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My Neighbor the Cop Ch. 02

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I found myself walking across the street from my neighbor’s house with the taste of cum in my mouth. I walked into my house, not my house, but my wife and I’s house. I was married, my wife is out of town for the weekend, and after helping my neighbor with some yard work I end up sucking his cock and being his pussy boy. What got into me, other than my neighbors cock that is?

I have three hours to make up my mind. Dave, my neighbor who lives across the street, a cop, and one of the most beautiful specimens of a man you could possibly think of, tall, hairy, masculine cop. After fucking me and making me his pussy boy he wants me back at his house by 9pm to have sex games with him and his friends. If I don’t go will he tell my wife that her husband sucks cock and likes getting fucked? My marriage will be over.

I get in the car and head to the local big department store, the one that starts with a T. I fill my cart with a few things, disposable enemas, KY jelly, disposable razor, and then I headed over to the women’s clothes. I wasn’t sure what pulled me over there, but I started to walk through the lingerie section. I could feel my heart start to race as my hand glided along the silky fabrics. Then I spotted a black French cut lacy baby doll three piece set. The set came with panties, bra, and see threw cover. I grabbed it and ran to the check out. I went to the self-check-out and scanned the items. Thank goodness I had enough cash on me otherwise I would never be able to explain this receipt to my wife. I put the items in the bag and headed out the door. Of course my luck the damn security buzzer went off going out the door. A big security guard came over and asked me for my receipt and to look in my bag. I was so screwed. I handed him my receipt and the bag. He looked in the bag, counted the items and did the same to my receipt. He looked at me with a big grin “It looks just fine but we need to take the security tag off of your outfit. Follow me.”

I felt like the entire store was looking at me, but the guard did, what I thought at the time, a good thing by taking me to customer service out of sight of everyone. He casually started to talk as we walked, “The trouble with self-check-out is that the customers never remove the security tags from the clothes. It happens all the time, no worries.” Instead of going to the counter we continued past the doors, that said ‘Employees Only’ and to a small desk in the back.

The guard turned to me “I will take the tag off here and let you out the side door, I don’t think you want any more attention brought to you do you sweety?” I lifted my head and looked at the guard, “No sir, thank you.” I wanted to crawl into a hole right now. The guard was about six feet tall, with tree trunk arms stretching his short sleeve shirt and his 50 inch chest pushing his buttons to the max.

The guard pulled out my outfit and whistled, “Damn this is pretty, bet you will look sexy hot in it too?” He moved the outfit to the desk and removed the security tag. Then he held the outfit up against my body. “Oh ya, this will look really fine on you. Wish I could see you model it. Bet you will get all the nice bulls to fight over you?”

I blushed and thanked him without lifting my head. My eyes focused in on the large lump in the security guards pants. This guy had a major hardon thinking of me dressed up, or bent over offering my ass to him. I felt the guard’s finger under my chin as he forced my head up to look at him. When our eyes met the guard smiled at me “See something you like baby?” The guards hand moved down my shirt and rubbed my hard nipple through my shirt. Oh god now, not that. My eyes rolled back and a moan escaped my mouth, “mmm.”

“Look at you, you like your titties played with don’t you baby?” He didn’t wait for an answer from me; he just grabbed both of my nipples in his fingers and pinched them right through my shirt. My knees went weak and I fell against him. I heard a soft laugh and then he pushed me to my knees with one hand as he unzipped his zipper with the other. “Suck my cock bitch. I need a nice little pussy like you to drain my man meat and you look like the slut that wants it really bad, aren’t you?” I felt my eyes glaze over as this nice big white cock flipped out of his pants. I licked my lips and whispered “yes, yes, I want to suck your cock sir.”

“I knew you were a panty pussy when you walked in the store, and when you bought the products to clean yourself up and I knew you wanted to get fucked later. Let’s get you nice and primed for whatever you got going later. Suck my cock bitch. We will get your mouth already for more cock tonight.” I inhaled his nice clean cock smell and started to use every skill I just learned from Dave.

The cock was soft and smaller than Dave, but nice none the less. The guard opened his pants and allowed me better access to his cock and balls as his pants slid down his legs. His cock and balls were clean shaven and his legs were naturally smooth, I think. I ran my tongue along his shaft, feeling his veins swell along the shaft. He is head was started to drip precum that I licked up and swirled on my tongue, taking in the test and feel. I was lost in lust again.

