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My Little Devil

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Just seeing her name online is enough to get my heart racing. She is my little devil. Can you believe it took us meeting online to meet when she only lived a few houses down from me???

Cruising the role-play rooms is where I met her. Her character has unique powers and loved manipulating Beings sexually.

My character could not really interact first hand with the characters. Yet she found ways to include my character. Soon we started talking and doing a little role-playing ourselves. My role-play character finds it hard to have sexual pleasure directly with others due to the fact she is cold. Cold as in ice. My character is a mischievous fairy that has the ability of ice and her body is very cool to the touch. When this fairy loses control over her she can freeze herself unknowingly. My little devil would allow her to feel the sensations of those involved in an act.

Before I go any further you must know that I have never been with another female before. I am not saying its bad I am only saying I never had the opportunity. Given the opportunity and I would love to explore that side of me. I have always been curious.

Back to the story…

One day I took my little devil online. She was mine for that time…

She-Devil was sitting on the couch watching the room around her. I, Shadow Kyss, was chilling out in the rafters above the room. Licking my lips longing for a test of her and to let her feel the desires she inflicts on others I float down landing softly in front of her. She goes to say something and I place my cool finger on her tender lips to silence her. Looking deep into her eyes I lean forward and place a deep cool kiss on those awaiting luscious lips. My lips lightly touching hers, the soft tender kiss sending a tingle of anticipation through her. Smiling to her as I look deeply in her eyes trying to see if she will remain quiet for me. Realizing she is now completely under my control I slip my cool hands under her shirt, fingertips lightly tracing up her belly to just beneath her breast, then working back down to her waistband. She shivers lightly under my touch, but I know that shiver, it’s a shiver of anticipation. Smiling I watch her reacting to my light sensual touches. My fingertips tracing again up her soft belly making their way to her awaiting chest. Lightly brushing by her nipples, I can feel them go erect almost immediately. “Mmmmm yes,” is all that softly escapes my lips as I look her over, only a thin material between my desires and me.

Slipping my hands out from under her shirt, I tenderly spread her legs, her skirt moving up her thighs revealing a peek at her silk panties underneath. Smiling up at her I kneel between her legs, her desire apparent not only in her eyes but the dampness in her panties. I smile as I slide my hands slowly up her inner thighs towards her awaiting treasure, my fingertips sending cool tinglings through her body. I hear her gasp in anticipation, yet I never touch her. Leaning in I place small sensual kisses on her inner thigh slowly working towards her lust and desire. I feel her squirming under my touches, her body opening up to me begging me for more. As I move closer to her awaiting treasure, my finger tips lightly trace the outline of her panties, lingering, tempting her, teasing her. I smile softly hearing her moan softly on the verge of begging for more. Then carefully rising up on my knees, I tuck my wings carefully behind me, my hands moving her skirt up to her waist. Looking her in her eyes my thumbs hook her panties as I slide them from her. With exact and careful movements I let her see me fold them and place them in my pouch and with a thought the pouch disappears to my room. Those are now mine.

Smiling I return my attention to her growing heat. Kissing her gently on her inner thigh I feel her wanting to arch towards me to force me to take her, but this is all my time and I plan on enjoying this pleasurable torment. I place a small kiss on her treasure; I lick my lips tasting her sweetness. My right hand traces a light trail up her inner thigh and spreads her lips for me. Licking her gently I hear her moan, she pushes lightly against my mouth. Tasting her fully, her sweetness overwhelming, my tongue explores her hidden places. Inserting my finger in her seeing her squirm as the coolness catches her off guard, she grows wetter, longing for me, begging me to take her. Slowly my finger taking her as my mouth finds her button, taking it in my mouth I suck hard on it. I hear her cry out in pleasure, her hands going to her chest squeezing her own nipples as I slowly take her. I love the way she feels under me.

Licking her and taking her deeply in my mouth I drive her to the edge. Then I stop… she looks at me her eyes pleading for more. My finger coming to my mouth licking her nectar from my finger, I see her licking her lips. Rising from my knees and spreading my wings I begin to kiss up her body. Kissing lightly above her waistband, my hands caressing her body as I work my way up to her. Slowly up her belly, my tongue tracing up her with each placed kiss. My hands find her ample breast before my mouth does. Massaging her breast gently as I take one nipple at a time nibbling them, licking them feeling them hard in my soft cool mouth. I make my way up her chest, kissing her neck. I feel her body reacting under me, squirming begging for further attention. Then I kiss her deeply on her lips, our tongues tracing over each other’s, hungry for each other, passion and lust filling us both.

