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My Life

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He should really stop staring but no matter what his mind said, his eyes refused to obey. He continued to stare, his eyes caressing the lean hard body. His girlfriend, Melissa, chatted on completely unaware of his fascination.

“…and I told her she could go fuck herself. She said…” Rider barely heard the words as he continued to stare. 

“Hey Rider, Missy.” Rider turned to smile at Jason as he slid into the booth across from them.

“Hey Jas. Where’s Christy?” Jason snagged a fry from the carton in the center of the table before answering.

“Don’t know. Don’t care.” That got Missy’s attention.

“Jason! How can you say that? Rider always cares where I’m at, don’t you, Rider?” Rider didn’t bother to look at her. Missy wasn’t a complete airhead but she was completely clueless when it came to human emotion. Rider didn’t miss the tense set of Jason’s shoulders or the way his free hand clenched as he slid it off the table. Jason didn’t bother justifying Missy’s questions with an answer but rather he looked towards the stage at where a band was setting up.

“Campus band?” Jason asked. Rider turned his attention back to the stage. Back to the figure he’d been staring at for the past 10 minutes.

“Nah. Some local band,” Rider murmured as his eyes searched and found his intended target. His eyes slid easily over the slender frame with shoulder length black hair, stopping to appreciate the firm black clad ass. He tore his eyes away from the enchanting site and turned back towards Jason. Jason squinted then he smiled.

“Hey, I know that guy. Be right back.” Rider felt his heart thumping as Jason greeted a member of the band and was introduced to everyone else. They talked for a little while longer then Jason started back for the booth. Rider forced himself to remain calm as Jason slid back into the booth. Maybe he could finagle an introduction with the singer.

“Who was that?” 

“That was a guy I knew back in high school, Andy Beckman. He hooked up with the band about two years ago when the original bass player and singer left.” Rider wanted to know more but didn’t press. The sound of softly strummed guitar strings had every head turning towards the stage, Rider’s included. He barely focused on the words as the singer stepped up to the mike. A small group in the front clapped and cheered as the band was introduced but Rider barely heard them. 

He gently wet his lips as his eyes lazily tracked every inch of the singer’s tall, rangy body. He bit his bottom lip as he felt his cock swell. He was glad that he had a girlfriend or it would be hard, pardon the pun, to explain why his cock was so hard it could probably be used as a power tool. Things didn’t get any better as the band started to play. The singer had a deliciously decadent voice. It was like sipping warm whiskey. He swallowed hard as the singer gently rolled lean hips in time with the song and his cock twitched. Needing to cool down, Rider took a gulp of his cold coke. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the booth. Out of sight…his eyes popped open at the sound of a very familiar song opening.

As the song started, Rider’s eyes slid closed again. Mentally, he sang along to his favorite Duran Duran song. Mine immaculate dream, made breath and skin, I’ve been waiting for you…oh, it’ll take a little time, might take a little crime to come undone… As they got to the pre chorus, Rider smiled. This was his favorite part of the song. We’ll try to stay blind…to the hope and fear outside, Hey child, stay wilder than the wind…And blow me in to cry. Blow me…blow me…blow me, his mind chanted. Rider cleared his throat and opened his eyes. He started when he realized that the singer was staring right at him. Dark sensual eyes bore into his as the soft voice questioned, “Who do you need, who do you love, when you come undone?” Rider found he couldn’t look away from the dark gaze. He stared captivated into sensuously half closed eyes, bedroom eyes. Eyes that would look absolutely wonderful in the height of orgasm. As the little club erupted into applause, Rider quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom. 

He ripped open his pants and whipped out his hardened cock. No sooner did he touch himself when he came, all over the toilet seat.

“Holy Shit!” He exclaimed as his body continued to jerk. He growled deep in his throat as his hand gently milked the rest of the orgasm from his body. He let out a loud pent up breath when his body calmed. He quickly and efficiently cleaned himself up and flushed the toilet. 

