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Weekend Escape

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We have finally gotten a week to ourselves. I have a great surprise for you. I have told you that we are going away to our little hideout in St. Helena and you have packed accordingly. I also have told you that we are taking a long route to the Napa Valley and that we may stop for a swim or a drink of something on the way. The kids are taken care of for the week and you are showing signs of relaxing as we pull out of the driveway and head out of town.

As we head north , I explain that we are going to go through Clearlake and come down through Calistoga. This satisfies your curiosity about our route and you lean back. close your eyes and doze as I drive. About an hour later, you are jolted awake by my turning onto a gravel road. There are no signs(you missed them in your sleep) and you don’t know where we are. I explain that we are spending the first night at a mineral springs resort that I heard of and you are delighted. After ten minutes or so. on the gravel road, we round a bend in the road and come to the gates of the resort. A security guard lets us pass and minutes later we pull up to the main lodge. There are only a half dozen cars parked in the parking area and it looks like we will have the place pretty much to ourselves.

The spa is self contained, with dining areas and a common kitchen that allows guests to prepare their own meals. I have brought wine, salami, cheeses and bread and that will be our food during our short stay. Our room is wonderful and the decor is Victorian, down to the massive 4 poster bed. It is larger than a king size and must be custom made. After checking out the room, I suggest a trip to the mineral baths. We don our suits and head for them. As we arrive, we find only one other couple enjoying a soak. Only their heads stick out of the pool and they introduce themselves as Steve and Sheri. They quickly return to themselves and we are left alone to enjoy our end of the pool. The water is hot and as the tensions leave our bodies, our thoughts turn to other forms of pleasure. Sitting next to me, your hand finds my lap and begins to massage my cock until it begins to swell.

Laughter from the other end of the pool draws our attention and we look up to see Steve and Sheri climbing out of the pool. Your eyes widen as you see that they are both naked. They calmly retrieve their towels and stroll off towards their room. You look at me as if to say “did you see what I just saw?” I grin and shake my head in mock disbelief. We return to our sex play and relax even more now that we have the pool to ourselves. Soon, our suits are floating in the pool and we are locked in each others arms kissing and moving our naked bodies against each other. Our amorous activities soon become too hot for public display and we make our way towards the steps of the pool, retrieving our suits as we go. Since no one is there, we exit the pool naked and simply wrap our towels around us for the walk back to our room. About ten yards from our room I sneak my hand to the back of your towel and yank it off your body.

You squeal and don’t know whether to try and cover yourself or run for our room door. I’m already running for the door waving your towel like a carrot in front of you. Naked, you run the remaining steps to the room and crash us through the door just as I free the latch. Sputtering and hitting at me you tell me that I’m terrible for doing that. Your breasts rise and fall from your short run and the excitement of the ordeal has turned your nipples into 2 rockhard little pebbles atop your swaying breasts. In retaliation to your hits, I reach in and tweak both your nipples, which urges them to further erectness.

You really try to get me now and you tackle me as I’m running for the bed. A short tussle on the bed, however, leaves me in control as I straddle your hips and hold your arms up above your head. Your bucking fails to dislodge me and I reach down a kiss you wetly on the mouth. You stop struggling and return my kiss. I then start to move down your body, kissing your neck, then moving down to your nipples and taking them in turn in my mouth and sucking them while whipping my tongue back and forth across their tips. You moan and I move further down your body. As I kiss my way towards your pussy, you begin to arch your back up slightly in anticipation of my tongue meeting your clit. When it does, you moan and your hips try to pull back into the bed in an effort to lessen the intensity of the sensations shooting from your little nub of pleasure. Your orgasm hits you so fast that it takes you off guard. Your hips jerk right, then left, then you twist and raise them up off the bed , trying to disengage your pussy from my mouth. I finally relent and you slump back into the bed, trying to catch your breath.

It is only then that you look over and see Steve and Sheri standing naked in the doorway that we had completely forgotten to close, in our passion. With glasses of wine in both of their hands, they saluted us laughing and Steve said, ” That looked like a lot of fun, since you left your door open, we thought you might be looking for company. Would you care for a glass of wine?” We were caught in such a blatantly exposed situation that to try to cover ourselves would have been silly, and to be embarrassed just didn’t seem like the thing to be. I looked at you and found your eyes focused on what was hanging between Steve’s legs. His cock was maybe an inch longer than mine, but was as thick as my wrist. It wasn’t exactly soft, yet it wasn’t erect either. I knew you were thinking about how that thick thing would feel in your pussy. Sheri, on the other hand was short and well proportioned. Her hips and thighs firm and full. Just the way I like them.(No sharp corners). Her tits were average-sized, but were solid. They stood out from her chest and the nipples rode up high on their tops. She had a heart shaped patch of pubic hair just above her pussy. Both Steve and Sheri sported nice tans that showed no signs of bathing suit tan lines.

