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Offline Meeting

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She was sitting on the bed taking slow deep breaths. They had met online and now it was time to rendezvous with her online lover. Actually they were much more than just online lovers. They were friends, writing partners, and in a Dominate/submissive relationship. She had met him while she was off school in the summer and had liked his charismatic personality, passion, and creativity.

His tender heart and wicked imagination sparked a desire in her that she had not expected and since her last Master had broken her heart, she was not really looking for anything real to happen again but this man sparked desire in her like no One ever had, so now she was sitting more than a 1000 miles away in a hotel.

She was dressed in a simple black chemise with her dark hair pulled up into a French twist. Her eyes were drawn to the red number display on the alarm clock by the bed, reading nearly six, His time to arrive. Turning back toward the door, she felt her heart speed up as she wondered if she was really ready for Him?

Glancing around the rather ordinary hotel room, she bit on her raspberry lip gloss as she settled her gaze at the mirror. She had big blue eyes and decent looking lips. She twirled an errant curl and looked back at her hands, manicured and painted bright red. Turning back to the closed, unremarkable hotel door, she stared questioning both her sanity and her expectations of this clandestine tryst, wondering if this Man who had captured her imagination, perhaps her very heart, would own her body as well? One question plagued her mind as she watched the door. Would this meeting solidify their relationship or break it apart? Her hands shook so she sat on them.

She heard the earnest knock on the door and jumped, actually surprised to hear it. Glancing at the lights on the bedside alarm clock, she raised her eyebrows and absently knew He was at least punctual. Cautiously she raised from the floral bedspread to her feet with knees knocking and slowly walked to the door just in time for Him to rap against it again, more earnest this time. With heart slamming against her chest, she gripped the cool metal knob and twisted, slowing swinging it open it to Him. His blue eyes met her frightened blue ones and a strange calmness washed over her. Smiling up to Him, she whispered, “Hello, Sir.”

He lifted her chin, looked over her with a wicked grin and then asked, “So may I come in, babe? You had me wait a bit there. I was beginning to wonder, lass.”

She nervously giggled and stepped aside. Closing the door, she turned and rested against it as she took a deep breath. Unlike her initial meeting with her previous lover, there was no fear as she watched Him walk inside and turn on His shoe toward her.

With an approving glance, He surveyed her, taking in every nuance of the picture she made before Him. She was leaning against the door and giving Him this open and seductive smile.

When she noticed His intense appraisal, she looked down to see if something was amiss and He chuckled. “What are you looking for babe?” He asked in that soft southern drawl of His that she found so sexy and looked up at Him and beamed. “You have a killer smile, babe. Now come over here lass and show me what’s under that night gown.”

Standing a good six inches above her, He had to look down to her with those incredible eyes that already seemed to look into her, making her incredibly wet. Her eyes swept over Him wantonly, settling on the obvious arousal in His pants. Her dark blues turned darker as she looked up at Him and wet her lips. “Yes, Sir,” she whispered huskily as she stepped away from the door; her face turning a brilliant dark pink, as their gazes met.

“You aren’t going to get shy on me; now are you lass?” He asked, stepping up to her, caressing her jaw with His knuckle, sending shocks of sexual heat through as did that penetrating look in His devilish blue eyes. His gaze was intense yet so sensual that she felt her knees wobble.

“No,” she whispered, looking down to the buttons on his dress shirt and then back up into His brilliant eyes. “i’m not.”

“Good babe,” He said and smacked her bottom with a hardy whack and she jumped as she grinned at Him. As always He mixed just a touch of humor with His sensuality, a killer combination on her resolve.

He sat on the bed and said, “Present your self to me.” He gave her a charming grin, not quite a smirk as she stepped in front of Him.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, pulling her chemise up and over her head, exposing her lacy black bra and panties. Watching Him for His reaction and seeing His smoldering eyes, she reached behind her and unbuckled her bra, letting it slowly slide down her arms. Their gazes parted as she felt this fear sweep through her, exposing Him to her nakedness for the first time, fearing His rejection. Doubtfully she lifted her eyes to him as she locked her thumbs into her panties and slowly eased them down. The heat in His gaze intensified as He looked her up and down, caressing her leisurely with His appraisal. Smiling wickedly, He nodded and she stepped up with her hands crossed behind her back, her head hung down; gracefully, she lowered herself to His feet.

