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The Student

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“Okay, that’s all for today, make sure you read the assignment for Monday, and bring your paper revisions.” John said, standing up at his desk. The class of college freshman quickly filed out. John was just out of grad school, and he had aspirations of being a novelist but the need to pay bills forced him into teaching, at least for now.

This was freshman lit, a required class. John stood at his desk, watching students leave, there were usually questions, and he answered two quick questions as students left. Soon the class was empty except for John and Natalie. She was one of those students that had a passion, not just a bookworm. She always had something to say, and it was usually a well thought out idea. She was a tall blonde 19 year old. “Do you have any questions Natalie?” John asked.

“Oh no, I was just thinking about the end of that story.” Natalie said, sitting in the front row, wearing a black skirt and a button up white shirt, which was opened enough to show off her c-cup cleavage.

“I guess you liked it if you are thinking this much about it.”

“No actually, I was thinking about how I would do it differently, this seemed artificial.”

“Yeah a little, Thompson likes the tied-up ending.” John said, walking around to the front of his desk, and leaning against it.

“I heard your book got rejected.” Natalie said sympathetically.

“Yeah, it’s not a big deal. There are a lot of publishers, it might still get picked up, and I’ll just write another one.” John said.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Natalie said. Her face was red and flushed.


“Do you find me attractive.” Natalie asked.

“Of course…That story you wrote a few weeks ago, that was true wasn’t it.” John said, referring to a short story assignment, Natalie’s was about a girl whose abusive boyfriend convinces her that she is ugly. The story was racy for a student paper.

“Yeah.” Natalie said, looking down. John walked to her desk, putting his hand on hers on the desk.

“Hey, you’re a very attractive girl, you shouldn’t worry about it.” John said, comforting.

“How’s the wife?” Natalie asked, looking up at John.

“She’s fine.”

“How’s your sex life?” Natalie asked, suddenly peering through him as though she were the teacher and he the student. John’s gut reaction was to say ‘none of your business’ but he didn’t. He stood there stunned for a moment.

“Why do you ask?”

“I’m wondering if I could do you a little favor to boost my grade.” Natalie said, sitting upright, pressing her arms together to accentuate her c-cup breasts. John was quite stunned by the proposition.

“You have an A.” John said, then wondering if he shouldn’t have said that.

“Damnit John, I’m trying to give you a little desperate student fantasy, and you aren’t working with me.”

“What makes you think I want that, or that I’m not satisfied with my sex life?”

“Oh, just a few things a girl can pick up on.” Natalie said, standing up next to John. They were roughly the same height, and she stood very close to him, her tits almost touching him. “I especially like when you get a boner while you’re lecturing and you have to sit down.”

“God, I thought I disguised it pretty well.” John said seriously. Natalie laughed.

“Haha, it’s so obvious, you get excited, and bam there it is, and you stop everything to sit down for no reason…not to mention the looks you give me.”

“I don’t stare at you.” John said defensively.

“No, not overtly. And it’s not like you’re staring at my tits either, you look me in the eyes in a way that no one ever has.” Natalie put her hands on John, feeling his chest and back. John didn’t move. “So come on Mr. Morrison, how’s your sex life.”

“Not good. Alice will only let me make love to her once a week at the most. She is never very excited about it either.” John said, then looked over his shoulder at the door, which was closed. It was the end of the day, this being a night class, and nobody was in the building except a janitor or two, but they wouldn’t get up to this floor for hours. Natalie hugged herself closer to John, wrapping her arms around him, and pressing her tits against his chest. “She won’t go down on me.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“Well, it’s…I never thought I cared this much about the sex, but she won’t ever go down on me, not even on a special occasion. And I have to beg her just to go down on her.”

“Wow, that’s pretty bad.” Natalie said, pulling back to look at John face to face. “Are you bad at it, cause I could give you a lesson or two.” Natalie said, smiling widely at him.

“No, she gets off, but she just never wants to have sex, it’s like she has almost no sex drive. You know, I always thought that sex wasn’t that important, and I never thought I would ever be unfaithful or break her heart, or anyone’s for that matter, but now it seems like it’s inevitable.”

“Was she always like this?” Natalie asked, putting her right hand on John’s face, pulling his gaze from staring blankly at the wall, to her blue eyes.

