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Natural Remedies are Best

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It was time, once again, for my annual physical with “Doctor Bob”, as I called him. A genuinely nice guy who was always easy to talk to, but I nevertheless felt nervous about the questions I needed to ask. Given that I told him all about the unusual sex life that my wife and I share…I certainly had no reason to be shy about anything.

“The nurse indicated that you had another issue to discuss today, but didn’t share the information with her. What’s on your mind, Neil?” the Doctor asked, while checking my back for spots.

“Well…I’d like you to run the STD tests again. There’s no reason to suspect a problem…just a precaution for peace-of-mind.” I said, feeling both stupid and nervous.

“Sure…not a problem. Are you and your wife becoming active with other partners?” He asked, knowing that we had a history of mild swinging and an appetite for the unusual that would make most folks blush.

“Uh…no…not really. Becky’s been playing with a girlfriend…it’s not likely that her friend would want me around…just doing my part to make sure everybody stays healthy.”

“Fair enough…I’ve always been pleased that you’re willing to share the behaviors that might effect your health. I wish more of my patients were as forthcoming.” The Doctor replied, while checking my ear canals. “But that’s nothing we haven’t been checking for years. Is there something else you’d like to discuss?”

“Um…yeah” I said, pausing and sighing deeply while gathering my thoughts. “Sometimes I can’t seem to maintain an erection. Getting one is not a problem…but my ego took a major blow last month when I…well…couldn’t finish.”

“Neil…you’re a very healthy, athletic guy…and at only forty-six years old, it’s unlikely this is a major problem. At the risk of sounding like the TV commercials we’re all bombarded with…this is more common than you’d think.”

“I know that…and I know this kind of thing is usually mental, perhaps caused by stress.” I replied, as the Doctor typed notes into the computer. “I don’t want to make too much of this, and feel like I’m giving-in to non-stop advertising…but I can’t really think of any reason for it. Becky has been great about the whole thing…and to be blunt, the occasional morning-wood is as “robust” as ever.”

“That’s a good thing…at least the plumbing is still in good shape.” Doctor Bob said with an easy grin before looking back at my records. “It might be that the medicine we use to treat your high blood pressure needs to be scaled-down. Your problem there isn’t severe, and is a trait of family genetics as opposed to your lifestyle. I’ll get you a lower-strength prescription, but I want you to track your blood pressure for the next ten days. Your wife, however, will have to be a willing participant to see if anything else changes.”

“Trust me, she’ll love the idea of following “doctor’s orders.” I answered with a chuckle, finally starting to relax in response to Bob’s calm and professional manner. “You really think it could be that simple?”

“It might be a factor…but not the entire issue. Perhaps things in the bedroom are getting routine for you? Given what you’ve told me, maybe the idea that Becky has opportunities outside your relationship…while you don’t…has you feeling left out, or less desirable? I’m not a couple’s therapist…but maybe it’s something to discuss with your wife.”

“Well…our close friends moved away almost three years ago, and our “adventures” have come to a halt.” I said frankly, and suddenly felt mildly embarrassed for thinking-out-loud. “I’m sorry…that’s more information than you probably care to hear. I just never considered being bored…especially not with Becky.”

“I want you to feel comfortable telling me anything about your body and health that bothers you. I’m only five years younger than you…yet I’ve heard things that are far more embarrassing than anything you’ve ever told me.” He said, tapping a rubber hammer against my knees. “Now to the highlight of the day for both of us…please stand in front of the table and turn your head to the side.”

The comically sarcastic tone made the routine test seem less daunting. I hopped-down in compliance, paying little attention to the Doctor’s gloved hand as he rolled my balls in his fingers and then shoved a digit upward, behind my sack. My mind was distracted with considering that things might be getting a little dull.

“Please cough…thank you…and again” Doctor Bob directed as I continued to be lost in my own thoughts. “Rest your elbows on the table…you’ll feel a little pressure, but this won’t take long.”

The fact was, I really had been missing our friends, Don and Rachel. They were much like Becky and me…unafraid of sharing fun with trusted friends, but not really into expanding the circle too wide. It was a blow to all of us when Don was forced to relocate for his job. My mind was snapped-back to reality when Doctor Bob shoved a finger in my ass and quickly inspected my prostate.

“Your prostate feels smooth and normal, but a bit enlarged on one side. Nothing to be alarmed about, but if it stays that way…we may consider the medication that treats both erectile dysfunction and an enlarged prostate. Since you haven’t had any bladder issues, I’d rather avoid those kinds of drugs. The side-effects can be troublesome, and they don’t always play well with blood-pressure meds.” The Doctor said, tossing me a box of tissues to wipe the slick goo out of my ass. “Still…I’ll give you a sample-pack of the familiar blue pills. They will likely help…but I’d like you to try the reduced prescription, along with spicing things up with Becky, as a first solution.” He said with a smile, before telling me I could get dressed.

“Thanks Doc…I hope this helps…I’m not much into taking a lot of pills.” I answered, pulling up my briefs and stepping into my jeans. “I appreciate your demeanor…I was oddly nervous about bringing this up.”

“Don’t ever be nervous, Neil. This is always a no-judgment zone.” Bob smiled as he typed a few more notes and then closed the computer file. “I know you have a blood-pressure monitor at home…just shoot me an email with about ten days of results, and we’ll go from there.”


As expected, Becky was a very willing participant in our informal study of altering medication. My blood-pressure didn’t change much with the reduced meds, but neither did my “problem”…although Becky’s game of “naughty nurse” didn’t hurt things for the short-term. I tried the blue pills, with good results, but they made my face feel warm and flushed. Besides, I wasn’t thrilled about losing the sense of spontaneity that had made our love-life so exciting.

