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New Neighbors Move In

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First, let me start by laying down a little bit of my background. My name is Joe. I am 6’3”, 220 lbs, brown hair and blue eyes. I am married and consider myself straight. I have had a few homosexual experiences in the past, but they were with my best friend who is a long distance truck driver. My previous gay experiences were monogamous with my friend and are still completely secret.

New Neighbors Move In

My wife and I just bought a brand new house. As we were moving our stuff into the house, our neighbors directly across the street walked over to introduce themselves. Both were males. The first guy introduced himself as “Greg.” Greg was about 6 feet tall, 230 chubby pounds, short brown hair and blue eyes. The other guy introduced himself in a feminine voice as “Michael.” Michael was 5’8” tall and also chubby. He had short blonde hair and blue eyes. After a short conversation, it didn’t take long to realize Greg and Michael were a gay couple.

My wife and I were happy to have a gay couple as our neighbors. One of the neighbors in our previous neighborhood were a gay couple. They were quiet, polite and never bothered anyone. With Greg and Michael as our new neighbors, we were relieved to say the least.

A couple weeks later, my wife and I took our boat to the lake for the weekend. When we came home, I pulled our boat into the driveway and began washing it to get ready for our next trip. Greg was a across the street working in his garage.

He walked over and said, “How was your trip?”

I replied, “Hotter than hell, but well worth it.”

We engaged in a few more minutes of small talk and then Greg walked back over to his garage.

It was still about 100 degrees at home and I was sweating like crazy, so I took my shirt off and continued to wash the boat. I glanced over toward Greg and Michael’s garage a few times and saw Greg staring at me. I am secure in my sexuality, so I continued doing my chores. Strangely, I caught myself thinking about Greg watching me and I began to get a little turned on. I now know what a woman feels like when she has a man staring at her. After finishing with my boat, I put my cleaning bucket away and went into the house.

My wife said she was going to run to the store to get something to cook for dinner. I kissed her goodbye and went upstairs to take a shower. I took my clothes off and walked around the bathroom to find a towel to use after I finished with my shower. As I passed the window, I instantly remembered that anyone can see inside the bathroom because we hadn’t yet bought any window blinds. My master bathroom is at the front of my house, directly above my garage. The bathroom window looks straight at Greg and Michael’s house. I opened the window and turned on the shower.

I got into the shower and again started thinking about Greg watching me wash my boat. My cock began to swell as I started to think about what it would be like to get head from Greg. My cock instantly got rock hard and began to pulse. I lathered some soap into my hand and masturbated slowly. I could picture Greg lowering his mouth onto the head of my cock as I put my hand on the back of his head and forced the shaft of my cock all the way into the back of his throat. My fantasy then switched to having Greg give me head while Michael gave Greg head. A three way cock sucking. This fantasy caused me to jack off vigorously. I was so turned on, that I blew cum onto the shower floor within seconds. I finished washing up, got out of the shower and began to dry off. I glanced out the window and saw Greg looking up at me from his garage. I was sure he couldn’t see anything more than my chest and head because of the upward angle he was looking from. I got dressed, brushed my teeth and went downstairs to watch some TV.

A few nights later while my wife was at work, I was at home doing some daily cleaning. I heard my doorbell ring, so I answered the door. It was Greg! Greg asked if I have had any problems with my air conditioner thermostat. I told him that it took me awhile to read through the manual to figure it out, but that mine works perfectly. The thermostats are all the same in these new houses. Digital and confusing as hell. He asked if I would mind coming over to his house to see if I could get his to work. I told Greg that I had to finish vacuuming, but that I would be over in a few minutes.

I knocked on Greg’s door and was let it. I walked straight to the family room where the thermostat is located. Greg stood next to me as I explained how the thermostat works. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Michael came around the corner and thanked me for helping. I got the air conditioner fired up and told them to call me anytime if they needed help.

As I began walking toward the front door to leave, Michael said that he and Greg were going out for dinner and asked if my wife and I would like to join them. I told Michael that my wife is at work, but that I would go by myself if they didn’t mind. Without groceries in our new house, I had to go out to get something to eat later anyway. I ran home, grabbed my wallet and went back over to Greg and Michael’s house. They were standing in the driveway waiting for me. We jumped into Michael’s Volvo and went to a local Italian restaurant.

