearing anything under this robe, ” she protested, blushing slightly.

Dawntee grinned. “Can’t wear anything under that dress, either. Trust me. Now put it on.”

Erica wriggled into the Lycra dress, pulling the straps up over her tits and tugging the hem down over her hips. It barely cleared her ass cheeks. And already, she could see the change in her appearance. The color was perfect on her, flattering her dark hair and golden complexion. The Lycra sucked everything in and somehow seemed to lift her ass, because it suddenly looked round and juicy. She preened in the mirror a minute and then Dawntee patted the chair of her dressing table.

“Come on then, let’s finish up.”

With various styling tools and gorgeous palettes of makeup, Dawntee worked for what seemed like mere minutes before she pointed Erika to the full-length mirror. “Go see,” she prompted, and Erica slowly rose and walked to the mirror.

Staring back at her with shiny, tossable hair, smoky eyes, and a sultry pout was a girl who looked like she was built for nothing but sex. Erica preened and pranced in the mirror, taking herself in from all angles. She admired her pert tits and the swell of her ass, the contours of her thighs and the way her pubic mound thrust up from the vee between them. She posed in the mirror and tossed her hair over her shoulder and was amazed at herself. At Dawntee’s version of her.

“How did you do this?” she gasped.

“Honey, I’ve been doing nothing but this in my bedroom since I was a little boy. I’ll show you some of my tricks another time. Right now you better get those boots on — you’ve only got a few hours till last call, and you need to get yourself out where some men are.”


Dawntee gave her a withering glance. “Honey, no, not Ammermon’s. Not unless you want some broke-ass factory worker to buy you a can of Budweiser and drill you for four minutes in the back of his Taurus before he goes home to his wife and screaming brats. You need to go somewhere you can find a man with money to spend who can show you a good time.” She smiled slyly. “If you’re really in need, then you need to come with me to Pogo, because I know people and can make a few introductions.”

Erica must have looked worried, because Dawntee looked at her and pealed with laughter. “Oh, honey, not pimp you out! No, darling, something a bit more subtle. Just an introduction. Like this. ‘Mr. Big, this is…'” She looked expectantly at Erica.

“Erica,” she said, a little hurt that Dawntee didn’t know her name.

Dawntee rolled her eyes, not unkindly. “Sweetie, it’s a nightclub. You’re there for casual sex. You don’t need to give your real name. Make one up. And no offense, but think of something sexy.”

“Ok, I’ll be…ummm…”

“Lola,” Said Dawntee firmly. “Tonight your name is Lola.”

Erica laughed. “But that’s ridiculous! I can’t even say that with a straight face. No one is really named Lola.”

“Look at yourself for a minute,” Dawntee insisted softly. Erica looked at her own suddenly luscious curves and made up face. And then she looked at the boots. “‘Mr. Big,'” prompted Dawntee, “‘This is my friend…'”

“Lola,” Erica breathed, feeling her heart beginning to pound.


The club was like an aquarium of beautiful people, all perfectly dressed to display their best assets. Erica had felt like a swan at home, but by the time she’d squeezed through some of the throngs of people, her confidence was a bit faded. Compared to many of these women, she was a desperate attempt, a little girl playing dress-up. But she was determined to make the most of her night. Just having the boots on in public was a start, she told herself. It was farther than she’d gotten before. Who knew what the night would hold for her?

Dawntee knew everyone there, and she introduced Erica to several people. There was an older businessman named Dan (she bet that was his real name) who instantly took to her, grasping her hand in his in a way that was familiar and thrilling but maybe still not what she needed. Dawntee nudged her in Dan’s direction and she danced with him a bit, enjoying the buzz of the drink and the heat of his body pressed against hers. He was so tall he nearly dwarfed her, in his late forties with thinning hair but, as far as she could tell, a substantial cock in his pants. She wondered how he would feel, what he would want her to do, if he would make her do things she had never done before. Her pulse raced as she considered telling him no and having him grab her and take her anyway, a man used to having his way, who wasn’t used to women saying no, who took what he wanted. Her pussy was suddenly moist as she realized it wasn’t just about a man, it was about a game, too, a power struggle. That’s what she needed tonight.

