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Night In with Friends

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Sophie and Kate were always just… my friends. I had known them since my early teenage days and so I had never really had a lustful drive towards them. While with so many other girls, sex had been on the agenda pretty early and I was open about my life to them, Sophie and Kate seemed to never invoke those conversations.

Sure, we’d brought it up jokingly once or twice for a second, and as a male I’d had my fantasies, but it was nothing compared to what I thought about most girls.

Maybe that’s why, when Sophie gave me a call inviting me to stay the night at Kate’s place with her, I thought nothing of it. I didn’t really see anything sexual coming from it, it would just be a fun night of gossip and girly talk (Which I was surprisingly good at considering I’m a bloke — Granted I would listen more than talk).

I arrived in the afternoon that Sunday. Seeing the two girls and giving them a greeting hug, I took in the sight of them. Sophie was a short brunette; a very petite girl in most aspects however had the bust of a very well-developed woman. Her shirt, or in this case jacket, protruded more than you would expect from a girl her height, and on a girl who wasn’t as gorgeous as her she may even look fat from shoulder to below the chest. She was wearing tight-fitting jeans which accentuated her small slim figure and the proportional anomaly of her breasts.

Kate was a completely different kettle of fish. A well-built blonde bombshell, she was slightly taller than me. She was an athlete and it showed in her long, strong legs and the firmest ass I had ever seen on a girl. Any other man would spill blood to see it in the flesh. Somehow I had never really had that urge. She wore pyjamas already, and the only suggestion of any sexuality about any part of this situation was the fact that under her pink singlet top, she didn’t seem to be wearing a bra. But hey, it was her house, and she was already in her PJ’s. There was no need, really.

The day itself progressed pretty much as anyone would expect — We acted like little kids again. We messed around on the Xbox a little, jumped about on the trampoline, chatted and had a lovely meal. When it got late we decided to head for bed.

I arrived in the bedroom and stripped off to my boxers and singlet. There was a mattress on the floor and I assumed I’d be lying on that tonight. I looked at the girls.

“Well, it’s been fun but time for sleep!” I said in an upbeat tone. Kate, who was side-on, suddenly changed expression. A happy smile turned into a sudden evil smirk.

“Sleep?” she asked so slyly that my heart skipped a beat. “We never said anything about sleep, did we?”

“Well, this IS a sleepover, Kate.” I hadn’t responded so surely, and Sophie must have noticed, turning towards me and chuckling, that same smirk on her face.

“No, I just said to stay the night. There’ll be no sleep, darling.”

As those words came out of her mouth, I felt the contents of my boxers churn. I was a slow riser at the best of times. It wasn’t a bad thing, and I would eventually reach my peak without a problem. However those words suddenly sent a surge through my cock and within a few seconds I was as hard as I had ever been. It was almost instant and I felt that the tent it was making would be seen by them very soon — But I also felt as if they had expected to see exactly that.

Sophie approached me with that sexy smile keeping me mesmerised, unable to avert my eyes. I backed away from her, staring at her and heading towards the bed. I didn’t make it that far however, as I ran into another body which immediately grabbed me and pulled me onto it. Kate’s arms wrapped around me and trapped me in place.

Now Kate was strong I’ll admit, but I knew that I could break the grapple without hurting her if I tried. While my brain told me to, my body wouldn’t resist. My heart was drowning out my brain and in my heart I really didn’t want to fight this.

“Come on, Sophie” Kate grinned and rubbed my side. Sophie crawled towards me like a seductive kitten and as she approached, I squirmed but my body wouldn’t allow the strength to break free. When Sophie was over me, close enough for me to feel the warmth of her breath, Kate whispered again.

“He’s all yours,” she whispered, but it was into my ear and the brunt of the emotion was directed at me.

As soon as Sophie’s tongue entered my mouth, I froze. My brain and heart went crazy with emotion — Years of repressed lust suddenly flushed out. I didn’t quite know what to think or do, but after a few seconds of letting her explore with her tongue I reciprocated, making out with her. The next minute went so slowly but I felt the ecstasy of kissing this girl I had known for so long. Occasionally I would feel Kate’s tongue licking and nibbling around my ear, just adding to the feeling. My hands had moved to Sophie’s ass and I began groping it with all my power, not letting free until she pulled away. I turned around at their touch and was on top of Kate, my lips going straight to hers as I continued the passionate kissing with her, all the while Sophie now on my back giving me a shoulder massage.