During dinner, had a few cocktails and talked about everything from our new homes to our jobs. Just mostly small talk.

Half way into dinner, Michael told me, “Greg and I have been together for ten years now. I‘m sure you‘ve figured out by now that we are married.”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, I figured it out the first time we met.“

I went on to tell Greg and Michael that my wife and I are not homophobic and explained how our previous neighbors were also gay. They explained how they moved to the West Coast from the South because of the problems with homophobes. They said they feel better about living in a state where most people accept their lifestyle. I told them that it is considered “trendy” to be gay in California and that most people have experimented with their sexuality here.

Greg then bluntly asked, “Have you experimented with your sexuality?

I immediately replied, “No! I mean, not that anyone knows about.”

I guess it was because of the alcohol, but told Greg and Michael my secret about my previous gay experiences with my best friend. I told them that my experience is only giving and receiving oral sex.

Greg asked me if my wife and I have ever tried the swingers lifestyle. He explained that usually sexually open minded women will allow their bi-curious husband to play with other men. I told him that I am interested and have mentioned it to my wife, but that she acts like she’s not interested. I had to remind him that my wife does not know that I am occasionally attracted to men. Greg and Michael said they have tried swinging with other gay couples, but that they haven’t been overly comfortable with it. We continued this conversation through dinner, paid the bill and went home.

Once home, Michael asked if I wanted to watch TV with them at their house. I was comfortable with my new friends, so I agreed. Actually, after all the sex talk at dinner, I had a semi hard cock and was hoping to get something started with Greg and Michael. We watched a little TV, couldn’t find anything worth watching. Michael suggested we play Poker, so we went to the dining room and played a few hands. As one would win a hand, the other would lean over and give the other a kiss. I was sitting there thinking about my shower fantasy a few days ago and began to really get turned on. The fantasy and the fact that they have an open relationship was making my cock drip pre-cum. I could feel the wetness against my underwear. Within a half hour, Greg had all of my money. With my hormones raging, I suggested we play Truth or Dare Poker. Both of their eyes lit up and agreed immediately.

Michael won the first hand.

He looked at me and said, “truth or dare?”

I said, “truth.”

He asked, “Did you and your best friend have anal sex?”

I said, “ok, yes.”

I won the next hand.

I asked Michael, “truth or dare?”

He said, “I have already told you the truth, so dare.”

I said, “I dare you to suck Greg’s nipples for 2 minutes without getting a hard on.”

Michael leaned over, pulled up Greg’s shirt and began flicking Greg’s nipples with his fingers. Michael then put one of Greg’s nipples between his teeth and began softly biting it. Once the nipple was hard, Michael then sucked Greg’s nipple into his mouth like a suction cup. Greg smiled at me as I stared in lust. I saw motion in Michael’s pants, but did not mention it. After a few minutes, Michael let Greg’s nipple go and then softly kissed Greg on the lips.

Michael won the next hand. He looked at me and said, “truth or dare?”

I instantly said, “dare.“

He said, “I dare you to give Greg head and make him cum within 1 minute.”

At this point, I got really nervous. Firstly, was I actually going to go through with this, and secondly, was I going to be proficient enough to make another man cum within a minute?

Without hesitation, I got up from my chair and started to walk toward Greg. When I got to him, I was really nervous. Greg immediately unbuttoned his denim shorts. I reached down and pulled them to his ankles. His briefs were soaked with pre-cum and his cock was laying erect on his leg. I pulled the front of his briefs down and exposed his cock. Greg’s 7” cock stood at attention. I pulled on his briefs until he lifted his butt off the chair and removed his underwear completely.

I kneeled down and grabbed Greg’s shaft and threw my mouth onto my wet cock. He pushed the back of my head down until I could feel the tip of his cock on the back of my throat. He let go of my head and I began thrusting my hand and head in unison. Michael moved his chair over to get a better view. I looked over and Michael was smiling intensely.

Michael looked at his watch and said, “30 seconds!”

