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Freddie the Widower ? Oh Man!

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During the long wait for his wife to die Freddie Short thought about life after Shelia’s death. He’d miss having her beside him in bed, for sure, but what about during the day when she’d chatter on much about nothing and pester him to take her somewhere?

He’d REALLY miss that.

Freddie tried not to think about missing the sex. Being washed up aged fifty-nine was a little early but like death that was something to accept, not matter how hard it felt.

No woman would be interested in him. Women of his age would be after guys half his age and if older women came on to him they’d be so wrinkled he wouldn’t know which crack to attempt to slide into. Perhaps they would be something of a thrill if they wore dentures and took them out for him?

At afternoon tea after the funeral his wife’s best friend Pamela, a really good sort, married to old Cedric, whispered if he wanted anything — and wink-wink — he should give her a call. She still did it if she managed to help Cedric get it up.

Thin Freddie was a little shocked and thanked Pamela warmly, noticing really for the first time her tits hung closer to her belly button than her breast bone. Yeah, so what? His dick had shrunk and that was even worse.

He never did call Pamela because, well, opportunities lay with younger women, surely.

Two weeks after the funeral Freddie was bored out of his tree. Acting positively he decided to return to work as a quick response interior plaster/painter and advertised in the local paper, stating his service was for small jobs only.

The wife of the German counsel called, speaking to him in broken English. In his younger days Freddie had been posted in Germany as a flight engineer/navigator in the air cargo division of a short-haul European airline. He replied reasonably fluently to the woman in her language. She was rather astonished. Mrs Scholz asked if he could come right away and Freddie agreed. He’d kept enough gear when he’d retired to perform odd jobs around his home and for his parents and siblings.

Mrs Scholz wasn’t fat with a big mouth. She was pretty and petite, in her early forties.

“I’m so grateful you could come. Other tradesmen could not be here until next week. We have a dinner party on Saturday night. How can I reward you?

Freddie just smiled and looked at the tiny breasts, or more accurately where he thought they were, unaware Mrs Scholz had translated that interest.

It was a small job. There was a chunk of plaster missing from the dining room wall, head high but very noticeable.

“I threw a vase as my faithless husband when he let slip his mistress had not yet left him although he’d agreed with me to dump her. The stupid man ducked and I damaged the wall.”

“Relax,” Freddie replied in German. “I’ll fix it. Fetch your hair drier and leave it with me. After I dry it I’ll need to come back after leaving it for three hours to cure a little.”

“No you stay here. We can fill in three hours very nicely. I’m a keen woman.”

Keen about what? The implication became very clear with just a lowered eyelids glance of mystery with a hint of promise. Er, that was Freddie’s conclusion.

They fucked for a couple of hours and then slept and were awaken two hours later by Mr Scholz coming into the bedroom and snorting. Mrs Scholz told him to fuck off and off he scampered and Freddie heard the car roar away. They fucked again in the shower and Mrs Scholz then went off to prepare dinner. Freddie repainted that whole wall, getting rather a good match and after dinner applied a second coat. Mrs Scholz paid him, adding a huge tip and kissing him goodbye, saying he fucked very well for an old man. She asked what had he done with the used condoms and he said, “I left them in your make-up drawer.”

Mrs Scholz smiled and pinched his cheek, saying “Naughty boy.”

Freddie was very pleased to be back working with its fringe benefits and was delighted to wake in the morning with a rock-hard stiffy. ‘Cunt Plunderer’ as he secretly had called it for longer than he cared to remember appeared pleased to be back in action.

Of course there were few women who engaged him for small jobs as warm as Mrs Scholz had been, although probably she only opened her legs for him to get back at her husband. The majority of other women were distant, or coldly distant or when he demanded coffee some were frigidly coldly distant.

He was compensated by a few outside the square.

* * *

Politician Mary-Anne Finch called Freddie for a major. The stand-alone air conditioning unit for the indoor pool had stopped operating during the winter and dampness had attacked the plaster on the wall against the laundry and kitchen. The outside wall was all glass and the end two walls were tiled. The ceiling was fine as it had been properly surface finished.

“Well?” said Mrs Finch.

“You have two choices. Get this entire wall tiled or I’ll have to work on all the damaged sections and plaster them and then plaster the entire wall and then apply a protective clear finish. Obviously the required protective final coating wasn’t done by the original plasters.”

“How much?”

“Two and a half to three grand. There is much work to do. Tiling is unlikely to be the cheaper alternative but you are assured of a sound wall finish well beyond your lifetime.”

“Do it; if I’d wanted that wall tiled I would have had that done originally. I go for style, Mr Short, not expediency. I’ll give you a key for that door over there. Here you are; and here’s the alarm code. I don’t want you in my house, understand?”


“My daughter Mrs Blake who lecturers at Winstone University at odd hours may visit while you are here working. Will it be acceptable if she swims while you are working?”

“Yes, no problem.”

“She is rather attractive.”

“No problem. I won’t touch her.”

“Unless she asks.”

Without thinking Freddie repeated, “Unless she asks.”

“God, you men are all the same. Right, get on with it. I’ll pay you $2500 and not a cent more.”

“It may come in at that price or even under it but if it requires more work I’ll take shortcuts to ensure I don’t input more than $2500 of time, expertise and materials. Is that what you really want?”

“Oh very well, charge me what you like.”

“I’ll not cheat you Mrs Finch.”

“No, I rather think you won’t but what about my daughter?”

“I wasn’t aware she was part of the deal?”

Mrs Finch smiled. “Goodbye Mr Short.”

A bright feminine voice called out, “Hi Mr Short.”

“Good afternoon miss.”

“You may call me Amanda. Mom said according to you it would be okay if I use the pool.”


“I don’t use a swimsuit.”

“I won’t look, at least I won’t stare.”

“Oh I won’t mind. I have a lovely body.”

There was a peel of lovely laughter as Freddie said he’d take her word for that.

Freddie worked industriously and wasn’t aware she’d left the pool.

“Come over here Mr Short. I’ve made coffee for us.”

“Are you dressed?”

“Yes, but inadequately according to my husband.”

Freddie walked over and stopped, removing his boiler suit and sniffing the aroma of coffee.

Amanda watched him carefully.

He sat and sipped and said great coffee.