“That’s it baby lick it all over, don’t forget my balls, kiss them, lick them all over.” I did as he said. I pressed my face against his soft ball sack searching out my prize. I sucked in one of his balls and ran my tongue over the smooth skin that surrounded it. I was doing good by the moans I was hearing above me and the gentle caresses I felt on my head.

I moved to the end of his cock and started to work it down my throat. My hands moved back to find a taught ass cheek. Another moan from above spurred me on. I was now bobbing my head up and down his shaft and my fingers glided up and down his ass crack. I was searching for his hole to work my finger in like I had done with Dave.

“Oh ya, that’s the spot, push it in baby.” I started to wiggle the tip of my middle finger into his tight ass until I was up to my second knuckle. Another moan of encouragement made me really start to suck his cock and finger his ass. I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste it, to compare to Dave’s cum, to my cum. I felt the guard press his hand against the back of my head and hold me on his cock. His cock head flared out and I knew what was coming.

I shoved my finger in as deep as it would go and felt the nub of his prostate. I massaged the nub from the inside and pushed on it. The guard stifled his scream as to not have anybody hear. But I could tell he was biting his lip hard to hold back that scream as he released his cum into my mouth. His body jerked and tensed up as he release each spurt of cum down my throat. My mouth filled with his cum as I gave every effort to swallow it all. His cum leaked out down my shirt as the pressure was too much for me.

As I sucked the last drop of cum from his softening cock, the guard released the pressure from my head. I pulled my finger out of his ass as he fell onto the chair behind him. The guard pulled me up and kissed me hard. He searched my mouth out to taste his cum. “That was smoking hot baby. I want to fuck you but I have to get back out on the floor. Here is my card with my cell number on it, call me when you have the time to really fuck.” He gave me a card that I didn’t even look at, I just slipped it in my pocket. I had cum dripping down my shirt that the guard scooped up and fed me.

He got up and pulled up his pants then he directed me to a side door out to the parking lot. “Don’t forget your pretty little outfit.” He said as he patted my ass. I walked out to my car and kept tasting his cum. I looked down at my shirt and there was still a little cum on it, so I pulled my shirt to my mouth and sucked it clean.

I grab some fast food and headed home. I barely could eat my dinner as I watched the clock, 7:45pm. I better start getting ready for my night. I grabbed my bag from the store and headed to the bathroom. I stripped naked and lay a towel on the floor of the bathroom. I pulled one of the enema bottles out of the box, removed the cap, and attached the nozzle. I got on all fours, reached back and slipped the nozzle in my ass. Feeling the nozzle work its way into my ass caused me to get hard. I am turning into such a pussy boy. I squeezed the contents of the bottle into my bowels and started to wait the five to ten minutes. When I couldn’t hold it anymore I jumped up on the toilet and relieved the contents. I did this three more times to be sure I was nice and clean.

I turned on the shower, grabbed my razor and stepped in under the warm water. I turned it up to as hot as I could stand it. I lathered myself up and gave my cock and balls and nice shave. For some reason I shaved under my arms, not thinking of how I would explain this to my wife, but I wanted to feel sexy and more feminine. I got out of the shower and toweled off. I shaved my face and brushed my teeth. The air on my freshly shaved balls felt great. I moved to the bedroom where my new outfit lay. I slipped on the panties first and just about came when the lace hit my shaved cock and balls. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked and felt so sexy. I then slipped on the bra and clipped it in the front. I rubbed my nipples with the lace of the bra. My nipples instantly got hard. It felt so good. Then I slipped on the wrap and felt the black silk cascade down my back and shoulders. I was in heaven.

I glanced at the clock, 9pm, time to go to Dave’s. Then it hit me, how was I going to cross the street dressed like this? It was still twilight outside, damn summertime. I grabbed the largest beach towel we have, wrapped it around me, and looked in the mirror. Well, if I don’t bend over then I think I am pretty covered. I slipped on my sandals, held my breath, and stepped outside. I looked up and down the street, all quiet. I walked fast across the street to Dave’s door to find a sign, ‘Guests please use the side gate entrance to backyard and enter the changing booth. Your Host’

Great, now I have to leave the darkness of the porch and walk across the front driveway to the side gate. I hurriedly walked to the gate. When I came up to the gate I was forced to reach over the gate to unlock the latch. When I reached over the gate my towel fell off my shoulder exposing me in my outfit. I quickly pulled the latch and stepped into the backyard, shutting the gate behind me. I hope the neighbors didn’t see me.

