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Natural Born Fucker

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Candy Struthers was the hottest reporter on television at the moment. Her career had skyrocketed over the past two years with her uncanny ability to sniff out momentous leads, as well as landing extraordinary interviews with infamous celebrities, disgraced politicians, and celebrated lawbreakers. That she was only twenty-four years of age was only part of her aura – she had a law degree, an incredible razor-sharp intellect, and an amazing talent to rise to the top.

She was also a complete and arrogant bitch.

The public didn’t know how she bent and twisted the rules to get where she was now. They didn’t know how many balls she had busted. They didn’t know of the people she had screwed over, or lied to, or blackmailed. Candy had fucked over so many people that if she ever made a mistake, she knew there was no one out there to save her.

Candy didn’t care, though. She knew she was the best. That’s why she was at the top, and that’s why she would stay at the top. Take right now, for instance. Here she was, inside the Nantucket Penitentiary – one of the most violent prisons in the U.S. – interviewing Carl Allen, the notorious serial rapist.

The reporter smiled inwardly – she was on live television, coast to coast, within a prison filled with real convicts, interviewing the infamous Carl Allen, aka The Big Bopper. The censors were terrified and had put a five-second delay on the feed. The networks were scared Carl would whip out his dick and start masturbating. The warden had hated the whole thing from the get-go, insisting that his prison was too dangerous for a hot little number like reporter Candy Struthers, and that the prisoners might riot at her presence.

Of course they might riot, Candy thought to herself amusingly. She knew she was smoking hot. Other words, such as lovely and beautiful, would also work. Candy was short at five feet, three inches tall, but that didn’t matter in television. What mattered was that she was photogenic, and she had that in spades. Long, wavy, platinum blonde locks that ran to the past her shoulders framed the girl’s adorably cute face, pert nose, big blue eyes, lush red lips, and young, pale skin. These features had made her famous on television, and – although she didn’t have that classic “model” look – she was still sexy and sultry, in that “girl next door you’d spy on all day” kind of way.

For such a tiny girl, Candy had an unbelievable rack; massive D-cup breasts that mesmerized all half of America when she was the substitute anchor for her network. On those nights she would make sure wardrobe had some form fitting and sexy for her to wear – preferably something made of silk and was as thin as possible. But the rest of her body had also been noticed – from her thin waist, to her teenage ass, all the way down to her slender legs. This sexy reporter – bright, inquisitive, bold and courageous – had also become a favorite target for the paparazzi these past few months. She didn’t mind at all. In fact, she tried to dress her sexiest whenever she went out now, delighting whenever she saw pictures of herself in the tabloids. Whether they caught her in a yoga outfit (figure-hugging tights that showed off her voluptuous body), in a cocktail dress (short mini-skirts to paint the town red), or throwing out the garbage (tiny shorts and a tank top), it always meant that someone – somewhere – was thinking about Candy Struthers!

Today Candy was wearing one of her favorite outfits: a figure-hugging pink blazer cut to show off her ample bosom, paired with a tight matching-pink skirt which was super-short to show off her bare, silky legs. Underneath the blazer the blonde wore a silky see-through, armless white blouse, with a cream-colored lacy bra to top it off (matching sexy thong underwear, of course). Lastly, the reporter had on a pair of sexy white stilettos, with five-inch heels to give her some extra height. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail, and she decided to put on some white glasses for that sexy-librarian look. All in all, she looked breathtaking and caused quite a ruckus walking through the jail earlier, heels clicking on the cement floor as the convicts whistled and hollered at her with lewd comments. Twenty prison officers guided her through her journey to the interview room.

The room was actually a virtually impregnable room that had large bulletproof windows, and Candy wanted the television audience to see outside these windows where the prison fence and guard towers were, a distance away. The room itself was built for facility lockdowns for guards and had an ample power supply, another reason that led Candy and her producer, Lance, to choose this place; it had enough room and power to set up their cameras and lights.

The warden hated this idea because the room was a “safe house” within the prison – a place where guards could hold up if needed, but the room itself was situated far from other guard facilities, meaning it was rather isolated in an emergency. Candy half-listened to the warden try to explain all of this to her – the look on her face clearing showing that this was all minor shit that she didn’t want to deal with. Eventually the reporter had pulled some strings, and the warden had no choice but to allow the television crew to use this room, but the man wasn’t too happy about it.

Candy didn’t care, and – halfway through the interview with Carl Allen – Candy was pleased that she was right, thinking that no one but she could have pulled this off. All of the red tape, the bending of rules, made for an even more satisfying interview. It had been hard, and she had had made many enemies just setting this one interview up alone, but it had definitely been worth it.

And what an interview this was shaping up to be! Carl was pouring his heart out to Candy. He was angry – he was sad! He said some delightfully crazy things, which made him seem that much more dangerous next to her. It was a nice contrast – the hulking, threatening black rapist – known for his large dick – dressed in his orange prison uniform and sitting across from the diminutive young reporter who looked so defenseless and helpless next to him in her hot pink business suit. It also made for great television.

Lance was giving her an enthusiastic thumbs-up sign, which at this stage usually meant that ratings were through the roof; the producer was in constant contact with the network and could tell when the bigwigs were happy. Even the cameraman, Logan, was uncharacteristically pumped and enthusiastic at the moment. Usually the man was pretty low-key, but the location and subject matter were exceptional, and he was pretty excited to be there as well, it seemed.

Of course things were going well, she thought to herself. She pulled back when Carl responded back too loudly, as if she were afraid of the man, her innocent blue eyes wavering in fear. Candy Struthers was quite the actress, and she knew how to get the audience eating out of her hand.

Leaning forward, squeezing her tits together with her arms, she then asked her next question. “Carl – you had stated for the record that your last trial – against the victim Amy Hutchens – was all bluster and show. That it was a circus – a show-trial. You said it was meant to make an example of you, and that a lot of the evidence was circumstantial. What do you have to say about that?”

Carl Allen smiled charismatically for the camera. “I stand by what I said. If you actually go through the evidence – a lot of it was circumstantial, and really it was my word against that cunt Amy Hutchens!”

“Carl – please!” said Candy, in a scolding tone. “This is live television – you can’t use words like that!”

“My apologies, Miss Candy!” grinned Carl. “It was the coozes word against mine! Can I say cooze on TV?”

Just then there was a loud noise outside of the room, followed by some heavy shouting. Candy glanced briefly over at Lance with a questioning expression, but then turned her attention back to Carl. The room had only four guards in it; a few others were outside and the rest were taking a break, waiting for the interview to end.

“I – I’m not sure, Carl!” the gorgeous blonde responded, truthfully. For a split second doubt entered Candy’s mind, and she felt rather exposed – one woman in the prison full of dangerous inmates. Then she continued onward, ever the professional. “But go ahead and use that colorful phrase, and we’ll let the network censors deal with it!”

Lance, in the meantime, had given her another thumbs-up for her clever response. He was watching the interview on a small monitor and listening to this with a set of large earphones, to ensure that the censors were doing a good job. What was showing on this monitor wasn’t the raw feed of the camera, but actually what the audience at home would be seeing, complete with commercials.

“Cool! Well – this cooze – she’s pretty much begging for it, ya know? She don’t outright say it, but she wanted me to fuck her!” Carl said with a lascivious grin on his face.

“Carl – please!” said Candy, looking downwards innocently. It was hard to control, but the hot reporter found that pretending to be a little bit shy and demure paid off in spades.

“Oops! Sorry again, Miss Candy!” said Carl, enjoying the limelight and the company of the sexy young blonde. He kept staring at her tight young body and big, bouncy tits like there was no tomorrow, having not seen a female in the flesh for nearly a year. “Well – like I said, she was practically begging for it! I can read body language – that sort of stuff – ya know?”

Candy leaned forward, adjusted her glasses, and then brought her hand to her chin, as if in deep thought. “So you’re saying that what happened between you and Amy Hutchens was consensual?”

“Yes,” replied Carl, “of course it was consensual! That little cooze was dripping wet and by the time we were done! And believe me – she had a good time!” The big black man’s boastful tone was dripping with pride and arrogance.

The blonde succeeded in holding back a smile. This asshole was making her interview so good! The man had the ego the size of the Titanic, and a sense of self-delusion that bordered on psychotic. He was huge and looked like a pro footballer, and he looked sensational next to the tiny blonde reporter.

“When does ‘no’ mean ‘no,’ Carl?” asked Candy. It was a loaded question and she knew this would make the audience perk up. “After all, Amy Hutchens said in her testimony that she repeatedly yelled out ‘No!’ when you raped her!”