As he washed his hands, he met his own gaze in the mirror. It was getting worse. It had been progressively getter more and more difficult to control these insane urges. Maybe he shouldn’t control it, he thought. Maybe he should let it happen. Finally come undone as the song suggested. As Simon, the singer, suggested. No, Simon was not a girl with a boy’s name. Simon was a boy, or rather, Rider conceded, a man. Simon was all man. And if his crotch was any indication of size, Simon was packing. Rider went hot all over with that thought. Shit, what was happening to him?

In high school, it was normal for people to watch football practice and he was no exception. But never once did he feel anything other than an aesthetic appreciation for the human form. The male human form. He thought it was his envy of being completely without athletic abilities that had him staring more and more at the guys who played the sport. But after his first year in college, he realized that it was more than that, much more. He didn’t want it to be. He had nothing against gay people but that didn’t mean he wanted to be one. He composed himself and headed back toward the booth. Jason met him there.

“Rider, let me introduce you to the band,” Jason said as he steered them toward the stage. Rider mentally prepared himself but as they wove in and out of the throng of people, he felt his pulse quicken. He relaxed a little when he realized Simon wasn’t with the group they were headed for. Jason introduced the members of Hubris as Andy, Mike, Jake and Charley. Rider greeted each one with a friendly smile. They drifted away shortly after to mingle with other people. Jason stopped by to give him a piece of paper with an address and a telephone number.

“The band’s throwing a party, call the number for directions.” Rider regarded his friend. 

“Are you going?” 

“Yeah, but I’m afraid that if I ride with you, Missy might not survive the trip.” Rider laughed. As Jason started away from him, Rider grabbed his arm.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Jason’s eyes clouded for an instant before he lowered them. 

“Yeah, I’m alright. Christy and I are through, though.” Rider looked at him a bit longer then released his arm.

“Alright man. You know my number. Call me if you need anything.” Jason gave him a nod and a quick smile.

“Sure, thanks Rider,” Jason said as he turned away. Rider let him go and went in search of the garrulous Missy.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” Rider frowned. That voice sounded strangely familiar and even above the boom of the stereo and the chatter of the crowd, Rider was able to distinguish it. 

“Oww, let me go, Jason.” Missy and Jason, of course. Sighing, Rider negotiated through the crush of party goers to stop the blood shed. He walked in as Jason released Missy, who, unprepared for the sudden movement, fell to her knees. Rider winced and was glad the floor was carpeted. Missy looked up and launched herself at him.

“Oh my God, Rider! Jason’s trying to kill me!” She gasped. Rider pushed her aside and frowned at his friend who looked like he had more than his fair share of drinks.

“What’s going on, Jas?” Jason ran a hand through his hair, the jerky movement betraying his anger.

“Why don’t you ask, Missy?” Rider glanced at her. She made an innocent face but the guilty look in her eyes gave her away. Rider arched his brows. She swallowed and licked her lips.

“Um, It’s not what you think, Rider,” she whispered. 

“What’s not what I think, Missy?” She glanced toward the couch and her hand flopped in the air.

“I sat down and this guy came over and he was drunk and then he kissed me,” Missy said in a rush.

“Tell him the rest, Missy,” Jason growled. Missy whirled and glared at Jason.

“There’s nothing else to tell, Jason,” she shouted heatedly. Jason started for her but she rushed behind Rider’s back. Rider pushed back his friend, his normally easy going friend. What the hell happened here? Jason rebounded off Rider’s outstretched hand but that didn’t stop him from hurling some choice expletives in Missy’s direction. 

“Jason, Jason, what’s going on?” Jason looked at him with red rimmed eyes. Oh shit, those looked like tears.

“Since that bitch won’t tell you, I will. I don’t know if what she said is true or not. All I know is that I came in and some guys tongue was down her throat.”

“I told you…” Missy began but Jason cut her off.

“Yeah, but what you didn’t tell him was that your tongue was just as far down his throat!” Jason shouted. Stunned, Rider turned around.

“Missy?” She looked up at him with wide eyes. Slowly she shook her head.

“No, Rider…”she started. He pulled away from her. He needed a reason to break it off with Missy but having her be unfaithful kind of hurt. He shouldn’t be so hard on her, he thought. Especially since he just got off to the fantasy of getting a blowjob from another man. Jason grabbed his arm and pulled him further away stumbling as he went.

