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The Succubus of Blackburn House

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I was trying to be careful as I carried the brimming pitcher of dark brown beer to the table in the corner. Jack had managed to arrive with only three-quarters of one after his trip to the bar. I was limiting my intake, and so was a bit steadier, but I was also trying to stay out from in front of the projector. The pitcher finally sat safely on the table. Helen carelessly sloshed the nutty brew into her pilsner and took a long draught.

“So, guys, what’s going down this weekend? You gonna top last year?”

This weekend was Halloween weekend. The USC campus had been preparing for a month with decorations in all the shops and bars, and with the annual frat monster contest. The Deltas were in the apparent lead with Zrobortha. The picture in the special section of the campus newspaper was appropriately gross, and the caption said Zrobortha was purported to exist on a diet of young children and small furry animals.

The Turk’s Head Ale House, our present location, was not to be outdone by the more elite bars of the area. The Turk’s Head was the basement and first floor of an ancient house that had somehow survived the wrecking ball, and had been converted into a reasonable facsimile of an English pub. Decorating for Halloween was simple in a place like the Turk’s Head. A little white spray flocking to accent the existing cobwebs, the addition of a fake guillotine on the porch, and a projector showing old Frankenstein and Dracula movies against one wall did the job quite nicely. It was a quiet place on weeknights, and we had met for our traditional Wednesday evening philosophy discussion, as we called it.

Jack, Cindy, Tony, Helen, and Trixie were much like me, and that probably explains why we enjoyed being together. None of us could afford the fraternity or sorority life, and probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the image anyway. That didn’t stop us from having the time of our life, and last year’s Halloween had set a milestone that would be talked about on campus for years. We never publicly admitted responsibility. Dean Summers’ wife had been out for blood after catching us peering through her upper bathroom windowpane. Of course, our masks may have had something to do with that. It’s amazing what an art student like Helen can do with two pounds of bloody beef roast, some plastic teeth and a working knowledge of human facial muscles. The three photographs I snapped of Judy Summers stepping from the shower and seeing the rotting corpses in the window were cherished souvenirs of the moment. It was not our fault they’d been posted on every bulletin board on campus.

Jack’s opinion of Mrs. Summers was that she was sexy in a mature sort of way. Tony and I agreed we wouldn’t kick her out of bed, and that she had great tits. The girls thought she needed to lose some of the ass and trim her bush.

Jack belched and grinned at Cindy. “Uh, I think we better lay low, this year. Those campus cops almost caught us. Everybody’ll be lookin’ for something like that again, and I don’t wanna press my luck. I graduate this spring, remember?”

Cindy used a red-painted fingernail to trace a line from Jack’s shoulder to his crotch. “You better graduate, lover. I’m tired of you leaving me all hot and horny so you can study.”

Trixie giggled. “God, Cindy, is there anything about your personal life you wouldn’t share?”

“I dunno. Would you like to hear what we did last weekend? See, I have this dildo, for when Jack has to study…, oh, that’s right, I already told you about Mr. Mike, didn’t I? Well, Jack asked me what it felt like, so I lubed Mr. Mike up really good and – ”

“Cindy! You don’t have to tell everything you know.”

“Well, Jack, she did ask. Besides, I thought you liked it.”

Jack’s red face told the rest of the story, and we all burst into laughter. When the belly laughs had slowed to giggles, Tony raised his hand.

“Why don’t we just spend the night by ourselves? We can get some wine and stuff, and watch movies at my apartment.”

The suggestion was met with boos and hisses that continued until Helen piped up.

“Why don’t we drive out to Blackburn House?”

Blackburn House was a huge, turn of the century, Victorian three story house with typical round rooms at the corners and tons of gingerbread trim. What made Blackburn House atypical was it’s location and it’s history. In 1902, a Scottish peasant left his fiancee and immigrated to this area. He was a thrifty soul, and over the course of five years, saved enough of his meager wages to buy a hundred acres of farmland. He sent for his fiancee, and started building the house in the middle of the farm. Everything went according to plan; they were married in 1903, and moved into the new house. The next summer, she was stricken with cholera and died. The Scotsman was devastated. He closed up the house and disappeared from the area. Eventually, a brother claimed the place and leased out the farmland, but could not bring himself to sell the house or tear it down.