“When I had sex with her, Miss Candy,” Carl said lightly, “but to answer your question, she was really yelling out, ‘No – don’t stop, Carl – No – don’t stop fucking me!’ That’s what she was screaming out!”

“Language, Carl, language!” Candy reprimanded the prisoner. She took off her glasses and chewed on the end of it sexily. Then the young woman, in her best sultry school teacher expression, asked, “So are women just your playthings, Carl? And you are wrongfully accused because they are secretly asking for sex? That they secretly want to have sex with you?”

“Yes, Miss!” replied Carl.

“So,” continued the reporter, “what makes you different, Carl Allen? How do you know when a woman wants or needs sex? How are you different than other men?”

“Simple – because women feel the difference when they have sex with me! They may not want it at first, but soon they are lovin’ it, this I guarantee! All women are just bitches in heat – they just hide it inside! When I fuck ’em – that just brings it all out of ’em bitches!”

“That seems rather condescending towards women, don’t you think, Carl? That we women are all just “bitches in heat!?” asked Candy incredulously. “I can assure you that -”

“Have you ever had really great sex?” Carl interrupted the reporter, his eyes maniacally ogling Candy’s huge tits.

The pretty reporter appeared a bit flustered at this question, but it was still just an act; she was actually ecstatic about where this conversation was heading. “Ummm – errr – what does that have to do with this?”

“Because if you’ve never had great sex, then you won’t know what I’m talking about! You see – your lust is caged up deep inside of you, and – while you may not know it, while you may deny it – you’re just begging for the right person to free that lust! Miss Candy, that person is me!”

Candy struggled to put this into words and wrap this up. Commercials were coming up in five seconds. “Because you’re what? You’re a – a -”

“Because I’m a natural born fucker!” said Carl in a lazy Southern drawl, an evil gleam in his eyes.

The camera focused on his face for a moment, zooming in closer, to enhance the moment. Then Lance gave the signal to cut, and they were off the air. Both he and Logan gave each other a high-five, and Lance said, “Lovely, Candy! Network is eating this up! This is going to be your highest rated interview yet!”

“Fucking A!” chimed in Logan. Then he laughed, shaking his head. “Natural born fucker! Jesus!”

“Three minutes!” warned Lance, looking at his watch and timing themselves for after the commercial break.

That loud noise was there again, outside the room, bringing a low thudding boom to their already confined environment. And then the radios on the four guards were suddenly crackling, and they answered back in hushed tones. It was altogether very distracting for Candy to concentrate, as she struggled to go through some of her notes.

“Yes – I agree these two!” said Carl, eying the reporter intently. “You are lovely, and definitely a fucking A!”

“Now now, Carl,” Candy said absentmindedly, toying with her glasses in her hand, “behave yourself! We have ten more minutes left for our interview, so when we’re done, I’ll make sure you get a nice treat for all your cooperation today!”

More sounds from outside, and the guards had raised their voices now. Candy could absolutely not work in this type of setting! “Can you officers please keep it down? And Lance – go see what is going on outside!”

The producer had stepped over, unlocked, and then opened the steel door before the four officers could notice or stop him. One of the guards looked over and shouted at him loudly, fear in his voice. “NO!! CLOSE THAT -”

Suddenly the door was shoved open and a bunch of prison inmates surged into the room. Lance hit the wall and crumpled to the floor, while the four guards were quickly overpowered. A bunch of convicts came in and then closed the entrance. After which there was a moment of stunned silence in the room, as if no one really could believe this had happened.

Candy and Logan were absolutely dumbfounded. They were surrounded by ten to two now, with the guards and Lance down, being held down by some burly inmates. Logan had his camera on his shoulder, and didn’t know what to do. Candy was sitting tensely in her chair, speechless.

Carl was the first to break the silence. “Jesus – Crothers! What the hell is going on out there!?”

A huge white man who looked like a biker – complete with tattoos and handlebar mustache – answered back. “Big riot, Carl! The minute this reporter bitch showed up, the place has been a zoo. Dunno what happened – a whole bunch of us got out before they could lock the place down. All the guards who weren’t caught out in the open are in their guardhouses, trapped! All for this one gorgeous cooze!”

The platinum-blonde beauty didn’t like the way the man looked at her, and exchanged a nervous glance with Logan. Suddenly the phone rang, and everyone stared at it. Carl went over and picked it up.

A voice on the other end was speaking urgently. “Lance – what the hell is going on!? You were supposed to be broadcasting a minute ago!!”

“Ah – sorry! Hold on!” replied Carl, a malicious smile on his face. It was as if a light bulb had appeared over his head. He said to Logan, “Turn on the camera, boy!”

It was if a bucket of cold water had splashed over her face. Dropping her glasses, Candy came out of her trance. “Stop! Don’t do it, Logan!”

Logan looked at her and then at Carl, who flexed his large muscles and gave him a leering grin. He opted to go for the less painful option available to him and turned on his camera. “We’re live!” he whispered. They could see on the monitor near the back that they were on the air, showing the live feed coming from Logan’s camera.

“Point the camera at me, boy!” ordered Carl, who then flashed a smile with his white teeth. “Good afternoon, America! Sorry for the delay, but we are now back at the Alabama State Penitentiary, where a full-scale riot has taken place and we are in lock-down!”

The big man picked up the lovely blonde and placed her on his lap. Candy didn’t try to stop him, since she was too shocked to do anything at the moment. She couldn’t believe they were on live TV! They were broadcasting, and she was not in control! In the back of her mind, she registered Carl’s immense strength and size, and knew she was too powerless against him to mount any kind of attack, or even defense.

She tried to take back control of the situation. Looking in the camera, Candy said, “Ladies and gentlemen, what Carl just said was true. But I’m sure the police have the situation in hand and have a plan in place – if they are not already in motion! I’m – I’m still fine, and will -”

“Hold on, honey! I’m not done yet!” said Carl in a teasing tone, as he ran his hands along her shoulders and sides, giving the girl a few squeezes along the way.

Candy knew how bad this looked, because she could see herself on the monitor. She was sitting on Carl’s lap with her knees and long, bare legs showing, her pink mini-skirt riding up high on her thighs. One of the man’s arms pulled Candy against him, wrapped around her right arm and slim waist. His other hand was roaming around, all over, before it ended up on her bare knee, clearly visible for the audience at home!

“C – Carl! What are you -” asked the reporter nervously.

But the man was only getting started. “If the network bigwigs want to keep this luscious young thing alive and in one piece, than I suggest you listen to my words carefully!” said the big black inmate. “What you have to understand is that no one – and I mean no one – can get through that there door unless the inmates in this room decide to open it, got that? Until then, these four guards, this producer, this cameraman, and this reporter, are our hostages. Okay!?”

Then Carl squeezed one of Candy’s breasts, causing her to squeal out. “But if you network guys leave this live camera on, with NO censoring, and NO commercials, then we’ll let these people alive. Got that!? We’ve got a monitor here that will show us if we get cut off or not, so we will know!” Carl opened top button on Candy’s pink blazer, her magnificent cleavage suddenly even more tantalizing. “I’m going to show you, the viewers at home, the Carl Allen philosophy that all women are ‘bitches in heat’ inside! All it takes is for the right man to set loose her passion – starting on this hot, snooty little reporter here!”

As the other convicts in the room guffawed and enjoyed Carl’s little tirade, Candy was horrified and stunned. Was this really happening?

“No – Carl – you don’t have to do this! You can’t – not in front of – oh God – the viewers!” pleaded the young blonde, knowing that the audience was coast to coast across America, and hit most of Canada as well. Nearly all of North America could just turn on their televisions right now and watch as she was felt up this serial rapist. “OH NO!”

Carl ignored the panicked girl, and had undid her second and third buttons, opening up her blazer to show off Candy’s silky white blouse underneath, which was practically see-through; it wasn’t something that she would wear without something to cover it, so to show this off to television viewers was mortifying. Her rack was spectacular, but with this blouse she looked really lewd. To make matters worse, her cream-colored lace bra made it look like she had gone braless, when she actually hadn’t. She tried to cover up her breasts with her free hand.

The men watched almost as in awe as Carl began to fondle Candy’s wonderful tits. Her tits were huge and real, feeling soft, pliable, and bouncy in his big hand. He went from one breast to the other, mauling her, defiling her. He loved how sexy it was that he could feel and pinch Candy’s hard erect nipples underneath the layers of sexy clothing, as if they were ripe, forbidden fruits, waiting to be picked and devoured.

“Jesus – what a pair of titties!” Carl mumbled, nearly in disbelief at their circumstances. All of a sudden he grabbed the young woman’s shirt and pulled it down, ripping it easily off of her slim frame.