“We’ve been married a year, and it’s only gotten worse.”

“Have you tried livening it up.”

“I’ve tried everything.” John said. Natalie pressed her soft lips against John’s. She had to work at it for a moment before John kissed her back. Then they made out. It was passionate for her, and surreal for him.

“Feel me.” Natalie said, pulling back from John, whose hands had been at his side the whole time. He raised up his hands to her waist, and rubbed around her waist and back. “Damnit John, grab my tits.” He did as he was told, grabbing her breasts. Up to this point he had been like a deer in headlights, not embracing the situation so much as going along with it. But after his hands grasped her breasts, he looked at her in a different way. He pulled her button up shirt apart, and her bra down, letting her tits loose, as he felt and groped her. Natalie moaned, and leaned into him, kissing him. Natalie slowly dropped to her knees, keeping her eyes on John’s the whole time. She undid his belt, and pulled his boxers down enough to get to his engorged cock. Natalie gasped as she freed his large cock. “I thought that bump was big, but fuck.” John had a pulsing thick nine inch cock. Natalie was stunned at the size of it, as it pulsed in her hand.

“Something wrong?” John asked seriously.

“It’s fucking huge.” Natalie said, grinning up at John. She then opened her mouth, and slowly moved her soft lips up against the tip of his huge erection.

“Oh god.” John moaned as Natalie started to give him the best blowjob he’d ever had. Natalie sucked, licked, and stroked his big cock. It didn’t take all that long, as sex starved as he was. John was moaning quite loudly, and then he said “I’m coming,” as he blasted a load in her mouth, which Natalie sucked and swallowed. John, lightheaded, sat down in the nearest desk, with Natalie on her knees, jizz dripping from her lips, and topless, next to him.

“Been a while?” Natalie asked John nodded. Natalie walked to the door, which she locked. Natalie walked to the front of John’s desk, and leaned back against it, still barely wearing her white button up shirt and black skirt. Natalie striped all her clothes off, all except her heeled shoes, and she leaned against the desk, propping herself up with her arms, bent over, showing John her firm round 19 year old ass. “John.” She said expectantly. “I’m going to need you to do something for me.” She looked over her shoulder at him, and he stared at her sexy firm body. “I’m going to need your cock over here.” John stood, taking his pants completely off, and then walked to the desk. He stood behind Natalie, and reached around to her firm c-cup breasts, feeling them, and leaned against her, his face against her soft blonde hair. His cock came fully back to life, and he put his huge cock just at the entrance of Natalie dripping pussy. He pushed it up inside her, then fucked her hard from behind. After a few fucking strokes, Natalie, deep in pleasure, leaned completely forward, her face planted on his desk. John gripped her hips and fucked her senseless. After Natalie came twice, moaning in ecstasy, she peeled herself off the desk, and got on her knees to finish him off. He came in her mouth again. Which she was grateful for.

John leaned against the desk, breathing deeply. Natalie stood up in front of him. John was getting his clothes back in order. “I think I need something more.” Natalie said. “I’m gonna have to give you an oral exam.” Natalie hopped her cute little ass up on his desk, and spread her legs wide open. Her neatly shaved pussy was dripping, and she put her hand down there and spread herself open. “Now get down on your knees, and give me head.” Natalie said. John got down on his knees, putting his hands on her thighs. He hesitated for a moment, then pushed his face forward into her pussy. His tongue centered on her clit, as he lapped and prodded her pussy. He used two fingers to play with her, and massaged her g-spot while he licked her clit mercilessly. It didn’t take long for her to come, and squirt a little juice on him. Natalie screeched in ecstasy, and laid back on the desk, panting. John got his clothes together, and made himself presentable, whilst she recovered on the desk. He handed her her clothes and she dressed. There was an uncomfortable silence as they put themselves back together. They went to leave, and Natalie gave him a quick peck on the cheek as they walked out of the room.

*Two Years Earlier*

John walked out of class, backpack on his shoulder. This was the first week of school of his junior year. John had been single for a while, and was looking forward to the start of this semester as an opportunity to meet a new girl. This Tuesday-Thursday history class provided a girl sitting across from him by the name of Alice. Alice was a year younger than John, a quiet innocent type. She was short and had brightly dyed blue short hair. She was a short cute little thing. The kind of girl that couldn’t gain weight if she tried. John had noticed her on Tuesday, a few glances, he found her attractive, and on Thursday he made a point of giving her a few stares. After class, he walked out, and walked slowly, hoping for her to catch up to him, which she did. “Hi,” Alice said, walking next to John.

