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Never Too Old

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It was one of those rainy days when all you want to do is sleep. I however had other things to do. This was my day to volunteer at the local library. Today was “Help a young person lean to read day.” For what ever reason children between the ages of twelve and eighteen that had poor reading skills were given two days a month to get help reading. It was my turn to volunteer for this chore.

I had four boys that I had started with some six weeks before and much to my surprise they were doing very well. One boy a tall black eighteen year old had come along very quickly. At the end of the fifth session I had invited Norman to come and work for me mowing my yard and raking leaves.

He had called and said his mother was sick and asked if he could come this week instead. I told him there would be twice as much to do but he seemed willing to given it a try. So after today’s lesson he was going to ride home with me and start work them come back tomorrow and finish up.

Norman was a very polite young man and very handsome. Broad shoulders narrow waist slender yet sinewy and looked very strong. He came around to open the car door for me and I was pleased with his manners.

Once we arrived home he went straight to the little shed out back and got out the tools that he needed to start cleaning up the yard. About noon I called him in to ask if he would like a sandwich and a glass of milk. He came in and I sent him down the hall to clean up while I set the table.

A moment or two later I heard Norman scream. I ran down the hall and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Ouch; ouch… God damn it hurts.”

“Norman want is wrong? Are you alright? What’s the screaming about?”

“My cock, my cock is caught in my zipper. There is blood. Mother fucker it hurts.”

I was surprised at his langue but all most laughed at why he was so up set.

I was very stern when I said “Stop that filthy talk and zip up.”

“I can’t zip up there is blood. I can’t touch blood. Oh, god I think I’m going to fait.”

Then there was a bump on the door and I heard Norman slid to the floor.

I turned the handle and pushed hard to get the door open far enough to squeeze by.

Norman had fainted and he was all twisted around half on his back with his knees pulled up. Kneeling down I could see there was a small trickle of blood where the zipper had pinched the skin on his penis.

I fumbled with his belt and got his shorts open. I grabbed the zipper and pushed it down. It came free and his short came wide open. His penis was enormously long. It was dark brown and there was almost no skin behind the massive head. He had been closely clipped when he was circumcised. The spot where the zipper pinched him was very tiny but there was a little drop of blood. So I took a pad of paper off the toilet paper roll and padded the drop of blood away.

I don’t know why I took his penis in my hand but I did. It had been years since I had touched a man and just looking at his cock sent shivers through my body. I looked at his face. He was still very much passed out. So I milked his cock a few times like I used to do for my husband.

It felt good to hold a warm soft hunk of meat in my hand. I held it thinking of how I loved to milk my husbands cock and feel it grow in my hand.

When he was ready to cum I would take it into my mouth and swallow his salty thick semen.

I felt this boys cock stiffen in my hand as I slowly continued to milk it. I watched his cock grow longer and thicker. The dark brown head had a very thick ridge around the base and the head was long with a little pink opening at the tip.

I really don’t and I mean this. I don’t remember bending down and taking his cock in my mouth. But I must have because when I blinked I had most of his cock in my mouth. I was sliding my mouth up and down the shaft as it grew longer and stronger.

I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could so I could feel the big head touch the gag spot in my throat. I lost all track of time but the next thing I knew Norman was holding my by the head and twisting into a sitting position. I tried to pull back but Norman held my head on his cock as he started to move his hips to and fro driving his cock into my mouth. I gave up trying to jerk my head away. I had started this and Norman was going to finish in my mouth.

“Come on Mamma, I’m Cumming. Suck my black fucking cock you white old bitch. Suck it, I going to fuck you brains out.”

I did not what to pull away. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted this young man to cum in my mouth. I did not care what he said about me I knew it was all wrong. But I did not care at this point.

Norman came and filled my mouth three times as I swallowed each spurt and when he was done I licked is cock clean.

I sat up and leaned back against the toilet my head slumped down on my chest.

Norman stood his shorts still on the floor. He grabbed me by he shoulders and lifted me up. My head was just about to his neck.

He said “Lead me to your bedroom. We may as well finish this. I think I want to fuck you.” I said nothing and lead the way down the hall to my bedroom.

Norman bent me over the foot of the bed and jerked my shorts down around my ankles and very quickly spread my legs. He pushed his cock into me at an odd angle yet it felt strangely stimulating and I was aroused at this first touch. His cock was the first that had been in me in several years. It felt so wonderful I exploded quickly and then started to work with him so we could have another climax together.

