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Old Man’s Fancy

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At eighty-three Geoff Weetman was still active, admittedly not as spry as in his youth and with a lot of curses for the stiffness of his joints, but active nevertheless. Although a member of a number of social clubs and groups, he was lonely and had been for the past fifteen years following the death of his wife, he smiled at the memory of her. Their time together had sped by, it had been a shock when she had been found to have cancer, she’d died within a year of the diagnosis and right up to the end she had taken great pleasure in the act of sex with him.

Shaking his head, Geoff turned his attention back to the old biddy murmuring away beside him, just as quickly he blocked out her voice again and wondered why he came along to the Monday Senior Citizen’s club every week, virtually all the folk that came here had one foot in the grave, and their heads wholly in the clouds. Maud, the old dear he’d blocked out, had spent the last half an hour talking about her granddaughter and looked like continuing for the next half hour. About all he’d taken in was that the granddaughter was named Patricia, she was nineteen and was coming to visit, the rest had been, and still was, about the girl’s life history.

“Excuse me.” Geoff said as he stood up.

He had to get away from the table before Maud drove him potty with her wittering, bored he wandered around the room listening to snatches of conversation at other tables as he passed, all the conversations seemed the same, children and grandchildren. He and Clara had never been blessed with children, not for the want of trying mind, but it was not to be, he wondered whether, if they had been blessed, he would now be like these old folk here, nothing to live for except to relate tales of the ‘kids’.

“Excuse me?” a melodious voice said from behind him.

Turning Geoff found himself facing an attractive and very well proportioned young woman, eighty three though he was Geoff could still enjoy the sight of beauty and took a couple of seconds to gaze upon this young lady.

“Yes, can I help you?” he asked.

“I hope so,” the young woman smiled, “I’m looking for my grandmother.”

“Your grandmother?” Geoff repeated, “Your name wouldn’t happen to be Patricia by any chance?”

“Yes it would.” she replied grimacing.

Geoff deduced that she did not like the name ‘Patricia’ and wondered what she had shortened it to while he pointed out the table where Maud was still jabbering away, he was very aware of the scent the girl was wearing as she leant over to look where he was pointing. Thanking him with a warm smile the young woman trotted over to her grandmother, Geoff watched her for a moment then walked outside into the centre’s garden.

Patricia hadn’t been able to spot grandma Maud when she walked in, she’d noticed a rather distinguished old guy standing nearby, he’d looked bored, she felt bored already and she’d only just walked in the door. She’d asked him for help and had been surprised when he had looked at her with a twinkle in his eye before answering, she’d needed no second guesses as to how he’d known her name, grandma was no doubt telling anyone who’d listen, but had shuddered at the full form of her name, she preferred to be called Trish. When he had spoken she had been astonished at how strongly masculine his voice was, he couldn’t have been a day under seventy after all. He had pointed out the table at which sat grandma; thanking him she walked in that direction composing herself for the meeting. It had not been her idea to come and see grandma Maud, her parents had made that decision for her, Trish dreaded her meetings with her grandmother, the old woman would embarrass her with tales, in front of all and sundry, of what she did as a baby, cackling and pawing at her as she did so. However, Trish knew that her parents doted on the old dear and she loved her parents, so when asked to visit grandma Trish had gritted her teeth and said ‘okay’, what she hadn’t expected was that it was to be a two week visit, with Trish booked into an hotel, grandma living in a home as she did, for the entire stay.

Geoff sat down just outside the centre and looked at the garden, small birds were hopping in and out of the plants, enjoying life in their own way. Looking over his shoulder he found he’d placed himself near one of the large windows, in the hall he could see Maud still wittering away and beside her sat the granddaughter, her face fixed in polite smile. Geoff grinned at the sight, he wasn’t the only one that was bored by Maud and he wondered if the visit was entirely ‘voluntary’, it looked as though the girl was there more as a duty than anything else. The young woman’s head turned and her eyes met his; he smiled at her, but didn’t turn away.