“Hi.” John said.

A few hours and a few drinks later, they were sitting on Alice’s bed in her dormroom. Her roommate Janet had been studying, sitting on her bed for a while, but had left to go to a friend’s. John and Alice had spent a great deal of time talking about all sorts of things, from their interests in music and movies to their majors and so on.

“I’m just going to come out and say it…I want to kiss you.” John said. Alice blushed. “I’ve had a few relationships, and about half of them started out with us kissing right away, and the other half had us waiting a while before we started kissing. And I’m still not sure which is better…so I’m just going to let you decide. I’m not going to initiate it. I’ve always had to, guys get screwed with having to always initiate, and get shot down, so I’m gonna make you do this.”

“Thanks.” Alice said, “Although you already told me you wanted to kiss me, so it’s not like I can get shot down.”

“I guess that’s true.”

Alice leaned across to John as they sat on her bed, and closed her eyes as their lips met. John suddenly pulled back. “Hey, I think you’ve mis-read the signs or something.” John said, which made Alice panic for a second before she realized that he was fucking with her. “Got ya.”

“Fuck you.” Alice said, grabbing John and pushing her lips against his. They started making out, and John ended up laying on top of her, as they kissed. He didn’t feel her up, content with just kissing her. He hadn’t even considered going any further, it just wasn’t his style.

“I really like you.” John said to Alice. “We’re dating now right.”

“Yeah I would say so.”

“Just checking, cause with some girls, it wouldn’t necessarily be anything more than this, you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, that’s fucked up, I don’t get people like that, just out there trying to get sex.”

“I know, sex isn’t that important…are you a virgin?” John asked.

“Yeah.” Alice said. “Are you?”

“No, unfortunately. I wish I hadn’t slept with either of them.”


“Yeah. It’s amazing how a few months after you stop seeing them you cant remember why you would want to be with them. Like, seriously, I cant fucking believe I was with either of them.”

“I know what you mean.” Alice said, her hand suddenly grabbing through John’s pants crotch at his big cock. Alice whipped his cock out, and started to give him a handjob. John stopped her, and laid her back on the bed. He laid on top of her and kissed her passionately. He kissed down her neck and stopped at her breasts, which he played with for a moment, before continuing south to her awaiting pussy. He tugged her panties off and then went to town, licking her hot wet pussy. Once she came, John laid next to her, looking at her as she recovered from the powerful orgasm. “That was amazing.” Alice said. She looked over at John with a certain longing, then she decided to give him a blowjob to return the favor. She sat up, and then saw his cock fully erect for the first time. He hadn’t gotten excited in the brief time she was stroking it earlier, but now it was ready, and erect to the full length. “Holy shit.” Alice muttered as she saw the huge cock. She got down between his knees, locking up at him, and she stroked his cock lightly, and licked the tip. She didn’t get too into it, just licking and sucking on the head of his huge cock, and stroking him. John moaned as he came, shooting cum on her face and in her mouth. Alice spit the jizz out, and stroked his cock some more, getting her hand messy. She then crawled up and laid beside John, putting her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around her.

*Present *

John had trouble concentrating as he drove home. First he thought about the consequences if he was caught, and worry for his job, then worry for his marriage, but soon he found himself near home and thinking of Natalie, and fucking her again. He couldn’t help but get excited. It was nearly ten o’clock when he pulled into the driveway. He walked in the front door, where he was greeted by their cat Fritz. “Alice?” He yelled in the old small house. She answered from the living room. John walked in and found her on the couch, a blanked draped over her, watching TV.