That didn’t last as long however, the tease of Kate’s tongue and lips giving me only seconds of joy before Sophie pulled me away.

“So, is it time for your show, Katie baby?” Sophie asked.

“Yeah, I like putting on shows. I’m quite the dancer, don’t you know?”

I did know, both Kate and Sophie had been part of the dance group at school, and in her final year Kate had actually led the group. With hips and an ass like hers, it was no surprise she knew how to move. She stood up over me, while Sophie began to rub against me, exploring with her hands and body.

I knew Kate’s dance was personalised for me when she began to gyrate those tight, perfect hips of hers. She swayed and her long blonde hair would rush around. When she bent forward I saw perfect cleavage and knew for sure that she hadn’t been wearing anything underneath that singlet top. That being said, the majority of focus was on her ass, as she spun around and slowly began to drop those pink pyjama pants, rotating her hips erotically. I began to breathe deeply when I saw what was underneath. Kate was wearing a pair of green bike shorts that were so tight they may as well have been painted on. When she spun around I read what was written on the crotch of the shorts: ‘Nymph Princess’. I read it and all that came out of my mouth was a stuttered “I’m starting to think that’s about right.”

“You’ve seen nothing, Nic,” Kate smiled as she stepped out of her shorts and gave both me and Sophie a peck on the cheek each.

“Oh Kate, why do you always seem to end up losing clothes every time you dance?” asked Sophie, however my gaze had not moved from Kate’s firm, tight, perfect ass.

“Well, all the dancing makes me a bit hot. There’s no air-con, it’s summer, I’m a little warm.”

“Well, now that you mention it, I am getting a little hot.” Sophie stood up, and unzipped her jacket. Now my gaze shifted. “Yeah, I am starting to get uncomfortable in this.” Her hand moved to her jeans and she unzipped that, before unbuttoning the top of her jeans. In a slow, seductive motion she let both her jeans and jacket fall to the floor, standing there in nothing but her underwear. “Ahh, that’s much better.”

I took the sight in. Sophie, the girl I had known for so many years, and had all this repressed love and lust for, stood in a white matching cotton bra and panties, covered with red and pink love hearts. It seemed immature and childish but at the same time oh-so-sexy. The bra seemed too small for her tits, as if it was fitted to her height but not her bust. As she turned I got a look at her ass; her panties were not as tight as Kate’s shorts but still fitted very well.

Suddenly a rush of sexual desire over came me and my hands lurched out. I began to grope her ass, as she backed towards me. My hands continued to explore outside her panties, until I eventually became daring enough to slip both in at either side. However as soon as I did that, Sophie dropped. She sat above me, my hands trapped. I couldn’t pull them out because of the awkward positioning.

“Well, looks like you’re an eager beaver, but you’re all tied up now.” Sophie gave a smile as she adjusted my head between her legs, my hands in the weirdest bondage I could ever imagine. I still managed to make the most however, stroking Sophie’s side with my trapped hands.

Kate had watched this entire incident unravel, and was entertained by it all.

“Oh, damn Sophie honey. I had just cooled off and you strip down. You’ve made me so hot again. And to trap our buddy here…” Her hand had moved down her shirt and now made her way to her shorts. For the first time I noticed just how wet my ‘Nymph Princess’ had gotten. The light green shorts were soaked and only getting wetter as her fingers began to explore around the area. Her pleasuring continued in a pattern, going slower and faster. Her hips began to join the motion, and as she gyrated her breathing got shallower.

“Oh fuck, this is what I needed!” she gasped. “Shit Sophie, you make me so hot. Come here!” Kate leaned over my body and started to kiss Sophie. As she did, her pussy came close to my face, and I took in the scent of her juices. Every time she kissed Sophie and pulled away, I got another whiff of her beauty, and a sight of her now absolutely drenched shorts. They were so wet and so tight that I could see her cameltoe, and realised she was completely shaven. I began to rub Sophie’s side just to keep my fidgeting hands distracted.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” She could barely get the words out while gasping for breath. Her hand was now firmly down her shorts, I could only assume her fingers were deep inside her mound. I was desperate for some relief of my own, I wanted to jack myself off but I couldn’t as my hands were stuck.

