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This is a recent swinging experience of mine and relates a very intense play session with a lovely couple. I’m a 53yo bi-sexual male and my favorite form of sexplay is with MF mature couples who enjoy the company of a bi-male. I’ve played with many couples over the past 2 years and have had my eyes opened wide to the wonderful pleasures that 3 very sexual people can enjoy in a nice comfy bed. It works best when both males are bi and are therefore completely comfortable in close quarters when pleasuring a woman or indeed each other.

It also works best when all parties are confident and relaxed and have spent some non-sexual time together to get to know each other.

I had contacted Pam & Ray on a UK swinging site and swapped several emails to start a conversation. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and planned a lunch together in a mutually convenient hotel. I agreed to book a room in the expectation that we’d click and want to play during the afternoon. We also agreed that if this proved not to be case, any of us could back out after lunch, though I think we all felt this was unlikely given the level of understanding we had managed to build up. We found we had a shared set of values and approach to life, so were confident we’d want to have sex together. The anticipation of a lovely get-together increased over the remaining couple of weeks and the day finally arrived. Whenever I meet with people I’m confident of clicking and enjoying sex with I wake up on the morning of the playdate as excited as a small boy on Christmas morning!

I checked into the hotel just before lunch, made sure the room was warm enough and got myself ready. Freshly showered I went down to the bar and waited for my dates to arrive. Pam & Ray walked into the bar at the time we’d agreed and we greeted each other like long-lost friends, striking up conversation naturally and without any awkwardness shown by anyone. Those first few minutes are so important in my experience – do your homework, prepare well, and the tone you set at the outset pays dividends later – simples.

With drinks organized we moved to a discrete corner, ordered our food and kicked back to get to know each other better. Pam sat next to me on the sofa from the outset and held my hand gently as the 3 of us chatted. It was a nice gesture of hers, showing me she was keen and that she regarded me as an equal to Ray for the purposes of our date. I have found that if a couple are too close with each other when we first meet then that implies a ‘pecking order’ and it can make for a more awkward meet. Thankfully not so on this occasion.

Having swapped our life-stores and put the world to rights, it was Pam who discretely turned the conversation to a more intimate level, demonstrating again that she was quite happy to talk openly about sex. We swapped stories about our swinging experiences, our likes, and our desires for the afternoon. We soon established that we wanted to go up to the room as soon as lunch was over. I enjoy people and chatting and I love this getting-to-know-you part of the experience, especially when it’s clear to all that we’re going to end up in bed together. I had to pinch myself that this was real – here I was in a hotel in the English Midlands, chatting opening about sex with a respectable looking middle-aged couple. With our conversation getting more and more dirty and with Pam occasionally stroking her two companions discretely through our clothing it was getting harder for Ray & I to conceal our erections. Pam remarked on it and added that we were in good company as she was getting wet.

Pam was 58 and Ray 60, though neither looked their age. He had just retired early from a large insurance company but Pam still worked part-time as a school secretary. Ray was similar in appearance to me, both of us slim, same height, both with cross-cropped grey hair and dressed smart casual. Pam even commented that her hubby and her afternoon lover looked like clones of each other, again another thoughtful gesture by her to make us feel comfortable together. To anyone else in the hotel we were 3 middle-aged professionals having a quiet lunch, but underneath of course we were building ourselves up to having a filthy afternoon together.

Pam was one of those lovely motherly looking ladies who age beautifully. Her figure was curvy but not fat, a size 14, lovely ripe hips, full bottom and a very inviting cleavage. She had a fresh complexion, little make-up and her naturally grey hair was cut stylishly in a short bob. At my request she was wearing a summer dress, just above the knee, her lovely legs bare and silky smooth and her neat toes perfectly painted in dark red polish to match her fingernails. She was wearing white peep-toe heels and a fine gold anklet on her right ankle.

I commented on her anklet as it’s an item of jewelry I love seeing on a woman. Pam said she only wore it on swinging dates, explaining that it was their little secret to signify to each other that she was available for other men to use her sexually. Ray added that he too found it a huge turn-on seeing her wear it in public and pointed out to me that it had a small heart shape dangling on it that in tiny letters had the words ‘fuck me’ on it.

