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Ode To Tribbing

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There is a name for heaven on earth. Tribbing. It’s also called scissoring, grinding, and pussy pounding. When you do it with the woman you love, it’s heaven on earth.

Imagine you are on your back. Towering over you, on you, is the sexiest sight in the world. A passionate woman in love. Your woman, in love with you.

You open your eyes to look up at her face, and find beauty. Mindblowing beauty. Combined with the grit and determination of someone trying everything she can to bring you pleasure. Surrounded by magnificent hair that flies in every direction as she makes love to you with abandon.

Your eyes move lower and you admire perhaps the sexiest part of the sexiest sight in the world. Breasts. Her swollen breasts, her hard nipples. Nipples much larger than only a few minutes ago because she’s so turned on by making love to you. Breasts that rub your breasts, nipples that rub yours. Which makes you so conscious you’re both girls. And so happy you’re both passionate women in love with one another.

But the ultimate in lovemaking takes place further down.

But only long after she plants sweet kisses all over your body. First she seduced you — or did you seduce her today? You kissed and kissed, endlessly, unhurriedly, before your hands rubbed her soft, smooth, sensuous body, before her hands rubbed all over you. You undressed each other, slowly, teasingly, rubbing against each other all the time. Patience, patience!

Such sexy lingerie you both were wearing. Her frilly bra, your tight panties. Another kiss, an embrace with an “I love you” to your wife and an “I love you too” back from her. And another embrace, this time naked with your breasts pressed against hers. With your hardening nipples pressing against hers! The indescribable feeling of your breasts pressing against their mirror image of sexual perfection.

More tender kisses from your soulmate as she gently lowers you onto your back. Then to your breasts. Imagine feeling the softest, sweetest lips in the world, belonging to a pretty feminine face, circling around your nipples, on them, then around them, teasing them again, kissing them, sucking them harder. Then softer. So soft. And again taking all the time in the world to do it. Worshipping your breasts. And telling you how she loves you more than anything.

Then a trail of unhurried kisses, down, down, to your essence. To what makes you a woman. She finds your clit and resumes her tease, her expression of love. Back and forth, up and down, small circles with her lips. Again and again, slowly building, knowing just what to do because she’s also a woman.

Until she takes you between her soft lips. And gives you … well, you could call it a blow job. At least, that’s what it was called when you used to do it to a guy. But your wife’s doing it to you! She has your clit in her mouth, but even though she sucks it in and out, in and out, of course it’s not really a blow job. It’s better! You can’t be sure, of course, but you’re moaning so much louder than any guy ever, so you must be getting more pleasure than any guy ever got from a blowjob.

But before you come, she teasingly stops. Just at the right time. She knows you don’t want to come yet, and knows exactly when to mount you. You now know that the tribbing will come. The scissoring, the grinding. The ultimate sex. The best embodiment of your love. The ecstasy.

She positions her volcano over yours, maneuvering so your clits touch. Just as your souls touch. She lowers herself onto you, your legs spread apart. Hers too, but in a way that allows your legs to interlock so your clits can sparkle together. And her breasts can come down onto yours. Beauty incarnate, this sex goddess. You love her more than you can express (but you nevertheless tell her how much as best as you can)!

Another kiss. Now a long kiss, but more passionate now. With great difficulty you open your eyes to gaze in awe at her breasts, but you quickly close them to better feel her entire ravishing body pressing against yours. And you also want to feel her soft back and her soft yet firm rear pressing her pussy into yours. Fucking you. You can’t believe how lucky you are – to have sex incarnate trying everything she can do to bring you pleasure.

And she is succeeding. Is she ever succeeding! Oh God, you are on your back being fucked so well. You feel her clit dance with yours, make love to yours, as your pussy juices merge. Like two chemicals combining to make a magic potion, and the magic potion is the chemistry that makes you love one another.

You kiss harder and harder, your breasts, your nipples, press ever tighter. You push her rear — her wonderfully smooth, round, soft, hairless rear – towards your pussy. As she fucks you, fucks you with … her pussy! With her clit! Back and forth, round and round, grinding, grinding your slippery pussies together. Again, again, a combination of gentleness and urgency, softness and strength! Ohhhhhh my God! To be fucked by a woman – oh Godddd. Unbelievable! Fucked by the clit of a beautiful girl, you can’t believe how lucky you are!

You cry out again to your wife, “I love you so much.” Just as she says she loves you too, you come. Oh, ohhh, ohhhhhh, do you come. No wonder you come. No one could resist. So much to take in — her beautiful face, soft lips, breasts against breasts, and her soft kisses, her sexy rear, her pussy….ohhhhhhhhhhh gggooooodddddd. You come again, longer than ever. A come for the ages. Heaven on earth – tribbing.

She kisses you while you catch your breath. But not long enough for you to calm down, because the most incredible sexual being ever resumes her mission. She came too, but the girl you love sees that you want to come again. So your angel kisses you again as you touch her breasts even though you’ve touched them countless times before. Then you kiss them – God do you love her breasts! Sucking them turns you on so much! And she resumes the ultimate fuck. One woman fucking another, in the missionary position, with your legs scissoring each others in a way that lets your pussies merge. One pussy fucking another as many times as you like. There’s nothing like it. Ohhhh, mmyyyyyyyy Goddddddddd.

Your mind is blown, but now its your turn to trib her. Do you prefer the top or the bottom? It depends on your mood. And sometimes you both sit back, intertwine your legs, and pleasure each other until you can’t take it any more. Sometimes you lie on your back, or she does. Or one sits up against the head of the bed. So many possibilities!