I reluctantly break from our kiss; standing before her I offer my hand to her. She grasps my hand and I lead her down the hallway to my room. Our fingers intertwined as we try to remain calm both knowing what is coming. The corridor echoing our footsteps, my heart racing as we walk, the path to my room seemingly longer than ever before. Upon reaching my room I wave my free hand across the door and it opens revealing a large four post bed. Large pillows lay across the top of the bed and throughout the room. Smiling I pull her to me, kissing her deeply and passionately, then with one swift movement I pick her up and carry her to my bed. Glancing back at my door it closes and locks keeping out any potential intruders.

Looking again at She-Devil I lay her carefully upon my soft bed. In silence I help her undress, my long delicate fingers moving gracefully across her body. Placing her clothes on a pillow beside the bed I turn back to her. She watches me intently and longingly as I unhook the one button that holds my thin dress on. Releasing the button my dress slinks unhindered from my body revealing my glowing skin beneath. I stand there allowing her to fully take in my body. Her eyes starting at the dress laying at my ankles, making her way up my long shapely legs. She pauses at my treasure; she licks her lips seeing nothing to hinder her as she resumes her glances upward. My curves irresistible to all she sees my ample breast, nipples hard and ready for her. Then she looks into my eyes, without a word I step to her knowing what she wants. Shaking my head with a slight smirk I crawl across my bed to her, my wings open fully causing a slight mystic feel to everything.

Reaching her feet, I slowly kiss up her legs as she once again spreads herself open for me. Yes she is My little devil tonight. As I slowly make my way up her legs I allow my erect nipple to trace up her body. I find my way to her delicate and moist flower. My fingers tenderly opening her to me as I begin to taste her nectar, her sweetness intoxicating. Slipping two finger in her as I slowly take her. Her hips bucking against my mouth, her hands fisting the sheets tightly as she cries out in pleasure. Her moans fueling me, as I suck her sensitive bud, my tongue flicking it, teasing it. Her moaning growing louder as I take her sensitive bud in my mouth, humming softly as my fingers go deeper and faster in her.

She-Devils hands wrapped tightly in my sheets as I take her harder and faster not only with my fingers but my mouth, I work her closer and closer to the edge. Right when she thinks she can’t take anymore my left hand slips under and cups her bottom pulling her closer to my mouth. Taking my left hand and wetting my finger in her moistness, I slip the finger in her sweet bottom. Slowly slipping it in her deeper. With her bud in my mouth, and my fingers taking my sweet devil I feel her body starting clamping down on me.

“Cum, My little devil, Cum for Me.”

Upon my command I feel the orgasm rip through her body. Her sweetness flooding my mouth as I lick up all that I can. Her back arching, her knuckles white as her eyes close in ecstasy. My fingers having worked their magic I slowly remove them from her as she comes down from the intense orgasm. She lays back as I slowly crawl up to her, kissing her deeply allowing her to taste her own nectar on my mouth. Shaking my head as I break my kiss from her.

“You’re not done yet.” I hold out my fingers to her mouth for her to clean them. With a smile she leans forward kissing me first on my lips, then she gently take my hands in hers and licks each finger clean. One by one she cleans my fingers, moaning softly as she finishes. With a smile she weakly kisses up my arm. Brushing her hair from her glistening forehead I pull her to my chest, caressing her face as I feel her slowly slip away to sleep. Once I feel that she is resting, I lay her back gently covering her. I lay beside her, watching her sleep.

Once we finished our scene I told her I would be right back. I have to go take a shower. Boy did I need a shower; I was so hot and aroused that I needed a break. I changed my online status to away and closed my laptop. I looked around and decided I needed to bring my toys with me. I went into the draw beside my bed and pulled out my glass toys. My favorite one was the one that was long and slender curving upward for g-spot stimulation. The other one was shorter and straight. Wrapping both the toys in my towel I head for the shower.

Unrolling my towel I lay the toys out beside the tub. The bathroom door left slightly ajar because I know this is going to be a long hot shower. I turn the knob to the shower all the way to hot and undress while the shower warms. Slipping out my nightshirt I place it on the sink. Then turning to the shower only adjusting it slightly, adding a bit of cool water to the shower, I enter the shower closing the curtain behind me.

Stepping forward under the hot droplets of water I close my eyes enjoying each hot drop as it assaults my body. The heat sending tingling sensations through me. My hands moving slowly across my hardened nipples, pinching them lightly, my right hand going towards my hot womanhood. My fingers teasing and lightly parting my lips, I moan as I insert two fingers in me. Starting slow remembering what I did to my little devil, I move my fingers faster and faster. I stop myself before I get too close to orgasm. I want this to last.

