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Nick’s Gift

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Freda met Nick on a dating site and they soon found out they were living in the same city. One date followed another and before long they were lovers. Nick was always trying to push Freda a bit further. Broadening her horizon, he called it. Freda would laugh, but most of the times she was more than willing to try something new.

Except for his latest idea. No matter how much Nick reassured her that she would enjoy it, she was not so sure. And Nick had finally understood and dropped the matter completely. So, when he told her he was taking her to a Christmas party he was throwing for his co-workers, she was merely curious to find out where and what kind of a party it was going to be.

“Can’t you give me a hint? What do I wear? Casual? Formal?”

Nick chuckled. “Not going to tell you, sweets. Just put on your silver-grey suit, the one with the short pleated skirt. It makes you look like an ice queen. Oh, and to please me, nothing under the jacket. Okay?”

“Nothing? Planning something naughty, are you?”

The only answer she got was the click as he put down the phone. Freda felt a tingle of anticipation run through her body. Nick was good at that; building anticipation. He would hint at something sexual but would take his time in actually doing something. He knew she loved that.

The silver-grey suit, hmm. She liked that one. The short skirt showed off her long legs but she hesitated over the jacket. Nothing under it meant no bra either, the deep v-neck would not allow one. She turned in front of her mirror to see how it looked. Her breasts were a bit heavy but the jacket was tailored enough to give her a nice shape. The sheer black thigh-highs gave her legs a glossy look and the small, dangling, silver Christmas globes in her ears were the perfect finishing touch. With a last look at herself she stepped into the black stilettos, picked up her purse and left the bedroom.

Nick was flipping through a magazine, but put it aside the minute she came in. His startling blue eyes took in every inch of her appearance.

“Perfect. Just perfect. You look absolutely fuckable.”

He grinned as she made a face.

“Come here.”

His hands slipped under the jacket, traveling up her back.

“Just checking if you paid heed to my request.”

He laugh was a deep rumbling as Freda shivered. She couldn’t help it, but she liked him stroking her back. The faint thrill came back and she stood on her toes to kiss him. Putting her arms around his neck, she pressed her body against his, letting him feel her breasts against his shirt. Nick was not going to give her more than a quick kiss though, not even when she pointed out they were standing under some mistletoe.

“Come on, sweets. We have some way to go.”

Freda again tried to get some information out of him, but he refused to tell her where they were going or who threw the party. He just helped her in the car, taking a good look at her legs. As he drove out of the city, Freda turned on the radio, searching for Christmas music to get in the mood. The car was a safe little place as they sped through the night. There was not much traffic. Most people were at home, getting ready for their own Christmas parties.

“Freda? Will you do me a favor?”

Freda was startled out of her thoughts. She’d been thinking about later, when they would return to her place, or his.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well, you look so classy and cool. I would love to see you do something hot and sluttish.”

“Oh? Like what?” Freda heard her own breath hitching.

“Take off your panties?”

“Somehow, I feel there’s more coming.”

Freda laughed softly and Nick joined her, his deep belly laugh filling the inside of the car.

“That’s right. I’d love to see your pussy. Just bend your one leg on the seat and turn my way a bit. Please?”

Freda puffed out an exaggerated sigh. Nick knew she could never refuse his pleading look. Wiggling her bottom a bit she managed to slip off the black lace panties. She hesitated a moment before putting them in the glove compartment. Next she turned her body towards Nick and put her leg on the seat. The short skirt fell back, giving him a perfect view of her shaved lips.

Nick looked aside frequently, making appreciative sounds. Finally he pulled the car over.

“Are you wet? Show me.”

Freda felt the heat creep up to her face. She loved being watched and this exhibition was turning her on. With her eyes half-closed she slipped one hand between her legs, the other inside the jacket. Her nipples were already stiffening and she could feel her folds getting slick. She spread her legs a bit more and opened her pussy.

“See how wet you make me? Want to feel it?”

“No … I just want to look at you, my classy slut who is showing me her wet slit, fingering herself. Go on, I know you want to.”

He was right. Freda was getting hornier by the minute. His blue eyes seemed to call her juices forth and she licked her lips as she played with her nipples and rubbed across her clit, spreading the pearly wetness around.

Nicks soft voice spurred her on and it took her only moments to bring herself to the brink. She looked at Nick; his intense concentration on her pleasuring herself pushed her over the edge. Her hips bucked and her breath came in short bursts.

