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Something New

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I heard the door close downstairs. “Did you remember the bread?” I called down to her.

“Shit! No, I’ll go back.” I knew she was tired but her voice said more. She was exhausted. I stood up and went down.

“That’s okay,” I told her. “I’m out of beer anyway.” I pulled my jacket from the chair where I usually ‘hang’ it. “Do we need anything else?” I do most of the shopping anyway, so I was pretty sure we didn’t need anything critical. Still, she might want something.

“I don’t know. Maybe a new life,” she said with a sigh. She sat on the couch and kicked off her shoes. I looked at her — really looked for the first time in a long time. The pretty girl I married was in there somewhere, but she was under about a million years of work days and mortgage payments.

I dropped my jacket and went to her. She frowned up at me. “Aren’t you going for bread and beer?”

“Yeah, but not right now,” I told her. I took her hand and pulled her to her feet. “Come along, Dear.” She followed me, still frowning.

In the bedroom I pulled her suit coat off. Her blouse followed it to the floor. She was frowning while I got rid of the skirt and hose. By the time I rolled her panties over her hips and knelt to lift each foot out of them, one at a time, she was grinning through the frown. I kissed her belly, just above the swell of her hairless mound. Then I licked down and she gripped the back of my head. She was trying — but not very hard — to pull me away. I was determined.

“I’m all sweaty, honey,” she complained.

“Mmm…yeah, just the way I like you,” I mumbled. I stood up, pushing her back so she sprawled across the bed, her legs flying out to the sides. I followed… I brought her off the first time with my lips, tongue and teeth. Then I used my cock to pump, prod, and stir her up inside to get the next three climaxes. She had her last one just as I finally got mine. I collapsed on her and we kissed for a long time.

A few minutes later, she watched as I adjusted the water temperature. The bubbles were foaming up and the tub started to fill. I held her arm and eased her into the hot sudsy bath.

“I think we need to find some new way to live,” I told her as she leaned back on my arm. I poured handfuls of water over her long dark hair until it was saturated. I used my fingernails to scrub her scalp and she moaned with the pleasure. “I used to do this all the time.”

“Mmm…it’s been a while though. I thought you had forgotten how.”

“Not me. It’s just…well, it seems like time is always short. Or maybe it’s your job; or the bills and stuff. I don’t know. Maybe we just need to take a break from things. Maybe we need to…I don’t know…do something new or different.”

She sat up and I used the shower hose to rinse her hair. We didn’t say anything for a while. I just washed her gently. Well, it was gentle at first. After her breasts were really clean I moved under the water to her slightly protruding belly. Her navel got clean and then I had her get on her hands and knees.

I scratched and rubbed her long back before I went where we both knew I was headed in the first place. I used the loofah to scrub her butt cheeks before I let it drop into the suds. More soap made my trip down between her cheeks easier. She angled her hips and moaned as my fingers slid over and over and over her little puckered back door. Her thighs parted and I found her slippery lips there.

I rubbed and scrubbed and scratched, as she moaned and groaned. I’d just finished rinsing her crotch free of the soap. When she clamped my hand tightly and clenched her teeth I stopped. She looked at me with half open eyes. “Something different, eh?” she asked me. She pulled the plug and the water began to drain out.

“Huh? Oh…well…” Her hand reached out and grabbed my shoulder. It should have been harder for her to tip me into the tub to join her. But it wasn’t. I rolled over and she was standing over me. She was wearing a grin I’d never seen before. She took a couple of steps up along my body until she was directly over my neck and head.

What she did then was so out of character it left me speechless. She bent her knees a bit and used her hands to spread her slit open. Then she let loose. The stream of urine splashed against my chest and neck as she pissed on me! It reflected up into my face in tiny, hot, raindrops. I never knew how hot it was when it first came out. She rocked back and I closed my eyes and held my breath. Her urine splashed over my face, pungent and hot.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been then as she pissed all over me. The stream dropped off to a dribble and I pulled her down. I clamped my mouth to her crotch and she groaned again, climaxing immediately as I sucked the last tangy drops from her pussy. Then I pushed her back and down to impale her on my thick rod. I didn’t have a prayer of lasting long, even though I’d climaxed only a half hour before. I tightened up as I throbbed inside her. I pulled her by her hair to me and kissed her hard, biting her lips and being bitten in return.

We were both sore from all the exertion as we climbed out of the tub. Neither of us said anything. I think we were both kind of surprised at what had happened. At least I know I was surprised. We staggered to the bedroom and flopped into bed. She rolled over, her back to me, and scooted back. I spooned against her damp butt and wrapped my arm over her chest. I cupped her left breast and kissed the back of her neck lightly. “I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you, too,” she answered back in a voice already full of slumber. I smiled and let sleep take me with her. We were okay, I thought.

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