A couple of weeks later, me and Becky were at the local gym where I saw Doctor Bob finishing a game with his basketball league. We had seen each other there several times over the years and usually shared a polite nod as we passed in the hallway or locker room. I had just gotten off the treadmill, and was standing outside the yoga studio, waiting for Becky to get out of class when Bob stood next to me.

“Is your wife taking yoga? Lisa started a few weeks ago.” Doc Bob said, wiping sweat off his forehead with a towel. “I gave it a try once or twice…but I prefer to sweat things out on the court.”

“Yeah…Becky is a yoga addict. I like to think I’m fairly limber…but those poses can be a real kick-in-the-ass.” I replied, as the class ended and people filed out of the room.

“Hi Honey…who’s your friend?” Becky said, giving me a peck on the cheek before wrapping a towel around her neck.

“Oh…this is my Doctor…” I started to say, when Bob’s wife stepped next to us.

“The name is Robert…but my patients often call me Bob…either is just fine with me.” He said, shaking Becky’s hand as his wife rolled-up her yoga mat.

“It’s very nice to finally meet my husband’s favorite physician.” My wife said cheerfully. “My name is Becky…I had no idea when I met Lisa last week, that there would be this sort of connection.”

Lisa smiled broadly and gripped her husband’s sweaty arm. “There are times when I think he knows half the people in the city. Hey babe…I’m going to grab my bag and I’ll meet you at the car. Nice to meet you Neil…and I’ll see you next week, Becky.” She said, turning toward the locker rooms.

As Lisa walked away, I couldn’t help but notice she was much like a red-haired version of my own wife. At least we both were fortunate to have smart and beautiful women in our lives. Becky mumbled something about checking the schedule for spin classes, leaving me and Bob to wait on our spouses once again.

“Well…I guess I’ll be seeing you soon, Doc. Your office gave me the all-clear on my test results, but said you wanted a follow-up for the other issues.” I said, gathering my stuff to leave.

“Oh sure…you know, what we need to do won’t take long. If it fits your plans, you could just stop-by a little before noon on Saturday. The office closes at twelve, but I can take a few minutes with you at the end of the day. If nothing else, it avoids the back-and-forth of booking an appointment for a ten minute talk.”

“Wow…that would be great. Thanks a lot, Doc…I appreciate the special effort.”

“No big deal. Sometimes I wish I could make more arrangements like that…but insurance companies, and the medical group, make it hard to bend the rules.” Bob said, turning to see his wife coming out of the locker room. “See you then.”

Moments later, Becky returned and gave me a smack on the back. “You never told me your doctor was a blond-haired stud with a ripped bod.” She said mockingly.

“Gee…I can’t imagine why I didn’t go on for hours about that.” I replied with heavy sarcasm. “Is your doctor a busty babe with an all-over tan and shaved pussy?”

“Well…no…she’s a great doctor, but nearly the complete opposite of your fantasy.” Becky said with an easy laugh. “Come on, pervert…let’s go home.”


A few days later, I walked into the empty waiting room of my doctor’s office. “Hi Mr. Evans…the doctor said you’d be in today.” The nurse said from behind the desk. “He’s running just a few minutes behind with the last appointment, but I’ll get your blood pressure and get you set up in room number two.”

Moments later, the nurse was nearly finished updating my information when Doctor Bob entered the room. He was dressed a bit more casually than normal…wearing a pair of khakis and a blue polo shirt, with a stethoscope hanging around his neck.

“Thanks Jenny…I appreciate that you stuck around a few minutes longer. Mr. Evans and I just need to review his meds, so if you’d like to leave after helping Mrs. Grant…that’s fine with me.”

“Oh sure…I need to get to the post office anyway. I’ll lock the front door after her, so you’ll just need to shut the computers down.” The nurse replied as she left the room, seemingly pleased she didn’t need to hang around.

“Your blood pressure looks good today, and seems to still be well controlled. So…how has the ED problem been going?” He asked, sitting in a chair across from me.

“Um…well…nothing like getting right to the point…it was a bit better for a while, but now things are much the same. The Viagra was ok…but I’m not much into $40 erections.” I said, as lightheartedly as I could muster.

“Well…I’m still pretty sure the majority of the problem is mental, or stress-related.” Bob said, sounding both professional and compassionate. “Before you leave, I’ll check the sample cabinet for another pack of Viagra you can keep around for back-up.”

“As you already know, your STD tests came back negative. The only other issue we need to address is the mild prostate inflammation.” Bob said calmly, looking over my file on the computer screen. “I should have had the nurse get you a gown, but just remove everything from the waist down…and you know the drill from there.”

I was hoping to skip this step, but suspected it might happen. Resigning myself to the situation, I kicked-off my shoes and removed my pants, tossing them on a chair. With my elbows resting on the exam table, I heard the familiar sound of gloves covering the doctor’s hands.

“Just a bit of pressure…” Bob said, sliding a slick finger into my rectum. “Hmm…still feels smooth and normal…but may still be a bit larger on one side than the other.”

“Well…it doesn’t seem to bother me. I haven’t noticed any bathroom problems.” I said, trying to offer any amount of useful information.

“I hate to make an already awkward situation even worse.” Doctor Bob said, pressing a button to lower the exam table. “If you’re feeling limber, I’d like you to keep one foot on the floor, while raising the other leg onto the table. If that’s not comfortable, we can have you lie on your side…but I’d like to get a different angle to cover more surface area of your prostate.”