Trish set her face in a fixed smile and let grandma waffle on, the old woman’s tales of Trish’s first steps and so on drifting off as her attention wandered. She looked out the window at the freedom the outside world offered and found her eyes meeting those of the old man she talked to earlier, he was grinning wryly, then he smiled broadly at Trish and nodded. It seemed he understood what Trish was going through; in fact he was probably sitting alone in the garden to escape the boredom inside. When he turned away Trish looked back at her grandmother and waited for her to stop talking long enough to get a word in edgewise.

“Granny,” Trish said ten minutes later, “who’s that man out in the garden?”

Peering through the window her grandmother pulled a disapproving face.

“That is Geoff Weetman,” she finally answered, “he’s not really part of our club, but comes along every week, though I don’t know why, he spends most of his time in the garden instead of in here with us.”

Trish could understand how Mr. Weetman felt, she wished she could escape just as easily, but she was stuck for the duration.

“I am so glad you came today my dear,” granny was saying, “as I am going away for a few weeks,”

“Really gran? Where are you off to?” Trish asked politely.

Trish was annoyed, she was stuck in this place for two weeks, the hotel having been paid up in advance and her parents having gone away for the same period, at the invitation of granny and the gaga old fool had forgotten to mention she wouldn’t be there most of the time. She looked out into the garden again, but Mr. Weetman was gone.

Geoff had sat thinking for some time after catching the young woman’s eye, the poor thing had looked as though she were trapped, which, if truth be known, she probably was. Deciding that enough was enough Geoff rose, cursing his stiff joints, and walked away towards his little bungalow and a decent evening meal.

The following day Geoff walked the half mile to the town shopping centre, it was a fine day and for a change none of his joints felt stiff, the shopping didn’t take long, the few bits and pieces he’d needed had been an excuse to get out among people. As he walked out of the greengrocer a body cannoned into him almost knocking him over, startled he looked at the culprit expecting to find one of the local lads on one of those skateboard things. Instead he found himself looking into the concerned and apologetic eyes of Maud’s granddaughter, the poor girl looked red with embarrassment and was reaching out as though to catch him.

“I’m so dreadfully sorry.” she was saying, “I was miles away.”

“As much my fault as yours dear,” he grinned, “anyway no harm done. At least not to me.”

He looked at her from head to toe, taking in her shape in one quick and pleasing glance.

“It seems you have a little damage though.” he finished.

“Pardon?” she replied looking puzzled.

“My bag appears to have caught your stocking.” Geoff grinned, “I’m afraid it is quite ruined.”

“Oh,” she responded, “I see, oh well they’re only an old pair of tights.”

Trish looked down at the run that had appeared in her tights, why, he wasn’t sure, but Geoff gained the impression that the young woman was unhappy about something other than ruined hosiery; he fell back on what had always cheered Clara up.

“Old pair or not my dear,” Geoff smiled, “I feel somewhat responsible, therefore, come along with me and we will replace the damaged article.”

Trish protested, but finally gave way after the old man calmly stated that he would buy a replacement anyway and guess at the size and promised to deliver it via granny. She was extremely embarrassed about the whole thing, she’d been fuming at being stuck out in the sticks and had not been paying attention to her surroundings. The force of the impact had winded her and she hoped that the old man hadn’t been hurt, although he had not done more than stagger when she’d hit him and had seemed unaffected by the impact. Thinking about it now she realised that she had virtually bounced off him and she wondered what he had been like in his prime.

Geoff escorted the young woman along the street to the ladies wear shop, many had been the time that he and Clara had come here to select a new frilly or fancy. He realised that this young woman reminded him a little of his late wife, the same sort of build, the same attitude and strangely enough the same way of holding herself.

‘The same bounce.’ he thought with a smile.

Inside the shop Geoff let his eyes roam around the wares, he hadn’t been in here since Clara had died, he’d had no reason to, but apart from the new fashions on display the place seemed not to have changed in fifteen years. An assistant wandered over to them, she seemed bored and disinterested, however, that seemed to be the attitude these days to customers in any shop.

“Now my dear,” he said to Trish, “let’s start with size.”

She told him and he in turn instructed the assistant to bring a selection of silk stockings in that size.

