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My Wife and Our Lover

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I can barely contain my excitement. Tonight’s the night I’ve been waiting for. Our tenth anniversary and the promise that Greta made to me on our wedding night.

I should probably give you a little back story to explain the whole situation. See, I was Greta’s first, the night we got engaged. I asked and presented her the ring. She said yes and put it on.

It fit perfectly. I took her home and we went inside, where she gave me her virginity. Honestly, it wasn’t my best performance. It was the first time I’d been with a virgin and I think the discomfort she experienced dulled the pleasure I felt at finally getting to make love to my fiancée. Luckily, we found a rhythm the next morning before church, and after church, and after lunch, and between meals, and … well, you get the idea.

Seven months later, we were still very much enjoying the pleasure we found in each other and wed. Our wedding night was magnificent. After the mid-day wedding, we were roasted and toasted by our friends and slipped away to a hotel to await the morning flight to Cozumel. She slipped off to change into a frilly lingerie and I slipped out of everything I wore. When she presented herself to me, I waited in the bed, my proud member saluting her beauty. I had a little fun playing with the lace before getting her naked and down to business. I did all the things she likes and had the immense joy of feeling her orgasm while I rode her and then filled her with my final salute. We laid there in the afterglow, neither one sleepy and touched, kissed, and cuddled. We also talked, she sharing some bizarre fantasy about being a Mayan goddess (pretty funny with her pale skin and bright red hair), but something we’ve role-played over the years nonetheless. Then she asked me to share one of mine. I had hesitated to share it with her, but figured, what the hell. I told her that it had been a longtime fantasy of mine to have a threesome with another woman. She got quiet, but I could tell she was thinking. Finally, she told me that for our tenth anniversary, if I could wait for it and we had a female friend we could trust, that we were totally comfortable with, she would do it. Not really accepting the promise at face value, I laughed and we fell into a tickle-fight, that fell into kissing, that progressed into some serious love-making before dinner.

I had pretty much forgotten about her promise until a couple of months ago. Her thirtieth birthday passed with the kids at the grandparents. We had a nice dinner at an expensive restaurant. I gave her a diamond tennis bracelet (the sales year had been awesome) and looked forward to some fun at home.

The house was quiet as we pulled into the garage. Through the door and up the stairs, out of our clothes and into each other’s arms. Our tongues darted into each other’s mouths as my hands found and pulled the thick nipples on my wife’s quite ample breasts. She moaned and bucked against me, pulling me into her as she laid back on the bed. I stood there and powered my erection into her with all I had. Her eyes locked onto mine and she told me to stop. I backed off and she rolled over, pushing herself onto her hands and knees. She knew how much I liked rear-entry and she was giving me my present. I got on my knees behind her and slid into her slick passage. My hands closed over her tits as she reached back to fondle her clit. We came together, a rare enough occurrence as to be remarkable. I held her hips against me as I pumped my semen, unvenomed by sperm since my vasectomy after child number two, into her waiting womb.

We lay there in each other’s arms afterwards and relived some of the more fun nights we’d spent together. We both knew what we were building up to, even if it took me longer to recover at thirty-five than it had at twenty-five. Our kissing and cuddling took on a little more serious flavor as she leaned down and took my nipple into her mouth, nibbling and sucking with a nice variation. Her hand found my already half-erect member and began to slowly stroke it, timing it with her suckling. Soon, I was at full erection and she mounted me, taking me into her with a slow rhythm. This was the lovemaking we both enjoyed immensely but too rarely. Two kids kept moments like these to a minimum.

I looked up at her, enjoying the view. Her breasts sagged a bit now as did her belly. The hips my hands now held were a little thicker. Her thighs had cellulite, as did that firm ass I’d been so keen on spanking when we played. But she was still the only woman I’d ever really loved. Even if I lusted on occasion over secretaries and friends and even, just the week before, the babysitter. All had provided fodder for my fantasies as I stood in the shower or before the toilet, my dick in my hand as I jacked it off to orgasm, which I was actually quite expert at aiming it directly into the toilet.