“Hi honey,” Alice said with a smile. John stood in the middle of the living room. Normal nights he would make small talk for a while and then try to negotiate her into some sex, which he was usually shot down for, and she would try to make him guilty for asking. John would then wait until they got into bed to try to get some, which also worked rarely. He stopped in his tracks this night, and refused to play that game. John walked to the couch where his wife was sitting, and leaned down to kiss her. She first welcomed it as a greeting kiss, but he kept kissing her passionately. Then he reached down and picked her up off the couch, and walked to the bedroom. “What are you doing?” Alice asked, irritated. John didn’t answer, tossing her on the bed, and was quickly on top of her. Alice went along with it, kissing him back, as he stripped her clothes off. Alice was a short cute little woman, with small perky breasts, and short hair that was currently dyed a bright red color. John quickly got her naked, and went down on her, which got her moaning and shaking. As soon as she had come, John mounted his wife, climbing on top of her, and pushing his big cock deep inside her. He fucked her slowly, but picked up the pace. She moaned loudly, and came quite loudly as he gave her another orgasm. John rolled over on the bed, putting Alice on top of him. He tried to rock her hips with his hands, but she was pretty much done, and wasn’t doing anything more. Sweating and breathing heavily, they laid there as the fucking came to a stop.

“What’s going on John?” Alice asked.

“I just want to make love to you, and you aren’t interested as usual.”

“John, how many times do we have to go through this, I’m just not that interested.”

“Can’t you at least overcome your disinterest to get me off occasionally?” He asked.

“What do you call this?”

“Come on, you barely do anything, I do all the work.”

“It’s not my fault that you’re better at giving me an orgasm than I am at reciprocating.”

“No, it’s not your fault, but you don’t try very hard either.”

“Well once I’ve come twice, I’m not big on fucking you a whole lot more. You know, I just don’t want that much sex.” Alice said. John sighed.

“It’s frustrating. I need it more than you do, and you don’t help me out.”

“I try, we do have sex don’t we.”

“You won’t go down on me, when I go down on you all the time.”

“Yeah but I don’t like going down on you, and you like going down on me.”

“It’s just…fuck.” John said frustrated.

“Sex just doesn’t matter as much to me, I’m sorry.”

“Sex doesn’t matter to you?” John asked. Alice was still on top of him, his cock still inside of her.

“Not really.”

“I fucked my student tonight.” John said.

“What!?!” Alice said, pulling back from him. “What the fuck John!”

“I’m sorry, she came on to me, and I’m not satisfied with our sex life, and for some reason, I just couldn’t say no.” Alice smacked John. “I thought sex didn’t matter to you.” John said coldly.

“That’s not what I fucking meant…And why the fuck did you tell me that.”

“I can’t lie.” John said quietly. Alice got off him, and laid down next to him. They both stared up at the dark ceiling.

“Who was it?”

“Natalie Resar.”

“How old is she?”

“19.” John said.

“Is it because she is younger than me?”

“For fucks sake.” John said, rolling over to look at Alice. “I’m not leaving you, I’m not having an affair. It was just tonight, and it just happened. I didn’t pick her, she picked me. I love you, you know that.”

“Why would you do it, what about your job?”

“I know, I fucking know. It’s just. She came onto me, and I was just shocked at first, and I wasn’t going to do anything. I was about to just get out of the situation without making her feel bad or anything. And then she asked me about our sex life, and for some reason, I just let loose and told her everything.”

“Do you love her?”

“No, I just fucked her that was it.” John said.

“Do you want to do it again?” Alice asked. John sat quietly for a moment.


“You fucking bastard.” Alice said.

“Alice, for christs sake. How’s this. You and I, are fucking great together. Just ignore sex, we are great together, almost perfect, we get each other right. I love you, you love me. But when it comes to sex, we just aren’t on the same page, it’s just not right. I want it a lot more than you do. When we have sex it’s great, it’s usually great, but it’s not enough. So what if I have sex outside of us, nothing meaningful, just fucking, that’s it, that fills the void in my sex life, and then I’ll be happier, and we can be happier.”

“What’s wrong with you.”

“God damnit Alice. I swear to you, I’ve never cheated on you before, I’ve never even seriously thought about another woman. I swear to god, I love you, and I wouldn’t ever hurt you intentionally.”

“You’re an atheist.” Alice said with disdain, rolling over.

*One Year Later*

John wrote another book and it was picked up by a small publisher. The book was fiction, but based on his own life. John had written about Alice and Natalie among other things. The publisher liked his book, but asked that he ‘flesh out’ the sex scenes to make it racier. Then they had him do readings at several colleges. He was at a small college just a few miles from home, sitting in a small auditorium that was about a fourth full of students. John was reading an excerpt from the book.