“But,” Trish said as the assistant trotted off, “it was only a pair of cheap tights.”

“Now my dear,” Geoff said, “hmm, this is no good I can’t keep calling you ‘my dear’, most folk call me Geoff. What would you like me to call you?”

“I prefer Trish.” she smiled.

“A nice choice,” he responded, “anyway, as I was about to say, a young lady should only wear silks. You’ll see the difference when you meet your boyfriend wearing them and you will feel the difference yourself.”

“I’ll have a long wait,” Trish answered, “but thank you anyway.”

Geoff had been about to speak, but the assistant returned at that moment with the selection of stockings, as Trish tried to choose a pair he wondered just what she had meant by the ‘long wait’ comment, surely she wasn’t implying that she had no boyfriends.

Trish made a choice and went into the changing room to discard her tights for the new stockings only to discover that she would need a suspender belt to keep them up. Poking her head out of the cubicle she caught the attention of the assistant and asked for a suspender belt to suit the hosiery, this soon arrived and she put it on, to her surprise Geoff had been right, the stockings and suspenders made her feel so sexy. The pity was that she had no-one to show them off to, the relationship with her boyfriend having been broken off just before her trip, he hadn’t been much of a boyfriend, but to have lost him to a woman older and less attractive had been quite a blow to her morale. Smoothing her dress Trish stepped out of the cubicle, she reached into her bag for her purse only to see Geoff handing over money at the till, she decided to settle up with him for the suspender belt once they were outside.

“Ah, there you are.” he smiled at her, “Now be honest, doesn’t that feel a lot better.”

“I must admit it does.” Trish replied with a grin.

She realised that she was enjoying the company of this old man, not that she’d spent any time with him, but he seemed to be more in the here and now than in the there and then. He held the door for her as they left the shop and appeared to be on the verge of bidding her a farewell.

“Geoff,” she said quickly, “let me pay you for the suspender belt.”

“Good lord,” he said in surprise, “I wouldn’t think of it.”

“Well at least” Trish grinned, “let me buy you a drink as a thank you.”

“I’ll agree to that,” he replied, “but I mustn’t keep you away from your grandmother too long.”

Trish laughed at his comment and explained the situation she had found herself in, why she’d told him she wasn’t sure, but he was very sympathetic.

Geoff hadn’t been overly surprised to learn that Maud had invited Trish down and then gone on holiday, he felt sorry for her stuck out in the sticks with nothing to do and no-one her own age to talk to. He led the way to the pub where Trish bought him a glass of the amber nectar, whisky, which they took out into the garden to drink at one of the tables.

“How does your boyfriend feel about you being away all this time?” he asked.

To his surprise her face clouded over, something was obviously wrong in her love life and he quickly changed the subject, but she still seemed unhappy. Without warning Trish told him her troubles, how her boyfriend had dumped her for a woman older and uglier from what he could gather, but Geoff knew outward looks were not always the best of guides. Mind you the lad must have been a fool, Trish was attractive from all points of view, both looks and personality, the men these days obviously needed their brains tested, and he said so. Her blush reminded him so much of his late wife, she had always blushed when he’d made comments of that type, strangely he felt an urge to invite her for a meal that evening, but he hesitated, after all what young lady would want to spend time with an old fogy like him.

“Would you” he asked after a while, “care to join me for dinner tonight?”

Trish was astonished at how easy it was to talk to Geoff and found herself telling him all about her split with her boyfriend, he had been unable to believe it and had said so, his words made her feel so much better. They’d talked for a while, but she could see that something was on his mind, then he asked her to dinner in a tone that seemed to be awaiting a negative response, but the idea appealed to Trish, she had found him to be both a man of the world with some interesting tales, if you dragged them out of him, and a great sense of humour. Even more than this Geoff knew how to listen to you, she had been amazed to discover that he was eighty-three, he didn’t look it and certainly didn’t act it. They parted a while later and she looked forward to meeting him later in the evening, he was going to pick her up from the hotel and take her to a place where they served proper food, or so he had said.