But then Dan went to talk to some friends and Dawntee introduced her to Xavier. He was a bartender, her age, an almost cruel beauty. He devoured her with his eyes, and it was easy to imagine what he would feel like pounding her into the mattress. He had a luscious, biteable mouth and the whitest teeth she’d ever seen, a contrast to his dark skin. His ambiguous ethnicity made him ever more exotic and sexy; he was velvet-eyed and muscle-bound with a beautifully cultivated scruff that she imagined him brushing against the insides of her thighs. He moved like an animal on the prowl.

“Will it be Dan? Or that one?” Dawntee said at her ear.

Erica didn’t answer. That one, her mind screamed, but she just stared at him, and after a few moments of conversation, Dawntee excused herself and Erica was left with this virile god, her entire body humming in anticipation.

“I live upstairs,” he said, taking her hand. She nodded mutely and went with him, his hand wrapping around her wrist as he led her toward the emergency exit. She watched him moving through the crowd, all sinew and sex, and her groin cramped in anticipation. Her pussy was so wet she could feel the moisture as she walked.

When they got to the door, he held her head and kissed her without saying a word, his tongue sliding between her lips, tasting her mouth like he was enjoying a delicious feast. She moaned against him and he grabbed her by her ass and ground his cock against her barely-concealed mound. His fingers dug into her ample ass cheeks as he pressed her into him, warm and willing and needy. He chuckled in his throat and slid one hand into the top of her dress. He pinched her nipple and she gasped and responded by kissing him back with complete abandon, her fingers reaching between them to grasp his erection through his jeans. It was massive and she kneaded it with her whole hand, aching for him to take her upstairs and put it in her but unwilling to break the delicious contact. And then he unlocked the door to the stairwell and led her through it, locking it behind them.


Xavier had seen her right away. She stuck out in the predatory savannah of the club, a frightened gazelle despite her bullshit attempt at dressing the part. The dress, which he admired because it hugged her like body paint, clearly made her uncomfortable to wear, and those boots — Christ, those boots were wearing her, they were a different woman’s boots, and yet the thought of her naked, the juxtaposition of those innocent eyes peeking up at him while he held her leather-clad ankles… His cock stirred in his jeans at the pleasurable thought of fucking her wearing only those slutty boots. Fucking her and using her and making her both satisfied and sorry that she’d come into his club wearing such a ridiculous costume when she could barely deliver what it promised.

Her eyes darted around the club as she stood very still next to Dawntee, and he took in every inch of her. Dark eyes, large and liquid. Too much eye makeup, but it gave her a slutty extra something, and it would smudge off on his sheets, which always thrilled him. A sweet pout of a mouth that he imagined enveloping his cock. Shiny long hair, also dark, enough to pull on as he fucked her. Perky breasts, a nice C cup by his judgment, and a very curvy ass rounding out the bottom of that dress. Nice thick thighs barely visible between the end of that short dress and the top of those thigh-high boots. She looked soft and sturdy and slightly vulnerable, and his cock grew harder still at the thought of corrupting this good girl, giving her what she clearly needed but had never had, making her lose control.

He watched her talking to Dan, dancing with him. His boss, the owner of this club, was a powerful man and could throw a good fuck into a woman but enjoyed the thrill of letting someone else do the scouting. It was a game they played; Dan accepted that Xavier (who was the manager of the club and not, as many thought, just a bartender) was the better-looking man and often used him as bait, particularly with the younger women. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn’t; if a girl was unwilling then Dan was happy enough to watch Xavier fuck her instead while he enjoyed the show from a distance, stroking his own sizeable cock while the woman of the evening lost herself in the act of getting expertly serviced by the young god. But other times, the best times, they shared a woman who was truly in need, a hungry girl, one who knew what a rare opportunity it was to be fucked by two virile men who understood that there was a real woman involved and pushed the limits just enough, just enough to blow her mind and spend her body without crossing that line.

Xavier calculated that she might be one such woman. He watched Dan pull her closer, press her to him, cup those delicious buttocks with one large hand. He saw her toss her hair, lean in close, take a big gulp of her drink and smile as Dan spoke right in her ear, his mouth against her earlobe. She squirmed a bit, not with nervousness, he guessed, but with heat. With unfulfilled desire. And as he made eye contact with Dan from across the dance floor, he nodded, and Dan grinned at him, a wolfish grin, and turned back to his sweet prize.


In the stairwell, Xavier stopped her and slid his hand up between her thighs. Erica moaned softly as his fingers were greeted by the unprotected slickness of her cunt.

