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Writer’s Block

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I write for a living. I don’t have any great pretensions to be famous, I know my place in literature and it’s not near the top of the tree. I write spanking stories for magazines like Paddles, Blush, Cane and Red Cheeks. Not exactly mind bending stuff but I enjoy spanking and I enjoy writing about spanking. I’m happy doing what I’m doing.

I live by the sea in an old house that I have renovated myself, and quite well too if I do say so myself. It’s a two story home with all the living area upstairs, along the front is a verandah with lovely views over the treetops to the water. Downstairs is plenty of room for undercover car parking, a workshop for my tools, a shower/toilet for cleaning up after returning from the beach and a padlocked, well ventilated, windowless room which when anyone enters looks like a wine cellar. What looks like a storage cupboard door next to the rows of wine bottles actually leads to a small room, which I have set up as a dungeon.

Upstairs, the study where I do all my writing is just perfect, if I look out over my desk I can see the sea, if I look out the window to my left I look down into my neighbors yard where the teenage daughters (18 & 19) like to sunbake topless protected by surrounding hedges during the summer. They can’t see in my window because I have had anti glare film put on the glass to reduce the heat of the late afternoon sun, anyone looking from outside at my window can only see reflection. My neighbors are very well off and only use the house for weekends and holidays

It was a hot day near the end of summer and I was on a deadline for a story for one of the magazines. But I had run out of ideas, a major dose of writer’s block. I had sat at my computer for hours without getting anywhere and I was getting very frustrated.

Suddenly, movement from next door’s garden caught the corner of my eye. This was unusual for it was a weekday and as far as I knew the family were uptown. Then as I focused on the figure I realized that it was the lady of the house, Elizabeth, who I had chatted to a few times but really didn’t know at all. Elizabeth had been a child bride and was in her late thirties but she could have passed as thirty, this was a very attractive lady. As I watched Elizabeth my interest was raised, and so was my cock, because she walked into the sheltered garden, looked around to make sure she was unseen and then removed the toweling robe she was wearing.

I whistled silently to myself as Elizabeth stood there in a brief bikini, what a figure! A very nice pair of boobs atop a slim waist, trim hips and shapely legs. Elizabeth laid a towel on the lawn, checked again to make sure she was alone and then off came the bikini top. Two lovely breasts fell free; Elizabeth stretched her shoulders and turned her back to me. I watched in awe as she then slid the bikini bottom down those long legs and lay face down on the towel. What a lovely arse she had, how I would love to have that bum over my knees and give it a good spanking! How I would love to smooth on some sun tan lotion to make sure she didn’t burn.

I rushed to my cupboard and grabbed my camera with the telephoto lens. I took a couple of shots of Elizabeth and kept an eye on her as she sunbathed. Obviously not wanting to get burnt, Elizabeth only stayed there for about half an hour and to my disappointment did not get any sun on the front of her body. Elizabeth wrapped herself in the robe without turning towards me, picked up her bikini and towel and returned to the house.

Frustrated I once again went about my writing but without success, my mind kept wandering to my beautiful neighbor. Was she alone? Would I see her again? Should I go and visit her when I saw a light on that night on the pretext of keeping an eye on the house? I debated whether to have a wank or not but decided not to and once again tried to concentrate on my writing without success.

It was still hot that evening with no sea breeze. I had just finished eating when the front door bell rang. I went downstairs to find a radiant Elizabeth standing there, dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, holding a half-empty bottle of champagne.

“Hi Michael,” she said with a grin, slightly slurring her words, “I thought you may like some company and a drink tonight.”

“I certainly do Elizabeth, come on in, let me take the bottle,” I replied ushering her upstairs. I followed close behind, my eyes watching her lovely arse wiggle as she climbed the steps.

“Oh this is lovely,” Elizabeth exclaimed as she looked around my lounge room. “I hope I’m not intruding or anything.”

“Not at all Elizabeth, I’m glad to have some company for a change.” I poured a couple of glasses of the champagne and said, “Let’s go out on the verandah, it’s cooler out there.”

Elizabeth and I settled down in our chairs and toasted each other’s health. We looked out over the bay at the setting sun and made small talk for a while about the weather, holidays, her girls at university and her favorite sport – golf.

Quite innocently I asked Elizabeth how her husband’s business was doing and was taken aback by her reply.

“That bastard, he’s interstate right now fucking his secretary!” Elizabeth said vehemently. “He wants a divorce a soon as possible the rotten prick. He’s offered me the house next door, everything that’s in it and my car, plus a cash settlement. He is willing to buy an apartment for our girls near the University and he wants our city house for him and his bimbo secretary. There, now you know Michael, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to load it onto to you but I had to tell someone.”

“That’s OK Elizabeth,” I replied, “You probably will feel better now that you’ve told someone. It seems to me that you are better off without him, rather than him screwing around behind your back. I’m no lawyer but I think you have been offered a pretty good deal. You just have to be positive and make the future work for you, it sounds like you will be pretty well off so make the most of it.”

Elizabeth was suddenly quiet as she mulled over my words. I emptied the bottle of champagne and raised my glass, “Here’s to your future Elizabeth, may it be a long and happy!”