She blushed. “Thank you Mr Short.”

“It’s okay to call me Freddie.” He brushed his gray hair back and looked at her with cheeky green eyes. He was just over six feet tall with a straight back and dimples remained when facial wrinkling seemed to disappear under smiles.

“Oh cute name and mom said you sound younger than what you look. She described you as a tough negotiator with a touch of debonair. Do you know what debonair means Freddie?”

“Up yours.”

“Oooh that’s not being debonair.”

Freddie spoke to her in fluent French. “Madam, what is a sophisticated young lady doing teasing an old dried up prune like me?”

Startled, Amanda replied in French, “Mr, you are so fluent and this has surprised and interested me. You are a man of mystery.”

Freddie reverted to English. “I worked in international aviation in Europe for eleven years as a flight engineer/navigator for a French-based airline on cargo flights and was based in Germany.”

“Then why are you an interior plasterer/painter?”

“When I left the airline after surviving a horrific crash in Russia I settled for the quieter life and joined my father who had a small business specializing in plastering/painting the interiors of premium dwellings.”

“But you are old enough to be retired, yes?”

“Early retirement yes, but my wife died recently so I came out of retirement to kept myself occupied.”

“Ah yes, I understand. You are lonely in the empty house.”

“Yes and thank you for enquiring. I must get back to work.”

“You will swim with me tomorrow?”

“Bare body?”

“Yes, it’s only swimming as it should be done.”

“Your mother would kill me.”

“The House begins sitting at 2:00 and rises after a dinner break about 9:00, so my mother will be not be here. I shall be here again about 3:00.”

“I really don’t know.”

Amanda smiled. “Ohmigod, at your age you are shy?”

“Your body is young, firm and very arresting.”

“And you might get a hard on. At your age?”

Freddie hung his head. God she was embarrassing.

“Oh until tomorrow. I shall go soon.”

“Thank you for the coffee.”

She smiled and said it was her pleasure. She blew him a kiss. “I’d expected you to be grumpy and boring.”

Freddie smiled and went back to scraping away delaminated sections of plaster affected by bubbling, cracking with areas completely lifting and almost ready to detach. However some two-thirds of the overall area remained sound. It was just tedious, messy work.

The next afternoon Freddie heard, “I’m here.”

Freddie looked at his watch and saw it was 3:15. He said hi without turning.

“Do you wish to see me undress? I’ve brought you down a cool drink — sit here at the table.”

“I am interested in the drink.”


He asked in French for madam’s forgiveness and that broke up Amanda who when she stopped laughing said in English he was forgiven.

Freddie sat at the table shifting his chair to be looking straight on to the pool. Amanda said, “I want you to look at me Freddie. I desire to be appreciated. It started as being a show-off when I was a kid.”

Freddie scraped his chair to be looking in her direction as she’d intended. Not unexpectedly he viewed the best-looking female form he’d ever seen in the flesh. She stood with just her dress off — panties, bra and stockings yet to be discarded.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yeah it’s okay.”

He could see her skin changing from pink to red, fierce red in places. He quickly added, “The best I’ve ever seen.”

She smiled and completed undressing and dove into the water, having first opened her legs to give him a clear look at her bared pussy with its fat lips. He stripped and stood, toes over the coping tiles, his thick but short dick standing at partial attention.

“It’s not very big.”

“It gets the job done.”

“Oooh, well expressed. You have the look of a very powerful pelvis area for an older man.”

Freddie grinned and dove over her, holding up his feet to avoid slamming her. He’d noticed she stood, unflinching. They swam twelve lengths and that was enough for him. He got out, dried and dressed and went back to work while she kept on swimming for an hour.”

“Bye,” she called, later. “You need to build up stamina.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Don’t be so defensive.”

Amanda arrived each afternoon and on Friday when Freddie stopped after sixteen lengths, determined to build up stamina, she stopped too.

She swam back to him. “Would you like to get me off licking me?”


He caught the glint in her eyes and said, “Nothing would give my greater pleasure. I think about your pussy every night.”

The glint turned to blue-eyed sparkle, and she flipped her blonde hair back. “You stay in the pool and I’ll sit hanging over the side.”

“So you’ve done this before. The lawn mower guy?”

She giggled.

There was no girly aroma and he thought that was a pity; the pool water had sanitized that but she lubed quite quickly and Freddie watched her clit pop inter view under stimulation.

“I’d always thought I’d hate an old guy doing this to me.”

“I’m not old.”

She ruffled his hair and giggled.

Freddie was doing something he liked doing and drew her into a shattering climax. She rested, hanging her tits around his ears while stroking down his back erotically.

“Would you like to fuck me?”


“I bet. Unfortunately I’m married. I’ll be away for ten days.”

“I’ll miss you. I’ll have my memories. You mom took my card.”

“It’s on the kitchen notice board. Why would I want your card?”

Freddie smiled. “You’ll think about me at times and say to yourself that nice guy Freddie deserves a great fuck.”

“God you are a monster,” she smiled. “Bye.”

“I’ll not see you when you return. I’ll have to give the plaster three weeks to dry out before putting on three coats of paint and then the finishing coat.”

“I’ll find out when that is and stay away.”

“As you wish. Goodbye my dream woman.”

“Freddie, don’t you dare say that to me.”

He walked off to the toilet not looking back. Cunt Plunderer was in a really bad way, needing to be jerked off. He grumbled to himself fucking Amanda; he ought to have attended to that the selfish bitch.

* * *

The Adams family comprising Jack, Milly and daughters Lily and Wanda had been waiting two weeks for their big new TV screen wall mounting to arrive. Milly called Freddie and he was around the next day, working on making the wall inset almost three times larger than what had been required for the old screen.

Milly came in, practically spilling out of her dress. “She looked at the his work and gasped, “Ohmigod, you have made the recess far too large.”

“It is perfect, right to the exact finished gap all the way round to manufacturer’s installation specification.”

“That’s bullshit. Oh I apologize. It was so rude of me saying that.”

“It’s okay. I know women have great difficulty believing anything men say.”

Milly gave him a filthy look and began leaving the room.

“Come back, I need to use you.”

Milly returned, face scarlet.

“I need you to help me lift the screen to check how it fits.”

