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Nasty at the Motel

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I want you to see me do this.

I am driving my uncle’s van. I am on my way to pick up Daddy Ford and Ray-Ray. I am deliriously excited. It has been three weeks since I first met these guys in the parking lot of a liquor store. Three weeks since I invited this pair of ex-cons to fuck me in the ass and then come in my mouth. They treated me like a whore, shot jizz and piss in my mouth.

I gave Ray-Ray my number afterward, when I was dropping them off at the halfway house. He has called me every day since.

I don’t answer his calls. They go directly to my voicemail box. He calls while I am at work. Having dinner with my parents. On a date with a respectable man. I see the number of the halfway house, and I ignore the call. Each night, when I get home, I am excited to listen to his messages. I usually listen to them while I am still in the car, and usually finger myself after listening, then wobble up the walk dripping and let myself into my house.

“Daisy? Hey girl, hey you nasty girl. Why don’t you call a motherfucker back?” I hear laughter in the background of his message. My name is not Daisy, but he thinks it is. “Girl, I been thinkin’ ’bout what we did to you in that motherfuckin’ van in that motherfuckin’ parking lot. You a nasty ol’ white girl. You tell your nice white husband what you let a coupla niggas do? Piss all up in yo’ mouth, fuck you in yo’ asshole? You tell him that? I bet you don’t. C’mon now, give a motherfucker a holla back. I know you got my number. I know you want it. I got some friends you could meet.” More laughter. “Later, ho.” End of message. I hit save. There are twenty-nine of these now. I want to make a tape of them, play them back to back, over and over. I don’t have a husband. I live alone.

But now I am driving my uncle’s van. I have told him I am taking a group of friends into the city for a concert. I am driving into the city, but I am alone. I am bare-assed but sitting on a dishtowel. My pussy is already wet, and I need something to sop it up until I meet the men. I am picking up Daddy Ford and Ray-Ray. I finally called him back last night. We talked for a long time, spoke in whispered obscenities. He made me come twice, talking dirty and disrespectful. He told me to push my thumb up my own ass and think of his face and I did. He made me say, “I love being the nigger jizz jar.” He made me promise to come by today. I may pick up some of his friends, or other men who live at the halfway house. I don’t know if all the men who live there together are friends. Probably not. I do know Ray-Ray has told them about me, and he’s told me that every one of them want to meet me. I want to meet them.

I am picking them up, and then we are going to a motel on Lincoln. Ray-Ray said its $31. for six hours. What motel rents rooms for six hours? I bet its a real dump. This excites me. I’m slumming it again.

I know I have to pay for the room. These men don’t have jobs. I have the cash folded and stuck under the wristband of my watch. I’m not carrying a purse. My clothes have no pockets. I’m not even wearing a bra I can stash some cash in. Thirty-one dollars, a shaved pussy, and a fuck of a lot of nerve. That’s all I’m bringing with me.

I’m wearing a bubblegum pink miniskirt. It is so short, when I first wore it, I was sure it didn’t even cover the split of my pussy lips until I looked in a mirror and saw that yes, it does, but just barely. Still, the whole time I’m wearing it, I have the sensation, the image of myself with my pussy clearly visible. It makes me feel like the sluttiest sorority girl on campus, the one everybody has fucked. This skirt is a soft, soft brushed cotton, thin as an old t-shirt. It clings to the shape of my hips and ass like a liquid. If I wear pants, I want them to fit up into my crack, giving me a little bit of cameltoe and a good squeeze on my ass cheeks. If I wear a skirt, I want it to be short and clingy. This pink skirt lays nice along the crack of my ass. My crack is very visible. You think you can almost see through this skirt. If I am sitting, my ass is bare, my pussy clings to whatever I’m sitting on. If I am standing, the tiniest breeze can lift the hem to let you peek at my cunt. And I can slap a hand to my mouth as it forms an adorable Oh! of surprise. But its not a surprise, and I’d smile slyly at you to let you know. I wear a skirt like this to show my cunt.

Up top, my big fat tits strain against the white cotton of my niece’s t-shirt. She is nine. I am twenty-six, with DDD boobs. It is a small t-shirt. I was wearing a black halter top when I picked up the van from my uncle, but once I was driving, I saw this little t-shirt sitting on the passenger seat. I took off my halter and put on the t-shirt when I was sitting at a red light. A car full of teenaged boys sat mute and wide-eyed while the woman in the van next to them removed her top and let her massive titties bounce out. They watched her pull the tiny white t-shirt over her head and arms, but not down over her tits. They watched her smile and drive away. I drove for twelve blocks with my tits hanging out. It felt wonderful. The way they bounce when I drive over a pothole makes me crazy. I had to pull the shirt over my tits when a cop pulled up next to me. I’d totally fuck a cop, let him ream me out with his billy club. But I’m not brave enough to actually proposition one.

My areolas and nipples are clearly visible through the thin white cotton. If I were to walk into a grocery store, or a gas station, I might be asked to leave. Obscene. It is my favorite look, and one I’m sure Ray-Ray and his friends will appreciate.

I pull up in front of the halfway house and gesture for one of the four men sitting on the front stoop to come over. He is maybe twenty, surely no more than twenty-five. He is a smallish guy, so black he’s almost purple in the bright sunlight of the day. His hair is short and shiny, with a shaved part line above his left temple. His cheekbones are flat and wide and his lashes are very long. A tattoo across his throat is almost invisible against his black, black skin. It is in a gothic script. In three inch letters, it says “Killer.”

