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Swinging with Grandma Ch. 02

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Grandma and I spent Sunday night in bed together, and most of Monday. I left that night. Grandma leaned in the car window as I started up my Cruiser and we shared a mouthful of tongue.

“When will I see you again, Paul?” She asked.

“How about next weekend, grandma?” I answered.

She gave me a peck on the forehead and I pulled out of her driveway. What a weekend. I felt no compunction and no guilt; mainly, I just felt good, with my whole body tingling and my imagination filled with images of grandma naked and panting, her big tits rolling across her chest and her mouth open in pleasure.

I was busy that week trying to make money. On Tuesday, I got an email from grandma. “Missing you,” the message read, and attached was a beautiful picture of grandma in a bikini posed next to the swing where it had all started. On Thursday, my phone rang at work. It was grandma. She proposed coming up to the city to visit, and to stop in to see some old friends. I agreed enthusiastically.

Grandma arrived early Friday night. As soon as I heard the door buzzer, my cock sprang to attention. I opened the door, and she burst in dropping her suitcase next to the doorway and wrapping her arms around my neck. We kissed long and slowly, and before I could close the door, grandma had snaked her hand into my jeans and was jerking me off. Needless to say, we ran to the bed together and spent all night fucking, sucking, and licking each other in pleasure.

In the morning, grandma said she had some shopping to do and that she wanted to visit some old friends later in the afternoon. I tried to beg off, but she gave me a big wet kiss and promised me we’d have a good time. I agreed.

About four, I drove grandma over to the west side to visit her friends. They were a couple – – Frank and Anna, and as she explained on the drive over, they have been very close friends when grandpa was still alive. I could barely keep my hands off grandma. She was wearing a tight, short black skirt, pumps, and a sleeveless silk blouse that really showed off her cleavage. She knew she was driving me wild and played around by crossing and uncrossing her legs and leaning way over into the driver’s seat to whisper sweet nothings in my ear. By the time we pulled up to Frank and Anna’s modest ranch house, my cock was as stiff as a board.

Frank answered the door. He looked to be about in his early sixties – – with a thick head of short, white hair and a paunchy build. Grandma introduced us and Frank ushered us into the living room. Anna was sitting on the couch and stood when we entered the room. Anna was one of those older ladies who just doesn’t want to admit she’s getting older. She wore a short red dress, a pair of black high heels, and a tight black rayon blouse through which you could make out her black, lacy bra. She had shoulder length blonde hair, long red fingernails, and she wore plenty of make-up and jewelry – – bracelets on her arm, rings, and earrings.

She and grandma greeted each other warmly and then grandma introduced me.

“Anna,” granny said. “This is my grandson, Paul.”

Anna smiled and looked me up and down. She came closer and gave me a big hug. I could feel her tits pressing against me and smell her thick, sweet perfume. I had put my hands on her hips as she hugged me and, rather than breaking the hug, Anna simply leaned back.

“I’ve heard so much about you,” Anna smiled and licked her lips. “You big stud you.”

She laughed. And, I could hear grandma giggle. I looked over to see Frank also flashing a big broad smile. Anna ran her hands up and down my arms and then across my chest. Grabbing my biceps, she leaned towards my grandma.

“God, June,” she said to granny. “He really is built like a hunk. Oooooh. How exciting.”

Grandma laughed again and Anna turned back to me. She ran her hands up along my shoulders and then along the side of my face, cupping my cheeks in her ring bedecked hands.

“Give me a kiss, honey,” Anna leered, pushing her face close to mine.

Sure, it was a strange situation. But for all of Anna’s worn charms, her fleshy sexuality was really turning me on. I leaned down and Anna and I kissed. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and wrapped her hands around my neck. As we traded tongue, I heard her whimpering with pleasure.

We broke our kiss. Anna was panting.

“Hmmmm,” she said. “That was tasty.”

“Hey, kids,” Franks said jovially. “Why don’t we have a drink first.”