“Let me touch you,” He said, his voice huskier as he unfurled His hand to her.

She took His outstretched hand and eased to her feet. He leaned forward and kissed her belly, progressing unhurried upward. When His mouth reached her breast, she trembled beneath Him. His fingers went to her wetness and stroked her clit, causing a quiet moan to escape her lips as she braced herself by grabbing His shoulder. Wickedly He gazed into her eyes and bit down furiously on her luscious nipple, making her whimper as He held her eyes in His.

He cupped her face and for the first time planted a passionate kiss with His velvet tongue penetrating past her lips to explore the depths of her mouth while one hand unclasped from her face and went to her slit to finger her now swollen clit, running excruciatingly slow over it and then pinching it hard between two fingers. Her legs trembled and she kissed Him passionately in response, wrapping her arms around His neck and pulling Him closer to her.

Suddenly He let her go, turned her around, and He snapped a pair of handcuffs on her. He felt her tremble so He whispered against her ear. “Trust me?”

“Yes, Sir, i do.”

“Good,” He whispered back. “Turn around and drop to your knees. I need that mouth of yours, lass.” But before she could respond, He cupped her breasts, pinched her nipples, and bit on the back of her neck in that place that drove her crazy. She leaned into Him and started to moan. “That gets you wet?” He asked hot against her ear, before He sucked her lobe into His mouth while He ran his open hand down her flat belly over her stubbly mound—he had ordered her to grow it out just a little—to her wet pussy lips. She was sloppy wet already and He smiled. “Slow down there lass. No cumming yet.” He whispered against her ear again and then sucked harder on her ear lobe.

“I…ah…oh…oh…” She breathed as He bit her again in that spot and rubbed her now engorged clit more vigorously. She squirmed against Him and moaned. “I need…..” She trembled and bit hard on her lip as He kissed her shoulder and then spun her around. He looked into her darkened eyes and saw it. She was hungry, very hungry. Her lips were parted, wet, and slightly swollen as her now passion filled eyes lifted up to His.

He leaned into her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Their lips met and she kissed Him with such wanton desire He stepped back and touched her face. “Slow down there.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “i’m on fire.”

“Oh really?” He teased. “ long should I keep you wanting, babe?” He looked at her breathing hard, sucking on her lower lip, protruding rock hard nipples, and sensual flush that began at her neck and spread down over her ample breasts and knew she was under His spell.

“As long as You wish it Sir,” she whispered, putting her tongue to her lip.

“Care to use that mouth?” He whispered against her ear. “Drop to Your knees and suck on Me.”

She dropped to her knees and He unzipped His pants. She looked up at Him like she was to feast, licked her lips, and He dropped His pants and briefs in one swift motion, exposing His stiff cock to her. She smiled wickedly and then leaned forward to lick the head ever so gently. He laced His fingers through her hair and moaned softly. “sara, take me now in your mouth.” She responded by opening her mouth and taking Him deep inside, sucking hungrily on Him, taking Him deep as she relaxed her throat. Her tongue swirled and just sucked on Him, savoring the feel of His cock encased in her hot mouth. He pushed her head up and down on His cock until they created a perfect piston motion. His panting grew rapid and soon He was grunting His passionate approval. After a few incredible moments, she was tasting Him cumming while He growled, “Yes.”

She milked Him hungrily, drinking every last drop, making her more horny. She rubbed her clit against her leg and when she finished and as He pulled out, He noticed her rubbing herself and said, “Stop that.”

She looked down sheepish and He lifted her chin. “I get to make you crazy. No rubbing that yourself.”

“Yes, Sir.” She looked down sullen and He lifted her chin, giving her a devilish smirk.

