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The Anniversary Gift

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We sat in silence watching the sun paint the horizon with brilliant brushstrokes of purple, orange and rosy red; its hues reflecting in the waters of the bay outside the window. It was a silence bourne of contentment and a comfortableness in one another’s presence that transcended the need for words. It was a gesture of respect for the glorious display outside the window.

Silently and unobtrusively, the waiter filled our wine glasses again. Reaching for mine, I glanced across the table at my Guardian and smiled, lowering my eyes as I did so. It seemed nearly impossible that an entire year had passed since I had first given this man the gift of my submission. We had known each other and been best friends, soul mates and lovers for years, but with the gift of my submission, a fullness and sense of completion entered our relationship. I could barely remember a time when we were not united in this way. Setting my wineglass on the table, I instinctively raised my hand to my throat, feeling for the collar that should have been there. There was none. A small, audible sigh escaped my lips.

“Is there something troubling you, princess?” asked my Guardian.

“Yes sir,” came my reply.

He reached across the table and took my hand. “Princess, tonight is a celebration, a festive occasion. There is to be no pouting. Are we understood?”

“Yes, sir…”

My Guardian smiled. He knew me well. “But …” he prompted. “Go ahead, princess. Tell me what it is that is bothering you. Remember one of the first rules is no secrets.”

My words tumbled out in a rush. “Guardian, it was a year ago today that I knelt before you and presented my neck for your collar. I gave you the gift of my submission. I gave myself to you mind, body and spirit to do with as you saw fit. I have served you as best as I know how. Your pleasure has been my pleasure. Rarely has a day gone by when your collar has not adorned my neck, either the leather one in the privacy of our home or the silver in public. They have been worn with pleasure and pride. Yet today of all days, when we celebrate the first anniversary of my collaring, you have ordered me not to wear my collar. I do not understand it. Have I disappointed or offended you in some way?”

“Princess,” my Guardian chided, “hush. You should know that I could not be disappointed in you.”

“But …”

“You should also TRUST me to have your best interests at heart. Your failure to do so is a punishable offense, princess. However, we will deal with that tomorrow. Tonight we are celebrating and you are without a collar at my discretion for a reason. And I will reveal it to you all in good time. Now, I shall order and we will enjoy the rest of our evening as planned.”

Just then, there arose a commotion from the other side of the restaurant. Another patron was complaining loudly to his dinner companion that the service was atrocious and generally making a scene. Guardian and I had been coming here for years and we were always treated well and had found the service exemplary. It was one of the reasons we returned so frequently. Of course, the fact that the owner, Nick Gianelli, was a childhood friend of my Guardian and they were close enough to be brothers may have had something to do with both the frequency of our visits and the red carpet treatment we received from the staff. Still, I knew that if Guiseppe’s staff had, indeed, slighted this man there must have been a very good reason for it. I watched the scene unfolding and smiled to myself.

He appeared to be a man in his early 40’s, slightly older than my Guardian was. He was not particularly attractive. It was apparent that he spent a great deal of time in the gym. His body was well muscled and he had that look of the year-round tan that came from too much time at a tanner rather than time spent labouring or playing in the sun. It was the body of a man who understood that he was not handsome and that women would never find him attractive by virtue of his mind and character and so did what he could to build up his physique as a way of compensating. It had been my experience that is was very poor compensation, indeed. Men like that never did learn how to please a woman and drive them mad with the desire to please their master. He should take a lesson or two from my Guardian. I smiled wickedly at the thought.

My Guardian did not fail to notice the smile that flitted across my face. “Tell me, princess,” he asked. “Do you find him attractive?”

I laughed aloud at the prospect. “Oh no, Guardian, quite the contrary, actually. He is not at all attractive and his behaviour is disgusting and obnoxious.”

“But you must admit that his physique is well-developed.”

I shook my head and smiled. It was a conversation we had had before numerous times. “Guardian, you know full well that I have never been impressed by an over-developed physique. That is not what attracts me to a man.”

My Guardian laughed softly. “Ah princess, and to think I worked so hard to train you to notice and appreciate a man’s physique and yet still you are ‘unimpressed’. So tell me, princess. What is it that attracts you?”

“Mmmm…. I love a man with intelligence. A good mind and lively conversation. I love a man who is passionate about life. A man of integrity and character and compassion.”

“What is it that arouses you about a man, princess?” he asked.

“Bedroom eyes, a nice ass and strength and power. Power arouses me, Guardian. Not blatant, boastful power, but the quiet power that exudes from a man’s very essence and commands respect the minute he enters a room.” I licked my lips seductively, let my voice become husky and looked across the table. “You arouse me, Guardian.”

He looked into my eyes and held my gaze. “Now, princess!” he demanded.

He waited and watched my face as the orgasm swept over me. It had been a year of training, but my Guardian had developed my awareness of my sexuality and my desire for him to a point where the mere sound of his voice aroused me. The word ‘now’ was the trigger that released my sexual energy and orgasm.

“Very, very good princess. You have come a long way in the last year. I am pleased with your progress.”

I blushed as the waiter approached with our entrees, aware of the fact that the aroma of my arousal scented the air.

After the meal was over and the dishes cleared away, my Guardian gave the waiter the signal that we were not to be disturbed for a while. I knew that my Guardian had something on his mind.