“Oh is that all?”

“You made me nervous alleging it was too big.”

They held it up.

Milly was delighted. “It’s a perfect fit. You are such a clever man. Look, are you able to complete the plastering tomorrow and return on Monday to paint the wall?”

“Yes, I’ll be using quick-drying plaster, three thin coats. That will work out fine.”

“Lily, Jack and I leave tomorrow to visit my parents and will return Sunday night. Is it all right to leave Wanda in the house with you? She doesn’t have college tomorrow but has a birthday party to attend on Saturday so is not coming with us.”

“Tell Wanda to hang out at the mall tomorrow and go to an afternoon movie.”

“I’m not worried about Wanda being alone with you. She’s twenty. I’m worried about her distracting you. She could become bored being home alone.”

“I can work and talk at the same time, like I’m doing now. I haven’t met Wanda. Will she be strong enough to help lift the screen so I can mount it?”

“Yes, definitely, she is stronger than me. She plays basketball and ice hockey.”

“What say she, um, comes on to me?”

“That is very unlikely Freddie though I hear from other mothers she puts it about with some of the college tutors.”

“Naughty girl.”

“I think so too. But if she does decide to give you a lucky day just don’t tell me, huh? But for that to happen you’ll need a miracle.”

“Very well Mrs Adams.”

“Please call me Milly. You really are a very nice man.”

“For an older guy?”

“No for a man. If I weren’t so virtuous I could fancy you myself.”

Freddie grinned and said, “If you change your mind just tap me on the shoulder.”

Milly smiled. “God you are very forward for an older man Freddie. For me to change my mind would take a miracle.”

A young woman with wild hair and sleepy eyes answered the doorbell and said, “Hi I’m Wanda. You don’t look as old and as scruffy as I thought.”

“And you don’t look dressed.”

“This is a shortie nightie. It’s legal.”

“I bet if you walk one hundred yards down the street you’ll be arrested.”

“Move aside and I’ll prove you wrong.”

“Hell no Wanda, don’t you dare. Your mom would kill me if I let you out dressed like that.”

“I only wore it to look provocative. Normally I wear nothing to bed.”

“I bet.”

Wanda laughed and told Freddie he had good humor. Mom warned me not to expect my concept of a man in his early sixties.”

“What else did she say about me?”

“She warned me not to bend over in front of you.”

“You lying young bitch. How’s the coffee?”

“Come to the breakfast bar sir. I’ll try to remember to sit with my legs closed.”

“You may sit anyway you wish. Only a tap on the shoulder gets me going.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Mom said you’d be quite a challenge for me.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, good with repartee. That means…”

Freddie spoke rapidly in French, saying a college girl ought not think an old man was uneducated.

“Ohmigod, you speak French fluently. French is my second major and I’m home today to bone up on French grammar. We have a test on Monday.”

“Lucky you.”

“May we converse all day in French, you correcting me on grammar and offering explanations?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Do you live alone?”


“Stay for dinner. Everyone says I’m a great cook.”

Freddie began talking to Wanda in French, looking unwavering at her face, knowing the little bitch had opened her legs and was facing him. They agreed to have a French meal. She reached for the phone saying she’d call a cab. Freddie said use his car and she said she was surprised he’d trust her with his car. Smiling, Freddie replied if she trusted him enough to sit facing him with her legs wide open to her presumably bare pussy he ought to be civil enough to trust her. Wanda blushed and snapped her legs shut.

At last, with Wanda off preparing to go shopping, Freddie got back to working on the TV wall.

He finished his work by 3:15 and called out to Wanda.

“Give us a lift here please?”

“Speak French to me your ignorant peasant.”

Freddie grinned and told her in French what converted into English as saying, “Please don’t fuck up. The plaster must not be touched.” He extended the frame fitted to hold the TV virtually flat inside the recess.

Wanda was wearing a sundress and for the first time Freddie realized she had tits, good ones, far more than a handful. Carefully he gave instructions. Wanda said she understood and no she didn’t want the instructions repeated in English.

They lifted the big screen and Freddie quickly attached it and complimented Wanda for a job well done.

“Am I to be rewarded with a kiss?”


“Why not.”

“Because I may be tempted to try other things.”

The twenty-year old shouted to Freddie, “Stop fucking around and kiss me.”

He said in French he was older than her father.”

She shouted, “Please explain the relevance of that comment.”

Being without an answer, Freddie kissed her and the youngster with obvious experience turned it into a passionate kiss.

Freddie drove home late, scarcely believing he’d that evening fucked a twenty-year old three times. The crowning moment for him had been, Wanda with his semen streaming over her breasts as she whacked him off saying in absolute astonishment, “Where the hell did all this jizz arrive from?”

Earlier the second most satisfying moment had been after she’d complained he was not very long she had groaned, “God you are thick” and began feeding him into her very gingerly. They’d both watched with immense satisfaction his eager dick sink into her depths.

When he left she kissed him wetly and he told her to enjoy the birthday party and to have success with her French grammar test.

“You are not speaking to me in French,” she complained.

He explained he was too fucked to concentrate on doing that. She laughed and thanked him excessively for her sperm bath.

“I bet never in my life will I experience a deluge like that again.”

Freddie thought well that how it goes: his late wife use to complain about excessive semen whereas this young kid was in raptures about it. Well he supposed she would change her tune if she team up with a big shooting guy when she had to clean up and wash sheets and towels every day,

* * *

Money was flowing in and Freddie had no worries. Working was increasing his fitness and he thought this random fucking, far from ruining his health and confidence, appeared to be making him feel bushy-tailed. Perhaps he ought to look for a woman in her early fifties who was sexually active, had plenty of cash and liked to go out a lot. He could retire again and entertain her. A younger woman might want him in bed with her all day, or at least a substantial part of the day for weeks or months until she tired of him and that could overtax him and affect his drive.


Freddie found old friends were beginning to socialize with him again, his old pals that is. The women seemed to think with Shelia gone it wasn’t worth inviting him around to hear about his loneliness and being reminded what a good woman Shelia had been. At least that was his charitable view. He thought sourly had he died rather than Shelia those women would have piled her with support and lined up suitable men for her to chose someone to take Freddie’s place in bed and to mow the lawns and do the dishes and work down the Jobs List. That was women for you: unfair. So with guys calling he was back to playing cards, watching the sluts work their trade in bars, playing 10-pin and attending football games. Unfortunately that really made it obvious he was alone when returning home late to an empty house and with a dick wanting attention.