Geoff had been stunned that she had accepted his invitation, when they parted he had rushed home to prepare the promised meal, his cooking was better than anything obtainable within a ten mile radius, besides which he enjoyed messing about with food. Just before leaving he placed a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge to chill, they would make a nice accompaniment to the marinate of trout he had prepared. He arrived at her hotel five minutes before the appointed time only to find her ready and waiting for him, she had changed into a black, low cut evening dress and he realised that she must be expecting to visit a posh restaurant, nevertheless, she looked delightful.

“Hello,” he greeted her, “what have we here.”

“Oh,” she laughed, “just a little something I slipped into.”

“My dear, you look ravishing,” he smiled, “but I’m afraid you may be a little overdressed for my humble home.”

“Not to worry,” she replied, “it means I’ll have a captive audience.”

Laughing he held out his arm for her, she took it and they left the hotel, he was again struck by the similarity between this girl and Clara, her comments were almost exactly what his late wife would have said under similar circumstances. The walk back to his bungalow was made slowly; throughout they talked of things in general, Geoff felt quite proud to have her on his arm and hoped some of the young studs were watching. At the bungalow Geoff took her shawl and pointed her in the direction of the living room, at his invitation she sat, choosing the couch in preference to one of the chairs, and accepted a pre-dinner drink.

“If you’ll excuse me” Geoff said downing his drink, “I will sort out dinner.”

“May I help?” Trish offered.

“You are my guest,” he smiled, “guests don’t work. You may help yourself to another drink if you wish. Won’t be long.”

When he returned with the food five minutes later Geoff noted that she had added a candelabrum to the dining table, the candles were lit and the main light dimmed making the room romantic. One last trip to the kitchen for the wine and they were ready to eat, out of habit Geoff held her chair for her as she sat at the table. Over the meal they talked and before he knew it their plates were empty, smiling he refilled their wine glasses before starting to clear the table.

“Would you like a dessert?” he asked.

“I couldn’t eat another thing.” she sighed, “That was fantastic.”

Her compliment made him feel pleased, taking the plates and cutlery out to the kitchen he collected the other bottle of wine and returned to the living room, as he entered the room he saw Trish looking closely at the photos on the mantle of he and Clara.

“What a lovely couple.” Trish said over her shoulder, “I assume it’s you and your wife.”

He joined her at the fireplace and discussed the photos and explaining his loss.

“You must be lonely.” Trish commented.

“At times,” he smiled sadly, “we were a little too tied up in each other to build up a circle of friends and when she died I, well, I lost my incentive. I pop along to the local pensioner’s clubs just to get out of the house.”

She moved over to the couch and patted the cushion beside her; Geoff sat beside her placing the wine on the floor out of the way. As she crossed her legs he wondered whether she was wearing her stockings tonight or had they been packed away, he was tempted to ask, but held his tongue, this young lady was most welcome company and he did not wish to offend her. He had surprised himself already that evening by talking about Clara, he had not talked about his wife since her death, though he had thought about her often.

Trish had listened with interest when Geoff had described his wife, she had the feeling that he had not talked with anyone about her since she had died and she could tell from his voice that even after fifteen years he still loved her. The couple in the photo’s had looked good together, comfortable in fact, in his youth Geoff had indeed been a strong, powerful, virile man, Clara, his wife, looked, much to Trish’s surprise, a lot like herself and there was an impish glint in her eyes in all the photo’s of her. She noticed Geoff looking at her legs when she’d crossed them with a secret smile, he was obviously wondering whether she had worn her stockings, he had almost been on the verge of asking and then had obviously decided against it.

As they talked Trish slipped in a few ‘innocent’ questions and quickly came to the conclusion that Geoff’s wife had been a very sexy lady, if that were true Geoff must have had quite a sexual appetite and she wondered how he had managed fifteen years of abstinence. The more they talked the more Trish liked the man, he didn’t complain about a thing though she was sure there had been plenty to complain about, as they talked they drank and before long the second wine bottle was empty, Geoff seemed unaffected, but Trish was suffering the usual effect of drink, she felt randy as hell. When the bottle was empty Geoff suggested they have a cup of coffee, Trish accepted.