“Tonight is a special occasion, princess. I brought you here to our favourite restaurant as a celebration. Later, we will dance. Your body will become one with the music; alive and moving for me to enjoy. First, I have a very special surprise for you. I know that it has bothered you that I did not allow you to wear my collar tonight. You are not accustomed to being without the sign of my ownership. But it was not without reason, princess.”

He reached into the inside pocket of his suit jacket and removed a small gift-wrapped box, placing it on the table in front of me. His eyes twinkled with delight.

“Go ahead, princess. Open it.”

I reached tentatively for the box. Slowly, deliberately I untied the silk ribbon and began to unwrap it. As the foil gift-wrap fell away, I drew a sharp, inward breath. In my hands was a velvet box from a local jeweler.

“Open it, princess,” my Guardian repeated firmly.

I did so and found within a solid gold bangle a half-inch wide. It was simple and elegant and unmistakably a collar, large enough to encircle my throat and contoured to rest just inside the collarbone. It had a hidden clasp and so appeared to be a continuous circle of gold.

“It is beautiful, Guardian, but it is far too extravagant for me.”

“Nonsense,” he exclaimed. “I have been saving for this for some time now. I wanted you to have a public collar that was as elegant and beautiful as you are.”

I thought of how long it must have taken him to save for such an extravagance on a firefighter’s salary and I was overwhelmed with gratitude and love. “Guardian, I don’t know what to say. Thank you. It is lovely. I will cherish it always and wear it with pride as the public sign of my submission to you and your ownership of me.”

He reached out his hand. “Allow me to place it on my princess’ neck.”

I placed the collar in his hand and waited as he stood and walked around behind me. I was uncertain how to accept the collar in such a public setting.

“You may remain seated, princess, but you must present your neck for collaring.”

I grasped my long, auburn hair in my hand, pulling it up off my neck and bowed my head forward as my Guardian slid his collar around my neck and fastened the clasp. I released my hair and started to raise my head. My Guardian slid one hand in my hair and gently, but firmly tilted my head back so that my throat was exposed and our eyes met. Then he cupped my chin with his other hand.

“Who owns you, princess?”

“You do, sir,” I replied.

“Whose body is this?

“Yours, sir.”

“Who owns your heart?”

“You do, sir.”

“Do you wish for it to be any other way, princess?

“No sir.”

He released my hair and turned my chair to face him. “Stand, please. Submission position.”

I rose and stood in front of him, my eyes directed down towards the floor.

“Now, princess, because I know how much you love it, we are going to dance. I want you to enjoy yourself fully, giving yourself over completely to the music and dancing with wanton abandon. You are to look only at me and every move, every turn, every undulation of your body is to be for my pleasure. I will touch you and tease you and enjoy you. Then I am taking you home and we will spend the rest of the night ‘celebrating’ your first year of submission as is befitting your position as my princess.”

He cupped a hand beneath my chin again and kissed me discreetly. “I hope you weren’t planning on getting any sleep tonight, my dear,” he said wickedly. I shivered with desire and delight. Then he took my arm and led me towards the ballroom.

The evening was magical. I love to dance and the melding of the music and my spirit and my body is an almost sexual experience. The diaphanous material of my dress floated over my curves accentuating without revealing completely. As I swayed and undulated and lost myself in the music, I knew that the sheerness of the fabric allowed the occasional hint that there might be nothing on underneath, the cut of the bodice revealed the swell of rounded breasts and the simple skirt caressed slim hips and what has been referred to as a ‘sweet little ass’. My Guardian would use the word ‘spankable’. It was one of those times when I was completely assured of my beauty and desirability and was reveling in the thought that many of the men in the room wished that they would be taking me home. My Guardian knew it as well. Each time the music slowed and we danced with bodies close together, he would slide a hand up the back of my neck. Let his fingers linger on my new collar and then grasp my hair.

“Who owns you, princess?” he would ask.

My reply was always the same. “You do, sir.”

It was a small ritual we allowed ourselves to heighten the sexual tension for later in the evening when we would return home and he would claim me once again. I relished every moment of it.

It was just such a moment when the obnoxious stranger from the dining room chose to intrude upon our evening. He was standing beside my Guardian. I didn’t know where his dinner companion had disappeared to. Most likely, she had gotten tired of his behaviour and deserted him. Whatever the case, he had decided to turn his attentions to us.

“Step aside, buddy, and let a real man show her a good time,” he said as he rudely grabbed my Guardian’s shoulder.

It was a credit to my Guardian’s discretion and decorum that he didn’t immediately threaten to do serious injury to the jerk. I think he knew that I was still just a little frightened by his temper and hoped to avoid a scene for my sake. Instead, he pulled away and said coldly, “The lady is with me. Now get out of my face and off of this dance floor before things turn ugly.”

The stranger was not to be deterred. “What’s the matter? You afraid she might feel a real man pressing up against her and want to go home with me instead?” He turned to look at me. “Come on, baby, let me show you what you’ve been missing all your life.”

I could have told him that I was familiar with men like him. That what I had been missing all my life was someone like my Guardian. I could have told him how obnoxious and disgusting I found him to be. Instead, I remained silent. It would have been disrespectful to my Guardian to embarrass him by displaying such a lack of manners. I looked at my Guardian and then lowered my eyes. The situation was his to handle.