Introductions, that’s what he needed. Freddie chose to have dinner at the diner late after the rush was over. He collared Peggy Mason, a young college kid, who talked to him most times when he came in because he was interested in her studies and he told her jokes that made her laugh.

“Peggy are you interested in making some good money?”

“Like what, having me jack you off in the washroom?”

“No, something better than that.” Christ he hadn’t known the kid was available.

“I won’t allow you to fuck me near here. It will have to be in your car.”

Freddie licked his lips. Christ this was hard going. “No, just something that requires a bit of thought and some phone calls when you’re not studying or working.”

“Like what?”

“Introducing me to lovely available women forty and over, the older the better, who want romance in their life and are available to be dated by me. You manage the introductions and for each woman I date I’ll pay you a hundred.”

“That’s prostitution.”

“No way. I’m looking for a woman who, if it works out between us, would live with me, perhaps even marry me.”

“So you want only one introduction?”

“Yes, to get the ball rolling. If that one doesn’t work out you find me another and I pay you a hundred bucks. But definitely there must be no hookers and no shrews and no under-weight or under-nourished women. Just really nice women.”

“Ah, I see what you are getting at. My mom has some loose friends.”

“I said no hookers.”

“I didn’t mean that. They are women out of relationships including marriage who have found men of their age want to fuck the young babes like me. I could live with you for a hundred a week.”

“No I want you to concentrate on your studies. I’d keep you legless.”

“God you have a big opinion of yourself Freddie,” she grinned.

“Here’s twenty for just talking to me about this. If you land me a real honey I’ll think about a big bonus for you.”

“Right, good one. Want to go to the washroom with me, no charge?”

“No, it’s unprofessional for a guy to have any type of sex with his agent.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. You sound ethical.”

Chloe was the first one. She attempted to get his dick out in the restaurant and kept whining how hungry she was for it. Freddie delivered her home untouched and she accused him of being ‘a fucking gay’.

Peggy apologized and said her mom had warned her Chloe was a bit unstable and desperate.

Failures relating to compatibility occurred with Beth, Rose and Amelia and miraculously Peggy introduced him to Evelyn who proved to be great fun to be with and took his home and they fucked brilliantly, like rabbits. When he was dressing Freddie spotted a familiar face along with the face of Evelyn in a family photo on the dresser.

“How is it Peggy is in your family photo?”

“Freddie, don’t be mad at us. Peggy is my daughter. She had a big talk about you and your unsuccessful quest. Peggy, bless her, thought you were looking very wan and suggested a great bout of sex might just be the tonic for you. We’d run out of suitable women meeting your specifications and I volunteered. Please don’t be mad at me. We had great sex didn’t we? I certainly did as it reminded me very much of my wedding night all those years ago. You are great at fucking.”

The next evening Freddie collected Peggy from the diner at the end of her shift and fucked her in the car down on the riverbank.

“Mom said your were great, but that’s an understatement. I suppose this is your way of saying our little arrangement is over?”

“Yes but thank you.”

Peggy said, “I got five hundred bucks out of you including for lining you up with mom. Do you want that one refunded because we duped you?”

“No, it’s fine. Here, this is another $500 to go towards your studies. You’re a good kid Peggy and I’d like you to finish your degree.”

“I’m determined to do that Freddie; I don’t expect to get many chances in life and getting a college degree is at my fingertips so I’m focused. Take me home come in and mom and I will give you a threesome. Dad is still away.”

Freddie declined so she requested another one and gave it her all, leaving him almost legless. He did manage to drive the car.

The following Friday night Freddie’s loneliness appeared destined to evaporate.

* * *

Freddie had come home from the bar with ringing ears. Bars were so damn noisy on Friday nights. He answered a call.

“Hi, it’s Amanda, Amanda Blake.”

“Oh hi Amanda, lovely to hear from you.”

“Freddie, I’m in a bit of trouble. We need to talk.”


“Tomorrow. I’m intending to ask you to live with me for perhaps a year, longer if we decide on that.”

“Okay,” Freddie said cautiously.

“It’s complicated. May I take you to breakfast in the morning?”

“Yeah sure. Will you be okay in the meantime?”

“Yes. I’m not in danger.”

Freddie said that was a relief and they arranged to meet.

The Saturday morning crowd had almost filled the restaurant so he secured a table outside and ordered coffee for two.

Amanda arrived dressed in a gray trouser suit and looking pale and worried. He stood awkwardly and she asked wasn’t he going to kiss her. He did that and as she broke away he said stupidly, “How’s your pussy?” She looked appalled.


“It’s okay. I should have laughed and pushed it forward to you but the truth is I’m in a big down.”

“Oh? Tell me about it.”

“Oh god Freddie thanks for being interested and sounding sympathetic. Most of my friends couldn’t care a shit. I finally worked out you were the best person to appeal for support. My husband is leaving me for this older woman he’s been fucking even before he met me.”

“What a jerk.”

“Yes but my behavior with you at the pool indicates I’m also flawed.”

“You could also say if you weren’t flawed you wouldn’t have had me to turn to.”

“See — that’s just it. That’s why I called you. You have such a positive outlook on practically everything.”

“Well don’t go over the top about it Amanda as you are losing focus.”

“Oh yes, right. Frank and I have agreed to divorce and that’s under way. But the jerk is still pestering me believing his still has conjunctional rights.”

“The right to fuck you because you’re still married?”

Amanda looked around nervously and said yes. But part of the annulment of marriage process was to show they had separated due to irreconcilable differences. “Still being fucked by my husband could ruin my chance to divorce him.”

She’d spoken loudly and conversations around them had stopped. Amanda cringed but Freddie’s wink drew a strained smile.

Freddie whispered, “So you want me to warn off the jerk and if he still pesters you to castrate him?”

Amanda’s eyes grew huge and her wan face turned really white. “Freddie no, no violence. If you are in the house he won’t come near me. At least that’s why I hope.”

“You mean he’d mistake me for your father?”

“No, if he is watching the house he’ll find you are sleeping with me.”