Anna detached herself from me and straightened her skirt. Frank and grandma left the room to get the drinks. Anna slinked over to the couch and sat down.

“Over here, tiger,” she whispered to me hoarsely, patting the sofa next to her. “Sit next to me.”

I sat down next to her and she linked her arm in mine.

“Your grandmother tells me you’re quite successful,” Anna said with a big smile.

I nodded and we chatted. As we talked, Anna kept running her hands up and down my arms and squeezing my shoulders like I was some kind of new pet or Christmas present. All the attention was getting me hard. Grandma and Frank returned with drinks and while Frank settled into the chair opposite us, grandma sat down next to me on the couch. Anna surrendered my arm, and grandma, her skirt riding high up her thighs, put her arm around my shoulder.

As we sipped our drinks, grandma, Anna, and Frank filled me in on their story. They and my grandfather had all met in the seventies at some farmers get-together. Frank sold farm machinery. They had hit it off and started swinging together.

“Your grandfather,” Anna said with a laugh. “was insatiable. That man could fuck from dawn ’til dusk and still have some left over for a midnight snack.”

Grandma and Frank laughed. In the eighties, Frank and Anna had moved to another part of the country and although the couples had stayed in touch, their swinging days were over.

At first, I was shocked to hear my grandmother talk about swinging with Frank and Anna, and I was shocked to hear my grandfather being talked about like he was some character in a story. But, eventually, my blush faded, and I really began enjoying hearing all the sordid details. Eventually, the stories wound down and Frank left the room to get some fresh drinks.

“Well, June,” Anna said as she patted her hair. “I’m just dying to see you and Paul together. That will be a real first. A grandmother and her grandson.”

Grandma looked at me with a smile.

“Oh, you’ll enjoy it, Anna,” grandma answered. “Paul and I really have some electricity.”

With that grandma leaned in close to me and we traded a deep French kiss. As grandma wrapped her arms around my neck, I wrapped an arm around her waist and played with her tits with my free hand. I heard Anna gasp.

“Frank, Frank,” she squealed. “Oh my god, you’ve gotto come out here and see this.”

I heard Frank’s footsteps and then his sharp intake of breath. Grandma meanwhile was unbuttoning my shirt as our kiss grew more passionate. I slipped my hand up her skirt to massage her thighs and then stroke her pussy. She was panting with hunger now. We wriggled out of our clothing, our mouths never losing contact. Grandma had one hand grasped tightly around my cock and her other was pulling at my neck. I stood up in front of her and thrust my rock hard dick toward her sexy pursed lips. She looked up at and smiled. Then, with a groan of delight, she wrapped her lips around my dick.

I looked over to Anna. She was slumped back against the couch with one hand jammed up her skirt and the other pinching her nipples. Her face was flushed and as our eyes met she took a mighty gulp. Frank had his dick out of his slacks and was stroking it slowly while he watched us with glazed eyes.

I pulled grandma to her feet and, after a quick hug, I turned her around and pushed her shoulders down. With a gasp of surprise, she leaned down and offered me her perfect, full ass. I leaned down and kissed her shoulders and then stood up again and slowly pushed my hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. She groaned in pleasure as I ran jammed my cock into her.

Anna, meanwhile, had unbuttoned her blouse and pulled out one of her big tits. Her hips were lifted and falling as she used her other hand to play with herself.

“Oh, baby,” grandma grunted as I built up a hip bucking rhythm. “That’s it honey. Grandma loves it when you fuck her this way.”

Urged on by the sight of my grandmothers perfect ass, I plunged deeper into and out of her pussy. She was soon screeching with pleasure, and I had broken out into a sweat. Her moist cunt felt perfect around my cock. I leaned down and, still humping her from behind, began pulling and pinching her nipples. Grandma yelped and I felt her hips begin to shudder. Soon, she was moaning in short, high-pitched sighs. Her pussy quivered around my cock and she groaned.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned into the couch. “Yessssss. Yesssss. Ohhh, Paul.”

