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The Barter System

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Melissa was having a pretty good day. The baby actually slept through the night. Her asshole ex-boyfriend had managed the child support check and she finally fit back into her skirts. Blouses were another story. Her breasts had been so swollen for the last few months. She had enough milk to feed two babies. Between the baby and the breast pump, she felt her tits were hanging out all day.

Not that she would have minded showing them off. She loved having the new figure. Since returning from maternity leave, all the men in the building took double takes.

The third floor called her melons the muffin woman and the sixth floor executive suite was tipping double for their cappuccinos (incidentally, the cappuccino was kept on the lowest shelf of her cart causing her to bend over.)

Today seemed like a normal day. Melissa was up to the 13th floor, her last stop before she would slip into the best ladies room in the building to meet with her pump. She swore her breast grew a cup size since the 10th floor. As she pushed the cart past the president’s office, she heard an unusual voice. She turned to see that the door was open -(something that never happened) and a handsome man with salt and pepper hair was looking right at her. “Will you roll your cart in here please?”

Melissa was curious as to why he had never stopped her before. Was he new?

“Sorry to disrupt you but my assistant knows I am supposed to be off caffeine and sugar but I just can’t resist today. What do you have to offer?”

Melissa caught herself imagining what she could offer this man. He looked about 45. He was tall, well built but definitely not a health nut. His face was strong with dark brown eyes. She felt a twinge between her thighs, something she hadn’t felt in a long time. Just the thought of this man taking her into her arms, caressing her body, and letting him slide his hand to the source of this throbbing desire. “Uh, ma’am, your, uh, the, er, your blouse….”

She looked down at her white blouse and saw it. To her horror, there were two wet spots ever growing over her now erect nipples. She gasped and grabbed her chest. Melissa was beginning to cry. Suddenly the man rushed to the door. She was sure he was leaving the room, disgusted. But he quietly shut the door and turned the blinds in the window pane wall.

“I am so embarrassed. This has never happened before. I have only been back to work a week.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not embarrassed. Truth be told this is the best thing I have seen all week.” He was looking at her wet blouse. His eyes were fixed on the wet circles. Her dark nipples were visible now through her blouse.

Melissa couldn’t believe he had said that. Part of her wanted to hide under his desk, the other part wanted to get on his desk with him under her.

“Uh, thanks, I guess. Listen, I need to go to the ladies room and try to fix my blouse.”

“I have an extra shirt in my desk. You could just put that on right now. I’ll trade you for a glass of milk.”

“Wow, thanks. That would be great. I have 2% and skim?”

“I’ll take breast.” He moved towards her, almost licking his lips. He slid his hands around her waist. He pulled her blouse from her skirt and slid his hands around her ass. “I know you must be uncomfortable. Let me help you out.”

Melissa wanted this so much she could barely speak. She thrust her chest upward as his hands found her blouse buttons. Her blouse hit the floor and his hands grabbed at her swollen breasts. He let down the straps of her moist brassiere to release to largest tits he had ever seen (up close at least).

As Melissa slid her butt onto his desk, he lowered his head to her fully erect nipple. There was already a droplet of milk running down her belly. He caught it with his finger and brought it to the tip of his tongue.

“Yummy, mommy.”

He captured her dark areola in his mouth and his teeth began to close around her nipple. He pushed the top of her breast down hard and a burst of warm, sweet milk hit the back of his throat. Never had he tasted something so good. His hard cock was aching to be released from his pants. But his hands would not be torn from the source of the pleasure. The milk was flowing so quickly, it was dribbling out of his mouth but he wanted more. He moved to the other tit. His tongue circling her hard nipple, sucking out its sweetness, his teeth nibbling at the wrinkled, sensitive skin.

Melissa began to moan. His hair was tickling her chest, his hands roughly forcing her breast milk from her body. She was so hot, she was sure she has soaked her panties through too. She ached for him to fill her. She looked at the bulge in his trousers. If it was as big as it looked through his pants, she was in for a treat.

Melissa had to reach around her breasts while they were being suckled to reach his belt. She loosened the belt and the zipper almost went down by itself. His cock sprung from his pants and swayed from side to side. Precum was already making the slightly purple head glisten. She had to have that dick. It was her turn to have something fill her mouth. She pushed him away from her tits.

“But there’s more, I can feel it.”

“You can finish later. I want mine.”

She slid off the desk and pulled him onto the floor. She knelt between his legs and began to lick the salty liquid from the beautiful penis. She began to suck on his dick as he had sucked her breasts. Almost immediately, she became bored with this. She wanted a fuck. She threw her head back, lifted her skirt and slid of wet panties off. She stood above him, giving him a good look at her pussy. She knew she had tightened since the baby but she had yet to try it out live. She looked at his face as he stared at her beautiful box.

If it was possible, his dick got even harder. She squatted down to guide his dick into her. She slowly captured the head with her pussy lips and with one movement, took all of him. She began to slide up and down, feeling every bump and curve. She leaned forward to press her clit against his shaft; rubbing up and down, shivering every time her clit was pressed into her body. As she leaned forward, her nipples swung into his face. His tongue licked at every pass. He knew he couldn’t stand more of this. He would blow his load at any moment. He looked up to see her face scrunch and she suppressed a scream. He could feel her pussy tighten around him as she came. He could feel her warm cum around his dick. He grabbed her hips and used her warm, wet tightness to pull his cock into a rhythm guaranteed to make him cum. His orgasm continued as he came with every thrust. He was filling her pussy with cum and it began to leak out onto his crotch. He loved to see cum mixture leaking out of a woman. But nothing was better than what he saw next. She dismounted him and let her bent knees fall apart. Her hands went to her pussy and she scooped the cum out with her fingers. Melissa was eating herself out!!! Her leaking tits were red from being man handled but she grasped one of her nipples, pulled it away from her body and pressed her breast up with her palm. Milk shot out at his face.

“I am eating my dessert. Here’s yours.” She smiled. He crawled to her and laid his head on her knee, allowing her nipple to enter his mouth. She still had her fingers in her pussy.

“Thanks so much, by the way. I needed that. Its been so long since I have had a good fuck. And I have to use that damned breast pump three times a day.”

“Not anymore”, her said. “From now on, you come to my office every morning to give me my milk.”

“Will you give me what I want in return?”

“It’s only fair to trade.”

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