Sitting down in the shower, my back against the cool wall, my legs spread as the hot water now assaults my treasure sending little shots of electricity through me. Reaching outside the curtain I take both the toys in my hand. Placing the slender straight glass toy on my belly to warm as I take the long curved glass one and teases my nipples with its coolness. My nipples hard and erect, I take my left hand and massage my treasure teasing myself. Guiding the curved toy down my belly, I pause for a moment at my womanhood but then I go further, the toy finding its way to my rear entrance. Moaning softly as I push it into my tight hole, hips moving as I take it deeper in me. Then with my other hand I take the other toy sliding it easily in my womanhood. My arms causing my chest to be squeezed together as my hands work the toys in and out of both my holes. Working them faster as I think of my devil, her hands touching me exploring me as she kisses down my chest to my belly. My right hand now holding both my toys as I continue to fuck myself, my knees coming together as I buck harder against them, each thrust taking them deeper. Closing my eyes tight as the orgasm ravages my body. I see stars as the orgasm finally begins to come down.

My eyes still closed, hand holding the toys in me I feel a hand on my breast. My eyes shoot open, looking into a pair of green eyes. I blush deeply seeing my little devil came to my house.

“How … how long have you been here?” She only smiles as my eyes look down her body. Slightly surprised seeing that she too is naked. I smile and go to pull the toys out of me.

“No leave them in, your not done. Now open your legs and let me see.” She smirks softly as I open my legs, the toys still buried deeply in me. Her hand goes to my right hand, her fingers tracing over mine. Then she moves the curtain and comes in the tub with me. My body open to her as she inspects the situation she caught me in, I blush crimson under her gaze.

“So this is what I do to you?” her voice soft and sweet as she caresses my wet body, the water cascading from our bodies. I can only nod, my embarrassment of being caught making me speechless.

She takes her hand placing it over mine, the toys still in me; she grips my hand and begins to guide my hand and the toys in and out of me. Moaning softly as my body responds to her, my nipples growing hard. She leans in taking a nipple in her other hand squeezing it, rolling it lightly in her fingers. Her tongue flicking the hard sensitive nipple, teasing me as I arch my body to her, my hips still rocking in rhythm with the toys. My little devil leans in kissing me deeply and passionately on my lips, her tongue dancing across mine.

My left hand reaches out to her as we kiss, trailing down the side of her body. Her skin is soft and I just want to touch and caress her. Moaning softly in her kiss I feel her break away. Whimpering as she places kisses down my body. Her soft lips driving me crazy, the feel of her breast against mine, her breath behind the kisses, the gentleness of her touch… I want to scream for her to take me but I remain under her control, breathless. Her kisses moving down my belly to the toys still being worked in my sensitive holes as I squirm under her, my desire burning.

She pulls out the toy that was in my treasure, and then looking me deep in the eyes inserts it in her mouth, licking and sucking it, tasting my sweet nectar. Placing the toy carefully outside the tub, she licks my moist lips, her green eyes staring up at me as she tongues me deeper and deeper. As I feel my body growing closer to the imminent orgasm she takes my tender button in her mouth as she fucks my ass faster with the toy. I scream out as my body tenses, the orgasm tearing through my body. I grasp the sides of the tub tightly as my muscles tense, my back arching taking her deeper, my heart pounding in my throat as my body goes through the intense orgasm. She slowly pulls the toy out of me as I come down from the orgasm. My breathing ragged as I lay beneath her, my body trembling uncontrollably.

As she slips the last toy out of me, she slips it outside the tub, smirking down at me. With the hot water still streaming down on us she lays chest to chest with me in the tub. Her warm slick body against mine, I can’t help but to desire her more. Smoothing her wet blonde hair back I gaze down on my wonderful friend, my hands tracing her cheek down and shoulder. We lay there for some time enjoying being in each other’s arms and relaxing in the steam of the shower.

Our hearts beating together as our adrenaline slows. Taking my hand lightly across her cheek, I tilt her chin up to face me.

“Come on babygirl, lets get outta here.” Pulling her up to me so I can kiss her sweet lips. Tasting some of my own nectar on her lips I smile. Our eyes locking for a moment, desire still apparent, as we carefully stand. My head light as we begin rinsing each other off under the water, our hands gliding effortlessly across smooth skin. As badly as we wanted to continue to have each other we refrained, only cleaning each other’s bodies.

Reaching out to the towel rack I grab a body towel and gently wrap it around her voluptuous body. A small sigh escapes as I grab the other body towel from the rack and wrap it around my body. Opening the curtain we both step out of the shower, and without a word she heads to my bedroom. Following closely behind her, the toys still lying beside the tub, I gently close the bedroom door closed behind us. With a quick flick of my wrist I lock the door.