Unlike most old abandoned houses, Blackburn House had no resident ghost, or at least had none that anyone had ever seen. Since there was no attraction to see, few people ever attempted to brave the faint track of potholes that passed for the road out to the place. The house itself was scary enough that most girls wouldn’t go there, so it was spared the role of trysting place. With no specific attraction, Blackburn House was just another moldering old building, and was much the same as it was in 1904. The old barn behind the house was in worse shape.

“What’s the fun in Blackburn House?”, I asked. “There’s no ghosts, and it’s so fucking hard to get there.”

“We can call our own ghosts.”

“And just how do we do that?”

“I read the spell in a book on Wiccan. We’ll call succubusses for the guys and incubusses for us girls.”

Tony, the English major of the group, corrected her.

“That’s succubi and incubi, my little mattress muffin, and I don’t think you’d like an incubus. They favor, shall we say, the rougher side of sex. Much different than me, I think you’d agree. The succubus idea isn’t all that bad though. According to myth, they’re supposed to give you the screw of a lifetime.”

Helen blushed. “I know. I just had this, you know, fantasy after I read it, Maybe I need to borrow Mr. Mike.” She smiled at Tony and giggled. “As for that succudick lady, I’m better than any nympho spirit any day. If I can ever find that little thing between your legs, I’ll show you.”.

It was Tony’s turn to turn red and sputter. The table erupted in guffaws and giggles again.

The plan was laid that night with much quenching of thirst and the resultant silly musings of what might happen if the spell actually did work. I figured we’d be lucky to get there and back without calling a wrecker.

On Thursday afternoon, Trixie called me.

“Gary, I can’t go this weekend.”

“Crap, why not?”

“My Mom’s decided she ought to come see me. You know how Mom is. She never plans anything until the last second, and then expects the world to stop so she can do what she wants.”

I’d never met Trixie’s mother, but I felt I knew her from Trixie’s lengthy descriptions.

Her name was Martha, but she went by her middle name, Katie. Katie was a child of the sixty’s, and Trixie thought she’d probably smoked away a few too many brain cells during her days in the Oregon commune. Katie believed totally in the philosophy of free love, and didn’t truly know who had fathered Trixie. I silently thanked Katie when I heard this story, because she had passed on her love of sex to Trixie. Trixie wasn’t into the group thing, but she was into me in a big way. I was into Trixie as often as possible.

The commune disbanded when Trixie was three, and Katie moved to California with Tim Mason, the founder of the commune. Tim was the man Trixie called “Dad”. They had divorced the year after Trixie started college, but the divorce was amicable, and the three were still very close.

Katie apparently hadn’t changed much from her twenties, even though she had given in to convention and married Tim. She was, according to Trixie, still concerned with all the old hippie causes of the environment, world peace, and freedom to be different. She believed God was a woman, practiced some little known eastern religion, and was an active nudist. After leaving her lover, she had given up tie-dye for more socially-accepted colors and designs, and made her living as a stress counselor. She was given to spur of the moment decisions about anything.

“Well, hell. Why did she have to pick this weekend?”

“I didn’t understand everything she said, but it has something to do with both our signs being in the right house for visiting relatives. Since I’m the only one she has left, she’s coming to see me. Gary…, I couldn’t say no. She’s my Mom.”

“I know, I know. I’ll just have to cancel on the party. We’ll do something together when she goes home.”

My Halloween was shaping up to be the ultimate anti-climax. I couldn’t go to Blackburn House by myself. I knew the likely outcome of the evening, and didn’t want to sit by myself drinking wine and listening to the moans coming from Cindy and Helen. I couldn’t very well show up at Trixie’s place. Her mother would be there, and I didn’t want to interfere. It was on my way to the video store that I thought of the solution.

If they wanted spirits, I would give them spirits. I wasn’t a senior engineering student for nothing. I could cut my Friday classes and do some inventive rigging out at Blackburn House, and then sneak back out on Saturday night. I called Jack to tell him the bad news, and called Trixie with my idea. She promised to keep the secret if I brought her a videotape of the evening.

On Friday morning, I went shopping and then drove to Blackburn House. The lane was as bad as I remembered, but Jack’s old crew-cab truck wouldn’t have much trouble. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about them not showing.

The house had register grates in the ceiling to let heat from the lower levels to the upper, and it was easy to rig a couple of doors with light-weight nylon fishing line to the second level. I’d leave them slightly ajar, and a slow pull on the line would open them. A hard jerk would break the line and leave no trace. I did the same with the chandeliers in the two largest rooms.

