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A Quick Lick

Category: Fetish
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Don’t worry, I’m going to help you, I’ve done this before, with many men, they’ve all succeeded, they’ve all passed the test, they’ve all come back for more.

You’ve been curious for a while I’m sure, you don’t get this far without wanting it, you’ve had a little taste of your precum I bet, you’ve watched the CEI videos online and been disappointed that they don’t get you there, some of those girls don’t even get their tits out, too tame, no good at all, you’re not a sissy, you don’t want to suck cock, you just want to eat your cum.

But here we are, here you are, minutes from now it will be done, the line will be crossed, you’ll be my latest success, this time will be the best, the yard stick, every time you swallow from now on you’ll remember this, the taste on your tongue but also the feel of my skin, the taste of me…

Get your cock out, drop those trousers, drop those shorts, get hard, here, look at my tits, look how hard my nipples are, they know whats coming, you, all over them, then your mouth to clean them up, c’mon, wank it for me, pump it up, pretend its sliding between my boobs, I’d spit on it if it was and flick my tongue out on your upstroke, tasting your tip.

Spit on your hand, thats it, now rub that over your cock, good, use the tip of your finger to rub that slit, ah ha, there it is, your cock is starting to flow, rub that precum all around the head.


Lift that hand up to your face, look at it, sniff it, precum, lovely warm salty precum, your body is producing that to lubricate you, to ease your cock into my cunt if I allow it, which I won’t, not on the first date, thats for the advanced course, where I sit on your face whilst you suck your cum back out of me, I’m so fucking wet just thinking about it, well that, and my 4 o’clock, he didn’t get it all out.

Rub your tip again, I see that made you harder, what was it, the image of me getting fucked over this desk only an hour ago or the thought of your mouth on my spunk filled pussy?

Lift that hand up again, lick the tip of that finger, you like? Get some more on there, rub it on your lips, more, now suck on it, good boy, its wonderful, its organic, its you.

Come here, good, now rub your tip across my breasts, yes, leave a little snail trail, thats it, rub it around my nipple, pump it a bit more, there we go, and around again, look at that, shiny wet.

Let go of your cock, put your hands on your head, good, i’m going to give you a quick tit wank, really prime the pump, oh look, where did it go, there it is, and gone, and back, look how purple your head is getting, I bet those balls are tightening, you are going to cum on my tits soon, and then you are going to lick them clean and swallow all of that lovely warm cum, just like I’m going to lick your cock now, and now, and now, ah, I love to feel the heat, your cock is red hot, if I spit on it do you think it will sizzle, ha, there we go, get your hands back on it, rub that spit in, wank it for me.

C’mon, come on my tits, look me in the eye, now look at my tits, I want them glazed, I want them wet, look me in the eye again, wank that cock, harder, harder, faster, cum now, please, cum on my big fucking tits, yes, yes, yes…

Ah, wow, good boy, quick, on my nipples, thats the best bit, good boy, hands on your head again, I’ll calm this little fella down with my mouth, hmmm, mmmhmmm, so warm, mmmhmmm, there is still some in here, mind if I suck it out, mmmhmmm, uh huh, look, oh that was good, I’m jealous that you will get to swallow so much of it, so hot, so bitter.

Do it, do it now, get on your knees and put your tongue on one of my nipples, do it.

Good, don’t move, I’m just going to use my finger to push this closer, there you go, flick your tongue left, good, close your mouth over my nipple and suck, mmmm, lift your head, open your mouth and show me, just a taste, ok, close your mouth, look me in the eye, swallow.

You are a cum eater, you’ve just swallowed your own cum, not just precum, proper fresh cum, the good stuff, finish what you started, come here and clean these tits up.

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