“Oh, I am going to fuck that wet pussy,” he murmured, his eyes dark with lust, his fingers sliding idly back and forth, gliding over her clit and dipping back to her blazing crevice, all the while trailing his mouth down the side of her neck, hitting all of her secret spots, making her moan and arch into his lips. She was melting under his touch, she had never been touched like this, she wanted him to push her down on the dirty stairs and yank that dress up and fuck her there, with the cold metal stairs pressing into her ass, pressing into her back. She ached for him to fill her up, to stretch her out, to make her beg, to give her everything but still make her crazed for more.

“You like that, Lola? You want me in this juicy wet pussy of yours?” She nodded and whimpered as his thumb hovered over her clit, then grazed it purposefully.

“My cock’s going to be up in this hot cunt, isn’t it, Lola?”

She gasped and gripped his wrist, holding him there, nodding and whimpering until he covered her mouth with his and devoured her moans with his lips and tongue. When he pulled back, he removed his fingers from her dripping snatch and held them to her face where she obediently, without him even saying a word, sucked them into her mouth, looking him in the eye as he pushed them against her tongue. She savored the taste of her own need, the musky smell of herself on his entire hand as he fed her arousal to her.

“You dirty slut,” he growled, seemingly pleased, his own breath coming shallower now, his cock straining against the front of his jeans. Without even thinking twice about it, she dropped to her knees and pressed her face against his tented crotch, rubbed her cheek and her mouth across the tension of his pants. “Oh, Lola, I am going to fuck your face,” he murmured, pressing her into him. She didn’t care. She hoped he would fuck her face; she hoped he would unzip and stuff his big cock into her mouth and choke her with it. She imagined being gagged on that cock, but craving it still, the violence of the act making her impossibly wet.

Xavier pulled her up off her knees and led her up the stairs. Her heart was pounding with her own wantonness and the anticipation of Xavier’s cock and her absolute lack of concern for her safety or her dignity or anything else besides getting good and fucked. She entered the apartment behind him and he turned to her and kissed her again, softer this time but with a similar urgency. He took some time to taste her lips before nibbling down her neck and across her collarbone. Then he turned her and grazed his mouth across her exposed shoulder blade. She sighed and pressed her ass against him, reminding herself of the delicious size of him. His fingers slid inside the top of her dress again, but this time he impatiently yanked the material down and then clamped onto one of her nipples, rolling it and then pinching it between his fingers. The moan that escaped her lips was louder than she had intended it to be, but Xavier grinned and spoke softly into her ear, “Fuck, I love to hear you moan like that. You really want it, don’t you, horny little slut? You need my cock.” With his other hand he yanked the dress up over her hips so that she appeared to have on nothing but her boots and some bunched-up fabric around her waist.

He pushed her against the back of his couch. “Bend over,” he commanded hoarsely, even as he nudged his knee between her thighs. He needn’t have bothered. She was already spreading her legs wide on her own accord, thrusting her creamy round ass in the air as she draped her torso across the back of the couch.

He had barely unzipped and was smacking his cock against her ass like he was spanking a naughty child. Every time a velvet blow struck her, she arched and whimpered, “Oh, yes…yes…” She was aching for him to enter her to stop teasing her with his giant cock. She pressed herself down further on the couch, her ass even higher. She heard him tearing open a condom wrapper and she wriggled her ass in anticipation. Seconds later he had the tip of his cock inside her.

And there he stopped, maddeningly taunting her with such minimal penetration.

“Xavier…Xavier…” she tried to back into him, but he held her down firmly, rocking just slightly so to keep dipping a scant inch into her and then withdrawing until he was almost out of her. He chuckled as she struggled to swallow him into her needy depths, thrashing against his unyielding strength, her cunt growing juicier by the moment, her excitement beginning to seep down the insides of her thighs.

“Ready to beg?” he asked softly, and she responded, “Yes, yes, Xavier, I need your cock, I need it all the way inside me, please…please…”

“That’s a start,” he encouraged, as he reached under her and clamped his fingers around one of her hard nipples, seizing it without pressure.