Norman lifted me up so my knees were on the bed and he was on the floor. This way he got in deeper and started ramming me full of his massive cock. I climaxed for the second time and Norman followed shortly afterwards. It felt like he had as much semen the second time as he had the first.

When he finished I turned around and sat on the bed.

Pulling him to me I again licked his cock clean and milked every last drop of cum out of him as I did.

“Mrs. Bennett; Mrs. Bennett.”

The words came though my head as if they were sand papering their way into my soul. I opened my eyes to see Norman bending over me.

He said “Are you alright? Should I call a doctor?”

Blinking my eyes I realized I was on the kitchen floor. I was not in the bedroom and Norman was fully dressed. He helped me sit up and I asked. “How did I get here?”

Norman said “I think you passed out or fell.”

I said “Oh, I’m fine. Just help me up.”

Norman took me in his strong arms and lifted me to my feet. I sat in a chair and looked at the table. It was set with the food and drinks. I don’t remember falling or even feeling bad.

I told Norman to go ahead and eat while I went to lie down for a few minutes.

I went to my bedroom and my bed was made as neatly as it had been this morning. I thought I had to have been day dreaming for some reason I fainted but why was it so intents and all about sex with this young man.

I told Norman to work until he felt it was time to go home and come back in the morning to finish. He said he would and I went back to bed.

Feeling confused and in a state of utter misconnection as to why I had that highly irregular dream I fell asleep still feeling as if I had had sex.

I woke later in the early evening as the sum was setting. The sky was not fully dark but the street lights had just come on. I showered and went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

I stopped as I walked by the hall bath.

Pushing the door open I looked in not knowing what to expect. The hand towel was misplaced on the towel bar. I took it and was going to replace it with another when I got a blurred vision of Norman using it to wipe his face. Then I saw him naked again and I saw his cock as I had before. My eyes were fixed on his cock and every detail was as it had been earlier. I wanted to touch it but I looked up at his face and he was looking at me smiling. Then everything went blank. I dropped the hand towel and stepped back into the hall. I knew something was wrong but I could not figure it out.

I sat on my screened porch sipping hot coffee and this seemed to help. I started to remember things from over forty years ago. Things I had left behind when I got married.

I had married when I was twenty and was married for twenty years and had been a widow for six. So at forty-six I felt old beyond my years. I had gained a few pounds and my hips were a little wider than a few years ago. I guess I had let my self go and made the decision right there and then to start getting back into shape. There was a new club that offered a special for new members that had just opened.

I made a note to call in the morning.

Looking out across the back yard I noticed that Norman had really done a lot as there was a very large pile of leaves out by the corner of the garage. I’d call the city and see if they pick up of if I have to bag leaves. That was when I remember Mr. Harrling down the street had said he would like all the leaves I had as he composted them for his garden. I’d call him in the morning also.

I refilled my cup and noticed the time. It was early yet so I called Mr. Harrling and told him there was a large pile of leaves at the back of my yard. He thanked me and said he’d be right down to pick them up.

I said tomorrow was fine as the young man doing my yard work would have more tomorrow.

He said that was fine he come down anyway as he had nothing to do and the evening was still young. We hung up and I thought he sounded absolutely happy about a few leaves. My coffee refilled I head a lawn tractor rattling down the alley. Mr. Harrling parked in the alley and waved at me as he walked toward the porch. As he approached I noticed he was limping. Then I remembered he was retired from the military.

He was short thick and carried himself straight and looked to be in excellent health. I had no ideas how old a man he was but he had gray hair at the temples. He was a handsome man that I had never thought of in this way before. But I thought how was I thinking of this man. I knew he was a widower and maybe that was my down fall. I was beginning to get the feeling that I needed a mate again. After six years I was feeling the urge to once more be full filled as a woman.

“Evening Mrs. Bennett.” He said as he stepped up on the steps. He stopped and waited to be asked in.

I said “Evening Mr. Harrling. Would like a cup of coffee? Fresh brewed.”

He opened the screen down and said “Don’t mind if I do. Thank you. I enjoy a good cup of coffee but don’t often fix a pot just for myself.”

I had forgotten I was only wearing a cotton robe and if fell apart up to my thighs as I stood.

Gathering it about me I told him to sit and I’d get him a cup. He sat on the swing across from my wicker chair with a small table between us.

“Lovely fall evening.” He said as I handed him the cup.

“Yes; I suspect there will only be a few more before the first frost.” I paused and then said “Will you have a garden next spring?”

He said “I’ve got a hot house now so I’ll have a bit of a garden all winter.”

