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Sue Shows Off to Vera

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Both ladies are over 18–Neither is abnormally endowed.


I was 28 years old and a divorcee. Over the years I had had some form of sex or another with about ten men and two women. The first of the lesbian encounters had been my college roommate my first encounter with my second partner had included my partner’s husband. Later we met often and alone.

My name is Sue. This tale is about my third encounter with a female. I am taller than most women at 5’8″. I am a bit athletic so my body is somewhat firm without being muscled up. My bra when I wear one has a B cup but mostly I don’t wear one.

They say that being into either sex doubles your chance for a Saturday night date. It seems to me that the same things that constitute flirting with men also seem to work with women. So I do flirt with women often and occasionally I encounter someone I want. Such was my experience with Vera.

A new couple had moved into the adjacent unit which was a mirror image to mine. She was Vera he was Ed. Each unit was L shaped with the master bedroom at the end and a small court in between. I watched them move in and flirted briefly with them both. Happily I was sensing interest from both.

Vera appeared to be about my age. She had short dark hair and a well shaped body. She was about three inches shorter than me.

Later as I went to close my bedroom window a naughty thought made it’s way into my brain. The building being build on a hill their apartment was several feet above mine. “I’ll bet that they can see right into my room.” I thought. My devious brain began looking around my bedroom considering various plans.

Soon I was hard at work relocating my furniture. I gave them a direct side view of the bed and a reflected view of most of the rest of the room off my various mirrors should they look out of their window.

I had never considered myself an exhibitionist but somehow the idea of becoming one was exciting to me. As testament to that fact my panty crotch was soaked as I completed my preparations.

That evening I pulled back the covers on my bed then put a bright red dildo, a gift with it’s own story, on the lower sheet right in plain sight. I turned on the bedside lamp and adjusted the light to spotlight the dildo.

My hope was that in spite of the distance that they would identify the dildo. It was a very dark night. I left the bedroom light on then slipped out onto the dark balcony. I positioned myself so as to be able to see if either looked out their window.

Sure enough about a half hour later I caught the glint of light off of glass and the outline of a body in their window. Then I knew that my instincts had been right, someone was looking into my room with field glasses. With that, I reentered my bedroom, got naked and entered the lighted area. Then I picked up my dildo and turned off the light.

The exhibitionist in me was awakened. By the time just a minute or two later that the head of Little Red met my cunt opening I was so wet and slippery that it was able to enter me easily. As I fucked myself I thought about leaving the light on next time. The thought of being watched as I masturbated brought me to a quick extra special orgasm.

When I was done I turned on the light as I got out of bed. I parked Red in the drawer of my night stand. I then stood and walked to the bathroom. Still naked of course. I hoped that someone was watching but I sincerely doubted it.

Next morning on my way to my car I found myself parked next to Vera. As we approached our cars I noticed that Vera was wearing a knee length skirt with a thin knitted top. Her breasts were a nice size and they seemed to make little tents in the top where her nipples might be as she spotted me.

“Hi Sue. Sleep well?” She asked with a little wink.

“Finally,” I replied. “I had to use a sleep aid.” With that I winked back at her. The exchange made my pussy tingle. After a minute I said.

“If you guys are sufficiently moved in how about coming over for a drink after dinner.”

“Love to.” Replied Vera. “About eight OK?”

“Just right. I’ll be expecting you.”

They were prompt and brought me a small bunch of field flowers. The visit was enjoyable. It soon became obvious that although Vera and Ed were still very much sexually involved they were not immune to outside interests.

We got together often. We all teased each other and I continued putting my shows occasionally but what I had first hoped might turn into a roaring threesome did not happen. Nor did anything happen between Vera and I until several months later.

Vera meanwhile had become my best friend. There had been a lot of flirting between us but no overt contact. One evening she and I attended our first ever Erotic Women’s Products party at the home of my friend Ann. It was a fun time as those of you who have attended such a party can attest to.

It was also a horny time for most as many toys and lotions were passed around. Some were tried while other’s were discussed in detail. As the party progressed you could smell the female sexual arousal in the room. The women’s voices became more husky and the eyes became somewhat glazed and breathing seemed to become more labored.

I was certainly no exception. By the time the party was over I was very wet and downright horny. As per our plan Vera was spending the night with me. As the party had progressed I became increasingly hopeful about the evening’s outcome.