I’d picked up a CD of screams, screeches, and other ghostly sound effects, and I strung speaker cables from my portable player to a small speaker at each grate. Because of the echoes in the large rooms, it would be hard to find the source of the sound. At low volume, even though I knew it was coming, it still gave me the creeps.

My crowning achievement would be the cold feeling that supposedly accompanies a visitor from the beyond. I used cardboard boxes and a few salvaged computer fans to make cold generators. The fans would run for a while on batteries, and blow through the box and out a hole to the floor grates. On Saturday morning, I would pick up some blocks of dry ice, and keep them in an ice chest until that night. The cold and the white vapor should be pretty convincing, especially since I would wait until my buddies had finished a bottle or two of wine.

That night, I called Trixie to tell her how my plan was working. Her mother had arrived, and they were having dinner.

“Damn, Gary. I wish you were here. You could help me polish off the rest of the veggie burgers and soy chips. Mom went vegan on me after school started. Tomorrow night, we’re having tofu pizza. She says all that meat and starch is poisoning our systems.”

“Well, Sweetie, your system always felt pretty good to me.”

“You just keep thinking that, ’cause I’m gonna need some feeling when she goes home…, after I get some real food, that is. By the way, Mom wants to meet you. I told her you’re busy tomorrow night, but that you’d make dinner on Sunday. Was that OK?”

“Depends on what you’re having. I’m not much for the nuts and berries thing.”

“I don’t know what she’s got in mind, but if I can eat this shit all weekend, you can eat it for one meal. If it helps you decide, just remember that you can be replaced by a cucumber.”

“A cucumber?”

“Mom thinks it’s time we get more open with our relationship. She thought a good start would be to tell me that she uses a cucumber since she split with Dad. Shit, I don’t like to think about her having normal sex. I definitely didn’t wanna know she fucks herself with vegetables. That’s just a little too holistic for me.”

I promised to be there by six on Sunday.

The gang was leaving for Blackburn House at seven, so I picked up the dry ice at four and drove out. It was not likely they would be prowling around outside in the dark and the barn would hide my car unless they did. By seven, I had checked everything, including the cold boxes, and settled down on my sleeping bag to have a beer and wait. I had the camera on a mini tripod, and would set it to look through whichever grate offered a view.

Apparently they’d opened the first bottle on the way, because all four were in high spirits when they walked through the front door. Jack carried a picnic basket, Tony, a cooler, and the girls had blankets and pillows. I knew they planned for a little Halloween humping before the night was over. Jack produced candles from the basket, and set them in a circle around the two blankets. In a few minutes they were drinking, eating a pizza that made my stomach growl, and talking about the evening’s conjuring. I was lucky. They had set up almost directly under one of the grates, and I soon had the camera was running.

“So, Helen, how do we get these ghosts to pay us a visit?”

“Jack, they aren’t ghosts. They’re fallen angels that appear and seduce you in your sleep.”

“OK, OK, but how do we get them here?”

“Give me your hand.”

Jack leaned over and extended his arm. “So, we’re going to have a seance?”

“Nope.” Jack didn’t see the needle until she jabbed it in the tip of his index finger.

“Ouch. What’d you do that for?”

“To get five drops of blood. Now hold still so I can squeeze it out. The rest of you get ready, ’cause I need some from you too.”

Helen stuck each, including herself, and counted out the drops into a walnut shell.

“OK, so much for the blood. Now for the lemon juice. Five drops for each of us.”

She carefully stirred the mixture.

“According to the book, leather is for rough, and satin is for gentle; I picked gentle.” She placed the shell in a bowl lined with a pair of satin panties. After rummaging in the picnic basket, Helen produced a package of black licorice sticks, and passed them around.

“We have to chew on these while we get naked.”

Tony and Jack both said it at the same time. “Naked!”

“Yes, naked. Don’t look at me like that. You guys wanted your own succudicks and this is how you get them. It’s not like Cindy and I don’t know what you look like. Don’t you remember last spring break? Now, shuck your shorts, and don’t forget to chew.”

There was a little grumbling from Tony and Jack, but shortly, all four were sitting naked in the flickering candle light. It had been a while since that spring break, but I thought Helen might have gained a little weight. Her ass had always seemed too skinny to me, but it looked pretty nice tonight.

“OK, now dip your pinkie in the shell and dab it at the corner of each eye.”