But today – imagine tenderly changing positions so that you’re on top, looking down at her. You’re in charge of pleasing that pretty face, happy she’s feeling your love. And also your breasts! Kissing them, sucking them. So happy she loves your tits. So happy you have tits for her to make love to.

You love being on top. With your large, beautiful, soft tits hanging over her. Such a feeling – you’re about to make this beautiful creature come! What an awesome feeling, to be able to give her so much pleasure! You’re so glad you have a pussy to fuck her with because you know it’s the best way.

You might ask – isn’t it frustrating being on top in the missionary position, fucking your wife, but not having a cock?

No. A cock can be great to have in your bed. But a pussy is so much better at fucking a woman. Nature put our clits on the outside for a reason. To fuck another clit! Having your clit pleasured, indirectly, from the inside, can be great. But another clit can do it directly, which is infinitely hotter. The most exciting come can only come from another girl directly using that which most distinctly makes her a girl. When two clits come together, dance, grind, spark and kiss, it’s like two hot flames combining. This is what only girls in love can do for each other. Tribbing simply takes this lovemaking to a whole new level. Tribbing celebrates girls uniquely being girls and girls fucking one another in the most distinctively girlish way possible.

The only maddening thing about making love to a woman is that you want to do everything to her, all at once. Kiss her beautiful mouth, face, and neck. Suck her breasts, worship them over and over. And her pussy– my God, her pussy!! This is why tribbing – which lets you do it all – is the best. Mouth action, breasts on breasts, nipples rubbing nipples, pussy scissoring on pussy. That’s why it’s the best sex ever. Even better than going down on her while you rub her exquisite nipples – which neglects her sweet mouth. Even better than kissing her while you finger her, because then her poor breasts are all alone. But tribbing lets you pleasure everything at once!

Of course, tribbing takes more effort than just going down on her or rubbing her off. If all you want to do is to come, have your lover go down on you or rub you while she sucks your breasts. When you’re horny but tired, or don’t have the time, that’s all you can do and it’s great. But when you can put in the extra effort to get the extra reward – it’s trib time!

Going down on your wife is great on a Tuesday night. Just as a hamburger and salad can be a great dinner on a Tuesday evening. But sometimes you want to put in the special effort to make beef bourguignon for dinner. And sometimes you and your wife want to go the extra mile and trib one another.

Today you prefer being on top, in the missionary position, scissoring her pussy. Picture a sexy girl on top of another sexy girl. You have astonishing tits, and this alone makes you better at giving her pleasure! Tits for her to feel, to see, to kiss! Tits that turn her on and scream “I’m sexy, make love to me”. And you’re so soft and smooth all over. You pump and grind and wiggle your pussy, first slowly, then faster. Just like a guy, except you’re using your passionate pussy to make direct, not indirect, love to her pussy. You know that you’re a sexually superior creature because just as your chest is sexier, you know that your clit is better than any cock at lovemaking. You both know that a pussy is more powerful than a penis.

In part because a guy would have come once and then stopped. But you came and still continue to fuck her. So she – you both – can come again and again. You feel sorry for guys because once they come, it’s over. They have to stop even if they come before the woman. And this fear of interruption, from him coming too soon, diminishes the girl’s fun. Because it can and does happen. The girl – it used to be you – could be ready to come, but then the guy comes, and it’s over. And since you both know this can happen, there’s tension, conflict, fear, and loss of confidence, even if nothing goes wrong that time. This possibility makes it worse than lovemaking with a girl even if he held off coming that time. You feel sorry for girls who naively engage in sex with guys simply because society steers them only in this direction, but who haven’t even tried for the ultimate pleasure of tribbing. Because you used to be one of them.

But not now. As you fuck her, on top, you open your eyes for a second to look down at her pretty passion, and you come. But this only adds to her pleasure. Because she can hear you come, and watch and feel you writhe on top of her. That’s another reason girls do it better. Another reason lesbian lovemaking is superior. As you look down at your wife you know that no man can compete with you in bed, and this confidence makes you fuck her even better. Your raw sexuality while you come – and keep on coming – is another reason why tribbing beats any other kind of fucking any day.

And, at the risk of stating the obvious, you also are better in bed because you are infinitely prettier, softer, curvier, more sensitive, with no scratchy beard or unsightly hair on your rear, back, etc. And you instinctively know how she likes it – even though she likes it differently than you do. Somehow your pussy tells you how to do it.

You look down, rubbing your nipples against hers, your pussy against hers, and you love it as much as she does. You can barely stay on top of her, she moves so much, and it’s all you can do to stop yourself from coming again. But you want to wait until she comes. You’re turning her on so much she almost throws you off – what an ego boost!

Now it’s your long hair that flies back and forth, like a hurricane of ecstasy. You moan, but hold onto your wife. She grabs your perfect, hairless, rounded rear and presses your pussy into hers. Ohhh, goodddddd, you both are about to have the best comes ever!!! You both explode with mindboggling comes, screaming with the passion that only girls get from lovemaking. And then you do it all over again!!!

Afterwards you lay your head on her breasts. So happy, so content. You reflect that being a girl in love with a girl is the best. And making love with the girl you love is the best of the best. And tribbing, scissoring, grinding your wife is the best of the best of the best.

As you both calm down you kiss, along with – always – “I love you so much” and “I love you too.” Then another kiss. Another kiss. Another kiss. Heaven on earth. Tribbing.


Readers – if you’re a woman, you’ve got to try tribbing! Promise me! Please! I bet you it will be the best sex you’ll ever have! And, after you give it a try, please write me to let me know how you liked it!

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Christina wrote

I have been tribbing many times with my partner gorgeous when our pussy lips stick together clits fuse together both have big pussy lips our pussies make a squelching sound our pussies make farting sound