I stepped into the backyard to find it blocked off at the side garage door. The side door had another sign, ‘Changing Room. No clothes beyond this point.’ My heart sank; I wanted Dave to see me in my pretty outfit. I stepped into the garage, it was dark but you could see a table with boxes on it, I guess to put your clothes into? Just then the door leading to the house opened up and Dave stood there in the doorway.

The guy took my breath away, again. He had on a leather strap around his large cock that made his cock swell and look bigger than I remembered. He looked at me all dressed up and I heard a whistle come from the doorway. “Don’t undress. You look perfect for the evening. Leave the towel and come with me.” He reached out his hand and I dropped my towel, kicked off my sandals, and took his hand. Dave pulled me to him and gave me a nice tongue bathing kiss. My knees went weak in his arms again and my hardon was poking out the top of my panties. I felt Dave grab my ass and give a nice firm squeeze as he guided me into the house.

There were several men and women mingling around, all naked. I looked to the backyard and there were partitions set up blocking any views from the neighbors. People were outside drinking. One guy was fucking another guy while a couple of women watched and played with each other’s pussies.

In the house it seemed a free for all of men getting blown by either another man or a woman. On woman was lying on the couch with another woman sitting on her face getting a nice pussy bath. This was going to be a fun night. Best of all, I didn’t recognize anyone.

Dave quickly gave me the rules. “No means No. No hard feelings with this group, if you don’t want to play the just say ‘no thank you’ or ‘stop’ and they will. On the other hand, you will be offered to partake in some fun activities that I am sure you love. Grab a drink and feel free to mingle. If and when you want to strip, just go to the garage and put your things in a box and place the box on the wall in one of the cubby holes. Your stuff is safe here; most of the men and women are cops from all over the county. We meet and different homes every other week.”

Just as he finished giving me the low down, a naked woman came up to us, “Oh Dave who’s your precious little friend?” This woman had very short hair, was about five foot eight, small perky breasts with large nipples, a shaved pussy and the bluest eyes. She had defined muscles in her arms and legs. She didn’t look butch at all, but I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her either.

Dave introduced me to Cheryl. Cheryl was very forward and kissed me right on the lips and I felt her hand rubbing my ass. My cock instantly got hard. When Cheryl pulled away from our kiss she squeezed my ass cheek and said “I love a man that shows his feminine side. I would love to take you into Dave’s room and show you how a woman makes love to her man. Do you want to play with me little boy?” With that she grabbed my tit and pinched my nipple. She knew she had me when I moaned from the nipple workout.

She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down the hall. “Come on honey, Cheryl is going to rock your world.” I followed her down the hall like a puppy dog. We got to the master bedroom and headed for the king size bed. Cheryl spun me around and used her body to push me down on the bed with her body falling on top of me.

There I was, on my back in a black lingerie outfit with a woman rubbing her naked body against me. Cheryl looked at me “Oh baby, your pretty little girlie outfit feels so nice against my tits. We are going to have some fun.” With that she planted her mouth on mine and forced her tongue in. My head was spinning again as her tongue massaged my tongue and gums. Her hands were all over my body, exploring every inch. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my panty covered hardon and her pussy juice soaking through my panties.

Cheryl lifted her body up and, scooting up my body, placed her tit in my mouth, “Nurse baby, suck on mommy’s titties and make her feel good.” Her nipple was hard and large as I sucked it into my mouth and started running my tongue all around the hard nub. Cheryl moaned, “That’s it baby suck my tit. God that feels good. Bit it baby, mommy likes it rough.”

Cheryl’s pussy was dripping all over my stomach. I gently bit down on the nub and pulled my head back, stretching her nipple. Cheryl squealed in delight, “Oh YES! That’s it baby work mommy’s nipples good.” Cheryl then sat up and looked down on me, “You are one hot little thing. Your bra is so lacy, like a little girl.” Cheryl started to play with my nipples through my bra. I writhed and bucked under her as she teased my nipples.

