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My Loving Wife, the Flirt

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Can a woman be a flirt and still be a loving wife? I say, yes, because I’m married to one!

Barb and I have been married for many years. We were high school sweethearts and married young. My Barb is tall, slender, attractive, and very vivacious. She meets people easily and has seldom known a stranger. Part of what drew me to her was her flirtatious manner.

Soon after we met, we were going steady, but that didn’t stop her from being friendly with other fellows. I know now that she flirted with my friends just to keep me guessing while she teased and tempted them without really meaning to carry things any farther.

At first, I was jealous and often felt like dumping her for a less exciting girlfriend. Later, the thought of being with anyone else left me cold. When I brought up her teasing, she would laugh and hug me. “I love to tease and pretend I’m drooling over one of the other guys. It’s not serious, really.”

We could wait no longer. We married right after graduation. She got a job as a clerk. I started college and found a part-time job that soon grew into about 35 hours per week. The job allowed me to adjust my hours to accommodate my full class load.

We lived a pretty Spartan life during my college years. We had little time for fun and games, but Barb still liked to tease and play pranks. I love her spontaneity and her sense of adventure. At times, the lady downstairs would complain about the running footsteps as, naked, we chased each other from room to room. Sunday morning became our time to sleep in and physically enjoy being married.

We weren’t talented lovers at that age, and stuck to the missionary position. We were usually good for at least two good fucks before lunch and, sometime, another session in the afternoon. Barb had a nice tight pussy and my thick cock filled her to the limit.

Barb would tell me about the men who came into her store and some of her coworkers. Many made a pass. She enjoyed teasing them. “Guess what, this middle-age man was in the store today and bought y me quite a bit of stuff. He wanted my phone number and told me he wanted to buy me dinner for being so helpful. I teased him a little just to see what he would do. I leaned over on the counter so he could see down my blouse, and then I bent over to get a box and gave him a view of my butt. When I turned back around, the man had a hard on in his pants!” Barb giggled.

“Did you give him your number?” I asked worriedly.

“Hell no,” she gasped, “I gave him my supervisor’s number,” she added with a sly grin. “She’s about his age, so who knows?” Then, she reached over and lightly stroked my growing cock. “This is the stiff one that I like to play with.”

Needless to say, her stories and exploits always gave me an erection. She could tell that her antics turned me on, increasing the height of our lovemaking as she related what had happened. After a few years, I began to have fantasies. My fantasies included Barb’s teasing and advanced to dreams of her actually doing some things with the men whom she tempted. One Sunday afternoon, after a very intense fuck, I steeled my nerve and commented, “I’m willing to go along with anything you might want to do…sexually. I mean anything at all.”

Barb turned her head on the pillow. “Anything?” she asked.

“Yes,” I croaked . . . my throat dry. “We love each other and we will always trust that love. I don’t want to set artificial limits on our pleasure. Feel free to express your desires and know that I will be happy to go along with your experimentation.”

“I’ve really never thought about anything before. Don’t expect me to jump up and start to belly dance,” Barb joked.

“Now Barb,” I coaxed, “don’t tell me you haven’t entertained any fantasies about some of the guys you’ve teased. That wouldn’t be honest, would it?”

“Well,” she began, “if you count those thoughts, maybe I’ve been guilty a few times.”

I chuckled, as my pretty wife blushed red from her face down her neck to her upper chest. “Hells bells, honey, you’ve told me plenty of stories about the men who have tried to get into your panties. It excites me when you relate all the details about your encounters. I’ve also observed you flirting with some of our friends at parties. You’re a natural tease and we both enjoy the game.”

“So, your “anything” comment is restricted to me flirting and teasing, right?”

Barb had me in a corner. How far did I really want her to go? How serious was I? What would she think if I told her about my darkest fantasies?

“No, honey, to me “anything” means you are free to say or do whatever you are comfortable doing. I just want to be a part of it somehow.”

Barb looked at me for several long moments. “Okay, let’s take a for instance. What if I decided that I wanted to dance with another guy at a party? Would you be all right with that?”

“Yes, that would be fine with me.”

“What if I let him hold me really close? Would you be upset?”

“No, I would probably get as aroused as you,” I admitted.

Barb began to warm to our conversation. “Let’s say that he put his hand on my ass while we were dancing close. Would you let him do that?”

“Uh huh, I’m sure that would give me a hard on, seeing him touch you like that. I’ve sometimes thought…”

“Thought what, Ken?”

“I’ve thought about how hot it would be to see another guy fondle you and watch you respond to his touch.”

Barb shook her head slowly. “I had no idea that you got such a charge out of my flirting. This opens up a whole line of thoughts, that’s a fact.”

“Please go on,” I urged, “see how stiff I am just discussing possibilities?”

“Oh my goodness, let me feel.”

Barb stroked my hard shaft through my shorts and smiled. “You’re making my mouth water, you know that?”

“Help yourself,” I countered. “I love to feel your warm mouth on me.”

Barb slid my shorts and briefs down and settled between my legs. She cupped my balls in her hand, then her tongue touched the tip of my rigid rod and it twitched. She kissed the head and looked up into my eyes as her lips engulfed a couple of inches. “Do you like it when I do this?” she asked coyly.

I nodded as I pushed my dick farther into her mouth. She swallowed more than half my length and began to suck and lick, making wet noises that excited me even more.

Pulling her mouth off, my sweet wife looked up. “How would you like it if I did this to one of your buddies?” she teased. “Would you be angry with me?”

“Oh shit,” I groaned as a vision of Barb swallowing another prick swam across my fevered brain. Barb could surely feel my cock pulsing within the circle of her fingers. “That would be so hot!”

“You’d really like for me to suck another guy’s cock?” she asked incredulously. “You’d let me do that?”

“Yes, anything you want to do,” I gasped as pre cum leaked onto the head of my dick.

“What if I liked sucking him so much that I wanted to feel his cock inside me?” Barb proposed. “Would you want to see him fuck me too?”

My response surprised us both. I squirted jet after jet of warm, creamy semen onto Barb’s face. Some wound up in her hair and her blouse became spotted with my liquid love. “Oh, my God,” I groaned.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Barb gasped as she licked cum from around her mouth. She used her fingers to gather more sperm from her cheeks, chin, and forehead; then licked her fingers clean.

Barb stood and went to the bathroom to finish cleaning up. I stepped out of my shorts and followed her to rinse the remaining cream off of my flaccid dick. “Sorry for messing up your hair,” I said sheepishly.

“Messing up my hair isn’t so bad. You’ve really messed up my mind,” she murmured as she turned to study me.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, Barb,” I stammered. “What I said doesn’t mean that I love you less. I care deeply for you. I do, very much. My love is such that I want you to enjoy everything that life can deliver. I never want “anythings” to take the place of our own lovemaking, but adding a little spice now and then should keep things exciting and fresh for us for years to come.”