He stands next to my window and looks directly at my left nipple the entire time I’m speaking to him. This emboldens me. I tell him that my name is Daisy. I ask him his name and he say’s its Boudro. I ask him if he can find Ray-Ray. He says that Ray-Ray is inside. I ask him if he will go tell him that his ride is here. He turns to go, and I catch the sleeve of his shirt. I ask him if he wants a ride too. I look him in the eye while I part my legs.

He looks into the van again and sees that I am pulling my pussy lips apart. They are shiny-bald. I’m doing it, I’m doing it! I am showing this man my clit, which is big and wet. I smile my prom picture smile at him. My heart is in my throat. Somehow I say, “I’d be happy to give you a ride too, Boudro, if Daddy Ford says its okay.” It comes out sounding all cool and friendly.

He doesn’t answer me, but stares at my clit for a minute. Without a sound, he retreats into the rambling house. I’m discovering that, contrary to popular belief, black men are careful and slow around a white girl who comes on like a slut. They want to be sure its not a trick. The other men on the stoop watch me. I don’t mind. I consider getting out of the van and going over to sit with them. I think about how I will surely leave pussy slobber on the unpainted stoop. I decide to stay in the van.

I’m waiting for Ray-Ray a long time. While I wait, I watch the guys on the stoop watching me. I rub my clit and taste my finger. I do this over and over. Do they know what I’m doing? I come twice, never taking my eyes off the guys on the stoop. I shudder only slightly each time I come. I’m thinking I can have all the black cock I want. And now here’s Ray-Ray. My god. I had forgotten how ugly he is. His smile reveals crooked and uncared-for teeth. Dusky brown gut hangs down below his shirt, over his belt. There are several men behind him. I do not see Daddy Ford.

“Hey, Boo.” Ray-Ray pushes up against the van door. Boudro is right there with him. They look me up and down. “How you doin’?”

I smile. “I’m alright, Ray-Ray. How are you?”

“Mmm-mmm! Sho’ good to see your sexy ass. Boudro says you already showin’ off your thing to him.” He looks at my pussy, which is not even close to covered by my little skirt. He licks his big ugly lips. They look like liver. He’s not even looking at my face. He’s talking to my cunt. “How many you got room for?”

There are seven or eight men in a group behind him. The guys from the stoop are in the group. My stomach lurches. I don’t know how many I have room for. It depends on which hole each of them wants, if some of them will want more than one. I can’t believe I’m considering this. Part of what keeps me going is how unreal it feels. I have become a different person.

“I dunno.” I sound shy. “As many as we can get in here, I guess.” This makes Ray-Ray laugh. Just as I’m about to ask about him, Daddy Ford comes strolling around the corner. When he sees the van, he never pauses. He walks right up to the passenger side and climbs in the front seat. He smiles past me to Ray-Ray, who wants to say something, I can tell. Daddy Ford snaps his fingers and laughs. “Shotgun!” He cries.

As the other men walk around the side of the van, led by Ray-Ray, Daddy pulls me to him, hugging me one-armed and says, “Hey, baby girl.” He plants a wet kiss against my neck. I giggle, reach down and stretch my pussy lips again. “Look what I brought you Daddy!” I am showing him my clit, smiling like a good girl, like the birthday girl. I look so innocent. But I’m a whore.

“Lookin’ good, baby girl. Gone get all up in that mess when we get to where we goin’.”

I ask him, “You don’t mind sharing?” Not that anything can be done about it now. Ray-Ray’s piling halfway house guys into the van like we’re about to make a getaway.

Daddy shrugs his wide shoulders. His black skin makes me salivate. “Sharin’ last time was fun. The more the merrier, that’s what I be sayin’ ’bout you.”

Now here I am, driving a van full of black cocks to a nasty motel room on Lincoln Avenue. This entire van full of cock, nine men total, its all for me. As I navigate the streets toward our destination, I am thinking that I don’t know if I can do this. I mean, I want to, but physically. I don’t know how many times, or how long, or how hard I can get fucked before crying mercy. I doubt these men, all apparently ex-cons like Daddy and Ray-Ray, would be very gracious if I got up in the middle of it all and said I was tired and I wanted to go home.

I pull into the parking lot. This place looks like a dump. Its an L-shaped, two-storey brick motel like you see in shitty neighborhoods everywhere. There’s garbage scattered around the building. The mortar between the bricks is crumbling. The iron steps and railing that runs the length of the walkway of the second floor needs to be painted. There are only a scattering of cars in the parking lot. I turn the ignition off and Daddy turns around in his seat.

“Listen up, niggas.” They are already quiet, have been quiet most of the way over. They have sat in loose rows on the futon, murmuring to each other in hushed tones. I’ve been watching them in the rear view. I’ve been thinking that this part is awkward. They’re in rows on the futon. Now I understand why Ray-Ray was so insistent about getting a room. (Actually, he wanted to come to my house. I told him, I don’t think so. I may be a whorey white bitch, but I’m no dummy.) Every once in a while my eyes will meet someone’s in the mirror. I don’t know these men. I don’t know them but I think I’m going to wind up getting fucked by all of them. I can’t possibly be doing this. I am so excited to be doing this. I’m scared. I want to. This is going to be beyond nasty.