I had not been down the alley for a while and told him I had not noticed his hothouse. He invited me down to see it and I said I would like to see it. But I had never been into gardening but there I was telling this man I would like to see his hot house. Was I flirting with him? Was he flirting with me?

“Would you like another cup Mr. Harrling?” I asked as I stood again. My robe once again fell open to my thighs. I did not pull It closed this time. I was such a flirt.

“Yes one more than I’ll gather those leaves up before it gets too dark to see.” He said.

I said “There is a light on the corner of the garage I can turn on for you to see.”

He did not answer me right away. I looked at him and he was looking at my legs. I had never done much physical work but yet I knew my legs were well shaped. I let him look.

I liked it and it made me feel good to think someone was interested in me or at least my legs.

When I returned with his coffee he said “Mrs. Bennett. May I call you Susan? I’d like it if you called me Bill. We’ve been neighbors for over two years now and I have often thought of coming down to say Hi. I’d like to get to know my neighbors. I’m sorry we have not taken the time before I find you quite charming.”

I had bent over to hand him the coffee and my robe was gapping at the neck. Even in this dim light I knew he could see my breasts or some of them anyway. As I straightened up I felt my robe gap even father. I looked down at Bill and said “Thanks you. I’m happy you stopped by I enjoy the company of a gentleman. It been six years since my husband died and if find you interesting to talk to.”

Bill was smiling and he eyes were fixed on a spot some what below my waist. I said “Bill can I offer you anything to go along with your coffee. I have a sweet roll.”

He laughed and said “Susan you better watch what you offer me. I’ve been a widower for nine years my self.”

He smiled and said “I think maybe we should get to know one another better Susan.”

I took a step closer and said “I think that is a fine idea. Why don’t you come in and have dinner with me. I’ve fixed plenty. Do you like cheese sauce over Vegetables and beef stew on the side?”

“I think I would like any kind of sauce you made up. I love home made food. I got a hunk of meat that needs to be used up. Maybe you’d like to have it.”

Our eyes were fixed on one another and I got the feeling we were no longer talking about food unless he was thinking of my eating a nice hunk of his meat.

“What kind of meat is it?” I asked

Bill said “It a large hung of sausage I’ve had for awhile and it really does need to be used up.”

I smiled and asked “How would like me to handle that Bill. I’ve got a few different ways if can be fixed?”

“Susan I think it maybe frozen hard. You’ll have to thaw it out first. “I said “Bill; are we still talking about food?”

“Well I’d sure like to see you chew on this hunk of meat.” He said as he placed his hand on his crotch.

I looked at him and he looked at me. I blinked and lifted one foot and placed it on the seat of my chair. My robe gaped open so far I felt the cool evening breeze cool my wet pussy. I said “Bill do you see any thing you would like to dinner?”

Bill smiled and said “I think we can each have something to enjoy for dinner. I love to lick your sweet sauce and would love for you to taste my warm thick sweet and sour sauce.”

“I would love to suck the juice right out of your sausage. ” I said. “Shell we go in and see what we have for dinner?”

“Lean the way to the chow line Susan and let’s get this show on the road.” Bill pushed me gently in the small of my back as we started though the kitchen door.

I walked to my bed turned and in one slow movement I lifted my arms shook and the robe fell around my feet.

“Now that is about as nice a body as I’ve seen in a long time. Susan would turn around and let me gaze at all your fine charms?”

I turned slowly and when I had my back to him he said for me to stop and let him look at my rear. I guess Bill was an ass man. When I turned back around he was naked from the waist down. I smiled.

A few minutes later he was over me with his head between my legs. His very manly cock was hanging down right about my mouth.

I reached around his hips and with my finger tips I tilted his cock down to where I could get my mouth on it. Once his cock touched my lips Bill started to j bounce his hips slowly. He was fucking me in the mouth as he fucked me with this tongue and fingers.

He pulled my pussy wide apart and darted his tongue into my pussy as deep as it would go then he licked me from ass hole to clitoris. My moans sent my approval and I sucked his cock deeper and he moaned this approval.

I had never had my ass hole tickled before and I found his tongue on my ass hole very erotic. So I lifted my head and licked his ass hole in replay.

This seemed erotic to me and I liked this feel of his tongue on my ass hole. However it I was at the wrong angle to do it for very long. So went back to sucking his cock.

I did not notice his cock pulsating but all of a sudden there was a strong salty pungent fluid rolling across my tongue. I was not sure if he was cumming or not. It tasted like cum, I’ve sucked off a few cocks in my time and this was cum but he was not jerking and shooting it out like most that I had brought to a climax with my mouth.