A nice little detail to ponder on as we finished our drinks and retired upstairs. I couldn’t help noticing our female server looking at us as we made for the lift and I wondered if she was imagining what we were going upstairs to do. She looked like she had been around the block a couple of times so probably knew exactly what we were planning. Hotel staff see all aspects of human life but I couldn’t help thinking it would be nice if she came and knocked on our door later! But back to my play-dates.

In the privacy of the lift Pam wrapped her arms around my neck and snogged me deeply, then broke off and snogged Ray with equal passion. She pressed into each of us, groaned and told us in graphic terms that she wanted us both to give her such a hard pounding all afternoon – as she put it: “I want to be fucked senseless by my two men please”. How could we decline such a heartfelt plea from such a lovely lady in need?!

Once in the room it was the most natural thing to help each other out of our clothes and get comfortable on the bed. Pam kept her gorgeous white lacy bra & pants on so that Ray and I could enjoy peeling them off her and she came and lay between us. Ray & I were already both rampant and Pam didn’t waste any time in gently wanking each of us and peeling back two foreskins while snogging each of us in turn. Such a wonderfully relaxing and easy start to the afternoon. As she prepared both of us Ray worked on her breasts while I moved down to begin a detailed intimate examination of her vagina. Her panties were already sodden and Pam suggested I put a towel under her bottom in case she squirted, explaining that it didn’t always happen but if it did, she tended to be quite copious. I proceeded to indulge myself by removing her panties, opening her legs wide, bending her knees and raising her bum with a pillow. This enabled me to explore her vaginal and anal region thoroughly with fingers, tongue and mouth. She had prepared beautifully, a small trimmed bush of fair hair on her mons and shaved smooth around her genitals. Her labia were already parting and her clit was very prominent. Her pussy was beautifully neat, her labia were large enough to draw between my lips and her clitoral hood very swollen and starting to draw back to expose her clit. Her opening was symmetrical and I commented that her cunt was just like the pencil drawings in my school biology book, which she giggled at.

Pam’s pussy was utterly delightful and already showing clear signs of arousal, even without much attention from me. This was one very responsive lady. I started to lick her out, slowly but firmly, peeling her apart and enjoying her responses. She soon became very liquid and started to moan as Ray chewed on her nipples and I massaged her G-spot with two fingers and rasped my tongue over her swollen clitoris. She placed her hand on my head and pressed me into her as her first orgasm came hard and fast, followed quickly by another as I changed position and wormed my tongue into her puckered little anus. Her rear passage opened easily to my probing and she was clearly very comfortable with anal play. I later discovered that she had quite a penchant for anal fucking, but sadly not with me due to my girth.

Pam was now in that state of multiple orgasms as Ray and I pleasured her orally, each one rising in intensity until she shouted a warning to me that I was about to get wet. I was knelt on the floor, my mouth plugged to her open cunt as her juices ran down my throat, fingers of my left hand peeling back the hood of her clit and thumbing the clit itself, while the little finger of my right hand was deep inside her anus and massaging her rectum gently. Poor Pam, she wasn’t going to last long under this onslaught, and sure enough with little warning she cried out and several fountains of clear liquid squirted from her pussy all over my face, and down my back. My first experience of a woman gushing in her orgasm is something that will live with me forever. As Ray gently brought Pam down from her intense climax we cuddled up together and wrapped her in the duvet.

Ray explained that she would need some recovery time and suggested we amused ourselves while Pam rested. Seeing her so sated from sexual pleasure was lovely and I gently planted little kisses on her face as she moaned softly to herself. Ray by this time had moved down my body and had commenced his own brand of oral pleasuring on me. Feeling his warm wet mouth slip over my erection was delightful and I was keen to return the favour, so with Pam slumbering next to us Ray and I manoeuvred ourselves into a 69, feasting hungrily on each other’s cocks.

