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“Where the hell am I?”

Jane opened her eyes to a dark wooden ceiling, rafters sneaking along and supporting the termite infested pine beams, meeting in the middle. As she attempted to move her head and roll to her side, she realized her arms were tied tightly around her back, her ankles bound together, and a cloth stuffed deeply inside her mouth. The scream muffled in her throat as all the flashes of the night before came flooding back to her.

Having a drink at her apartment, alone… Growing tired around midnight and crawling into bed… A loud noise and pressure waking her up suddenly… A sickly sweet aroma engulfing her as her eyelids shut on their own accord…

Her heart began to race in her chest as she fought against her restraints, praying that this was somebody’s idea of a sick joke. Why was she alone in this room, bound and gagged, laying on her back? Who in the world would possibly know she was missing?

Tears formed in her eyes and leaked from the corners. No. This was fucking impossible. She would close her eyes and magically wake up from this bad dream in her own bed. But no, she felt the cold wind from the cracks in the walls snaking against her bare feet and arms. She was trapped.

She remembered the prayer her nanny had taught her when she was very little. Now I lay me… She groped for the words now.

“Now I lay me… down to sleep…”

She heard footsteps in the next room…

“I pray the Lord… my soul to keep…”

The door swung open and a shadowed figure stood before her…

“If I should die before I wake…”

The figure came thundering across the room as she desperately tried to back up, a hand slamming across her face, and once again all was dark.

“Jane… Baby girl Jaaa-aaane… Wake up, love.”

There was a metallic salty taste in her mouth. It took her a moment to realize it was blood. She licked her lips, chapped and dry, as she raised her head slowly, the bright lights blinding her momentarily.

“Oh god… it wasn’t a dream…”

“There we go, love. There are your pretty green eyes opening up for me. You’ve been asleep for way too long baby girl Jane.” A taunting voice chuckled deeply from the corner of the room. Jane’s arms stretched above her head, still tied together tightly, and hung perfectly from a suspended chain. Her hair, she had so carefully pulled it up last night, was hanging wildly about her face and down her back, the dark locks in complete disarray.

“Where am I? Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?” She moved herself about to find the disembodied voice, but the bright lights kept the corners hidden in shadows, concealing her captor. Her heart began thudding deep in her chest again.

“Oh Jane, love. You ask too many questions. You’ll get no answers until I decide you can have answers. You’ve been a bad little girl, Jane. Such a cock tease…”

Two hands lightly grabbed her hips and she froze in place. Slowly their grasp tightened and pulled her ass against a warm body. She squeezed her eyes shut and felt more tears fall as the hands climbed her sides, over her breasts, a chin resting on the top of her head, one finger finding the wetness on her cheeks.

“Crying already, baby Jane? You don’t even know what is in store for you, love. It’s no time to cry. Yet.”

Finally the dark voice circled in front of her, and she came face to face with him.

“What?! I don’t understand! What’s going on?!” His blonde hair still crept and swung into his eyes. His dark brown eyes, almost black. His wicked grin still prominent on his face as he lifted her chin to completely meet his gaze.

“I knew you’d remember me, Jane. I knew you would.” He snickered and walked back into the shadows as her mouth hung open, incredulous. Jane couldn’t remember his name. She only remembered his face and that crooked smile mocking her.

It had been two years ago. Two years. She had lived in another apartment building with two roommates. One night, they had all gone out drinking, having fun, and Rachel had invited her boyfriend and his friend back to stay at their place. They all went to bed well into the morning, and the friend woke Jane in the middle of the night.

He was standing over her, his blonde hair in his eyes, his hands on his engorged dick, her covers flipped down to reveal her nakedness. She had immediately screamed, kicking him in the stomach, waking the house. He apologized profusely, claiming drunken sleepwalking; he didn’t realize what he was doing. Eventually they all went back to sleep, but not before Jane locked her door tightly, and he was never allowed at their apartment again.

David. That was his name.

“So Jane, baby, how have you been?” He had walked back into her view, but this time with a large knife in his hands. Immediately she froze, her hands, face, and feet going numb with fear.

“What are you doing, David?”