“Keep talking,” she urged.

“I’ve heard stories about couples who become bored with each other. They drift apart, have affairs, or stop being intimate altogether. I don’t want us to end up that way. Besides, I know you enjoy flirting and being a tease. It’s just natural for you. I could choose to get upset and jealous, or I could choose to enjoy your outgoing ways with you. I decided that I would rather relax and enjoy it too.”

“You’re incredible!” she responded and hugged me tightly. “You’re always thinking of me and how to make me happy. That’s why I love you so much. But I do have a question.”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

“If I can try anything, does that mean you get the same privilege?”

“Frankly, I hadn’t thought about that?” I admitted honestly. “I guess that would depend on you.”

“How so?”

“Well, if you aren’t okay with me taking a few liberties with other women, strangers or one of our friends, then I’ll agree to avoid those situations. I’ll let you be the final judge in all cases.”

Barb gave my proposal some thought. “At this point, I don’t know how I’d feel about it. You don’t flirt, so I can’t say that I’ve ever had to deal with such a situation. Would you still feel the same way if I decide that I don’t want you messing around with any other woman?”

I responded with a simple, “Yes.”

Barb shook her head slowly. “Well, this conversation has left me a bit addled. I’m going to need some time to process all this, so don’t expect any changes in my behavior any time soon.”

“I understand,” I replied. “We need to take it slow and see how everything goes. I’ll leave it entirely up to you to decide when and if you want to expand the horizon. Just know that I’ll be ready and willing to support you, whatever happens…or doesn’t happen.”

Barb took my hand and pulled me toward our bedroom. “This discussion has made me so horny. All I can think about right now is making mad, passionate love to you. We’ve got the rest of the day to enjoy each other.”


Barb and I avoided further discussions after our long talk on Sunday. I decided to leave her to think through the ideas and determine what she wanted to do, if anything.

Three weeks later, Gary and Roberta invited us to their home. Barb met Roberta through a mutual school chum. Barb and Roberta were both outgoing and they bonded right away in spite of a five-year age difference.

They were already out of school and earning enough money to afford a starter house. Gary worked for a giant energy company and Roberta was a medical specialist at the local hospital. Barb wanted me to meet them and accepted their invitation to spend Saturday afternoon at their community pool, then enjoy burgers and beer on their patio.

We found the house and Roberta met us at the door wearing a beach cover up over what appeared to be a rather brief bikini. She hugged Barb, then turned to me as Barb introduced her. I extended my hand, but Roberta waved it aside and gave me a tight hug. “We’re already close friends, Ken,” she said. “Barb has told me so much about you.”

I felt Roberta’s ample breasts press into my lower chest and glanced at Barb with a surprised look on my face. Barb just smiled sweetly, as if to condone her friend’s action. Roberta was short, barely five feet, so her soft boobs fit against me just below my rib cage.

“Come on in and meet Gary,” she urged. We followed Roberta down the hall and into the kitchen.

“Ken, meet Gary…Gary, Ken,” she said as I shook his hand. Gary was an inch or so taller than me and just as muscular. He had thick brown hair and a moustache, making him look rather mature. His broad smile put me at ease and we made small talk while he pulled four beers from the refrigerator.

Gary passed out the drinks and paused to give Barb a long hug, kissing her cheek. “Glad you guys could join us,” he said. “It’s a perfect day for a swim and a cookout.”

Barb and I used their guestroom to change into our swimsuits. I donned my blue trunks and watched as Barb adjusted her two piece suit and slipped a T-shirt over it. The T-shirt was one of mine with “Hang Loose” on the front that a buddy gave me. I noticed that she chose her smallest suit, a bright pink number that allowed the wearer to adjust the size of the triangles covering the vital parts. Half of her ass stuck out of the suit and my shirt did little to hide that fact.

“You look good enough to eat,” I remarked as we picked up our towels, leaving our clothes on the bed.

“Is that a promise?” she asked over her shoulder as we hurried back to the kitchen.

“It all depends on you,” I answered cryptically. “I’m always happy to oblige, you know.”

Barb giggled as we joined our hosts. “We’re ready when you are,” she announced.

The community pool was close by, across a grassy common area. Gary carried a cooler of beer and I lugged a sack filled with snacks. Four other couples were lounging or swimming as we passed through the gate and arranged ourselves on lounge chairs.

Gary and Roberta greeted the others briefly, then they returned to us. Barb pulled off her T-shirt revealing her flashy little suit. I noticed that Gary took a particular interest in Barb’s actions and smiled to myself.

I pulled my shirt over my head and settled into my lounger. Barb strolled over to the pool steps and entered the water.

Roberta whistled softly. “Barb has such a cute figure. She’s so tall and slender. You’re a lucky guy.”

“I agree completely,” I replied as I watched Roberta shed her cover up. Her string bikini barely covered her large breasts and I noticed that the bottom triangle revealed a camel toe dent in the center. Evidently there wasn’t much of a bush to smooth the thin fabric and mask her slit.

“I think I’ll get wet too,” Roberta announced. She turned toward the pool and showed me that her suit was a thong! I immediately felt my cock begin to rise and stiffen. I decided to stay in the lounger and wait until my arousal subsided before joining the girls.

Gary took a quick sip of his beer, then headed for the water. “Time to cool off, Ken,” he urged.

“In a minute or two,” I responded smiling. Gary didn’t seem to mind the fact that his petite wife was exposing more than the usual amount of flesh to me and some others lazing around the pool.

I looked up at the clouds, down at my feet, and across at the trees. As I let my mind wander, my semi-erection subsided and I felt safe to rise and walk over to the pool. I was underwater before anybody really had a chance to examine my trunks.

Barb was chatting with Roberta and Gary in the shallower end of the pool. Both women stood so that the water was up to Roberta’s neck. Barb was taller, so Gary and I could see the tops of Barb’s breasts. Again, I noticed Gary ogling Barb’s plump mounds as I moved over to them. Barb, of course, noted Gary’s interest also. She smiled at me and hopped up and down in the water; which, in turn, made her boobs jiggle.

After making her point, Barb put her arm around my waist and pressed against me, increasing her cleavage in the process. Gary was mesmerized and Roberta seemed amused by her husband’s unabashed interest.

“Down boy,” she giggled as her arms wrapped around Gary’s waist. Gary jumped and I suspected that Roberta might have let one hand slip down to squeeze his thickening cock.

Barb looked at the other couples sitting around the pool. “Let’s get some sun. It’ll feel so nice and warm.” She slid past me and began to head for the pool steps. Roberta followed, leaving Gary and I standing together.

“Your gal has a nice set of knockers,” Gary said with a smile.