“I need…I need… I — fuck me, Xavier, please!” He chuckled and rolled the nipple between his fingers, causing her to arch her back and pant softly, “Oh, God, yes…” She was lost in the feeling of the little shocks in her pussy every time he pressed his fingers together, of the way her cunt throbbed in response to the dual sensation of his touch on her tits and the head of his cock lodged in her slick opening. And with his other hand he held her hair and kissed her back and she was overcome. She couldn’t think of where to concentrate her attention, so she gave herself over to all of it, mewling and writhing and nearly collapsing over the back of the couch at the entryway of his apartment, lost in her own need and this tsunami of sensations.


Xavier hoped Dan would hurry, because he couldn’t hold out much longer, and wouldn’t, either. Lola was hot and he was ready to give her what two men could all on his own. He doubted she could handle what they had to offer her and secretly hoped maybe Dan wouldn’t show. But he heard the footsteps on the stairs, the measured sound of Dan’s arrival, and he took a deep breath and enjoyed the last few seconds alone with her. He was aroused to bursting; teasing her was making it just as hard on him, but in addition to his needing to wait for Dan he was conscious that if he allowed himself to plunge into her hot clutching depths he would be done for. He concentrated instead on the silk of her breast, the fine texture of her back, the sound of her breathing.

A click of the lock told him Dan had come in, but she seemed unaware. He slid a little deeper inside her and she let out a low, long moan, and then he pulled her up against him by her hair, his cock inside her maybe halfway. She wriggled for further penetration but he held her fast.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Lola?”

She only whimpered in response. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was biting down on her lip, the slight sharp pain of her hair being tugged the only other sensation she was aware of besides his cock inside her.

“Tell me.”

“I need your cock,” she pleaded, “I need your big cock inside me, Xavier, my pussy is so wet, so wet, and I need you to fuck me, I want you to give it to me hard…and deep…and don’t stop when I cum because I want you to just keep fucking me…” She worked herself on the half a cock he had given her, and he heard the squelching sound as she moved on him, deliciously dripping, her body quivering with the need to be fucked and to cum.

“We’re going to go back to my room,” he said softly, “And Dan’s going to come with us. Do you hear me?” She nodded quickly, her eyes still squeezed shut, not even seeming to register the sound of Dan unzipping. Dan had his meaty cock in his hand and was stroking it, watching Erica struggle on Xavier’s cock, pinned to the couch by his lean hips, her back drawn like a bow by his fist around her hair. His eyes glittered as he watched her, gloriously flushed and ready.

“When we get back there, one of us is going to fuck that sweet wet pussy of yours. And one of us is going to stick his big dick in your mouth and you’re going to suck it. Do you hear me, Lola? Is that what you want to do, you horny little bitch? You want to take it from two guys at once?”

She was nodding as much as she could with her hair held so tightly. She didn’t even care; they could have brought two more men, five men, ten men. Her cunt was aching and her skin was on fire and she needed…she needed…

A slap on her ass broke her out of her reverie. Erica looked ahead as Xavier marched her down the hallway to his massive bed, made up like a showroom display. For a brief second she had the feeling of being inside a movie, but it was a fleeting thought and her own body’s twinges of lust were more important.

And then she was on the bed, Xavier pulling the dress up over her head while she stretched her arms up like an obedient child.

“Jesus Christ,” swore Dan softly, his pants now around his ankles so he could cup and squeeze his balls while he watched Xavier run his hands all over her naked body. Dan’s cock was swollen and purple, gleaming at the tip with pre-cum, and he groaned to himself as he pumped slowly into his fist.

“You should taste her, Dan… She’s got the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.” Xavier pulled Erica close for a deep kiss and then murmured against her mouth, “Give Dan a little taste.”

Without protest she slid her hand between her thighs and penetrated herself with her own fingers, rocking for a second against her own touch. Then she held her glistening fingers to Dan’s face and he inhaled, closed his eyes and moaned as he sucked her fingers deep into her mouth. She reveled in the feeling of his hot mouth around her digits, and he kept sucking, sucking, sucking while he stroked his cock.

“Maybe he should really taste you,” Xavier said, loudly enough for Dan to hear over his own quiet groans. His eyes flew open and he looked at Erica, who nodded. Xavier let her go and she lay on the bed, her knees in the air, her heels pressing into the mattress, the shiny black leather boots the only thing on her body. Dan got on his knees at the foot of the bed and positioned himself between her thighs, his eyes black and focused on her cunt. As Erica and Xavier watched, he lowered his mouth to her dripping cunt and spread her delicate pink lips with his thumbs. Erica gasped and her head dropped back on the bed, her eyes fluttering shut, her back arching. Not wanting to be left out, Xavier took one of her nipples in his mouth and suckled it, now pushing his own fingers between her lips.

