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Ruth’s Lust Ch. 02

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Gazing at the man ten feet away on the sand as her son kept rubbing oil into her flesh, she fantasized watching him jack off, his cock big and hard, his balls full. she licked her lips as she say, in her mind, the hot spurts of cock cream spew from his hole…right into her mouth. She moaned, the cheeks of her ass bunching as a small, but nice orgasm exploded in her cunt. She felt her son’s hands pause on her back as she came.

“Something wrong, Mom?” he asked.

“Mmmm, no darling, I’m fine,” she whispered.

Richard, his hands at his mother’s lower back, had seen the sudden clutching of her ass. The tiny bikini bottoms had drawn up into the split of her cheeks, exposing her creamy ass cheeks. Leaning over, he glanced quickly at his mother’s crotch. He saw a few dark cunt hairs curling from under her bikini bottoms, and also a trace of moisture there.

Feeling his cock stiffen inside his trunks, he sat up straight, his hands now shaking slightly as he continued to rub oil into her back. He kept looking at her ass, the backs of her thighs, and realizing his breathing was getting louder.

Ruth knew, too. She listened to her son’s breathing, and knew the sounds very well. When she understood her son had probably seen her ass cheeks bunch and squeeze, she didn’t feel embarrassed. On the contrary, she worked her ass some more, knowing her son was getting a hard-on, wanting him to enjoy looking at her. She flexed her ass cheeks time and again, spreading her thighs a little wider. She purred softly, her imagination becoming wilder and wilder.

“Aunt Ruth?”

Ruth turned her head to see her niece, squatting near her head. Julie squatted knees parted. Ruth found herself looking between them, seeing her satiny inner thighs, the crotch of Julie’s bikini. She could see it pulled tightly, outlining her niece’s cunt.

“What is it, honey?” Ruth asked, her voice husky.

“do you have any money for drinks, it sure is hot out here?”

“Of course, but how about ice cream.” she said, her eyes glazing slightly as she stared, behind the dark sunglasses, at her niece’s crotch and tight ass.

“For everyone?” Julie asked.

“sure,” she said. “Take the money out of my bag.”

She watched Julie rummage about inside the beach bag, finding the money. Julie’s back was to her, and the girl was on her knees. Her cute ass was a tight little bubble butt, like tasty apples barely concealed by her bikini. Ruth had learned she like pussy juice cumming down her throat as much as she liked cum from a guy’s cock back in college. Ruth wondered to herself “How can my brother resist that. Maybe He’s was touching that sweet ass, jacking off as his daughter watched – as he had done with her. The idea excited Ruth.

Ruth and Richard lived close to her brother and sister-in-law, but she saw little of him or her sister-in-law, Angela. But Richard, Johnny, and Julie were not only cousins, but very close friends, too. The three had been almost inseparable as of late. Ruth wondered if they were perhaps more than very close friends and cousins, if they might not be involved in a little erotic play with each other. She didn’t feel any anger about that; she felt good about the possibility.

That her son and nephew were doing what she had done with her brother to their sexy little cousin sent a hot, wet kind of fire through Ruth’s pussy, causing her clit to bulge excitedly. She tried to visualize her son and nephew with cocks hard, fists pumping, while Julie leaned back to catch their cum-loads in her mouth, her legs spread open, her pink pussy wet and exposed.

Her ass writhed with the mental pictures. She felt her son’s hands caressing oil along the backs of her thighs now, and her breath caught. His hands felt so good on her thighs, so very good. He was moving them slowly, up and down, from her knees to the cheeks of her ass, but never quite touching the swell of her ass. Then his fingers were running up and down the insides of her thighs, and Ruth’s cunt was responding with wet heat again.

Forgetting about the crowded beach, she turned and glanced toward her son, seeing that he did have a hard-on. His cock pressed at the front of his trunks, and she could see a small movement as it throbbed. Richard was sliding his hand up and down his mother’s thighs, almost panting with excitement. His excitement drove him, and the edge of his hand moved a little too high along the inside of her open thighs. Ruth gasped as she felt her son’s finger press at the crotch of her bikini, then jerk away quickly.

