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New Friends

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Lisa and I had been awakened by the sound of my alarm clock, which I wanted to fire through the window but had a second thought about it, when she realized it was Saturday and we weren’t working.

“Joe. Did you set that for any specific reason?’

“Sorry baby, I must have thought it was a work day today. You go back to sleep, I’m going to stay up and make some coffee and read the paper.”

“Thanks. I’ll just get some needed rest and catch you later.”

I went to the bathroom to do my morning thing which included a quick shower so I wouldn’t wake Lisa. I grabbed a towel and dried off on the way to the kitchen to start the coffee while I shaved at the downstairs facilities. I poured a cup after I was done and as I stood there in the nude Laura appeared out of nowhere asking why I was up so early.

“I set the alarm by mistake so Lisa decided to catch up on her sleep and I was up anyway. You want a cup Laura?’

“Sure Joe.”

I could feel Laura’s eyes rolling over my body as she stopped at my cock which was semi erect from seeing her tits through her flimsy sleep ware. She smiled at me as I poured her coffee and when I approached her she told me to put it on the table for her. We were face to face when she gave me a soft kiss on my cheek as her hands found my balls and now fully erect cock. Her hands were soft as velvet as she fondled by balls working them slowly around with her fingers and occasionally stoking me making my breathing jump.

“You enjoying this Joe?”

“Fuck Laura, my heart is racing and my knees are trembling.”

She started to work her magic on my throbbing cock with slow stokes up and down while her other hand cupped my balls gently massaging them making them swell with anticipation. The head of my cock was swelling to an enormous size as I was feeling a big load building up as Laura just kept that slow jerking motion going and whispering how she loved watching my cock expand.

My hands were playing with her tits exploring her nipples which were hard as sticks when she backed away and knelt in front of me to flick her tongue across the head of my cock. I was reeling with anticipation when she leaned forward to suck on the head and swirl her tongue around my shaft still jerking me off with that slow steady motion.

“Damn it Laura I don’t know how much longer I can last!”

She backed off my shaft and told me that she craved a big morning load and that any time I was ready just let go as she released her grip on my cock, cupped my balls with both hands and drove my shaft to the back of her throat, bobbing like a maniac. She massaged my balls as she kept up her bobbing looking up at me with those soft eyes when I felt my orgasm start in body somewhere behind my stomach and traveled to my asshole as I grunted to her that I was cumming.

Laura increased the bobbing motion as she started to suck harder and as the first spurt shot out she slammed my cock to the back of her throat and sucked for all she was worth as I exploded with a steady stream of cum for what seemed like an eternity while she gurgled with pleasure. She backed off my shaft leaving my head gripped in her suction as she milked me into her mouth with her tongue swirling over my head as she finished me off.

My knees were weak as I helped her to her feet and she planted a big wet kiss on my lips as I could taste some of my cum on her.


“Thank you for that giant load sugar. I loved every minute of it! Next time I’ll expect it in my ass” she laughed.

“I’ll be happy to oblige.”

Laura took her coffee back to her room as I found the morning paper and Lisa appeared about three hours later ready for the day that lay ahead. She asked if Laura was up yet and I told her she had been down for a cup and some cream when she remarked that she thought that she drank it black and went off to check on her.

Within an hour they both appeared and told me they were going shopping and they would be back after lunch and would eat breakfast out. I wished them good luck and off they went.

I ate breakfast, changed into some walking gear and decided to enjoy the weather and do a few miles. I was out about three miles and decided to go back a different route soaking up some new scenery when I noticed an automobile down the road with its hood up and someone leaned over the fender. As I approached I saw a man shaking his head and swearing at his engine and trying to relay something to a passenger who I couldn’t see because of my angle. I approached him and asked if I could be of some assistance to which he thanked me and said the damn thing just stopped. I took a look around and grabbed the positive side battery cable and it slid off the post.

“Well sir it appears that who ever worked on this last didn’t tighten this down very well. Do you have any tools?”

He told me he wasn’t mechanically inclined so it would be a waste to buy them. I laughed and said maybe I could put this back on and get him to my place to finish tightening the cable. I pushed it back on and he went in the driver’s side and it started. He came back out and asked where I lived and told him about a mile away, so he told me to get in and they would give me a lift. I went to the back door of the passenger side when I noticed a very beautiful woman with white silver hair sitting up front and I said hi as I sat down. I gave directions and we were in my driveway in about two minutes. They introduced themselves as Bill and Sharon and told me that they were out for a ride when this had happened and how glad they were when I showed up.