I was very nearly ready to climax myself and did not want him to stop what he was doing this closed to my climax. So I sucked and swallowed his fluid as I reached my own joyful screaming climax.

Bill lifted his head and inserted two fingers into my pussy and wiggled them as fast as he could. I screamed and climaxed for the second time without a pause from the first one.

Bill moved around and quickly pushed my legs apart and rammed his cock into me. I felt his weight one me and his cock rubbing the walls of my very sanative pussy.

I felt his cock swell and get stiffer. Then I felt him jerk and the warmth of his semen sent waves of exploding pleasure throughout my body. He was coming now and I felt ever jerk and pulse as she filled my pussy with his cum.

If this was his come what was that stuff I had swallowed. The Sensation of pleasure was so great I could hardly stand it. But I made it though this fury of lust as Bill rolled off me to flop at my side.

We were both breathing deeply and trying to catch our breath as best we could.

Bill said “I guess it’s alright now if I call you Susan.”

I laughed and said “Yes. Bill I think we have established a some what close relationship.”

He laughed.

Bill said “Susan you really got me going there. I have not come like that in years. If I may say so you’re one hell of a cock sucker. I only do that pre-cum thing when I’m really turned on.”

I said “I wondered what that was. I had never had any thing like that happen before.”

“It’s like of like a man’s version of the Nectar of the gods.

I only enjoyed that a few time in my life. When I was very young I read about the Nectar of the Gods and thought it was something that was made up. But then I happened to be with a lady and she responded to oral sex much the way you have and she rewarded mw with my first taste of the sweetest of all natures’ honeys.” Bill smiled as he lift him self up on one elbow.

He smiled bent over and kissed me. It was a warm tender kiss and I liked it.

I said “I guess you’ll want that dinner now. One must keep up his strength.”

Bill smiled and said “If one is going to do this very often.”

We both laughed.

Bill kissed me again at the back door.

I listened as his little lawn tractor rumbled up the alley toward his house. I thought “Bill I think I was ready for you tonight.”

Maybe my day dreams of sex with Norman earlier might have had a little to do with this. Could it have been some kind of physic premonition of what was to come? I thought of Norman and wondered how tomorrow would be when I saw Norman. Would I have another day dream of him and his beauty full long black cock? Now that I have broken this long dry spell without sex was I opening a door for more?

I had rolled out of bed early but not early enough as Norman was waiting on the back porch when I looked out. I was still in my robe and naked underneath.

I opened the door and invited Norman in. I told him Mr. Harrling was coming by to pick up the leaves to use as compose in his garden.

Norman asked how I was feeling and I told him I was fine.

“I was scared at first when I saw you lying here on the floor. When I bent down you were mumbling some very strange things. It got me pretty up set. You’re a very pretty lady and what you were saying … well it sure got me excited. I did not know if you were drink or sick of if you were, or if what you were saying was what you wanted to do.

I’m not shay about fucking white women but you sure were talking crazy.”

I don’t think Norman even realized he had said the “F” word but it did up set me that I had been talking that way.

“Norman; what did I say. Can you tell me what it was I said that up set you so bad?” Norman looked at me and asked if I remembered any thing. I told him not but I wanted to know what I had said.

He said “Mrs. Bennett; you’re a nice lady and I think you were just out of your head. I don’t think you talk like that when you’re awake and have control of yourself.”

“Norman; will you please tell me what I said?”

“If you really want to know I guess I can tell you. But I better say you sure got me excited. But I’ll tell you any way. First off when I bent down I touched your arm and you moved your hand… and well you took a hold of me.” He stopped and just looked at me.

I said “Tell me Norman where did I touch you?”

“Your hand came up between my legs and you took a hold of my… my, a, my cock. You said I had a big lovely long cock and you wanted to suck my cock. I’ve had white girls suck my cock before and I thought you were awake at first. Then you said you wanted me to fuck you. You had a good grip on my cock and I told you… you could suck my cock only don’t jerk it so hard. I got a little bit hard and my cock popped out of y shorts as I don’t wear under shorts and you said again. I had a big long cock and you wanted to suck my cock. But I knew then you were out of your mind so I moved back, put my cock away and that is when I called you name and you woke up. I hope you’re feeling better now. I really was up set.”

I blinked and said “I’m so sorry Norman. I don’t talk like that and I have no idea why I would have said those things.”