“NO!” Candy shrieked, struggling within the larger man’s grasp.

Was it just her or had it gotten exponentially hotter and more humid in that room, now full of burly, menacing men? She watched the monitor in horror as Carl fondled her tits, slipping his fingers inside her bra to tweak her sensitive nipples. Then he pulled down her lacy bra by an inch. But an inch was all that was needed to broadcast to anyone watching her sweet, strawberry buds, all exposed.

“Please, Carl! No – don’t -” Candy moaned out, utterly humiliated.

“Mmmm – take a look at these titties, America!” said the convict, taking no heed of the girl’s protests.

Both of his hands were now on Candy’s breasts, squeezing and pinching away. The reporters exposed, erect buds were fully abused on national television by this depraved convict! Carl played with Candy’s sweet nipples in front of the camera for a few moments before he ripped off her bra and blazer altogether. By the time he was finished Candy – now with both arms free – was covering her nakedness once more.

This left her lower body completely defenseless for her tormentor – who was now happily cackling away – to reach underneath her skirt to get at her lacy cream panties. Candy shrieked girlishly and forgot about her tits, instead struggling with Carl for control of her underwear. He was pulling them off, and she was trying to pull them up. It made for entertaining television.

They played this little game for a few minutes before Carl won. It seemed Candy’s tiny lace panties were no match for a two hundred and fifty pound black man, and when the man thought enough was enough, he simply tore them off. This caused the buxom reporter to scream out again. Because of how she was sitting, the camera was low enough just to look up her skirt, so Candy was now much more concerned with covering her now visible, very bare and delicious looking pussy in front of a national audience. Carl pulled up the girl’s skirt so that it bunched at her waist and then shoved his hand at her crotch.

“Oh SHIT!” Candy yelped out loudly. Carl’s thick, fat fingers were strong and there wasn’t much she could do to prevent the man from fondling her pussy lips. He ferociously rubbed her clitoris for a minute and had the girl squirming madly in his lap.

“Good golly, Miss Molly!” exclaimed the big black convict.

“Oh GOD! No – no – no – no – no!” cried the young woman, her knees opening and closing involuntarily. She was still trying to hide her bare cunt before the camera but knew how bad this look for her. Candy Struthers, the hottest reporter on TV, stared into the camera and desperately pleaded, “PLEASE! If you’re watching at home, please TURN OFF the television! Oh GOD! Stop – OH – DON’T WATCH THIS!! PLEASE DON’T WATCH!!”

Still grinning insanely, Carl motioned for one of the inmates to hand him some nearby cord, which the man used to bind Candy’s wrists behind her back. Next Carl hooked his hands under the blonde’s knees and then easily spread her legs wide for the camera. Moaning in despair, Candy turned a deep shade of red as she knew that probably millions of DVR’s were now whirling away, recording her fully exposed state.

By now one of the inmates had commandeered the big HD camera, pulling Logan away to sit with Lance and the other guards. This man was pretty good at using a camera, having actually shot a few low-budget porn flicks years ago. Licking his lips, the man showed Candy in all her nude glory, bare pink slit so tiny and pretty, and her huge tits that many men (and quite a few women) had dreamed about, but could now see in reality. Then the cameraman stepped closer, focusing really close to Candy’s snatch. Carl brought both his hands and pulled apart her pink pussy lips, so that all America could see how perfectly pretty the reporter’s bare, smooth love-hole was.

“No – no – no – no – no!” mumbled the exposed blonde in a daze.

She was moaning out at the depravity of her situation, glancing over at the monitor and knowing that the close-up of her cunt was being broadcast in lurid HD detail. Carl’s fingers slid over the reporters increasingly moist slit, now using one hand to spread apart her lower-lips and the fingers from his other hand to stroke and tease Candy’s clit.

“Oh – this is fucking beautiful!” Carl said in delight. “All you guys out there watching this – did you ever want to take America’s darling and spread her pussy like this, and imagine what’s between those sexy legs of hers? Well – take a long look, people! This is one of the sweetest little pussies I’ve ever seen!”

“No – GOD! Please turn off our televisions – please don’t watch!” Candy cried in distress.

She had her eyes closed as the camera zoomed out, to get her fully in the frame again. Then Carl placed two large fingers at the entrance of her cunt, slowly inserting them into the unprepared girl. The look on the young reporter’s face was priceless: Candy’s big blue eyes popped wide open, her jaw open in stunned shock, her face an expression of despair as she was finger-raped in front of millions.

No matter how much she pleaded, she knew deep inside that whatever happened to her today would be seen by millions – or even tens of millions – of people. That sex-starved husbands and wives would record her torment on their DVR’s, tech junkies would upload video files of her violation to hundreds of Internet sites for horny teenagers to jack-off to, slimy old creeps would masturbate to her sexual miseries, and assholes in general would just watch her getting raped for fun, because that’s what assholes did.

Carl’s thick fingers slid in and out of the reporter’s tight snatch, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. As his pace increased, so did Candy’s panting and moaning, much to her chagrin. Soon the big black man’s two digits were fucking the blonde at a blistering pace. On televisions across America, especially on larger screens fifty inches and higher, viewers could tell that Candy’s sweet honey-pot was getting increasingly wetter and aroused.

“Unnnnh! Unnnnh! Nooooo…” whimpered Candy as a large bead of cunt-juice trickled out of her sweltering slit, dripping down onto Carl’s lap.

“Ahhh – sweet Jesus!” Carl murmured back in reply. He loved Candy’s pussy – so sizzling and tight, frothy and creamy – as his fingers twirled and rammed into her without mercy. The way she squirmed and fidgeted in his lap, full of shame and humiliation, was incredibly hot.

“Noooo – no – no – no – nooooo…” Candy continued to groan.

The heat of the moment was getting to her, building with each twirl of Carl’s fingers, threatening to overcome her. It was important to her that she didn’t cum; she didn’t want to appear as if she was enjoying what was happening to her. And she couldn’t bear the idea of strangers watching her orgasm!

Candy bit her bottom lip, staring into the camera and looking absolutely cute and sexy, trying her hardest to ignore the blistering heat emanating from her hot-box. “S-STOP THAT!!” she cried out. “GOD – PLEASE – NO MORE!!”

But Carl was relentless and unyielding with his thick fingers, stirring up Candy’s sensitive vaginal insides. His fingers were persistent and ruthless, until he got the heat rising throughout her body to a boiling point. The pretty blonde’s fair skin began to turn red, her cheeks flushing a deep scarlet against her will. She writhed on the man’s lap, trying to stop the inevitable, but it was no use.

Still, it caught her by surprise, as an intense wave of pleasure coursed through her frame. Candy tensed her slim body with her back arched, her mouth open wide, as she experienced a sweet orgasm. It had been a while since Candy had had sex – months in fact – and all those long work hours and stressful days poured out of the girl.

Candy screamed and let it all out. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!! OH MY GOD!! FUCK – FUCK – FUCK!!”

Momentarily forgetting the camera before her, the reporter had a small smile on her lips, as she unconsciously ground her pelvis against Carl’s fingers. She was a gusher, and three or four torrid gushes of scorching cum spurted out at the camera, nearly hitting the lens, causing most of the men in the room to hoot out in surprise and amusement. Candy spent another minute or so undulating her hips, fucking Carl’s fingers as opposed to the other way around. With her eyes closed, and her slender, big-titted frame still shuddering from the aftershocks, Candy enjoyed the orgasm until she opened her eyes and remembered where she was.

“Oh God – on my fucking God!” she wailed out in despair, stopping herself, and realizing how slutty she must have appeared.

“Now – now, Miss Candy! Mind your fucking language!” said Carl, laughing. Then he withdrew his sopping wet fingers – coated with Candy’s cum – out of her cunt and raised them near her mouth. “C’mon – taste our sweet little cunny juices, you slut!”

Utterly repulsed and mortified, Candy shook her head vigorously, very cognizant of the camera lens next to her face for a close-up of this latest degradation. “NO!”

Carl leaned in close and whispered in Candy’s ear. “Bitch – you’re gonna listen to what I say, and lick my fingers, you understand!? Then you’re gonna suck me and fuck me! Got that? If you don’t, then I’ll just go straight to that tiny asshole of yours and tear it up with my big Willy!”

The hot reporter grimaced at the thought of Carl’s monster dick sodomizing her, terrified. It dawned on her then that she was completely helpless. No one going to save her – the prison guards couldn’t get into this room, and the police were probably outside the prison and were of no use. She was all alone, and she was going to get raped, badly. The reporter had done her homework on Carl Allen, and she knew what he did to young women such as herself. The fact that he had spent the past year in prison meant that he was horny as hell, and there was no doubt in her mind that she would be on the receiving end of his lust.