“You are a wild one aren’t you baby? Let’s get you out of this sissy outfit and really make your toes curl,” with that she unsnapped my bra, from the front, lifted me up enough to slide it off my shoulders along with my sheer cover-up. Then she dragged her pussy down my body, leaving a wet trail along the way that she licked up off of me, as she scooted down my body and pulled my panties off. My clothes went flying into Dave’s open closet. My cock stood stiff as a board ready to explode.

Cheryl slapped my cock and in a firm voice said, “You aren’t going to cum until I tell you to cum.” Then she reached over to Dave’s night stand, opened the drawer, and pulled out a leather cock ring with snaps. She quickly wrapped it around my cock, pulled tight and snapped it on. My cock doubled in size, or so I thought. The blood was trapped in my cock causing it to swell; the skin was pulled so tight that it shined. Then she took another strap and wrapped it around each of my balls then she snapped the ends to the cock ring around the base of my cock. WOW! What a sight. My balls turned bright purple.

Cheryl looked at her handy work and gave my balls a slap. I saw stars, but it felt good at the same time. “Now you will cum when I am damn good and ready for you to cum.” Cheryl leaned over and started licking my balls. They were so tide up that they became really sensitive to her warm tongue. I wanted to cum, but I couldn’t. I felt Cheryl grab each of my thighs and lift my ass off the bed just before her wet tongue started attacking my ass. “Nice and clean pussy you have here, I guess you were ready for tonight. Let me be the first to break you in.”

I was confused at her statement, as she walked into Dave’s bathroom, but figured she needed a break to pee. She came out of the bathroom with a strapon dildo hanging from her waist. She was a goddess, nice firm tits, and an eight inch cock. Standing on the side of the bed, Cheryl grabbed her cock and rubbed the head on my lips. “Dave told me your nothing but a big pussy that loves to take cock, is that true? Do you want Cheryl to fuck you with my cock?”

I licked the tip of her cock and told her “Yes, god yes, please fuck my pussy Cheryl. Break my pussy in for all the cocks out there.” Cheryl stepped back and reached in Dave’s drawer again, this time retrieving a bottle of lube. Cheryl stepped up on the bed and in between my legs. She squirted some lube on her finger and I instantly grabbed my legs and pulled my knees to my chest, exposing my pussy to my new lover.

Cheryl looked at me and smiled, “What a nice tight pussy you have here,” she said as she pushed her lubed finger into my tight pussy. My eyes rolled back and I willed myself to relax my ass muscles and allow her entrance. Cheryl continued to move her finger in and out of my pussy. At each stroke back in I attempted to push back against her finger wanting her to fuck me faster. Cheryl caught on to me right away as she slapped my ass hard, “Calm down bitch, you’re going to get the fucking you want so badly. But you I’m in control here, I’ll fuck you at MY pace.”

With that Cheryl pushed the head of her strapon dildo into my awaiting pussy. The pressure of the big blunt cockhead was painful at first. I relaxed my muscles and pushed out like I was taking a shit. My pussy opened up wider to accommodate the intrusion. I felt the cockhead push past my ring muscle and accept my lover. Cheryl froze and let the pain in my pussy subside. I didn’t want to wait anymore so I pushed back trying to get more cock in me. This pissed her off and I dearly paid for it. “If you can’t wait for me to give it to you then you might as well have it all right now bitch.” Cheryl slammed all eight inches of that beautiful cock right into my gut. Thank goodness I cleaned myself out because there was no room for anything else but this big fat cock in my pussy. I bit my lip and took the pounding. Cheryl didn’t wait for me to adjust, as punishment for wanting it too soon I guess. Cheryl went right into long dicking me. She pulled her cock all the way out and slammed it back into until the plastic balls pressed into my ass cheeks.

I was seeing stars, but loving every minute. A pool of cum was forming on my stomach as it dribbled out my cock. Every time Cheryl pushed that monster cock back into me another drop of cum was pushed out my cock. I was only semi hard, but I was still cumming.

We were really getting into the fucking. Cheryl was building a nice sweaty glow about her, when another woman walked into the room. “Hey Cheryl. Who’s your new fuck toy?” Without skipping a beat, Cheryl responded, “Hi Jewels, this pussy boy here is Tony, Dave’s neighbor. I am prepping him for all the guys to fuck him and fill him up with their man juice. Want to give me a hand on getting him ready?”

