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My New Assistant

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I was in my mid thirties, happily married to a man who I considered my best friend and my sexual partner as we both had healthy sexual appetites that filled the nights well and I had the satisfaction in my job to make the days pleasant. I think I am fairly attractive, blonde hair, green eyes and I was pretty trim for my age;

I’ve recognized the ‘look’ from men in public that said I looked pretty hot so felt pretty confident in my looks.

I am the office manager of a large accounting firm and basically run the place, although I couldn’t do it without a good ‘team’.

I had just said bon voyage to a young lady that had been my assistant for quite some but had become pregnant and wanted to stay home with her child and not work, so I was very happy for her, but then found myself needing to hire a person who could fill her shoes.

I interviewed a number of applicants-both men and women- when I read the application of a young woman with experience in computers and a degree in accounting-Adian was her first name so I called her in for an interview and was completely taken back at her beauty and presence when I actually met her.

She was wearing a black suit jacket over a royal blue, button down silk blouse unbuttoned to reveal some amount of cleavage, and a very short black skirt; her startling blue eyes bore into me. She had jet black hair that flowed to her waist and had the presence of someone very confident- in her sexuality, in her skills for the job-and in herself in general.

She had all of the qualifications required of the job and was the obvious choice to hire-but for some reason left me flustered-I was flushed by the sight of her and felt my panties get wet just during the interview.

I’ve never felt a desire to lick another woman’s breasts or kiss their lips, but suddenly I was getting wet and found myself wondering what it would be like to lick a woman’s pussy-particularly Adian’s pussy.

I wanted to splash water all over my face but all I could do was look into her sultry blue eyes.

Shuffling through her application and references, I told her she was the most qualified and would love to have her work for our company-and directly under myself,

“Mmm,” she said, smiling, and with I thought was a wink, “I think I would LOVE to work directly under you.”

And she smiled and licked her lips and walked toward the door. Just before she reached the office door she dropped her purse and as she bent over to retrieve it, I THOUGHT I glimpsed her bare ass-it appeared she was wearing no panties as her skirt rode up.

She stood and turned toward me.

“I must be nervous about the interview,” she said and she smiled at me and turned again and left the office.

I was a bit taken back by the display but was pretty sure it was intentional on her part. As soon as she left, I went into my private bathroom and played with my pussy, imagining it was her hand playing with my clit and soon brought myself to orgasm.

For the next two weeks after she was hired, I tried to remain very professional-Adian was a quick learner, but when she bent over me to review the spreadsheets I found myself glancing at her cleavage just a few inches from my mouth and I began to visualize licking that cleavage and began to fantasize what it would be like to suck her nipples or run my tongue up her pussy lips.

It seemed to me like she was taunting me as she bent close to me and at times she was so close her hair would brush my cheek. Occasionally, Adain would catch me looked at me gazing at her breasts and would smile, but never say a word.

One day she was at my side while we were going over the spreadsheets at my desk and she was bent over when I looked towards her and her breast was fully exposed except for the nipple I only dreamed of seeing or touching when Adain caught me looking and smiled.

“You like my tits, don’t you?” she said as she smiled and her deep blue eyes bore intensely into mine.

“I…I…I’m married,” I stammered. “I mean I have only been with men…”

Adian smiled and looked me directly in the eyes and her hand fell to the next button on her blouse, slowly unbuttoning it as she talked.

“You may have only been with men, but I think you fantasize about women; licking another woman’s nipples and maybe about running your tongue over a pussy or maybe how a woman’s tongue would feel running up and down your pussy lips and sucking your clit.

“I’ve known enough women that enjoy making love to another woman to recognize that same look of desire I see in your eyes.” she said as she gazed intently into my eyes and continued to unbutton her blouse.

I was extremely wet thinking about it but I stuttered again, “I.. I don’t know. I’ve never done that.”

As I was talking, Adian walked toward the office door, her blouse now unbuttoned to her waist, giving me a glimpse of rounded large orbs but no sight of her nipples before she turned toward the door. Her long black hair was swaying down her back as she reached the door and locked it.

She turned and walked toward me.

“I think it’s about time you DO do that.”

“I’ve seen you looking at my tits and looking at my ass when I walk away from your desk. I’ve seen you trying to get a glimpse of my pussy when I bend over to file-and I think you’d love to put your tongue right here.”

She reached around her ass and slid her hand up her skirt. When she pulled it back out I could see her middle finger was wet. I was still sitting in my office chair, completely unsure of how to react-she was right-I had thought endlessly of licking her but I didn’t know what to say or how to react.

Adian came over to me and straddled my lap while at the same time taking my face gently in her hands and leaning in to kiss me. I could smell her pussy on her finger as she brushed her hands on my cheek and I found I liked the scent.

The first kiss was a gentle brush of her lips against mine, but I felt a rush in my crotch and then she leaned in again to kiss me again, gently parting my lips with her tongue. I felt myself kissing back and touching my tongue to hers; gently probing her mouth with my tongue and sucking on hers as it probed my mouth.