“I should spank you,” He said sitting down on the bed, pulling off His shirt. He patted His lap and she stood up. She shyly slid over to Him. While she stood there, He put his finger into her slit and she automatically spread her legs for Him. He grinned at her and heard her whimper as He fervently rubbed her clit. Feeling her fingers dig gently into His shoulder and watching as her head fell back and her eyes fluttered shut he could feel her building toward explosion as she rocked against His finger. His speed increased on her clit as His other hand snaked up to her breast, causing her to tremble all over and pant. Squeezing His shoulder and grabbing the other to brace herself, her eyes flew open as He thrust two fingers deep into her. She locked gazes with Him and bit hard on her lip. “Sir,” she begged.

He stopped and said, “Ohhh…you are so ready to be fucked. Mmmmm…come here and lie on my legs. I need to spank ya for rubbing that clit.” Realizing His merriment that He had total control over her body, she felt herself tingle all over. Gently she rubbed her knuckle over His jaw, revealing the intimacy growing between T/them. He tenderly kissed her palm and then patted His leg for her.

She lied down over His legs. He inserted His finger into her wet pussy again and she looked over her shoulder at Him. Her hungry expression told Him how horny she really was and He whacked her ass hard after he pulled His finger from her. She bucked and bit the pillow next to her while she kicked the bed. He chuckled and smacked her again. “sara,” He said sternly, making her look over her shoulder at Him.

“Yes, Sir,” she purred as she licked her lips.

He smiled wickedly at her and winked before He smacked her ass again, only harder, causing her to buck upward. Suddenly she bucked again and then she screamed, nearly cumming when He inserted three fingers deep into her, thrusting hard against her, rubbing her hard fat clit with His thumb. She rocked against His hand and panted, as her speed increased and juices flowed onto his fingers. “Please,” she begged and He whispered, “Don’t cum.” He pulled out his fingers and she looked at Him with a touch of disappointment.

She nodded her head and He helped her to stand. He bit her nipple and then lazily let his tongue drift all around the rock hard pebble. “Mmmmm…you ready to be teased?” He asked, smirking wickedly at her.

Her mouth fell open, she closed it and then cocked her head to one side. “Ummm..oh my..” She sucked on her bottom lip in anticipation. Then she kissed Him and sucked on His neck, before gently sucking His earlobe into her mouth. “Sir, i need You,” she breathed against His ear. He turned His face toward hers and they just looked into each O/other’s eyes before he traced His finger down her jaw.

He unlocked her cuffs before He tied a blindfold over her eyes. While He had her stand there for a minute, He tied a restraint to each post on the bed. Standing up next to her, He whispered into her ear to lie on the bed with her arms outstretched for Him. He tightened the cuff around each wrist, spreading out her arms wide. Looking down at her blindfolded and restrained for Him, He could just fuck her right now or He could tease her more. He let his hand drift up her breast, pinch her nipple, caress down her belly, over her mound, and finger her sopping wet slit again. She bucked up against His hand.

“Say it,” He said.

“Please, Sir i need to cum” she begged in a high pitch squeak.

His cock was hardening as He watched her react to His leisurely touch. Lying down on top of her, He bit down on her nipple and she laced her legs around His waist. He could feel her steamy wetness against His belly. “Put those legs down or I will have to fuck you hard right now.”

Feeling such need to have Him take her, she pulled them higher and rubbed against His belly even though she knew her wanton act could have gotten her into trouble. He responded by thrusting His tongue deep into her mouth as His cock penetrated her warm cunt with one powerful motion. He ripped off the blindfold so He could see her eyes as He thrust deep. Feeling her trembling and her walls tighten against Him, he whispered against her ear, “Did I say you could cum, lass?”

Her mouth fell open and she rode with Him. “i’m…” she rocked hard against him and kissed His shoulder. Feeling her body as one hard tingle that was building so intensely that it was like holding back a tidal wave, she begged as she shook violently in His arms, “Oh god..please…i ahhh…i…”

“Cum!” He ordered and she let loose against Him, arching her back and squeezing His cock fiercely inside. It was impossible not to react and He did by pushing deep and squirting His seed inside.

He kissed her sweaty forehead and she smiled at Him. “Thank You, Sir.”

“I’ve just started, babe,” He whispered and she grinned.

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