“Oh…sure…that’s not a problem.” I said while raising my leg and feeling more exposed than usual.

“You know…as a couple, you and your wife have indulged in things that most people would never consider.” Bob said, pressing a finger back into my ass. “You may just be missing your friends…and need a hotter spark to get things going again.”

The doctor seemed earnestly concerned, and was also paying much more attention to the prostate exam than ever in the past. The extended probing, along with the more awkward and revealing position, caused a stir in my cock that I hadn’t expected. I was hoping Bob wouldn’t notice, but I knew that was unlikely.

“Well…I suppose so.” I mumbled, trying to sound nonchalant about the more rigorous exam. “Becky and I had a good time when she made a game of following your orders…so I guess you’ve got a point.”

“Ok…switch legs for me and we’ll get your dignity back in a few moments.” Bob directed with an understanding tone. “Well…my wife is a fairly vanilla gal. I can’t imagine getting her to be so supportive in that way.” He said, pushing more lube and the same finger into my back side.

I might have been more surprised at my doctor sharing that kind of personal information, but I was more concerned about my growing erection. As Bob moved his finger over my prostate, using more pressure than normal and covering more area…I let out an involuntary moan. Ass-play had never been a huge part of my sex life, but I did enjoy it when Becky and I were in the mood…and now I may have revealed more than I intended. Worse yet, I knew my cock was now rock-hard and a possible string of pre-cum would seal my embarrassment.

“Good…that’s a very healthy reaction…we can be sure the cause isn’t physical.” Bob said slowly in low tone. “Are you comfortable enough to hold that pose a bit longer?”

“Um…sure…I’m fine.” I replied, sensing that Doctor Bob’s tone and the mood in the room had somehow changed. “Sorry about the hard-on. I’m not sure whether to be happy or mortified.”

“Not a problem, Neil. I think the slight prostate enlargement will pass with time…but some men find saw palmetto supplements helpful.” Bob muttered as I heard the snap of the lube bottle once more. “The other problem should also resolve itself…with the right fantasies…and the right friends.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, or what to do…but the worry didn’t last long. With another preface about feeling some pressure, I groaned loudly as Bob pushed his thumb into my ass. It was clear that the medical questions had been answered, and the new objective was to keep me aroused. The angle of his thumb changed as I could hear him open a drawer with his free hand. I closed my eyes, not sure of what would happen next, but unwilling to end the sensations that felt so good, and had me harder than I’d been in months.

“I’m about to break every ethical code in the book, Neil,” Doctor Bob said softly, with a hint of nervousness in his voice. “But I think we can help each other out.”

I was frozen in-place against the exam table with my heart beating a hundred miles-an-hour as he removed his thumb and I heard the gloves hit the trashcan. For some reason, it felt more exciting not knowing exactly what was happening as the clatter of a loose belt-buckle filled my ears. It was amazing how many sounds I could identify…the tearing of a foil packet, the scrunching of fabric, and the click of a cap from a bottle of lube.

“I experimented with some wild shit in college.” Bob mumbled, leaning over my back. “I love my wife…I just…need a friend for those things we keep to ourselves…”

Even wearing a condom, I could feel the heat of his dick as the helmet pressed against my timid hole. Reaching behind me, I gripped the naked and hairy cheek of his muscled butt and slowly pulled him toward me.

“Mmmppphhh…fuck!” I blurted-out as the first inch of his prick passed my reluctant ring. “It’s been a while…a very long while” I grunted through clenched teeth.

“So tight…so damn tight…” Bob whispered, giving me a few moments to adjust before slowly sliding deeper.

I found myself alternating between grunts of pleasure, and whimpers of pain, as he sank into my bowels. It seemed like the length of his cock would never end, though I knew the sensation was exaggerated by lack of recent experience. Bob’s prick started out thick, and only tapered wider toward the base. By the time I felt his hip press against me, my sphincter was spread painfully wide and my guts felt completely filled with rigid and radiating warmth. I thought the discomfort would have deflated my erection…but my cock remained youthfully hard.

Doctor Bob placed one hand on my left shoulder, and reached around my hip with the other, firmly gripping my cock and spreading the leaking pre-cum over the head with a finger. “I’d say we found a cure for your problem…no drugs needed.” He said in a low rumble.

“Fuck me. I don’t care if it hurts…just fucking do it!” I said, hardly believing my own words.

“You got it, man. Honestly…I didn’t plan this…I just had to have it…” Bob mumbled as he slowly withdrew.

Only the head remained inside before Bob sank fully into me once again. I gasped for air as his pole split my ass apart for the second time. Reaching back between my legs, I fondled the heavy nuts than hung low in a loose and hairy sack. The coarse curls that sparsely covered the silky scrotum felt so different from my smooth and shaved balls.

I could hardly believe how much I wanted this. While Don and I might stroke each other, or lick the other’s shaft and balls while pounding a hot pussy…we never engaged in any play without the girls around. Becky sometimes fucked me with her dildo while giving me incredible head…but a hot cock in my ass hadn’t happened since some pot-infused parties in college.

“Unnnggg…mmpphh…ffuucckk!” Doctor Bob grunted over-and-over as his pace quickened and developed into a consistent rhythm.

My jaw was clenched and my eyes squinted-shut with every hard thrust. Bob wasn’t being brutal, but it was clear that neither of us was interested in tenderness or romance. The initial pain was subsiding, and a jolt of pleasure pulsed through me with every pass over my prostate. The sensation of Bob’s loose sack smacking against my nuts with each thrust made it clear this was no gentle play with a toy…but a seriously hard fucking from another man.