“You don’t need her, Rider. Just like I don’t need Christine. Both of them are just lying, cheating, bitches,” Jason snarled. Rider looked at his friend who was wiping his eyes.

“Jas,” Rider murmured softly as they stepped into a darkened alcove in the hallway. Rider hadn’t known the specifics of the breakup before and now he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know. Jason was really shaken up and if he wasn’t drunk it would have been different. Jason attempted to pull away from him but Rider held fast. Jason made another feeble attempt but when his face hit Rider’s shoulder, he gripped him tight. “That bitch…was with some fucker…in my bed…stupid whore…” Jason gasped brokenly. Shock hit Rider first followed swiftly by anger. That bitch! Rider swallowed hard and gripped his friend, wanting to ease his pain. 

Jason was planning on taking his 6 year relationship with Christine to another level, marriage. Rider had helped him pick out a ring last month and now…now this. The Fates were some evil bitches. Jason didn’t deserve this shit. He was always an easy going guy. Friendly to a fault and handsome. Was that gay? To think his friend was handsome? Rider didn’t know but he knew Jason was pretty damn good looking. Jason could have easily passed for his brother with his blond hair and green eyes. Rider always thought that Jason’s eyes were more arresting. Instead of leaning towards hazel, as his own did, Jason’s eyes were a vibrant green. Like the green of a lush forest after a storm, a dynamic green. A beautiful green. Rider frowned. Just thinking about them was making him jealous. 

Over freshman year they got to know each other pretty well but not well enough to hug like this. Rider let the thought pass. This was strictly comfort for a devastated friend. Even as he thought it, Rider let his eyes drift close. He knew he shouldn’t but he had never been this close to another male before and he wanted to know what it felt like.

He held Jason in a light embrace, not wanting to freak out his friend with his not so hetero tendencies. He ran his hands up and down Jason’s back liking the feel of corded muscle beneath his palms. He shifted closer and reveled in the pleasure of Jason’s steely thigh rubbing against his own. He felt a rush of heat that shot straight to his groin. His cock swelled and Rider almost groaned in embarrassment. What the hell? He knew the exact moment Jason sensed his hard on. He froze and pushed back from Rider, his eyes were still red but they weren’t filled with anger or pain but something else. Puzzlement, uncertainty and shock all flashed like a slide show over Jason’s face. His mouth, that had gone slack with discovery, now snapped shut and he started to stutter.

“Uh, I’m…I…I’m going to go…home…I…bye.” Jason didn’t meet Rider’s face but judging by the redness that crept into his face before he left, Rider could tell he was embarrassed. Or angry. Whatever the case, they might be friends today but tomorrow was a different story. 

“What’s wrong with your brother?” Rider froze as the soft voice floated down to him. He looked up where the singer of the band Hubris was lounging comfortably on the open staircase above him. Rider was wondering how much he’d seen.

“He’s not my brother,” was all he said. Dark brows rose along with a long, lean frame. Slowly he started down the stairs.

“Could have fooled me.” 

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Simon shrugged at the question.

“Well,” he started, staring Rider directly in the eyes, “the only people comfortable enough with that kind of hugging are brothers, some long time friends or…” His voice trailed off. Rider looked away from the penetrating gaze.

“Or what?” He asked softly. Simon leaned so close to him that Rider could smell his tangy scent. He smelled faintly of worn off after shave and sweat. He smelled like a man and that thought had a knot of desire twisting in Rider’s gut. When the soft rush of breath floated across his ear, Rider stiffened.

“Or lovers,” Simon whispered. Rider swallowed hard and forced a soft laugh.

“Yeah right, man. We’re not like that. We’re just good friends.” Simon looked at him and smirked.

“Rider, is it? Let me tell you something Rider, there are two things you can’t hide. A camel in the desert and a hard-on. Well, the quote is actually a camel and love but,” Simon shrugged. Rider panicked.

“Hey, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not a…you know,” Rider huffed out, a little more than rattled. Simon didn’t say anything but looked at him with his head slightly tilted. Rider started to step back, wanting to end this inquisition but his retreat was stopped by a pair of hands bracketing his hips.