“You sure about this? I mean, putting blood in my eye – ”

“Not in your eye, Precious. At the corner of your eye. Yes, dear, like that. Everybody else done? OK, good. Now, we have to lay down, close our eyes, and play with ourselves.”

“OK, but who plays with who?”, asked Jack.

“You play with yourself; you know Honey, just like when you’re in the shower. Only, be careful, and don’t go all the way. That ruins the spell.”

“I’m not jacking off in front of another guy. That’s…, that’s…, well it’s not right.”

Helen looked at Cindy. “Men can be such prudes about themselves. Jack, we’ll all have our eyes shut. Just don’t start groaning and we won’t look.”

I had to bite my lip hard to keep from busting a gut. I’d never thought about how I looked when choking the old chicken, but Jack and Tony were hilarious. The videotape caught it all, including the stupid smile on Tony’s face. He was a short-stroker. Jack seemed to like it long and slow, and his face was more of a frown. The girls were…, well, they were fabulous. Helen slowly stroked her breasts and mound. I had figured her for slow and sensual. Cindy went for the gold as soon as she started. The quiet lasted for about ten seconds before Cindy slapped at Jack.

“Jack, stop that. Helen said play with yourself, not play with me.”

This brought a round of giggles from them all.

“I just thought you might need some help gettin’ in the mood.”

“I was in the mood before you pinched my boob. Now get back to whatever it was you were doing. After my inky-guy gets done with me, we can have some fun, but I’m saving myself for him.”

The giggles finally died down, and the camera recorded a few more minutes of stroking and rubbing. I wanted them to get into things before I started.

Cindy was arching against her hand when I pulled the first line an inch or two. The door creaked and her eyes flew open.

“What was that!”

“What was what?”, asked Jack.

“There was this creaking noise.”

“Well, I was kinda busy here. Probably just things settling. It happens in these old houses. The floors sag when you put weight on them.”

I waited five minutes, and pulled the line again. For some reason, the door was quiet. So much for using that to scare them. I jerked the thin line hard, felt it snap, and wound it around my hand as it dragged across the floor. Helen shrieked.

“Tony, there’s somebody in here with us. That noise…, and something just touched my legs.”

“Lay back down. It was probably just a rat going out for a bite to eat.”

“A rat! I’m getting out of here.”

“Well, what did you think would be out here, little furry kitty cats? Besides, he was probably too afraid to eat you. Now, I, on the other hand, have no such fears. Whacking off is boring when you’re laying there. I got a hankerin’ to taste a little kitty right about…”

The chandelier crystals tinkled pleasantly at my little tug on their line.. They all heard the sound this time.

“That’s not the floor. Did you hear that? The chandelier shook. I saw it move.”

“Helen, you’re the one who told us to keep our eyes shut. Why were you looking? You trying to get a look at Jack’s equipment or something?”

“No, you dick, I’m watching for rats, but there’s somebody in here with us.”

I started one of the fans. Cold, white vapor poured out of the ceiling grate and down over them. It seemed as if the track labeled “Eerie Moan” would fit the situation, and I softly pressed the play button. Jack turned the coolest shade of pasty grey.

“Shit, what’s that white stuff. It’s cold. And I don’t like the sound of that…that sound.”

My next selection was “Black Sabbath Whisper Chant”. I started it at the lowest volume setting, and gradually increased the level until I could almost make out the words. My pull on the next line swung the door open with a bang.

It surprised me that it was so easy. I figured I’d have to shake the chandelier a couple more times, and get louder with the sound effects, but my buddies were furiously trying to get into their clothes and run at the same time. In only a few moments, they grabbed blankets, pillows, basket, and cooler. All but one candle went flying when they raced out the door. I heard Jack spin the tires as he drove off.

It would spoil everything if they came back tomorrow and found my tricks, so I picked up everything but the dry ice and put it in the cooler. Trixie was going to love the tape. She’d seen the girls in the all-together many times, but she’d really get a kick out of Jack and Tony laying there pumping away.

The downstairs was a bit of a mess. Either Cindy or Helen had forgotten to put on her bra during their flight, and the panties were still in the bowl. I appropriated these as booty from the conquest. Returning them was going to be a lot of fun. The mice would probably take care of the crusts on the floor, but I picked up the pizza box and empty wine bottles. It was then that the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

This reflex is supposed to be a remnant of an earlier time when a sixth sense was necessary for survival. My sixth sense had just surfaced from it’s million year sleep, and was telling me to run. The low, slow, throaty woman’s voice did nothing to help. It froze me in my tracks.

