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The Taking of Slave Jeremy

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Jeremy knew something wasn’t right. Mistress had been acting strange lately. Her normal “bite-his-head-off” attitude was replaced with smiles and gentle caresses on his body. Why, just last night, She had tilted his chin up so he could look Her full in the face and actually kissed his lips. Oh how wonderfully soft they were! Full, ripe, a hint of a smile on them.

She had tousled his long hair and left the room right after, humming to Herself. He had stayed very still as his eyes followed Her feet out the door. He was wondering if it were a trick. He sighed deeply now and continued to polish the black leather boots before him.

His hands worked the stiff brush back and forth over the tops. How they must glisten or woe is he. He could hear Her coming now and he picked up the pace, swirling the polish briskly. She entered the room and paid him no attention. He sat naked, cross-legged on the floor. He could sense that she was watching and he kept his eyes focused on the task at hand. Indeed, she was watching him. Her hazel eyes were boring a hole through his lean, tanned body. She watched the muscles in his back as he worked diligently.

His chest was lightly furred, just the way she liked it. His leg muscles were powerful and arms strong enough to lift her and carry her great distances before tiring. She smiled to herself and sat down at her desk.


The one word sent a shiver down his spine.

“You called, my Mistress?”

Come here and sit before Me.”

He laid the boot and polishing cloth on the floor beside him and crept on all fours to his waiting Mistress. Once there, he rose up on his knees and placed his hands at the small of his back. Keeping his head down, he waited. He felt her hands run through his hair and pull out a tangle. The same hand caressed the broad shoulder and squeezed his bicep hard. She made a soft noise of pleasure. He kept his gaze on the floor in front of him.

“Turn around and sit between my legs,” she told him.

He did as she bade him and could feel his hands beginning to sweat. Her nails were long and sharp yet she stroked his back now with an almost loving caress. She unsnarled the tangles in his hair one at a time and kept touching his arms, shoulders and back. He was almost dizzy from her touch. This was so unlike her. He pushed the thought out of his mind and sighed gently, enjoying her touching him. She stroked his hair once more before pushing him to one side and leaving the room. He sat there in silence for a moment and then went back to polishing her boots.

He did not see her for the rest of the day. When nightfall came, he set about lighting the candles about the house as she liked. He found himself back in the study. As he set about fluffing a pillow here and there and lighting the tapers, he heard her come in. He did not turn around, but noticed the musky scent of her as she flitted about the room. He heard her open the sliding door to the patio and the click of her lighter.

Mistress liked to sit on the deck at night and smoke her cigarettes before bed. She had said once to someone that it cleared her head. He couldn’t remember who it was, but it did not matter, was of no concern to him. He sat by the patio door on the cushion she had bought him when he first arrived. His body was tired but his mind was abuzz. He thought of her soft hands caressing his body that afternoon and he could feel himself stirring. It had been more than one week since she had allowed him to touch her sexually. He was craving her. He felt himself growing harder at this thought, and he smiled to himself. She had finished her smoke and was now sipping from the wineglass he had left on the table.

“Jeremy,” she called out softly. “Come here.”

He slid the screen door open and made his way to her feet. Kneeling before his Goddess, he waited.

“Go and turn down my covers. Light the candles I have placed on the tables and wait for me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

He paused for a moment to see if she would add anything to the tasks. When she said nothing further, he padded back through the study and headed down the hall. Fresh pink flowers, her favorite, were on the tables as were several small white candles. He found the matches she had left and lit the candles one by one. He pulled down the comforter and the sheet and knelt by the foot of her bed. His heart was pounding in his chest. His cock had swelled and was throbbing between his legs with the aching need of having been denied for a week.

He stayed put and waited. It was the waiting he loved the most. He could never anticipate her. Sometimes she would come at him with a barrage of instructions; other times she would do nothing more but sit in the black leather chair and watch him. It was those nights there were no need for any words. He would bring in food and wine and could sit beside her on the floor. Now and then she would give him tidbits of food, a sip or two of potent red wine. He would brush her hair for a while and if she felt like it, she would take the paddle brush to his ass.

He loved the caressing times the most. She was not without feelings, this woman, just always in control of herself when he was with her. He admired her, respected her and loved her.

He could hear her closing the patio door and the sound of her feet on the cool tiled floor. Then he heard the door of the bedroom being shut. His heart was racing now as he wondered what lay ahead of him. She was close to him now. Her perfume was clinging to his nostrils, making him dizzy. He had unconsciously clasped his hands behind his back and he could feel his palms wetting. God, what she could do to him without even a touch! She was behind him now.