My Guardian took a step back, gritted his teeth and faced the stranger. His voice was malevolent and I could tell that he was fighting to maintain his composure. “I will tell you once again. The LADY is with me. There is a ring on her finger and a collar around her neck that say quite clearly that she is owned. Now take your overblown ego and steroid-induced physique and get out of this restaurant – NOW.”

In his anger, my Guardian did not think about what his choice of words would do. I tried to stop the orgasm before it got rolling, but under the circumstances, the word ‘now’ caught me utterly off-guard. The orgasm washed over me and my body shuddered and my breath caught in my throat. As discreet as I was, no one would have known except my Guardian – and the jerk standing next to us. It was all the excuse he needed.

He laughed. “Just look at the slut. She wants me so badly, she can’t control herself. I’ll bet …”

He never had a chance to finish. My Guardian had him by the throat and up against the wall before he knew what had happened. His fist was raised to beat the stranger to a bloody pulp when someone grabbed it and stopped him. Nick Gianelli was standing beside my Guardian, mildly restraining him to avoid a public scene.

“Matthew, perhaps you and I should take our friend outside and discuss this like gentlemen, yes?” Nick asked.

My Guardian took a deep breath and said, “Nicky no one calls my princess a slut and gets away with it. You should know better.”

Nick looked at my Guardian, gave a slight nod, and said, “Matthew, I have known Erin a long time. She is like my sister. No one calls my sister a slut and gets away with it. Now, shall we take our friend, here, outside and ‘discuss’ the situation?’

My Guardian smiled slightly. “Like the old days, eh Nick?”

Nick grinned, “Like the old days.”

With that, they motioned to one of the staff who escorted me to Nick’s office and led the stranger outside.

I waited in Nick’s office for what seemed like an eternity. I knew Nick and my Guardian well enough to know that the stranger would be sorry he had ever crossed paths with them. I only hoped that they would do nothing too foolish, although I was certain that between the two of them they had enough ‘connections’ to keep themselves out of jail. Finally, I heard voices approaching in the hallway. Nick and my Guardian walked into the office and were immediately silent. I looked at my Guardian and could see from his eyes that he was still angry.

“Matthew,” I used his name since I was not certain whether Nick knew the full dynamics of our relationship. “I am so sorry that our evening was ruined. I feel like it was my fault. I didn’t intend to invite the attentions of a stranger, though. He just appeared out of nowhere.”

Nick spoke before Matthew had a chance to respond. “Erin, cara mia, it is impossible for one as lovely and alive as you to avoid the unwanted attentions of such pigs. Matthew is not angry with you. We were simply discussing some minor business details.”

My Guardian came over and stood beside me. “Erin, I promise you that it was not your fault. You were behaving most appropriately. And I promise you that our evening has not been ruined. As a matter of fact, thanks to our friend, I have a very special treat for you this evening, princess. Nick is helping me arrange it.”

Nick turned and took a bottle of wine from a rack on his credenza. “We’ll share a bottle of wine while we wait for everything to be ready. It has been too long since the three of us sat and visited.”

As Nick and my Guardian caught up on what was going on in one another’s lives, I found my mind drifting away. My Guardian’s presence was like an energy field that set my entire body tingling. His scent filled my senses. I was aroused and longing to go home and learn what it was that he had planned for the rest of our celebration. Still, I would not embarrass him by allowing my desire to show. Instead, I resorted to one of the signals that we had agreed upon if ever I should want to let him know that I desired him when we were in public. I rose from my chair.

“Excuse me, gentlemen,” I said politely, “but that chair is getting uncomfortable. I just need to switch positions for a few minutes.”

I sat on the floor in front of my Guardian’s chair at his feet, my long legs curled up beside me, hands folded demurely in my lap. I suspect that had I dared to be bold enough to look at my Guardian, I would have seen the corners of his mouth lift in a smile and the erection filling his trousers. I did not look, but waited submissively for his signal to leave. I did not have to wait long.

“Well, Nick,” he said. “Thank you for the wine and the assistance. But we have detained you long enough this evening. Besides, I promised Erin a very special evening and the night is young.”

“Go on. Get out of here, you two. I have work to do,” replied Nick. “Enjoy the rest of your evening. Erin, I am sure you will have a wonderful night.”

We left the restaurant and headed to the car. I was dying to ask, but knew better. My Guardian would tell me when he was good and ready. The ride home was filled with playful banter, until finally; I could take it no longer.

“Guardian,” I began tentatively.

“Yes, princess.”

“I want you.”

“Do you, really, princess?”

“I want you so badly. I want to kneel before you and take your cock in my mouth. I want to feel you hands in my hair as I lick and suck and savour the taste of you. I want to devour you. I want…”

“PRINCESS!” my Guardian interrupted sharply. “Who owns you?”

“You do, sir.”

“Who is it that has made the plans for this evening, princess?”

“You have, sir.”

“I am very glad that you desire me, princess, and I am always glad to hear you say so. However, I will decide how you shall please me and when. You are almost being impertinent and I would hate to have to discipline you for that this evening, princess. I have promised you that you will not be disappointed this evening and that I have a very special surprise for you. You must trust me and leave it at that. Are we understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

We rode in silence for a few minutes before I heard rather than felt my seat belt being unbuckled.

“Princess, I want you to turn and sit facing me with your back up against the door.”

As I moved to obey, my Guardian nodded. “Good. Feet on the seat, legs spread wide. Slide your skirt up around your waist, princess. I want to see you.”

