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New Black Neighbors

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We live in a quiet suburban town in central New Jersey, our neighbors basically keep to themselves, usually just a hello in passing as i walked by their house walking my dog. The neighbors are mostly white couples ranging from their mid-40’s to late 50’s. A few interracial couples but it is mostly a white neighborhood.

Recently a new neighbor moved in a few houses down, a black couple. He was very muscular; quiet usually saw him when he was out working on the lawn. She is very voluptuous even wearing sweats and working out in the yard her body was very noticeable.

I was walking my dog past their house and she happened to be outside I waved hello, she came over and introduced herself as Michele, I told her my name (Carol) and we chatted small talk for a little while.

She said she was on her way out, and asked me if I was doing anything Friday for lunch. Michele said she was having some of the neighboring girls over for a light lunch, this way she could get to know us. I said that would be great and that I’ll be there at noon. I asked if I could bring anything.

Michele suggested maybe just a salad and that we would be 6 people.

I was heading over on Friday dressed in casual jeans and a nice top. As I was heading out I realized that Michele is always dressed up so I fixed my makeup changed my top to something a little low cut, exposing some of the girls. Arriving at her house a little after noon I noticed two of our neighbors, Carol and Jill sitting in the living room with two black women that I didn’t know.

Michele introduced them as friends from her old neighborhood, Tara and Nicole. Michele said that she had invited her next door neighbor JoAnn over but something came up and she couldn’t make it, so we were all there.

I asked where I could put the salad and Michele led me to the kitchen. She had salad bowls already and a few finger sandwiches for us. I served the salad and helped her bring out the sandwiches.

Michele asked if anyone wanted something to drink and suggested a light red wine that she opened.

We all chatted and discussed the neighborhood, schools and what we and our husbands did for a living.

Michele’s husband, Mark was in sales and he was trying to market a new diet shake to the local stores.

It was going on 2:00 and Michele asked if we would like to try a sample the shake that her husband is selling.

We all said sure why not, Michele said that the shake would increases our metabolism, helping us burn calories and give us more energy. Jokingly she said that it would probable increase our sex drives and that we should drink only the recommended daily amounts.

She went to the kitchen and after a few minutes returned with a couple of chocolate shakes in hand. Michele handed Carol, Jill and I our shakes and went back to the kitchen to get the shakes for herself, Tara and Nicole.

Their shakes were vanilla ours were chocolate; the three of us looked at each other. Michele noticed and said, “We need to mix thing up a little, you know black and white”, we all laughed at her comment and drank our shakes.

Michele asked how we liked them, she offered us a sample container telling us that the container had enough to last two weeks if we followed the diet instructions. Going home I didn’t think I felt any different. That night watching television with my husband he asked what I did today.

I told him we had lunch at the new neighbors. When we went to bed, my husband started rubbing me and I just couldn’t get enough, I had three orgasms and wanted a fourth when he fell asleep. Finishing my fourth orgasm by myself I drifted off to sleep.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling very tired, and even my morning coffee didn’t seem to wake me up. Then I remembered Michele saying the shakes gave us energy. I decided to mix up a batch with some milk.

Not bothering to follow her instructions I scooped two then three tablespoons into the glass of milk, making it nice and chocolaty.

As I finished my shake I started to feel better and not as tired, going through my day and again that night attacking my husband wanting more than he could deliver. Again I had to take care of myself so I could go to sleep.

The same thing happened Sunday and Monday, by Tuesday I was almost out of the shake mix.

Mixing the last of the shake mix I drank it down, after a while I felt a little less tired but still not the same as the last few days.

Thinking that since Mark was selling the shakes anyway maybe I could find out what stores were carrying it or maybe Michele could sell me some.

I went over to their house and rang the bell with no answer. Looking around I noticed that Michele’s car was gone, she must have gone out. I went home and fell asleep on the couch.

Wednesday I woke up and went to mix the shake realizing that there wasn’t any left. I went over to Michele’s house at 8:30 hoping that she’d have some more. I rang the bell and she answered the door in her robe.