I went in the garage to get some wrenches and tightened the cable down and checked out the rest of the engine compartment before closing the hood.

Sharon got out of the passenger side and that’s when I first saw what a beautiful figure went with that gorgeous face as she approached me to ask if she could possibly use my bathroom. I opened the door to the house and pointed to the downstairs room and watched her ass sway down the hall. She must have known I was checking her out because she stopped before she reached the door and turned back to give me a very seductive smile.

Bill caught me off guard as he asked me if I liked what I was looking at.

“I’m sorry if I was starring but your wife is a very attractive woman.”

“Yes, not bad for a woman of fifty. Is she!”

“Wow Bill, I would have never guessed.”

“We both retired early and just travel around here and there doing this and that when ever we get the opportunity.”

My brain caught the last part of the sentence as I put two and two together.

Sharon came back to where we were standing and asked Bill to give me some money for my work to which I said that I wouldn’t think of it.

“Well then, how about some of my ass that you were starring at a few minutes ago.”

I was somewhat stunned by her boldness but when Bill said he loved watching her ass and pussy get slammed by someone else’s cock I smiled and said I’d love the opportunity.

I led them into the living room where Bill sat in a chair to get a good view of what was going on and I suspect to also jerk off while I fucked his wife. I wanted my own show so I thought I’d do some directing before I participated.


I moved over to the other chair leaving Sharon standing in the middle of the room wondering what I was up to when I told her she was going to do a show for us. She had a sheepish grin on her face as she told me to request whatever I wanted.

“Sharon. Slowly start unbuttoning your blouse.”

She smiled as she did as she was told. When she finished I had her remove it as seductively as possible in order to tease us. It took her a minute to finally drop it on the floor. I was impressed at the size of her tits as they overflowed her sexy lace bra.

“Turn around and take off your bra and cup your tits before you face us again.”

She unhooked it and dropped it to the floor as she glanced back at us before turning with two perfectly round jugs cupped in her hands.

“Hey Joe she has some great tits doesn’t she!”

Her areolas where the size of softballs with fat wide nipples that were hard and pointy as she ran her thumbs over them while running her tongue over her lips.

Bill was starting to get horny as he had his pants off and was sporting a hard on of about eight inches which he started to massage.

Sharon was starring at me with a look of passion when I asked her to see if she could lick and suck her own nipples which she did rather handedly. I watched this for a few minutes before I had her remove her slacks and panties so we could see how wet she was. Her pussy lips were glistening so I know she was pretty hot so I had her sit on the sofa with her legs spread facing us with her pussy exposed.

“Ok Honey it’s time for you to masturbate for us telling us how fucking hot you are and how much you want and desire cock no matter what hole it’s shoved in.

Sharon was real good at this as she was screaming at us while she fingered her pussy with two to three fingers at a time.

I stood up and took off my clothes as I watched her stare at my fully erect cock which was seeking some relief right about now. I looked over at Bill and he was nude and starring at my cock also when I told him to get over here and suck on it. In a flash he was sucking like a trooper with a great deep throat movement. Sharon was starring at us with a glazed lust and three fingers buried in her pussy when she exploded with a powerful orgasm that shook her pretty hard.

I asked her if she was ready for two cocks and she screamed that we better pound her fucking silly after what she just did to herself. I pulled Bill off my cock and asked which hole he wanted and he smiled at Sharon and said ass!!

“Hurry the fuck up you two before I have to do myself again!!”

“Sharon honey, how much cum can you swallow?”

“I can handle whatever you can shoot. Why do ask?”

“Well honey I can pop three orgasms and two loads with each in the same session.”

“No fucking way any man can do that!”

“I hope your thirsty, bitch.”

“Bill! Get over here with that club and fuck my ass right now!!!”

I laid on the floor so Sharon could put her ass up high so that Bill could slide in without too much difficulty as she inhaled my cock and started bobbing up and down while Bill slammed her ass with his balls. God she had some incredible lips that were doing a number on my shaft as she swallowed my cock on every down movement.

Suddenly she stopped with my cock buried in her throat and ever so slowly her tongue snaked out and down to my balls toward my asshole.


My mind was reeling after that maneuver as she did this several times before Bill announced he was starting to get ready to drop a load in her ass. I told him to slow down a little so I could fill up the other end at the same time.

“Joe. I think I can only hold out for a couple more minutes. Are you really going to shoot that much cum down her throat?”

“That shouldn’t be much of a problem unless you want some!”

“I love sucking cum from a cock as much as Sharon does.”

“Bill go ahead and fill her ass and get down here when you’re done and I’ll pump you both full!”