My Guardian smiled in approval. “Beautiful, my dear, beautiful.”

He glanced over at me briefly before turning to his attention to the road again. “And the straps tied so prettily at your shoulders, princess, untie them.”

My surprise must have registered on my face. “Yes, my dear, I do know that will leave your lovely breasts exposed. Untie them.”

I obeyed without any further hesitation. As I sat in the front seat of my Guardian’s car, fully exposed, I felt both mildly uncomfortable and incredibly aroused. I knew that he enjoyed both the sight of my body and the combination of my arousal and discomfiture.

“Princess, I want you to fondle yourself. Tease your clit from her slumber. Probe your opening. Caress your breasts. Hold nothing back. I expect you to give yourself pleasure. I expect to be able to HEAR your pleasure. However, you are not allowed to come. Push yourself to the brink, but don’t you dare bring yourself to orgasm. That is MY privilege. Just as it is MY privilege to decide the evening’s activities. I will give you pleasure beyond your expectations, I promise. First, however, a little reminder is in order. You are to please me. Your body is to please me. What would please me at this moment is to watch you enjoy your own body. Please begin immediately, princess.”

I did as instructed. My hands danced lightly across my nipples, teasing them. They were erect and hard and I gasped lightly as my touch sent pinpricks of electricity across them. My hands moved sensually over my abdomen and found their way between my legs. I inserted first one, then two fingers into my opening, moistening them before fondling my lips and clit. My ‘little girl’ was aroused and ready to play. I drew the hood back a little farther with my left hand as my right caressed my clit. My hips began to thrust, my back was arched, my head pressed against the window as I began to increase the tempo. I was panting, my breath coming in ragged, rapid gasps. I began to moan with desire and pleasure.

My Guardian’s voice broke through. “Fuck yourself, princess. Use your left hand and finger fuck yourself while your right hand continues to play with your clit.”

I quickly complied. The pleasure was wonderful. If I was mildly ill at ease pleasuring my own body, it did not matter; for I knew that my Guardian loved to watch me do so. My desire mounted and my hips thrust even harder and faster. My body was writhing and my moans were becoming increasingly louder.

“Do you want to come, princess?” my Guardian asked.

Without stopping, I replied. “Yes, Guardian, yes. I want to come so badly. I need to come.”

“What do you say, princess?”

“Please Guardian.” My desire was beyond bearable. There was now an urgency and a wild abandon to my movements. I screamed. “Please, Guardian. PLEEEEASE ….”


My hands ceased their ministrations, but my body could not shift tempo so smoothly. I writhed and whimpered as the sexual tension gradually began to abate.

“I told you, princess, no orgasm yet. I want you fully aroused and on edge for the rest of our evening.”

I was vaguely aware of the garage door opening and the car pulling into the garage. As the garage door closed behind us, my Guardian turned off the engine.

“Stay put,” he said.

He exited the car, walked around to open my door for me and held out his hand to help me from the car. I reached to rearrange my dress, but his words stopped me.

“No need, princess. Please stand up.”

As I stood before him, my skirt fell to once again cover me, but my breasts were still exposed. My Guardian bent slightly, took a nipple in his mouth and bit ever so lightly.

“Mmmm … such perfectly delightful breasts,” he said as he straightened up. “Remove your dress please, princess.”

I did as directed; placing it in the hand he had extended to take it from me. As he put my dress carefully on the seat of the car, he ordered me to stand on the rug that was in front of the door to the house. Then he walked slowly around me, examining and admiring my naked body.

“Kneel, princess. Submission position.”

I knelt on the rug, my hands clasped behind my back, eyes towards the floor.

“Present your neck for collaring, princess.”

Again, I lifted my hair from my neck and bent my head forward. My Guardian placed my leather collar with it’s tiny brass lock on the rug in front of me. He reached around, unclasped the gold collar and placed it beside the leather one. As he picked up the leather collar, he stopped to ask me once again.

“Who owns you, princess?”

“You do, sir.”

“Would you have it any other way, princess?”

“No, sir.’

“What do you want, princess?”

“I want you to place that collar around my neck and lock it in place. I want you to take possession of me – mind, body and spirit. I want you to take me into our house tonight and claim your possession once again. I want you to accept the gift of my body and my submission and do what you will to train, discipline, protect and respect me so that we may bring one another pleasure.”

“You shall have your wish, princess,” he said as he locked the collar snugly around my neck.

“Stand, please, princess.”

I did as instructed. My Guardian stood in front of my and pulled me to him in a passionate kiss that took my breath away. I ran my hands over his back and through his hair as my mouth hungrily responded to his kiss. Gently, he pulled away. I whimpered and leaned towards him for more. My efforts were rewarded with a light swat on my ass.

“Impertinent, little thing,” he said teasingly. “Submission position, hands behind back.”

I complied. My hands were soon encased in leather cuffs and clipped together. A leather blindfold followed. I stiffened slightly. I was sometimes uncomfortable with the blindfold and my Guardian rarely used one.

“You need to trust me, princess,” he said.

He lifted my chin with his hand and I both felt and heard the leash as he clipped it to my collar.

Kissing me once again, he said, “Are you ready, princess?”

My reply both surprised and delighted him. “Yes, Master,” I said.

“Why, princess,” he exclaimed. “I believe you are. I believe you are, indeed. Let us begin, then, my dear.”