I looked past Cheryl to see what Jewel looked like, short blond hair, brown eyes, pretty face, nice firm 32B tits, with a little star badge hanging from her pierced nipple, shaved pussy with large lips hanging down between her nice muscular legs.

Jewel walked over the bed and climbed on the bed, then swung a leg over my head as she faced Cheryl. I was staring right up into her beautiful pussy lips and pretty little tight ass. I could hear them kiss each other, then I felt Jewel grab onto my thighs. Then Jewel moved forward a bit and sat her pussy right onto the pool of cum I had created from the fucking. Then she lifted back up and pushed her pussy right into my face and ordered me to lick her cum covered pussy. Jewel then lowered her pussy onto my face. I licked all around the outside of her pussy searching out every drop of my cum. I didn’t think I had that much on my stomach. Then I ran my tongue around those big loose lips. I was in heaven. I love a pussy with some meat on it. “That’s a good boy, get that tongue inside and look for your surprise.” Just then Cheryl rammed her big cock back into my pussy, right to the hilt causing me to open my mouth wide to scream out. Instead Jewel’s pussy filled my mouth and I screamed into her pussy. With my mouth covering her pussy, my tongue easily found its way into paradise.

I didn’t know at the time that Cheryl was working on Jewel’s nipples sending her into a face grinding orgasm. Jewel just about smothered me as her orgasm raced through her body. Then a flood of juices came running into my mouth. This girl could cum, and cum in buckets. Then Jewel clued me in “How does John’s cum taste Tony? Just got a fresh load stuffed in my pussy, thought you would like to try it out of me before you can get it right from the tap.” Then both girls laughed. I, on the other hand, was enjoying the taste of the sweetest cum and pussy juice drink I have ever tasted.

I just moaned into Jewel’s pussy in appreciation of her gift. Cheryl was starting to rock her cock in me fast so I knew she was about to have her own orgasm. Jewel leaned forward and started to suck on Cheryl’s tits pushing her into her orgasm. “Yes, that’s it suck my tits Jewel. Harder baby, suck them harder, I’m going to cum. Oh yes, that’s it bite them. OH GOD YES!!!” Cheryl slammed her cock in me hard and held it still. I could feel her orgasm vibrate through her cock and into my bowels. I was in heaven.

Cheryl rolled off of me, pulling out her cock at the same time. Jewel crawled over me and off the bed. I was fucking horned up. I dribbled cum, but I didn’t have an orgasm yet. The night was young and the house was full of horny naked people. The girls stood there making out. I guess my job here is done. I didn’t bother with my clothes as I headed out the door and back down the hallway toward the backyard. I grabbed a beer as I passed through the kitchen and walked out to the backyard for some air.

I didn’t realize how fucked I was until the air rushed into my ass. I must be walking around like an open cave. I walked into the hot tub house and figured the hot water will help tighten things back up. When I walked into the room I wasn’t expecting to see so many hot, buff, guys sitting in the hot tub. They weren’t just sitting. They were all engaged in various stages of sex. It was a free for all made up of a half-a-dozen well-built guys, with solid muscle mass sucking or fucking someone. There were a couple of guys like me that must have come as guests or fuck buddies, what I would call normal builds, maybe a couple of extra pounds or real the twink type.

I took the couple of steps up to get into the spa, swung my leg over the edge, and slipped my body into the hot soothing, bubbly, water. I glided over to the other side of the hot tub where there was a free spot and watched the live sex show. I thought I went unnoticed, but I felt feet slide up and down my legs, then a hand grabbed my cock under the bubbles. I was being sucked into the playing field.

I looked over to my left and the two meaty sex gods that were fucking under the water beckoned me to come closer. One guy was sitting on the bench in the tub while the other guy was sitting facing out riding his cock. I allowed myself to be brought into the arms of the guy getting fucked as he brought my face to his. “You’re new here, must be Dave’s friend. Newbies can only be invited by the host on their night. What’s your name baby?” I looked into his green eyes, chiseled jaw bone, with a 5 o’clock shadow, and meekly said “Tony, sir.”