“Close your eyes.”

He did so and felt the comfort of the blindfold surround him. She secured it well and checked to make sure he could not see. When she was satisfied that he could not, she touched his cheek.

“So beautiful,” he heard her murmur aloud. She reached around to unclasp his hands and he felt himself being pulled forward. She was urging him to rise. He did so, his cock surging forth in front of him with need. She chuckled and slapped at it playfully.

“There will be time enough for that later, my pet.” He felt the blush rise in his cheeks.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She bade him to lean forward and hold himself up using his arms at the foot of the bed. He did so easily, his body built for endurance and strength. She admired the body before her. Tanned. Naked. Strong. A perfectly smooth ass. Her face broke into a smile.

He stayed still, the blindfold keeping him in darkness. He could smell the vanilla of the candles. He could feel her presence behind him. His body was yearning for a kiss, a touch, anything to ease this pain in his loins. He made sure to keep his cock from touching the coverlet. He must not rub against the satiny temptation before him. Her hands were now on his ass, kneading the buttocks firmly.

He felt himself jerk as she swatted him with her bare hand. The movement caught him off guard. He locked his knees and his arms straight for the next blow. And so it began.

She had now moved off to the side of him, spanking his naked ass. The cheeks were surely becoming red as she hit him. He stood there in perfect silence and let her unleash the punishing blows. The hand was soon replaced with the leather slapper and when the first strike came, he moaned involuntarily aloud. She thrashed his buttocks, back and calves until they were stinging from the pain. His breath was coming in quick gasps. His body was enflamed and his cock was showing signs of pre-cum on the purple tip. She allowed him a moment of rest.

Letting the slapper fall to the floor, she now caressed his back and ass. She ran a hand around the front of him and squeezed his fat cock. He cried out in surprise and pain.

“I see you wish to take me, Jeremy,” he heard her say.

“Oh God, yes, Mistress.”

Again she caressed the tender cheeks of his ass. He could almost hear the smile in her voice at the next words.

“But what if I wish to take you, Jeremy?”

His body was in a heated frenzy and his cock was about to burst forth its seed. He knew exactly what she meant by that statement. He felt her hand on the back of his neck; she was now pressing his face against the bottom of the bed. The comforter was cool to the touch. She took his arm and fastened the cuff around his wrist. Moving to the side of the bed, he felt her attach the ring on the cuff to the bedpost; then she did the same to the other. She went around behind him and kicked his legs apart.

It was not the first time he had taken her pleasure like this. She was rubbing her breasts against his ass. The nipples were taut and he was sighing with pleasure. He now noticed that she had tied him close enough to the bed that he could indeed rub his tortured cock against the softness of the covers. But he dared not, lest he spill his seed before her.

He felt her hand grasp underneath him and cup his balls. His cock was hard, pressing against his belly; he gritted his teeth as she stroked it. Her fingers had wrapped around the shaft and she squeezed the breath out of him. She was grinding her pussy against his ass and was working his cock at the same time. Just when he was about to explode, she stopped. His body was jerking and he was hungry for the release that was so close. His breath came in hard spurts; his agonizing moans were pleasing to her ears. How she loved to tease him unmercifully before the orgasm.

She stroked his back and whispered “Not yet.”

He could feel the bed move under her weight as she climbed on. He could smell her pussy as she moved it closer and closer to his face. She lay back and positioned herself under his mouth. He lapped at the sweet juices. His tongue was swirling around the erect little bud. How he wanted to slide many fingers into her tight opening but his hands were bound for a reason.

He strained against the cuffs while pressing his nose into the sticky folds of her wet cunt. He could feel her muscles tighten around his tongue which was now inside her. He licked and sucked at her until finally she came and lay panting under his mouth. His face was wet with her juices and he eagerly attempted to lick them off his mouth. Her breathing was uneven and she was grateful for the blindfold that obscured his view of her.

She said nothing, only stretched languidly and promptly rose from the bed. He was still licking remnants of her come off of his mouth when she came up behind him. The nearness of her reached into his still painfully erect cock and it surged forth. He was so desperate to have her. To shove it deep inside her sticky hot walls of flesh and bury himself in that sweet spot. But still she tormented him by not giving in. Instead, he felt her brush a hand over his welted buttocks and spread the cheeks of his ass apart. She was spreading something into the crack of his ass. It was cold and he shivered despite the heat emerging from his body. He felt her finger slide against the hole and linger there. She pressed it harder this time, seeking for entry.