*-* “You’re too fucking big,” Alice shouted in anger, “Okay, your dick, it’s too big, it fucking hurts everytime, I can’t do anything with you, you split me in half you asshole, how would you like it if everytime we had sex you were sore for a week!”

“Why didn’t you say something before?” John asked calmly.

“I tried, I tried to make you be gentle, but you just wouldn’t fucking listen. It’s not that I don’t like sex, it’s just that I don’t like sex with you, you fucking animal.”

“Wait. Are you having an affair?” John asked, worriedly.

“You mean you’re allowed to fuck another woman, but I can’t fuck another guy.”

“You weren’t the one frustrated with not enough sex.”

“No, I was the one afraid of being split in half! And yes, I’ve been fucking around on you, and it opened my eyes.” Alice said, slamming the front door, and leaving. John opened the door and walked out behind her. Alice walked out to a car that was sitting in their driveway, some guy he didn’t recognize was behind the wheel. Alice got in the passenger seat and looked at John in a way that told him instantly that she was gone for good.

A few days later, John had assigned the lit class to write a story, with the stipulation that it be as realistic as possible. He collected the typed papers at the beginning of class, and then lectured, paying attention to Natalie, and the apparent lack of panties, which he could see when she spread her legs just for him, giving him a knowing glance. He had the class take a quiz at the end of class, and everyone was quiet and writing. John flipped through the pile of papers, looking for Natalie’s. He found it, and started to read it. It was about him he quickly realized. John hadn’t seen Natalie outside of class. It had been a month since they had fucked that one night, and since then they had fucked after class once, but it was rushed, and they were nearly caught. John skipped ahead in the story. ‘The man licked her wet sex, sending shivers down her body as he made her orgasm with his tongue. When they were finished they ordered room service, and once they finished eating, they fucked again, in a variety of positions, until they were both completely spent, lying in each other’s arms. “John…I want you.” “I want you too, Natalie, I want you so bad, I can’t stop thinking about you.” ‘. John became aroused and looked up from the paper at Natalie, who wasn’t writing her quiz, but staring at him with a mischievous look on her sexy face. When the students finished their quizzes they put them on the desk and left. John and Natalie waited for everyone to finish, and then it was just them. Natalie sat back in her chair, putting her hand down between her legs, playing with herself, and staring at John.

“Alice left me.” John said quietly. Natalie stopped suddenly.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry,” She said very sympathetically. She walked over to John and stood beside him, putting her arm around him. “I’m so sorry…was it because of me?”

“Kind of…actually she said that I’m too big, and that she was having an affair.”

“Too big? Girl doesn’t have a fuckin clue.” Natalie said. “I understand if you don’t want to do anything tonight.”

“You want to see my house?” John asked.

A little while later they were in John’s bed, fucking wildly. Natalie was getting pounded doggystyle by John’s huge cock, when the bedroom door opened and Alice walked in. The fucking couple stopped, caught, but Alice wasn’t interested as she went right for the bathroom, grabbing a bunch of her stuff and throwing it in a bag, and then left as quickly as she entered. Natalie collapsed to the bed in hysterical laughter, thinking she had been caught. Natalie stopped laughing, looked up at John and said, “Now come over here and fucking cum in my mouth.” John kneeled over her face as Natalie sucked his cock, flavored by her sweet pussy juice, until john came down her throat. Afterwards they showered together, and then slept together in what was until a few hours ago John and Alice’s bed.


John continued reading from his novel, on to non sex scenes and things that were unrelated to his life, just fabrications, this part was real though. After he finished reading, the crowd clapped, he thanked them, and then he had to sit in the lobby and sell and autograph copies of the book. A few people bought, but it was fairly slow and only took about 15 minutes before the crowd had cleared out. Then a tall young woman came up to John, he recognized her from the crowd, a gorgeous brunette with large tits, probably 22 years old. “I loved your reading, so energetic and vivid.” She said.

“Well thanks.” John said.

“I was wondering, well I am pretty sure, but I just wanted to ask you…is it true?” the woman asked.

“Is what true?” John asked.

“Did your wife leave you because you’re cock is huge?…” the woman asked, and John sat stunned, seeing the optimistic look on the woman’s face. “My name is Julia by the way.”