When Freda finally came back from her high, Nick was already driving again. He had a secretive smile on his face, but refused to say anything, apart from telling her how hot she looked. She reached for the glove compartment, but Nick stalled her.

“Leave it off. For me. I love the thought of you without panties.”

Freda sighed. Nick always knew which buttons to push. Perhaps he was taking her out for a late meal later? Maybe he wanted to tease her while making polite conversation with his colleagues? They had played games like that before, and she had loved it. As he pulled the car in and parked, Freda looked around her and sighed in awe at the romantic picture in front of her. It had started snowing without her noticing it and the world had turned into a place of quiet. She frowned in surprise, as this place was new to her. She had never seen it before. It looked like an old farmhouse of some sorts.

“Nick? What is …?”

“Shhh. I told you, it’s a surprise. You could say, it’s my Christmas present to you. Just come along. I know you’ll love it.”

Freda shrugged. He had never disappointed her before, so she followed him to the sturdy wooden door. He knocked and spoke with somebody on the other side of the small pane that had slid open. It took a few moments and then the door opened to let them in.

Freda looked around her in surprise. The interior had been remodeled, rebuilt more likely and they stood in an elegant room that probably stretched the entire length of the building. The oak beams were left visible and the walls were plastered a soft yellow. Boughs of evergreens and a big Christmas tree at the back of the space gave the room a festive look. She saw a few sketches on the walls, which looked like blue prints for toys, but she couldn’t take a closer look as the people inside took up her attention. With Nick’s hand in her back, she was propelled further inside and she smiled politely at the couples already there. They all wore shades of green and red, giving the room an extra Christmassy feel.

Nick’s deep voice startled her, but his subsequent action shocked her into a state of frozen disbelieve.

“Good evening, my elves. I brought a present with me. This is Freda.”

He stood behind her and reached around.

“And she has a hot, wet pussy, ready to play.”

With a soft laugh he lifted up her skirt.

Freda felt her face turn beet red.

“Nick, are you crazy!”

She tried to smooth her skirt down, but Nick caught her wrists and held them behind her back. He chuckled and whispered in her ear.

“You love being looked at. Let go, you know you want to. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

With his hands holding her wrists she was at least spared the embarrassment of having her skirt lifted. But that was not for long. One of the men stepped in front of her, smiled and grasped the hem of her skirt.

“Hi Freda. That was a quick peek, Nick. Mind if I take a longer look?”

He winked and moved the skirt up again. His eyes dropped and Freda could tell he liked what he saw. He licked his lips and despite her embarrassment, she could feel herself getting turned on. She had refused to go to a swingers club with Nick more out of uneasiness with her own lust than anything else. She’d been scared Nick would find her too much of a slut.

“Sure, John. That’s why I brought her along.”

Nick kissed her neck, nibbling at the sensitive spot near her collarbone and Freda squirmed a bit. Not sure if it was to get away from or closer to his attentions.

“Nick … I don’t think …”

“Don’t … think, I mean. Just enjoy what’s happening. Can you feel his eyes on your legs, your slick lips? Enjoying the sight of your pussy?”

Freda clamped her thighs together, not willing to admit she was. She closed her eyes but they snapped open again when she heard another voice in front of her.

“Hmm, Freda, that pussy of yours looks really nice. Why don’t you spread your legs a bit? Show us some more.”

“Maybe we should help her a bit. I can understand her being shy. It’s her first time, isn’t it, Nick?”

This was a female voice, and Freda looked over to see a grinning blonde with her blouse open, her breasts in a lacy half-bra on display for everybody in the room. She didn’t wait for an answer but reached over and started unbuttoning Freda’s jacket, stroking her through the soft material while she was doing it.

Freda bit her lip. She was still sensitive from her play in the car and she realized Nick had set her up. She was terribly horny and even if it was from a woman, the touch on her breasts was getting to her.

“Nick, please …”

Freda tried to turn to Nick, but he was merely nibbling her neck and blowing softly down her cleavage.

“I can see your nipples getting hard. Are you getting wet? Shall I ask John or maybe Silvia to feel?”

Freda felt her breath hitch. Nick was right. She was getting wet. She could feel little spirals of lust starting in her belly at the thought of those strangers touching her. Her body went soft and willing at that instant and she was sure Nick felt it. He released her wrists and unzipped her skirt, sliding it down her hips.