Astonished, Freddie said loudly, “You want me to sleep with you?”

A woman at the next table dropped her hot coffee into her lap and screamed. Amanda looked scandalized so Freddie said urgently, “Let’s move to another table.”

Voice shaking, Amanda said, “I didn’t expect this to be easy.”

“You can count on my support Amanda. I suppose sleeping with you doesn’t mean fucking?”

“I’m undecided about that.”

“Well that’s encouraging. I’d really like to fuck you regularly.”

“Freddie, please,” Amanda whimpered, looking around wildly.

A waitress arrived and they ordered.

Freddie said, “I’ll move in with you.” He watched the relief flow across Amanda’s face and felt very proud. He reached for her hand and she squeeze his hand and made a single kissing sound. He winked and she smiled.

She spoke about her feelings and that seemed to bring her further relief.

“The decision to divorce was unavoidable and came as a huge shock to me because I’d vowed never to be like my mother. She’s been divorced three times and these days her relationship with a guy extends to three months if she’s lucky.”

“There’s no need for that to happen.”

“But she and I are so much alike; it worries me.”

“It’s purely a management problem. It has nothing to do with genes or inherited behavior through association.”

“I like hearing that.”

“I bet you do.”

“Oh Freddie, you are so good to me.”

“I’m pleased about that. Right here are my terms: I’ll move in with you on the condition we review our relationship at the end of one year and we split basic living costs through the middle. If you find another guy I want our agreement terminated instantly. We live at your house weekdays and if convenient move to my house at weekends because there will be jobs to do there and it is ideally situated for outdoor pursuits that I wish to involve you in such as hiking and boating.”

“Those are not onerous conditions. You make the transition sound so easy, so smooth. What about sex?”

“It’s not a condition.”

“Why not. You have me over a barrel.”

‘I don’t hold people over a barrel, even for sex. It’s not my style.”

“But you find me desirable.”

“To the extreme but what you have to think about is your family, friends and acquaintances know you are presumably having sex with a guy thirty-five years your senior. Imagine what that could do to your reputation?”

“Just living with you would be no different in the minds of other people.”

“True, but in the minds of you and me there would be a significant difference.”

“Then let’s have sex.”

“Give yourself a couple of days to think about it Amanda.”


“Yes. Be a good girl Amanda.”

She sighed and said very well, she’d advise Freddie of her considered decision in two days. “When will it be convenient for you to move in?”

“Monday when you get home from your job. Would you like me to take you to dinner tonight?”

“You want to do that knowing there will be no sex because of this stupid two-day hiatus?”

“Yes. It’s no big deal Amanda. Huge numbers of sexually capable people go out together and don’t have sex. Why this preoccupation with sex?”

“Because you are a guy and have licked my pussy and have admitted you desire me.”

“But I’m also influenced by circumstances and the big issue goes deeper than the chance to rip off a couple this weekend.”



“Mom said you are an unusual man and boy does she know how to assess people. I think you are a remarkable man.”

“But not a saint.”

“No, you randomly lick pussy.”

They laughed and he noticed the tension had eased and her laugh had a little dance to it.

Amanda and Freddie parted, kissing and hugging warmly and he went home in a loan vehicle to a local vehicle service center to collect a year-old two-door Ford F150 pickup he’d purchased a day earlier. He’d left the red vehicle behind to have a retractable metal tonneau cover fitted to the cargo box. A mobile sign-writer had come in to paint on the doors, ‘Speedy Home Décor Maintenance, LC’ and his cell phone number. He’d traded in his sedan and paid the small cash difference.

Driving his new vehicle home Freddie wondered if Amanda would ride in the ‘trade’ vehicle with him. It was difficult to guess because she varied from being ultra snooty to rather basic, perhaps much like her mother. She better ride with him because he was having retractable fittings made to carry two kayaks or his fishing dinghy. Would Amanda get her hands dirty with smelly fishing bait? He sighed, no way! But she might sit with him watching him fish, a handkerchief over her nose because the fishy smells and she might flash her pussy or tits at him to keep herself amused.

Freddie groaned. What the hell was he doing? He and Amanda not only belonged to different generations but their upbringings, culture and interests were totally disparate. Her only interest in him before this reunion had been for her to flash her pussy at him. She was a fucking exhibitionist with no more real interest in him than she would have for a toad. Now she’d suckered him because she needed a shoulder to lean on and had worked out he was available and was a safe bet. She’d dump her as soon as she found a guy who fitted her concept of being a real man.

Running the pickup into the garage, having remembered to carry the remote with him, Freddie grinned. At least he’d get a few juicy fucks. There was no way Amanda would see herself in bed with a guy and not being able to fuck him. Exhibitionists wanted everything.

Amanda called and said, “About tonight…”

Oh, standing him up already for a better date, Freddie thought.

“I’ve decided we should eat here. I feel compelled to cook for you.”

“Um, great. Are you sure you can cook?”

She giggled. “I grew up with the live-in cook being my babysitter. Guess what I learned to do?”

“I see. And the butler taught you to fuck?”

She giggled. “We only had a cook and always female and to keep your mind about my purity intact, I can say my mother ensured my stepfathers could not find themselves alone with me beyond a few minutes.”

“Very interesting. So who did teach you to fuck?”

“Various guys. I did go to college.”

“Ah yes. What should I bring — wine?”

“If you wish but there is a cellar here.”

Freddie gaped when he saw the big house in a swanky street. It made him think even more about the unsuitability of him pairing with Amanda.

“Welcome,” she said, gliding into him dressed in an elegant white gown.

“God your tits like great in that dress.”

“It’s the cut and god you are revoltingly different. Not even my husband would say that, at least not use that word.”

“What god?”

“No tits you fool. You look nice.”

“Thank you.”

Freddie pulled his hand from behind his back and produced five red roses he’d purchased, ignoring the criminally high cost.

“Oh great, how sweet, and with long stems which I favor.”

Amanda let him into the dinning room where he noticed red roses in three vases — a least fifteen roses. He bit back comment and instead said it was a lovely room and the table setting looked magnificent.

“Thank you. Some of our cooks had worked on the staff in mansions. I learned a great deal and it’s one of my pleasures setting the table. It was so lovely of you to comment.”