He tried to relax as he felt the finger again pressing on his tight hole. She was rubbing the cream into him. He felt her finger go in just a little bit and her other hand was caressing his cock. The combinations of the two sensations were almost too much for him to bear. She teased his asshole with her finger, pushing in a little further every time until he found that he was wanton for it. The thought was arousing him even further. Every thrust inside his ass sent a shiver to his cock. She was squeezing his prick and finger-fucking his ass. He heard an animal groan emerge from his usually silent lips. She removed her finger and stopped the masturbation. He body was still jerking from the rhythm and he cried out in frustration.

“Oh, please, Mistress!”

Her body so close, her taste on his lips, his cock on fire, Jeremy thought he could not take any more. She walked away from him and left him tied to the bed. His cock was so hard, his strong arms bound tightly to the bed, his blue eyes covered by the blindfold. She knew what she wanted to hear and she would wait all night until she heard it. He writhed against the bed, knowing that if he came on the covers, all hell would break loose, and yet he was so close. So close that another stroke would send him over the edge. He gritted his teeth and another low wail came from him. She was silently watching him. She let him cry out in frustration and was quite pleased with him. But still, she was not done. Not yet. There was one more thing left to do.

He had tried to calm himself, but the agonizing throb of his prick kept him where she needed him to be. He could hear her pacing the room. She patted his ass when she walked by. He heard her rummaging through the dresser and then heard a familiar sound. She came up behind him and opened his ass again. The cream was cold and his body was so hot. He felt her pressing, probing, teasing him. Then all at once, she began sliding the vibrator into his tight ass. He groaned but she did not stop.

The vibrator’s tip found its mark and she was now guiding it in and out of his ass. He felt her spread his buttocks apart to get a better view of this. He began to push his ass back onto it, hoping that this would please his Mistress. She caressed his back and opened him as no one ever had before. He spread his legs wide and let her fuck him. Her hand again found his prick and she was jerking him off.

She picked up the pace just a bit and felt the throbbing of his cock in her hands. She knew that he could not hold out much longer. The moment of truth had come. Would he say the words? His arms fighting the cuffs, his legs spread apart, the vibrator buried inside him, he suddenly cried out “Oh God, fuck me Mistress!”

Her hand around his cock, she felt him shoot his cum all over the coverlet. His body jerked and spasmed and he cried out. The dildo still inside him, he clenched his cheeks together and held it in place, the whirring barely audible now. She caressed his sweaty body. Released him from the confines of the cuffs and let him cry to her. He shuddered against her naked body and it was now that she removed the blindfold. She stroked his cheek and kissed him. They lay like this for a moment before she spoke.

“I am pleased, Jeremy.”

His body was limp in the aftermath, he said nothing. She held him to her breast and stroked the tangled hair. He felt like a child in her arms as he sought out her warmth.

“Your birthday is coming. I have arranged a surprise for you. It will be a party that you will not soon forget.”

“Yes, Mistress”.

“Did you enjoy this evening’s lesson, my pet?”

“Yes, Mistress”.

“Then sleep, my pet. I will allow you to remain in here with me tonight. Snuff out the candles and let us go to bed. You have many chores to attend to in the morning.”

He pulled away from her warmth and did as she bade him. When the room was dark, he climbed in next to her. He did not immediately embrace her, though. He waited for her to tell him how he should sleep.

“I wish to hold you, Jeremy. Lie on your side.”

He did as he was told, and he felt her curl up to him, spoon-fashion. She was warm and soft. He sighed contentedly as her hand snaked around the front of him and caressed his sticky cock. He felt her cheek resting against his back. How he loved this woman, would do anything for her approval, her smile, even her love. Nothing could ever take the place of being her coveted treasure.

He remembers now the day of her choosing. He saw her stand apart from the crowd; saw her watching him as he participated in the games. He had run the fastest, carried the most and then endured her torments in front of the group that had gathered to watch. He had been chosen that day, to the dismay of many of the other slaves. She had been his saving grace, and he would work to keep her happy, to stay here with her.

He smiled to himself in the darkness of the room. His ass was burning a little from the punishment he had endured. But it was tolerable, very tolerable as he lay beside this Goddess that protected him and taught so many wonderful things.

She was sleeping behind him, her breath against his back. Yes, this was where he belonged. With the smile still on his lips, Jeremy finally fell asleep.

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