I love 69’ing with a man or a woman but Ray’s technique was especially good and soon I was finding it hard to focus on his lovely penis. I prefer being fellated by men but this was something else. Not wanting to cum at this point but knowing I had to change gear if I was to avoid my own explosion, I broke away from him with some reluctance and gestured for him to lie down so I could fellate him without any distraction. Pam had already told me that Ray was a heavy cummer and added that they had resisted the urge to have sex for a couple of days before meeting me so that he would be able to ejaculate copiously. Hearing his groans of pleasure growing louder I confess to being slightly tentative about whether I could cope with swallowing a big load. Before I could decide if I wanted his seed in my mouth or over my face his noisy grunts had woken Pam and she groaned her pleasure at the sight of her two men enjoying each other. She and Ray started snogging and she then moved down his body, nibbling first on his nipples and then joining me to share his cock. We took it in turns to suck his helmet and run our tongues up and down his shaft. After a few moments of intense oral attention it was Ray’s turn to cry out in climax as Pam directed his cock into my mouth. I instinctively cradled his balls and felt his climax as Pam milked him and he jetted warm sticky cum into my mouth.

God I’ve never experienced such an explosive ejaculation before, I couldn’t cope with it all and Pam ended up directing the reminder of it over my face. I’ve never seen such thick strings of cum and the taste & smell will remain for ever in my memory. Pam was so turned on and while frigging herself she went about cleaning me up with her mouth and encouraged me to snowball Ray’s cum with her. Once I had been cleaned up and passed all of Ray’s cum to Pam for her to swallow, I was eager to give her a good fucking. She was equally keen and laid on her back, legs right back and a fully exposed cunt on display for me to enter.

It’s important to breakoff at this point in the story and explain some of the preparation we had done before meeting. Ground-rules are really key when indulging in group sex and thankfully we were all in agreement on how we’d like to play. One of the issues was bareback or protected sex. We had agreed that subject to each of us being tested clear for STIs, we would like to engage in bareback sex. Pam confessed to having a weakness for cum and said she enjoyed messy sex hugely, but that for us all to be comfortable we’d need to exchange test results beforehand. They had explained that they were both very dirty in bed, loved no-holds barred bareback fucking with a nice clean bi-guy. Ray assured me that he loved seeing Pam being used hard and they both loved filthy sex with carefully selected guys. A few days before the meeting we had exchanged our clear results and therefore were happy to dispense with condoms. Risky I know, but we all felt we’d taken appropriate measures to minimize risk and enhance our pleasure. We also agreed that any anal intercourse would be with condoms.

So, here I was, poised to enter a very lovely mature lady on her back while she snogged with her hubby, her legs wide apart and feet in the air clearly desperate for cock. I knelt between her legs, stroked her clit with my helmet and made sure she was fully wet to enable deep penetration. Loving the sight of my penis stroking the length of her labia, I couldn’t resist any longer and entered her slowly and fully until I was balls deep. She moaned loudly and begged me to fuck her hard. Finesse went out of the window and I proceeded to give Pam a deep hard pounding, knowing that she wanted release as soon as possible.

Ray was very aroused at the sight of his wife being serviced and quickly regained his erection. It was the most natural thing for him to crouch astride his wife’s head and offer his penis to my mouth yet again. Fucking Pam and sucking Ray at the same time was always going to end quickly and I could feel my own sap rising steadily. I eased off the pace and penetrated her deeply instead, enjoying the feel of her cervix against the tip of my penis as she ground her cunt onto the thick base of my cock and had a small climax. By now her body had expanded to accept my girth and her pussy felt just right for me, not too tight but very very comfy.

I like to change gear frequently during an intense sex session and decided that I wanted to sample other delights before cumming. With again a sense of reluctance I pulled out of Pam’s sopping wet vagina and asked that we all change around. I lay on my back, Pam came and slid onto my cock and draped her full breasts in my face, and I got really deep into her. I could tell that her hubby was positioning himself behind her lovely big ass and expected him to enter her asshole as we had discussed DP. He encouraged her to lean further forward and spread the cheeks of her bum. I was quite surprised when I felt his cock sliding into her cunt alongside mine. There is was, my first DVP – I had just assumed we’d do DP – never assume anything!