“What the…” Rider didn’t get to finish his thought because at that moment Simon’s lips connected with his. Shock had him frozen and that instant was all Simon needed to slip his tongue into Rider’s mouth. Rider’s stupor last for a second longer before desire slammed into him like a fist wrapped around his cock. Eagerly he pressed his body flushed with Simon’s as both hands came up to fist in his silky black hair. Rider slanted his lips across Simon’s, deepening the kiss. 

Rider could feel the wet, rough texture of Simon’s tongue as it tangled with his and it felt wonderful, incredible. He groaned and rubbed his hardened groin against an equally hard one. Simon broke their kiss to trail a wet path down his throat. Without breaking contact with his skin, Simon pushed Rider against the wall. A loud crash from the adjoining room had them guiltily pulling apart.

“Oh shit!” Rider gasped as he tipped his head back. What the hell did he just do? He noticed Simon looking at him from beneath half closed lids and squeezed his own eyes shut. When Simon took his hand and started up the steps, Rider didn’t struggle. He would think about it later. For now, he wanted to feel.

Simon ushered Rider into a comfortably spacious bedroom dressed in deep burgundies and soft black leather. Rider had his back to the door as he surveyed the room. At the loud click of the lock, he tensed. When he felt Simon’s tall body against his back he closed his eyes.

“Second thoughts?” Rider swallowed hard as Simon’s hands ran up and under his shirt. Rider gave a small shake of his head. He knew there would be enough repercussions for his actions tomorrow. For right now, he just wanted to be a man, wanting another man.

“Good,” Simon whispered as his thumbnails brushed across Rider’s hardened nipples.

“Jesus!” Rider gasped. Simon buried his head in the crook of Rider’s shoulders and gently bit then sucked. Rider let out a small whimper and turned to meet Simon’s questing lips. They fell onto the bed in a mass of lean, muscled arms and legs, indistinguishable from each other. Clothes ripped and disappeared beneath eager hands and hot mouths. 

Rider pulled back and stared at Simon’s uncovered body. If he was going to do this, he was going to do it right. Rider’s eyes tracked every inch of Simon’s deliciously muscled body. Simon was an inch or two taller than he was and his body reflected the difference to perfection. Simon’s shoulders were just the right breadth to compliment his slender frame. His chest was well muscled but not ridiculously so with only a light smattering of hair. That surprised Rider since he knew Simon was Italian and they were usually hairier than normal. Simon’s chest tapered down to lean hips and a flat stomach, with just a gentle impression of a six pack. A small line of hair trailed from just above his belly button down to his cock. 

Simon’s cock was a work of art. Well, his whole body was a work of art but his cock was something else. It was thick and long, surprisingly large for someone so slender. His girth was only enhanced by the fact that he was clean shaven, a fact that Rider found highly arousing. He wanted to wrap his lips around that gorgeous cock and suck until all the white came off. He was shocked by his wayward thoughts and even more shocked when Simon’s cock twitched. He met Simon’s hot stare and licked his lips in anticipation. He shuffled closer and took Simon’s throbbing dick in his hand. Slowly Rider stroked him, cognizant of hardness and softness blending in a perfect balance despite the duality. His fist rolled over the bulbous head and he felt Simon tremble. Without more than a thought beyond bringing Simon pleasure, Rider lowered his head and took Simon’s cock in his mouth. Simon let out a low groan of pleasure that rushed through Rider quicker than a shot of tequila. 

So this is what it felt like, what it tasted like. Heaven, it was pure heaven. He relaxed his jaw and slid the hard cock all the way to the back of his throat. He struggled for that last inch but when it was all the way in, he was rewarded with two hands fisting in his hair.

“God, yes. Oh, yes. Suck it, suck it,” Simon gasped in a broken chant. Rider was all too happy to oblige. Slowly he slid his mouth up and down, finding a steady rhythm. With one hand he gripped the base of Simon’s long cock, making up for the few inches he couldn’t accommodate. His free hand ran down to cup and massage Simon’s hairless sac. When his fingers searched and found the sensitive spot right behind Simon’s ball, he gently probed. He pulled his mouth back, sucking gently on the head of Simon’s cock as his eyes took in the fractured look of pleasure on Simon’s face. Ever so gently, he stroked his fingers, pushing deeper and deeper until he hit the spot behind Simon’s dick. Simon squeezed his eyes shut and jerked his hips.