I said “I seem to remember thinking you had pinched your penis skin in you zipper.’

Norman looked at me and said “I did that a few days back. How did you know that? It still has a welt where it got pinched.”

Again the idea of my having some strange physic vision sent me into a moment of thoughtfulness that left me wondering if anything else had happened when he had the zipper problem.

I said “Norman when this happened who came to your rescue?”

He looked at me blinked and smiled. I repeated my question and he only smiled.

I thought I had pushed that far enough. So I said “Just now you said you had had sex with white women. You’re kind of young for sex aren’t you?”

He smiled and I think that is when he saw me as one to be had. He was looking at me as a trophy of sorts. Another white lady for his young black ass to rave about. I was about to reject that idea and send him packing when he interrupted me.

“Mrs. Bennett. I’ve got ten inches of sold black cock and I’ve found most white ladies love to see a cock this big and love it even better when I shove it up their pink lipped pussy.”

Before I could say any thing his cock was out in his hand and it was just as I had seen it in my vision. It was long, with a dark brown head and not skin to pull up over the tip. The ridge behind the head was thick and wide. I was mesmerized by the sight of it. I could not move of say a word.

Norman took hold of my arm pulling my hand toward his stiffening cock. I let my fingers circle it and squeeze it firmly. It was warm to my touch and as I looked it grew longer and harder.

Norman said “Mrs. Bennett I sure would like it if you sucked my cock before I fuck you. I think you’re a fine cock sucker. You’ll love to feel my big black cock in your mouth.”

His words were hypnotic and I said nothing as I lowered my body and kneeled before him. He pushed my hand away took his cock in his hand and waved it across in front of my face.

He rubbed the head across my lips and I opened my mouth. He pulled it to the side and rubbed my cheek with the slime that was oozing from the little mouth. I closed my eyes and let him rub his cock all over my face. When he was ready I let him press the head to my lips.

I opened my mouth to welcome his lovely cock in.

“Open wide here comes the pork. Let me see you open really wide. I love to watch my cock going in a pretty white mouth. Tell me you like to suck black cocks.”

I did not say anything I just sat there with my mouth open waiting for him to put his lovely cock in my moth. Norman repeated his request for me to tell him I liked to suck cock.

I said “I like to suck cock.”

“No, no tell me you like to suck black cocks. As in many black cocks.”

I had no idea what this was all about but I wanted to get on with it so I said “I like to suck black cocks.” This seemed to make him happy as he pushed his cock into my mouth.

He moved back and forth slowly fucking my mouth. Then he stopped and I took a few licks from his balls to the head and all around the ridge and them sucked it back into my mouth.

Norman did not last long before he stiffened and he shot cum across my tongue. His semen was thick, hot and very strong. I did not want to swallow it but he pushed his cock way back and I had no choice but to swallow. Norman pumped a large amount of cum into my mouth before he back off. I let his cock slip from my mouth.

I looked up into his eyes. He was smiling when he said “Petty lady you’re sure one hell of cock sucker. I’d like to fuck you now but I hear Mr. Harrling’s wagon coming down the alley. Unless you don’t care if he sees you on your knees with my cock hanging out.

I was so upset that I nearly fainted but managed to get a dress before Bill arrived.

Norman said “thanks you Mrs. Bennett I get right to finishing the lawn.”

Norman stepped off the porch as Bill came up. I said “Morning Bill how are you today?”

“I’m finer than a Frogs hair. That young man seems to be very nice. How long has he been doing your yard work?”

I said “Norman is in the reading class at the library. I just hired him this week. I think he needs the money.” I tasted the last of Norman cum on my lips and smiled as I invited Bill in.

Bill closed the door and tried to kiss me. But I turned away as I was afraid he would taste Norman’s cum on my lips. I said “I need to brush my teeth I drank some coffee and I think it was too strong. I’ll be right back.”

When I returned my breath was minty fresh and I welcomed Bill’s kisses and his gentle fondling of my breast.

I said “That feel so nice but maybe we better wait until Norman finishes the lawn work. In the mean time you can get a load of leaves. I’ll even help you scoop them up.”

“I’m sorry Sudan but I need to feel your pussy around my cock. That is all I can think of since last night. It’s been so long since I had a really fine fuck and I think you’re a masterpiece of a fuck by the way. But I can wait if I must. But can I at least take a peek at this delightful little fuck hole of yours.”

