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Nick and the Librarian

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Here I am sitting here all alone on a Friday night again. My mind is not upon the books in front of me and once again I am thinking of other matters. I frown at that thought, for I am getting behind on my studies. I guess I should tell my story from the beginning.

My name is Nick and I am a twenty two year old man attending university and this is my last year of school. I live in a small apartment with my friend of many years.

He has finished his education and now has a job, leaving him time to have parties and invite others over, but it does not fit well with my agenda. I need some quiet time to study, but there is little. I decided to come to the library to study when my roommate has people in. Perfect solution? It was, until I saw her. First it was just a twisted fantasy, now it’s become an obsession. Even if I study elsewhere I come here to watch her.

I don’t know her name or anything else other than what my eyes see. She is not unattractive, but just an ordinary looking fifty something looking woman doing her job as a Librarian. Her hair is pulled back on her head, brown with the odd silver one showing. She wears glasses, simple and academic looking. She is plump but not fat and she dresses very conservatively. Her breasts are large and I dream of them in a large plain white bra. There I go again, daydreaming when I have a task at hand. I don’t know when it started, the dreaming of her I mean, but I can’t stop. I want her. Even though I know she would never be with me. What am I going to do? I watch her and she has no idea that I am watching her.

There he is, the young man who studies so diligently. He is so quiet sitting there, unlike a lot of the others who come here at night. They snap their gum, move around noisily and talk on their cell phones when they are not supposed to. I frown at them and make that “uh hum” noise only we Librarians can make. Why can’t they be quiet like he is? They leave the books on the tables when they go, instead of putting them away, so disrespectful. I look up from my task and see the quiet young man looking at me. I smile at him and he smiles back and quickly looks back to his books. It’s almost like I caught him doing something he should not have. Come to think of it he has been looking at me more and more lately, I wonder why?

Oh no! She saw me watching her and she smiled at me. I hope she does not know what I was thinking about. I think I had better go for a few minutes before I do something really stupid. I stand and walk towards her, “Is it ok to leave my books there for a bit while I grab a coffee?” “Yes, that will be fine, I’ll make sure nobody touches them.”

I go down the block to the coffee shop and grab two coffees to go, my mind still thinking of her. Yes I bought her a coffee. Why? I don’t know. It was just one of those spur of moment things. Maybe I am stupid, but I could just shrug it off as a ‘thanks for watching my books’ thing. I quickly walked back to the library and went inside, its dimness welcoming me. I walked up to her desk and offered her the coffee.

“Thanks for watching my things, I don’t know how you like it, so I put cream in. Hope that’s ok.” Her tired face brightened when I gave her the coffee and I could see it had been a long time since anyone had done anything thoughtful for her. How sad.

“Thank you, cream is fine.” She said taking the cup from my hand, her fingers brushing against mine for just an instant. A shock of desire tore through me with this small innocent contact. She did not seem to notice my reaction.

“You’re welcome.” I said and turned and went back to my table.

My hand was still tingling where she had touched me so innocently. I studied for a while managing to get one assignment completed. I glanced up and saw she was not behind her desk any longer. She was replacing the books the inconsiderate people had left on the tables for her to put away. While I thought this rude, it did me a chance to watch her nice ample ass move within the ugly pants she wore. The pants were an ugly beige shade and they did not compliment her at all, what I would give to pull them down around her ankles and … stop that! My hands flexed with a mind of their own dreaming of squeezing her ass. I know I was staring and I could not stop, my eyes following her, watching her ass and her breasts sway. She is such a sensual sight.

Does she know I watch her? Does she know I want her? Is it wrong to be so infatuated with a woman I do not know, one old enough to be my mother? I don’t think so. I think I am falling in love with her and I do not know her name. I can’t study any more tonight, so I pack up my books and take the ones from the shelves I had used and wandered back to where I had gotten them. I stood looking at the shelves in the dim light, not quite remembering where I had gotten the books from exactly.

“Having problems?”

I jumped a bit because she had startled me. “Ummm, yeah.” I stammered.

I was so nervous and I had not heard her approach until she spoke to me. “I can’t quite remember where I found these.”