“Shit, shit, I’m going to come. Rider, oh God, oh…” Simon’s hips rolled forward, his cock sliding all the way into Rider’s mouth. Rider welcomed his cock enthusiastically, sucking hard and fast in a driving tempo. 

When the hot, salty taste of Simon’s cum flooded his mouth, he groaned in pleasure. It tasted like ambrosia, sharp and tangy, but oh so good. He slowed his caress as he milked Simon, swallowing as he tongued the softening cock. Regrettably, Rider let the fully softened cock slide from his mouth. He licked his lips, savoring the taste that was Simon. When he straightened, Simon grabbed his head and gave him a hard, swift kiss. When they pulled apart, Simon looked at him for a brief instant then rolled off the bed. 

Rider watched as he pulled a bottle of lube from a drawer. He returned to the bed and poured a generous amount into his hands. Rider watched him with trepidation, his anticipation building, his pleasure growing. When Simon’s slick hands gripped him, Rider threw back his head and let out a low groan of ecstasy. Simon’s mouth kissed and licked his way down Rider’s body. His mouth pulled gently at the hard tipped peaks of Rider’s nipples, taking one than the other. Rider’s heart almost burst in his chest when Simon’s lips feathered down to his stomach, then to his cock. It was short lived because Simon pulled back. Not wanting him to leave, Rider followed him down, trapping Simon beneath his slightly bulkier frame. Simon moaned slightly and wrapped his arms around Rider’s shoulders as they embraced. Rider tasted and touched his fill of Simon’s neck and impressive chest before he broke.

“God, I can’t take it Simon. I have to fuck you,” he groaned. Simon obliged and parted his legs, settling one on either side of Rider’s hips. Rider, needing no more encouragement than that, grabbed the bottle of lube. Nervously he squeezed a handful of the flavored liquid in his palm. He was relieved when his fingers slid easily into Simon’s dark hole. He stroked him slowly, getting as much lube around and in Simon as possible. Just thinking of burying himself inside that tight hole had him shuddering and he wasn’t the only one affected. Simon’s cock was hardening with each thrust of his fingers. When Simon grabbed his caressing hand, Rider looked at him.

“Now, Rider. I’m ready,” he whispered, his eyes blazing with desire. Rider gripped his cock and teased the small hole with just the head. Simon murmured something indistinguishable and arched his hips, spreading his legs wider. Slowly, Rider pushed forward and bit back a guttural moan of delight. Tight, Simon’s asshole was incredibly tight. He worked himself in, inch by inch, and when he was seated firmly inside the hot recess of Simon’s ass, he stilled. 

The feeling was mind blowing and Rider didn’t know how much longer he could hold back his orgasm. Simon’s ass felt much, much tighter and a hell of a lot softer than any pussy he’d ever been in. He forced himself to move slowly in and out. Even with his determined cadence, Rider felt his passion spiraling out of control. He hummed low in his throat as a small spurt of pre-come escaped him. He gripped Simon’s thighs and pushed them back as he increased the speed of his thrusts. Simon writhed beneath him, his hips moving jerkily in a restless beat.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” Simon gasped as his hand snaked down to wrap around his own cock. Rider watched, dazed, as Simon stroked himself. They kept in time with each other, meeting thrust for thrust, stroke for stroke. They panted and moaned, forcing each other higher and higher. Simon gave a small exclamation as he came a second time. The sight of Simon’s cock erupting all over his stomach sent Rider over the edge. He slammed into Simon and in three rapid strokes followed him into oblivion. 

Both male bodies strained stomachs taut, backs arched as they trembled and shivered in ecstasy. When he was completely spent, Rider fell gently on top of Simon and was surprised when the older man held him in a comforting embrace. Rider eased himself off of Simon and returned the embrace. They held each other in silence until sleep overcame them. Rider’s last thought before his eyes closed was, damn, I’m gay.

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