I heard the door to the house open and felt the tug of the leash on my collar as my Guardian led me into the house. I couldn’t help wondering to myself, shall we start in the dungeon or go straight to our bedroom. I shivered with anticipation and delight. I felt the moisture that evidenced my desire pool at the opening of my cunt and begin to trickle down the inside of my thighs.

My Guardian led me a few steps down the rear hallway before instructing me to stop. As I stood waiting patiently, I felt him place my cloak over my shoulders and fasten the clasp at my throat. So, it is to be the dungeon, first. I thought to myself. I could not conceal my delight, my body shivering slightly in anticipation. The bondage aspect of our relationship was one which I found to be particularly arousing. While my Guardian did not object to the bondage play he did not find it to be as enticing as did I. I knew that a trip to the dungeon on the evening of celebration was an intentional act on his part to indulge me.

My Guardian instructed me to stop once again. We must be at the stair landing. I felt the leash tighten as my Guardian firmly grasped my elbow to escort me down the stairs.

“Yes, princess, you shall have your time in the dungeon. I promise that I will be patient and take my time. I will tie you in all of your favourite positions and tease and torment and take you. You will scream and cry and plead for more. And I will oblige you. You shall not be disappointed. You have my word on it.,” he said, acknowledging my telltale shiver of delight.

As we descended the stairs, he continued to whisper in my ear, detailing the plans he had in store. I was moaning and dripping with anticipation. Once in the lower level, he led me down another hall. We stopped as he opened the door to one of our rooms. Then he led me inside.

Neither of us spoke as my Guardian unhooked the leash, then with his hands on my shoulders turned me to the position he desired. My Guardian broke the silence.

“You were very good, princess. I know that you have been curious about the fate of our ill-mannered friend from the restaurant. Yet you have not inquired. You have shown admirable self-discipline and restraint.”

“I was curious, Guardian, but knew that you would tell me when you were ready.”

“It should please you to know, princess, that Nick and I did not harm our friend.”

“Yet you were both so intent on exacting your revenge. I am afraid I do not understand.”

“You will understand shortly, my dear. We were indeed intent on making him regret his behaviour. We are no longer rash young men who believe that our fists or violence are always the most effective means of vengeance. We have learned to be creative. That is my special surprise for you tonight, princess.”

He removed my blindfold. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room, I realized where we were. We were in one of our playrooms which served as my Guardian’s observation room. It was, for all intents and purposes, a nice cozy den, except for the fact that behind the bookshelves was a two-way mirror, which could be accessed with the push of a button. It was here that my Guardian and I had some of our more intense conversations. It was also from this room that my Guardian would observe my ‘training’ in the playroom next door.

I looked at my Guardian quizzically.

“It has occurred to me, princess, that your submission and devotion mean little if they are not given willingly …”

I started to interrupt, but my Guardian held up a hand to silence me.

“Given willingly,” he continued “and with full knowledge of what it is you may be missing out on by remaining with me. So tonight I find it most appropriate that you be given an opportunity to know what it is you are passing up by remaining in my possession. The moron from the restaurant seems to think that he can show you what a real man is and that once you have seen him, you will want no one else, particularly me. So Nicky and I merely have arranged for him to have the opportunity to show you what he is made of.”

With that, he pressed the button that retracted the bookshelves. I looked into the training room through the two-way mirror and first gasped then chuckled. There was our friend, in all his glory. His hands were tied to an eyebolt in the ceiling. His legs were spread, ankles tied to eyebolts in the floor. He was blindfolded but not gagged and I could see that he was vehemently protesting his fate. I turned to my Guardian.

“You really should have told him that the room is sound-proofed and let him conserve his energy,” I said with a smile.

“Princess, you have an hour to do with him as you wish. He is your plaything. If he pleases you, you may use the safe word, I will give you back the gift of submission, and you are free to leave. I have only one rule. Until you use the safe word, you are still mine. That means his cock is not allowed inside you; nowhere – not your cunt, ass or your mouth. Other than that, what you do with him is up to you. This is my gift to you. One hour. If you decide to stay, I promise you will never regret it. I will take you places you have never been. I will care for you and love you and protect you and cherish you as I have for the last year. This I promise.”

“Guardian, I do not want to …”

“Princess, this is my GIFT to you. Do not turn down a gift. I insist that you go in that room. What you do is up to you. Before you go, I need to remove your cuffs. The collar stays. You must BOTH know that I own you. Once we go next door, I will explain the situation to our friend. Then you are on you own.”

We walked into the playroom. The man’s head turned towards the sound of the door. He protests began in earnest.

“Silence, fool,” said my Guardian. “You are wasting your breath. The room is soundproofed. No one can hear you.”

Remarkably, the man was quiet.

“No one has or will harm you. However, you have insulted both my princess and me and I do not take such lack of respect lightly. You have been brought here because you need to be taught a lesson. In my generosity, I am allowing you the opportunity to prove what kind of a man you are. I am also giving my princess the opportunity to ‘sample’ your wares. Even though I own her, she is free to make choices. So I am giving you to her as a plaything for an hour. Then she will see what she has been missing by being with me. She is free to do as she pleases. I will not interfere unless you show her any disrespect. You have an hour to convince her you are a man. I suggest you use it wisely.”