“Hello, Gary.”

I turned toward the source of the voice and my mouth fell open. She was leaning against the door frame to the kitchen. The flickering light of the one remaining candle illuminated hands roaming slowly over the full curves of a mature woman. Those ample curves were barely covered by some sort of gold bra and a gold thong panty. The largest nipples I’d ever seen were jutting over the top of the bra. Her hips swelled from a small waist to a full width that invited me to be cradled there. The woman tossed her head, and the mane of dark red hair fell in sultry waves over her bare shoulders.

“Who are you, and what are you doing here.” I knew it didn’t sound as brave as I’d intended.

The woman chuckled softly and cupped her breasts. “I’m Dierdre, and you know why I’m here.”

“No, I don’t.”

The hands smoothed the tanned skin of her sensually rounded belly and caressed the swell of her mound. “You summoned me with the spell.” Dierdre stuck her finger in her mouth, and pulled it out slowly as if sucking a popsicle…, or I thought, maybe something else. She touched the wet finger to the tip of her right nipple, and gently stroked.

“Oh, that.” I attempted to laugh. “They were just joking around with something Helen read in a book. It didn’t mean anything.”

“Ummmmmm.” Dierdre caressed one thigh with the other. Her long legs were slender and seductive. “One should not play about with that which one does not understand.”

“Well, they’re gone, and I’m going too, so you can go back to wherever you came from.”

Dierdre did a sort of body roll to achieve a standing position. She was as sinuous as a snake. I didn’t miss the seductive thrust of her belly that followed the arc of her jutting breasts.

“I fear it is not so simple, Gary. I have been summoned. I must complete the request of the spell. It is my destiny, as well as being a great pleasure.”

Her walk would have given a hard-on to a dying man. I could not move, and she was soon standing before me. The sleeping bag unrolled from her quick kick. She pulled my hands to her breasts.

“Ummmmmm. You have soft hands. Dierdre has soft hands. Dierdre loves soft hands.”

One of Dierdre’s hands had slipped inside my shirt. It was indeed soft. Her long black nails raked gently over my chest. I felt her other hand curl around my neck just before her pouting red lips closed over mine.

Those lips had a life all their own. Trixie was a good kisser, but Dierdre’s kiss was sensuous, slutty, and engulfing. I didn’t want to respond, but it was as if this woman commanded my body. My breath came in gasps when she finally removed her searching tongue from the depths of my throat. I hadn’t even felt her unbutton the shirt until she slipped it off my shoulders.

She lifted my chin, and I found myself staring into the infinite depths of her deep green eyes. I felt as a mouse entranced by the gaze of a cobra, unable to run or even turn away. The little crow’s feet at their corners twitched, and the eyes flashed silently, as if some inner light had beamed from behind them. Her hand lightly stroked the back of my neck. I heard the rip of the zipper in my jeans, but could do nothing. The jeans fell in a heap around my ankles.

Dierdre’s eyes kept me locked on the spot when she released me. Her actions were in slow motion. The bra-like garment fell to the floor, and then the panties. Her heavy breasts rose and fell with her slow breathing, and the nipples seemed to become longer and more puckered. She cupped them in both hands. The voice was agonizingly erotic in its tempo and low, whispered sound.

“You like? Dierdre likes. Dierdre wants you to touch. Touch Dierdre.”

I didn’t will my hands to do anything except stay at my side, but when I felt the soft weight settle in my palms, I knew she’d taken control. They were warm and firm, and she pressed herself into my hands.

“Ummmmmm. You make Dierdre feel nice. ”

She moved my thumbs to her turgid nipples, and rubbed them over the taut, wrinkled surface. I heard her gasp at the same time I felt her hand at the back of my neck again. She pulled me down to her chest.

“Suckle, as you did when a child.”

I think one of us moaned when I took the firm nipple between my lips, but I still don’t know which one. The rubbery little spud seemed to swell, and I swear it moved around by itself. I know it was a fantastic feeling to suck and brush my tongue against it. I know this because I was as stiff as a ball bat. My condition was not lost to Dierdre. Her fingers closed around my cock and slowly stroked.

“Your manhood and the spell drew me to this place. I came to draw life from this staff.”