I nodded. “Yeah, and she likes to tease a little as you may have noticed.”

“Don’t take offense, Ken, I meant that in the most positive way,” Gary replied nervously.

Laughing, I set his mind at ease. “No problem, Gary. You’re not the first guy she’s enchanted…just the most recent. Frankly, I’d say you’re pretty lucky too. Roberta has a great pair for such a petite gal. I love her thong too.”

“Touche, we’re even then,” Gary chuckled. “I think we’ve both been looking. I wonder if the girls have been doing the same thing?”

Barb stepped out of the pool and resumed her seat on a lounger. Somehow, she managed to shrink the size of the triangles covering her firm breasts during her journey. The strip of fabric between her legs was also smaller. Pleats on the supporting strings were bunched together closely, her tan lines on display.

I watched Roberta walk back to our chairs, her round ass all but bare in her little thong. There was no question in my mind that both wives were putting on a show for us.

“I do believe your suit is smaller,” Roberta commented as they rubbed lotion over their arms and legs.

Barb giggled. “Yeah, this suit is adjustable on the strings, so I can tease the guys better. It still isn’t a thong like yours. Ken can’t keep his eyes off of your bare bottom.”

“We both like to tease, I guess,” Roberta replied as she slid her slick hands over her tummy. “I think I’ll wait and see if Ken wants to put lotion on my back for me, okay?”

“He’ll jump at the chance to grope you, Roberta,” Barb replied. “Don’t tempt him too much or you might get a surprise.”

Gary and I returned to our chairs and surveyed the lovely flesh on display. Roberta smiled and turned to lie on her tummy.

“Want to put lotion on my back, Ken?” she invited.

I glanced over at Gary and saw him smile and nod. His eyes quickly moved to my wife and the copious amount of white skin showing around the little triangles of her suit.

“Sure thing,” I responded, then picked up the bottle of lotion. Roberta looked delicious, lying there almost nude from the back. The strings of her top and the narrow thong up her rear were the only evidence that she wore a swimsuit. I poured lotion on my hands and began to massage it into her neck and shoulders. Trailing more lotion along her spine, I worked lotion into her back down to the strings. Without asking, I untied the bow and let the strings fall to the side. My hands moved down to her lower back and over her slender hips.

“You have soft hands,” Roberta cooed as I spent extra time massaging her lower back.

The twin globes of her ass beckoned and I added more lotion before enjoying the feel of her firm globes under my hands. Her legs jiggled slightly as I worked the lotion deep into her bare ass cheeks. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gary leaning over Barb. He was applying lotion to my wife and Barb seemed to be enjoying it.

My fingers brushed Roberta’s thinly covered labia as I applied lotion to the back of her thighs. I could feel the extra warmth welling up from between her legs.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” she moaned as she managed to separate her legs slightly.

My cock began to expand within my trunks, but I ignored the bulge and continued to concentrate on Roberta’s legs. I slid both hands up and down her legs, accidentally allowing the tips of my fingers bump against her crotch every so often. When she didn’t object, I let my finger trace the dent her slit made in the thin fabric covering her pussy.

“So nice,” Roberta groaned. “Make sure you don’t miss a spot.”

I finished applying lotion to her lower legs, then let my hands journey back up her thighs. When I reached the junction, I slipped my hand into the cleft between her legs and gave her pussy a brief massage. For a moment, I toyed with the idea of slipping a finger inside her suit, but decided to wait and see what might develop later on.

“All done,” I announced and plopped down in my lounger, glancing over at Barb. Her face was turned toward me and her eyes were closed. Gary was massaging her legs and sneaking his fingers up between my wife’s legs. He saw me observing his moves and quickly moved down Barb’s legs, finishing his sunscreen duties.

Other men made it a point of wandering by, taking plenty of time to leer at our two ladies. Roberta left the strings dangling off of her chair, so she was bare except for her thong. Barb’s top strings were also untied and her bottoms were wedged up into her ass crack, displaying tan lines that seemed to act like eye magnets for the other fellows. An older fellow in a white Speedo sported a rather impressive bulge as he slowly ambled by us, on his way back to his heavy-set wife near the end of the pool.

A few minutes later, both women retied their tops and turned over. Roberta lowered her sunglasses and looked at me.

“You’re going to burn unless you use some of my lotion. Want me to put it on for you?”

I smiled over at her. “Sure, if you really think I need it.”

Roberta quickly applied lotion to my back. Then, she asked me to turn over. Feeling her small hands on my back and legs added to the pressure in my loins. She leaned over me and poured lotion on my chest, working her way down to my belly. Turning her back to me, she worked lotion onto my lower legs. Her sweet ass was so close; I could detect her aroma of arousal. Then, she turned around to give me a bird’s eye view of her firm titties as she rubbed lotion into my muscular thighs.

“Your legs seem so tense,” she observed as her hands moved higher. I saw her eyes flit across my trunks, noting the bulge that was forming.

Her hands moved up my left thigh and her fingers crept under the hem of my trunks. I felt her fingertip bump against the lump produced by my balls encased in the mesh support of my trunks.

“Oops, a little too high,” she giggled as she slid her hands back down my leg.

I didn’t comment. On her next pass, she bumped me again and she must have noticed the twitch that her move caused. After three or four more passes, her fingers traced across my hard shaft and I saw her lick her lips. Roberta could plainly see the smile on my face as she drew back.

“There, you’re safe now,” she announced, putting the lotion back in her bag.

“I’m not sure just how safe I really am,” I joked. Gary was receiving similar treatment from Barb and he laughed out loud at my comment.

“You’re safe for now, Ken,” he replied, “but I can’t guarantee for how long.”

The afternoon passed quickly as we swam and basked in the sun. There was more thinly veiled teasing and the girls continued to show off for us along with the other people at poolside.


“I’m getting hungry,” Gary finally announced. “Why don’t we go back to our place and heat up the grill?”

A few minutes later, the four of us entered the cool home and Gary served up a pitcher of Margaritas. He stepped onto their private patio and lit his grill in preparation for the burgers we would soon enjoy. I followed him onto the patio.

“Nice place you’ve got, Gary.”

“Thanks, Ken, we like it a lot. The only thing we are missing is our own pool. The community pool is all right, but we’d much prefer a private pool. I wish we had room for one.”

“Backyard pools mean a lot of upkeep,” I replied. “With a community pool, others have to maintain the darn thing.”

Gary hesitated for a moment. “You’re right, there, but the advantage of a private pool is that you can swim nude. I’ll tell you something if you promise to keep it under your hat.”

“Sure,” I responded.

“Roberta and I are what many people call naturists.”

I looked over at Gary. “You mean you two are nudists?”

“We prefer the term naturist, but yes, we enjoy being nude when possible.