“Shit shit shit here I go.” Her hips began to buck and her fingers were now moving back and forth so fast. She let out a moan and I saw a rush of her juice in her shorts. It was absolutely saturated now, drops of her love coming from between her legs.

Kate collapsed on top of me, still trying to catch her breath.

“Oh wow, that seemed wonderful, Katey baby!” Sophie was giggling like that little girl again as she crawled over me, giving me an opportunity to slip my hands out. As I looked down at my stomach where the two girls were now meeting, I couldn’t perfectly follow what they were both talking about. Kate licked her fingers clean, and presented Sophie her middle finger, which Sophie took and sucked on for a second.

“Okay baby, I need to recover. Why don’t you give Nic here some of that love you were handing out earlier?”

Kate rolled away onto the edge of the bed, while Sophie turned to face me.

“Hmm, I’m having so much fun,” she said staring in my eyes. She dropped onto me again and I made no hesitation in reciprocating, spinning her around so I was on top. We kissed more passionately this time, and my hands got a little more daring. I needed to see my love bare, but every time I would snatch at her bra or the hem of her panties, a hand would slap it away, but then stroke it gently as if to rub away a pain that wasn’t there. My cock was absolutely rock hard and as our two layers of clothing rubbed together I was scared I would let it out there and then. I had quite the restraint physically, but in my brain I couldn’t take the fact that Sophie wouldn’t let me strip her nude. Then, as if she had been reading my thoughts, she pulled me away and smiled.

“Look, here’s the deal. You teased me for so long. I’m going to make you wait and suffer like we did for 10 years. But hey, if you want this night to have nudity so much, I’m sure it could be arranged. Katey baby, could you help us out?”

I wasn’t about to turn around to see what was happening behind me, because Sophie latched her lips onto mine again and we continued to make out. When I felt another pair of hands on my hips though I knew what was going on, and for some reason I didn’t fight it. I let Kate pull down my boxer shorts, adjusting my legs to let them slide smoothly off. I felt the cool air against my ass and the dangling of my hard tackle. I stayed on my knees because I feared if my cock touched Sophie’s body I would lose my self-control and cum there and then.

While I kept on making out with Sophie, my mind was wary of what Kate would do next. After a few seconds that felt like an age, I felt something against my bare ass. It took a few seconds to take in but I realised it was Kate. She had pressed her shorts against me and I felt just how wet they really were. It was the closest to bare love that I had felt so far and it made me shudder. Kate stretched her body over mine and I felt her breath against my face as she leaned against me, her pussy still rubbing my ass.

“I know this is going to be hard babe, but please keep still.”

I did as I was told, making the most of this break to stare directly into Sophie’s eyes. They were absolutely gorgeous eyes, and it was the first time that night I had felt a non-sexual love for the girls. It didn’t last long however, because I felt a cold sensation down my spine and needed to work out exactly what it was. As I felt Kate pulling at my shirt, I worked out what had happened. She had cut my singlet with a knife and pulled me onto my back. The two girls took a side of my shirt each and pulled on it, chucking it away…

And there I was. Completely naked in front of two of my best female friends. My rock-hard cock was protruding out and there was nothing I could do to hide my body… And somehow I knew I didn’t want to. Sophie grabbed my boxers and singlet, stepping off the bed and taking them somewhere. I didn’t get much of a look because at that moment Kate mounted me, smiling as she spoke a few words.

“All this word has made me so hungry. Give me a feed, you hot motherfucker!”

She dropped her mouth to mine and began making out. I hadn’t had very long kissing her last time, but this time my complete attention was on her kiss. Admittedly, she seemed to be more experienced, much slicker with her tongue than Sophie was. She didn’t have quite the same raw passion but she had a graceful style that made my entire body heat up. I stood no chance and my cock was really beginning to throb. Sophie came back, giving Kate a slap on the ass as she stood over the both of us.