My Guardian removed the man’s blindfold. Then he moved silently towards the door. My voice drew him up short. “If you please, Master, I would like you to stay and observe.”

He nodded and sat on a chair in the corner.

The man blinked a few times and then looked at me. I noticed a little of his swagger returning.

“So baby, are you ready to see what a real man is like?”

I laughed as my eyes swept over him from head to toe. “I have yet to see anything that impresses me.”

“Surely you have never in your life seen such a finely sculpted body.”

My word, I thought, he is actually preening like a ridiculous peacock!

“Actually, I have always found such FINELY sculpted bodies were a sign of an almost effeminate vanity. I see nothing there that would make me think I am in the presence of a real man.”

“What you need, slut, is a taste of what this magnificent body can do. Once you taste this cock, you will never want the pathetic offering of your ‘Guardian’ again.”

My Guardian had begun to stand at the word ‘slut’, but I motioned him away.

“What I NEED is not to have to listen to your tripe any more. You are MY plaything for the next hour. And I prefer my playthings to be silent. I think I shall have you gagged.”

My Guardian pulled his handkerchief from his suit pocket and moved towards the stranger. I shook my head ‘no.’

“Master, I believe a REAL gag is in order. May I use the black one?”

My Guardian laughed. “By all means, princess.”

“Master, would you do me the honours, please?”

I smiled wickedly as he walked to our toy chest and removed the dildo gag. He walked up behind the stranger, who struggled and hollered and resisted – all to no avail. Once the gag was in place and securely buckled, my Guardian returned to his seat to enjoy the proceedings. I could see he was enjoying this already.

I walked up to stand in front of the man close enough that he could smell my perfume, bodies almost, but not quite, touching. I ran my hand lightly under his chin.

“If we are going to get to know one another, I really cannot continue to call you ‘our friend’. I need to have a name to call you. Since you cannot tell me what yours is, I guess I will have to pick one for you. After all, you are MY plaything. Let’s see, what shall I call you? Hmmm. I know…” I ran my hand along his jawline again. “I shall call you Cocksucker – C.S. for short.”

Cocksucker uttered his muffled protests from behind his gag as my Guardian’s laughter filled the room.

“Oh this is going to be MUCH more fun than giving you a beating, Cocksucker,” he responded.

I stepped back and again looked at the body before me, examining it from head to toe. I smiled.

“Okay C.S., I will grant that you have worked very hard at that physique and perhaps there are some that might even find it impressive. I wonder, though, are any of them women?”

C.S. made his objection apparent as his entire body stiffened. His disdain registered in his eyes. I smiled again.

“You resent my implication? Are you thinking that a real woman would appreciate your magnificent body? Do you think that perhaps I am not a real woman?” I laughed again. “You don’t have to say a word, C.S. It is written all over your face.”

I grasped my hair in my hands and gathered it away from my face to better reveal my features and the collar around my neck. I shook my hair behind me as approached C.S. seductively. I was still wearing my cloak and although I was naked underneath it, C.S. could see little more than a glimpse of my long, slender legs as the cloak parted when I walked. I stood beside him, leaning my body against him so that he could feel the slight curve of my hip and the swell of my breasts. I ran my tongue lightly and seductively up the side of his neck lingering long enough to take a playful nip at his earlobe. I had to stand on my tiptoes to do so, which pressed my breasts more firmly against him. I heard him try to take a deep breath around his gag.

“What’s the matter, C.S.? Does my body arouse you? Or are you wondering what I look like underneath this cloak?” I parted the cloak slightly and brushed up against him so that he could feel the soft, coolness of my skin against him. “Is this what you want, C.S.? Do you want to know what I look and feel like?”

I walked behind him and ran my hands over his back and shoulders teasingly. I parted my cloak and pressed my body up against his. Instinctively, he tried to lean back into me. I pulled away and delivered a firm swat to his ass.

“Really C.S., you must learn to play nice.” I swatted his ass again, a little harder this time; although using my bare hand it could hardly have hurt. “You DO have a well-muscled ass, C.S.,” I mused. “Perhaps, I shall make use of it before our time is over.” I spanked him one more time, allowing my finger to just barely penetrate between his ass cheeks, leaving him wondering what exactly I might have in mind.

Slowly I made my way around his body, inspecting it as I went. Sometimes I would caress with my hands. Other times I would tease with my tongue. I watched as his body responded to my touch, almost in spite of himself. I did not speak, but dispassionately evaluated the specimen my Guardian had presented to me. Eventually, I stood in front of him once more. I ran my hands over his chest and down across his abdomen. I looked in his eyes and watched his response as my fingers grazed over his cock. I slid my hands down to cup his balls. I ran my fingernails over the length of his cock. I felt it begin to stiffen. I never moved my eyes from his, but let my fingernails languorously continue to stroke his cock. Finally, I spoke.

“Why, C.S. you seem to be responding to my touch. I cannot imagine such a fine specimen as you responding to someone that wasn’t a real woman,” I said, the sarcasm dripping from my voice. “Is it possible that you were wrong?”

I stepped away and unhooked the clasp of my cloak, letting it drop to the floor behind me. I stood naked before him and watched as he took in my naked body with his eyes. I stepped close to him once again, pressing my naked body against him. My breasts pressed into his chest. I ran my tongue along his neck and whispered in his ear.