“Look at that ladies and gentleman! The stuck up bitch remembered my name! How ever did you do it, sweetheart.” He snickered lightly again as he walked as close to her as he could get; his face bent down next to hers. “Now, love, Jane, baby. You’re going to want to stay absolutely, positively still. And don’t get that girly notion to start screaming your head off. Because there are always… ways… of stopping that.” He smirked as he drew the blade across her cheek and down her neck.

“please…” She barely whispered the words, her body shaking as the knife slipped further and further down her body. She stared into his eyes while he watched the blade.

“Oh yes, Jane. Please. Don’t worry. If you cooperate, you’ll be having just as much fun as I am by the time this over. Maybe.” He brought the knife to the base of her sleep shirt and slowly slit the fabric open. It was quickly removed, leaving only her panties between her and the world.

“I was surprised to find you sleep in clothes now, Jane. Although it was rather cold last night. I think we’ll just leave these on for now.” He pulled at her cotton undies, turning to place the knife back onto a table at his side.

He circled her then, her arms still tied above her head, her breasts exposed to the air, her nipples hardening already to the frigid air. He was biting his bottom lip as his hands slid up to cup a tit in each hand, his fingers rolling a nipple around. Jane could already see a bulge growing in his pants, and she could not believe the shame she felt as he molested her body.

“I hate you. Can’t you find a girl to date you? Or are you so fucked up no one will have you.”

He squeezed each nipple tightly until she yelped in pain, laughing as he did so.

“Actually, love. I’ve been dating the same girl for a year now. But I found out you moved down here last month, and I just couldn’t overlook an opportunity to completely humiliate you like you did me. Look at your body. If you had only let me cum quietly that night over you…” He smacked her face again then, and quickly ripped her panties down to her feet.

“So I guess we’ll get this show on the road then!” David took her panties and shoved them into her mouth, placing a piece of duct tape over that to keep her from spitting them out. As she began to kick at him, he grabbed first her left foot and then her right and tied them to metal rings set into the floor.

He brought out a paddle and rubbed it slowly on her smooth white ass, slipping the wood between her legs and up against her clit. She tried to move, but with her legs outstretched and restrained she was utterly confined.

“Let me know if you like this, love.” And with a crack, he brought the wooden paddle down onto her ass. It stung. It burned. But before she could even adjust to the shock of the pain, there was another smack to her bare ass. It went on that way for what felt like forever. Eventually, all she felt was a burning throbbing sensation, and she realized he had stopped.

Suddenly she felt the burning replaced by a sense of cool. David had a hand placed on her belly while the other hand rubbed an ice cube across her red stinging flesh. Funny. He had been the cause of her pain, but she felt almost grateful to him for giving her this relief. Hate and gratefulness all in one moment.

“Now some ointment…” His voice was almost gentle now as he medicated her wounds. And she thought it was over. He had humiliated her, and now he would let her go. He disappeared behind her again, and she felt her arms being released from the chain. She collapsed in happiness, ready for this nightmare to be over, but the ropes at her wrists were not being undone.

“Honestly, Jane, you didn’t think I was already finished with you, did you?” She knew her eyes had been hooded with relief, but now they were wide in terror yet again. Would he kill her?

He had pulled a chair in front of her, sitting, his legs wide, his pants removed.

“Remember this, don’t you?” His dick was already hard, a full eight inches and so big around. He grabbed her by the upper arms and ripped off the duct tape as she spit out her underwear. His hand closed over her mouth.

“Now Jane, love. You are going to suck my cock, like you’ve never sucked a cock before. You know. Like your life depends on it.” He snickered at his joke as he wrapped his fingers into her hair and shoved his member deep into her mouth.

He tasted musty, his precum wetting her dry tongue as he gruffly shoved her head up and down his shaft.

“Better get that dick wet, love. No time for cotton mouth now.”

Jane immediately tried to bring any saliva possible into her mouth and work her tongue around his dick. His rough moans and grunts let her know she was doing better.

“That’s it… a little deeper now.” She opened up and relaxed her throat to let more of him in as he let one of his hands reach down and tweak her nipples. She closed her eyes and let herself get into the motion he wanted. Fast, then slow. She couldn’t help it; a low sigh escaped from her throat. Suddenly he ripped her back by her hair, saliva dripping down her chin and throat from her open mouth.

“I believe you were enjoying that, Jane.” His voice was husky and deep, his breath labored, as he flung her onto her back onto the floor. “Let’s check and see, shall we?”