“Well, what do you know?” I mused. “I don’t think I’ve ever known a naturist before,” I murmured. “How long have you been doing it?”

Gary smiled. “I’ve been going nude for years. I introduced Roberta to it before we married. She was hesitant at first, but now I think she is more into it than me.”

“Wow. You know, she was pretty close to nature today in her little thong,” I chuckled. “There’s not much left that I haven’t already seen…or touched.”

“Yeah, I was glad that you and Barb got into the spirit of things out at the pool. Both gals like to tease and show off a bit. It was fun.”

Gary’s admission intrigued me. “Where do you go to practice your naturism?”

“Most of the time, right here at home. We seldom wear anything in the house, unless other non-naturists are visiting. We also go to beaches when we travel, and we belong to a naturist resort about an hour from here.”

“Gee, I didn’t know there were any such places nearby,” I admitted. Then, you must know some other naturists who live around here.”

Gary nodded. “Yes, we’ve met quite a few couples at the resort. Sometimes, we get together here at the house, or at someone else’s place. Lou and Grace have a nice pool, so we normally go there.”

I sipped my drink and just nodded. Gary closed the grill lid and motioned toward the door. “Maybe you and Barb would like to join us sometime,” he said over his shoulder as we reentered the kitchen.

I touched Gary’s arm to stop him. “Do you think Roberta would mind if I let Barb in on your secret?”

“Heck no,” Gary shrugged. “But don’t spread it around, okay?”

Our wives were busy in the kitchen when we walked in. I strolled over to Barb and patted her nearly bare bottom. “I know something that you don’t know,” I teased.

“What?” Barb asked without turning.

“Our host and hostess are naturists,” I whispered. “They belong to a resort not far from here and they get together at different houses.”

Barb looked up and turned to Roberta. “Is that true?” she asked.

Roberta looked a little uncomfortable at first, then smiled sheepishly. “I guess Gray spilled the beans. Yes, as a matter of fact, we are naturists. I hope that doesn’t spoil anything for you, Barb.”

“Well, no, I guess not,” Barb stammered. “I’m not really sure I understand much about nudist camps and such.”

“Camps are old-fashioned,” Gary told her. “Our resort has a nice clubhouse, a big pool and spa, volleyball and tennis courts, disco, the works. There are even cabins for rent and some of the members have mobile homes parked there as weekend getaways.”

“Then, everybody goes around naked all the time?” Barb continued to probe.

“Most of the time,” Roberta agreed. “When everyone’s nude, it’s no big deal. We’ve made a lot of good friends at the resort and they’re all open-minded, fun people.

“Sometime they all gather here for a party,” I interjected. “Other times, they go where there’s a nice private pool.”

Barb thought for a minute. “So, that’s why you don’t have any tan lines, Roberta. You’re not accustomed to wearing a suit at all.”

Roberta grinned. “You guessed it, honey. That’s why my suit looks so new. I seldom wear one. We wouldn’t be wearing anything now, except you guys are visiting.”

I couldn’t resist responding. “Well, Roberta, don’t let us hinder you.”

“Ken, here’s how it works,” Roberta countered, “it’s everybody or nobody.”

I grinned and turned to my lovely wife. “Honey, you’ve been flashing your tan lines at us all afternoon and teasing Gary unmercifully. I dare you to take off your skimpy suit and see how it feels to be a naturist.”

Barb glared at me. Then, with her chin jutting forward, she reached behind her back and slowly pulled the strings that secured her top. “You know you should never dare me unless you’re prepared for the consequences, Ken. This just might be fun.”

I watched as my wife lifted her tiny bikini top over her head. She turned to face Gary. He drew in a breath as he feasted his eyes on my wife’s firm breasts topped with pink nipples. Her distinct tan lines proved that he was ogling something fresh and seldom seen. With only a brief hesitation, Barb jammed her thumbs into the bottom half of her suit and pushed it down her slender legs. She used her right foot to toss it upward where she caught it. Twirling her stringy bottoms on her finger she gave Gary a full frontal view of her light brown bush.

“Like you said, Roberta, it’s everybody or nobody, right?”

“That’s right, Barb. You are a beautiful naturist,” Roberta replied as she quickly shed her bra top and thong.

Roberta stood nude, hands on hips, facing me. She bore no tan lines whatsoever and her darkly tanned nipples stood erect and proud on her plump globes. Roberta displayed her bare slit to us. It was as tan as the rest of her body and not a pubic hair in sight. I noticed a tiny glint near the top of Roberta’s slit.

“Well, Ken, this was your idea I believe. Lose those tacky trunks!”

Gary spoke up. “Let’s do it together, Ken.”

I watched Gary. As he pushed his trunks down, I did the same. When we both stood up, so did our semi-rigid dicks. We were about the same size, but different. Gary was uncut and his balls seemed to hang lower. I realized that Barb had probably never seen an uncircumcised cock before. Gary was also missing the tan lines that defined my band of white skin that went from just below my belly button to my upper thighs.

Roberta stretched her arms above her head and smiled. “Now, isn’t this much more comfortable?”

“It’s sure different, I must say,” Barb chuckled. “I’ve never been totally exposed like this in front of other people before. It’s kinda neat.”

Roberta turned back to the sink and spoke over her shoulder. “In five or ten minutes, you’ll forget that you are nude. Just relax and enjoy yourselves.”

Gary picked up the platter of burger patties and stepped back out on the patio, opening the grill. I would have been standing with my hands in my pockets, wait, no pockets! Unsure of what to do, I joined Gary outside.

“I take it you didn’t expect your dare to turn out like it did,” Gary chuckled.

“Barb usually takes a dare, but I didn’t think she’d strip in front of the two of you,” I answered honestly. “She loves to tease, though, and I’ve noticed how she’s been tormenting you today.”

“Yeah, Barb’s tan lines kept grabbing my attention. I hope you won’t take offense.”

I just laughed. “If I felt jealousy every time Barb flirted with another man, I’d be in a knot most of the time. Frankly, I take it as a compliment to her.”

“Say, why don’t you and Barb join us next weekend at our resort? You can meet some of our naturist friends and enjoy the clothes-free environment. You’ll both be very welcome.”

The vision of Barb and I mingling with a host of nude people swam before my eyes. “Hey, we’ve been clothes-free for about five minutes, Gary. I’m not sure Barb is ready to take such a plunge.”

“Not sure about Barb, or not sure that you are, Ken?” he responded with a smile.

“Both, I guess,” I had to admit. “This whole day has been rather unusual for us. Why don’t we wait until after dinner, then you and Roberta might want to extend the invitation and see how Barb reacts. That will also give me some time to mull it over.”

“Fair enough,” Gary said as he began to take the meat patties off of the grill.