Her husband was out of town. When we arrived home Vera still seemed excited and I assumed horny as we discussed what we had seen and experienced at the party.

We had a drink to settle us down as we undressed, did our bathroom chores and went to bed. Vera was obviously naked under her shorty nightgown. She had nice tits which she seem to flash regularly and the sight of which almost always caused a twinge between my legs. I too was in a shorty nightgown.

The drink had done nothing to settle me down. As if echoing my thoughts Vera said.

“I thought the drink would settle me down but if anything I’m even more horny now. Must be the company.”

I didn’t answer, I didn’t dare, I might give myself away. It was a warm night so we needed little in the line of bed covering. After some scrunching around we ended covered only by a sheet pulled up over our waists. Suddenly Vera said.

“That meeting really did a job on me. If Ed were here I’d be tearing his cloths off and riding his cock like a Rodeo rider.” After another minute she added.

“Would you mind very much if I solved my problem? I’d really love it if you could join me. That would really make my visit complete.”

“I’ve been doing without for quite awhile so I won’t promise to be on my best behavior. I have big hopes for the three toys I ordered to replace my nearly worn out dildos. But until then I’m dangerous to be around.

“There’s just you and me.” She said. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

As she spoke I saw Vera’s hand move down and begin to tug her nightie up. She quickly began to massage the inside of her upper thigh. A minute or two went by before she asked. “I always been curious. Have you ever done ‘IT’?”

She didn’t define ‘IT’ but there was no doubt in my mind what she meant. The twinges in my pussy increased in intensity as I considered my reply.

“By it I assume that you are speaking of the lesbian stuff?” Vera nodded. “In that case I admit that I’ve been known to practice that particular depravity……….. With much enjoyment I might add.”

I didn’t say anything for another moment then I added. “Now that the subject has been brought up. How about you?”

“Oh I’ve thought about it, I’ve often diddled myself fantasizing about it but obviously I’ve never done anything about it except for some kissing once. That was interrupted before it got very far. I’ve always been afraid to mention it. But tonight I’m so horny that I got brave and brought it up.”

“Do you mean to say that I’ve been the subject of your fantasy?” I asked.

Vera hesitated a while before saying. “Vera honey I have wanted to do things with other girls since I understood that girls often did things with other girls. Since we’ve met your face has been my visual during many an orgasm.”

Her remark went from my ears straight down to my pussy. My favorite recent lesbian fantasy was fucking Vera with a dildo as I licked her clit. My mouth got ahead of my brain and asked.

“Vera, have you ever tried a dildo?”

“Not a real one but I have tried various other things and find them very effective. How about you?”

I hesitated. “I have two. Would you like to try one?”

I reached over and opened the drawer of the bedside table next to me. “Handy, don’t you think?”

I opened the drawer and brought out both. Both were round and shaped with various bulges and wide places. They had been painted with many coats of red paint and were very shiny. One was considerably larger round and longer than the other.

At the same time I had a mental image of Vera making love to herself with the big one. It was a very exciting thought.

“You want me to try one?” Vera asked, her voice choked. “God, I’m so horny. Yes! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so excited…..Yes.”

“Which one do you want?” I asked.

“I’d love to try the big one. I’ve never had anything so big inside of me. I’m so wet and ready I think I’m ready for something like that. I ordered a big vibrator tonight.”

“I can’t always handle the big one,” I said. “I have to really be hot and slippery to handle it, but when I do, God, I love it.”

As I handed Vera the bigger one I said. “Meet ‘Big Red’ I’ve named them, ‘Little Red’ and ‘Big Red’.”

“Little Red, do your duty.” I said as I plunged Little Red into my hot vagina I wanted to start before Vera could change her mind.

“Wow, that feels good tonight.” I said as I began to plunge it in and out of my slippery cunt, fucking myself.

Vera meanwhile had set Big Red beside her and was energetically plunging two fingers in and out of herself with one hand while fingering her clit with the other. It was only seconds later when I heard her gentle moans which were much like the sounds I make as I approach orgasm.

I repositioned myself so that I could watch her face. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were closed, her lips were parted, her whole face showed her to clearly be in the midst of a very pleasurable experience. She was beautiful.

The sight propelled me toward my own orgasm. My wrist seemed to develop a mind of it’s own. I was holding Red with three fingers at it’s very outer end. It was almost disappearing inside of me as I raced to make it bring me to completion. Suddenly my pelvis began to jump up and down off the bed just as it does when a real cock is bringing me to completion.