She sucked so eagerly, moaning as Dan lapped at her, that Xavier soon released her nipple and pulled his fingers from her mouth. Erica pouted beautifully and he whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ll fill that mouth up again soon enough.” He stripped the condom off his cock, kneeling over her instead and pressing the oozing head against her lips. And she sucked him in greedily, taking him into her mouth and slurping his head with abandon. She loved the taste of him, the feel of him in her mouth, the heat of his velvet flesh and the salty taste of his pre-cum, the twitching of his stiff prick, all of it primal and touching some deep place inside of her.

She was servicing two men. Her brain registered that, but it went through her mind and back out the other side without any judgment. She needed this, her body needed this, she would be fucked tonight and she would cum and they would cum and that’s all that mattered. She thought of them both splashing her with their spunk and she shuddered a bit, which bumped Dan’s nose against her clit and caused her to whimper around Xavier’s cock. He growled appreciatively and thrust deeper into her throat and she forgot everything once again but her own pleasure.


Xavier held his cock in place and cradled her head to make it easier for her, and she devoured him, moaning softly against his turgid flesh, either from the joy of sucking him or the pleasure of Dan’s mouth on her cunt. He didn’t know and hardly cared; she was in ecstasy, and that much he did know. She was hotter and more agreeable than he had even dreamed, hardly that naïve wallflower he’d seen on the dance floor. He loved when the good girls went wild; it was his favorite surprise. Often enough they were just compliant, loved it but didn’t own it. But Lola, Lola was different. He had a feeling that if they let her, she might really let go. He hoped that she would. She was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow, gorging herself on it, and the vibrations of her whimpers were going to make him cum. Jesus, she was good. But he didn’t want to cum, not yet, not first. He refrained from clenching her head and just fucking her face, which he wanted to do. He took a deep breath, pulled his cock from her mouth and began tracing it along her lips, like he was applying lipstick. She frantically searched for it with her tongue, unable to focus on finding it, and he realized she was close to orgasm. Her chest was heaving and she was tossing her head back and forth, whimpering, “Oh…oh fuck…oh fuck…” He looked back and saw Dan’s face smeared with her juices, his tongue working furious circles around her clit, and just then he slid a finger into her and she arched her back and shrieked.

“Yes!” she cried, “Oh, fuck, yes!” She spread her legs opened and closed around Dan’s head, like patent leather butterfly wings. Xavier was sorry he hadn’t had his cock in her mouth just then, but he knew he would have cum if he did. He just watched her, the beautiful flushing of her face and neck and chest as she jerked and twitched and rode out her orgasm. She was gloriously uninhibited, crying out, letting go, giving herself over to it.

At the other end of the bed, Dan was wiping his mouth with one sleeved arm and jerking himself furiously with his free hand, huffing and red-faced. He made a strangled noise and then choked and blew his load all over her stomach, several sticky ropes splashing over her.

And as Xavier watched, she dreamily smeared Dan’s cum up her chest and into her skin, her legs still opening and closing as if in time to the contractions of her cunt. Dan’s viscous spunk pooled in her bellybutton and dribbled down her ribs to the bed and seeped into the border of her pubic hair. Fuck, he couldn’t believe it, there was nothing about this moment that made sense. She had walked into his apartment a shy girl playing dress-up to look like a bad girl, and now she was like a fucking porn star. His balls ached and he stroked himself in spite of his earlier decision to wait.

She opened her eyes and looked at him, right at him, her eyes brazen with lust, and she opened her mouth, rubbing her tits as she watched him stroke, waiting to receive his cum. It didn’t take long; he soon felt it bubbling up and he gritted his teeth and warned her, “Lola…I’m cumming…take it…” He aimed his cock at her lips and pressed the head in just in time, and she moaned with pleasure and took him inside her hot, waiting mouth. He watched her swallowing his semen, still sticky with Dan’s cum and shivering from her own orgasm and he was flooded with conflicting thoughts. He was grateful and lustful and tender and yet repelled and violent toward her. He felt strangely vulnerable and wanted to hold her and hurt her all at the same time.