I was shivering at his nasty words. I said “Oh, Bill you’re making me so excited can’t we wait…”

“Christ Susan; I’m so hot I could fry an egg on the head of my dick. Just let me lick you a few times before we go out. I promise I’ll be good then until Norman leaves but not long after that. My cock has a mind of its own.” I sat back on the table lifted my hem a pulled my panties to the side. Bill squatted breathing on my wetness. At the first touch of his tongue I was so glad I had not allowed Norman to fuck me. I was getting to like this mans tongue in my pussy. I moaned and wiggled my ass just a little when Bill bit on my clitoris. I sucked in my breath and held if to keep from screaming. I looked up to see Norman standing at the screen door smiling.

Bill was kind of lost in what he was doing and there was nothing I could do. I waved at Norman to go away. Bu the just stood there watching Bill lick me to a frenzy. Bill started to pull away but I grabbed his head and pulled him back. I did not want him to see Norman standing there watching us. Bill want back to what he was doing happily.

I waved at Norman franticly to go but he just smiled and stood fixed to that spot. I thought you black bastard the next time I see your black cock I bit it off.

Bill pushed a finger in me as he sucked on my clitoris. I moaned and shook my legs as they dangled off the table. I for got about Norman as Bill wiggled two fingers in my cunt.

He sucked hard on my clit and that was all I could take. I let out a mild scream and squeezed my thighs together as I let do with a maximum climax. I fell back across the table knocking the salt and pepper shakers off on to the floor.

Closing my eyes I relished the feeling I was having. I opened my mouth to say something and I felt Norman’s cock fill my mouth. I tried to jerk back but he had me by the head and was fucking my mouth quickly and there was nothing I could do about it.

Bill must have had his eyes closed as he had not seen Norman but surely he would any second now. I was scared to death there would be a fight. But then I felt Bill pull back. Norman held my head to tight I could not see to that side. Then I felt Bill jerking my panties down and off.

I felt his hands on my knees spreading them as he pulled my legs up.

Bill had his cock in me up to the hilt and was fucking me solidly even as Norman stated to shoot off in my mouth. I ad not idea what was going on so I just relaxed and enjoyed this double delight.

I gulped swallowed and gulped some more. Norman had a massive load and he was pumping every last drop into my mouth.

Bill jerked and I felt him filling my pussy with his load. I was so confused I did not have a second climax. Bill pulled out and Norman helped me to sit up. Both my fucking lovers were looking at me.

I looked at two cocks that were used up and flaccid.

I looked from one to the other and back again. I knew there was something up but had no idea what had just happened.

Bill said “Norman is my God son. His father was my friend in the service and I’ve known Norman and his mother since he was born. Norman stopped by last night and told me what had happened. I told him what we had done and so today he\we figures you were ready to enjoy us both and it seems we were right and you did enjoy us both.”

I was mad for about two seconds. I had enjoyed the feel of them both there was not getting around it. I smiled and the three of us laughed. Then I cried.

Bill went out to get the leaves, Norman went back to cleaning up the yard and I went take a shower. At some point during my shower I wondered if Bill knew Norman’s mother as well as he had so quickly learned about me and my need for sex. Then if Bill was also screwing Norman’s mother did Norman know and what was his roll if any in that little bit sex. God what if Norman was screwing his mother? Was I to be part of an incestuous swinging group?

I finely figured out that what had started innocent enough at the Library had ended in me being conned by both Norman and Bill.

I was ripe for plucking as I had not been fucked in a few years. That along with these strange physic visions had set me in a mood to let things run there course and they surely had.

I liked Bill but was not sure I was ready for another threesome with this young man. I was remembering a few wide years I had before my first marriage. Also through two years of that marriage I was used, amused and abused until I got out of it. But my life through twenty years of marriage the second time was mild some what normal until this foray of the last few days.

At my age maybe I needed to feel needed and wanted again. I fell into this trap and for a few hours I welcomed all the attention. But now as I sat along with time to think I was not so sure this was what I wanted.

I had to smile at myself though as I thought of the massive and highly explosive climax I had with both young Norman and with Bill. The thought of maybe one more session with those two did give me a shiver and it was not a bad shiver no, not at all.

“Stop that.” I said to myself with a smile forming on my face.

I laughed out loud as I knew deep down I wanted to see Bill again and if that meant sharing my body with Norman, well why not it really was not so bad. God knows it awakened a few urges in me that had been dormant for so long I had even forgotten that I ever had such vices. But then I had an attack of reality. I realized this was wrong by some moral standards. I had to get away and think for a while. But my emotions drove any sense from me. I picked up the phone and thought why not? I’ll call Bill and he can Call Norman.

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