I haven’t been able to hear over the sound of the engine, but it excites me to know they’re talking about me. What else could they talk about? Now the engine is off but no one is saying anything, not even Ray-Ray. No one believes its going to happen, and it seems like they are all holding their breath.

Here, look. I am not some pasty fatty, some working-class piece of trailer trash. I do not have low self esteem. I am the white girl none of these guys has ever considered being able to get their hands on without using force. I am clean, upper middle-class, suburban in that John Hughes movie sort of way. I am young and pretty. I was a cheerleader in school. My teeth are straight and white. My blonde hair shines. My skin is supple and tender and Norwegian-white. They don’t believe it will happen, that they will bury their cocks in me.

Daddy says, “We gone go in and get the room. Ya’ll niggas just hang out here a minute. Once we get up there, ya’ll come on up, but one at a time. Don’t draw attention to the fact we gone be gangbangin’ this white girl in one of they rooms.”

I turn in my seat and look at the men in back, all sitting crowded on the futon. They all look back at me, all these black faces. I blow a kiss to Boudro, who smiles at me. He’s a sexy little thing. I’d drink his come even if he weren’t. I’m nasty.

Only Ray-Ray has the confidence about the situation to leer. I remember his piss in my mouth. My smile fades as I count again, onetwothreefourfivesixseven. And Daddy is eight. Ray-Ray, nine. My god. I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t even know what all they’re going to want to do to me.

I reach for the door handle and Daddy stops me. “Whyn’t you show these niggas your pussy ‘fore we go in, baby girl. They ain’t believe it.”

Happy, obedient, I swing around in my seat and get up and crouch between the driver and passenger seats. I squat. Eight pairs of eyes ogle me as I reach down and stretch my cunt hole open for them. It glistens. I can smell it. I hope they can too.

No one says a word.

I climb out the passenger side of the van after Daddy. We walk a few steps toward the office and he stops and says, “Oh, I almos’ forgot. I got this for you.” From his pocket, he pulls a collar. It is a nylon dog collar, and it is not new. It looks like some actual dog wore this for a very long time. I can smell dog on it. Before I can say anything– I don’t want to wear this collar, Daddy, it stinks– he reaches around and snaps it closed around my neck. I am embarrassed. This isn’t a shiny black patent slave collar. This wasn’t bought at a specialty adult store. This is a dog collar. He probably found it somewhere. On the ground. In an alley. I feel nasty.

In the office, it gets worse. I hand over the money. I feel like a sucker, paying for the room and letting them fuck me. The fat Pakistani man behind the counter stares at my nipples, obvious through my shirt. As he watches, Daddy reaches over and pinches one. “My girl look good, don’t she Akbar?”

Akbar is offended. He reeks of curry. There is a sheen to his skin. His pores are huge. I could fuck him. He says, “My name Yousuf, Leeroy.”

Daddy laughs. “Fair enough. But don’t she look good, Yousuf? Don’t she look just fine enough to eat?”

Yousuf fills out a card with our false information. He doesn’t ask for ID. He says, “Yes sir, my friend. She look good enough to eat. You don’t want to eat her, you call me. My number from your room ‘zero.’ I eat her all day for you. I eat her after you do whatever you do to her. You call. No charge on the room. I eat her all day.”

My face is bright red. This collar stinks. I cannot look either of these men in the face right now. I am very aware of my pussy. Daddy laughs again. “Naw man, we pay for the room. She don’t need you to eat her all day long. She gone be too busy for that.” Yousuf hands over the key and Daddy takes it. Yousuf looks sad now.

Daddy says, “But tell you what, I’ll let you lick her titty for a minute. You like that, Akbar?”

What the fuck? This is somehow different than the van full of halfway house guys. Am shocked out of my complacent whore mode. I do not want this man to touch me.

Already he is coming from around the desk. I realize he is not shy. He rents rooms to actual whores all night long. I bet he gets paid in pussy and hand jobs all the time.

He brings his curry stench right up on me, and Daddy rakes up my shirt so that my breasts are exposed. The office is just a glass box, and I can see out into the parking lot, into the van just fine. I can see Ray-Ray’s face, and two of the others. They watch as Yousuf leans over and licks first one nipple and then the other. As soon as he is doing it, I love it. His hair is greasy and there are flakes of dandruff. He leaves a trail of spit on my boobs that I can’t wait to wipe off. He is disgusting. I imagine the smell of curry is wafting up from his spit. Its gross and hot. I’m hot because I like this foul-smelling foreigner licking my titties where people can see us.

Daddy puts his hand at the small of my back, guides me toward the door. He calls over his shoulder, “Ya’ll have a good day now.” I go to pull down my shirt, but Daddy pushes my hand back down. I walk out into the sunlit parking lot with my tits hanging out, bouncing and jiggling with each step. Daddy ducks his head to me and says low, “I know you be likin’ show yourself. I’m just gone give you what you want all day.” I can see the men in the van laughing.

It is just before three o’clock. The sun shines down on my naked tits, and there are plenty of people to see. There is a busy car wash across the street. Two brownish women who are probably actual whores (as opposed to me, I don’t even get paid for what I do) sit on the guard rail that surrounds the motel parking lot. Cars whiz by. A foursome of young men roll dice on the sidewalk. I don’t know who all sees my tits. I am too ashamed of being paraded in the daylight like this to look anyone in the face. There are whistles, cat calls. I hang my head. And smell curry, and dog.

