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Just a Summer Job

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It was the last summer before I graduated in the fall from college and I found a job with one of the larger apartment complexes near the campus. In exchange for rent and a small wage I did minor maintenance on the units. I did a lot of filter replacements, minor plumbing and other type things that were a constant headache for the manager.

One day she sent me to an apartment that was reporting a leak under the kitchen sink. I arrived at the door, knocked and waited and then entered with the pass key. As I was spreading my tools out in front of the sink a man came in rubbing a towel on his head. Apparently from the droplets of moisture that reflected light from the window I could tell he had just gotten out of the shower. Of particular attention was the sparkle of light glistening on his cock and in his pubic hair.

He noticed me and was a little startled and then laughed saying he forgot I was coming by this morning. I stammered an apology about knocking first but my eyes were fixed on his cock. When I finally broke my gaze I looked up and he was watching me. I know I must have blushed but he just smiled and said no problem. He tossed the towel around his neck, walked over to the counter and took out a glass. His cock seemed to be swelling and it dangled about a foot in front of me. I watched it intently barely hearing whatever he was saying.

My heart was pounding as he turned and went to the fridge to pour a drink. I tried not to be obvious and was making some sort of conversation trying to have a reason to look at him. He told me to help myself to anything and he would be back. I could help but to watch as he walked by again and left the room my eyes glued to his cock. I took a few deep breaths and tried to focus on the task but kept seeing that cock in my mind.

I laid on the floor of the cabinet under the sink and searched for the problem. The leak turned out to be the sprayer attached to the faucet. I loosened the sprayer and had it off and was beginning to put a new one on when he came back in. I looked immediately to see if he was naked but he had put on a loose pair of gym shorts. He walked over and stood by the sink and asked how it was going. I told him I was just about finished, From where I was lying I could see up the legs of his shorts and saw the head of his cock near the bottom on the leg. It also looked like it was wet at the tip with precum. I could feel my own cock beginning to swell as hurried to tighten the sprayer.

I asked him to turn the water on and try the sprayer to see if it would leak and it did a little. OF course while I was waiting to see if there was a leak I was actually looking at his cock. A drop of water that ran off the line and hit me in the forehead was my first awareness of the leak. I reached up with one hand and held on the edge of the counter. By pulling up I was able to get a better grip on the nut of the sprayer and twisted it further. I asked him to try it again and when he leaned over to turn on the faucet I felt his cock press into my hand. I froze and waited for him to move back. When he didn’t I began to rub my hand against his cock and felt it get harder. When I finally was able to say something I told him the leak was fixed.

As he pulled away though I could not help but to slid my hand up his short leg and wrap my hand around his cock. I pulled on it and heard him moan. His cock was oozing precum now and I told him I found another leak that needed attention. I slid out from under the sink and straightened up on my knees. I slid his shorts down and his cock sprang out straight at me. I grabbed the base with one hand and began licking the precum from the tip. I slid my hand from the base toward the tip and another huge rolled out onto my tongue. I then slipped the head into my mouth and began to suck him slowly.

By now my cock was in such a strain that I had to free it. I could feel a wet spot forming in my pants as well. As I stood up to unzip he turned and walked into the living room. I followed as he went over and sat on the couch. I stood in front of him and dropped my pants and he leaned forward and sucked my entire cock to the base in one move. I shuddered as he slowly sucked my cock back to the tip and then leaned back against the couch.

I knelt down between his thighs and his cock stood straight up. I leaned over and held the base and buried it in my mouth. As I sucked up and down I would slid my hand up and down jacking him off as I sucked. His moaning was getting louder and precum was flowing. Once I took his cock out for a breath of air and a strand connected the tip to my tongue. I quickly went back and sucked the head back into my throat and jacked him off with one hand and kneaded his balls with the other. His cock tasted so good there were a couple of times I nearly came just from the sheer excitement I was having from sucking his cock.

I heard his breathing quicken and he told me he was close. I took his cock out of my mouth long enough to say cum for me and went back to sucking him. I began to use my hand more jacking him but still holding his cock in my mouth and suddenly felt the wetness I was craving. I pumped his cock swallowing each load as it erupted until I felt them subside. I took his cock out of my mouth and swallowed the rest that it left. I slowly slid my hand up the shaft and a large drop of cum emerged from the tip. I licked it off and savored the taste, I slid his cock back into my mouth and sucked it up and down a few more times pumping the last of his cum from the tip. As his cock began to shrink I licked the tip trying to get any cum that might still appear.

I leaned back on my heels and precum was dripping from the tip of my still hard cock with a strand connecting my cock and my thigh. He stood up and said it was my turn. With my pants bunched around my feet I managed to turn and sit on the couch. When he touched my cock I nearly came. After he slipped my cock into his mouth and pumped me two maybe three times I shot a load that I haven’t shot in a while. The first eruption sent my head reeling and he in turn sucked me dry just as I had done for him. As we came back to reality we both laughed at the sight of each other. I told him that was amazing and he kidded me about staring at his cock when he first came into the kitchen. I told him I was glad that he noticed and had wanted it as well.

I got dressed, gathered up my tools and told him that he might need to have me come check out the leak under the bathroom sink in a few days and I gave his cock another squeeze. He said he would call the manager tomorrow and set it up.

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