Before she had time to react, David had her hands again roped above her head, her back against the cold concrete floor, her feet still tied to their separate rings. He was above her, his hot sticky breath in her face, then trailing down her chest and stomach to her nether regions.

“You seem to be glistening down here a bit, Jane.” His finger dipped into her hole, and she held her breath, not letting him see her arousal. Her accursed body was betraying her.

“Oh love. That’s what I thought. You are nothing but a dirty whore. I should have raped you that night in your bed. You would have loved it and begged me for more.

“No I wouldn’t have, David. I don’t want it now. Please just let me go. You’ve had your fun. You’ve mocked me. What else do you want?” She was almost crying. But her body was beginning to yearn for more stimulation.

“What else? I want to see you beg for my dick, you little cock-sucker.” He pulled his finger from her and stuck it in her mouth. She tasted herself for the first time ever. It wasn’t repulsive as she expected. In fact the smell and the taste only heightened her desire. She began sucking her juice from his finger before she realized what she was doing. His laughter brought her out of her revelry.

“Look at you, Jane. Sucking my finger dry. Just like you sucked my cock. Now its my turn to taste.” His head dipped out of her vision, but she felt his tongue and lips on her clit, his fingers separating and probing deeper and deeper into her. She fought against the feeling. She imagined being sickened and repulsed by being used in such a manner by someone she despised, but she could only concentrate and how good he was making her feel. He sucked on her clit, flicking his tongue every now and then across it. He had three fingers inside of her, shoving and exiting quickly, when the first cry escaped her lips. Jane bit her lip, but she felt her back arching, forcing her pelvis harder against his mouth and hands. She was about to go over the edge when he slowed and raised himself from her cunt.

She lifted her head in confusion, as her body continued to grind against the air.

“See, Jane. You’re just another little dick-craving cunt whore. You know what I want to hear. And I’ll give it to you. But you have to say it.” His blonde hair was down in his eyes, his wicked smile mocking her yet again.

Jane’s eyes burned with hatred, but her body burned with passion. She turned her head away, knowing how bad she wanted him to violate and use her even more. She mumbled two words quietly out of the corner of her mouth.

David grabbed her nipples and pulled, forcing her to cry out and push her back up to ease the tension.

“Say it louder, Jane, or I’m going to rip your nipples right off your pretty tits.” His black eyes burned into her.

“Fuck me, David. Fuck the hell out of me and use me like the little whore I am.”

He immediately untied her feet and flipped her onto her stomach and thrust his dick deep into her pussy. He forced her onto her knees and ripped her head back by her hair.

“Scream for me, bitch. Loud.” His dick was already thundering in and out of her shuddering hole. She began to moan and cry out with each thrust, and she could feel his left hand clutching harder and harder at her hip as each thrust became more and more intense.

“YES!!! Oh GOD YES!!! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!” She wanted this. She wanted him to be ripping through her. And she hated herself for it. His hand released her hair and gripped her right breast tightly, but she kept her head back as she felt the orgasm, the fucking release, that she needed completely control her body.

David shoved her back down until her stomach scratched against the floor. She felt his dick pull out as her orgasm subsided, then the burning hot cum from his cock covered her ass, back, and legs. He kicked her over and the rest landed on her face, tits, and stomach. She was breathing heavily, as was he, as he dropped down onto her, his hand clasping her mouth shut. He bit her neck, hard, and she cried out against his palm.

“I’m done with you now, Jane, baby. But I doubt you’re done with me. Now you’ll have to fucking find me if you want more.” He raised his hand and yet again that night, she felt the blow to her head and the world going dark.

The sun shining in through the curtains awoke Jane the next morning. She awoke with a start, springing from her bed and screaming. From her bed…

She looked around, confused. She was back in her room, safe, secure, unharmed. She shivered, her naked skin not welcoming the cold air that surrounded her, and crawled back into bed, the covers up to her chin. A dream. A fucking dream. She’d had a horrible fucking nightmare, and that was all.

It was only then that she noticed the piece of paper stuck to her mirror. She jumped from the bed and ripped it down.

“I had a great time, Jane, baby. If you don’t find me, I’ll just look you up again when I’m feeling frisky.”

She looked down and saw the rope burns still fresh on her wrist.

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