“So you lose this house in the marital carve-up?”

“No, my mother bought the property for me before the wedding and it’s covered in the pre-nuptial agreement. My mother is very wealthy and continues to pay me a very generous monthly allowance to spend on myself and says she’ll continue to do so for the rest of her life. I’m practically her only interest outside of politics. That allowance is why I can pay ridiculous prices for roses, my favorite flower. What is your favorite flower?”

“Roses, red ones.”

“Oooh. Come and see my magnificent kitchen and I’ll check the meal while you pour the drinks and then I’ll take you on a tour. I’d love to show you my collection of underwear.”

“Could you do that first?”

“Oh you naughty boy,” Amanda chuckled, taking his hand and squeeze it. “Kiss me hard; my lipstick has a protective coating. You may grab a breast if you wish.”

“Amanda I really…”

“It’s okay Mr Disciplinarian. I’ll abide by your ridiculous rule and keep the hiatus intact.”

“Are you sure?”

“Very sure. I’m just ending my period,” she laughed, enjoying Freddie’s embarrassment. “I take it you don’t go in during that period?”

Freddie gurgled and pulled her through the door to inspect the kitchen.

Amanda called on Monday morning while Freddie was having coffee with a tiny bent-over old lady.

“Hi,” he replied. “I’m having coffee with a client, repairing damaged caused by a water leak that has now been remedied.”

“Is she with you?”


“I’ll try not to made you embarrassed. I’ve decided we’ll do it. If you are in bed beside me I would be unable to resist getting me hands on you.”

“What about use of the guest room?”

“I want you with me.”


“And in me.”

“Right Mrs Blake. What time will you be home today?”

“Oh, embarrassing you am I? Sorry. I will be home just after 3:30.”

Freddie arrived in his pickup.

“Oooh, that vehicle looks manly. Please put it in the garage before the neighbors see it.”

“I want your husband to see it if he drives by.”

“Oh, good thinking.”

“You’ll ride in this with me, won’t you?”

“Yes of course, but with a hat and very dark sunglasses.”

“What about fishing?”

“What about fishing?”

“I take a small boat up to Raymond Lake occasionally and would like you to accompany me.”

“Yes, I like fishing.”

“What about bait?”

“Make sure it’s fresh. I’m used to handling fish; I’m a cook remember? Alternatively I could sit in front of your and be troublesome by fingering my pussy to tease you.”

Freddie looked like a stunned mackerel.

She asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I had this thought the other day about you not fishing but sitting out on the lake with me and distracting me by flashing your tits and pussy.”

“God you must think I’m sex-crazy. At least we think along similar lines.”

They were drinking coffee after a top-class meal featuring baked salmon when the doorbell chimed. Amanda smiled and left to answer it and Freddie heard raised voices. He went to investigate and found a guy in jeans and a sweater laying down the law.

“You had no right to change the locks you paranoid bitch.”

Guessing this was husband Frank, Freddie grabbed the guy by his arm, swung him around and slapped him across his left cheek.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” Frank yelled. “And who the hell are you?”

Freddie remained mute.

“Answer me bitch, who the hell is he?”

“My bodyguard with orders to kill,” Amanda said.

“Get out of my house you fucking geriatric has-been,” Frank said, taking a swing at Freddie.

Amanda was terrified. She’s seen Frank in a fight once and the guy who’d been staring at Amanda and making suggestive gestures’ Frank had pulped the guy’s face. She saw Freddie duck under the swing, straighten up and slap Frank’s right cheek with an almighty swat and then hook his leg behind Frank’s to bring him down with a thump on to the tiled floor of the entrance hall.

“Don’t kill him!” Amanda screamed, only half acting.

Amanda opened the front door and Frank climbed to his feet and rushed off without a word. He backed his vehicle at speed down the driveway, raking the side of it against the concrete post of the retaining wall of the raised front lawn.

“I think Frank won’t forget this visit,” Amanda said, closing the front door. “You were most impressive. Come to bed for fellatio, delivered by a former champion.”

Amanda called on Wednesday morning. “Hi. I have a meeting with my attorney and the other side on Friday morning. I said I wanted you to attend as my financial adviser. They are waiting for confirmation because if you attend Frank will bring his financial adviser.”

“What for?”

“Who knows? I had to give you a title.”

“Yeah okay. Frank could be so busy glaring at me he may not take too much interest in proceedings.”

Amanda called fifteen minutes later. “Great news — I’m clear so we can have sex tonight.”

“What’s the rush?”

“You jerk, you know I’ve…. Oh, damn you. You really had me going there you big tease.”

* * *

On Wednesday Freddie was just setting out covers before starting to paint a smoke stained lounge wall when his phone went.

“Hi, Freddie speaking.”

“Hello Mr Short. Mary-Anne Finch speaking. I received your invoice in today’s mail for the work you did on my pool wall. It was late arriving.”

“I send out invoices to suit me, not clients Mrs Finch.”

“Efficient business people send out invoices on the 20th of the month.”

Freddie sighed. “Would a five percent discount compensate you for my tardiness?”

“Certainly not. The point I was making was you were inefficient with paperwork.”

“Point taken and ignored Mrs Finch. Is that all?”

“No. Your claim for payment is for two thousand, five hundred, the lowest figure of your estimate and yet as far as I can see your workmanship is perfect.”

“You can add ten percent to compensate me for failing to match your billing expectations Mrs Finch.”

“Are you attempting to ridicule me young man?”

“No ma’am. I’m anxious to please you. If I leave you with a gripe you might not recommend me to your friends.”

“You have a peculiar way of expressing yourself Mr Short. Perhaps I was not making myself clear. I was astonished you billed me lower than I expected and am ecstatic at the apparent quality of your work and the main purpose of my call was to express my appreciation.”

“I receive that loud and clear Mrs Short. You think I’m a very good man. Thank you and have a nice day.”

“Just a minute. Is there something you wish to say to me?”

“Not that I can think of. I have thanked you for your kind words.”

“No, I mean in respect to my daughter Amanda.”

“She sure is pretty Mrs Finch.”

“No, no. One of my friends saw a much older man with her and from the description I’m almost certain it was you. What are you doing in the company of my daughter?”