I didn’t know about drawing any life from my cock, but I knew she was going to draw something else from it if she didn’t stop pretty quick. I tried to pull away. Her answer was to pull me to my knees as she knelt on the sleeping bag.

“Now is our time. Look upon the flower that will receive you.”

Dierdre lay back and spread her thighs. I almost came right then. Dierdre was hairless, and the effect of the bare, pouting outer lips was surpassed only by the soft, swollen petals that extended from their embrace.

“Feel Dierdre’s pretty flower. It is ready to receive you.”

She was wet almost to the point of dripping. Trixie got wet after only a little foreplay, but this was amazing. With all the wetness, and with the sight of soft, wrinkled lips that seemed to wrap around my finger, my brain switched into a primal, mating mode. It wasn’t necessary, but Dierdre grabbed my shaft and pulled me between her open thighs. The pull continued until my swollen head contacted the wet surface of her delicate petals. Instinct forced me to push in slowly; Dierdre’s thrust buried me to the balls.

It’s difficult to really remember the rest. I was running on autopilot, and pumping away. It had been my experience that women enjoyed things slow at first, but Dierdre wanted it fast. She had both legs locked over my back, and both hands on my ass cheeks pulling me into her. We quickly hit a rapid pace, and she only increased the speed as time progressed. Her open mouth silently beckoned me. My lips touched hers, and she inhaled my soul with her writing mouth and tongue.

The familiar tension in my loins was rapidly approaching the boiling point. and it was very evident that Dierdre would quickly be there too. She was pulling and thrusting at the same time. A continuous stream of moans flowed through her sucking mouth and into mine. She was nearly there, and I made the first, deep, final lunge. When I reached the end of her passage, she cried out. The cry was not surprising, really. The incredible clamping sensation around my shaft was. She was somehow grasping my cock and pulling me into her. A man not entranced might have finished with style; I felt the first spurt and everything turned to a blur. She did not rest, but kept up the grasping, pulling, milking sensation as she arched high in the air. The second blast of seed was as big as the first, and Dierdre felt it. She babbled something in a voice that started low and finished in a squeal. I was locked inside an insatiable, clasping passage that would not stop pulling at me for more. I don’t know if she screamed at my last deep, shooting thrust. The room was spinning, and it was difficult to concentrate on anything but the satin vice that massaged my manhood.

“Dierdre felt the life flow into her. Dierdre loves life. Give life to Dierdre again.”

God, how could she expect that. I was a quivering mass of boneless jelly after the last shattering climax. Now, she wanted it again?

“OK, just let me rest a little.”

I rolled off her smooth body and lay on my back. I would be all right in a few minutes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dierdre stroking her breast. Then I felt the sensation of small fingers closing around my shriveling cock. The fingers slipped easily over the still wet shaft, and the feeling was great. Many women just don’t understand what a man feels like just after an orgasm, and try to jerk him back to life. This was a very gentle motion that rolled my foreskin over the head and back. I closed my eyes to savor the sensation.

The single candle was still burning when I woke. I was alone in the room. Everything was as I had left it. The jeans and jockey shorts were still piled around my ankles. My hands had the unmistakable musky odor of woman, but with the hint of something else. It was a little sweet, but I couldn’t place the scent. A quick search of all the rooms yielded nothing but a terrified squirrel and several spiders.

I gathered up the candles and the rest of my stuff, and walked outside to my car. No other vehicle was around, and I could find no tracks with my flashlight. Where had she come from? Had I just gotten tired and dozed off? I didn’t want to ask the other question. A horny woman was one thing, but a seductress who appears from spells is quite another. After throwing everything in the back seat, I was soon creeping over the washboard drive, and desperately searching for any sign of another car. When I hit the pavement, I relaxed a little and drove home.

The next morning, I made coffee and plugged the camera into the VCR to make a copy. The camera’s unblinking eye had caught more than I last night. The sight of Jack and Tony whipping away at their dicks was a riot, and I knew Trixie would love it. She was also going to love seeing Tony stroking Helen’s furry little mound when they thought no one was looking. It was apparent that Helen loved it too. Well, she loved it until she felt my fishing line drag across her legs. Her breasts bounced wildly as she leapt to her feet and looked around in all directions. The ending was all jumping into clothes and grabbing stuff in their haste to leave. I really enjoyed seeing Cindy struggle with her tight jeans. There’s just something about that little ass-cocking dance required to push a nice butt into tight jeans that turns me on. Probably the lack of panties made the effort a little more difficult. It was a shame she’d tucked them into her back pocket on the way out the door.