You sat up and drew your legs up to your chest in an effort to exhibit some modesty, while I rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. Steve handed me a glass of wine and Sheri brought one to you. They laughed and said that this place really brings out the sex in people. I told them that you didn’t know. You said “don’t know what?” It was then that I revealed that the lodge that we were staying at, was a clothing optional spa/resort, and that we would probably be seeing more than Steve and Sheri naked before we left. About then, another naked couple walked by our door and noticing the four of us obviously partying together with wine, poked their heads in and introduced themselves as Mike and Stephanie. After more introductions, and a quick trip to retrieve more wine and glasses, the six of us settled in to get to know each other better. Mike was in insurance and Stephanie was a teacher. They said their professions required them to live exemplary lifestyles and that their trips to this spa was their one opportunity to let down there hair and rejuvenate their love lives. Steve and Sheri agreed and began talking about their business they owned and how much it took from them emotionally and so on.. While Sheri was talking about how exhilarating she felt when she was able to get out of her business clothes and be naked for a weekend, I was checking out Staphanie and Mike. Mike was well over six feet tall with a rock hard stomach and well defined pecs and biceps. He obviously worked out to keep his definition. He had very little body hair and his cock was large and uncircumcised. His foreskin hugged the end of his cock in a way that gave the impression of a large glans underneath. Stephanie was a tall blond, with long legs that led to a firm fleshy butt. Her breasts were large and hung heavily from her chest. her nipples appeared to be perpetually erect and pointed down from the ends of her breasts. Our “guests” pulled up chairs and I retrieved another bottle of wine from our bag. You had relaxed enough that you were seated “Indian style” on the bed talking to Sheri and Stephanie about teaching and Mike and Steve and I were talking about what else? Sex.

Our conversations soon blended and pretty soon we were all discussing our present state, naked and how great it was to not worry about it. At this point, Stephanie leaned back, hooked a knee over each arm of the chair she was in, and said “the only thing better than being naked, is this”, and she began playing with her pussy. In a moment, she was spreading her slick juices around her clit and we all watched as she brought herself to a quick orgasm. I couldn’t believe how fast she came, and I said so. She replied that if I thought that was fast, I should see how fast she comes when she gets her pussy eaten. Without thinking, I said , OK and slid off the bed and knelt between her splayed legs and dove into her pussy. She tasted marvelous, her sticky juices had been smeared all over the outside of her lips and I licked and sucked them all clean before going for her clit. Everyone else seemed somewhat in shock as I proceeded to bring Stephanie to a speedy orgasm. As she clenched my head into her pussy and moaned through her cum, Steve joined you on the bed and pushing you backwards, dove into your pussy, face first. Mike knelt before Sheri and began licking and sucking her pussy as well.

As Stephanie came down from her cum, She pushed me back and, seeing my rock hard cock, engulfed me with her mouth. In a way it was intimidating. Her mouth was so large, that she literally swallowed me whole. I felt my cock, being massaged by her throat muscles and her lips nibbled at its’ base. Every now and then she would pull me from her mouth and suck both my balls into her mouth at once. She found that when she did that and then sucked hard on them while they were totally in her mouth, that my dick would pulse and the head grew in size. I thought the end would explode, but it didn’t. What finally put me over the edge was when she engulfed my entire cock, and began to swallow repeatedly. Each time she swallowed, I could feel her throat muscles contract around my cock. With each contraction, she seemed to pull my cum from deep in my groin. The muscles in my abdomen began to contract, and then my balls wrenched and gave up their fluids. She never flinched. She just kept swallowing and not one drop escaped her hungry mouth. The amazing thing about the experience was that , when she was done, and my cock pulled from the depths of her throat, it was still rock hard.

About this time I looked over to where you were and found Steve’s face still buried in your lap. You had hold of both sides of his head and were thrusting your hips into his mouth, saying some of the dirtiest words I have ever heard you speak. All at once, he pulled away from your grasp and lunged up to feed you his cock. There was no way you could take it all in as Steve’s normal length cock had grown to nearly 8 inches. Your lips could barely fit around its circumference. Pulling back from your mouth, Steve moved back down between your legs. He pushed them apart as far as they would go and leaned in to wipe the end of his dripping cock up and down your slit. Two swipes and it was coated with your gooey cream. On the third pass he lodged the end into your opening and heaved forward with all his might. The air burst from your lungs in a cry, and your legs shot up into the air and locked around his back. In that position you began to ride his thrusting hips towards that place you both sought. As his hips socked against your pelvis, your pussy clung to his thick cock like a glove. Each time he would pull out, your pussy would look like it was going to be turned inside out. Your orgasm hit like a fountain being turned on and your juices spilled out around his thrusting cock as if a faucet had been turned on. Your moan turned into a panting, shrill cry of completion as Steve’s cock thrust in for the last time and erupted, spewing blast after blast of hot cum into your clutching pussy.