“What do you think? Do you think this is a real woman’s body, C.S.?” I nipped at his chin. “Would anything other than a real woman make you feel like this?” I kissed and licked along his collarbone. “How about this?” I licked and nipped at his nipples, which were hard and erect. “Or this?”

I walked around behind him once more. I pressed my body against his, wrapping my hands around him to resume fondling his cock with my hands and fingernails. All the while, I kissed, licked, and nibbled at his neck and ears. Abruptly, I grasped his cock firmly in my hands and said to him,

“Tell me C.S., just nod your head; have you revised your opinion of me yet?” He nodded in the affirmative.

“So you WOULD consider me a real woman?” Again the affirmative nod.

I released my hold on his cock and walked around to face him. I looked intently at his erect cock, all ten inches of it. Then I looked into his eyes again as I ran my fingernails over it caressingly.

“C.S., do you think any real woman would KNOW what she wants, what it would take to please her?” He nodded yes a third time.

I knelt in front of him, my face just inches from his cock. It twitched in anticipation. I licked my lips longingly as I stroked his cock.

“You want me, don’t you C.S.? You want to bury that cock inside of me. You want to fuck my face and come all over me, don’t you?”

The thrusting of his body towards me was all the answer that I needed. I rocked back and sat on my heels. I smiled wickedly.

“Then what a pity that I don’t want you.” I looked at his pathetic cock and shook my head. “What I want is a REAL man, C.S. – one who KNOWS how to treat a real woman, one who knows how please her, drive her mad with desire. I want a man who makes me long to please him and serve him and submit to him.”

I took C.S.’ now semi-erect cock in my hands again and ran my tongue along the underside. It began to respond. I fondled his balls. I continued to lick his cock, running my tongue up & down the shaft and around the head, but never letting it enter my mouth. As C.S. was once again fully erect, I said,

“You think I should kneel and worship this cock. You think I should consider it a privilege to have it any where near my slit. You think I should beg to drink your foul seed.”

“Let me show you what I really want, C.S. Watch and learn what a real man can do.” I looked very deliberately at my Guardian who was watching with great intent. I knew the consequences of what I was about to do. I was willing to take them for a reason and I wanted to be sure that my Guardian understood this.

“Master,” I said. “I believe we will have a lesson to teach.” With that I ran my tongue along the underside of C.S.’ cock one last time before letting just the tip of the head slip between my lips. I immediately withdrew. I spat on the floor at C.S.’ feet. “That, C.S., is what I think of your pathetic cock.”

My Guardian was on his feet and standing beside me immediately. He grasped my hair in his hand and pulled my head back to look into his eyes.

“You WILL be punished for that, princess, I promise you.” I could see from the twinkle in his eyes that he knew I had deliberately broken the rule to allow him to punish me in front of C.S. and drive home the point that my Guardian owned me FULLY BY MY CHOICE.

“Kneel, princess. Submission position.”

I turned, knelt in front of him, eyes down and hands behind my back.

“I know why, princess, but you must still be punished. Please bring me the chair from the corner of the room.”

I rose and retrieved the chair for him.

“I will be lenient with your spankings, princess. You shall only get 20. But you shall count each one. If you lose count, we start from the beginning again.”

He sat in the chair and pointed to his knee. “Present yourself!”

I lay across his lap, with my ass presented for my spanking. I counted each spanking as my Guardian firmly administered my punishment. When he was finished, he spoke again. “Kneel, princess. Submission position.”

I obeyed. My Guardian pushed my hair away from my face and looked at me lovingly. “I am sorry, princess, but we are not done here. C.S. needs to learn a lesson as well.”

As I knelt, my Guardian brought out another chair, this one with an upholstered back, a pillow, some rope and a riding crop. He placed the chair in front of C.S.

“You know what comes next, don’t you princess?”

“Yes, Master.” I replied.

“Present yourself, princess.”

I stood and bent over the back of the chair, my hands on the arms, my legs spread so that my feet were on the outside of the chair legs. I was facing C.S. and he could not help but see my breasts and every expression on my face.

My Guardian placed the pillow between the chair back and my abdomen. My hands and feet were tied to the chair.

“Are you ready, princess?” I nodded. “Then you need to tell me and Cocksucker what it is you want, princess.”

“I want you, Master. I want you to discipline me and toy with me. I want you to use the crop across my ass and remind me that I am yours and your pleasure is my priority. I want you to tease and torment me until I beg you to fuck me. Then I want you to fuck me hard until I plead and beg for release.”

“Very well, princess. Never let it be said that I don’t give my princess exactly what she wants and deserves. This is about your discipline and showing Cocksucker how to fuck a woman and make her beg for more. This is to show Cocksucker that I OWN you. Do you want MY cock, princess?”

“Yes, Master.”

“When I am through with you, I will untie you and you will go bathe and wait for me. We have an evening of celebration ahead, but I will not touch any part of your body that his body has touched. Nor will I allow anything that has touched his body to touch me. Are we understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

I felt the first strike of the crop land on my ass.

“Like this, princess?”

“Yes, Master.”

The crop came down on my ass again. Then I felt it brush lightly up and down the insides of my thighs and graze my clit. My hips writhed.

“Is this what you want, princess?”

“Yes, Master.”

Again, I felt the sting of the crop on my ass. My Guardian reached and let the tip toy with my nipples. I moaned with desire. My hips thrust towards my Guardian.