Kate’s tongue had began to explore the rest of my head and neck, but I was still as unable to speak as I was when it was in my mouth. I couldn’t do or say anything. She began to move lower and lower, leaving a trail of saliva down my chest and to my stomach. As I looked down I could not only see her beautiful blonde hair, but above me another show had begun. With the exclamation “Stop making me so fucking hot, Katey!” Sophie had begun to fondle her breasts. She grabbed her bra and squeezed her nipples through the heart-spotted cotton, giving me another piece of entertainment that made me almost forget about the blonde bombshell at my chest — well actually she wasn’t at my chest anymore, as I felt a hurl of saliva against my cock. Kate’s hand gripped my hard-on and she slapped it against her face.

“Ah yeah, I need some meat. Feed me your sausage, baby.”

Her head went down halfway around my cock, her tongue probing around. She came back up on and on the second dip she managed to take in my entire rod, which by my own reasoning was no mean feat. She sucked and fucked as if she had been doing it all her life (I hoped somehow that she hadn’t) and I didn’t know how long I could hold on.

I looked back up to see Sophie still exploring herself. She saw me gawking at her and grinned.

“Am I making you hot? This is all making me hot. Why couldn’t we do this sooner? So many nights I had to grab my horny tits, just pretending that it was you. So many nights Kate had to take her toys, or anything long that she could get her hands on, sucking so hard because she imagined that it was you. So many nights we would touch each other, but no matter how hard we touched or how hard we came, we knew it wasn’t the way we imagined it with you.”

At the end of each of Sophie’s sentences Kate would give an extra effort suck, making me shudder and moan. The girls were in absolute control of me, and at that moment I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

“So many nights… Oh Nic, I fucking need you in me.”

As Kate began to kiss the tip of my dick, I watched Sophie unhook her bra, letting it fall next to me. I forgot everything that was happening at my hips as I stared at the beauty in front of me. Her breasts were perfect with her nipples already hard. They still seemed a little bigger than expected but for some reason her petite body managed to complement them — And bigger is generally better, right? I stared as she fondled her bare boobs, wondering if she was as ecstatic as I was — The look on her face seemed like she was still in control — Something I didn’t think I was.

I began to take it all in and broke my gaze to look down at Kate expertly bobbing on my cock. I wrapped my legs around her and suddenly I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. The sight of one of my best friend’s perfect tits, and another of my best friend giving me a perfect blowjob. In all my wettest, wildest dreams I could not have imagined this. Sophie, as if noticing my struggle, or perhaps reading my mind again, smiled and whispered.

“Just give in, baby. Just cum.”

So I did. As Kate dived down again I released my demon, my hips bucking painfully but pleasurably as I shot one of my biggest loads ever onto Kate’s face. Some spurted on her face but she managed to effectively lap the majority of it in her mouth. When I thought I was finished, Kate’s tongue tapped my head and I let off the last few spurts of cum. She lapped it up happily before crawling through Sophie’s legs and over me.

“Thanks honey, I’m so full now, that was wonderful!”

She turned to face Sophie, her ass directly in my face. Sophie dropped to sit down on my now-softening cock. I read the words on Kate’s crotch, ‘Nymph Princess’ again and knew how true that was. I didn’t have a great view (Actually, I couldn’t ask for much more than a view of Kate’s ass) but could easily hear every word of the conversation between Kate and Sophie.

“Oh Soph, that was the greatest meal I’ve ever eaten, but I’m so full now. Here, I’ve got some left, have a taste.”

“Why thank you.”

Kate must’ve leaned in because her ass pressed against my nose, her shorts still drenched against my chin and neck. They began to kiss but not for long.

“That is delicious,” Sophie exclaimed, before leaning her head over to see me. “How long have you been cooking that up?”

I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant but I had a pretty good idea. “Well, I’ve been inactive for 2 and a half weeks… Which is actually a while.”

“I bet it is you horny little boy!” That was Kate, whose eyes were fairly fixed on the same sight mine had been minutes before.

“Sophie sweetie, I told you your boobies would fall out.”

“No, how could I keep them pent up as hard and horny as they are… But look, lets ignore that, they’re just there. Poor Nic under there is probably suffocating… Though I think the oxygen is reaching his cock again.”

Both the girls laughed and I could feel Sophie shaking a little while she giggled, her panties rubbing against my cock which as she had noticed was starting to swell again. That didn’t take long.