I got up from the couch to switch off the camera when a body popped onto the screen. It was her! I hadn’t dreamed it. The deep, emerald eyes were the same ones that held me prisoner. The full swelling hips were the same that cradled me after that fantastic orgasm. The same large nipples peeked through the long, dark red tresses.

The woman walked toward the camera with the same sensuous stride that seemed to make her whole body plead for sex. She stopped and said, “Remember tonight, Gary. Remember Dierdre.”

After the camera recorded her walking to the side, the TV screen turned black. I knew Trixie would never appreciate Dierdre, so I rewound the VHS tape and erased her. The tape from the camera went into my dresser drawer.

I walked up the steps of Trixie’s apartment building at quarter to six that afternoon. Our secret ring on the bell button was three short and one long, Morse code for “V”, and our inside joke for “vice”. The electric lock clicked and I let myself in. Trixie lived on the second floor, and in a matter of twenty five steps, and a few yards of hallway, I was standing outside the door of two twenty six. Three more shorts and another long announced that I had arrived.

Trixie answered the door, and gave me a little kiss in the hallway. She whispered, “Thank God you’re here. She’s driving me nuts”. Then in a louder voice “Hi Gary. Come on in. Mom’s anxious to meet you.” She turned toward the kitchen. “Mom, Gary’s here.”

I’d always liked Trixie’s apartment. The living room windows faced West, and by this time of day, there was usually a nice sunset framed in the white lacy curtains. The sunset was there, as usual, but I was not at all prepared for the woman who walked from the kitchen and stood in silhouette against the blazing colors.

She was definitely not the middle aged woman I had been expecting. Her well-fitted short black dress flattered every curve of the ripe figure. The velvet was cut low in front to reveal a deep notch of tanned cleavage. Black nylon sheathed nice legs and accented the slender curves of her calves. The black heels completed the picture of sensuality.

The smile beamed at me like a spotlight. Her black, shoulder length hair framed a pretty face with bright blue eyes sparkling with life.

“Gary. It’s so nice to finally meet you. Trixie has told me so much that I feel I’ve known you for a long time.”

Katie walked toward me and extended her hand. The handshake was firm. Katie looked me up and down in seeming appraisal. She locked onto my eyes and held me mental captive for a few seconds. There was fire in those blue eyes.

“Trixie picked herself a good looking guy, Gary.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Mason. It’s nice to meet you too..”

“Now, you just call me Katie. I don’t want to hear any of that Mrs. Mason stuff. Tim and I are divorced, so I’m not a Mrs. anymore. I’m just Katie. Besides, the Mrs. thing makes me feel old and I’m not old yet.” She winked at me. “I’m just getting started.”

Katie looked at Trixie and then back to me.

“You better treat him right, Trix, or I’m liable to steal him.”

“Mom, honestly. You’ll scare him to death, talking like that.”

“No, I’m not scared. Your Mom’s a nice looking woman.” I gave Trixie a little hug. “I think I’ll stay with you, though.”

Katie laughed. “Well, at least you didn’t tell me I looked like Trixie’s sister. That’s what one of her old boyfriends told me. Trix, you remember him don’t you? That little dorky guy who kept trying to take off your bra. What was his name? Jason? Jacob? Something like that.”


“Oh, shush. Gary needs to know all about you if you’re going stay together, don’t you Gary?’

Dinner was pretty good. The meat loaf was really soy protein, and didn’t taste like beef, but it didn’t taste bad either. Being a bachelor meant most of my meals started out frozen, so maybe I wasn’t a fair judge. Trixie kept making faces at me whenever Katie wasn’t looking. We retired to the living room with peppermint tea.

“So, Gary, how was your Halloween? Did your friends get their succubus?”

I looked at Trixie. She just shrugged her shoulders. “I didn’t think it would hurt to tell Mom.”

“Not exactly. I don’t think they really thought they would.”

“How about your plan? Did you scare them?”

“Oh yeah. The last time I saw them they were running out the door. I can hardly wait to show them the tape.”

“Ah, Trix said you were going to tape it. Bring it with you?”