“Shall I take that to mean you are enjoying this, princess?”

“Yes, Master.”

He struck my ass a fourth time with the crop as my body writhed. I could have stopped it at anytime with the use of my safe word. We both knew I would not do so. My Guardian loved to discipline me. I enjoyed both the discipline and the privilege of pleasing him. He toyed a little longer with the crop on my nipples and between my thighs before delivering a fifth and final strike to my ass.

I was moaning, writhing and pleading. “Please. Please, Master, please.”

“Please what, princess?”

“Please, Master, fill me. I want your cock inside of me. Please, please fuck me Master.”

“You are aroused, princess? You want me? My cock?”

“Yes, Master. Please.” I begged again.

Standing behind me, he slid two fingers inside of me. “Princess, you are dripping wet.”

Pulling my hair back and lifting my head, he said, “Let’s keep your head up, princess. I think Cocksucker should get to see the desire and pleasure on your face, don’t you?’

He teased my opening with the tip of his cock. I moaned and writhed and moved my hips trying to take it in. I was rewarded with a playful swat to my ass.

“Naughty, naughty princess. I am not ready yet. Tell me, dear, who owns you?”

“You do Master.”

“Would you have it any other way, princess?”

“No, Master.”

“What do you want, princess?

“I want your cock, Master. I want it inside of me. I want to feel my walls wrap around it.”

“Then you shall have your wish, princess.”

He put his hands on my hips and with one swift, hard stroke he buried his cock in my cunt. I screamed with pleasure and nearly came at once. My Guardian immediately withdrew.

“No orgasm yet, my princess.” He fondled my breasts as he slowly began to fuck me. C.S. had no choice but to watch as my Guardian slowly drove me mad with desire and pleasure. Finally, I could take it no longer.

“Fuck me, Master. Fuck me, please.” I pleaded.

My Guardian obliged. Hard, fast strokes. His balls slapped against my ass. My breasts bounced with the impact. My body writhed. He grasped my hair and held my head so that C.S. could watch my face and breasts. My desire and pleasure mounted. The heat of my Guardian’s cock inside me was pure ecstasy. Waves of electricity washed over me with every masterful stroke. I was on fire, enthralled, filled and completed. I panted and screamed. Moaned and gasped. Cried and pleaded. Finally, I sobbed,

“Please, please Master. Please let me come.”

My body was wracked with a combination of sobs and spasms of desire. Every nerve ending in my body was alive in ways I had never dreamed possible. I could feel his cock with every inch of my walls.

“Hush, hush princess.” My Guardian soothed my body and altered the tempo slightly. “Soon. Very soon. You will come. We both will come together.”

He continued moving inside of me – fast, then slow, always driving hard and deep. His cock fit me like a hand in a glove. We were a perfect fit and our bodies were made for one another. My pleasure was almost unbearable and my body longed for release.

“Please, Master, I am begging you. Let me come. Come with me. Fill me with your come.” My desire was so intense that I was nearly keening.

“Yes, princess, you may come. Come with me, NOW.”

I felt the warmth as my Guardian’s come shot into me at the very moment my own orgasms began. Explosions of heat and light washing over my entire body, consuming me. I screamed and growled in delight.

“Yes! Oh my word, yes, Master.” I felt my vaginal muscles clench tightly around the magnificent cock that filled me and tried to catch my breath as the second orgasm began to roll. There was no stopping them. One after another, they consumed my body and I wept with the joy of my Guardian’s cock within me.

From somewhere on the fringes of my consciousness, I heard a soft grunting sound. I looked down and there in front of me was C.S.’ cock, his come dripping from the head, his erection rapidly fading. His worthless seed was spent on the floor in front of him.

I could not help myself. I began to laugh.

“What is so funny, princess?” my Guardian asked sternly as he withdrew and walked towards the front of the chair. I nodded at the mess on the floor. “C.S. had a little ‘accident’, Master.” I looked at C.S. “Really, C.S., you call yourself a real man. Being a real man involves discipline and self-control. You have just proven that you have neither.”

My Guardian untied my hands and feet, picked up my cloak and wrapped around my shoulders. Brushing a stray strand of hair away from my face, my Guardian instructed me.

“Go, take your bath. Light the candles and pour yourself some wine. I will expect to find you in our bedroom bathed and waiting in submission position in 30 minutes. We still have a full night ahead of us, princess. We will rest and begin again.”

“Yes, Master,” I said as I made my way towards the door. His voice caused me to stop.

“Princess …”

“Yes, Master?”

“Are you through with your plaything?”

“Oh! Yes, Master. I had nearly forgotten”

The irony did not escape my Guardian, who laughed heartily. “Then I will have Nicky’s boys release him.” He looked at his watch. “Actually, princess, your hour is not yet up. What would YOU like to do with him?”

I smiled. “Pay him for his time – whatever you would pay a cheap hooker. Then have them drop him off on Fifth Street where the male prostitutes hang out. Perhaps someone there will want him. I certainly don’t.” I turned and addressed the Cocksucker. “What would possibly make you think that just because you have a ten-inch cock that you have ANYTHING I want?”

I turned to go. “I’ll be waiting for you, Master.” I slipped a finger along my slit, pulled it to my mouth and sucked my juices from it. “I am dripping in anticipation.”

I closed the door behind me, the laughter of my Guardian and Master ringing sweetly in my ears.

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