“But look, we’ve both had a feed now, poor Nic here hasn’t eaten properly since dinner. I think we should feed him as well… But I’m sure he’d enjoy a different entrée.”

Kate stood up and Sophie slid up my naked body, stopping first to give me a peck on the lips, then again to let her tits rub against my face. Finally her hips reached my face and as she climbed on top, her order was simple. “Eat, baby.” I didn’t need to be asked twice, my tongue instantly working overtime to pleasure my beloved. Looking up I could see her tits jiggling as she bounced on me. I never thought I would find so much pleasure in getting a girl off through her panties, but licking and sucking this cotton was orgasmic in itself. Not to mention a still-horny Kate at my legs feeling every part of my body with her hands and tongue, I was almost as rock-hard as I had been before I last came.

Sophie’s panties were getting wet very fast. I knew some of it could be attributed to my saliva but there was no way that could be all that was wetting her. She was yelling above me.

“Oh fuck Nic, I’ve wanted this for so long, just for you to get me off. I didn’t care how, whether it was tongue or cock, but I just needed you to touch my hot, horny, naughty pussy, and just fuck me like the animal I am.”

Before tonight I had never heard Sophie use half of those words, but hearing them now only fuelled my lust. Between shallow gasps and winces, I heard a barrage of words, with ‘fuck’, ‘cum’ and ‘hot’ being at the top of the list. I took in her pussy juices by sucking on her soaked panties, at the same time pleasuring her further.

When she orgasmed I couldn’t believe the force. If I wasn’t lying directly on my back she could’ve broken my neck as she bucked wildly, with the rush of juice and heat so stron. I took drops in that went straight down my throat, my mouth and nose working overtime to just take in as much as possible. It made me so hot that I think she managed to settle before I did. When I did she gave me another simple order.

“Well these panties are useless now. I need to take them off, could you hold on to them for me?”

I somehow knew exactly what she meant and bit down on her panties as she stood back up, leaving them behind. I stared at this now naked beauty, her pussy with nothing but a landing strip of pubic hair. Her slit was so tight and tiny even after she just let the amount of juice through it. I knew not much had gone in there before.

As she stepped out of her panties I kept sucking on them before managing to throw them off with a shake of the head. Well, now 2 of us were exposed to the flesh. Kate gave me a hand back up to a sitting position before the three of us sat in a circle for a bit of conversation.

“Well, did that satisfy your hunger? I’ve been building that up since… Well actually only since the night we invited you over, I touched myself for hours over the thought of this actually happening.”

I was a bit shocked by Sophie’s statement but managed to crack a smile. “Yeah, definitely satisfying.”

“Well, we’ve all cum once now,” noted Kate. “I think the main course is nearly ready, but first of all — Who do you think had the most fun?”

I was certain it was myself. I had to rate it on two factors: Being set off by someone else and over exposed flesh. Sophie had the first, and Kate had the second. I was the only one who managed to get both — Kate’s tongue on my exposed dick. As if reading my mind once again, they both turned to me.

“Definitely you, Nic!” Sophie smiled. “I loved just showing myself to you.”

“Yeah, and I got to suck on your meat. I need to do that again.”

“Well it’s confirmed, I think Nic’s the winner. That means you get the main course, but first of all I think the pre-dinner show is about to begin.”

Kate winked at her friend and stood over me, spinning around seductively. Her dance continued as she shook her hips, however the first piece of clothing to go was her singlet top, as she lowered the shoulder straps and pulled it off in one graceful motion that seemed part of the dance’s choreography. She didn’t break stride as her body was exposed, showing her breasts. They were probably the same size as Sophie’s but on her taller, more athletically built body seemed smaller and perkier. That being said, I didn’t think that’s what I was most excited about.

Kate continued her dance as Sophie rubbed her body against mine, her pussy against my hip. I knew how close we were to genital contact, something my tent of a dick was waiting for. She wouldn’t allow it though, nibbling at my ear while I watched what was going on in front of me. Kate had now moved her hands to her hips and twirling around, hooked in and pulled the green shorts slowly down. My ‘Nymph Princess’ was now completely exposed as well. I stared at her perfect pussy — hairless as I had noted earlier through her soaked shorts. It was bigger than but just as tight as Sophie’s, and wondered just how many fingers she had stuck in there earlier.