“I’m not a sir here baby, that’s why Mike here has his big cock up my pussy. I’m Steve. Want to help me please Big Mike here?” As he said this he guided my hand down to feel a huge fat cock embedded inside his pussy. He lifted up so that I could feel the girth of Big Mike’s pole, and did he earn the right to that name. I could not wrap my hand around the monster coke can, and there was still cock up inside Steve. This guy must have been ten or twelve inches of horse cock.

Steve looked at the lust in my eyes as I grabbed ahold of Mike’s cock, “Oh you don’t have to answer, I can see it in your eyes.” Steve pulled me up to his chest and pulled my head into his solid chest and offered me his nice nipple to nurse on. Steve’s nipples were much like mine, large nub that stuck out more than a woman’s. I sucked in his nipple and felt it immediately get hard in my mouth. I inhaled is manly scent. His chest was void of all hair. I ran my hand over the contours of the muscles on his pecks, they felt solid underneath the surface, yet his skin was soft and smooth. Naturally smooth. Steve let out a soft groan as he pulled me in tight, lifting me slightly into his lap.

The water made me feel like I was floating in air. I came down to rest in Steve’s lap. His hard cock was pressing into my entrance. Steve brought his face to my ear, “Let it happen baby, let me in your tight little pussy and you will have the ride of your life.” I kept sucking on Steve’s tit and answered him by wiggling my ass against the hard head trying to push its way inside me. “Oh you are a hot little bitch aren’t you? Mike this bitch wants to be fucked badly, I’ll get him ready for you honey.”

Steve grabbed my hips and pushed them down forcing the head of his cock to penetrate my freshly fucked ass. Cheryl did a good job preparing me for guys like Steve. Steve’s cock was probably seven inches by a couple of inches wide, just right for a nice comfortable fuck. Once Steve’s head was in I wasn’t about to wait any longer and I forced my ass all the way down his shaft, gobbling the entire cock cup into my hot hole. Steve grunted, “MMMPHH! Oh god that feels good. You are one cock hungry bitch aren’t you?” No words, I just bit down on Steve’s nipple and pulled on it with my teeth, sending a shot of pain down to his cock. Steve’s cock expanded in my ass as he through his head back and moaned, “OH! YA! That’s it baby, bite that titty. MMMMM!”

Mike was underneath and started to push up into Steve causing Steve’s cock to push up into me. We got a nice rhythm going as I continued to chew on Steve’s tits. The water in the tub started to really slosh around as Mike prepared to shoot his load into Steve. I hadn’t realized that we gathered quite the crowd. Mike and Steve were bucking for all it was worth and I held on to Steve’s tree trunk neck as he plowed his cock deep into my bowels. Mike came first as he reached up and grabbed onto my shoulders and shoved me down hard, forcing Steve’s cock in my pussy as tight as it would go. It also forced Steve down on Mike’s cock as deep as it would go as he shot his load into Steve. This pushed Steve over the edge as I felt his cock swell and contract as he shot three or four strong blasts of hot cum deep into my well fucked pussy.

When the orgasms subsided I lay back in the water and floated away from the boys. Steve’s cock broke free of my ass like a tethered line on a boat. Then Steve followed me as he too severed his connection with Mike’s cock. Now I finally had a chance to see that monster in its full glory. What a fucking horse cock it was too. I don’t know where it went inside Steve? If he took that entire length he must have felt it in his throat. I glided over to it to touch it. It was still semi hard and when I got close enough Mike stood up and offered me a taste. I was mesmerized as my mouth opened to suck the cock that was just in Steve’s hot ass.

I could barely get my lips around the head, and struggled to keep my teeth covered, especially since he just came. There was a nice glob of cum that I was able to pump, using both hands on his shaft. Mike’s cum dribbled onto my tongue as I cleaned his piss clit out with my tongue. I tasted wonderful. Mike stroked my hair and said, “Give o’l Mike a couple minutes to recoup and you can have a go at Big Mike.”

Big Mike was not his nickname, but his cock’s name, how great is that. I ran my tongue the full length, about twelve inches, and then sucked in one of his balls. Nice smooth shaved sac with balls at least the size of golf balls. Mike got up out of the spa and went to grab a beer. The crowd started to head out of the room to continue the evening of fun. I needed to cum now, so I grabbed a towel, dried off, and headed out looking for my turn to be pleased.

To be continued…

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