My sweet devil is already in my bed and the towel tossed to the side. Smiling I let my towel drop at the door. Walking slowly to the end of my bed, looking her over wondering where I am going to start, I arrive at her feet. Kissing the top of her foot gently I begin my warm trail of kisses up her leg, slowly spreading her open for me. Kissing up her inner thigh I arrive at her treasure, she moans softly as I place a small kiss marking where I will soon return, and then I continue my journey upwards. Kissing up her belly, and up to her breast. Placing small kisses just under her breast before I cup them in my hand and sucking lightly on her nipples, my nipples erect and resting lightly against her belly. Then kissing tenderly between her breasts I work up her neck and kiss her deeply and passionately on her awaiting lips.

My hands caressing her cheeks as I end the kiss. Letting my hands trace lightly down her chest, pausing at her belly again I place a kiss between my hands on her belly. My hands exploring her body, slowly working her up again as I trace sensual outlines all over her exposed body. Then as her body begins to rave and ache for my touch I get up, walking over to my bottom draw of my dresser. Moving some of my shirts out of the way I pull out my strap-on, her eyes sparkle in anticipation when she sees the full 12-inch long dildo attached to the leather harness. Her eyes following my every movement as I slip into the harness, fastening the straps preparing for her.

Approaching the bed, I stop at the side of my bed, beckoning for her to crawl to me. She crawls slowly across the bed, her eyes never leaving the 12-inch dildo, without me having to say anything she takes it in her mouth. Licking the head in a circle, then taking it deeply in her mouth. Looking up to me as she deep throats it. I bend at my waist reaching for her lust, my hand carefully spreading her thighs. As I take her face my hands spread her cheeks, I hear her moan as my finger applies a little pressure to her bottom. She arches her back rising her bottom higher begging for more as she pushes against my finger. I allow my finger to slip into her tight hole, she moans loudly on the dildo, her movements taking my finger deeper and deeper. Feeling her pushing harder I stop.

“Babygirl, turn around and present yourself to me to use.” She smiles up to me knowing what is coming. She pushes one more time on my finger before I slip it out of her tightness. Her mouth slowly releases the 12-inch dick as she looks up to me taking one last long lick up the shaft.

As she turns around, her knees shoulder width apart, her butt in the air and her chest on the bed. I smile as I smack her right cheek, seeing a small red mark appear on her firm tan skin. Watching her flinch at the unexpected smack, I grasp her hips pulling her towards me. Sliding the 12-inch dick easily in her womanhood, juices already flowing. Slowly I begin to fuck you. Easing in and out, two fingers pressed against your tight hole as I push my fingers further in you as I fuck her. The tight hole slowly accepting my fingers, her moaning increasing as the pressure increases. Burying the dick deep inside her, hips bucking wildly as the fullness is overwhelming. My hand still fucking her ass as the assault on her treasure continues, I lean over wrapping my free arm around her slender waist. Sliding the hand down her belly my fingers searching for her button. My hand trailing down between her legs feeling the hard bud I squeeze it with my fingers, then in small circles I massage her button, her body reacting wildly as I take her. I see her hands fisting the sheets, her skin glistening softly, her knuckles white as she screams out under me. Nibbling her shoulder as she comes hard under me, her body taking me deeper, clenching around me and my toy as her juices flow down her legs. Her breathing ragged as she slumps in my arms.

Carefully releasing her from my arm I lay her down on the bed. Slowly and gently I pull my fingers from her, her bottom still in the air as her legs quiver helplessly. Taking a small step away from the side of the bed I slowly remove the 12-inch dick from her. Smiling down to her as I watch her trembling body. Carefully taking her by the hips I roll her over on her back, her legs dangling down the side of my bed, her body weak and helpless to me. I kneel between her legs licking up the sides of her inner thighs cleaning her sweet nectar from her. Making my way up to her treasure, she trembles as my tongue separates her delicate lips, I carefully clean all her sweetness from her. I hear her softly moaning in pleasure as my warm tongue caresses her body. Standing up I look down at her smiling. Leaning forward I cup her neck in my palm and pull her to where she is sitting up on the edge of my bed.

“Baby, you know we just got out of the shower, I cant have all this stuff remain dirty.” She smiles up to me hungrily taking the 12-inch cock still slick with her juices as she takes it deeply in her mouth. She sucks and slurps the cock clean, pulling the cock out of her mouth; I insert my two fingers in her mouth as she eagerly takes them. Her tongue dancing over my fingers cleaning them from our activities. Gently removing my fingers from her mouth I tilt her chin upwards. Leaning down I kiss her deeply. With a sweet smile, I break the kiss.

As she crawls towards the head of the bed, I slip out of the strap-on, dropping it beside the bed. Joining her on the bed I pull the covers up with me, her body still trembling as I cover her up, pulling her to my chest, her ear placed on my breast, I know she can hear my heart. As we lay there I stroke her hair until my little devil sleeps. Listening to her gentle breathing for a while before I too sleep away to dreamland with her.

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