“By the way Geoff” she said just before he left the room, “where’s the loo?”

He pointed her in the right direction and she went off to relieve her bladder, on the way back she made a decision that surprised her, she was going to seduce Geoff. Back in the living room Geoff had laid out two steaming cups of coffee on the small table in front of the couch, she sat down beside him and their conversation continued.

“By the way,” Trish suddenly said in mid-flow, “I am.”

“Pardon?” he asked bewildered.

Trish’s sudden change of tack had Geoff confused, he wondered what on earth the girl was talking about and began to think that he’d missed a part of their conversation. She was smiling impishly at him, had it been Clara he would have known she was feeling ‘playful’, but this girl was an unknown and he could not conceive of her wanting to have sex with an oldster like him.

“My stockings,” she answered, “I’m wearing them. Would you like to see?”

Obviously Trish was teasing him, perhaps the drink had helped there, but he wondered what she would do if he called her bluff, there was only one way to find out.

“That would be very nice Trish.” he answered.

He was amazed when she stood up and teasingly gathered her dress together to raise the hem, slowly the hem slid up her perfectly formed legs while Geoff stared in surprise and growing delight, after all these were the first female legs he had seen outside a magazine for fifteen years. The dark band at the top of the stockings came into view, then the naked flesh above that, Geoff licked his lips as old memories of Clara playing exactly this game with him flooded back, to his surprise he felt a stirring in his loins.

“Would you like to see more?” she asked softly.

That ranked as one of the daftest questions he’d ever heard, but on reconsideration he decided that he could not take advantage of her offer as he felt it was the drink talking.

“Much as I would like to” he answered regretfully, “I don’t think I should.”

“Why not?” she asked.

Quietly he explained his reasons, she listened to him with a growing smile then dropped the hem of her dress.

“You are a dear.” she laughed, “Geoff if I told you that I know exactly what I’m doing would you say ‘yes’ to my question?”

“Well of course I would, but you may be in for a surprise young lady.” he smiled.

Trish smiled, she certainly hoped she’d be in for a very pleasant surprise, reaching behind her she unzipped the dress and let it fall, Geoff stared at her with eager eyes and as she reached behind her again to open the bra she saw his tongue flick across his lips. Slowly she slid her bra off revealing her large, ripe tits to his view, to her amazement and glee she saw the front of his trousers begin to bulge as he drank in the sight of her. Reaching to her panties she slowly peeled them down her legs and kicked them away, her shaven pussy was revealed to him and he looked longingly at it.

“Thank you.” he almost whispered.

“Would you like to….” she left the question unfinished.

Geoff could not believe his ears, this gorgeous woman who was so openly displaying her tender young charms to his lustful gaze was asking if he would like to fuck her, needless to say he would, especially as he had developed a hard on that was as good as in his youth. Smiling he stood up and slowly removed his clothes, his smile widened when he saw the amazement in her eyes when his cock sprang to view. Moving slowly he moved to stand in front of her, leant forward and kissed her young lips, before he knew it she had melted against him, her large tits flattening against his skin, her nipples prodding him to remind him they were there, her naked pussy rubbing against his erection in a way that was exciting them both. Geoff moved his hands to her tits and savoured the wondrous texture of her flesh beneath his old hands, he tweaked her nipples with his fingers, something that had always sent his late wife wild, Trish reacted just the same, a low growl sounded deep in her throat as she pressed tighter to him, her hand squeezing between them to close around his cock. Pushing back a little Geoff slid a hand down her body to her pussy, his fingers seeking and finding her clitoris, teasing it until she parted their lips and cried out in ecstasy.