It was very horny, one of those amazing experiences you’ll never forget. The feel of his cock so close to mine was lovely, both of us guys were clearly enjoying it hugely as we were rock hard and that sent Pam into multiple orgasms. Ray & I took turns to thrust while the other lay still, otherwise one of us would slip out! It’s quite an art. In between each little climax she’d look down at me and tell me what a turn-on it was for her. I couldn’t quite believe this was a 58yo grandma, a school secretary, a lovely grey-haired, full-figured lady-next-door type, begging her hubby and her afternoon lover to fuck her brains out and fill her with cum. We loved talking dirty, she asked if I was OK with her hubby cumming inside her and all over my cock. I told her I was very OK with it, so long as I could cum inside her too. She said that she and Ray loved DVP but that it didn’t happen very often, so when it did he usually dumped a huge load in her as he found it such a turn-on. I reassured her that I was very comfortable with another man’s cum and that spurred her on to another climax. She said she loved messy sex and how good it was with two relaxed bi-guys and that she hoped we’d both dump heavily in her cunt. She also told us both that whatever we left inside her would have to cleaned up after – and without using tissues or baby-wipes!

Hearing his respectable wife talk like that was too much for Ray and he thrust deep and hard alongside me and ejaculated violently inside Pam. The feel of her cunt changed immediately and my cock was bathed in lovely warm semen. Ray stayed inside for a few more thrusts and then withdrew slowly, leaving me still inside. I knew what I wanted – I asked Pam if we could change position, I wanted her on her back again, her legs spread wide and knees bent so that I could examine her cum-filled cunt. Ray placed a pillow under her bum and I used my fingers to scoop the cum dribbling out of her and push it back into her vagina. With her legs wide apart and her cunt glistening with pussy-goo and Ray’s semen, the smell of sex was gorgeous.

She was begging me to re-enter her and I knelt between her open thighs and stroked my swollen helmet up and down over her open gash, using my cock to scoop Ray’s cum back into his wife’s cunt. This turned us all on so much and I was getting close to cumming so I slid deep into her without warning and gave her a good hard pounding. Her cunt was so sloppy, I looked down as I slid in and out and enjoyed seeing my cock glistening with Ray’s semen, a white tide-ring around the base of my cock. By now the need to cum had subsided a bit and after a few deep thrusts I was able to pull out and offer my cock to Ray to suck. We’d already discussed it and they were both eager for him to do some cleaning himself.

The sight of her hubby sucking my cock and my groans of pleasure were all too much for Pam and she begged me to re-enter her and fuck her doggy style, her favorite. “Tim, I want you to give me a good hard fucking and fill me with cum please” are the words she used – how could I refuse? She was making such a noise that Ray filled his wife’s mouth with his cock to keep her quiet. The sight of me fucking his wife hard had got him erect again and we proceeded to give Pam a vigorous spit-roasting. I pulled Pam’s hair while fucking her and she made it clear she loved being treated this way. Seeing a woman submit so readily to two men really is a monumental turn-on.

With her knelt on the bed the inevitable happened and gravity meant that Ray’s cum started to run out of her cunt all over my balls. The feel of her sloppy cunt, the smell of sex, the sound of my wet balls slapping against her was all too much. Ray was spurring me on with verbal encouragement and telling me to fuck the dirty bitch hard and splatter her insides with semen. He told me how they both loved her being filled with another man’s cum. The dirty talk and the sound of all three of us in the throes of pleasure combined to tip me over the edge, I held Pam’s hips tightly and emptied my balls deep inside her. God, she felt lovely, her cunt in spasm and squeezing every last drop of cum from me. Ray by now had withdrawn his cock from Pam’s mouth and was wanking over her face. She was using filthy language, this otherwise respectable middle-aged grandmother begging me to dump cum deep into her cunt. Ray too was using dirty talk and really getting off on it, telling Pam what a dirty little whore she was to have another man’s cum inside her and what a filthy bitch she had been to have two cocks inside her at once. He asked her to imagine what her colleagues at school would think if they knew what she liked doing in the privacy of her bedroom and what a little cum-slut she was. They clearly both loved this sort of talk and Ray soon unloaded again, this time all over Pam’s face.

We spent the rest of our time together cleaning each other, snowballing, swapping cum and stories and slowly winding down from an amazing sex-high. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating chocolate, playing with toys and finishing up with me being granted one final wish for the afternoon. I elected to watch them engage in a gentle session of anal intercourse while I wanked over Pam’s face. We finally bathed and showered and left the hotel together. As we parted in the car-park we vowed to meet again. Pam has since suggested they might bring along a single female friend of theirs that they swing with. I’ve asked to think about it, I don’t want to spoil the MMF dynamic I love so much, but I think curiosity may get the better of me – I’ll let you know in a follow-up.

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