“I…I need to moved, man…or my leg will cramp.” I said, feeling the ache build in my thigh.

Bob’s response was gruff and direct. “On your knees…on the floor.”

I enjoyed his blunt tone, and immediately moved off the exam table as Doctor Bob pulled away. For the first time, I was able to see the instrument of my recent recovery. Bob’s latex-covered cock glistened with lube and bounced in front of him as he pulled the khakis off his legs and tossed them in the corner. We were both close in length, at around seven inches, but Bob was thicker…especially as it tapered larger at the base. Once the polo shirt came off his torso, it was clear that Doctor Bob took care of himself…though I might have a had better set of abs. His tanned chest and legs were covered in blond hair that was well maintained, without looking overly trimmed. At Becky’s request, I kept my own body more closely cropped.

“Here…you might want this.” Bob said brusquely, tossing the pillow from the table onto the floor in front of me. “Reach back…open that hot hole for me.”

After the brief moment of seeing his naked frame, I followed directions and took my position on the floor. This kind of submissiveness was new for me, and even now didn’t feel like a natural role, but it seemed directed by Bob’s need for release rather than a desire for absolute control. Regardless, I could feel my pulse pounding in nervous anticipation as the top of my head hit the floor and I looked back, past my leaking cock and between my spread legs. My physician never said a word as I saw his knees come down behind me. The bottom of Bob’s low-hanging sack was barely visible as he took aim and plunged his cock back into me with one solid stroke.

“Aaarrrggg…ggaawwdd!” I yelped, still shocked at how deeply his rigid pole filled my bowels. I continued to grunt and moan as Bob relentlessly pounded my ass. By now, my cock was achingly hard, but I resisted touching it. I knew that if I got off before Bob, my interest in getting fucked might quickly fade.

Bob didn’t seem to be doing anything to prolong his own pleasure, but his endurance was impressive. After a few minutes, Bob was approaching climax as his breathing became ragged and his strokes shorter and more rapid.

“Oh fuck…gonna’ cum…I’m gonna’ cum…” Bob repeated between halting breaths. A second or two later, he gripped my hips and pressed himself tightly against me.

I could feel Bob’s dick swell even larger, and twitch inside my dark tunnel, as he expelled a heavy load of cum into the condom that sheathed his cock. After taking a few moments to catch his breath, Bob withdrew and sat back against the heels of his feet. Rolling over, I saw my doctor panting for air, and staring at the ceiling, with an overstretched condom slipping off his deflating dick. My own cock had been on the edge of release for several minutes, and I was eager to resolve the problem. Rising onto my feet, I stood next to a seemingly dazed Doctor Bob.

“Suck it. You got me this fucking hard…I got you off…now it’s my turn.” I demanded, pressing my hard and leaking prick against Bob’s lips.

Bob closed his eyes and turned his head, as though offended at the thought. “I don’t think…I can do that.” He mumbled, sounding disappointed in himself. “This shouldn’t have happened.”

“Too late, my friend…it already has.” I replied sternly. “At the very least, you’re going to see this through. Did you already forget the part about helping each other out?”

“I can’t believe I lost my head like that…” Doctor Bob started to say, before I took advantage of the situation and stuffed my hard dick into his mouth. “Mmmppphhh…mmpphhh!” he grunted, pushing against my hips as I gripped the back of his head and pulled him closer.

“Maybe I should be…but I’m not pissed at all.” I said, keeping his face planted on my cock. “I think this treatment could be good for both of us…if we keep perspective.”

Doctor Bob proceeded with reluctance, but was no longer putting up a fight. Ample spit started to fill his mouth as he stopped pushing against legs and slowly moved his hand to cup my balls.

“Oh fuck yeah…suck it …suck my cock, man.” I groaned, tilting my head back and closing my eyes.

Bob wasn’t particularly skilled at cock-sucking, but it was clear that he had more than a passing interest. It was almost surreal to look down and see my trusted physician on his knees with my hard cock sliding past his lips. I had been on-edge for several minutes, and my release was imminent. My balls had tightened around the base of my cock, and I could see mild panic in Bob’s eyes. Not wanting to completely freak him out, I pulled out of his wet mouth and held Bob’s head steady with a handful of hair.

“Oooohhh..fffuuuccckkkk!” I grunted, shooting a heavy load of white cream over Doctor Bob’s face and hairy chest. I came so hard that my balls practically ached from the experience.

Bob simply stared at my cock as it slowly deflated. Moments later, he rose from the floor and pulled-out a box of wipes to clean ourselves. Nothing was said until we were both dressed and past the heat of the moment.

“I can recommend some fine doctors who would be willing to take-on a referral patient.” Bob said flatly, still tucking-in his shirt. “I can’t explain my lapse in professionalism.”

“You know me well, and intuitively understood what I needed.” I replied calmly. “I let it happen. I can’t think of anyone I trust more with my healthcare. We’re just closer friends now…nothing more to it than that.”

“It was still wrong.”

“I think you’re making too much of this. But I’ll admit that perhaps this kind of alternative therapy shouldn’t happen in your office.” I offered with a smile while extending my hand to shake his. “We’ll keep the office visits on the up-and-up from now on.”

“Well…thank you…but I’ll mull it over, and get back with you in a few days.” Bob said with a sigh. “I’m just not sure how objective I can be moving forward.”

“I’m not worried about it all.” I answered cheerfully. “My ass, however, could take a few days to recover. My most recent buddy and I rarely shared anything more intense than some brief oral action.”

“Oh shit…now I feel even worse.”

