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My Journey Continues

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Brad had left for college 2 weeks ago and I had settled into my job at a local restaurant. I worked in the kitchen preparing food for the cooks. It was a typical go nowhere boring dead end job but I needed the money. I became friends with a waiter named Jeff who seemed like an okay guy. 

We got along pretty well and after a while I confided in him my desires for men. He surprised me by saying he thought I was gay when he met me. I wasn’t sure if I liked that but I just let it go. He asked what I was into and I told him of my recent endeavors in sucking Brad’s cock while he slept. He thought that it was really something that I didn’t get caught or anything. He asked if I was seeing anyone currently and I said no but wish I had the opportunity to meet someone because I was very horny. He chuckled and we went back to work.

About a week later we were talking again and he asked if I was still horny. I was a little surprised but laughed and said yes, why? He went on to say he told a friend of his about me and he is interested in hooking up with me. I wasn’t sure what to say, I didn’t realize he would be sharing what I told him with others. So I asked who he was and did he work here? He said no, but he was a nice guy he had known him for about a year or so. He was around 30 he said and a fairly good sized guy. I admit I was intimidated by this but excited as well. I took a gamble and said ok I will meet with him and he said ok. I already gave him your number he will call you in a couple days when he has time. I was pissed he already spoke for me but there wasn’t much I could do about it and just said ok. 

I got a call the next day, it was Saturday and I was off. It was a guy with a deep voice saying his name was Derek and he was looking for me. I told him that I had been looking forward to his call. He laughed and said I bet you have. Then he told me he was getting a room at a hotel not far from where I worked and said to come over that afternoon. 

He kept speaking and said I know what you want, you know what you want but you have to come here to get it. Shit – I really wasn’t expecting this at all but I was really horny. So I figured a hotel room is a better place to suck his cock than in a car somewhere. I told him I would be there around 2. 

I nervously drove into the parking lot just before 2 and sat in the car trying to convince myself this was all good. I said what the hell and got out and made my way to the room. It was on the bottom floor a few rooms down from the office. 

I took a deep breath and knocked and heard the same deep voice say come in. I entered the small, dingy, and mostly dark room. Sunlight shone in from the window. The curtains were open about a foot or so, and illuminated the old used bed. I didn’t see anyone but heard movement in the bathroom. The door creaked open and the biggest black man I’ve ever seen walked out wearing only a towel. Apparently he had just showered. He saw a terrified look on my face and chuckled to himself. Jeff didn’t tell you I was black did he? I shook my head in silence as I started to shake with fear. He noticed this and said as long as I do what he says everything will be good and we’ll both have some fun.

I just nodded as if I really had a choice. I’m 5′ 6″ and 120 pounds. This guy was 6 foot 2 or 3 and I would guess a solid 240 pounds. He did look like he was in his 30’s as I was told and he was in good shape. I also noticed a large bulge under his towel which seemed to grow a bit since he came out of the bathroom.

He told me to get undressed and stand in front of him. I was surprised by this as I did not understand why I needed to be naked to suck his cock. As I pondered this he repeated himself, but with a more assertive tone this time. Even though I was intimidated I was also getting excited. As I was taking off my clothes he started talking to me, or more accurately about me. He made comments about my lack of chest hair and small stature. 

I stood naked in front of this mountain of a man with an ever growing bulge under his towel and quivered. He said damn, if it wasn’t for your puny dick and lack of tits I would swear you were a girl. I hung my head down in humiliation but at the same time I really wanted to suck the black cock that I knew was under his towel. 

Enough of this talk , get over here and kneel in front of what you have been dreaming about. I knelt down in front of him as he sat on the edge of the bed. I was nervous, shaky, and intimidated. But also excited about the black cock I would see in just a moment or two.

Don’t be scared, open the towel and meet your fate he said with a big, friendly grin on his face, laughing a little. I pulled the towel open and my jaw almost hit the floor. His cock was huge, absolutely huge. It must have been 7 inches long and it was very thick, and it was very black. And it was only partially hard! Holy shit!

He laughed again and said you and this cock of mine are going to love each other. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this fucking beautiful cock. I leaned forward and took the large head in my mouth and started sucking like a madman. He moaned as I sucked his cock, rubbing the back of my head and neck as I sucked. I reveled being touched by this huge man. I loved feeling his cock swell to reach full mast in my mouth. Rising to at least a full 9 inches with a head so big I could hardly get it in my mouth. 

He said he wanted to be more comfortable and crawled up to lean back against the headboard. I scooted up next to him and kissed his chest and nipples and then moved back down to my new toy. Just as he had predicted earlier, his cock and I were loving each other. 

As I continued sucking him, his hands roamed all over my body but seemed to concentrate on my ass. You got a fine ass here girl giving me a few friendly but stinging slaps on my ass cheeks. I can’t wait to get up in there. I couldn’t believe he was going to fuck me. I wasn’t planning on that at all. Especially with a cock as big as his! 

He was kneading my cheeks with his huge hands, slapping me occasionally. I couldn’t help but enjoy that, somehow the sting invigorated me. I heard a little rustling then felt his hands back on my ass and a finger searching for my hole. He must have had some lube because when he found my hole his finger was cold and slippery. His finger went around and around my hole teasing me a bit before he began pushing it in. I tensed and he said relax and don’t stop sucking. He worked it in and out and I surprised myself by moaning. I actually was enjoying it. 