In the room, I am nervous again. I don’t know how this will go. I’ve never been fucked by more than two men at once. Will they just run a continuous train on me? Will they each want a turn in each hole? I don’t know what to expect.

Well. I kind of know what to expect. Ray-Ray’s messages have been explicit. That night in the van with him and Daddy, it was nasty, but other than drinking piss, it was just good basic sucking and assfucking.

In some of his messages, Ray-Ray spends a lot more time talking about how dirty I am than about what he wants to do to me. Its why I wanted to see him again. I know that I can expect rough treatment, name calling. He has called me every degrading word for a person with a cunt that I’ve ever heard. He calls me ‘fuckhole’ a lot. As if that’s my name. Hey, Fuckhole, I been thinkin’ ’bout what you looked like tryin’ to swallow all my piss. I was pissin’ all over your face on purpose. You know that? I be pissin’ all over you. I hate a white bitch, a stuck-up white ho that think she better than a motherfucker. You ain’t better than nobody, bitch. I pissed in your mouth, and you drank it, you nasty ho. You ain’t better than a motherfucker at all.”

Other messages have been more affectionate, if still fucked up and nasty. You ever thought about putting your tongue in a man’s ass, baby? I ain’t never had nobody do that. I bet that sho’ be feelin’ good. I think about you, baby. I think about you lettin’ me bend over in your face, and you licking my asshole. You oughtta call me back so we can do that shit. That shit be some nasty shit. You like that nasty shit, don’t you, ho? I just wanna give you what you like. Come on, baby, holla back. I’ll scrub it real good so it’ll be all clean for ya. Just lick it for a minute. Come on. I’ll do you if you do me. Don’t nobody have to know.

A strange thing about me, slutty as I am, I’ve never licked an asshole. Nobody ever asked me to. All the sucking and fucking I’ve done in my life, its usually me letting some guy do things to me, and I’m just really good at the ‘letting.’ Even when I suck cock, its usually more like I’m getting fucked in the mouth. I’ve fucked maybe a hundred guys in my life, and just for some reason, nobody ever asked me to eat ass. I’ve had mine eaten plenty. But nobody ever asked me to do them before, and truthfully, I think of it as maybe a little too nasty to want to do. And if I never did it with a boyfriend or somebody I knew, I sure wasn’t going to do it to a pudgy, gross ex-con.

Except he has me thinking about it. Parked in my driveway at the end of the day, listening to Ray-Ray plead his case to my voicemail, I had started picturing it, how it might happen. I’d pick him up from the halfway house. Alone. Park on a side street. Tell him I just want to do that and nothing else. Get behind him on all fours in the back of the van… I’d rub my clit til I came, sitting in my car, thinking about licking his butthole.

Sitting on the bed in the motel room, I knew that wasn’t going to happen today. Even if I ever were going to lick Ray-Ray’s ass, which I wasn’t, it wasn’t going to be in a group setting. I’d go pick him up by himself and do it in the van alone. I’d beg him not to tell anybody.

We’re in the room. Daddy Ford’s pushing his cock in my face. I go ahead and suck it, while I wait for the crowd of strange black men to appear. After a minute, I realize I’m thinking about snaking my tongue around his asshole. I keep sucking, and I start considering. Maybe I could take Daddy or Ray-Ray into the bathroom alone at some point. I might want to do it once, see if I like it. I am still not considering doing it where anyone can see.

So here I am, a former Louisiana cheerleader, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, baby-faced white girl sucking a fifty year old black cock, a cock that belongs to an old man who lives in a halfway house, a man I call Daddy. I’m sucking his cock waiting for a group of eight men I don’t know to join us. I am waiting to get fucked in the pussy, asshole and mouth. Probably all at the same time. Knowing all this, and picturing myself licking somebody’s asshole (maybe I don’t even care whose), makes me suck really good. I suck Daddy’s dick really good. I am very nasty.

The door behind Daddy opens as I suck. “Damn man. Can’t even wait for a motherfucker.” Its Ray-Ray. He comes from around Daddy. I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, right next to a corner of the mattress, between Daddy’s legs. I slide my mouth on Daddy’s wet tool. It is wet because I drool when I suck cock. I drool because I love it, and because I know it looks so nasty. Guys like it to look nasty. I’m drooling as I bang my throat on Daddy’s cock. He stands over me. I’ve got his dick in my mouth. A fat drop of spit plops on my leg. Both his hands are on the back of my head, but he’s not pushing. He doesn’t have to. I love this shit. I want to gargle come.

Ray-Ray kneels down next to me and squeezes my tits together. He repositions my lower body without interrupting my Daddy-suck. Now I’m still sucking Daddy’s cock, but I have to keep my head turned to the right to do it. That’s okay, I can still do it. And now Ray-Ray has my legs spread. He’s kneeling in between them. My pussy is open. It is swollen. He’s working on stuffing it full of his fingers. The door behind Daddy opens again. I can’t see who it is. My mouth is full of cock and my cunt is stuffed with fat, nasty fingers. I am so excited.

I gag myself on cock. I spread as far as I can. I raise my legs in the air and make slurping sounds. I am showing off. I’m not scared. I want to get fucked.

I hear the door open again. With my ass at the edge of the bed and my legs up in the air, Daddy’s hands on the back of my head and neck are all that’s keeping me from falling backwards. I bet I look nasty.