Ruth’s breath was hot as she slipped a hand from under her head and moved it along her son’s thigh. She held her breath as she slowly stroked his flesh. Richard was staring at her hand, his resting on her thigh. Ruth couldn’t resist….the tips of her fingers touched his cock, the shaft of his cock, and Richard gasped loudly, his hand jerking off her thighs. Ruth, too, pulled her hand away.

She lay quietly again, feeling the heat on her body, between her legs, listening to her son’s heavy breathing. She wanted to touch him again, feel his cock, but she didn’t know what Richard would think about it.

“This one is yours, Richard,” she heard Julie say.

Turning away from her son, Ruth watched as Julie sat on the sand, her legs crossed, licking the ice cream. Watching her niece’s pink tongue as it move around her ice cream the way Ruth imaged it moved around a very stiff cock. It was an erotic thing to watch, and Ruth’s cunt tingled as if she was going to have orgasm. She didn’t see Johnny anywhere, though. Finishing his ice cream, Richard stood up.

“I gotta take a piss,” he said bluntly. Ruth watched her son as he walked across the hot sand toward the vending stands and parking lot. But he didn’t enter one of the toilets. He kept going to the parking lot. Ruth, curious, suspected her son wanted to do more than piss, sat up and brushed sand off her body, holding her halter top over her straining tits.

“Tie me up, honey,” she said to Julie, who tied her halter. “I’ll be right back.”

Ruth walked in the direction her son had gone, her ass swaying, long legs drawing the eyes of men and women alike. She ignored them. She rounded the concession stands and walked to the parking lot, and them moved toward her car in a roundabout way so her son wouldn’t see her. She found Richard sitting in the car, the door closed. He was leaning back on the seat, eyes closed, and before she came close enough to look in, she knew he was jacking off. His expression told her that even before she was close enough to hear his breathing. Excitement rumbling through her, she slipped quickly to the side of the car and looked into the open window.

Richard had his cock pulled up from the waistband of his trunks, his fist sliding up and down it swiftly. Ruth swallowed as she gazed at her son, watching his fist pumping, seeing his cock head glistening with seeping pre-cum.

The urge to push her hand into the car and grasp his cock was strong, but she resisted. She cupped her cunt as she watched him jacking off, feeling the wetness through the thin cloth of her bikini bottom. She could see her son’s ball, and they looked full. She pressed her hand hard at her cunt, licking her lips hungrily as she watched him. Richard was gasping heavily, his hips jerking, lifting and falling with his hand. Ruth had seen enough cocks ready to come, and it seemed her son was very close to it.

“Uhhhh…….ohhhh!” Richard moaned as he jacked off. Ruth swallowed hard, her eyes blazing as she watched. She was pressing hard at her cunt, her palm moving back and forth slightly across crotch. Then before she expected it, her son came. His white hot cum squirted on to the back of his hand.

“Ahhhhhh!” Richard whimpered, the pulsing stopped. Ruth didn’t think, giving in to the strong urge. Her hand darted through the window, her palm covering the head of her son’s cum spewing cock. Richard’s eyes flew open.

“Mom!” he gasped.

Ruth giggled, feeling her son’s warm cum smear onto her palm as her fingers slid down the hard, throbbing cock-shaft.

“Nice, Richard,” she murmured huskily. “Very nice, darling.”

Richard was startled, unable to do anything but sit there and wet his mother’s hand with his cum-load.

“Ooooh, so hot and wet!” Ruth gurgled, sliding her fingers up and down her son’s cock, stroking it. She watched the shaft of his cock being coated with his cum as she spread it around. His balls were glistening with the juice, too. She kept holding his cock this way until it was soft, then turned it loose, only to give her son’s wet ball a gentle squeeze.

“Mom, you….”

“I know, Richard.” She smiled at him, a wanton smile, her hark eyes glowing. “I know, baby.”

She squeezed his ball once more, then drew her hand from the car window. She smeared her son’s cock cream over her tanned stomach, her hips swaying, making little grinding motions as she burbled with pleasure.

Richard watched her, his eyes huge, fascinated by her movements, by what she was doing. Ruth, her eyes silted with passion, ran her cum-wet hand over the front of her bikini bottoms, curling her fingers along the puffy lips of her hidden cunt, and she mewed softly as a small orgasm throbbed through her.

“Mom, what made you….”

“Hush,” she whispered, reaching into the car and drawing his trucks up over his hairless cock and balls. “Don’t say anything, not now.”

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