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New Massage Client

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I looked at the clock, it was 4:10 on a Friday afternoon and my last client was running late. I ran a massage business and was looking forward to going out for drinks with my friends in the city. Being in this industry I feel the need to constantly look after myself so I am in good shape with a nice toned but not overly muscular body and a brown tan from spending time at the beach.

I was about to call him when I heard the door open and saw my new client walk in. As soon as I saw him I couldn’t help but stare. He was in his mid 20’s, just under 6″ and was wearing a pair of slacks and a business shirt that looked like they were glued to his body. The way they curved around his bubble butt and his muscled thighs, to the way the shirt strained against his chest had me drawn to him straight away. He had a five o’clock shadow and his hair brushed to the side with a short fringe.

I’d never fucked a client before but straight away I was drawn to him. After a few too many seconds of staring, he apologized for being late and introduced himself as Zac. I looked at him, told him it was no problem and I showed him to the massage room and to call out to me when he was ready.

After a few minutes he called and I walked in. He was on the table with a towel over his ass and his face in the table hole. I looked over his body which looked better than it did when he walked in. He had veins running down his arms and even with his face down I could see the ‘v’ starting near his hips.

I walked over to him and asked where he was feeling the most pain.

“In my hamstrings and lower back” he said. He had booked a full body massage and I always like to know where to focus. I walked up to the table and rubbed some oil between my hands before starting on his shoulders. They felt amazing to touch and I could feel my body tingle as as I laid my hands on him. We made small talk and he told me that he worked for a corporate firm in the city and was recently single from a long term relationship. Since he now had lots of spare time he was spending more time in the gym and had damaged his hamstrings from squats. The squats were definitely paying off.

I moved down his body and worked on his legs. I started at his calves and moved up his legs. He shaved his legs and they were so smooth to touch I thought I would slide up them. When I got to his hamstrings I heard him moan as I reached his sensitive areas. As I continued to work up his legs I moved the towel from his ass. I was shocked and excited to see his ass was as hairless as his legs, and to realize he was wearing a jockstrap that pushed his ass together perfectly. I could feel myself getting hard just looking at him.

As I ran my hands over his globes, I was standing in line with his hand and could feel his hand begin to move in slow motions as my cock pressed against it. Still rubbing his ass he let out a moan and I knew I had him. I pushed my groin further into his hand and he started moving against my balls. I was only wearing shorts and he began to move his hand up the leg of my shorts and and was cupping my balls. This made me let out a moan and I moved so that he could grab my cock and begin to stroke it. Pre cum was running out of my cock and he was using that as lubrication on my 7 1/2 cut tool.

I continued to work on his ass and he pushed it up for me to get access to his rosebud. I ran a finger along it and he began moaning louder. Slowly I pushed a finger in and he grabbed harder onto my cock in response. He told me it felt good and that he was getting really hard in his jockstrap. I pulled my fingers out of his ass and turned him around.

He looked at me with lust in his eyes as I pulled my shirt off my body and we both got our first look at each other’s bodies. He definitely had me in definition as his smooth abs stood out of his body. While I don’t have ads I have a nice body with a strong chest. I bent over him and my tongue met his. There was so much passion in our kiss that I thought I was going to cum then and there. As we were kissing I ran my hand down his body and played with his nipple and he ran his hand over my ass. I was still wearing my shorts and he pulled them and my underwear off.

He sat up and moved to the end of the table while I got on my knees in front of him, slowly kissing his thighs and finally grabbing his big 9″ cock. I could tell he loved me holding it as I rubbed up and down so I starting kissing his big balls while jerking it. After a few minutes I took his cock into my mouth, slowly at first and just the head. I could taste his pre cum as he grabbed onto my hair and began to force me down his cock. I loved how forceful he was being as I brought him closer to the edge of the table. I grabbed some lube from under the table and put it onto my fingers. I slipped two fingers into his ass as my mouth ran up the underside of his cock. He was moaning from the sensation and pulling on his nipples. His muscles were contracting with every movement and I couldn’t help but look up at him the whole time he was forcing me to the base of his cock.

After a few minutes I stood up and he laid on his side on the massage table. Following his movements, I joined him on the table in a 69 position. He took my cock into his mouth for the first time and the sensation was amazing. His head rested in my leg and I involuntarily thrusted into his mouth. He took my cock like a pro and I held onto his head while sucking his cock and fucking his face. He told me he was getting close and needed my cock inside him.

I put him on his back and pushed his legs up to his chest. His feet were pressing against my chest as I put a condom on lubed my cock and his ass. He took a deep breath as I pushed my cock against his hole and with a small thrust it popped inside. He moved one hand hand to my thigh to control how much he could take and starting jerking off with his other hand. The sounds of him jerking off and him moaning were so hot that I couldn’t help but push in all at once. As I was pulling out he let out another moan and starting begging me to fuck him. I was going faster and faster and could tell how much he loved the feeling of my cock fucking his hot ass.

After a few minutes I pulled my cock out of his ass and pulled him into a doggy style position on the table. He told me this was his favorite position as I grabbed his hips and thrust in as hard as I could. This made him fall into his chest and his ass took more of my cock. I could hear my balls slapping against his as I fucked his tight hole. He started jerking his cock again and told me he was getting close. Hearing him say that I knew I had to be hitting his prostrate and fucked him as hard as I could. He turned his head to face me and the look in his eyes told me he was loving it and he told me he was about to cum.

Wanting to watch this stud cum, I flipped him onto his back again and watched him jerk off as I got my cock back into his waiting hole. He was jerking faster than I’d ever seen before and my cock was fucking him with everything it had. He let out a loud moan and he let out one rope of cum that landed on his face, then his chest and down his ripped abs. As he was coming down, I kept fucking his ass watching as he scooped his cum in his fingers and offered it to me. I sucked on his fingers tasting his cum and it was I could take. I grabbed my cock, took the condom off and blew all over his chest and abs. It was the best cum I’d had in a while and I was moaning so loud I was lucky no other clients were coming.

After my orgasm had subsided we looked at each other and I grabbed a towel for us to clean up with. Wiping our cum off his body he kissed me again and told me that was the best massage he’d ever had and that he wanted a weekly booking. I looked at him knowing I could go one better and said “how about a shower to end the massage?”…

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