I pull back from sucking cock and look up at Daddy. “Tell them to leave the door open.” Then I stuff my mouth full again. Slurp. Slurp. Ray-Ray digs in my cunt hole. He’s looking at it hard. I bet not a lot of women have let him look at their cunt hole up close like this. I’m whining uh-huh, uh-huh around Daddy’s cock. I hear the men I don’t know drawing closer, talking about me, talking about my body and what I’m doing with it.

“Look how she like it dude!”

“She gone suck everybody dick like that?”

“Ray-Ray man, she really let you nut in her mouth?”

“He say he piss in her mouth!”

“Man, I’ll believe that when I see it.”

“Man, I’ll believe that when I do it!”

Ray-Ray pushes three fingers from one hand and two from another in and out of my box. Laughing. Now they’re loud. Now they’re talking about me right in front of me, standing over me, looking at me. Looking at my tits and cunt. Boudro is here.

The door opens again and Daddy turns, but not so much that he pulls his cock free of my mouth. He says in the direction of the door, “Leave that open now.” I can feel the breeze from outside. “Leave it open, and stay outta the way. Ooohh girl, damn! She want anybody who walk by to be able to see in.” Then to me, “Ain’t we enough, baby girl? You gotta invite the whole neighborhood?” More laughter.

Besides Ray-Ray and Daddy, there are now five strange black men in a skuzzy motel room with me. The last two arrive together. Daddy says low, “Girl, I’m ’bout to nut!” The two guys who came in last close the door behind themselves. Ray-Ray barks, “Hey man, leave that open!” I feel the breeze again. Watching what he’s doing to my cunny, Ray-Ray says, “This nasty ho wants to advertise herself!” He digs in my cunt and stretches his fingers. His fingers are like sausages. He talks to the guys who are watching. “Ya’ll see this shit? Ya’ll see what this crazy white bitch want us to do to her dumb ass?”

There are nine men in this motel room with me. They are all black. I am a white girl. I don’t know if I can fuck them all, but I’m going to suck every cock in this room. I’m going to do it with the door open, and if somebody sees and wants to join, I am not going to say no.

I am so very nasty.

Its hard to tell, blow by blow, about getting fucked by nine different guys. I can tell you Ray-Ray got all of them calling me Fuckhole within the first half hour. I was fucking loving it. I can tell you by the end of the day, men had shot come in my mouth thirty-three times. I had been pissed on, and in, repeatedly. I spent the first three hours with cocks in my mouth, asshole and pussy. No hole was empty for more than a second. (I looked at the clock every once in a while. I kept thinking fucked in all my holes for an hour straight, fucked in all my holes for two hours straight. I stopped at three hours because my hip joints hurt, and I had to pee. Which Ray-Ray and the old guy named Sanders made me do in the plastic ice bucket while squatting on the dresser, so they all could see.) Daddy Ford told everybody about my rules, that I liked it best in the ass, that I wanted all come in my mouth, and that they treat me nasty. God, did they ever.

I’ve seen pornos of clusterfucks. I mean, this is the kind of shit I like, so that’s what I look for. I get on asktiava or easygals and type in “clusterfuck” and there you go! Five hundred free movie clips of some chick taking it in each hole while a tight knot of bodies stands around watching, waiting their turns. I’ve watched these girls get fucked inside out, covered with come, hands fucking everywhere on their naked bodies, titties being squeezed and mauled, three and four hands at a time grabbing and rubbing cunt, additional fingers (sometimes from different men at once) straining asshole while a cock is still ramming away. I’ve seen these girls laying exhausted and spent and all stretched out and nasty, come filled and come covered, after the shoot. I always like it best when I can watch a clip of the girl being interviewed before or after. It makes it hotter. She’s a real girl, and she does this shit.

Today that girl is me! I let alllllllll that shit happen. And I can tell you, I can’t believe I waited so long to get myself in a situation like this, all this black cock, right at my disposal. Or me, at its disposal. All this black cock. And more if I want it. I’m sure all these guys have friends.

After that three hour mark, things slowed down a little, but they stayed nasty. Really, they got more nasty after everybody had come a couple of times. Things got creative. Guys stood around smoking, talking and laughing. I sucked balls while two cocks fucked my cunny. That felt good. I sucked two cocks while two more stabbed my cunt hole and asshole. Four cocks at once. I took four cocks at once! I rode one of the guys with my asshole while all the rest jerked off over my face and took turns squeezing out spurts of jizz into my happy mouth. It was the hottest thing in the world to look into one of these guys’ eyes while another one’s dick was ramming my shitter. It happened over and over.

The one named Bobby, one of the younger guys with a broad, beefy frame, laid me down on my back on the bed. He wore a turquoise-colored do-rag. Bobby asked Ray-Ray and another guy to hold my ankles up by my head so that everything in my crack was exposed and my hips and ass were up in the air. He smacked my pussy over and over with his open palm. Then he smeared his hand on my face. “Lick your pussy, Fuckhole.” Laughter. Cocks waving everywhere.

Jamie was too fat to fuck. He seriously weighed like three hundred and fifty pounds. He was the one I rode while the rest jerked off. I rubbed my clit and came on fat Jamie over and over. His pecker was short but wide, and I rocked my shit hole back and forth on it while I came, and came and came. Then, after the last guy had blown his wad in my mouth, I got up and turned around and made a big, slurpy show of sucking Jamie’s come out of him while wagging my ass in his face. Then I licked in his piss hole like I wanted more, then licked all my pussy goo off his cock and his balls and his belly and thighs. I sucked his balls into my mouth and then let them flop back onto his leg. I did that a bunch of times. I gave that fat fucker a virtual tongue bath while his friends all stood around talking about what a dirty bitch I was. I was fucking loving it.