Candy could feel Carl’s lust – now – as well. It was thick and hard, huge and long, underneath her as she sat on the inmate’s lap. She had heard the tales and read the reports, but now she was feeling how tremendous Carl’s manhood was in real life. The cock’s pulsing heat and pressure – straining at the orange prison uniform Carl was wearing – felt threatening to the tiny young woman. To have that monster shaft shoved up her anal-tunnel was literally inconceivable for Candy, and so she nodded her head quickly and submissively. She could do this – do whatever the horrid man wanted. Candy Struthers could be Carl’s perfect slut – even if it meant demeaning herself on national television, because she realized that she had no other choice!

So she leaned forward and took Carl’s fingers into her mouth, slurping and licking away with her nimble tongue. At first Candy’s movements were quick and nervous, but Carl soon provided her with explicit instructions, and she obediently followed them.

“Mmmm – that’s right! Suck slowly – hard! Put those digits all the way into your mouth – pretend it’s a dick! Oh yeah – you so sexy, baby! That’s real good! Uh-huh – lick those fingers up and down, like a good little pussycat! Yeah – that’s good! Remember this when you’re sucking my cock, Candy!”

All of a sudden Carl took his fingers out of the girl’s mouth, cupped her neck, and brought her in for a kiss. He kissed her tremendously deep, his large tongue stuck inside her mouth, swirling against her own tongue, chocking and blocking her small throat. While she moaned in response, powerless to do anything else, Candy could feel the camera recording them while they swapped saliva.

Meanwhile, Carl’s hands returned to roam around Candy’s delectable body. One hand was pinching her nipples while the other one had snuck back in between her legs, stroking her cunt lips and clitoris. Candy’s moans, in response, grew louder and louder. Then the convict attacked Candy’s tits with his mouth, bringing his lips down to the lovely blonde’s already tender nipples, loudly sucking away and smacking his lips together, showing off for the camera. The man chewed her nipples incessantly, mercilessly. He alternated from creating suction around her pink areolas with his big lips – clamping down airtight – then sucking as hard as he could, or by firmly holding the girl’s erect strawberry buds in his teeth, and then licking away as fast as he could with his rasping tongue.

When the hulking black man returned to Candy’s slippery pussy and shoved some fingers into it, the reporter was already close to coming once more. Carl was grinning psychotically, totally lost in his debauched quest to totally defile this heavenly creature. He loved the way he could make Candy squeal from his harsh administrations, and as her squeals and mews grew in loudness, he knew it was nearly time to truly introduce to the audience watching at home

As he continued to finger Candy’s frothy slit, Carl’s free hand reached underneath her, fumbling at his zipper. It took a few moments but eventually he managed to pull his erect penis out from his pants. His eleven-inch cock stuck straight up in front of Candy, blocking her pussy from the view of the camera, huge and menacing. The whole room actually went silent just then: the big black monster looked obscenely large next to the five foot three inch blonde, its menacing darkness contrasting against Candy’s fair skin.

Only Candy spoke out at that moment, breaking the silence. “No – no – that can’t be – that’s fucking enormous!”

“Ha ha ha! America – my dick! My dick – America! How do you do!” said Carl, laughing, proudly showing off his penis. Then he grabbed his cock and began to slap it against Candy’s slit. “Or maybe I should say, ‘Hello, Candy! How do you do?'”

“S-STOP THAT!” Candy replied back in shock, trying to squirm away from the monster.

The look on the stunned reporter’s face was unforgettable. She looked back at him with alarm in her eyes – his cock was unbelievable! Carl winked back at Candy like an asshole. It was incomprehensible to the blonde – there was no way that would fit inside of her!

Through all of this Carl hadn’t stopped finger-fucking the young woman. But he made her grab his erection and explore it, so that he could fully concentrate on Candy’s cunt.

“That’s a good girl – stroke that shaft! You can grip harder than that – OH – yeah, that’s right, just like that, bitch!” instructed the convict.

Candy did as she was told, running her hands up and down Carl’s cock, feeling it’s heaviness and heft between her tiny fingers. It pulsated menacingly in her hands, and as she stroked the shaft – feeling its smooth skin outlined with ridges of broad veins – the iron hardness underneath made her incredibly nervous and afraid.

But soon her fear gave way to another orgasm welling from within her stirred up honey pot. Carl’s constant fingers up her snatch, ramming in and out without pause, was going to give Candy her second orgasm of the day. She couldn’t recall ever having two orgasms in a row, but now it was coming. Candy’s eyebrows furrowed together, a look of stunned disbelief on her pretty face, but also something else: there was a hint of unfairness within her blue eyes, as if she were wondering how could this happen to her? She was once the golden child in the news industry, but now? She’d be lucky to survive today with a job in the mailroom after this.

“Are you gonna cum, sugar?” asked Carl, breaking Candy’s reverie.

The reporter couldn’t speak since she was – indeed – experiencing a shattering orgasm just as Carl spoke. Gritting her teeth and closing her eyes, the young woman’s entire body became rigid in Carl’s arms, lost in her own world. So she didn’t notice when Carl picked her up and positioned her over his dick – cock-head at her slick vaginal opening – dumping the girl unceremoniously onto it.

The buxom blonde shrieked out, her body rebelling against this entirely outrageous act. Her pulsating snatch clenched tightly around Carl’s big dick, trying in vain from slowly inching down it, but failing miserably. Carl didn’t have to do a thing – gravity did all the work for him. All he needed to do was sit back and watch as Candy struggled – her wrists tied behind her back – and then slide down his fuck-stick.


Inch by excruciating inch, Candy became impaled on that thick black cock, as her television audience watched in lurid fascination. It looked impossible that such a collosal penis could fit inside the reporter’s tiny cunny, but there she was – slowly getting skewered – squealing out in agony as her slender body contorted and strained against being awfully invaded. This was indeed must see TV!

To the young blonde it indeed felt as if she were getting split in half. Carl’s dick was unimaginably large, but somehow her tightness gave way to him, and inevitably her pussy lips reached its base, somehow going all the way down. Candy shook her head in disbelief, her eyes glazed over in lust, eyes darting down at her cunt in wonder, and then back to the camera lens in horror. America had just witnessed her getting a huge cock jammed up her teeny twat!

“Oh fuck yeah! Nothing like fresh young pussy!” said the grinning inmate.

And then the real fun began. Carl lifted the lissome girl up with his hands as if she weighed nothing, and then dropped her down again. This caused Candy to let out a loud squeal. But the huge inmate didn’t stop, raising the big-titted reporter up and down his cock, fucking her over and over. Her pussy was incredibly tight – but he liked that even better. Soon he had a good rhythm built up with his the palms of his hands, cupping Candy’s sweet ass-cheeks and gripping them to drive her up and down his dick.

All across America, people were glued to their television sets. They watched in astonishment as Candy Struthers was raped on live television, thoroughly and unforgivably. There were no commercial breaks, just ongoing footage of the gorgeous reporter as she bounced on Carl’s big dick. Somehow she had taken the man’s monstrously large, infamous prick up her small pussy. Somehow the reporter was taking the sexual torment, enduring the scorching fucking, and – from the looks of it – was actually enjoying it. Or at least her convulsing, cumming fuck-hole seemed to be; dripping wet and spraying out her love-juices, it was clear to the viewers that Candy was having her third orgasm, so soon after her last one.

“OH GOD – OH GOD!! NO MORE!! PLEASE – NO – NO MORE!!” implored the girl.

“Mmmmm – mmmmm! Viewers at home – you wouldn’t believe how nice and tight Miss Candy’s pussy is!” Carl bragged, looking into the camera with a horny smile on his face. “I think it deserves some hard dick-pounding to loosen it up!”

Carl picked the girl up as he casually got off the chair, before setting Candy back onto the chair with her ass-cheeks on the edge of the seat, facing the camera with her legs spread wide open. She was looking back with a horny yet completely miserable expression on her pretty face. Then the convict – hooking the backside of her knees on his elbows – plowed into Candy’s snatch with his penile missile with one hard thrust, the viewers getting a really good view of this action.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Candy cried out, beside herself.

The man mercilessly fucked Candy long and hard in this position, for what seemed like an eternity for the young woman. The chair they were one was one of those cheap folding metal chairs, and it creaked and bent underneath the pair’s rigorous love-making. All the girl could manage to do was clutch onto the chair and hang on, screaming out the entire time. Her pussy was a sloppy mess for the television audience, but they could also hear every carnal noise as well: from the creaking chair, to the wet squelching sounds coming from Candy’s slit, and even the faint slap of Carl’s flailing nut-sacks as they smacked into the girl with each hard down-stroke of cock.