Instead he left her on the bed with his cum dripping down her throat and he said goodbye to Dan, who was clearly done partying. “Early meeting tomorrow,” he said by way of explanation, but his eyes told Xavier he had been just as surprised — and on some level maybe disappointed — at her voracity. He washed his face and hands and let himself out while Xavier went to get a beer.


Erica knew she should have felt ashamed, but instead she felt — powerful. Desirable. Free. She had taken two men at the same time and it had been amazing for her. Dan had a skillful mouth and she hadn’t ever cum so hard from oral sex in her life. Her last few boyfriends were tentative, but Dan had gotten in there like a boar searching for a truffle, and his enthusiasm for rooting out her orgasm combined with the thrill of Xavier’s touch had easily sent her over the edge. And though they hadn’t both cum on her at the same time in quite the way she had fantasized, they had both cum. She was a filthy slut letting two guys take her like that, just as Xavier said, a little cock-hungry slut.

And Xavier’s face when she swallowed him was a sight she’d remember for always, a man like him overcome with lust for her, vulnerable in that moment. He was a god and she would have done anything in that moment for him and still would. She rubbed her sticky skin languidly and sighed, wondering where he had gotten off too. She willed him to come back and touch her some more, those magic touches of his. Her skin still burned for him. The orgasm was a mere appetizer. She wanted more of him. She padded to the bathroom, still dazed and slightly drunk and horny.

When she came back out he had a beer for himself and a glass of ice water for her, which she gratefully accepted and drank down without a word. She felt slightly awkward sitting on his bed drinking water after moments ago bobbing on his cock, but he smiled gently at her and she stopped feeling strange about it. They were there for the same reason. He sat down beside her and rolled the beer bottle over her arm and onto her nipple, which puckered instantly. She looked at him and he set the bottle down and kissed her.

And then they were rolling on the bed, their drinks partnered on the nightstand as they groped and grappled. He flipped her onto her stomach and kissed down the length of her back and she cooed under his ministrations. His cock was hard again and pressed insistently into her thigh as he nibbled and licked and kissed her, down her spine and into the hollows at the base of her back and over her plump buttocks. She moaned and spread her legs apart and he dipped his tongue between her ass cheeks. Her puckered entrance tasted like her juices which had trickled down from her orgasm and he ate them from her ass, probing her with his tongue. No one had ever done that before and she was surprised at how much she loved it, the dirtiness of it and the sensation of his tongue and how willingly she surrendered to it. She was wet again, or still, her cunt throbbing as he devoured her ass.


When he pulled her hips up and back she went easily to all fours. Fuck, she wanted it, the hot little bitch. He fumbled in the nightstand for another condom and deftly rolled it over his erection. He slipped inside her and sank to his balls, the joyous clutch of her giving him goosebumps and making the hair on his neck stand on end. She was deliciously tight and clearly hadn’t been fucked in a while, but he intended to remedy that. He pumped into her with long, smooth strokes, tapping against her cervix and loving her little squeals of pleasure as he bottomed out inside her. She rocked back against him, easily keeping rhythm, tossing her hair back so it feathered across her golden back. Xavier held her shoulders and rode her hard, digging his fingers into her tender skin, punishing her with his cock, for making him cum so easily, for confusing his head. He clenched his jaw and sawed into her, letting her take his weight which she bore readily. She was crying out under him, moaning his name, telling him how amazing he felt inside her, begging him to fuck her harder. And he did as she asked, impaling her with his cock, giving it to her with all he had, until he felt her shudder and lose her balance and then he cradled her to the mattress and rode her through her climax while she sobbed, “Yes…yes, Xavier…yes…” She spasmed tightly around his cock and he went with her, his seed rippling out of him and surprising him with its force. He had just cum and didn’t think he was ready again, but his cock had other ideas. He breathed her in, his face in her fragrant hair as his orgasm bore him into a fuzzy warmth, her body soft underneath him. And they lay there, both spent, his full weight on top of her, his fingers twined through hers.

He didn’t want to get up. It was the strangest feeling. He usually couldn’t wait to get these girls up and out after he came, unless he was planning to cum again. He’d cum twice and his cock was still hard, or hard again, cradled between the cheeks of her generous ass. He didn’t know if he had a third in him but he was ready to try. Her hair tickled his face and he nuzzled into the crook of her neck.

“Mmmm…” she moaned softly.