Actually, I had brought the tape. It was in the car. I wasn’t sure Trixie’s mother would appreciate the content. “Well, yes, but it’s a little…, well the spell said they had to take off their clothes and then -”

“Now Gary, I lived in a commune, remember? A few naked bodies aren’t going to make me blush. Go get your tape and let’s see how you did.”

I was pretty embarrassed through the whole thing. I mean, you don’t just meet your girlfriend’s mother and then show her a videotape of a bunch of people laying on blankets and whacking off. Trixie tried hard to stifle the laughter, but seeing Jack and Tony forced a few giggles. Katie had no such inhibitions.

“Hmmm, nice looking guys. Oh, the girls are nice too, but the guys are so…, giggle, hard. The shorter one there, with the stupid smile, what’s his name, Tony? He looks like he’s trying to mash potatoes with that little thing. And the other looks like he’s trying to pull it and make it longer…, not that he needs to.”

I got applause from both for my sound effects and the white vapors. Katie choked on her tea when the dressing frenzy started.

“Did you see that? When Jack zipped up his jeans, he must have caught himself in the zipper. Just look at that face. God, that had to hurt. Maybe his girl will kiss it and make it feel all better.”


“Now Trix, we’re all adults here, and don’t tell me you’ve never done that. Gary’s grinning like a fox, and that tells me you have.”

The tape ran out and I shut off the VCR.

“Is that the end?”

“Yeah, they ran out and drove away. Why?”

“Oh, I just thought there might be more. I wish I’d been there. Well, Trix, Honey, I need to be on my way. I have to see six people tomorrow.”

We walked her to the car.

“Well, Gary, it was nice to meet you. I’ll have to visit more often, now that I know Trix has such a great looking guy. You take good care of her, OK?”

Katie gave Trixie a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You practice those special exercises like I taught you. You’ll like what they do for you; Gary is going to love you for them.”

“Mom, is nothing secret to you!”

Katie shook my hand, then said, “Oh, what the hell”, and gave me a hug too. We waved good-bye as her car sped down the street. I slipped my arm around Trixie’s waist and we walked back inside. I helped her clean up the dishes and then made myself another cup of peppermint tea. It tasted pretty good, actually, but it was going through me faster than the black beer from the Turk’s Head. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I was drying my hands when I saw the red wig in the box on the toilet tank. I carried it into the living room.

“Trixie, when did you buy a red wig?”

“Oh, shit, that’s Mom’s. She always leaves something when she visits. She’d forget her own ass if it wasn’t attached.”

“She wears a wig?”

“Yeah, she was in her red-haired vixen look last night when she went to buy the peppermint tea. She’s got a bunch of colors. Would you believe she even has different colors of contact lenses? She gets a kick out of watching men watch her.” She sighed. “My mother has become a slut in her old age.”

“Wanting to change her look hardly qualifies her as a slut.”

“Oh, that’s not all. Gary, all that woman thinks about is sex.”

“She seemed about like any other Mom, to me. Maybe a little more forward about sex than some, but pretty normal really. I think she’s a lot like you, or rather, you’re a lot like her.”

“If I’m as horny at forty-three as she is, you’re gonna have your work cut out for you. I told you about the cucumbers, didn’t I? Well, this weekend I’ve also learned that crooked neck squash are great for g-spot stimulation, kiwi fruit juice helps eliminate shaving bumps, and that those nipple pumps really will make your nipples bigger. God, Gary. Can you believe she actually showed me? They’re huge. You should have seen the bra she had on. It was gold metallic, and didn’t even cover up those huge nipples. They stuck out over the top. She says men almost drool when she wears that one.”

I was getting that same feeling of curious dread as when it’s pretty certain I’ve dumped a test. It’s that intense desire to read the grade lists mixed with the fear of learning what I already know.

“Trixie, how much did you tell your Mom about Blackburn House?”

“Oh, just that the guys were going to call up succubi and the girls incubi, and that you were going out to scare them. Oh, and she’d never heard of the place and asked where it was. Why?”

“Oh, I was just curious. She seemed to enjoy the tape so much. By the way, where’d she find the peppermint tea? This stuff is pretty good, even if it does go through you quicker than beer.”

“You know, that’s the funny part. She said they didn’t carry her special brand in town, and she had to drive thirty miles to a health food store. She didn’t get back until almost midnight. It seemed a long way to go for a box of tea bags. I’d think peppermint is peppermint.”

“Well I’ll be damned.”

“What…, Gary, are you OK? Why are you smiling.”

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