I turned to see what was causing Sheri to squeal and was met with the site of her ass in the air and Mike’s huge cock thrusting in and out of her asshole. I didn’t think most women could have taken Mike in their pussies, much less their ass, but here Sheri was taking all ten inches, and grunting and squealing like a pig being spitted. Her fingers clutched at the shag carpet and she used her hands to slam herself back onto Mike’s erection. Mike spanked her ass cheeks hard with each thrust and they glowed red handprints on each cheek. As he increased the force of his thrusts and spanks to her ass, Sheri began to tense. Her whole body began to turn red from her tensing and then with a scream, she came. The muscles in her ass trying to expel Mike, but each thrust overcame her outward pushing and brought her orgasm to a higher level. Finally, shaking, she collapsed forward onto her stomach and Mike’s huge erection popped from her behind.

Stephanie had enough watching by now and as her mouth had watered for my cock, her pussy was dripping for her husband. She crawled on her hands and knees to where Mike was, turned her voluptuous ass in his direction and wriggled it at him, said, ” me next.” Mike obliged and in one easy stroke, had buried his dripping cock into Stephanie’s upturned ass. She grunted and growled like Sheri had, but took all Mike had. I don’t know if it was that Sheri had worked him close to orgasm, or if it was the familiarity of his wives round bottom, but Mike began to groan and after just a few moments of thrusting, yanked his cock for it’s snug confines and spewed a huge amount of white cum all over his wives’ backside. Stephanie groaned in disappointment as she had not cum yet, she looked over at me to find my cock still rock hard from her blowjob. She quickly moved to me pushed me onto my back, straddled my hips and plunged herself down on my cock. Although not as large as Mike, her asshole hugged my cock like a glove and as she rode me like a jockey, it felt like she was trying to pull my cock from my body with her ass muscles. I reached between us and began to play with her clit. This sparked her to a gallop and when I used my other hand to pinch her fat nipples, she squealed and came. Bouncing madly up and down on my cock and jerking her hips from side to side and back and forth, trying to get every last ounce from her orgasm. Finally she slumped down onto me and her big warm breasts heaved against me until her breathing returned to normal.

Now this left me in a state of near orgasm, with nothing happening. I looked over Stephanies’ shoulder to the bed where you were reclining, Steve’s cum still leaking from your pussy lips. You curled your finger at me and beckoned me to you. I gently rolled Stephanie off me and got up. My cock was still rock hard and bounced up and down as I made my way to your side. You were in a highly sexed mode at that moment and as I neared the bed, you reached over, grabbed a pillow and raising your ass up off the bed, shoved it underneath you. This raised your ass up so that when you spread your legs and reached down and pulled your knees up towards your chest, your pussy gaped open and your asshole shone shiny from Steves cum that drenched you. I climbed between your legs and positioned my throbbing cock at the entrance to your pussy. I could feel the wet heat emanating from your sex and I leaned into you for a wet sloppy kiss, our tongues wrestling for dominance of each others’ mouths. You broke the kiss long enough to hiss into my ear, “stick it in my ass”. I reached down and slid my cock all over your pussy, coating it with your and Steve’s cum. I positioned the tip at the entrance to your asshole and surged in one deep thrust, all the way into your upturned ass.

You were so wet and so much of Steve’s cum had dripped into your asshole, that I slid to the hilt with no resistance. I then began to fuck your asshole deep and hard, holding your legs back towards your shoulders and pounding into you. You grunted and began to tell me to ” fuck my ass”, Fuck it hard”, Make me cum”, Oh fuck!!” Yess!” Your dirty talk and the tight hot slipperiness of your asshole seemed to suck the cum right out of me. My groin began to tighten and my ass cheeks clenched and I heaved into you again and again as my cock and balls wrenched into orgasm. After what seemed like the longest cum of my life, I slumped onto you and my softening cock slipped out of your still quivering asshole. As I rolled off you and your legs dropped back onto the bed, we were greeted by applause by the other two couples. Embarrassed, we grinned and after catching our breath made plans to meet at the pool later. Our 4 guests exited out of the room and as the door closed behind them, you turned and asked why we were going on to Napa, and why we wouldn’t just stay where we were…

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