Greta bent over, putting her weight on her hands, brushing her fat breasts over my lips. She moaned when I captured one in my lips. She increased the tempo, feeling my expansion and hoping to create another simultaneous orgasm. We almost made it, too. I felt myself shooting into her depths as she whimpered the beginnings of her own. I forced myself to keep driving toward my goal until she came in a full-throated scream of pleasure, my thumb working the nub of her clitoris as she squeezed it between us. She collapsed on top of me, her vaginal muscles continuing to squeeze me until my softened penis slipped out of her. I held her in my arms, my hands rubbing her back and my lips kissing at her collarbone.

She pushed herself up and looked down at me, a glint of amusement in her eye. “What’s so funny?” I demanded softly.

“What do you think about Sara?”

Sara was one of Greta’s coworkers that I didn’t know very well. I had the mental picture of a thin, young woman with straight blond hair and horn-rimmed glasses. The scrubs that she wore to work, like every other nurse on the floor, tended to be shapeless and gave no real hint to what lay underneath.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I was thinking about our wedding night recently. And the promise I made, that if you could hold off until our tenth anniversary, I would give you the threesome you’ve always fantasized about.”

Her words didn’t register for a second, then hit me like a ton of bricks. If I had been able, I would have gotten hard at the thought of getting my wife and another woman in bed. “Are you serious?”

She nodded mutely and moved off of me. I got to watch her pudgy ass sway its way into the bathroom, where she did her usual post-coital business. I laid there and wondered. She came back and laid down next to me, her head pillowed on my shoulder. “So,” she prodded gently, “what do you think about Sara?”

I shrugged. “I don’t really know her.”

Now Greta giggled. “She used to be a lesbian, and she still likes girls. Also, she broke up with her boyfriend recently. And she’s always thought you were sexy.”


Another giggle. “Yeah. I think I could talk her into fucking you.”

I pulled my head back. “I thought you said a threesome. That means she has to fuck both of us.”

Now, Greta looked more serious. “I don’t know if I could. I mean, you know I’m a voyeur, and I could watch you with another woman. But I don’t know if I could.”

I accepted this with unsurprising equanimity. “But you’d let me?”

She smiled. “I want to let you. I want to watch you and Sara.”

Despite my earlier expectations, I found myself quite hard at the prospect of getting to screw another woman while my wife watched. I leaned over to kiss her and it turned into our third go-round of the night.

So, today was the day.

Again, the kids were with their grandparents. It’s nice having your folks in town. And they love to watch the kids. They spoil the shit out of them, sure, but it’s still nice.

I pulled my car into the garage next to my wife’s. I went up the stairs, my gut a ball of nervous energy, and stepped into our bedroom. My wife sat on the bed, wearing her satin robe. Her hair was pulled back in a bun and little worry lines crinkled around her eyes. She was nervous about this, despite her protestations from the previous week.

I stepped into the bedroom and looked around. We were alone. I leaned down and kissed her. When we broke, her eyes looked over my shoulder. I turned to face Sara. Over the previous few weeks, we had gotten to know each other better. Just two days before, we had parted, the three of us, with a long, wet kiss between me and Sara, which we finally got Greta to duplicate with her. While she kissed my wife, Sara’s hand had fondled the crotch of my pants, stroking my throbbing rod through the fabric of slacks and underwear. When we’d gotten home, Greta had undressed for bed and called me into the bedroom, where she’d waited wearing only a t-shirt. She’d pushed me to my knees and pressed my face into her wet pussy. I’d tongued her to a powerful orgasm before mounting her and emptying my balls into her in record time. By previous arrangement, we’d left each other alone the day before. Now, I looked at Sara, naked and waiting for me, and wondered if the hiatus had been a good idea. I felt myself hardening in my pants. She grinned at me and reached for my belt. Her hand snaked down to my crotch and fondled me through the cloth again. Her hands worked quickly to unclasp my belt and unbutton my pants. Her hand slid under the waistband of my underwear and she pulled me to her.

Her diminutive breasts were hot through the cloth of my shirt. The hard nipples poked through, exciting me further as her hand slid past my freed erection and caressed my balls. Her hand came away from my crotch and we kissed deeply. She had reached around and taken Greta’s hand, which now did its own bit of fondling my erect penis. I moaned in Sara’s mouth and she pulled away. Her hands moved to unbutton my shirt and she squatted in front of me after it was gone.