“You shouldn’t. I even surprised myself with how much I got into it.” I said earnestly. “I think me and Becky will be grateful for your help for many months to come.”

We chatted a few minutes more, before leaving his office. Doctor Bob might need more time to resolve the situation in his own mind, and I was going to give him all the space he needed…but I was hopeful something more would come of it.


Over the next several months, I still saw Doctor Bob at the gym, and was pleased that he didn’t seem to be avoiding me. I made a point of nodding at him as we passed in the hall, and making mindless chit-chat as we waited for our wives to get out of yoga. I knew it would be important for him to feel that things were as normal as they could be. I did divulge that my erectile problems seemed to be cured, and hoped we had found a long-term solution. Bob merely grinned and said he was glad to hear it.

It was maybe six months after “the incident” that Bob said something more than a comment or two about the weather. “I told her what I did to you. The guilt was eating me alive. I assume your wife knows what happened.” His voice was low enough not to attract attention as we watched our wives roll their yoga mats.

“Wow…I thought you might keep that to yourself.” I answered, somewhat astonished. “Yes…Becky knows…but you’d be right to assume we were ok with it. At least I can see that Lisa didn’t kill you.”

“She was furious that I risked my career and reputation. She had every right to be.”

“What did she think of…you know…you messing with another guy.” I stammered, not wanting to say too much in a public setting.

“After a few days of barely speaking to me, she started asking questions. Lisa seemed oddly relieved it wasn’t another woman. It’s still not a topic we bring up often…but I’m shocked she didn’t kick me to the curb. Stranger still…she’s been a bit wilder in bed.”

“Well good…I’m glad to hear it.” I said, mimicking his tone with me when I shared that my love-life had improved. “I hoped it might benefit us both.”

As the ladies came out of class, I overheard conversations about weekend plans, and that Lisa was taking their daughter to gymnastics camp. This was the first I heard that Bob and Lisa had a child, though it didn’t surprise me. I thought nothing more of it as we gathered our things and wished each other a good weekend.

The next day, I was surprised to get an email from Doctor Bob; “Let’s clear the air. 10am Saturday, 511 Maple Dr. in Lake Watson. No need to reply…great if you can make it…no big deal if you can’t.” Needless to say…I was going to be there.


Lake Watson was less than twenty miles away, and the crisp fall weather made for a pleasant drive. I pulled in the driveway of a modest A-frame cabin that sat on the shore of the small lake. The cabin was small, and in need of updating, but the setting was beautiful. I got out of the car and knocked on the door, promptly at 10am.

“Hi Neil…come in…would you like some coffee?” Doctor Bob said, greeting me at the door wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair of light-blue scrub pants. “Before you ask…the place belonged to my wife’s parents. When they passed, it was left to Lisa…I’ve been painting and doing repairs whenever time allows. With the girls away for gymnastics camp, I’ve been able to make more progress.”

“Very nice…I can see that it has a lot of potential.” I said, admiring the view from the large windows.

“I like having this little retreat, without having to drive the family hours-and-hours to get somewhere.” Bob said, pouring me a cup of coffee. “We thought about selling it…but the place is growing on me.”

“Forgive me for being blunt, Doc…but what kind of air did you want to clear?” I asked with a grin on my face.

“I wanted to apologize to you…outside a public place…and let you know how much I appreciated your discretion. You could have made life miserable for me.”

“With everything you know about me…I don’t know how you could think I’d ever betray your trust. We know some deeply personal shit about each other that goes beyond doctor/patient privilege. I’m sure that neither of us will ever let that happen in a professional setting again.” I hoped he could hear that my words were heartfelt and sincere.

“Thank you…I appreciate that…and I’ve decided we shouldn’t let that happen again at all.” Bob said, as though trying to convince himself. “It revived some bad behavior in younger years that shouldn’t be repeated.”

I stood in the small kitchen area, listening to his words, as Bob drank his coffee and looked out over the lake. The sunlight that poured through the windows cast shadows within the thin fabric of his scrub pants, revealing the vague outline of his limp cock as it hung unrestrained by underwear. I knew I wanted more of what we shared so many months ago, and I felt sure he did too.

“I don’t think I’m wrong in believing you asked me out here for more than coffee and an apology. I think you were hoping for a hot fuck…but got cold feet.” I said sternly.

“Um…well…again…I’m sorry for so many things.”

“Ok…apology accepted, if it makes you feel better.” I said, unbuttoning my flannel shirt. “But let’s skip the bullshit and get to what we both really want. You’re going to put down that coffee cup, drop those pants, and bend your firm ass over the back of this sofa.”

Doctor Bob’s face flushed into a deep shade of red while deciding what to say. “No…I don’t think so. I’m glad you came…but you should probably leave.”

“You could walk over here and kick me out the door, if you wanted to…but I don’t think you want to.” I calmly replied, kicking the shoes off my feet. “Have you ever had your ass rimmed? It feels incredible…and I know you’re always squeaky clean.”

“Neil…really…this shouldn’t go any farther than it already has.” Bob said in a voice filled with uncertainty.

“We’re just good friends who, on rare occasions, hunger for something a little different. We’re hurting no one. Even Lisa didn’t condemn you for what you did…just how you did it.” As I peeled off my t-shirt, I could see a growing tent in Bob’s thin pants. “Now you’re going to give me what I want…take your right hand and pull on that string.”

Doctor Bob swallowed hard and kept his eyes locked on mine as he reluctantly tugged at the drawstring and let the scrubs fall to the floor. His cock was half-hard and the blond hair that covered his body glowed from the streaming sunlight.

“Right here, buddy. It’s just a little harmless fun.” I grumbled while patting the top of the leather sofa.