She asked if everything was alright, she then said that I looked very frazzled. I just giggled and said that I needed some more of the shake she gave us.

Michele smiled and said that that was a two week supply and that it hasn’t even been a week.

I said I know but I just mixed it up and didn’t follow the instructions.

She laughed and said now you want more even though you went through a two weeks supply in 5 days.

I said that I would like to buy it, and asked how much does a container cost.

Michele then loosened the belt on her robe and let it drop open, saying that the shake would cost a little more than money.

Not understanding I asked what she meant t. Michele smiled and said that if I wanted more shake I needed to do some things for her. Not sure what she meant I asked her what? She then told me to come inside and strip. I started laughing and said what?

She then became annoyed and said in a forceful voice ” If you want more of the shake get your ass naked now or leave”.

Looking at her I saw that her robe was completely open and she was wearing black high heeled thigh high boots and nothing else.

Michele smiled and again said, “Some things cost more than money and if you want it you need to earn it”.

I asked her how I could earn some.

She said again, get “get your ass naked and I’ll show you” adding “you’ll really enjoy yourself. NOW STRIP. ”

I walked into the house and as I was taking my clothes off I could hear moaning coming from upstairs. And a woman yelling “that’s it right there, keep going, that’s it”.

Once I had my clothes off I asked Michele if I could have some of the shake.

She smiled and said of course, come with me. Taking her robe off and tossing it over the back of a chair she walked upstairs.

I followed her up the stairs and into a bedroom. There on the bed was Tara and Nicole with a white woman, the white woman’s head was licking Nicole’s pussy while Tara was fucking her with a black strap-on dildo, pumping in and out of the white woman’s ass.

Michele walked over to a dresser and took some lotion rubbed it on her breasts and down to her crotch then taking what looked like the milk shake powder, added it to the lotion. Turning to me she said, you want more shake, lick it off me.

The woman that Tara was fucking with the dildo picked her head up as Nicole screamed that she was CUMMING, Tara pushed the dildo harder into her and she turned her head panting.

There on the bed was JoAnn, Michele’s next door neighbor. I didn’t know what to say, JoAnn was moaning and begging for more.

Nicole and Tara laughed and said that she’d get more if she behaved.

Michele looked at me and said you want it, start licking.

I then started licking her tits, her nipples got hard.

Michele held my head and told me to suck on her tits like a good little slut. All the while laughing and telling me that I could get all the shake mix I wanted as long as I did whatever she wanted, just like JoAnn.

Michele then pulled me onto the bed with her as she backed onto it.

We were lying on the bed next to a panting JoAnn, still getting pounded by Tara. JoAnn turned towards Michele and started licking the powder off her breast also, I pushed her away.

Michele laughed and said that I need to learn to share pushing me off her she said if I wanted the shake, holding a dildo with a bulb attached to it I should come and get it. She then insert a dildo into her pussy and squeezed the bulb pushing the “shake” into her, she then says “it’s right here”, pointing to her crotch. Make me cum and I’ll let you feed it to you some shake right from my pussy, along with some pussy juice. Michele then said that if I made them all cum including JoAnn their newest slut over there that I would get enough to last me the day.

I started licking Michele’s pussy like there was no end.

As she came she held me tight against her pussy and yelled “MORE, DON’T STOP”” as the juices started pouring into my mouth.

I sucked on her pussy uncontrollably trying to get as much as I could.

Once she was done she pushed me away, me still trying to suck more out of her pussy.

Nicole mixed a little more “shake powder and water into the bulb” attached it to a dildo and feed it into JoAnns pussy. Laughing Nicole said, NEXT and pushed JoAnns legs apart.

I dove in between her legs and started sucking, Nicole pulled me back and said, not so fast sweety.

JoAnn gets to cum first then you get your dessert. I started licking on Joann’s clit as fast as I could. JoAnn was enjoying the shake in her pussy. She was getting turned on even more as she came.

Nicole pulled me away and said how about one more orgasm before you get dessert since you’re in such a hurry for it let’s see JoAnn really enjoy herself.

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