At times the cameraman went in for a close-up of that hard dick action, knowing that Carl’s gigantic cock would look amazing on large screen HD screens across America spearing that tiny little reporter’s cunt. Other times he’d zoom out, having both of them in the frame and showing off their frantic coupling to good effect. And every now and then the cameraman would get close to Candy’s face, just to see how eleven inches of dick felt like, the aching expression written clearly all over her face.

But Carl was only human, and hadn’t had sex with a woman for about a year. His normal sexual constitution wasn’t lasting as long as he wanted it to, and he could feel the desperate need for release in his testicles. It didn’t surprise him since Candy looked so sultry underneath him, taking every inch of he gave her – squealing and mewling out uncontrollably – her stunning body squirming and contorting from their torrid union.

“OH SHIT!! I’m gonna CUM!!” the inmate gasped out, his breath ragged. His hips had sped up, and he was somehow fucking the gorgeous blonde even faster than a moment ago.

“AAAHHH!! NOOOOO!! OHGAWD!! PLEASE DON’T CUM INSIDE ME!!” protested Candy, her cute baby blue eyes wide as saucers.

Carl only chuckled at the girl and continued to ram her with his dick until he felt the jizz deep within his balls churn and boil. He jammed his cock deep inside Candy’s love-hole and stayed there, grunting out loudly as he began to spurt out his load of cock-juice.


“UNNNNNNHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!! NOOOOOOOO!!” Candy replied in anguish.

She could feel load after load of gushing cum spraying deep inside her womb, coating her vaginal walls, defiling her in front of millions of viewers. Candy felt unimaginably ashamed as he ejaculated inside of her, in public, and in front of a camera. The inmate tensed for a few moments more, moaning in ecstasy, before he began to pump his shaft in and out of her cunt again, pushing out his white hot spunk violently. The more he did this the more jism spewed out of the reporter’s little slit, spraying out and dribbling down the crack of her ass and then onto the seat below.

The blonde was wide-eyed and stunned because from her angle when she looked at Carl’s cock fucking her slowly, Candy could see the lens of the camera behind him, getting a really good view of the dick action and her face as well. She realized it was one of those awful porn camera angles, and was completely embarrassed, closing her eyes to try and shut out the distressing thoughts in her mind.

But Carl wasn’t finished yet with the luscious young woman. His dick was still rock hard and he was pumping it in and out of Candy’s creamy, cum-filled cunt for a reason. Once his cock was nicely coated with sticky semen, he pulled out of the girl and turned standing sideways, with his profile to the camera. This way his erect member could be seen jutting out and the audience at home could get a real good look at how long he was. Still sitting on the metal chair in a daze, Candy looked up at the man with a puzzled expression.

Carl pointed at his dick, dripping with cock-juices. “Get that gorgeous little mouth of yours over here and clean me up!” he ordered.

Candy hesitated for a moment, fear and embarrassment all over her face, before she nodded to the man. She had already gone this far, she figured, and there was still that threat he made to her about taking her asshole, which was the last thing she wanted! So the reporter picked herself up and dropped to her knees, unconsciously licking her lips. Gazing at the huge prick before her, she wrapped her ruby red lips around Carl’s shaft and began to slurp up the man’s jizz.

“That’s right – show me what a bitch in heat you are!” said the inmate in amusement, quivering in pleasure at Candy’s talented oral efforts. “Ohhh – fuck! Lick off that nasty cum – slurp it all up into that nasty little mouth of yours! Shit – where’d you learn to suck dick like that!? Damn, you’re good!”

It felt so wrong – so illicit – to perform this indecent act, in front of so many people. Carl’s cock was so immense and hard against her lithe tongue, and she could feel the heat and power of it as she licked and gobbled him up between her luscious lips. Candy tried to ignore Carl’s scathing words as well as the camera just inches away from her face, but it was nearly impossible to do so. Trying to concentrate on her blowjob, Candy sucked up as much gooey jism as she could until she had a good mouthful. She looked up at Carl to show that she was obediently fulfilling her part of the bargain.

“Fuck – that’s beautiful!” mumbled Carl. Placing a hand on the girl’s head to twist her so that she was facing the camera directly, and then said, “Open up that pretty little mouth of yours! Show the viewers at home what a nasty slut you are! That’s right – show them that mouthful of filthy cum!”

What else could Candy do but comply with the man’s orders? Candy opened her mouth wide, shame-faced, so that the cameraman could get a very clear shot of all the white gooey cock-juice in her mouth.

“Ohhhh – nice! Be a good girl – gargle that cum! That’s right – look at you gargle all that bubbly cum, bitch! Oh yeah!”

Candy instantly obeyed the perverted inmate, and gargled the bubbly semen in her mouth even as some of it escaped down the corners of her mouth. She couldn’t bear to stare into the camera, and made the mistake of looking at the monitor at the back, only to see a close-up of her pretty face. It was shocking to see how slutty she looked! The reporter quickly turned her gaze to the camera, unable to watch herself anymore.

“Fucking beautiful! Now swallow that nasty cum!” Carl said maliciously, licking his lips. His right hand was now pumping his still-erect dick, getting ready for round two; he’d been in jail for a year and sure wasn’t going to fuck this total babe only once!

The blonde hesitated for a tiny moment before closing her eyes and gulping down the nasty fluid. It tasted bitter and vile to her, and ingesting it wasn’t much better since the sperm seemed to take clog up her throat and took forever to get down to her stomach. Once it did, Candy could breathe again, but the stench of semen still seemed so powerful and clung in her mouth, every breath a reeking reminder of her depraved oral deeds.

When Candy opened her eyes she received a nasty surprise – a cock slapping against her face! The girl cried out but knew she couldn’t stop the man, so she silently took the punishment. Again and again the inmate slapped his sex sausage against the pretty blonde, leaving marks of wetness on Candy’s cheeks wherever his dick had slapped her, as she tried not to flinch from the lewd contact.

Then the man twirled the bulbous tip of his cock against Candy’s lips, sticking it in only an inch or so, making her kiss and lick it for the camera. He raked the round cock-head against the reporter’s white teeth, then had her swirl her lithe tongue and played with that for a bit, before rubbing it against her sweet, lush lips once more. It wasn’t long before Carl was probing further and further into Candy’s lusciously hot mouth with his lustful cock, spearing her between the lips lasciviously. She had such beautiful lips that the man couldn’t help himself, digging deeper and deeper to drown out the girl’s guttural groans of despair.

This led to deeper mouthfuls of cock, until Carl had buried as much of his eleven-inch shaft as he could down Candy’s esophagus. The man was mercilessly pumping his hips back and forth, driving his cock – so obscenely massive and black in contrast to the pale blonde – down her throat. He was able to stab over half of his dick into the girl, which he thought was pretty good for a stuck up little bitch like this. Once he got to this point, Carl held onto Candy’s ponytail and began to brutally fuck her throat.

“Oh FUCK YEAH! Take that, you slut!” grunted the convict.

He didn’t hold back, and soon Candy was struggling for breath, coughing up spit and choking on Carl’s chocolaty treat. Candy moaned loudly, and emitted deep pleading mewls that she hoped Carl would pick up on, and give her some rest periods between gagging on cock. But Carl didn’t care – he just continued to throat-fuck the young beauty until her jaws ached, sticky streams of saliva spilled down her chin to the floor, her mouth totally ravaged. The inmate did take his dick out of Candy’s mouth now and then, but this was rather infrequent, and he only did so to marvel at the ropey strings of spit that connected his pole to the girl’s pouty mouth. Then he quickly stabbed his cock between her lips as Candy tried to gulp in as much air as she could, before gagging on the man’s dick once more.

What Carl was doing to the blonde was so lewd and crude that it sent him over the edge – much quicker than he anticipated. But Candy was too damn gorgeous, and the way she let him defile her was too much for the big black man. Much to the girl’s dismay Carl accelerated his fucking, the lurid sounds of his vast stiffy stirring inside Candy’s mouth only amplifying his desire. Then he grunted loudly, pushing Candy’s head towards his groin, holding her there as she struggled against her muscular tormentor.

Candy had about three-quarters of Carl’s dick stuffed down between her lips when the man began to spew out his awful cock-juice, cumming with just as much ejaculate as the first time, to everyone’s surprise. Thick loads of boiling semen spewed down the blonde’s throat, straight down into her belly, as she desperately tried to consume it all, gulping away to avoid drowning in cum. It was nasty, filthy work, and the worst thing was she didn’t succeed at drinking it all; the immense volume of semen gushing into the girl’s mouth was too much for Candy to handle, and jizz began to spill back out of her mouth uncontrollably. Most deplorable was that there was no way for the reporter to breathe; semen choked her air-pipe, with the end result of the nasty white fluid coming out of her nostrils.