I was making those same sounds Vera was making as she orgasamed then without conscious thought I heard myself saying.

“Vera, Vera, let me show you how. Let me fuck you with ‘Big Red’. I want him to fuck you as I lick your clit, I’ve wanted to do that for such a long time now. Please darling let me pleasure you. Please, please.”

Then I realized that Vera’s face was now only inches away from mine, that her lips were approaching. Just a couple of seconds later we were kissing, kissing gently, kissing erotically. My tongue was sweeping back and forth across her slightly parted lips just the way I was so anxious to do to those other lips, only a short distance below.

Then I felt my hand being removed from ‘Little Red’ and something replaced him. I instantly recognized that Big Red was being handed to me. Vera then reached further and found ‘Little Red’, a brief moment later Little Red began fucking me again.

We continued to kiss, mouths open. Our tongues became very busy doing incredible things to each other’s bodies. I guided the head of Big Red to Vera’s crotch. It found the swollen lips of her labia and slipped it between them. I teased Vera with Red for a minute sliding it up and down her vulva until she whimpered into my mouth.

“Now Sue darling, now, stick him into me now! Fuck me with him. I’ve waited so long for a moment like this. Now, please.”

I was afraid to plunge him into her quickly as I had plunged his little brother into my cunt. I found her opening and began to work it open with the head of Big Red. I had slowly and gently pushed him about two inches into Vera when she humped herself up against my hand causing him to slide well up inside of her cunt.

Her cunt apparently was so wet and slippery with desire that it was an easy trip. I heard her gasp with pleasure at the act.

I held Big Red steady as I broke our mouth to mouth kiss bending to kiss my way down Vera’s body stopping at her breasts to give her protruding nipples some extra attention. Soon I arrived at my target. Seconds later for the first time I began to tongue Vera’s clit. Immediately my tongue sought and found that mini penis that is the center of the female sexual excitment.

Vera’s body leaped against my mouth at my tongue’s touch. Meanwhile I was suffering my own mini convulsions as Vera pumped Little Red in and out of my slippery pussy. I loved it being done to me even more than doing it to myself. It was about the size of most cocks of my experience but never had I felt a cock so hard and unyielding.

The fact that it was Vera doing it to me invoked in me a passion level that I had seldom felt. I was well on my way to my orgasm enjoying what was being done to me and at the same time concentrating on my efforts to bring erotic joy to Vera.

At that moment I felt movements begin against my tongue that signaled that my newest lover was about to orgasm. I was very happy with myself feeling an immense joy for causing it to happen.. I was also happy that our orgasms would be almost simultaneous.

Vera’s fist was slamming rapidly against my body as she pounded the dildo in and out of my aching cunt. My body was responding in time with her hand movements. I could hear Vera almost begging as she was saying.

“Sue, Sue darling, come for me, come with me, I’m about to come, it feels so good, let’s do this forever, come now, please.”

By then both our bodies were quaking and trembling and shaking. Never had I felt a woman come so joyously before. The excitment my body felt as it duplicated what I was feeling happen in Vera’s body was unlike anything else in my experience .

Moments later we were both exhausted. I fell back on the bed, my legs spread, the dildo, now stationary sticking out of me. I let go of Big Red as Vera assumed a similar position. Gradually I came alive and began to feel my body begin to stir.

I laid my head on Vera’s thigh and reached for Big Red. I slowly and gently pulled it out of her until it released accompanied by a plopping sound. I began to kiss her thigh as I reached my other arm around and under her other thigh until I reached her pussy with my fingers.

I used them to spread her labia as I kissed and licked my way toward it her pussy. When I reached it I used my tongue to examined one side all the way up one side and down the other side. I took several trips each way before I made my first stop at her clit.

I examined her clitoral area thoroughly with my tongue then proceeded downward to her vaginal opening. My tongue then examined it completely probing here and there and then penetrating it as deep as I could with my busy tongue.

Vera was obviously enjoying my efforts. She came with a full body orgasm that had her shaking and twisting and moaning. She was not quite over it when her mouth somehow sucked my whole clitoral area into her mouth and her lively tongue played a tune on my clit.

Meanwhile she again began fucking me with Little Red quickly bringing me to one of the best orgasms I could remember.

Needless to say that by the time the visit was over we both had to admit that we had each been thoroughly satisfied by the other.

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