“Go on, step out of it. You know you want to. They want you too. Can’t you see it? They’re dying to see more of you, touch you, kiss you.”

Nicks whispers turned her on even more and with a small sigh Freda gave in. She stepped out of her skirt and stood naked from the waist down. Her long legs in the shiny black hold-ups a perfect contrast with the creamy skin of her belly and the pink folds of her shaved lips, crowned with a small strip of dark curls.

The blonde woman, Sylvia, had busied herself with taking off Freda’s jacket, so now she was showing her naked breasts as well. Freda shivered. They could all see the pink nipples swelling. She looked at Sylvia and saw her smiling encouragement.

“Let yourself go, Freda. It’s marvelous. Honest. I was embarrassed too, the first time, you know.”

The blonde woman got rid of her own blouse and skirt too. As Freda watched she walked to a sofa and sat down, one leg on the floor, the other up on the couch. A couple who had stood a bit back came over and started caressing her. The sight was erotic and Freda squirmed.

“That’s right, show me how hot you are.”

Her attention snapped back to the stranger in front of her. John, Nick had called him. Nick, where was Nick? Freda looked around, scared he would leave her, but he was close by. Watching, smiling and nodding to her. Her eyes dropped to his hands and she saw he was slowly stroking the bulge in his pants. He always liked to watch, she knew that. So she wasn’t really surprised.

The sudden hands on her nipples caused her to gasp. It was the other stranger. He grinned at her.

“Hi, Freda. I’m Frank. Nice tits.”

He rolled her nipples between his fingers and tugged at them till they were hard as stones. Freda moaned; it felt so good. She shifted her stance and was immediately rewarded with the feel of a hot breath on her pussy.

“Yes, that’s better. Why don’t you come over here?”

John motioned her to another sofa and with Frank tugging on her nipples she followed both men. Frank sat down and pulled her upper body in his lap. She felt John move her legs apart and knew she was open for his avid eyes. But Frank was still busy with her tits, bending over her to lick the tips and she was feeling herself getting all worked up.

The first touch on her wet folds made her buck her hips. It had to be John as Frank was still kissing and biting her nipples. Freda looked down her body and saw him on his knees between her legs, his hands holding her thighs apart. The sight made her even hotter. It was so terribly sluttish, god, she loved it.

Soon Freda was lost in the sensations from Frank on her breasts and John licking her slit. He tickled her clit with his tongue and when she started panting he inserted his fingers, pumping her hard until she screamed. She bucked her hips wildly, exploding from the thrill of being brought to climax by two strangers while Nick watched her.

Still panting Freda leaned back on the sofa and watched Frank and John as they started caressing each other. They had shed their clothes without her noticing it, and were now stroking each others cock. She was surprised how erotic she found it to look at them. Her hand crept down her belly but she never reached her clit.

“No, you don’t. It’s my turn now.”

Nick loomed over her, a grin on his broad face. With a deft movement he turned her on her knees and pulled her to the edge of the sofa. His fingers spread her lips and she could feel him step aside for a minute.

“Now they can all see how hot and wet you are. Your pussy is wide open, and girl, it looks hungry.”

Nick chuckled and Freda felt his cock sliding through her wetness, his head touching her clit.

“Please, Nick, fuck me. Please!”

Freda didn’t care who heard or saw anymore. She was so horny, all she cared about was feeling a cock inside her, filling her, stretching her walls. With a sigh she felt him slide in. One smooth movement brought him in all the way to his balls. She closed her eyes to concentrate on the glorious feeling, moving her hips back to meet every stroke.

Nicks hand crept around her, his fingers finding her clit to rub little circles over it till she was begging him to make her come. He put some more pressure on and slammed his cock inside as deep as he could. Freda could feel his come spurt against her womb and the sensation pushed her to her own peak. She sucked in breath and let out a low moan.

“Oh god, oh god, this is so good.”

Freda sprawled across the couch and joined in with Nick’s laughter until she realized his sounded even more like a ho-ho-ho than usual. When she turned to look at him, she noticed for the first time how much he resembled the fun picture she had kept for years; the one with a hunky Santa Claus pleasuring his elves. She blinked a few times as she took a closer look at the others. Did Frank and John really have pointed ears?

She opened her mouth but Nick patted her thigh.

“I’m glad you liked your gift. All you have to do is thank Saint Nick.”

This time his laughter was a definite ho-ho-ho.

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