She was literally choking on cum! The gorgeous blonde panicked and let out some muffled screams, but to no avail. Only when Carl was satisfied did he withdraw from Candy’s mouth, who then began to cough out all sperm she wasn’t able to eat. The reporter looked up at the inmate with hate in her eyes, wiping her nose and mouth even as she gasped in ragged breaths of air.

After a few minutes she was finally able to speak again. “Y-you FUCKER!” Candy snarled.

Carl just laughed cruelly. “Didn’t I saw I was a natural born fucker? Let me show you again, Miss Candy!”

Then the big inmate picked up the lithe young woman off the floor. Candy whimpered softly and couldn’t stop staring at the man’s still huge, still hard penis, wondering why it wasn’t soft by now. Hadn’t her ordeal been enough already? Why wasn’t the man satiated? Then Carl pulled down the skirt that was still bunched around Candy’s waist, the only piece of clothing left on her besides her shoes. She let him do what he wanted, which was to fully display her nude form for the viewers at home.

“Mmmmm-mmmmm! Jesus Almighty Christ! Look at that sweet luscious body!” said Carl, a large grin on his face. As the cameraman stepped back to place Candy’s entire body in the shot, Carl began to slap and pinch the girl’s nipples. Then he said, “Turn around, slut, and show America your beautiful ass!”

Candy frowned and bit her lip cutely, but did as she was told. She really did have a really breathtaking teenage ass; it was heart-shaped and tight, with just the right amount of jiggle. Carl slapped an ass-cheek to show off this fact, and her flesh rippled delightfully before the camera. The reporter’s legs were just as nice from this view – impossibly long and slender for a woman her height, they completed her sexy package off, especially with her five inch white heels on.

“Hmmm – something’s not right,” pondered Carl. He snapped his fingers and unfastened the clasp for Candy’s ponytail. Now her long, luxurious platinum blonde locks cascaded down her back, appealingly wavy and reaching nearly to her tight tush. “Oh yeah – that did it!”

Now that she was presented just right for the viewers at watching home, Carl could continue his degradation of the young woman. He carried on slapping her ass until Candy was squealing out from the awful sensation. Then Carl delved deeper between the girl’s sweet ass-crack, marveling at her soft feminine flesh, as well as her two most intimate orifices that he now had control over. With some fingers stroking her pussy, the convict placed his thumb over Candy’s anal-sphincter and began to play with that as well.

Still standing upright, Candy turned her head abruptly as she felt Carl’s insensitive thumb probe her anus. “N-NO! Stop that!”

This only made Carl snigger, but he did stop. He looked into the camera lens and said, “Damn! I wish you viewers at home could feel what I’m feeling!” Then the inmate waved at the cameraman to move nearer. “Come closer! That’s right!”

Television viewers at home now had an incredible close-up view of the ass of Candy Struthers. It was glorious perfection in shape, curvature and form, as well as in terms of silky, unblemished pale skin.

“Bend over and spread your sweet little butt for your fans, Miss Candy!” ordered Carl mockingly.

Looking over at her tormentor in disgust and dread, Candy bit back any angry retorts since she knew it would be useless. Everyone had already seen her totally naked, fucking and sucking, after all. Whatever pride she had left was slowly being shredded and ripped apart by Carl Allen; she used to be the bitch who fucked over others, but now she was the bitch who was getting fucked. She wondered if some of her enemies were enjoying themselves with her ordeal, and then figured that yes, they probably were.

So Candy bent over lewdly, her legs apart and hands on her knees, to expose her dazzling rear end at the camera. She looked up at Carl to see if this was what he wanted.

“Use your hands and spread those cheeks, darling!” said Carl spitefully.

Sighing, Candy reached both hands behind her and grabbed her tight ass-cheeks, then pulled them apart so that her two orifices were clearly visible. She knew all of America could see her, fully exposed, every revealing curve of illicit flesh on display. From this angle Candy’s pussy – abused and dripping with cum – still looked quite delicious and tempting, but what the cameraman focused on was the blonde’s tiny rosebud asshole, so alluring and inviting, begging to be defiled. Approximately twenty-two thousand males watching the broadcast at the time blew their wads on this shot alone.

“Awww – fuck yeah! That’s fucking gorgeous – fucking fantastic piece of ass!” growled the black inmate.

Then Carl’s big black erection crept into the frame of the camera like a monstrous missile soaring towards its target, large and lewd next to Candy’s tender flesh. The man began to lecherously slap Candy with it, the large piece of hard man-meat smacking loudly against her ass and actually causing faint red marks against her delicate skin. Then, with one hand kneading and fondling her ass, his other hand directed his huge prick between the girl’s ass-crack, running it up and down her wet slit, making her moan out at the contact.

“Oh God,” Candy moaned. He was going to stick it insider her again!

With the camera up close and personal, the tip of Carl’s bulbous dick ever so slowly penetrated Candy’s cunt, the audience at home watching wide-eyed as the huge torpedo parted her pussy lips and could almost feeling the pressure and force of it themselves, what with the picture being so clear and vivid. And although they couldn’t see the reporter’s face, they could still hear her panting and groaning with passions off-screen. Carl poked his cock all the way up Candy’s tight slit, until he was balls deep, and it was a scandalously wicked sight for viewers.

“Oh fuck, bitch! You have one of the tightest and hottest pussies I’ve ever fucked!” groaned the big black inmate.

Candy just moaned back, full of cock and the knowledge that she was Carl’s slut once more. Then Carl pulled his dick out, to show the audience the girl’s gaping, empty cunt, quivering and twitching from the strain. He quickly plunged all the way back in, making Candy wail out in reaction. This went on for a bit – Carl playfully sticking his prick in and out of her – before he began to truly fuck the girl hard.

With his large hands wrapped around Candy’s slim waist, Carl fucked her hard and fast, much to her chagrin. His full eleven inches crammed into the blonde beauty, churning her inside and out, with each impact against her teenage ass creating delightful ripples for the home viewers.


Pretty soon Candy was grunting and wailing along with each hard thrust of Carl’s fuck-stick, to the point where she could barely stand. She had to cling to the back of the chair for support, before eventually having to put a knee on the chair since her legs were giving out on her. And Carl still wouldn’t stop. His fucked her in a frenzy, without pause or mercy, until the young woman was squealing out shrilly at her suffering.

After ten minutes of harsh doggy-style fucking, Candy could barely think straight. She now had both knees on the seat of the metal chair – her ass sticking up – with her hands clinging to the back of the chair. Instead of fucking her from behind, Carl was practically on top of the girl, his dick still pumping Candy’s vagina, only that he had better access to play with her huge tits, which he did so without hesitation. He held onto her shoulders, or sometimes the girl’s hair, and wouldn’t stop with his torrid pace.

Meanwhile, Candy’s eyes were glazed over from the rawness of their sex. She had already come about five minutes ago – a high-pitched, pussy-churning, cum-spewing orgasm – and was about to have another. It was because the only thing in her world at that moment was Carl’s thick cock fucking her that she failed to realize he was speaking to her.

“WHO’S THE BITCH IN HEAT!? C’mon – SAY IT! You want it, bitch, don’t you!? You want this big fat cock stuffed up your little pussy!! Say you want it!!” snarled the large man as he vigorously stuffed the girl with his cock.

He kept on yelling at her in this fashion, over and over, until Candy couldn’t take it anymore. She burst out, “YEAH!! FUCK YES! UNGH!! I’M A BITCH IN HEAT!! FUCK ME MORE!! UNGH!! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER! UNGH!! YEAH – JUST LIKE THAT! UNGH!! DEFILE ME!! FILL MY LITTLE CUNT UP WITH YOUR GIANT COCK!! UNGH!! I’M YOUR SLUT!! YES!! YES!! YES!!”

It was quite a surprise for the television audience as they watched Candy Struthers turn seemingly into a slut-whore. When he pulled his dick out and offered it to her face – still behind and above the girl – she simply turned her head and began to lick and slurp at the dripping cock enthusiastically, but really her only thoughts were to make sure that the sadistic man came as soon as possible. She didn’t think she could take his sexual onslaught any longer.

“Unngh – yeah! That’s right, darling, chew on that big bone! Fuck – that’s nasty, yeah, lick the tip! Ohhh – suck it, yeah, take it deep down your throat! Good girl, that’s a good little bitch!”