A guy named Sanders was as old, or older than Daddy. His ball sack sagged, and after he fucked me in the asshole, I asked him to rub his saggy sack on my face. This old man put his knees on either side of my head and flopped his wrinkled scrotum against my mouth. I licked and sucked it, stretching the skin, making big, wet smacking sounds as I sucked one ball and then the other. I did this while somebody fucked me in my pussy hole and somebody else fucked me in my asshole. I have no idea who.

Darren, or Darius, or something like that (I never got introduced, even though he nutted in my mouth four times), fucked me like a doggy, pulling on that filthy dog collar, going back and forth between my vagina and my anus. That’s what he kept calling them. “Now I fuck your vagina. Now I fuck your anus.” His voice had a lilt, like he was from an island somewhere. Men don’t say vagina to me very often. It made me feel nasty, which you know I love. He fucked me like a doggy, holding the collar. He reached under me and grabbed my wrists. He pulled my arms out from underneath me and held them back by my thighs. I was on my knees and shoulders, my face turned to the side so I could watch this bunch of black guys watching me get fucked. While Darren or Daruis was going back and forth between my holes, another one of the guys, a tall, thin, dark-skinned guy with short little dreads, lay down on the bed so that his face was right in mine. I mean his nose must have been an inch from mine. I thought, I’ve swallowed this guys spunk twice, and I don’t even know his name. He began to talk to me in a soft accented voice.

“Fuckhole. Your breath smells like lots of jism.” He smiled. “Ray-Ray, he say you let him pee in your mouf. Is that true?”

I told him it was.

“I be wantin’ to try that ever since I seen the R. Kelly video. You gonna let me pee in your mouf?”

What could I say? Part of getting off on getting used is that you sort of have to do even stuff you don’t want to do. I was thinking if I let one of these guys use my mouth as a toilet, they all were gonna want to. Could a girl drown in piss?

I was taking a long time to answer. I was just looking at this guy’s face, so close to mine, while Darren or Darius rammed his cock into my anus, my vagina, my anus, my vagina. I saw the guy with his face close to mine flex his jaw muscle, like he was biting down. He said, “Could be I pee in your mouf whether you want me to or not.”

I said, “That would be how I’d want it.”

He said, “Bet,” as if it the matter was settled. He got up off the bed. Darren or Darius pumped my vagina. The guy who had been talking to me about pissing in my mouth stuck a finger in my shit hole. At least, I think it was him. It could have been somebody else. This finger just sticks there in my hole until Darren or Darrius says, “Hey man, I’m fuckin’ that.” The finger is withdrawn and Darren or Darius replaces it with his dick.

Ray-Ray made me lick his asshole. I knew that he would. I licked four assholes, as a matter of fact. Its not as bad as I thought it would be, although it is kind of stinky. I was gagging myself on a guy named Yellow’s cock when Ray-Ray told me what he wanted me to do. Somebody had turned on the television, and the guys were alternating watching me and watching a basketball game. Since I wasn’t doing anything spectacular at the moment, only sucking one cock and fucking none, attention was for the most part on the basketball game.

I was on my back in the middle of the bed, legs spread and bent with my feet planted about four feet apart on the headboard. This guy Yellow was over me, facing the headboard, hips above my face. He fucked my mouth like a jackhammer. It took him a while to blow, and when he did he pulled back so he could watch his sperm drizzle onto my tongue. Guys like to watch themselves come in your mouth. I like to watch a guy come in a girl’s mouth, because while I’m watching it, I think about how much I like doing it.

Ray-Ray was the only one not watching the game at this point. He was sitting in a chair that had been pulled up to the edge of the bed. He was sitting in the chair staring intently at the gobs of come on my tongue. As Yellow climbed off of me, I closed my mouth and swallowed. I couldn’t believe how much come I was eating. It occurred to me I might be able to get some bukkake action out of this situation– something I’ve only ever seen in movies– but everybody in the room had already deposited two or three loads in my mouth already. I know that each ejaculate a man has is less than the last, so I decided not to say anything about bukkake until next time.

Next time. I already knew I wanted there to be a next time.

I still had Yellow’s jizz in my mouth. I was still lying on my back. He was still climbing off me, balls swinging in my face, when Ray-Ray said, “Fuckhole, I gotta get that tongue on my asshole.” I knew immediately he wasn’t talking about me and him going into the bathroom alone, him bending over the sink and letting me take my time getting used to it. Ugly as Ray-Ray is, he makes me hot because I can sense that he likes to make me feel like shit. I knew he would make me tongue his anus in front of the rest of the guys here. I knew it, so I just said, “How do you want me to do it?”

He chuckled. “How I want you to do it? I want you to do it good, ho! That’s how I want you to do it.” He stood up. He was already naked from the waist. By now everybody was. I didn’t even know where my clothes were. He said, “Just lay there, ho,” and proceeded to position himself over me in a squat. I thought, he is dumpy and ugly and he’s squatting over my face like he’s going to shit on me.