For the first time in our lives, Barb and I enjoyed grilled burgers with all the trimmings while sitting nude with another couple. Once before, Barb served me a nude breakfast in bed, but that was entirely different!

Gary and I cleared the table while Roberta and Barb loaded the dishwasher. I caught myself staring at their two bare bottoms more than once as each bent over. Surprisingly, neither Gary nor I got erections. We chatted and teased each other like we would if we had all been clothed.

Finally, Gary took the initiative. “Ken, why don’t you and Barb join us this next weekend at Del Sol? You can meet some of our naturist friends. I know you’d both enjoy the experience and, as our guests, you’ll be more than welcome. What do you say?”

I nodded and pretended to give the invitation some serious thought. “It would be an interesting experience, Gary.” I turned to my wife. “What do you think, Barb?”

“It’s a little too soon, maybe,” she replied wavering just a little.

Roberta spoke up. “There’s no time like the present, Barb. You’ve already entered our world, haven’t you? You’ve been here with Gary and I for just a couple of hours and you already seem to be pretty comfortable this way. The only difference will be that you’ll meet a bunch of nice people and have even more fun teasing the men. You like to tease a little, eh Barb?”

“No more than you,” Barb laughed. “I saw how you wiggled your butt out there by the pool.”

“Okay, okay,” Roberta agreed, “I don’t mind showing off a little. What’s the harm? Now, do we include you and Ken this weekend, or not?”

“Well, like he said, it will be a new experience no matter what. I’ve heard stories about nudist colonies all my life, but I’ve never even thought about going to one. I’m willing to try anything once, I guess.”

“It’s settled then,” Gary quickly confirmed. “We’ll plan on picking you up late Friday afternoon. We can share one of the larger cabins. I’ll get us a reservation. You’ll need to bring towels, toiletries, sunglasses, lotion, hats, and a comfortable pair of shoes. Ken you can supply a case of beer and I’ll handle the snacks and all the rest. Del Sol has a small café next to the clubhouse, so we’ll be all set for meals. I think you’ll both have a blast.”

I shrugged and nodded. “Sounds like a plan, Gary. No need for swimsuits I presume.”

“No, they aren’t allowed in the pool or hot tub,” Roberta interjected. “Barb, you might want to bring along a light cover-up or a sarong to wear for the Saturday night dance.”

“Dance at a nudist resort?” Barb spluttered. “Are you serious?”

Gary grinned. “Sure, we have a DJ or a band on Saturday night. Most of us like to dance. It’s a good way to get better acquainted.”

“I’ll say,” Barb retorted. “Will I be out of place in a sarong?”

“No, honey, a few of the other gals like to wear something. You won’t be alone,” Roberta assured her.

I was curious. “Does that mean that some of the women dance naked?”

Gary nodded. “Yeah, some of the women and most of the men. You’ll see for yourself, it’s no big deal.”

“I’m beginning to detect a big deal,” Roberta chuckled as she glanced at my rising manhood. “I think all this chatter has aroused Ken’s happy buddy,” she noted.

Sure enough, my erection started and there was no stopping it while Roberta and Barb both leered at me. I shifted in my chair, but that only served to emphasize my state of arousal. “Okay, quit staring. You’re making me very self-conscious. Maybe going to Del Sol isn’t such a great idea.”

“If that happens at Del Sol, you can just lay your towel across your lap until your hard on subsides,” Gary said casually. “Here, in private, it doesn’t matter one bit. I’m sure Barb can take matters in hand and resolve your situation, can’t you Barb?”

“I usually do, but not with others watching me,” Barb agreed.

“You might find that an audience increases the excitement,” Gary urged. “Go ahead and help poor Ken out if you like. We don’t mind a bit.”

My stiffening cock bounced slightly from all the attention. I reached down and held it, intending to put it between my legs. My movement prompted my wife to slide over in front of me and look closely at my engorged staff. Her fingers touched my balls, then slid up to replace my own hand. She held me for a few moments, then proceeded to stroke up and down slowly. I fell back in my chair as I felt her warm lips close around the head and as her tongue explored the sensitive underside of my cock.

Through half-closed eyes, I saw Roberta and Gary watching us intently. Roberta was holding her left tit in her hand and Gary was now stroking his uncut prick. I had never watched another man jack off before.

Soon, Barb worked most of my shaft into her mouth and she was bobbing up and down on me, making little noises as she ministered to my stiff rod. Likewise, Roberta relieved Gary’s own hand. She was working his foreskin back and forth, licking the exposed head each time it appeared.

“Want to feel how Roberta does it?” Gary asked between heavy breaths. “Let’s see if the girls want to trade.”

Roberta looked up into Gary’s eyes. “I think she’d like to show you, Ken,” Gary confirmed.

Without a word, Roberta released her husband’s stiff member and crawled over next to Barb. Their bodies touched as Roberta reached up to fondle my balls. Barb raised her head, allowing my cock to pop out of her mouth. Immediately, Roberta took her place, pressing my shaft into her own throat. After a few moves, she released and Barb took over. Both women took turns sucking and licking my engorged cock. The feeling was incredible. I glanced at Gary and saw that he was slowly stroking as he watched the scene.

My balls began to tighten and the women knew that I was close. Both of them pulled away and Barb held the base of my shaft tightly until the urge to squirt abated. Roberta moved back to Gary and resumed her position. To my surprise, Barb quickly joined her and the two wives took turns on my friend’s tool. Roberta pulled back Gary’s foreskin and let Barb lick his bulbous head before swallowing it again. “My sweet wife is sucking another man’s cock,” I thought to myself as I watched the trio and held my own stiff shaft.

As I observed the two women between Gary’s outstretched legs another motion caught my eye. Barb’s fingers were between her own legs. My wife was furiously fingering herself as she took turns sucking on Gary’s uncut ramrod. She was obviously aroused and perhaps even unaware of the fact that I could see her fingers moving in and out of her wet nether lips. Barb’s actions attracted me and I positioned myself behind her, pressing my still-stiff cock between the cheeks of her ass. She found me and quickly pushed back, using her fingers to guide me into her slick snatch.

For a short time, I was fucking Barb from behind while she took turns sucking another man’s thick penis. Roberta sensed the rhythm and looked back to see me plugging my wife’s hole. Now, Roberta got busy. She rose and, with her back to Gary, pulled his cock from Barb’s mouth and settled him inside her.

Barb put her head on her arms, pushing her ass up and onto my pulsing cock with a low groan. I looked up directly into Roberta’s open cunt, now filled with her husband’s thick prick. That’s when I realized what the slight glint was that I noticed earlier. Roberta’s clit hood was pierced with a gold ring that held a small gold ball. The ball bounced wildly as she rode her husband’s shaft.