“Let me help you.” She walked up close to me with an arm full of books and stood close to me so she could see the books I held. I could smell her scent, it was faint and feminine and as much as she tried to downplay her sexuality, she could not. She smelled very erotic to me. “Hmmmm, you are in the right area, but just a couple sections out. Just let me put these away and I will help you.”

She turned and quickly walked away. I could hear her steps moving quickly away from me. She was gone only a few minutes and then I could hear her return. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears. She led me down the row and showed me where the books belonged. “You know, there are more books on this subject in the stacks, they are older but you may find them interesting. Would you like me to show you where they are?”

She looked at me with inquiring eyes. I never had gotten close enough to her before to notice how pretty those eyes were behind the scholars’ glasses. They were the deepest brown I had ever seen, like fine dark chocolate. I longed to pull the glasses off her face and pull the pins from her hair. I wanted to rip her ugly beige suit from her curvy ample body. I hoped she did not notice how excited I was becoming in her presence.

“Yeah, that sounds great, maybe I can add something new to my paper.” I followed her up the narrow stairs into the stacks. Very few people venture up here and you can smell the musty scent of old paper. The lights up here are older and dimmer than those downstairs. I was fantasizing about her being naked up here when she turned and went down a narrow aisle.

We came to the end of the aisle and she turned to me and said “They are here someplace.” I was pretty naïve, I really thought there were books on the subject up here. She pretended to look even more, getting closer to me once again. I was already half aroused and the dim lights and her scent were not helping me at all.

This is so easy. He has no clue what is about to happen to him, it’s like taking candy from a baby. Look at him, he thinks I don’t see the bulge in the front of his pants, but I do, and I am going to fuck him senseless. He is so young and fresh faced, just how I like my secret conquests. I see how he watches my ass and looks at my breasts and I also see how his hands unconsciously clench and unclench when he is watching. I turn my back to him and pretend to look at the books there and I unbutton my top button exposing a little more cleavage and then I turn back towards him moving closer to him. I see from the corner of my eye that his eyes get larger as he notices my white cleavage that has become exposed to his eyes, but I pretend innocence.

Innocent, Ha! That is the last word that could be used to describe me. I seduce the young university students in the stacks every year, and I have for years. They are so easy to fuck and no tales are ever told about my adventures, I mean, who wants to admit they fucked the bitchy old Librarian?

I get closer to him and he does not move away, always a good sign and it shows me that he is now mine. I pull the stool over because I cannot reach the very top shelf; you can see exactly where this going can’t you?

Yes, I overreached and fell towards him; he dropped his books and caught me in his arms. The contact was electric between us, pressed close to him like this I could feel how aroused he really was. The feel of his erect cock through his pants made my pussy tingle in anticipation; I looked into his eyes and saw there his desire. I kissed him, full on the mouth, not a exploratory kiss but a full out one, leaving him no doubt of my feelings. His arms tightened around me pulling me up tight against him. I plunged my tongue deep into his mouth, letting the tip touch his and swirl around the tip of his own tongue. My breath was coming quicker now as we kissed. His hands grabbed my ass and clenched like they had earlier when he watched me, squeezing just hard enough not to hurt and very exciting.

I pressed my breasts into his chest and let my hands roam around to feel his young tight ass. He groaned with pleasure when I did this and then moved his hands to my waist, pulling my blouse out of the waist of my ugly pants and pulling it off over my head. He then removed my glasses and put them on the shelf with the books. I reached up and pulled the pins from my thick brown hair. It was still long and had only a few strands of silver in it; just enough to look like highlights. I shook my hair out, letting it fall to my waist and when I did this I heard him suck in his breath. I stood in front of him and let him look at me, I may look stodgy from the outside, but under the baggy ugly blouse was a sheer pale pink lacy bra. It held my rather large breasts in place very nicely while making them look incredibly sexy at the same time.

I then slipped out of the horrible beige pants to reveal the matching pink panties. They are the kind called boy-cut and the waist falls just below my bellybutton and high cut on the ass. I know I am too old to wear a thong and it would look ridiculous on my body. I could see the bulge in his pants now. MMMM how very sexy to see him so aroused. I stood before him in my lingerie, my hair falling around my shoulders and my very curvy body on display just for him. I smiled a dirty little smile and crooked my finger towards him in a “C’mere” gesture.