“Two fingers, but I was only guessing and…” Kate had read my mind once again and she glanced down at my cock “… I probably should’ve gone for 3 or maybe 4 to get a closer match.”

Her pussy was great, but as I felt Sophie’s hand cupping my balls I again thought that there was one better sight. I nudged my head in a turning motion and Kate obliged, and there it was. I stared at that ass, absolutely perfect in every way. Tanned, tight, firm and fuckable. I wasn’t a fan of anal but if I could stick anything in that perfect ass I would. Kate bent over in her dance motion and I got a good look at everything – Tits, pussy and ass. That sight almost sent me into overdrive, and I fought all my forces in order to keep from cumming again.

So I didn’t know what was coming next. I was naked in bed with two of my best friends, two beautiful girls whom I had loved platonically since before I was a teenager — Also completely naked. They had declared their years of lust and want of me, and I had felt years of lust I didn’t think there — somehow repressed — feeding out. They had already made me cum once but I knew I was loaded and ready to go again. Both of them had cum once and I knew they were both just as ready. I decided to throw caution to the wind and speak, something I had only done a few times since we had ‘gone to bed’.

“So when does the main course start exactly?” At that statement, both the girls immediately moved on top of me and began to rub me, Kate my chest and Sophie my thighs.

“Well baby,” Kate started but was interrupted by Sophie.

“I want to get fucked!”

I think even Kate was stunned by this, we both turned to face her. Until this moment I felt the girls had been in complete control but that sudden exclamation made me feel that even Sophie was now overcome by lust. Kate managed to compromise.

“I understand darling. I’m going to let you, you deserve his cock. It’s big though, trust me I struggled to take it all, I don’t know how your poor little pussy is going to go.” She glanced at my hard penis and then at Sophie’s mound and nodded. “Yeah, it could hurt.”

“I don’t care! I just need his cock in me, I need to be fucked! Not want, need!”

“Okay baby, go for it. Nic?”

It was a moment of truth for me, and as expected my cock was my brain. “Get on Sophie baby, I’m going to fuck you like the hot, horny animal you are. That’s what you wanted, didn’t you?”

“Needed, Nic. Needed!” Sophie reminded me, almost relieved that I said yes. She climbed over me as I was still lying flat on my back. Her pussy struggled to find a fit but eventually she did, and she slowly got the confidence to ride me up and down.

“Your mouth seems a little bored, Nic. Here’s the main course, I hope you enjoy our meal.” Kate stood over me and turned. I got a perfect look at her ass as she lowered herself onto my face. My tongue immediately went to her bare pussy slit, licking her with more drive than I had with Sophie. My eyes had two possible sights: The bouncing of Kate’s ass as she rubbed herself against my face, trying to take in as much as possible, and the bouncing of Sophie’s tits as she rode me like a horse. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have my cock rubbing inside her tiny pussy, and I knew orgasm was only a moment away.

The next few minutes felt like days, and I didn’t mind because I wanted this to last forever. Kate was lowered over me, occasionally licking at my cock or Sophie’s pussy. I had my hands on Sophie’s ass, slapping and groping it. My eyes were watching the beautiful scenes in front of me, and my mouth and nose were working overtime taking in Kate’s juice. My senses went into overdrive and somehow we managed to all hit breaking point simultaneously. Kate’s pussy rubbed incredibly hard against my face and I felt as if I would suffocate under the beauty. If I was going to die, this is how I wanted to go. I shot my load deep into Sophie’s pussy as she screamed out louder than I had ever heard her scream. I knew she was a loud girl but I expected windows to shatter under that sound. I came harder than last time, something I thought impossible. But this was the hardest I had ever orgasmed in my life and as we all went crazy with lust, I knew that this was the greatest moment of my love life.

It took a few minutes for us to all catch our breath and I may well have blacked out because the next thing I remember, both of the girls were cuddled up against me, rubbing my chest and giggling. I tried to speak and it was tough.

I managed to splutter out a weak “Well fuck that was nice. We’re all going to sleep well tonight.”

Sophie giggled as she grabbed my balls. “I know you’re probably light-headed and aren’t thinking straight but you can’t forget already. There’s no sleeping tonight, my love. Now, who’s up for a board game?”

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