“Actually it is true, some parts are made up, but that is actually true.”

“And what about Stacy, what happened with her.”

“Her real name is Natalie, and she moved in with me right after that semester ended.”

“Are you still with her?” Julia asked.


“Are you staying in a hotel?” Julia asked.

“Yeah, I’m in the marriot.” John said, uneasy.

“I’d really like you to fuck me in the ass.” Julia said.

John and Julia grabbed a taxi, and were quickly back at the hotel. Once inside, John went to the bathroom and left Julia, when he came out she was naked on the bed, and quickly rushed to him, yanking his pants down, and getting his cock out of his pants. She sucked him hard and fast and deep, taking a large portion of his huge cock down her throat. Once he was fully aroused, she got on all fours on the bed, her huge tits hanging down between her arms, and her amazing round ass waiting. “Fuck me in the ass.” She said.

“Do you have any lube?” John asked.

“Just put it in me.” Julia moaned. John got up on the bed, after removing his clothes, and got down behind her. He put his cock into her dripping wet pussy, pounded her a few times, then pulled out and put his huge cock against her tight little ass. He struggled to get it inside her, and once in a little bit he pushed slowly down in her. Julia moaned deeply and loudly. “Fuck me-e-e-e-e” She moaned, pumping her ass back at him. He tried going slowly but at her insistence he was soon completely fucking the hell out of her ass, pounding her hard. She came repeatedly from the pounding his huge cock gave her tight ass. She kept asking for it, and he kept giving it to her until he finally blasted a huge load of jizz into her butt.

Spent, john sat back on the bed. Julia quickly jumped around and sucked his cock, getting every drop of sperm she possibly could. She sucked loudly, slurping his cock until it became totally aroused again, and she continued to suck him. “Fuck my tits” She said, laying back on the bed, her massive tits pressed together by her arms. John sat on her stomach, putting his huge cock between her tits, and he fucked her tits, something that he couldn’t do with Natalie, as her tits weren’t big enough. He came again, making a mess of her boobs. Quickly Julia got her clothes on and left, waddling out of the room. John would never hear from or see her again. And he didn’t mind. This was the first time John had ever had sex with a fan, something that would happen quite a bit after this.

*Two years later*

John just returned from a book reading tour, he had been gone for three weeks, at colleges around the country. “Natalie!” John said, walking in the front door. He found her in bed already. “Hey baby.” John said, sitting in bed next to her. Natalie, long straight blonde hair and c-cup breasts, always slept naked, and she was barely covered up now.

“How many fans did you fuck on this trip?” Natalie asked happily.

“Only three.” John said, implying that the number was lower than expected.

“Aww, that’s it. I guess I’m just going to have to work a little harder tonight.” Natalie said. John peeled off his clothes, and then pulled the covers back to reveal the naked body of his wife. He laid down between her legs and went to work giving her slow sweet head. He spent nearly half an hour eating her out, giving her several orgasms. Then he laid down, and she mounted him, fucking him hard. They collapsed together, exhausted.

The next day was the last reading John was giving for this book, at the college in the town he lived in. He was reading from his latest book, which had come out a month ago. When he finished reading he did the selling/signing thing as always, and this was when he usually picked up a random girl, once the crowd cleared and one would approach him. It happened again. The girl was named Jenny, and she was a short red-headed girl with small tits. She was more talkative than most girls, overtly flirting. She asked John what he was doing now, and he said he was just going home, she sounded disappointed, but then he said, “You could come if you want, and you could ask me all the questions about my books that you want.

It was in the day and Natalie was at work. John took Jenny into the bedroom and fucked her like he had fucked many fans before. They usually left right afterward, but Jenny laid in bed with him afterward. “So what’s it like?”

“What’s what like?” John asked.

“Being a successful writer?” Jenny said.

“Oh, well, it’s got its perks.” John said, reaching over and grabbing Jenny’s perky tit. She giggled.

“You know, the money is pretty good, it’s fun, and I get a lot of pussy.”

“Wait…I’m not just another girl you fucked and threw away am I?” Jenny asked.

“What?” John asked.

“I mean, I thought we had something going on.”

“Oh, you think…well Jenny, you seem like a nice girl, but I’m not interested in you like that.”

“Oh you just fuck me and then leave me. You’re a fucking scumbag.”