His asshole looked disgusting. His crack was hairy. His pucker was ragged looking and big. There were a lot of folds. He settled over me so that I was able to lift my head slightly and give his dry shitter a chaste kiss. Then I gave it another one. Then I stuck my tongue out and flicked it against the center of the hole. I couldn’t see anything but his nasty ass, but I heard somebody say, “What that motherfucker doin’, dawg? He fixin’ to go shit on her face!”

“Naw, motherfucker. She just eatin’ out my ass. It feel gooood. Ya’ll oughtta get up on this, have her do all ya’ll.” Ray-Ray rubbed his shit hole up and down on my face. I kept my tongue out and jabbed it in that stinky, puckered hole a couple of times. I reached down and rubbed my clit. I came with an ugly man’s asshole pressed to my open lips. I wanted to be done after I came, but he just sat up there, rocking back and forth on my mouth. I figured I’d just eat til he got up. I started liking what I was doing. I started getting hot for it.

When he did get up, three of the others, Daddy, Yellow, and Darren or Darius all wanted a turn. Instead of squatting on my face, they got me to stand up, and they all kneeled on the bed with their black asses in the air. If I was gonna eat ass, this was a nice layout. A smorgasbord.

I spent about a half hour sucking puckers. I spent a lot more time on Darren or Darius than Daddy or Yellow. The reason is that Darren or Darius is a tall, skinny guy and his ass is really hairy. Hairy is nasty, and you know I like it nasty. And since he’s skinny, it makes it a lot easier to really probe in his hole with my tongue. I can get my face further in his crack, and my tongue further in his hole. Daddy’s got a big, meaty ass, so its harder to eat it. I gave his pucker a lot of those good-girl kisses I had started out with when I was rimming Ray-Ray. I licked it too. I kept telling him, “Mmmmm, I just love kissing Daddy’s asshole.” Every time it was Yellow’s turn, I just licked my tongue up and down while he called me names. “Lick that ass you white trash nasty ho. That be where my shit come out of. You like that? You like licking the hole I shit out?” I just kept licking, up and down, up and down.

The third time I had my mouth on Darren or Darius’s anus, Daddy got up and got behind me. I sucked asshole as Daddy Ford spread my ass cheeks. I got ready for his cock to split my ass, but as I kept my tongue busy, Daddy just held my cheeks open. After a minute, I noticed the television was off, or muted. I pulled my tongue out of Darren or Darius’s asshole and looked behind me.

Daddy was standing slightly to the side, his big rough hands stretching my cheeks. Behind us, sitting on the other bed, on the chairs, on the dresser and the night stand were naked-from-the-waist African-American men, men my real daddy would call “nigras.” Most were stroking their sizable cocks. They all had their eyes on my puckered, fucked-out shit box. I felt nasty. I squeezed my pucker, tried to wink it at them. Daddy said, “It’s quarter til eight right now. We got the room for another hour and fifteen minutes. I’m sure this white girl won’t mind gettin’ fucked some more in that van, but ya’ll better get what you gone get now, fore we gotta turn the key in.”

I said, “Wait.”

Ray-Ray and the guy with the dreads, the guy whose name I never got, were coming toward me, stroking their cocks. When I said wait, they stopped, but kept stroking. I could see that almost all of them were hard again.

I said, “You guys can keep doing everything you want to me, but I really want some face-to-face anal. I like looking at whoever’s fucking me in the ass.”

There were appreciative noises. I reached back and caressed one of Daddy’s hands, then slid two fingers up my own ass. I said, “Also, who needs to take a piss?”

Honestly, up to this point I had been kind of disappointed no one had tried to urinate on me. Since I knew time was running out, I thought I’d just go ahead and invite it. Nobody said anything for a minute, and then the one whose name I never knew said, “Fuckhole, we all be piss in your mouf when we through fucking.”

And that’s what happened. Eight of these nine guys ended our time together by sticking their cocks in my asshole missionary position til they were ready to come, then pulling their cocks out of my asshole and sticking them in my mouth to dump their semen. I kept my eyes open through it all. I watched their faces as their meat filled up my rectum. I wanted to remember it all, for this to be what I’m thinking about when my boss asks me what my problem is, why I’m not paying attention to him. Yellow said, “I’m gonna pull my dick out yo’ ass and put it in yo’ mouth.” The guy whose name I never got kissed me while he fucked me. The sensation of tongue in my mouth and dick in my ass, both stroking the same rhythm, it was fucking heaven. Ray-Ray kept saying, “You ain’t better than nobody, bitch.” After he came, he made the special effort to spit in my face. His spit sat there on my cheek and lips while Sanders fucked my pucker. Bobby asked Boudro to paddle my tits with slaps as he fucked me. As the last three guys took their turns stretching out my anus, everybody chanted, “Hit that shit! Fuck that ho!” I realized four men stood in the open doorway of the motel room, men who hadn’t come in the van with us. They were chanting too. I felt like a fucking movie star. A nasty one. Ray-Ray shouted an invitation, and three of the guys in the doorway walked over to the bed and one by one stuck their cocks in my mouth, taking turns jabbing my throat while Boudro stroked in and out of my shitter. The guys from the doorway never fucked my ass or my pussy, but I sucked them all off until they came in my throat, one at a time. They were all black too. As the last one shot goo down my sore throat, I thought twelve guys in one day! I’m a fucking whore! I fucking love this!