Her orgasm wracked her body and as she came, I pulled my cock out of her and dropped to my knees. I licked her ass cheeks and then her asshole, plunging my tongue deep into her musty, tight bunghole. She screeched again, shuddered, and then collapsed onto the couch, moaning in pleasure. I grinned and stood up.

As if on cue, Anna stood up from the other end of the couch and began unbuttoning her blouse. Still grinning, I took my cock into my hand and watched her strip for me. With her eyes glued on my cock, Anna pulled her blouse off and then reached around to unzip her skirt. Her body wasn’t as tight as my grandmother’s, but her tits were even bigger and she wore a sexy black thong under red skirt.

As the skirt descended to her ankles, Anna stepped out of it and staggered over to me on her high heels. She looped one arm around my neck and grabbed my cock with her other. She moaned as our tongues crashed together. I looked over her shoulder at Frank, who was now slumped into the chair, pulling furiously at his limp dick. Anna was stroking my cock and pulling me tight against her. I circled my arms around her waist and played with her ass cheeks, big and round and still firm. Anna moaned. I nudged her backwards toward Frank.

Once we were close to Frank’s chair, I pushed Anna down onto her knees. Her lips engulfed my cock and I wrapped my hands in her blonde hair. As I pushed her face on and off my cock, I watched Frank. He was gasping and rolling his eyes, watching his wife suck me off and then looking up at me.

“My god,” I heard him mumble. “Holy shit.”

Anna meanwhile was attacking my cock with gusto, gobbling me up and playing with my balls. I tried to pull her up to her feet, but she wouldn’t let go of my cock. I leaned back and thrust my hips toward her, letting her have as much dick as she wanted. Looking back over my shoulder, I saw grandma lying on the couch with a big smile on her face, one arm behind her head and the other lazily stroking her thigh. I smiled at her and she blew me a kiss.

Now, I was ready to fuck. I pulled my cock out of Anna’s mouth with a loud plop. She gazed up at me with a stunned look.

“Lie down,” I told her, and she slowly settled onto her back, her legs spread.

“What do you think, Frank?” I asked her husband. “Should I fuck her?”

Frank gasped and nodded.

“I can’t hear you Frank,” I said, stroking my cock above Anna.

Anna’s husband nodded more vigorously. “Yes, yes,” he mumbled. “Fuck her.”

Permission granted, I knelt down between Anna’s knees. She gazed up at me, her mouth open, panting, her arms clutching the carpet at her side. Slowly, I pushed my cock into her pussy. It was tight, incredibly tight. It was like sliding my dick into a slippery crevice. As I pushed my way in, Anna moaned. She pulled her knees further apart and clenched the carpet, twisting her head from side to side.

“Yes, Paul,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Come on. Put it in.”

I grinned and jammed the last inch into her pussy. She gasped and started playing with her titties. As I pulled my dick halfway out, I leaned down and we kissed. Anna grabbed my head, mashing our mouths together. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I started fucking her more quickly. I could hear her moan vibrating against our mouths locked together. Soon, I was pumping my cock furiously into her and she was hanging onto my neck for dear life. As I reached climax, Anna dug her fingernails into my back and I heard Frank moan weakly. My cock exploded in pleasure and as I jammed my hips tight against Anna’s crotch I could feel gallons of cum shooting deep into her. She groaned and arched her neck, fairly shouting in pleasure. As I finished cumming, Anna started rubbing her palms furiously up and down my body.

“Oh, baby,” she gushed into my ear. “Honey, that’s it. Cum for Anna. Cum for me, Paul.”

With something between a sigh and a groan, I emptied the last of myself into her. Anna wrapped her arms around my chest and hummed with pleasure. We kissed and I gently pulled my cock out of her. Anna smiled, and I rolled off her onto my back. I looked up at the ceiling and Anna crawled on top of me, stretching like a cat. I felt her tits rolling against my chest.

“Hmmmm,” she said with a smile. “That was great.”

She gave me a sloppy wet kiss and laid her head on my chest. I put an arm around her and, exhausted, drifted off to sleep.

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