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World of Warcraft Addicted Siblings

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Let’s get this out there. I am a total geek. I absolutely love video games and am totally addicted to World of Warcraft. I play it every chance I get. I am by no means a bad looking guy, but this game has a hold on me. I prefer to live in my virtual world as opposed to living in the real one.

I have a sister. She is gorgeous, so naturally she is quite popular. This past winter, her social life took a major dip when snow storm after snow storm pounded our area. She got so bored she started playing World of Warcraft with me. It didn’t take long before she too was addicted. We played much of the winter together, and even through part of the spring.

As the weather improved, my sister’s playtime began to diminish drastically. She wasn’t really too happy about it, but she also didn’t want to lose out on her last semester of high school. She turned 18 in early May and for her birthday, I logged into her account and gained her 5 levels. She was absolutely thrilled when she found out.

As the spring turned to summer, she took a job at the community pool and spent most of the nights down by the lake with her friends. It was always a pleasure to see her walk by in her bathing suit. She had an amazing rack, a firm stomach, and a fantastic backside. I looked at one of her bras once, so I know that she wears a 34 C.

I knew it was gross to think my sister was hot, but since I was inside so much, she was basically the hottest girl I saw on a daily basis. This was the reason I was powerless against her offer.

It was Thursday night when it happened. My parents were out on a ‘date night’ and my sister and I were playing World of Warcraft. After several months of play, she had reached level 50 of 80. She was very excited when it happened, but also frustrated.

She said, “I’ll never hit max level with my schedule! I just want to get there so badly so I can buy a flying dragon!”

I assured her it would be worth all of the work. She nodded and then said, “What is the chance that you could power-level my character again? I would really love to be level 60 soon.”

I explained that I had my own quests to finish and that power-leveling takes a lot of work. In all honesty, I just really hate power-leveling anyone. After my response, she say silent for a couple minutes and then said the words I will never forget.

“I will give you a hand job if you get me to level 60,” she said.

I was stunned and just started at her. She continued, “I know you never get out of this house and its not like I am going to have sex with you. I just figured you were helping me, so I could help you!”

“That is completely not right,” I said. Of course I already had a huge erection.

“Don’t give me that crap,” she said, “it’s a simple yes or no. And I can already see that you like the idea.”

She rolled her chair closer to me, put her hand on my thigh and said, “no one will find out and all you have to do is get me to level 60.”

All I could do at this point was nod. Her hand slid up my thigh and began rubbing my cock. She would grab my shaft for a minute, then move her hand down and cup my balls. When she could see I was enjoying myself, she knelt on the ground, reached up and pulled my shorts and boxers down to my ankles.

“That’s quite an impressive package there bro,” she said. I was by no means huge, but I always did think I had a nice looking cock. I kept it trimmed since I thought it made it look bigger. I was about 6″ long, had a large head, and had a medium size sack (at least from what I see in pornos).

The next 5 minutes was exhilarating. My sister was knelt down in front of me, jerking my shaft with almost as much skill as I have. She would occasionally use her other hand to cup my balls. As my precum seeped out, she would use it to lubricate the head of my cock. I was surprised how into it she was. I thought she was just being nice saying that she liked my package, but I now totally believe she was serious.

A few minutes later I told her I was getting close. She slowed down her hand motions and began squeezing my cock a little more. She looked up at me and said, “How far do you think you would be willing to level me if I put the head of your dick in my mouth to make you cum?” It was a totally rude thing to ask when I was clearly in a weakened state. I didn’t even know what to say and just sort of opened my mouth. No words came out.

She smiled and said, “How about to 65? I think 15 total levels is fair, don’t you?”

Again all I could do was nod. She then held my shaft in her hand, swooped down with her mouth, and pressed her tongue against my balls. She licked straight up my shaft and then I watched as she put the head of my dick into her mouth. It was so warm that I could no longer control myself. She kept the head in her mouth as I began to cum. Spurt after spurt went into her mouth as she clenched my balls.

When I was finished, she stood up, walked over to a towel and spit out my cum into it. She then said, “Sorry bro, swallowing my brother’s cum would be a little weird. I am going to bed, but I can’t wait to see what its like at level 65!”

The experience was amazing. I worked all weekend to get her to level 65. The entire time all I could think about was what level 70 and 80 were worth.

Those stories to come…

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