She slipped her hands from my face to the back of my neck as her lips brushed against my cheek and bent them closed to my ear before kissing my ear and whispering softly,

“I want you to make love to me.” and her lips moved down my neck with soft kisses.

I knew there was no going back but I was so hot for this young lady, I didn’t want to go back.

I pulled back just a bit and ran my finger lightly down her throat, down her cleavage to the last remaining button; I looked her in the eyes as I unbuttoned it and pulled the blouse back to reveal her breasts and no bra. I pulled it open, running both of my hands gently underneath her large breasts. I could see how hard her nipples were-which sent a shock of pleasure through me, knowing she was as hot for me as I was for her.

I sat back in my chair and whispered, “Feed them to me, Adian.”

Adian slid her hands under her breasts, pushing them up and toward me, and then leaned into my mouth to offer one hard nipple to my lips. I flicked my tongue over her nipple as it reached my mouth. I licked around her nipple and then I licked it from bottom to top with my flattened tongue before I took it in my mouth and sucked on it. I sucked and sucked as my pussy got wetter and wetter; I was really enjoying sucking on this woman’s nipples and I knew she was enjoying it as her nipples were rock hard and I could hear her breath quicken.

Adian moaned and whispered, “You’re a natural, Shelby. If you get me this hot sucking my nipples, I can’t wait to feel your tongue up my pussy.”

“Feed me the other nipple, Adian” I responded. I was feeling more and more confident in my ability to get HER hot-which couldn’t equal how wet she was making me.

She guided her other nipple to my mouth and I licked up and all around before sucking her nipple like a baby. She threw her head back as I sucked and I could hear her softly moaning.

After what seemed like hours of me sucking her nipple, she bent toward me panting. “I think it’s only fair that I get to play with yours, too.” and she grabbed my sweater from my waist-up and over my head.

I’ve always liked silky bras and panties and my dark blue satin bra with lace and a front clasp was a good choice for this day. Adian circled her hands around the cups with her dark hair flowing and her beautiful breasts swaying as she unclasped my bra and freed my breasts.

My breasts aren’t extremely large, but my nipples are very protruded and very sensitive. Adian brought her fingers to her lips and wetted her them before sliding over and gently pinching both my nipples.

“Ahh” I could only say as her wet fingers pulled at my nipples. She leaned toward me, her soft long hair brushing my cheek as she kissed my ear and licked her way down my neck to my breasts. She leaned in and licked all around my nipples before finally popping one nipple into her mouth as she wetted and sucked it, sending pleasure waves directly to my crotch. She wetly sucked on one and then the other before she brought head back up to whisper in my ear, “I want you to lick my pussy. I’m so wet I could come before you ever get your tongue close to my pussy.”

“Then you’ll have to come twice, because I want my tongue all over you and it is destined to reach your sweet pussy.” And I gently pushed her off my lap while reaching behind her to unzip her skirt as she stood.

She wore no panties but did have a garter belt of lace holding up her nylons. Her pussy was completely shaved and was obviously very moist. I pushed the rest of her blouse off her shoulders and pulled off her shoes, leaving her naked except her garter belt and thigh-high nylons.

“Turn around and bend over my desk,” I instructed.

She did and I stood, bent over her and pushing my still-clothed pussy into her ass as I bent over her back, rubbing my tits into her back as I softly moved her hair to the left side of her face- I gently kissed her neck and brought the kisses down her back. As I reached her ass with my kisses I sat back in my chair and bent in to kiss her beautiful ass.

I pushed my knees together between hers and then pushed her knees apart. I scooted my chair in closer to spread her legs and got a wonderful view of her ass and her wet pussy as my fingers gently ran circles from the back of her knees up her thighs, down to her knees, up the inside of her thighs as I gently kissed her butt cheeks and licked the crevice where her legs met her ass.

“Oh, Shelby,” Adian panted, “that feels so good and you haven’t even touched my pussy yet.” I kept kissing her butt cheeks and although I hadn’t even thought of it before, I ran my tongue down her crack to her asshole and flicked it with my wet tongue.

“Oh!” Adian jumped. I was getting more and more aroused and braver by the minute as I flattened my tongue against her pussy lips and licked upward to her asshole. She moaned as I kissed her asshole like I’d kissed her lips and then pointed my tongue to push into her ass.

“Oh MY, Shelby, that feels so good!” Adian groaned as I pushed my tongue into her ass, withdrew it and licked from her pussy lips to her asshole.

My hands kept tickling the back of her legs as I licked her pussy lips, pushed my tongue up just a little into her cunt and continued licking up to her asshole. She was panting and I could feel her asshole twitch as I pushed my tongue in.

I was licking up her lips to her hole for the numerous time when she began spasaming and pushing her ass against my face. “Aw fuck, that feels so good, I’m coming, Shelby, I’m coming all over your face!”

I pushed my tongue up her ass and her body quaked and spammed…..and I’d only just gotten to realize how much I enjoyed fucking a woman with my tongue.