The man’s thick cock was disgustingly slick and frothy. Candy could taste Carl’s salty semen mixed in with her own tangy pussy-juices, but she tried not to dwell on these details. Instead, she tried to be the eager and willing slut that Carl wanted. She sucked, licked, chewed on the inmate’s boner until he had to pull away from her.

“Fuck – I like this Candy Struthers,” Carl laughed, smacking his cock on Candy’s ass.

He got out from over her and walked over to the back of the chair so that his cock jutted straight into the blonde’s face. She willingly accepted his dick and didn’t resist his ruthless throat-fucking as she had earlier. The cameraman had now changed positions so that he framed Candy in profile, taking three-quarters of Carl’s hard man-meat jamming down her esophagus. Bubbly, stringy saliva trickled down her chin, and viewers could see the young woman’s throat bulge from the black man’s callous abuse of her oral orifice, but Candy eagerly allowed him to do whatever he pleased.

When Carl decided to position himself behind her once more, Candy cooed out in a sensual voice, “You want to fuck my little pussy again? You want to stick your fucking huge cock inside me?”

The convict grinned in lust. “Oh yeah – you fucking sexy little bitch!”

With one hard thrust the man was all the way up Candy’s little snatch, and was soon fucking her hard and raw again. All the time it was now Candy who was teasing the man along, begging Carl to cum, and to fill her up with his nasty jism. However, Carl – who had already cum twice and knew he could last a little bit longer – was taking much longer than Candy expected. The man went back and forth between her mouth and pussy repeatedly, and wasn’t even close to cumming, much to the pretty blonde’s dismay.

“Oh FUCK! You’re cock – UNGH – is so big!! UNGH!! Don’t you – UNGH – want to – UNGH – cum in my sweet little pussy!?” Candy cried out, nearly undone, wondering why her new approach wasn’t working. Her twitching cunt was about to explode, and she knew just a few more thick strokes would net her a tremendous orgasm.

Carl pulled his dick out unexpectedly. Next he placed his bulbous dick-head against Candy’s tiny ass-sphincter. He grunted, “Actually – I want to cum in your sweet little ass!” The rest of the convicts in the room hooted out cheerfully, while the guards and Candy’s colleagues all turned their heads away, red-faced. “So – am I the first man to take your anal cherry?”

Candy trembled, staring back at her rapist, stunned and distressed. “N-NO! I’ve never had anal sex before! You – you said you would leave my ass alone! You promised!”

“Damn, Miss Candy – I guess that’s why I’m in prison! Because I’m a bad man!” Carl chuckled, holding onto the struggling blonde as he pierced her anal-sphincter in one atrocious thrust, managing to get halfway in before Candy’s asshole clamped down tight on his dick.

At that moment, Candy slit went into spastic overdrive, cumming hard at the anal intrusion. Her sensitive rear end – which she had never, ever let her previous lovers even touch before – was now full of big, black cock. Her sweltering cunny – so close to the edge already – was now convulsing intensely, spattering the girl’s sweet honey-juices all over her inner thighs and down onto the chair below. Candy’s entire body tensed for a long while, before she began to shake and shudder all over, uncontrollably. The young woman’s fingers clutched the back of the chair, screaming out at the agony and ecstasy she was feeling.


The reporter forgot about the cameraman filming her and the television audience. She forgot about the sixteen other men in the room, and forgot where she was at the moment. The only thing in that mattered to her at that moment was that huge spear in her asshole, slowly penetrating her anal depths, going deeper and deeper, and then wondering if the sweet torture would ever end. And even though Candy felt like she was being split open, even though Carl’s huge cock was straining her asshole to its limits, and even though this was the most demeaning thing that had ever been done to her – in public no less – her body was somehow receiving incredible pleasure from her ordeal.

And Carl seemed to sense this, and – being the asshole he was – he took advantage of this fact. “Turn you face so I can you see you, slut!” ordered the large convict. He knew that the cameraman was behind him getting a good view of his dick invading Candy’s asshole, but he wanted the world to also see her facial expressions.

She did as she was told, albeit a little sluggishly, since she was still getting used to the man’s mammoth erection up her anal-cavity. Candy turned her head around to look over her shoulder, locking gazes with Carl, her pleading eyes glazed over in lust. Carl swung his hips back and forth, continuing his bid to completely skewer the young reporter. He needed to bury all eleven inches of his manhood deep within her bowels.

“Sweet Holy Jesus, that’s tight!” Carl exclaimed loudly.

It wasn’t easy – the girl’s tight sphincter clenched his thick dick so hard that it became an excruciating struggle between the two of them. But Carl held onto Candy with an iron grip, winning the battle as his cock reached a place no man had ever been before. And she looked incredibly stunning as he did so, his fuck-pole going deeper inch by delicious inch, as the girl faced the camera; even though she was slick with sweat and her hair was a mess, Candy Struthers had never looked as gorgeous then during that moment, getting sodomized on live TV. The struggle could clearly be seen on Candy’s face: the strain, the distress, and the effort that her anal rapist was exerting on the young beauty. But there was also sensual rapture there, an erotic, lust-filled glaze in her eyes that showed perhaps – somehow – she was enjoying the anal torment as well.

And then the moment was over. Carl had paused; somehow he had managed to stick his thick eleven incher up Candy’s anus – to the hilt and balls deep. For a second it seemed that even he couldn’t believe it. All across America viewers watching at home gasped in astonishment as the blonde beauty looked back, her baby blue eyes opened wide, and her mouth in a cute “o” shape. However, no one could tell really what the expression on her face was conveying exactly. Was it anger? Shame? Agony? Desire? Despair? No one really knew – not even the reporter herself – but it appeared to be a mixture of all those things.

“Big – fucking – black – cock – soooo – deep in – my – ass!” Candy managed to sputter out then, spittle drooling down her lips, looking directly into the camera as if reporting on the incident (the incident being that Candy Struthers had just been royally ass-fucked by serial rapist extraordinaire Carl Allen!).

But then – wriggling her cute butt – Candy began to slowly get accustomed to the huge, swollen piece of man-meat had lodged itself deep within her anal-tunnel, and felt that perhaps it didn’t feel entirely bad. It had made her cum really hard after all, and even now it was making other parts of her tingle that she had never felt before. For a moment she thought she could get used to this – this monstrosity up her ass – but then Carl ruined that magical moment by pulling his dick out of Candy. Now all she felt was ass-churning madness.

Candy screeched out in alarm, feeling eleven inches sliding out of her anus all at once. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”

The bastard had withdrawn his cock entirely, leaving Candy’s anal-sphincter a gaping, twitching hole that the audience could nearly see into. And then Carl rammed his massive fuck-stick back into that scorching, inviting hell-hole in one smooth motion, causing Candy to squeal like a stuck pig.

What followed next was the complete and utter deflowering of Candy Struthers once-virgin asshole. Carl buggered the young blonde mercilessly. He plowed her rectum with his huge cock hard and fast, repeatedly and without pity. All Candy could do in return was hold onto the chair and grunt, whimper, and squeal away as she was anally ravished. Viewers could see the power behind the big black convict as he slammed into the girl, the rippling of her teenage ass-cheek, and the bouncing around of her huge tits testifying to his strength. The rattling, squeaking metal chair threatened to break underneath the pair, and the room echoed with the cries of a beauty lost in the throes of depravity.

The pretty blonde had to endure ten minutes of this hard anal-sex without pause, suffering through this misery by having two more wicked orgasms of her own. Those two orgasms didn’t help matters much for her. Candy was, unfortunately, on the receiving end of a year’s worth of imprisonment – three hundred and ninety-two days of confinement to be exact; Carl Allen’s life was that of monotony and of being surrounded by males. He had no conjugal visits, or internet porn, or nudie magazines. All he had were frustratingly long nights of masturbation, or sometimes raping other fellow inmates. But now? Now he poured all that anger and lust and hunger that was deep inside of him into the lovely reporter. He was channeling all those emotions into his cock, and he used his cock to pummel the distressed girl.

But all good (or bad) things must come to an end. Carl could feel the nasty scum nearly bursting from within his sweaty testicles – the need to orgasm building urgently and fervently. He quickened his speed, balls slapping against Candy’s cunt at a feverish pace, then buried his dick as deep within the reporter’s anus as he could while his cock started to spew out scorching ejaculate. In return, Candy squealed out loudly and came as well, the nasty sensation of boiling cum flooding her deepest bowels feeling much too depraved to be unanswered.