As though in a trance, Bob slowly stepped behind the sofa and stared out the windows with his back to me. I moved behind him, brushing the fabric of my jeans against Bob’s bare ass as I pushed down on his back and bent him over the sofa. I had done this any number of times to Becky’s smooth and beautiful back-side, but this would be a first for me with the more rugged gender. Kneeling behind my friend, I ran my hands up the back of his thighs and over the hairy cheeks of his muscled buttocks, eventually spreading them apart to reveal the tight, pink pucker. I could feel Bob’s legs tremble as I eased my tongue into the valley that smelled of soap and sweat. The hairy hole twitched as I ran the tip of my tongue around the edge of the opening.

“Mmm…oh fuck!” Doctor Bob moaned as I spread his cheeks wide and buried my face in the furry cleft. “Shit…oh shit…that shouldn’t feel so good!”

I spent several minutes lapping at his hole as fervently as I would a hot pussy. My spit was running down the crack and dripping off Bob’s loose scrotum. Sliding my tongue down the trail, I teased his heavy nuts…sucking one, and then the other, into my hungry mouth. I was a little stunned to be enjoying this so much…but the idea of trying new things with a trusted friend was fueling my lust. Soon, I knew it was time to move-on.

“Just let yourself go, Doc. Let go of the guilt…the apprehension.” I said rising to my feet and pressing my jean-covered hips to his bare back-side. “Can you feel how hard I am? Can you feel how effective this therapy has been?”

Doctor Bob merely grunted and groaned as I opened my jeans and slowly pulled them down, while keeping my hips pressed against his hairy moons. I wanted him to feel every inch of my bare flesh as it came into contact with his. Once my cock was released from its prison, the rigid pole slipped between his spread legs and pushed against Bob’s low-hanging sack. Easing my body back, I allowed my aching tool to slide upward between his ass-cheeks…pausing as it passed Bob’s twitching rosebud…and then pressing against him tightly to nestle my cock in a valley of blond curls.

“You’re getting fucked today, Doc. You’re going to know what it feels like to be filled with hot cock.” I grumbled while giving his left ass-cheek a hard slap.

“I…I’ve never…had anything that big…” Doctor Bob mumbled nervously.

Reaching around Bob’s waist, I grabbed his hard cock. “This piece of man-meat wasn’t a walk-in-the-park, my friend…but it felt damn good after a while.” I said, while slowly dry-humping his backside. “Trust me…it’ll fit…and you’ll be begging me to fuck you harder.”

“Safe…we have to be safe…have to use a condom…” Bob stammered, looking back at me with mild fear.

“Absolutely, medicine man…I can respect that.” I answered bluntly, grabbing him by the shoulder and lifting his torso off the sofa. Spinning him around, I pulled the t-shirt over his head and got a close-up view of his well-toned and hairy chest. Our cocks smacked against each other in a sword-fight as Bob provided a surprise of his own.

“If we’re so damn trusting and intimate to plow each other’s asses…then this shouldn’t be any big deal.” Doctor Bob said in a hoarse whisper, as though talking to himself.

Then, out of nowhere, he leaned forward and planted a rugged kiss on my lips. I wasn’t expecting that…and was truly shocked. Out of instinct, I resisted at first…but gave-in as he grabbed my ass firmly and pressed our bodies tightly together. I don’t know how to describe a kiss between men as “manly”…but it was. It was coarse, animalistic, and anything but tender. I couldn’t help but think that if Becky witnessed this…she’d be hot and wet enough to fuck us both.

“Ok…that was different.” I mumbled, still trying to absorb what just happened.

“Honestly? You’ve watched, even helped, other men fuck your wife…but that freaked you out?” Bob asked, sounding genuinely puzzled.

“No…it’s all good…I just never did that before.” I replied, reaching between us and gripping our cocks together. “The grand total has only been two other guys, by the way.”

“I’m starting to wonder which of us is the more adventurous.”

“We might be close to an even score…and I’m ok with that.” I said, with a mischievous grin.

Bob smiled and tilted his head, beckoning me to follow him, as we walked up a narrow flight of stairs to the loft-like bedroom. The open sleeping area made good use of the views, but provided little privacy. He seemed unsure what to do next, so I took the initiative and lay down on the bed, with my head hanging-down off the edge.

“Feed it to me…give a taste of that thick dick.” I said, in a demanding tone.

I watched him approach, his torpedo-shaped cock bobbing with each step and a string of clear sap oozing from the tip. Putting his hands on the mattress and leaning over my body, Bob aligned his twitching tool with my wide-open mouth. At this angle, I had little trouble taking him down my throat…though the ample girth at the base had my lips stretched to the limit.

“Oh fuck, I wish Lisa would do that…” Bob moaned, as his nuts came to rest against my forehead.

It didn’t take long for the good Doctor to reciprocate…clumsily licking my tool and cautiously swallowing half the length. His skills hadn’t improved much since the office visit, but Bob’s enthusiasm certainly increased. We spent several minutes sucking cock, licking balls, and teasing holes before I was hungry for something more. Embracing him tightly around the waist, I rolled Bob onto his back…leaving him on the bed as I crawled off the mattress and stood in front of him.

“I’m guessing there’s some lube in that nightstand.” I said, stroking my spit-soaked cock. “Finger that ass for me Doc. Show me how you’d do your own prostate exam.”

Bob grinned uneasily as he opened the drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube and a few condoms. I stared in fascination as he lifted his heavy sack and pushed a finger into the tight hole. The room filled with the sounds of sticky fingers probing assholes, and hands stroking slick cocks. I reached for a condom, tore open the package and sheathed my aching tool in latex. The look on Bob’s face changed to one of apprehension and uncertainty.