He eventually had 2 fingers working in and out of my ass as I moaned like a bitch. He also started moaning and I felt his cock harden a bit more. He grabbed my head as he came, and cum he did. He shot so much it actually was oozing from the corners my mouth while my lips were still stretched tight around my black lovers cock. I just kept sucking till he was done and slowly and carefully slid my stretched lips off the still mostly hard cock. I looked up at him with strings of his cum on each side of my chin and some of it hanging below my chin. I knew I must have looked like a true cock whore at that moment. And I liked it.

I said thank you , that was fantastic. You were right I did enjoy it. He chuckled once more and said we’re nowhere close to being done sweet thing. I’m going to fuck that slutty pussy of yours and it is going to learn to love my cock as much as your mouth does. 

He began walking around the room with his cock (or was it my cock now?) sticking out in front of him as he did. He stood in the window drinking a beer as I looked on. He told me to come over and suck on his nipples, this was new to me but I thought what the hell. So I stood nude, in front of the window with him and sucked on his nipples. He moaned a little and used his free hand to guide mine to his cock which I started stroking. It was semi hard when he sat down in the chair in front of the window and told me I knew what to do. He must be kidding I thought. NOW he said! I quickly got on my knees and started sucking.

I don’t like repeating myself he said , don’t make me do it again. I told you earlier if you did what I say you would be fine but if you don’t you’ll be sorry. I nodded slightly so he would know I heard him.

After 5 or 10 minutes I was really starting to get into sucking him again when he told me to get on the bed. It’s time for you to give that pussy to my cock. I was very nervous about this but didn’t want to piss him off by not moving right away so I hopped on the bed. I was afraid of that huge cock pushing its way into my ass but I also was craving exactly that. 

As he was finishing his beer I mentioned that the curtains were still open giving a view of the bed to anyone walking by. So fucking what he said. I could see by the look in his eyes that he was serious and I said nothing else. All I could think was what did I get myself into. Kneel on the bed with your hands on the headboard while I get the lube and count yourself lucky that I’m using lube. 

I watched over my shoulder as he rubbed the lube all over his cock and while scared it turned me on tremendously seeing him do it. He grabbed the towel and wiped his hand then I felt the bed sink as he moved into position behind me. He rubbed my ass gently and asked how many times I had been fucked. I truthfully said never, I have only sucked cock up till now. He chuckled and said he couldn’t believe his luck at bagging a virgin.

Well you will learn quickly how much giving your pussy to a black man will make you feel sexier then you ever have before girl. And with that I felt his hot slippery cock enter my hole. I gasped as the head broke through and whimpered as an inch or so slid in as well. With one hand on my waist and the other on my shoulder he pressed on as I moaned and groaned as this huge man used me like a toy. After a few minutes and a face full of tears, I felt his pubes against my ass. I’m balls deep in your pussy girl it’s time to start. Start? My god I felt like I was splitting in two and he hasn’t even started fucking me yet! 

With that statement the real assault began , back and forth he went. Dragging that huge cock across my prostate with each movement. I moaned again but with pleasure this time and Derek noticed. I told you that you would enjoy it baby. Just let yourself go with it. So I did. I let go of the bisexual teen that entered the hotel room an hour or so ago, and embraced what I knew I had become. A black man’s bitch. I loved these new thoughts about myself.

Dereks assault on my ass continued as I moaned like a drunken whore. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying being this mans bitch, how much I enjoyed feeling him inside me. I started thrusting back to him while I squeezed my ass on his cock while he pounded me relentlessly. My puny cock swung underneath me with each powerfull thrust occasionally hitting my stomach making a slapping sound when it did. Derek pulled out and told me to lay on my side. 

I did and he laid down behind me and lifted my leg. Grab that dick and put it where it belongs girl he said. So I reached down and placed the head at my pussy and in it went , all the way in. I moaned at the intrusion but was quickly overcome with pleasure. 

Dereks other hand was underneath me twisting one of my nipples. I laid back into him best I could with my head on his chest while he fucked me hard. It was then I saw a woman at the window and my heart raced even more if that was possible. I assumed she was the maid from her clothing. She had a shocked look on her face and she watched a tiny white guy being fucked by a black giant. I’m sure she could easily see him penetrating me from the angle of the bed to the window. I began to say something when Derek told me to shut the fuck up, he knew she was there. He hooked my leg around his leg and began running his hand all over the front of my body, while kissing my neck. I was sooo turned on by this I almost forgot about the maid. He was whispering in my ear how hot it must look to her to see me surrender to him like this. To see a huge black cock fucking a little white guy like me. He kept on saying how much he was enjoying my pussy and that he wanted to make this a regular thing. Again I was turned on knowing he was enjoying me so much I just moaned and told him he could fuck me whenever he wanted to. I could feel an orgasm approaching quickly even though I had not touched my cock at all since this started and I could tell it would be big.

Do you like my big cock in your pussy baby? Yesss I do I replied to him which brought a pinch to my nipple. Don’t tell me, tell her as he hammered away at my ass. Tell her so she can hear you baby. I looked up at the window and into the eyes of the maid and said loudly, I love your black cock fucking my pussy, please don’t stop! I’m your bitch, please fuck me harder! And he did, and I’m sure he was smiling up at her while he was. I started to tense up as my orgasm hit me, I began to shudder and thrash about as I had the hardest orgasm I had ever had. My cock exploded all over my chest and I screamed loudly when this happened. Derek slammed into me a few more times before emptying his balls deep in my ass while I clenched down on his cock. It was wonderful as I lay against him in the aftermath. My breathing was returning to normal and his cock was shrinking in my ass.

It was then he said next time I’m bringing my brother and you can take care of both of us. He likes girls like you baby but you’re going to need to buy some sexy panties to wear for us. We both like sissies in panties he chuckled. 

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