“Good?” he whispered.

“Mmhmm…” she breathed back. It was an oddly intimate exchange, considering he had just watched another man eat her pussy and cover her with his jizz. She wasn’t his girl, she was some silly little trick he pulled from the club. And yet. She had something different, something unique. She was truly hot, not in a desperate, sad way the way so many of these girls were. He had misjudged her. She might have been playing dress-up, but she belonged in those boots. She was dirty enough to wear them. And yet he liked that she didn’t seem like that type of girl. She wasn’t a whore. Not a real slut. Just a nice girl with a very slutty secret side.

“Do you…” he couldn’t believe he was offering this, “Do you want to take a shower?”

“That would be nice,” she said softly, smiling shyly at this man who had just shared her with another man and watched her cum twice. She seemed strangely sober and grounded. She sat up and slowly unzipped the boots, dropping each on the floor as she set her feet free.

He busied himself with turning the water on for her and she stepped into the shower, shuddering with pleasure as the warm water licked her skin. He watched her for a moment and then stepped in behind her. She leaned into him and he soaped her gently, lathering every inch of her with care and attention. He shampooed her hair and she giggled as he foamed up a handful of facial cleanser and dabbed it on her nose, then cleaned her face for her and wiped off her eye makeup with a soft cloth.

She was soaping his cock and balls, lathering his abs and his chest and his well-muscled arms, a little smile on her face. Without her makeup she looked younger, almost girlish, a sprinkle of golden freckles across the bridge of her nose, a slightly crooked smile that drew up more in one corner of her mouth, little mouse ears that stuck straight out from the sides of her head.

But she had a woman’s body, all right, and he was enjoying this moment with her, lathering her glistening skin, feeling her arch under his hands, after all they’d done, still responding this way to his touch. She was like a cat; she begged to be touched with her movements. He wanted to run his hands along her body all night. He pulled her in for a kiss and she sucked his bottom lip between hers, suddenly assertive, and his cock bobbed against her. They stood a long time in the shower just kissing under the spray, their arms wrapped around each other. And then he broke the kiss and cleared his throat and said, “I’ll…ah…get your towel.”

Fuck. It was crazy that he actually liked this girl. He never liked these girls, not really. They were disposable fuck puppets. Sometimes if he was actually dating a girl and getting sick of her he would pull the old Dan and Xavier show on her, just to get rid of her. Even if she pretended to like it at first, she got desperate at some point and showed her true colors and then it was done. He was a bit ashamed of it, but he didn’t know why he should be. But this girl — he actually still wanted to fuck her. Maybe even more. He had a strange respect for a nice girl who could own her sexuality and not be all crazy about it. It was arousing.

He wrapped her in a fluffy white towel and left her there while he dried himself off, then he wrapped the towel around his waist and went to the kitchen for another beer. When he came back, she was shaking out the little scrap of a dress.

“You’re not — ”

“Don’t you want me to?”

He shook his head and pulled her to him and kissed her again. He loved kissing her, it was so weird, but he went with it. He kissed her gently, tenderly, making love to her mouth with his. She made these little satisfied noises in her throat that drove him wild and he led her to the bed, pressing her down on it and stretching his hard, lean frame over her, propped up on his forearms, his hands in her wet hair. She undulated under him, kissing him back, her hands caressing his back and his shoulders and his hips, clutching his tight ass and then wrapping her legs around his hips.

He grabbed a condom from the drawer and she put it on him this time, rolling it expertly along his length, jacking him firmly as she did. She tickled under her balls with his fingertips and his cock leaped against her, seeking her heat. And then he moved against her, his cock slipping between her lips but not entering her. They both enjoyed the slippery movement of his cock against her, the delicious friction of their contact. And then he slid into her. She moaned and sucked on his neck as he buried himself in her again, enjoying the way she clutched him from within and wrapped her legs so tightly around him. She moaned and gripped his ass as he wallowed in her hot cunt.