With Greta continuing to stroke me, Sara removed my shoes and socks, then pulled my pants and underwear off. With that, she turned away from my nakedness and faced Greta. Her hands tugged at the folds of her robe, pulling her to her feet before untying it and sliding it off of her shoulders. Sara put her arms around Greta’s waist and kissed her deeply. I moved in behind Sara, sliding Greta’s hand away from me and onto our skinny lover’s behind. Greta squeezed Sara’s butt and Sara moaned deeply against her, rocking her crotch against my wife’s. Greta suddenly pushed her away, breathless. “No,” she gasped. She looked past Sara at me. “She’s for you.”

It was obvious to both of us that Greta really wanted to be a part of this, but I knew my wife would probably balk further, possibly even call the whole thing off if we insisted at this point. So, I wrapped my arms around Sara, my right hand going to one of her breasts while my left slipped down between her legs. She pushed herself back against me, my erection rubbing up against her back. Greta’s eyes trailed down to Sara’s open cunt, her eyes hungry. I turned Sara to face me. Her arms went around my neck as our tongues danced against each other. Her nails trailed lightly down the side of my neck as she pulled me to the foot of the bed. She crawled up the bed backwards, her sultry eyes locked on mine. Her fingers parted the pink labia between her skinny thighs and she smiled as my eyes took in the sight of her wet pussy. I laid between those wonderful legs and licked at the juices glistening on her. Her pubic hair was trimmed short and my tongue scratched against it. She moaned when the tip found her clit and gasped when I sucked it between my lips. Her thighs rested on my shoulders as I continued to probe and fondle her with my tongue. I stiffened it and pushed it into her, my fingers getting involved in the action, caressing her sweet nub and squeezing it. She threw her head back and her hips bucked against my face, coating my chin with a thin glaze of her fluids. I felt Greta’s hand on my back, then my butt, squeezing me. Her lips touched my lower back, then worked their way up. My wife pressed her full breasts against me, her hand probing between my legs and fondling my scrotum. I moaned into Sara’s wet snatch and she gasped at the deep tones in her moist receptacle. Her hand found its way to my erection and she began to fondle it. Sara pushed me away and commanded me to get on my back.

Not usually one to follow random orders, I did. Sara straddled my face, facing my feet as I resumed eating her snatch. She told Greta to mount me and my lovely wife’s pussy stretched over my now super-hard cock. She rode me like a woman possessed as I tried to focus on eating Sara. Her moans coupled with my wife’s magnificent ride had me on edge in seconds. I tried to stop them but couldn’t and filled my wife’s vagina with my fluid. Sara started shaking and moaning as her orgasm hit. I continued to lazily stroke her with my tongue as the waves of pleasure subsided. Sara lifted off me and settled her ass down above where my head rested. She grinned down at me, then turned up to Greta. She told Greta to get on her back and moved between her legs. I pushed Greta back down when she started to protest and kissed her deeply, knowing that she could taste Sara on my lips and tongue. Meanwhile, Sara started licking at her sopping wet pussy. Sara obviously had a talented tongue, digging out the semen from my wife’s body while she caressed Greta’s labia and clit with her tongue. Within moments, Greta had started licking more of Sara’s fluid off of my chin and cheeks while she started coming in the other woman’s mouth. Sara held on tightly while Greta fucked her face, her broad hips flailing against the skinnier woman’s jaw.

Sara crawled atop Greta while I went to the restroom. When I returned, I was treated to my wife and my new lover tongue-kissing with vigorous abandon while their pussies were spread open directly in front of me. Sara moved down to suck Greta’s mammoth tits, so I mounted her from behind.

Sara pulled her head away to gasp. Apparently, she had not heard me approach and was surprised by my invasion of her excited pussy. She recovered quickly, though, and lowered her head to resume sucking on my wife’s nipples. I continued to pound her doggy-style until I could bear it no longer. Sara and Greta had cooperated by this point to get Sara’s tongue back into Greta’s warm vagina. I squeezed Sara’s hips and came in her, amazed at the amount of semen I had left to fill this sexy thing’s tight pussy. Her face came away from Greta and she looked back while I was still in her. She grinned wickedly back at me and wiggled her butt against me. I smiled back and looked up at the beatific grin on my wife’s face. She lifted her head and continued to smile at me.

Sara pulled away from me before she turned and kissed me on the mouth. I laid down next to Greta and Sara next to me. I put my arms around both women and waited for sleep to come.

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