“I’m afraid that is restricted information Mrs Finch. You’ll have to ask Amanda.”

“I can’t. I attempted to ask her but she said to mind my own business.”

“Oh dear. Look, you appear to be a lovely lady so I tell you this. Call Frank and ask what happened when he called on Amanda last night and bad-mouthed her.”

“Oh god. I’ve checked your background and noted you were an instructor in unarmed combat in the Air Force before you transferred to engineering. She’s hired you as a bodyguard.”

“Very interesting speculation Mrs Finch. Bye.”

* * *

Amanda was playing the grand piano when Freddie arrived home.

“Hi darling, did you have a good day?”

“It was okay. And you?”


“I’ll have a shower and…”

“No, I don’t mind you hot and sweaty darling. Shed your clothes and fuck me on my piano now; I’m not wearing panties.”

“Have you done this on the piano before?”

“Only the once. I had a former college friend visit.”

“You must have liked him, committing adultery.”

“Who said it was a guy?”

Freddie grinned and stripped while Amanda arrived with a footstool and said the top of the piano was rather high.

They kissed and when Freddie thought she was warmed up enough he lifted her on the piano and the height for pussy licking was great; no strain on the back whatsoever. Amanda began to gurgle and pulled off her top and pushed down her bra. She began to groan as she began tweaking her nipples as Freddie carefully pushed a third finger and generated a healthy squelching sound as he licked around to tease her clit.

“Who liked that?” he chuckled, pulling up the footstool as she lay gasping like a beached whale. — er, of the slender species. Freddie grabbed one of the towels Amanda had left thoughtfully on the nearby sofa and placed the other on the keyboard at the ready and he played her like a cello for forty minutes before she called, “Slam it Freddie, I’m ready to make the home run.”

They rested briefly when the front door bell went.

Freddie grabbled a towel ignoring Amanda who said it would only be someone collecting for a charity. He grinned thinking he knew who it would be and called over his shoulder, “Pull that towel over you?”

Mary-Anne Finch pushed her way in, staring at Freddie holding a towel over his waist and rushed into the lounge and saw her nude daughter attempting to cover up with a towel.

“God, you two know how to live it up,” Mary-Anne grinned.


“Hello darling. I suppose this is adultery because your marriage is not yet annulled.”

“I-I was experimenting yoga positions.”

“Pull the other one dear. If you must lie, lie well.”

“My impression is Mr Short was engaged in interior decorating.


“Oh relax Amanda. All of us have sex.”

“W-why are you here?”

“I called you today to ask about you being seen in the company of Mr Short but received the brush off.”

“I called Mr Short…”

“Mom, you cow. Going behind my back like that is gutter tactics.”

“And Mr Short informed me politely that was restricted information.”

“Well there’s your answer.”

“So I came around to check up that you weren’t being held hostage?”


“Oh being over-dramatic am I?”

Amanda, looking fiercely at her mother asked Freddie to fetch one of her robes. Freddie walked off.

“Oh, I see Mr Short is familiar with the layout of this house, knows where your bedroom is and doesn’t have to be told where your gowns hang?”

“Oh god. Mother, Freddie is my lover and will be living here.”

Freddie arrived back just in time to hear Amanda say, “For at least a year mother. My divorce should be through by then.”

“There is a period before the decision of the court takes effect fully. It’s two months before you can remarry.”

“Marriage is not on my mind mother. I just wish to get out of this one and be fucked well and frequently in the meantime.”

“Good girl.”

“Which one of those two things did that comment relate to mother?”

“That is for your two to decided. Why don’t you shower and dress and I’ll take you to dinner. I had to take Leave of the House to be here to catch you two out so I must make good use of that time and wine and dine you and talk you out of this unfortunate relationship. Mr Short is older than your father.”

“Mother, I really don’t think…”

“I smell some disgusting odors darling. Run along and shower.”

* * *

Amanda’s attorney led her team into the meeting room at the Riverview Hotel and they were seated when the other side entered. Frank took one look at Freddy seated beside Amanda and whispered to his attorney. After the introductions Mr Hall said sternly, “My client objects to Mr Short being involved here because he has no relevance here.”

Mrs Bourke, representing Amanda, said Mr Short was a financial consultant to Mrs Blake.

“We are interested to learn what Mr Short’s qualifications are?”

“He is a canny investor. That is sufficient expertise for Mrs Blake.”

Frank had a whispered conversation with Mr Hall who then said, “My client alleges Mr Short assaulted him on Monday evening and criminal charges could be pending.”

Mrs Bourke said, “Could be pending? Goodness me Mr Short was simply protecting his client.”

Freddie said, “Frank are you in any clubs and other community groups?”

Frank said several and added proudly, “I am incoming president of the inner city Rotary club.”

“Well you might be kissing that goodbye Frank. My pending suggestion to Mrs Blake is to seek a molestation restraining order against you and have it publicized in the media, Mrs Blake being the daughter of a very prominent politician.”

Mr Hall conferred with Frank and then announced the objection to Mr Short being involved in proceedings had been withdrawn.

Mr Hall said his client wished to see a far division of property. “My client wishes to see his former home placed on the open market and to receive exactly one half of the net proceeds of that sale. My client wishes to receive exactly one half of the net contents of the frozen joint bank account he operated in conjunction with Mrs Blake. There is no dispute over vehicles because each of them has retained their vehicle jointly purchased by Mr and Mrs Blake. Under undisclosed assets we have found Mrs Blake has a secret bank account containing $27,338 dollars as confirmed an hour ago and my client wishes to receive half of that amount. Agreement on these areas shall see us finish here within the next few minutes, all going well.”

“Than you Mr Hall. The claims illustrate the extent of my husband’s greed.”

“We object to that term Mrs Blake.”

“Well then note your objection for the judge Mr Hall and I will confirm my allegation and following my next statements I confidently expect any reasonable judge to consider it a reasonable allegation in the face of these outrageous claims.”

“Be careful Mrs Blake. In effect you are calling my client a liar.”

“Right, please allow me to comment on all claims but not in the order given. The cars are already split and I agree with my husband as stated by you that that split is equitable. So as far as I’m concerned that split stands unchallenged.”