Viewers at home – wide eyed and incredibly turned on by what they were watching – wondering if Candy had really received an anal cream pie. The pair had both stopped moving, their strained bodies – gleaming with sweat and sex-juices from rutting like filthy animals – were racked with spasms of pleasure. Carl still had Candy pinned down with his dick like a lewd “pin the tail on the donkey’ game in this position, but after a minute or so time seemed to return to normal for the two. Gasping for breath after his glorious orgasm, the big inmate began to slowly pump his cock in and out of the gorgeous blonde so that the cameraman could zoom in on all the white hot semen spilling out of Candy’s anal-opening.

It was a lewd sight, but it wasn’t something that was unexpected coming from the malicious inmate. He loved churning Candy’s sweet little asshole with his cock, and wanted to show the world all of cock-juice he shot into her. So decided to slide it inside of her for a while longer, making all that gooey semen gush out and then trail down her inner thighs.

When Carl was finally and fully satisfied, he withdrew completely out of Candy’s ass-cavity and gave it one last smack with his hand for good measure. The hot reporter gave a sigh of relief, but then frowned in despair again when Carl stepped in front of her, proudly displaying his cum-stained, sopping dick – still half-erect – for her to clean up. Hesitating, she looked up at the convict with pleading eyes, but already knew that he would not relent. Candy leaned forward, hands clutching the back of the chair girlishly, to lap at the man’s drenched shaft with her nimble tongue, trying to suck up all the dripping semen first before going back to the stickier semen that clung to his dick.

Candy sucked away, knowing that since the cameraman had snuck in for a close-up, the audience watching could see and hear every vivid detail, from the lurid slurping and smacking sounds she was making with her mouth, to the vulgar nibbling and kissing with her pert lips, and lastly to her lasciviously winding and twirling tongue, just to ensure that that every inch of Carl Allen’s cock was shiny clean. It was all so perverse, so naughty, and so very humiliating.

Of course a closer view of her mouth full of cum was needed, and of course Candy was ordered to swallow that vile, creamy concoction. But she dutifully performed the degrading act, gulping loudly for the camera, mortified but obedient. Licking her lips, Candy was devastatingly crushed by her naughty deeds, and as the cameraman back away, she thought that her ordeal was at last over.

What she didn’t notice was the line of men forming behind her that everyone at home could see. These were the nine other convicts in the room, wide grins on their faces as they were finally going to get a piece of Candy as well. What viewers in their living rooms couldn’t see were the guards and Candy’s two co-workers – tied up and sitting on the floor – as they watched in horror as the convicts began to unzip their pants and pulled out their big dicks.

The stunned reporter whipped her head around, crying out at the unfairness of it all. “WHAT!? NO – NO – CARL!! You can’t – can’t let these – these animals rape me! They’re going to – to gang-rape me! You said -”

“Honey, I said a lot of things. But the main thing I said was that ‘all women are just bitches in heat!’ I was trying to prove my point. But you – you’re a stubborn little cunt, I’ll give you that!” replied Carl, watching as the first convict behind Candy stuffed his fuck-stick up her quivering snatch as she delightfully yelped out. “So I guess I’ll just have to let some of my homies to teach you this lesson!”

“OH NO – NO – NO!!” screamed the blonde in disbelief. “I mean – I mean – YES!! I’M A BITCH IN HEAT!! YES!! I AM!! I NEED SEX!! I NEED TO GET FUCKED AND FAST!!”

Carl laughed evilly. “You heard the bitch, boys! Do your worst!”

The huge man fucking her hard from behind leaned over closer to the girl and said, “Don’t worry, slut! You’ve got three holes – we’ve got ten dicks – we’ll take real good care of you, honey!”

Candy closed her eyes, realizing that the convicts in the room would have their way with her, no matter what she said. A moan of despair grew increasingly loud within her throat, as her cunt was ruthlessly fucked – with the knowledge that today’s interview segment was far from over…


What followed was an excruciating five hour cluster-fuck that centered on the lovely blonde reporter. All ten convicts (including the cameraman) got to fuck Candy’s pussy from behind. Then they fucked her from the front and back, making her gag on cock even as she was furiously rammed up her cunt. They tried different positions where she was forced to straddle herself over them, still with a dick between her lips. Sometimes they’d fuck her asshole. Sometimes they traded positions repeatedly so that Candy would get a good taste of her pussy, or of her ass.

The ten inmates came in whichever hole they were fucking at the time. Sometimes a cock would explode in her mouth, drowning her with sticky semen. At times the men would ejaculate in her pussy, or spill their loads deep inside the girl’s rectum. This meant that Candy reeked of cock-juice, which clung inside all of her orifices, dripped down her legs, and drooled down her pretty little chin. She had become an enthusiastic, cock-loving whore who’s only use was to drain the testicles of her rapists, who yelled out ‘yes’ over and over, as if to show Carl Allen he was right.

Perhaps Candy herself didn’t know how much she really meant with her demeaning responses – her state of disgrace, and her newfound enthusiasm – only that whenever an inmate shoved a cock in front of her, Candy willingly gobbled it up between her slutty lips. Whenever someone thrust his cock deep inside her anus, the reporter screamed out how much she loved to be fucked in there. Whenever any of the men spilled their seed, she’d readily swallow it if so offered.

The last shot of the night had Candy kneeling on the ground, surrounded by the last six men in a circle who still had enough juice and energy to have a hard-on. The reporter had turned her face upwards, mouth wide open, tongue stuck out, waiting for the group of sadistic men as they rapidly jerked themselves off, their gleaming erections ready to orgasm. Even though the young blonde was drenched with sweat, long hair matted with moisture, sullied and cum-stained – she still looked incredibly gorgeous. She eagerly waited for the first man to cum and was not disappointed when he did; groaning out in pleasure, his fist was a blur over his dick as scalding white jism streamed all over Candy’s pretty face. The young woman squealed out in delight.

This created a domino effect and soon the other five men were spraying their sticky loads onto the reporter as well. It got all over her face: into her eyes, forehead, hair, cheeks, lips, mouth and chin. Some of the guys did manage to direct some squirts onto Candy’s tongue and into her waiting mouth, enough so that she could show the cameraman the nasty fluid and gulp it all down noisily. Candy’s cum-covered face was unrecognizable as the men finished jerking themselves off, the last drops of semen finally scattering over the girl.

She ran her fingers over her face to scoop up as much jizz as she could and brought them to her mouth, sucking her fingers off one by one between her luscious lips. When she managed to clear most of semen off, the blonde beauty was rewarded with six spongy dicks slapping her face, which made her giggle for some strange reason.

Candy could hear Carl in the background, talking on the phone, telling the network that they were finished and were going to give themselves up. Through the guard’s radio they had learned that the riot had apparently ended about an hour ago, and that a contingent of nearly thirty policemen was waiting outside their door. Then she realized that everyone was looking at her to wrap things up.

Candy smiled prettily for the camera, which was still zoomed up close to her face. She was still kneeling on the floor and there were still six dicks smacking against her face. The reporter ignored the cock-sausages and said, “This is Candy Struthers – reporting to you from the Nantucket Penitentiary. I – I hope you … enjoyed my interview with notorious serial rapist, Carl Allen … and – and his fellow convicts. This has been a … Candy Struthers Special. Good night, America!”


The Guiness Book of World Records has just listed the infamous Candy Struthers sex tape with a number of controversial awards, mainly being that it has the honor of being the most watched sexual act in the history of the internet and of porn, as well as the most watched live sex act. During its original broadcast more than a hundred million Americans watched Carl Allen defile the bright young reporter, and then continued to watch her subsequent five-hour gang-bang. This doesn’t take into account the millions of Canadians and several other European countries that the signal had also been sent to.

Dubbed “Natural Born Fuckers,” but also known as “Deep Inside Candy Struthers” or “Candy’s Gang-Bang Interview,” the Candy Struthers/Carl Allen interview was also the most recorded broadcast ever, with low estimates of at least seventy-five million viewers opting to save a copy of the interview on their DVR’s to re-watch later at their leisure.

The most contentious and controversial awards that this broadcast has received was that of being the most uploaded (twenty thousand), and the most downloaded (five hundred seventy-eight million and counting) video in the history of the Internet. Also, it has the dubious honor of residing in the most hard drives in computers and laptops around the world. Many critics have disputed some of Guiness’ numbers, arguing that the figures should be higher, and others lower. Guiness has said they worked with several leading security Internet firms to come up with those stats and stand by them.

Regardless of the actual figures themselves, no one has disagreed with the incredible world-wide popularity of the Candy Struthers video. The notorious celebrity is now mostly known for her status as the most famous amateur porn actress in the world, even though she has vehemently denied this fact. Regardless, the Porn Industry continues to send daily offers to Struthers to star in movies and pictorials, and Struthers continues to decline these offers.

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