“It’s too late to change course now, Doc.” I said, squeezing an ample amount of lube over my dick. “That tight, muscled ass is mine.”

Bob said nothing, but his eyes shot-open wide as I tugged his body toward the edge of the bed and bent his legs back until the knees were above his shoulders. The tip of Bob’s cock pointed at his navel and filled the cavity with pre-cum as I brushed his hole with my condom-covered prick.

“Really man…I don’t know.” Bob muttered as I pressed the head of my cock against his reluctant brown-eye. “I want to be fair…but…this is weird…”

The nervousness in his voice was real…but so was the twitching hardness of his cock. If I hadn’t been so worked-up, I might have backed-off…but my own need for the new and taboo was getting too strong.

“Put your hand on my belly.” I directed brusquely. “You can control how fast this happens…but it’s going to happen.” I stared into Bob’s eyes with absolute determination as I rocked my hips and repeatedly pushed against the tight portal. “Relax…neither of us is anybody’s bitch…we’re just two buds who aren’t afraid of feeling good around each other.”…and then I pushed firmly against his pucker.

“Eerrrr…oohhh fffuuuccckk!” Bob grunted through clenched teeth as my dick popped inside his dark chute.

“Oh yeah…fuck, man…damn this feels so good!” I moaned, giving him a moment to adjust. “So tight…so fucking tight!”

After a few minutes, Bob eventually dropped his hand off my belly and clutched at the sheets tightly as I slowly inched inside. His ragged breathing, guttural moans, and acceptance of such a personal invasion, only fueled my lust further.

“A fucking wild feeling, isn’t it? With every inch of hot, hard meat filling your bowels…you can’t believe you want even more of it.” I hissed, reaching down to clutch at his muscled chest for support. “I’m in, man…you took it all…and now you’re getting fucked. The trust between us is stronger than if we were bothers.”

I thought Bob might remove all the air from the room, gasping deeply as I withdrew and then plunged back inside with one solid thrust. His clenched teeth still revealed discomfort, but he made no effort to stop me. My pace slowly quickened, until Bob’s body shook with every forceful thrust deep into his tunnel. A few minutes passed, but I eventually heard the words I knew would come.

“Mmmpphh…finally…feeling…good” Bob mumbled, still clutching at the sheets. “Do it…harder…fuck me…harder!”

I offered no reply, but took satisfaction in the fact that I told him he’d be begging for it. Glancing down, I saw that Doctor Bob’s cock had swollen larger than ever. Without breaking rhythm, I spat a trail of saliva onto his dick and began stroking Bob’s cock in-time with my fucking. Impressed with the stamina from both of us, this went on for another several minutes until I could see Bob’s scrotum contracting. Knowing he was close, I tightened my grip and began stroking his hot tool even faster.

“Oh god…fuck…oh fuck!” Bob shouted, as his ass-ring clenched around my cock and his dick erupted in four heavy ropes of warm, pearl-white fluid.

The cum shot out of him so forcefully that it arched above his body before splashing down across his face and chest. The vice-like grip that Bob’s sphincter now had around my rigid member also brought me to the point-of-no-return.

“Uuunnggg…mmmpphhh…fuck!” I grunted, pulling out of his tight ass and quickly removing the condom.

Grabbing Bob’s firm, but deflating, cock…I stroked both our dicks within a tight grip. The feel of our nuts sliding against the other, and the warmth of the fluid oozing from his cock, was all I needed to trigger my own release. My spunk spewed-out, hitting Bob under his chin and splattering throughout the blond curls that covered his chest. My trusted physician was now a cum-covered mess.

“Holy fuck…I am completely spent.” Doctor Bob said, panting with exhaustion.

“I agree…that was intense.” I replied, rolling onto the bed next to Bob. “How are you doing? Because…I’ll be honest…I wouldn’t mind doing this again.”

“Yeah…well…maybe. I can’t deny having a good time…but I can truthfully say it isn’t something I’d want very often.” Bob said with an uneasy grin, while wiping cum off his neck. “I don’t think my ass could take it.”

“I’m not looking for a steady diet of this kind of thing either.” I let out an easy laugh before reaching for Bob’s limp prick. “My interests lean toward watching another guy pounding a hot pussy. I’d sure like to see what that thick piece of meat could do to a wet snatch.”

“I guess that’s where our interests diverge. I’d never be comfortable with any woman other than my wife. Besides, you’re more likely to get hit with a meteor than get Lisa to think about swinging.”

“Like you’ve mentioned before, Doc…my wife and I are anything but conventional. Still…you showed me that I’m much more open to doing things with a guy than I ever did with Don.” I said, rising from the bed and offering Bob a hand. “I will promise you that I can keep this behavior exclusive between us. You’d be the first to know if my circle of sexual partners ever changes.”

“I believe you. This whole thing may have started because of my poor impulse control, but I admire that you’ve made staying healthy a priority.”

Bob and I shared some idle chit-chat before heading to the shower for a much-needed rinse. I left not knowing if Doctor Bob would allow himself to go a little wild anytime soon…or if his interest would fade as a casual experiment.


Yet another several months passed without a hint of interest from Bob. Even my annual physical was completely professional, with no mention of anything that happened in the past. I didn’t push it…sensing he was grateful that I allowed him some space.