“Claim two: Mr Blake’s claim for half of that $27,000-plus in a bank investment account in my name only is rejected outright. Further inquiries by you Mr Hall will disclose that $20,000 of that money was paid into that account by my father when I turned twenty-one years of age, years before I knew the existence of my scum… er my husband-to-be. It was a joint birthday present and compensation to me from my father breaking up our family by divorcing my mother. I have copies of my father’s letter, stamped with the date as being received by my attorney and copies of my letter thanking him for his generosity. Here are you copies. Bank records will show the other $7000-plus in that account is earnings from the bank’s investment fund in which that original deposit plus earnings is held. No way will I allow Mr Blake to get his greedy hands on one cent of that money.”

“Claim three: We note Mr Hall you wrote to Mrs Bourke stating that my pre-nuptial agreement signed by myself and Mr Blake will be found invalid in court because my attorney was present but Mr Blake’s attorney was not. Mr Blake will claim, you say in your letter, that he did not understand what he was signing. That is outrageous devious action by Mr Blake to get his hands on my lawful property. I clearly recall my attorney at the time, Mrs Bourke’s father-in-law, explaining to Mr Blake in great detail the implications of what he was signing. Mrs Bourke’s father-in-law’s notes of that meeting were stamped, signed and dated by the recording clerk at that meeting. But not only that, Mr Blake has a poor memory. Either that or he has lost a crucial document and hoped that I would have thrown my copy away. Here for your records are copies of a waiver, as signed by Mr Blake that specifically states he waived his right to an attorney in the signing of that document. Any question’s Mr Hall? You have the choice of settling this now, with our two sole concessions being that Mr Blake and I jointly divide the content of our joint bank account after it is closed and we keep our vehicles we now possess. If we fail to reach that agreement then I shall see you and your client in court Mr Hall.”

“Mr Bourke. In view of what has been stated here and the documents we have been given I suggest this meeting be adjourned. I shall have discussions with my client and will write to you in due course.”

Mr Hall, Frank and his financial adviser who’d not said a word or whispered any comments, left the room.

“We have triumphed, I believe,” said Mrs Bourke, “but we shall have to wait.”

Freddie said, “I bet Mr Hall will write to you conceding. Game over.”

“Well Mr Short as Mrs Blake’s counsel I have to remain more cautious than that but your summation seems to me to overflow with truth. Shall we return to my office and toast our success in rocking the opposition to its core?”

Three months out from the divorce being granted, Amanda won a position as an associate professor in her department and at the celebration party at the college met an associate professor from another department. Something flashed between them and two weeks later Amanda advised Freddie it was time to leave her. He left within the hour saying he was so happy for her and kissed her so warmly that Amanda was compelled to believe him. She offered him a gratuity of $30,000 but he refused it, saying he had plenty of money.

Amanda cried him to the door. An hour later a courier arrived with twenty-five red roses with a card that read, ‘Thanks, knowing you carnally for so long stands as one of the highlights of my life. You are a lovely woman. Freddie.’

* * *

Freddie was washing his pickup two weeks after returning home permanently when a hire-limo with chauffeur entered his driveway. The driver hit the horn but Freddie went on hosing his vehicle.

“Are you deaf or just a stubborn cuss?”

“I guess it’s the latter. Hi Mary-Anne. You appear to be putting on weight.”

“And you are just a teasing smart-ass she said coming closer and taking a handgun out of her purse. “You squirt me with that hose and I’ll put a bullet through you.”

“Oh yeah?”


“I wouldn’t hose you Mary-Anne. The water would shrink that awful dress.”

“Ha. I want you to come and live with me.”

Freddie dropped the hose in shock and it hosed Mary-Anne’s shoes and stocking below her knees en-route to rolling up on itself.

Freddie came closer. “This close you shouldn’t miss me.”

“Shut up you fool. You knew I wouldn’t shoot you, that I was just kidding.”

“No I didn’t. Guys don’t take such risks with women because women are so unpredictable.”

“I could shoot you for that offensive remark.”

“You’re kidding.”

“And you’re lucky to be alive. I’m seeing less and less of Amanda so is becoming lonely. I want you for your company. I’d like sex too but that’s over to you. I used to think you were too old but taking in the satisfied look on Amada’s face I have to assume you deliver a top performance.”

Freddie looked at her carefully. “So how old are you.”

“It’s a fact of public record, fifty-four.”

“Where do you like it?”

“In the pussy. I’m getting a bit old for anywhere else.”

“I meant on the floor, in the car, in the shower, on the front lawn?”

“Woops,” Mary-Anne grinned. “I get your drift. On the bed, perhaps in the bath.”

“That’s fine. I’m pretty flexible.”

“When I said living with me I meant total living, like being my man and escorting me to functions and going on parliamentary exchange visits. I’ll buy you a couple of tuxedos — in fact I’ll fit you out with a wardrobe and maintain it. You’ll be tempted by some of the women around me but I won’t mind if you do it with some of them but don’t let me catch you actually doing it.”

“Well that sounds a very accommodating arrangement but my prime loyalty will remain with you for as long as I live with you.”

“You will have to scrap your current work. That would not suit my image. You were well educated. Rather than give you an allowance I will hire you, perhaps as a researcher for my speech writer and lo, our apparent romance will spring out of that appointment.”

“I think I can go alone with those demands. What say I don’t find you to be a good fuck?”

“We’ll hire a cute maid to assist the housekeeper. As I said from the outset, I want you principally for companionship and as an escort.”

“Well first let’s try sex. You might surprise me. Your husband’s made have left you before of your sharp tongue rather than lack of excitement and efficiency in bed. I can stand a sharp tongue; I’m used to switching off.”

“You arrogant asshole. I should point out I might have to marry you prior to the next election for the good of my reputation.”

“That’s okay; they are a couple of years away. That gives time to find out about on-going compatibility.”

“Indeed. Well I must be off. Move in tomorrow — come around 10:00.”


Mary-Anne smiled. “If your sexual demands are too much for me we’ll have to hire a maid at hours that overlap those of the housekeeper who is a loyal, upright, reliable elderly woman.”

“That’s very practical to think like that but remember age is catching up on me.”

“Well, back to regular sex for me tomorrow then, start as soon as you like. Being Sunday I have no appointments. Oh, thinking back on sexual positions, I do have a grand piano.”


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