“Oh, yes, fuck me,” Roberta begged. Holding Barb’s hips, I pounded into my wife, feeling her ass cheeks jiggle as we slapped together. Roberta was looking down, watching me fuck Barb as she moved up and down Gary’s glistening rod. It was a sight I’ll never forget.

Minutes later, I heard Roberta gasp. “Yeah, cum with me baby, fill me up.”

Her entreaty caused my balls to go on alert. I felt the pressure building and rapidly fucked Barb. “I can’t hold it, honey,” I whispered and Barb nodded.

“Now, now,” she gasped, and I emptied my semen deep into my wife’s well-fucked cavern.

Roberta stood and I watched the juice begin to drip down her thighs. She used her hand to hold it and waddled down the hall to their master bath. Gary sprawled in his chair, his flaccid cock still wet with cum and Roberta’s nectar. As my own cock began to subside, Barb raised her head and noticed Gary’s obscene situation. She moved forward, allowing my cock to slide out. As I watched, entranced, my wife lifted Gary’s limp dick and began to lick and suck it with abandon.

I stood with a lump in my throat and watched my pretty wife gobble Gary. Then, I stumbled down the hall toward their bathroom. Roberta was just leaving as I walked in. “I left some clean wash cloths for you,” she said. “You can shower too if you like.”

“Thanks, maybe I will. Let Barb know what I’m doing, okay?”

Roberta hugged me and lifted her face. We kissed and I felt her soft tits against me. “I enjoyed you,” she whispered, then strolled down the hall.

I was halfway done with my shower when the door opened and Barb joined me. “Sorry I took so long,” she murmured. I hope you’re not angry.”

“No, I’m not mad or anything,” I assured her. “I hope Roberta was as understanding.”

“Oh yes, she even thanked me for helping to clean Gary up. They’re both unbelievable!”

“Just imagine us sharing a cabin with them over the weekend. Are you okay with doing what we just did?”

“As crazy as it sounds, I am. Playing around with them was fantastic. I’d never even seen an uncut dick before and there I was sucking it with his wife joining in. Then, after they were finished, I just had to take a taste. Now, I’m having some very naughty fantasies.”

I hugged my wife to me and let the water cool our ardor. “I’m glad, because I’m having some fantasies too. We have a few days to go, then some of those fantasies might become reality.”

“We’ll see,” Barb replied with a sly grin. “Now, I think we should get dressed, thank our hosts for an eye-opening day, and give us all some private time before it gets any later.”


Gary pulled his SUV up to the unmarked white gate and pressed the code numbers into the keypad. Slowly, the gate opened and we drove up a winding, tree-lined road to a small cabin. A carved wooden sign indicated that it was Del Sol’s office. “We’ll need to get you two signed in before we go on up to the clubhouse,” Gary said as he opened his door.

Clara, the manager, greeted Gary and Roberta who, in turn, introduced Barb and I. “They’re to be our guests this weekend,” Gary explained. “I reserved one of the large cabins for us. They’re first timers, so be nice.”

“Right,” Clara confirmed. “You have Jupiter, Del Sol’s largest cabin. Everything’s ready for you.”

I was a little surprised to see that Clara wore a large yellow T-shirt and flip-flops. Frankly, I’d expected to be met by a wrinkled old nude dude in a straw hat! The office was neat. The only difference was the array of photographs of members happily enjoying the pool or playing volleyball that adorned one wall.

“Welcome to Del Sol,” Clara said. “I’ll just need to make copies of your ID’s and collect your thirty dollars per day. Gary has already paid for the cabin.”

I paid the guest fees and offered to split the cabin with Gary. He, of course, refused the split. “We’d be renting a cabin anyway, and you are our guests this trip.”

Back in the SUV, we made our way up the road and parked in front of a nice cabin nestled in a grove of trees. Gary turned to me. “We’re home. Over there is the clubhouse and café. Beyond it is the pool. We’ll give you the grand tour in a few minutes.”

The two-bedroom cabin contained a shared bath, a small kitchenette, and a nice living area. The shaded front porch held four rocking chairs and a lovely view of Del Sol. “This is a far cry from what I expected,” I told Gary and Roberta. “I thought we’d be roughing it.”

They both laughed as we lugged our stuff into the cabin. “We really didn’t bring anything to hang in the closet,” I joked.

“You won’t need anything much. Just be sure to put on some good shoes and bring a towel,” Roberta called from the other room. “Let’s get naked and take a look around.”

The four of us stepped onto the porch and onto the gravel road leading to the clubhouse. A couple who looked to be in their early fifties strolled by and stopped to greet Gary and Roberta, “Bill and Linda, meet our friends, Barb and Ken.”

It felt a little strange to shake Bill’s hand while standing nude on the gravel roadway. I was happy to see that Barb seemed to take the encounter in stride. She nodded to Bill and immediately began to chat with Linda.

We proceeded to the clubhouse where we met several other couples. People varied in age from the early thirties to some in their late sixties or older. I was amazed at how quickly we both adapted to the nudist social environment. In fact, Barb, the flirt and tease, seemed to be in her element. She was always a show-off and Del Sol gave her the freedom to do so without guilt.

Couples went about their own pursuits, talking, playing cards, reading, or just sitting on towels enjoying the ambiance. It was similar to other textile clubs, except that everybody was nude. We walked out of the clubhouse and across a well-kept lawn to a fenced pool area. More members were lounging on the grass and around the pool deck. Gary and Roberta stopped to chat and introduce us to those they knew.

We entered the shower area next to the hot tub and took nice soapy showers before returning to the pool for a welcoming dip. “So far, so good,” I thought as we bobbed around and talked with more members.

“You know, this isn’t bad at all,” Barb commented. “It feels so good to be in the water like this and not have straps and elastic binding you. Your friends are so friendly, Roberta.”

“Uh huh,” Roberta replied happily, “we’re all anxious to meet new people and have a nice relaxing time.”

After a quick lunch in the café, we found four empty loungers. We spread our towels and basked in the sun for a while, watching people move in and out of the pool. A variety of shapes, sizes, and ages mingled without any apparent concern. One older couple strolled by and I was surprised to see that one of her breasts had been removed. She didn’t seem at all concerned and neither did her husband. They both smiled down at me as the continued over to the hot tub.

“Let’s take a hike around the property before it gets any later,” Gary suggested. There’s a nice pond beyond the trees, along with some picnic tables.”

We hiked the grounds for over an hour, enjoying the sun and the scenery. Gary and I took turns skipping rocks on the pond. A couple and their teenage son were at the end of the pond fishing. We wandered over to them. The young boy proudly displayed a stringer with five small perch. “I caught three of them and my dad caught two,” he told us grinning. His small, hairless pecker stood straight out from his body, but I couldn’t tell if he had an erection or if it was always that way.