The only one that didn’t fuck my asshole one last time was Daddy. As everyone else except the guy who kissed me fucked me, Daddy knelt above my head and kept his cock in my mouth. He didn’t fuck it, he just knelt there and kept it shoved in as far as I could take it without gagging. I sucked without stroking. Each time whoever was fucking me announced they were ready to bust their nut (that’s how they say it, these black men), Daddy politely withdrew his meat from between my lips so I could eat come. When finally the last one had dripped the last of his semen into my open mouth, Daddy commenced to fucking my throat like he was trying to rupture something. It didn’t last long though. He cried out as he pumped one last sticky wad into my mouth. Thirty-three. I counted. What a fucking whore I am, to be proud of something like that!

I lay there, exhausted. The guys from the doorway stood around for a while. The guys from the halfway house told them about me like I wasn’t laying right there. I lifted my legs in the air and spread my cheeks. I was wet like somebody had dumped a bucket on me. But it was all my own. Everybody’s else’s come was in my belly. I had swallowed it all. So nasty. Legs up in the air, holding my cheeks spread to show off my fucked-out pucker, I giggled and shouted, “Thanks, guys!”

The guy with the dreads said, “That not be all, Fuckhole. You got one more ting to do.”

I knew what he meant. I knew this many people couldn’t all fit in the bathroom to piss on me while I crouched in the tub. I waited to see how they would want me. Would they form a line? I liked that idea a lot. They talked about it. Daddy said we couldn’t just do it in the room, what if we wanted to come back here? They probably wouldn’t rent to people who had pissed all over the carpet the last time they were here. I could have suggested the set up of one-at-a-time, and promised to swallow all of it. I could have reminded him we hadn’t used real names. I hadn’t even used my fake real name. I waited for them to work it out. Getting used means not directing, just accepting whatever they want you to do. But they weren’t figuring it out.

Finally I said, “Daddy Ford? Why don’t we do it in the parking lot? You can make a mess and it won’t matter, and you know I don’t care who sees. Maybe if other people see, they’ll come over and piss on me too.”

One of the new guys, one of the guys from the doorway said, “You gonna let them piss on you?”

I smiled at him and let my legs down. “I’m gonna let them piss in my mouth, even. I’m going to drink big mouthfuls of it.”

He raised his eyebrows and made a face. I asked, “Do you want to piss in my mouth too? You can if you want.”

“I want to!” One of his friends came forward, unzipping.

Daddy said, “Wait. We gone go out in the parking lot like she say. Long as the po-lice don’t roll up, what can happen?”

Everybody took a couple of minutes to find and put on their pants and underwear. Even after my skirt and tiny t-shirt were thrown to me, I stayed naked. I was gonna walk out to the parking lot naked. I was gonna get down on my bare knees on the concrete. (This is something I really, really like.) I was gonna open my mouth and spread my ass cheeks. I was gonna have a dozen men spraying urine into my open, gulping mouth. Because I’m a whore, a toilet with a tongue.

It happened. Not everybody could piss at once. I knelt out there on the dirty ground for maybe three or four minutes. That’s a long time to be kneeling naked in a parking lot drinking alternating piss streams. They laughed at me. Ray-Ray spit on me again, twice.

It was dark, but there are lights in the parking lot. Parking lot. I kneeled in a motel parking lot on Lincoln Avenue and let– I let them! I wanted them to!– twelve guys use my mouth like a fucking public urinal at Wrigley Field. I can’t believe I didn’t puke. It tasted awful. I gulped. I drank. I spewed it out like a fountain, then drank more. Two guys who were walking down the sidewalk stopped and watched. Somebody yelled from a passing car. Breaks squealed. Akbar/Yousuf came trotting out of the office and stood about five feet from the circle of men around me. I heard him say, “Look, she don’t let me to eat her but she do this.” All three of the guys from the doorway pissed into my mouth. I tilted my head back and gargled. I let my mouth fill, then swallowed. Over and over. My hair and body were drenched in stinky piss. There was a puddle twenty feet wide when they were all empty. I was full.

When it was over, I stood and held out my hand to Ray-Ray, who was holding my clothes. I used my skirt to dry off– I stank! Then I slowly, casually walked over to where my uncle’s van is parked. He thinks I am at a concert with my friends. I opened the driver’s side door and rummaged under the seat for the stashed key. I spread my niece’s shirt out on the seat. Then climbed in. I closed the door and looked around for that black halter I was wearing all those hours ago. I am happy to drive around naked, especially in a van full of men, but if a cop sees titty, he’ll pull me over. I located the halter and put it on, but my ass and pussy were still naked. I thought, I am going to have to clean this seat with Fantastik again. I waited for the men to join me in the van. In ones and twos, they did. The men from the doorway walked off toward one of the motel rooms.

Daddy slid into the passenger seat and I looked at him. “We ought to come back here next week so that office clerk can suck my pussy hole.”

“You want that nasty man’s mouth on your pretty little pussy baby?” He said it like he didn’t think it could be true.

“Daddy, I’ve been wanting that man to put his mouth on my pussy ever since he offered. I want to put my mouth on him too.”

“Alright then, you just lemme know when. I’ll follow your dirty white pussy wherever it go, baby girl.”

From the back of the van, “Me too!”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

“I’ll follow that pussy! It be dirty, I still fuck it!”

“Me too!”

It seems I have a fan club now. I’ll wait a few weeks to ask my uncle for the van again. Maybe I’ll tell him I’ve bought that loveseat I’ve been looking at.

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