I slowed my head motion and reached down to Greg’s underwear which were laying on the floor. I wiped my middle finger across Greg’s soaked undies. I dabbed some of his pre-cum on his asshole and began rubbing it in. I slid my middle finger into Greg’s ass. Greg began fucking my face as he held the back of my head with both hands. I pushed my finger all the way into his anus and continually rubbed his prostate. I could feel the cum creeping up Greg’s cock as he thrust his hips harder and harder. Greg began to moan loudly. Greg was about to cum!

Michael then yelled, “One minute Stop!”

Greg stopped and pushed my head off of his cock! I couldn’t believe it! I wanted to keep going! I slid my finger out of Greg’s ass and wiped it off on his underwear. Greg’s cock was throbbing uncontrollably, but he didn’t cum!

I was sweating and breathing hard. I had to get my composure.

Greg began to put his underwear back on, but Michael said, “Greg, stop! Joe didn’t make you cum in one minute, so he has to pay up.”

Michael looked at me and said, “Since you didn’t make Greg cum, now you have to get fucked by both of us!”

I was still so turned on, without hesitation I pulled my shirt and shorts off and said, “where are we doing this?”

Michael said, “upstairs in the bedroom.”

I ran naked up the stairs and jumped on the bed. Michael and Greg were not far behind. When they entered the room, both were completely naked. Greg went to the bathroom and began opening and closing drawers. A second later, he re-entered the room with a tube of KY Jelly. As he walked toward the bed, he was spreading lube on his cock. I just had that beautiful cock in my mouth and couldn’t wait to have it in my ass!

Michael got onto the bed and laid next to me. As I lay on my back, he began tongue kissing me more intensely than any woman had kissed me. I could tell he was the woman in the relationship. He was the best kisser I had ever experienced. As we continued to kiss, I reached down underneath Michael and began rubbing his balls with my hand. I could feel his hard cock resting on my wrist. I reached further and began sliding my finger back and forth across his loose asshole. Michael began to moan uncontrollably. Without notice, I felt a cold liquid on my asshole. It was Greg pouring lube onto my eager hole. As Michael and I threw our tongues into each others mouths, Greg grabbed my ankles and pushed my feet into the air. My novice asshole was fully exposed. Greg released my left ankle and used his right hand to guide the head of his cock to my anus. He pushed his lubed cock into my ass slowly. The pain was moderate, but it’s not a pain that I’m unfamiliar with. After a short time, Greg pushed his cock all the way into my asshole. I could feel the tip of his cock stop at the inner wall of my rectum.

Greg began slowly thrusting his cock all the way in and all the way out of my ass. His length was exploring the entire length of my insides. My fantasy was coming true, and more! I relaxed my anus completely as he began pounding my ass harder and harder. Michael repositioned himself and straddled my face. His cock was pointing directly at me. I reached up and grabbed the back of Michael’s ass cheeks and pulled him closer to me. The head of his cock passed my lips and entered my throat. Both were moaning loudly. I reached down and began masturbating my own cock while Michael fucked my face and Greg fucked my ass! The pleasure was more intense than I had ever experienced with a woman!

After a few minutes, Michael said, “I’m gonna cum!”

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, “I want you to cum in my mouth and I want Greg to cum inside my ass!”

Michael threw his cock back into my mouth and thrust a few more times before emptying his strotum into my throat. Michael’s juices tasted better than my best friend’s cum. When Michael dismounted my face, Greg picked up his rhythm and continued to pound my ass like a jackhammer! I was in complete bliss! Greg’s voice changed from moaning to complete and utter groaning! He continued his assault until he blew his warm cum load into the depths of my bowels. I could feel the warm flow of liquid fill my anus. The feeling was unbelievable!. Greg pulled his cock out of my ass and immediately moved his head between my legs. He began sucking my cock with a vengeance! It didn’t take me long and I was filling his throat full of sperm.

After our heart rates slowed, we all laid in bed cuddling for about an hour. We Talked about how great the experience was and how they’d like to keep me as their friend. I told them I couldn’t wait to go to dinner with them again! I got dressed, went home and showered before my wife came home from work.

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