Returning to the pool area, we showered, then we all jumped into the pool to cool off. “We might as well shower again here in the community shower room, then go back to the cabin. I could use a short nap before dinner. It’s best to be nice and fresh for tonight’s dance,” Gary suggested.

The cool cabin was perfect for our short naps. Neither of us closed our bedroom doors. About a half-hour later, Barb and I could hear distinctly sexy noises coming from the other room. “Want to play around a little?” I asked my wife as she awoke. “I think Roberta and Gary have a head start.”

Barb kissed me and fondled my balls. She moved lower and my eyes closed as her mouth surrounded my growing shaft. As soon as I was hard, she ceased. “Just a little sample,” she whispered. “More later, after the dance. The idea of dancing while nearly naked has me so excited. I can’t wait to see what happens tonight.”


Dinner was quite tasty. They serve grilled steaks and baked potatoes on Saturday. Gary and I dined wrapped in our towels. Barb and Roberta each wore thin sarongs that hid little. Gary uncorked two bottles of red wine and we shared the wine with two other couples sitting next to us. The other ladies were younger and stayed topless during dinner. It was a nice treat to survey their firm breasts as I enjoyed my meal.

We were finishing off the wine when the DJ appeared, lugging boxes of discs and some rather fancy sound equipment. Several of us helped her set up her table and organize the equipment. Our female DJ, Cathy, was the only clothed person in the clubhouse at the time, but she didn’t seem to take notice. Cathy was in her late thirties or early forties, quite attractive, and very outgoing.

“Thanks for all your help, fellas,” Cathy told us as she began to sort through her discs. “I’ll be getting the music started as soon as Clara arrives to get tonight’s dance underway.”

“Do you many gigs like this?” I asked Cathy. “I mean at naturist resorts.”

“This is the only resort,” she replied, “but I usually do one or two house parties every month besides. They prefer to use a fellow nudist when possible.”

“Oh, so you are a naturist, I mean nudist, also. Is that right?”

“Yep, for about six years now,” Cathy confirmed. “I’ll be joining you as soon as I finish setting up the first set of tunes.”

A number of other couples filtered into the clubhouse. Minutes later, Clara entered. She looked stunning now, with her hair down, makeup in place, and her voluptuous body finally on full display. For a lady in her late forties, she looked stunning.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Clara began, “please welcome back our friendly DJ, Cathy. She will keep us in a dancing mood this evening.”

Everyone applauded loudly as Cathy stepped out from behind a screen. She was nude, except for the multi-colored lei around her neck, red flower behind her ear and red high heels.

“Wow, what an entrance,” Barb gasped as she clapped enthusiastically.

The music started and couples began to hit the dance floor. I touched Barb on the arm and we joined the crowd. Gary and Roberta were nearby. Barb was soft and warm beneath her near-transparent sarong. I had my towel tightly tucked around my waist. Some of the other women only wore towels around their waist, their boobs mashed against their partner’s bare chest. One young wife wore only a thong.

After five slow numbers, Cathy inserted a fast tune and the four of us went to our table. As we watched the dancers, several men lost their towels. Soon, a couple of women dropped their towels too. “I guess nobody really cares about towels,” Barb said.

“It usually starts off kinda slow and conservative. Later on, people tend to get more comfortable,” Roberta responded. “It’s just harmless flirting and fun.”

Cathy put on another slow song. Gary turned to Barb. “May I have this dance?” he asked politely.

I watched as my wife rose and followed Gary onto the dance floor. Oddly, he left his towel on his chair. Barb’s arms encircled Gary’s neck and he pulled her close, his hands on the small of her back, and they began to sway.

“I’m not Fred Astaire,” I told Roberta, “but I’d love to dance with you.”

Roberta smiled and took my hand. She moved very close and I felt her soft tits push into me again. She put her arms around me and rested her cheek on my chest. My hands rested on her back because she was so petite. As we moved, her body moved back and forth across the front of my towel and I knew that she could feel my bulge as it began to grow. “If you keep that up, you’re going to embarrass me,” I whispered to her.

Roberta looked up into my eyes. “It feels so nice against me, Ken. Please don’t make me stop.”

In an effort to control my erection, I looked around the dance floor, searching for Barb and Gary. I spotted them several yards away. Her sarong was open below her waist, revealing her hip and leg. Barb was holding Gary and it looked as if he might have his cock between my wife’s legs.

Rather than help, the sight of my wife clinging to Gary made my cock throb through my towel. Roberta felt the surge and followed my gaze. “I think our spouses like to dance, don’t you?” she teased.

“Maybe we’d better sit down a minute,” I sputtered. We left the floor and returned to our table.

“Don’t worry,” Roberta exclaimed, “they’re just messing around a little. We all do it.” As she soothed me, her small hand pushed my towel aside and her fingers found my erection. “It excites you to see Barb enjoying herself like that, huh?”

I nodded as Gary’s petite wife continued to stroke my cock under the table. The song ended and I looked up to see Barb and Gary approaching.

“What’s up?” Gary asked, “Oh, I see,” he chuckled as Roberta released the stiff rod now sticking obscenely out of the gap in my towel.

“Sorry,” I began, but Gary waved off my intended apology.

“No problem, man, I was just checking Barb for fit a couple of minutes ago. She seemed to think it’ll work.”

My wife was clearly stunned at Gary’s candor. “Gary, hush. Don’t say things like that right in front of my husband. You’re embarrassing me and others might hear you!”

Gary gave her a contrite look, then winked at me. “No harm done, I hope. I wouldn’t want to spoil everybody’s fun tonight.”

“No, no harm done,” I agreed. “I saw you two over in the corner a while ago. That’s what gave me this problem,” I continued as I drew attention to my lap.

Barb burst out laughing. “You got that worked up just seeing Gary and me dancing close?”

“Well, I helped a little,” Roberta giggled, “but Ken really got a boner watching you two. Now, I’m ready to dance again, Ken. How about it?”

Barb smiled at me and Roberta pulled me out of my chair. As I took a step, my wife grabbed my towel and pulled it loose, tossing it back onto my chair. “You don’t need it,” she said with a wicked grin.

Conscious of my erection, I moved close to Roberta, hoping to avoid detection by the other couples. Roberta moved us into the center of the floor, and then her hand parted her flimsy sarong. “You can hide it in here,” she whispered.

I bent my knees slightly and my stiff cock slid up against her tummy. “I can’t put it between your legs, Roberta, there’s too much difference in height.”

“That’s okay,” she replied, “I like to feel your cock against my skin. You can check the fit later, okay?”

“Is that a promise?” I whispered.

“Promise,” she confirmed. “I want to feel you inside me, Ken. Please don’t think bad of me for that.”

“Of course not. I’ve had similar thoughts all week, I must admit.

Barb and I danced the final two numbers together. I decided to test the water. “Did Gary fit well?”