He got pretty hot when he heard that and started to plow like a farmer after that screaming when he came as Sharon rolled her eyes back while looking up at me when he came. In an instant there were two tongues and mouths at my cock as I got ready to shoot my first load in her mouth and I told her to get ready.

I blew out my first orgasm with back to back loads which filled her up as she backed off trying to swallow it all and Bill took over sucking me off to my next orgasm which filled him up.

“Holly shit I can’t believe you can cum that much in such quantity and in so short a span between orgasms.” They both said simultaneously.

“I cumming again so someone needs to be sucking!” I yelled.

Sharon got down and started to finger my asshole as she pumped my cock for my final orgasm.

“Bill swallow that and I’ll ream him out!”

Between her tongue and her finger and Bill trying to suck my asshole through my cock I exploded with a violent orgasm that produced two huge loads that almost gagged poor Bill as he grabbed Sharon’s face and swapped my load into her mouth for her to enjoy.

Sharon looked down at my cock and flicked her tongue across the head for some loose cum as she parted my piss hole and ran her tongue into it to get every last drop.

I was exhausted as we all took a break before gaining enough strength to get up and sit down again. They both agreed that the sex we just had was amazing and asked if I was married. I told them about Lisa and how we had an open marriage which they smiled at.

I told them I would get some wash cloths and towels for us and would be back in a minute. I took a leek and cleaned up and grabbed some things and when I came back Bill was eating Sharon’s pussy as she told me she was still horny. Her eyes went wide as all of a sudden my cock went straight out and up!

“How the hell can you do that?’

“I don’t know but I need to put it somewhere!”

“Please fuck me, please.”

Bill looked up in utter disbelief and told me to fuck the shit out of her until she cried for mercy.

I got down between her legs and positioned the head of my cock at her pussy and pushed in ever so gently into the tightest pussy I could remember. She wrapped her legs around me and started to match my thrusts as her pussy muscles started milking my cock. What a feeling as we were slamming each other with frenzy I could only remember with Lisa who was a lot younger. This woman was hot!

Bill had cleaned up and was jerking off watching us fuck like teenagers when Sharon asked me if I ever sucked a man’s cock before. I told her I had on occasion and that if it would turn her on some more I would do Bill while I fucked her.

“Bill, come over here and stand over me so Joe can give you head.”

He brought his cock up to my lips and I took a quick taste before I opened my mouth and sucked on his head and tongued his shaft.


I reached for his balls and cupped them while I licked his shaft and slowly took most of his length down my throat. I left a lot of saliva there while I kissed the shaft and licked the head swirling my tongue around it.

“God damn Sharon, this boy can give some great head!”

“Bill he fucks like a dream! Your wife is one lucky lady!”

I was in heaven with the complements and the sex and I could feel Bill getting ready to cum as I was close myself.

I took the cock out of my mouth and was jerking it pretty fast as I told Sharon I was close and for Bill to shoot when he was ready as I started to suck and bob up and down the shaft. His balls started moving and got tight as he pumped my mouth and screamed he was cumming as I gulped down a big load and slammed my cock into her pussy at the same time filling her with a load of my own.

Bill waited until I pulled out of Sharon’s pussy and sucked the juices off my cock and went down on her to suck out the rest. He brought a big mouthful of love to his wife so they could share it with a kiss.

We cleaned up and got dressed, had a glass of wine before they got ready to leave. I told them if they were ever in the neighborhood again to stop by and maybe Lisa would be home to enjoy some of this. As we were standing in the garage saying our good byes Sharon stood in front of me gave me a loving kiss, dropped to her knees and sucked me off one more time before they left explaining that my cum was the sweetest thing she ever had.

“Bill, I hope my wife is this horny when she gets this age.”

“Joe when we get to where we’re staying I’ll have to fuck her all night.”

I gave them my number and said goodbye.

Lisa returned without Laura who met up with friends and asked if I stayed busy while she was gone.

“I helped out this older couple who had car problems.’

“How nice of you.”

The rest of the day was uneventful until the evening when the phone rang and Bill was on the other end.

“Joe, its Bill and I can’t get my cock started.”

I laughed and asked where they were staying and he explained they were at a friend’s house.

“Well Bill my partner should be able to take care of that problem for you.”

“Joe, Sharon is as hot as a pistol and needs something soon.”

“Lisa honey, the couple I helped today is experiencing some problems that requires our expertise and is asking for our assistance.”

She looked at me with a wicked smile and said that I would have to fill her in on the day’s events on the way to where they were.

“Bill, we’ll be there shortly!!”

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