Trish was gloriously stunned, Geoff seemed to know exactly how to turn her on, how to touch her, tease her, kiss her, she felt his fingers on her clitoris and her body erupted in climax, no-one had brought to this point so quickly before. His hand slid down further, one, then two of his fingers slid into her wet, yearning pussy to move tantalisingly slowly in and out to which he added a gentle twisting movement that swiftly drove her to another peak. She felt herself falling backwards, his strong hands guiding her to the floor and Trish eagerly waited for him to mount her, instead she felt him slide down her body, suddenly his tongue was licking her clitoris. Trish screamed and arched her body, Geoff kept on licking her clit, driving her wild, then his tongue moved down to probe and lap at her hole, she could feel him sucking the juices from her pussy noisily and again she climaxed. Her cries had barely faded before he was sliding up her body, she felt his massive cock poke at the entrance to her pussy and then he was pushing forward, her body thrusting up to welcome him. For a moment he lay still, his cock filling her, then he slowly moved, his strokes long and exciting.

Geoff had savoured every moment, the feel of her tits, her nipples hard between his fingers, her pussy wet and clutching, her cries had spurred him on as he drove her to climax after climax, then he had licked her juices from her pussy, their taste sweet on his tongue reminding him so much of Clara. Again she had climaxed, her body bucking so much that he lost his hold, it was time to finish the joyous task, sliding up her body, her skin rubbing against his, he positioned himself and gently pressed forward, Trish had surged up to engulf him in one swift, exhilarating motion. Savouring the feel of her young pussy around his ancient cock, her juices washing over his skin, Geoff lay still for a moment before starting to move teasingly slowly, a stroke that had Clara begging him to ‘fuck her hard’ within minutes. Trish’s cries filled his ears and then she was pleading with him to screw her, to drive himself into her and he took great joy in upping his rhythm, his cock sliding out and thrusting in at speed. She was thrashing and bucking beneath him yet gamely tried to match the speed and force of his strokes, then he felt the familiar ache in his balls that warned him of his own climax, with one last mighty thrust he sank his cock as deep in her as it would go and gasped as his juices burst forth.

Trish was in a daze of sexual frenzy, she pleaded with him to come in her, to screw her hard, to fuck her fast, she had never been this uncontrolled before, then she felt him thrust deeply into her pussy and stiffen, his juices seemed to erupt inside her, their heat surging up into her womb. Geoff seemed to flow and flow and flow, she had visions of him filling her up with his semen, as if from a distance she could hear herself crying out as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her. Then he was rolling off her, his breathing fast, but strong he lay beside her, she could feel him watching her as her body came down from it’s high, her bucking turning to gentle tremors.

“God!” Trish gasped, “That was fantastic.”

Geoff felt great satisfaction both from the excitement of the event and the fact that he had excited this young woman so much she had begged for him, perhaps there was a kernel of truth in that old adage about snow on the roof after all. He watched her slowly come down, heard her gasped compliment and reached out to gently run his hand along the side if her ribs, unbelievably she went into another climax, only Clara had ever reacted like that before, if he had believed in such things he would swear Trisha was Clara reincarnated. Beside him Trish sighed as her body started to calm once more, smiling he rose, padded out to the kitchen and fetched a towel with which they could clean themselves, Trish was trying to stand as he came back into the room.

“Come here,” she grinned at him, “and help me to the couch.”

Laughing he did as she asked, placing the towel under her as she sat down, the poor dear was knackered, but she seemed contented. Trish looked up at him and gave a devilish grin, somehow he knew what she would do next and sure enough her head dropped to his lap, her mouth closing around his cock to suck and lick at his shrinking flesh. He was stunned not only to discover that her technique was exactly the same as his late wife’s, but that his cock was responding to her actions almost as fast as in the old days with Clara. Soon he felt his climax rushing over him and his seed flow into her mouth in a rush, yet he felt her swallow it all and suck for more only reluctantly releasing him when his cock started to shrink despite all her attentions.

“Christ,” he gasped, “I’d almost forgotten how good it could be.”

“My pleasure.” Trish grinned cheekily.

“Young lady,” he laughed, “you are so much like my Clara it’s uncanny and I mean that as a compliment.”

“I know,” she sighed cuddling into his ribs, “funny thing is that I feel that I am where I belong.”

A month later, to the shock of the whole community, Trish’s parents and most of all grandma Maud, Geoff and Trish were married, winter and spring joined as one.

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