For whatever reason, the fact that I’d done something unusual…even by my own standards…did help my erection problems. The memory of the event, and talking about it with Becky, helped reinvigorate our own lovemaking. Still…I started to get an itch for something a little rough-edged once again. I decided to give Bob a gentle nudge, and see if something might happen. My opportunity came a week later.

“Hey Doc” I said, passing Bob in the parking lot of the gym as I was leaving, and he’d just arrived.

“Hi Neil…how’s it going?” he replied cheerfully, still walking toward the gym.

I walked next to him, just before he got to the door. “Feeling good, Doc…but I’m thinking I might need a booster-shot…of a more personal nature.”

“Oh…uh…having problems again?” Bob asked, swallowing hard and looking suddenly nervous.

“No…I can say the treatment has been very successful. I’m just having an itch that only you can cure…if you’re willing.” I said softly, looking around to make sure we weren’t overheard. “I’m looking for a fast house-call…something like the first time…just cum and go.”

“Well…I’ll think about it…time is tight for me.”

“Hey…no pressure…if you can’t, or don’t want to…that’s cool.” I replied, hoping to portray that it really wasn’t a big deal. “Lisa didn’t come with you today?”

“No…she stayed home…some chores she wanted to do.” Bob said, shuffling nervously from one foot to the other.

“Becky’s visiting her sister…will be back tomorrow.” I decided to give Bob one last opportunity before I left. “Stop by on your way home. I’ll be ready. If you don’t show, then it will just be me and some porn later in the evening.”

Doctor Bob grinned. “Maybe you should hold-off and work it out with your wife.”

“Sure…there’s always that. I’m just in the mood for something a bit more dangerous.”

Bob made no commitment. He just smacked me on the back and wished me a good evening. I drove home, slightly puzzled by the lack of response. Hoping for the best, I cleaned-up and played with one of Becky’s toys, working a lot of lube into my chute. Sending a text to Bob’s phone, I gave him the address and restated that a fast fuck was ideal. Maybe twenty minutes passed when I got a simple text in reply; “on my way”.

I knew it wouldn’t take Bob long to get here from the gym, so I put the toy away and texted him to just walk into the house. I was lying face-down on the bed when I heard a closing car door and then footsteps in the hall. The bedroom closet had a mirrored door, which allowed me to see Bob as he stood at the foot of the bed and looked down on my prone body.

“Where are the rubbers?” Doctor Bob asked gruffly while grabbing the crotch of his basketball shorts.

“Oh…shit…I don’t have any.” I replied, suddenly pissed at myself for not thinking about it. “I don’t care…if you don’t.”

There was a pause, and I feared my friend would be leaving as quickly as he came.

“Fuck it…I know your history.” Bob said before grabbing my calves and spreading my legs apart.

Turning my head to the side, I looked again into the mirrored door to see Bob pull down his basketball shorts while still wearing a sweat-soaked t-shirt. For a brief moment, I was surprised to see he had on a jock-strap, instead of the compression shorts that were so popular. Pulling the mesh pouch to one side, he released his hard cock and knelt on the mattress between my splayed legs. Sliding a finger into my ass, Bob could tell that I was well-prepared. After spitting into his palm, and spreading the saliva over his rigid tool, Bob appeared to be doing a push-up as his body hovered over mine and his cock parted the cheeks of my ass.

“Unnnggg…mmmffff!” I grunted, biting into the sheets as my physician sank into my bowels. The smell of Bob’s musky sweat filled my nostrils as his damp shirt pressed against my back. I reached behind me, feeling the elastic strap and curled hairs that covered his athletic butt.

Doctor Bob said nothing. He just groaned and grunted as my sphincter relaxed and his pace quickened. Placing his hands against the back of my shoulders, Bob had me pinned to the bed as he plowed my ass with long, forceful strokes…his sweaty balls sticking to my sack as he withdrew from every thrust.

The friction of the sheets against my aching dick had me on-edge several times, but I managed to hold-off, knowing the enjoyment would wane if I came first. Bob wasn’t being gentle, and I definitely got-off on the idea that we were using each other just to bust a nut. I hoped for a future opportunity to assert myself on his tight hole.

“Oh yeah…fuck!” were the only words Bob uttered as he pulled-out, lifted my hips, and had me posed doggy-style before plunging back-in again. Between the ragged breathing and faster strokes, it was plain that his release would soon arrive.

“Hell…yes…fuck!” Bob muttered, gripping my hips tightly and pressing his body firmly against mine.

I could feel Bob’s cock throb and swell as the warmth of his seed splashed within my guts. As my buddy remained still to catch his breath, I could feel the overflow of the ample load leak past his deflating cock and slowly drip off my balls. Soon, Bob pulled away with a strand of milky cum clinging to the tip of his half-hard tool. I flipped onto my back, gathered the sloppy mess of cum and lube from my overstretched hole, and used it as lube to vigorously stroke my aching shaft.

“That’s it man…stroke it. I want to see you shoot that load.” Bob said in a low rumble, wiping off his spent cock with the towel I had lying on the bed.

It didn’t take long for my nuts to reach full boil, and I moaned loudly as four heavy ropes of spunk erupted from my pulsing pole. Bob simply watched with a grin on his face while stretching the jock strap back over his junk. Lying on the bed with my chest and face coated in my own cum, I watched Doctor Bob pull up his shorts.

“That was hot. It’ll be my turn next time…and yeah, I’m sure there’ll be a next time.” Bob said, tying the drawstring and then walking out the door.


While I might have preferred meeting another couple, the one-on-one arrangement worked-out well. Bob and I continue to enjoy getting together once every few months, and that frequency seems right for both of us. I feel fortunate to have a physician who’s willing to try the natural remedies first.

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