“Wait, hold on.” John said, grabbing her arm and keeping her in bed.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you or lead you on. I mean, at first, when I had fans come onto me, I didn’t do anything, but then I realized that they really just wanted to fuck me and then leave. It’s how it always goes, they always come onto me and then I fuck em and then they leave, they aren’t ever interested in me.”

“So I’m just one more slut.”

“No, I’m not…look I just didn’t think you were coming onto me like that, I thought you just wanted to fuck me and leave.”

“Well I don’t.”

“I’m married you know.”

“You’re the one that’s always writing about loving more than one person at a time. You know, how their isn’t such a thing as a soulmate and that if you are compatible with more than one person it’s stupid to limit yourself, that the world can be so much better if people just stopped putting stupid labels on everything, and stopped being so jealous and possessive.”

“Hey, I know I wrote all that, but, that’s just writing, that doesn’t mean it’ll actually work.”

Later that day, Natalie arrived home from work. She found John in the living room with Jenny. “Hey honey, Natalie Jenny, Jenny Natalie,” He made the introduction of his wife and the fan he had just fucked. “I met Jenny at the reading today, she’s a senior. Jenny and Natalie shook hands. “Jenny liked the part of Hillton Heights where you had a lesbian tryst.

“Yeah, I’m a fan of that part myself.” Natalie said, sitting next to John on the couch, Jenny was sitting next to him on the otherside.

“Yeah, well, she came to me after the reading, and we came back and fucked, and then we talked for a while, and she really wanted to meet you.” John said.

“You come through in his writing so much, I just want to meet the person all this is based on.”

“I especially like the ‘Holly’ character of me, don’t you?” Natalie said.

“Yeah, she’s great.”

“I’m going to go make some drinks, you guys want some?” John said, standing, taking the drink order he went into the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later to find Jenny and Natalie making out on the couch.

The trio moved into the bedroom. The two girls, Natalie the tall blonde with medium breasts, Jenny the short redhead with small perky tits, were in a sixty nine on the bed, with Natalie on top. John got on the bed and fucked Natalie while the girls ate each other. The girls then rolled over, switching positions and John fucked Jenny. Once each girl had come several times, and they had to take a break from all the pussy eating, they pushed john down and tag-team sucked him off, giving him a blowjob and making out at the same time. John blew a huge load on both of their faces, which they used as an excuse to lick each other some more. The girls jumped into licking some more. John got out a vibrator and played with both girls, switching off as they ate each other. Once his huge cock was ready for more, he fucked each girl again, switching off. Jenny came as John pounded her pussy with his huge cock again, and then her pussy milked John into another orgasm, and the whole group collapsed into a sweaty pile on the bed.

*One Year Later*

John was asleep, and woke up to Jenny licking his huge cock to life. He played with her redhair as she sucked and slurped on his long thick pulsing cock. She sucked him and then whipped herself around into a sixtynine on top of him. John ate her out fast and hard, licking all up down and inside of her hot wet pussy, giving her an orgasm, as she sucked him. Then John picked her up, and rolled them over, climbing up on top of her, he put his wet cock against her dripping pussy lips and pushed himself deep inside of her. Eyes closed, Jenny came almost instantly as the whole thick long cock was inside of her. John fucked her slowly, working up faster and faster, giving Jenny a series of powerful orgasms, until John came deep inside of her. John laid down on top of her, their sweaty bodies mashed together. “I love you,” Jenny whispered between deep breaths.

“I love you too.” John said to Jenny.

“You think I’ll get pregnant this time?” Jenny asked optimistically.

“I hope.” John said. They laid together for a while, enjoying the warmth and closeness of each other. John eventually got up, and walked naked into the living room. Natalie was sitting on the couch, watching television.

“That was pretty loud screaming, do I need to make sure you didn’t split her in half?” Natalie asked, 8 months pregnant. John sat on the couch next to her, planted a kiss on her lips.

“Yummy.” Natalie said, tasting Jenny’s pussy. Natalie reached over and jerked John’s cock a few times. “You can still fuck my ass.” Natalie said, referring to the late stage of her pregnancy.

“I was planning on it…right after I do this.” John said, leaning into her lap, and tugging her sweat pants down, diving right into her pussy, and licking, sucking her clit.

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