Erica moaned in ecstasy as Xavier moved in her, his hips thrusting and circling so that he hit every good spot inside her. She kept climbing to new peaks of ecstasy but was nowhere close to cumming, enjoying instead the delicious feeling of being filled by him, the spicy smell of his cologne mixed with the tang of his sweat as she bit down on his shoulder. She squeezed down on him and loved the way Xavier gasped as she did, his eyes closing as he enjoyed her muscles clamping his dick. “Fuuuckk…” he hissed softly. “Do that again.” He stopped thrusting and moved gently in her while she milked his cock from the inside, gripping and squeezing while he slid in and out. She was close, she was close, all this squeezing made him swell and leap inside her and his pelvic bone was pressing against her clit as he fucked her. And then he was whispering in her ear, “Oh, Lola, I want you to cum for me like this…can you cum on my cock? I want to feel you when you cum on my dick, please, Baby, do it. Cum on me.” His voice and his breath on her neck and his cock in her and the pressure on her clit made it hard to resist that request.

“Yes,” she breathed, “I can cum on your cock…fuck me harder, just a little harder.”

He picked up the pace just right and was just rough enough. She gasped and cried out as her orgasm crept up on her from behind and then swooped over her, drowning her under Xavier. She whimpered and sobbed and bit down on his sweaty shoulder as he kept fucking her, never letting up, his own orgasm imminent, burying his face in her hair and then letting go himself, falling down the hole after her, barely conscious of her shuddering as he rested deep inside her, spent.

She lay motionless under him, mind-whacked and breathless. She was surprised to have experienced such an intense orgasm after two very powerful ones, let alone with a stranger. (Two strangers, she amended in her head.) It was usually her lovers who teased these kinds of climaxes from her, not men she’d just met. Then again, maybe she’d just been meeting the wrong men. Or over-thinking the sex.

Xavier stirred on top of her, his face sweaty in the crook of her neck. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest. She felt oddly connected to him, considering he had just been a good-looking guy in a bar, a guy with a fuckable body and a big cock, a guy she’d singled out for one purpose. She had felt comfortable with him even though he brought Dan into the mix without clearing it with her first (though she had to admit, that was a thrill of its own; she was only sorry that she hadn’t had his monstrous cock inside her). He had been gentle and sweet with her in the shower. And the lust she had for him never quite went away. She had the edge off, but she bet that with a few hours of sleep she’d be just as hungry for him as she’d been when she was writhing against the head of his cock at the beginning of the night. It was a strange feeling.

And then Xavier kissed her and she knew she had to go, had to get out of there, put some distance between them, make sense of it all in her head. He felt too good and this was not the plan, he was not the guy, he didn’t even know her real name, it was all wrong.

She cleared her throat nervously.

“Is it time to take you home?” he asked softly.

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak, lest she cry out, “No, no, let me stay, I want you to fuck me some more!”

They got up and she put on the dress, which now just felt constricting, not sexy, and the boots, which were killing her feet.

“I love those boots,” he admitted, and she laughed.

“Me too. I’m glad I finally wore them. These boots are lucky.”

“Yeah?” His eyes twinkled as he stepped into his jeans and drew his shirt over his head. She was sad to see his body covered up again.

“Yeah.” Something was passing between them, and she wasn’t sure what, but she was tired and it was not the time to figure it out.

He drove her home and the lights of the city were beautiful. His car was sleek black and she smiled to herself, recalling Dawntee’s warning about factory workers with Tauruses at Ammermon’s. As she nestled into the leather she watched him driving, his big hands gripping the steering wheel, his jaw tight but his mouth soft. She remembered moving under him, taking him in her mouth, giving herself over to him. He had been everything and more that night. She would have to do something nice for Dawntee tomorrow.

She stifled a yawn and he looked over at her. Just a quick look, but it said a lot. Maybe this was…

But no. This was no Hollywood movie. They had met and each had achieved their purpose and he was taking her home after a really great one-night stand. She was too old to believe nonsense. It was what it was.

And then they were outside her building, the car purring to a stop at the door.

“Do I need to walk you up? Will you be ok?” he asked.

She smiled. “Thank you, that’s sweet. But no, I’m fine. As soon as I’m through the doors, I’m safe as can be.”

“Ok.” He took her hand and kissed it, his lips grazing her knuckles, his eyes holding hers. “One more thing, then.”


“Tell me your real name?” He looked at her earnestly, her hand still in his firm grasp.

“Erica,” she replied. “It’s Erica.” She slid out of the car with a smile, tugging down the Lycra dress, and clicked to the door of her building on those bad-girl boots, looking back at him one last time and blowing him a kiss over her shoulder before she slipped inside.

And Xavier smiled from behind the dark windows and put the car in drive.

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