“Uh huh, he had his cock between my legs while we were dancing. You knew that didn’t you?”

“Yes, I could tell that you had your sarong apart, so I figured he was probing around a little.”

“So did three of the other men. They cut in on Gary and some of them got inside my sarong too.”

“Oh really?” I gasped. “I didn’t notice you with any of the other fellows.”

“They maneuvered me into the far corner, so you wouldn’t see. Two were gentlemen and just fondled my rear a little. The other three felt my boobs and put their cocks between my legs. I’m so wet now. I hope it doesn’t show.”

Barb’s story got me rock hard. I could visualize her being touched and probed by multiple partners and I wished that I’d been there to see it. “You’re okay, but maybe it’s a good thing that the dance is over. I think Gary and Roberta have additional plans tonight, don’t’ you?”

“I know Gary does,” Barb confirmed. “Are you okay with whatever happens?”

“I am if you are, honey,” I told my sweet wife. “I love you madly, you know, and I think we should be able to experience new pleasures together without any hang-ups.”

“Me too,” Barb murmured. “I feel that way now also. I want to feel Gary tonight and I know he is anxious to sample me. I hope Roberta doesn’t get upset with us.”

Roberta is as aroused as you are my dear. I was rubbing my cock all over her tummy and she wanted more. I think one of our fantasies is about to become reality tonight.


“What a day,” Gary barked as he poured drinks back in our spacious cabin. “Lots of nudists having fun, swimming, hiking, and dancing the night away. What did you two think?”

“We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today,” I replied as in a toast. “The weather was great and the companionship even better.”

“You two should consider joining Del Sol,” Roberta added. “Everybody really liked you.”

I hugged Barb close. “Yeah, especially some of the men at the dance tonight.”

Gary looked serious. “I hope we didn’t frighten you, Barb. It was just a few of the guys giving you their version of an initiation. Roberta had a similar experience when we first showed up.”

“I was rather flattered,” Barb responded lightly. “They didn’t take as many liberties as you did, Gary.”

“I sincerely hope not,” Gary laughed. “I want this to be a night to be remembered for the four of us.”

I listened to the banter and sipped my drink. “How do you propose we do that?” I asked smiling.

Gary cocked his head and looked around slowly. “For starters, I think our wives should remove their sarongs and get naked like us. Ken, would you please help Roberta disrobe?”

At Gary’s invitation, I moved next to his wife and slowly pulled her sarong away. Meanwhile, Gary helped Barb remove her gauzy wrap.

“Now, I suggest that you girls kiss the nearest cock and see if you can cause an erection.”

Without hesitation, both women obeyed and I felt Roberta’s lips on the head of my thick prick. My wife already had half of Gary’s shaft down her throat and her fingers were busily playing with his balls.

Moments later, Gary fell to the floor and engaged Barb in the classic 69 position. I watched my wife’s head bob up and down his shaft while he raised his head and began to lick her clit.

“Let’s go to my room,” Roberta whispered. “It’ll be more comfortable.”

We walked past Gary and Barb and into the bedroom. Roberta stretched out on the end of the bed and spread her legs wide. “I want you to eat my pussy first, then I want to feel your thick cock inside me.”

I looked down at her swollen labia and again noticed the little gold ball next to her clit. I quickly fell between her thighs. I used my hands to raise her tiny ass and began to lick from bottom to top. My tongue lapped up the nectar now seeping from between her inner lips. I used the tip of my tongue to tap on her clit and play with the gold ball. She squirmed and moaned as I continued to eat her tasty treat.

Spreading her ass cheeks with both hands, I let my tongue wander lower and rimmed her crinkled spot. I felt Roberta jerk and her tummy spasm. My oral skills caused the first of several orgasms she would enjoy this night.

“Oh Ken, I need your cock inside me now,” she panted. “Fuck me, Ken, fuck me now.”

We started with me on top, driving my stiff rod up inside her molten love nest. She rolled up on top and rode me like a stallion for a few minutes, but I made her stop before causing me to ejaculate too soon. Finally, I flipped her onto her knees and entered Roberta from behind. Her little ass cheeks quivered each time I slapped against her. My balls were swinging back and forth, making contact with her pussy lips. I looked down to where our two bodies met and spied her tight backdoor. Wetting my finger in her juice, I carefully inserted it into her asshole as I continued to slide my cock into her slippery cunt.

“Oh, yes, yes,” she cried. “Fuck me like that, Ken. I love the way you do it.”

My balls drew up and we both knew that my climax was close. Roberta’s vaginal muscles tightened around my shaft and began to pulse. Moments afterward, my load of thick, sticky cum shot from my cock and splattered up inside her. I kept pounding against her and enjoying the experience of our mutual orgasm. As we returned to reality, we fell onto our sides and lay connected for several more minutes.

“Are you two okay?” Gary asked as he and my wife stood in the doorway.

I looked up and nodded. “Fantastic, how about you?”

“Just great! We thought you might like some company, that’s all.”

I disconnected from Gary’s petite wife and moved to the edge of the bed. Barb approached me and looked down at my wet, flaccid dick. “I think you need some help,” she said as she knelt beside me and took my limp cock in her mouth.

Gary went to the other side of the bed and buried his face in his wife’s crotch, still oozing our combined love juices. I could hear him licking and sucking his wife’s just-fucked pussy. It aroused me and I reached down to explore Barb’s nether region. She turned to make it easier. I slipped my finger into her warm nest and felt the gooey remains of their coupling. “Sixty-nine with me,” I whispered. Barb repositioned and I soon got my first taste of a creamy treat that I hadn’t personally created.

Our wives eventually reawakened our ardor and the four of us shared the bed for another round . . . this time, with our spouses. “Sloppy seconds aren’t all that bad,” I mused as I slid effortlessly into my wife’s familiar tunnel. Afterward, Barb and I retired to the other bedroom and were soon asleep.

Sunday morning found us back in the café, sitting nude on our towels, having a late breakfast. We spent the rest of the morning in and around the pool, splashing and chatting with several other couples.

We took another hike before lunch. After lunch, we decided to take another nap. This time the nap was short. Gary slept with Barb and I went with Roberta. It wasn’t long before I was fucking Roberta. I could hear my wife moaning in the other room as Gary gave her a Sunday screwing.

“You simply must join Del Sol, Ken. We can do this more often if you and Barb are members.”

“Only if you will be sure to invite us to your house parties too,” I replied, as we lay entwined.

Roberta nodded and smiled. “Of course, of course. I’ll introduce you to several of the other regulars before we leave today. As a matter of fact, I think a couple of them danced with Barb last night.”

“My checkbook’s in my bag. I’ll take care of our Del Sol membership with Clara before we leave this afternoon. Barb said she wanted us to join.”

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