He very quickly came to me and grabbed my hips in his hands and crushed my mouth beneath his. I returned his passion filled kiss with one of my own while pulling off his clothes. Soon he was nude before me, his cock standing straight up and hard as a rock. I placed my hand around it and gently stroked it. He groaned and closed his eyes, enjoying my hand upon his sex. I explored its length and the smooth head, a drop of precum oozing from its tip. I lowered my hand to his balls and caressed them very gently running my finger back and forth between his cock and balls. As much as I enjoyed this I needed my pleasure too, so I quickly removed my hand from his sex and his eyes flew open. I pulled his hands to my breasts and he eagerly slipped them into my bra to caress my erect nipples.

As he touched my nipples I came into my panties. I took one of his hands and placed it onto my wet panties so he could see my arousal, slowly grinding against his hand. He pulled my panties off and tossed them to the side and quickly put his hands onto my pussy. He touched the hair there caressing and then parting my pussy lips. His finger drove deep into me and I came once more onto his hand, my juices flowing down his hand and my leg to the floor below. I grabbed his hand and pulled it from me because I wanted to suck his cock before I let him fuck me. I knelt and took him into my very skilled mouth. I teased the tip with my tongue, swirling around the head before I deep throated him. I slowly slid my mouth up and down his cock in the same rhythm as my hand, while cupping his balls in the other hand. I brought almost to the brink, and then I stopped.

I rose to my feet and looked at him, then I turned my back to him. I looked over my shoulder giving him an invitation to fuck me. I wanted him, very badly, I wanted his cock deep within my wet pussy, sliding in and out and that thought almost made me cum again. He grabbed my hips, buried himself deep into me and groaned with pleasure. We did not move just yet, we just enjoyed the feeling of our bodies melded together.

He moved slowly in a rhythm as old as time and my body responding to his in the same manner. Our fucking was intense and hot. Faster our bodies moved, sweating and fucking each other like the animals we are.

He slowed; I didn’t want him to, but he said to me “I don’t want to cum yet, I want to fuck you longer, I have been dreaming of fucking you for so long.”

His voice was rough sounding and full of sexual desire and making me quiver inside, I knew he felt me too. He reached around to find my very aroused and engorged clit and gently rubbed it between his fingers, bringing me to orgasm while his cock was buried deeply inside of me.

His hands buried themselves in my hair as he pulled my head back to kiss him, and it is an awkward position, but very intense and erotic at the same time. His lips left my mouth and slid down my neck, licking, sucking and kissing. His hands slid around to my breasts kneading them and pinching my nipples between his fingers. The feeling of his lips upon my delicate neck made me cum again, the pussy juices flowing from me to pool on the floor once more. The floor was now slick with my cum. I could take no more and I needed to be fucked, now!

“Fuck me, now, I need you, I want to feel your cum shoot deep into my pussy.” I growled to him. With a cry he did as I asked and he drove his cock in and out of me with an intensity I had not felt for a very long time. I was out of control and my body was bucking in time with his when we both reached our climax. My pussy clenched his pulsing cock milking every last drop of semen from him. We collapsed against one another, spent and sweaty, the smell of sex reeking from us. He held me against him tightly as we leaned against the shelf of books, our breath returning to normal. His cock softened and slipped from me; both of us were sad when he left my body and he reluctantly let go of me. I turned and pressed myself against him and kissed him gently.

Both of us dressed in silence and gathered ourselves before going down to the main floor. I grabbed his arm to stop him and shoved a book into his hand so it looked like we had gone looking for a book. He sat back the table and pretended to look at the book and I returned to my desk. My thighs were still sticky from our cum. We sat like that for about twenty minutes and then he brought the book to my desk and handed it to me.

I gave him a slip of paper and when he read it his eyes lit up and he smiled and he said, “Yes.”

He turned without saying another word. I watched his very fine young ass as he walked away knowing that he would be back soon.

What did the paper say? No it did not say ‘Next week?’ what it did say was ‘Did you enjoy the stacks? I did.’ Would I fuck him again? I didn’t usually repeat my trip to the stacks with the same victim twice but I think this time I just might, next week.

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