“Turn around, darling, and let me lick your clit.”

Still spasming, she turned and looked at me. “My pussy is all yours for the licking, but take the rest of your clothes off so I can watch you play with yourself when you lick me……….and then it’s my turn to taste your pussy.”

I stood up next to her and peeled off my skirt, and then pantyhose and shoes, and finally my satin panties until I was completely naked, in my own office, rubbing up against this beautiful lady clad in only a garter belt, and stockings. She reached my face with her hands again and kissed me deep and strong on the lips, sucking my tongue and swirling hers in my mouth. Adian pulled back just a bit with her hands still on my cheeks and whispered, “I can always tell another woman who wants pussy.”

I wasn’t sure if I was offended or complimented but that statement but it made me completely take charge.

“Lie back on my desk and spread your legs.” I demanded.

Adian did and I had a wonderful view of her entire pussy. It was completely shaved and smooth-and her lips were wet and gleaming.

I leaned in and murmured, “I’m licking this pussy until you come so many times you can’t remember how many.”

“Oh, yes, Shelby!” she said as she raised her legs in the air and spread them wide as she pushed her bare pussy into my face.

I gently ran my tongue up one side of her cunt and down the other-completely avoiding her clit but then sliding my tongue up her slit that was so wet. I could feel the cream from my pussy sliding down my crack into the office chair as I licked the flowing juices from her cunt.

“Oh, Shelby, your tongue feels SO good on my pussy. Lick my clit, Honey. I want to come all over your beautiful face.”

Her words made me so horny; I was creaming in my chair with my fingers pushing steadily in my own cunt as my face was creaming in her pussy; my tongue pushed so far up her cunt she was sitting on it at the edge of my desk as she was grabbing my hair and pushing her pussy into my face. I pushed my tongue as far as my tongue would reach and with my cheeks wet from her juice, pulled my tongue out and sucked on her clit-in and out of my mouth like I had sucked her nipples earlier.

She bucked against my face as I was sucking every part of her pussy and pushing my tongue up her cunt as far as it would go and I could feel her spasm against my mouth as she came.

After her spasms subsided, she bent down to kiss me on the mouth and tasted her own juice on my lips and tongue.

“You make me come so good, Shelby. Fuck, I love your tongue! But I want to lick your pussy…and being your ‘assistant”, I guess I should make you ‘feel good’ on command.”

And she slid off my desk and placed herself between my knees as she gently pushed my legs over the arms of my office chair and pushed my knees up toward my breasts, giving her full view of my pussy. She rubbed her breasts up my pussy and stomach and breasts as she crawled up to kiss me on the lips, and push her tongue softly into my mouth.

“I’ve wanted your tongue in my pussy and wanted to lick yours since our first interview,” Adian breathed into my ear as her hand played with my nipple.

“You flustered me,” I replied. “I was attracted to you immediately, but when you dropped your purse and I thought I saw your bare pussy, I wasn’t sure if you were trying to seduce me or I was mistaken in what I wanted to see.

“You saw it right,” she purred. “I never wear underwear but I wanted you to see my pussy-so I dropped my purse on purpose and hoped seeing my pussy would turn you on.’

“I’ve thought about nothing else since then,” I whispered as I watched her tongue trail down to suck my nipple while she pushed her tits into my pussy, wide open with my legs stretched over the arms of my office chair.

“I’m never wrong about these things,” Adian whispered in between sucking my nipples and rubbing her tits in my pussy. “I love to show my pussy in public, but I love to show it even more to someone who I’d like to put their tongue up it.”

She trailed her tongue down my belly and looked up at me. “I wanted your tongue in my pussy, as much as I wanted my face in yours.”

And she trailed kisses down my stomach until her face reached my wide open pussy. She leaned back and looked at me, licked her lips before bending in and licking my pussy lips with a very wet tongue. The sensation was overwhelming!

My husband had licked my pussy but he usually was too turned on to take much time licking me before he fucked me.

Adian was taking her time and obviously enjoyed licking pussy as much as she liked having her pussy licked. She languished running her tongue lightly over my pussy lips before pushing her tongue up my cunt and thrusting it in and out like a penis -then focusing her gentle lick on my clit. I looked down, my naked body perched in my office chair to watch a beautiful young woman’s face between my legs and could see she was enjoying every stroke of her tongue.

As was I!

I felt it start to build and began to shake as my cunt spasmed into her face and pulled her beautiful black hair around my thighs and thrust my pussy toward her lips as she lapped up all of my juices and continued to lap until I could take no more.

Feeling completely glowing in the aftermath, I pulled her up to kiss her lips, still tasting of my pussy and grabbed her beautiful ass onto my lap as I reached out to fondle her breasts.

“You may have awakened something bigger than you can handle” I whispered into ear as I continued to play with her nipples.

She bent into whisper in my ear, with her hair gently touching my naked breasts and cheek saying, “I can handle it, can YOU?”

We’ll play it by ear.

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