Elizabeth grinned and raised her glass. “You know you are right Michael, I’ve been feeling really bitter and sorry for myself but I must be positive. Thanks, here’s to your future too!”

We sat and talked some more about the situation and her future. I got a bottle of cold Australian wine from the refrigerator and we drank some more. Amazing how alcohol can loosen the tongue and as the sunset turned to night we chatted and became good friends.

Elizabeth suddenly changed the subject and innocently asked THAT question, “What do you do for a living Michael? Where does the money come from to pay your bills?”

“I’m a writer Elizabeth, I write short stories for magazines for a living,” I replied knowing that if Elizabeth disapproved of the subject that our new friendship could come to a sudden end. From past experience I knew what the next question would be.

“That sounds interesting, what sort of stories Michael?”

I chose my words carefully, “My stories are aimed at a fairly small market, Elizabeth, they are meant for adults only……..”

Elizabeth sat forward in her chair. “Ohhhhhh, dirty stories are they? Tell me more Michael, tell me more.”

I’m not ashamed of my writing or my spanking interest so I answered truthfully as I always do when pushed, “Actually Elizabeth, the stories are about adults spanking each other and the spankings are usually followed by intercourse.”

Elizabeth sat back in her chair with a look of amazement on her face. “Spanking, you write about adults spanking?”

I nodded in reply wondering what was going to come next.

“I find it hard to believe that adults spank each other, can I see some of the magazines? Have you got any here?” she asked.

“Sure have, come inside to my study and I’ll show you,” I said as I picked up the empty glasses.

I led Elizabeth into my study and took a handful of magazines from a cupboard.

Elizabeth’s eyes widened as she settled into an armchair and looked at the photos on the covers. “How will I know which stories you wrote?” she asked, “Do you use your own name?”

I laughed, “No, I use a non-de-plume, the stories I wrote have “Willow” as the writer, it was my nickname at school.”

Elizabeth flicked open a copy of “Paddles” – one of the better known and well distributed spanking/contact magazines. She flicked through the pages, stopping to look at the photos and advertisements until she found the story I wrote, ‘Birchville’, and fell silent as she read.

I just sat and drank in the beauty of my neighbor. A couple of times she raised her head and gave me a funny look, but said nothing. Time passed as Elizabeth read ‘Birchville’ and ‘First Time’ in separate editions. A couple of times she wriggled her bum around in the chair, which made me wonder what sort of effect the stories were having on her.

When she had finished them and looked at all the photos she exclaimed, “Well Michael, I have certainly learned something new tonight, I’ve wondered a few times what your job is and now I know, this spanking stuff just amazes me and I must admit……..” her voice trailed off.

“Go one Elizabeth, finish what you were going to say,” I said gently.

“Shit, this is hard to admit, and I feel a bit silly saying this but I wonder what it feels like to be spanked and as I’ve read it’s been going through my mind to ask you……….” Again Elizabeth’s voice trailed off.

I took a deep breath and inquired “Ask me if I would spank you, Elizabeth?”

“Yes”, Elizabeth rose from the armchair and came and stood beside where I was sitting at my desk.

Just then fate intervened and as Elizabeth faced the dark window the security lights around her house came alight.

“Jeepers, what’s made the lights come on? I hope nobody’s trying to break in,” There was worry in Elizabeth’s voice.

“The security lights come quite regularly Elizabeth, it’s probably that stray cat again looking for food scraps, yes, there it is, see near the corner of the house.”

“Oh that’s OK then,” Elizabeth sighed, then she almost shouted, “OH FUCK! You can see right down into our yard from here, did you see me this afternoon?”

“See you sun baking Elizabeth? Yes I sure did, and I can honestly tell you it was one of the most lovely sights I’ve ever seen.” I said with a smile. Gently I took Elizabeth by the arm and sat her down on my lap, she made no effort to move away.

“How much of me did you see?” she asked.

“I saw you take off your bikini top but you turned your back to me before you took off the bottom bit, so I have seen you nude from the back but not the front.”

“You certainly give honest answers don’t you Michael, you dirty old man.” Elizabeth now was grinning at me.

“I’m not that old and I’m not dirty. I just can’t help admiring beautiful looking ladies Elizabeth, and you are one of the prettiest I have ever seen.” I thought it was time for a slight change of subject. “Are you still interested in receiving a spanking?”

“Well I guess there’s no reason for modesty is there Michael, you won’t see much more of me than you already have today. God, I really don’t know, will it hurt much?” she asked.

“No more than you want it to Elizabeth. Did you notice that in all of my stories I use a safe word? Well that applies to you too. If it gets too much for you all you have to say is ‘Mercy’ and I’ll stop immediately. You can go home anytime you like, but you never know, you may enjoy it.”

“Shit Michael, you should have been a salesman, not a writer. Where’s your bathroom? I’ll have a think while I’m in there. I wouldn’t mind a cup of coffee if you have some”

I directed Elizabeth to the bathroom and busied myself making the coffee. On her return we discussed spanking some more and I told her of some of my experiences with other ladies.

Finally it was decision time. “Well Elizabeth, have you made up your mind? Do you want to be spanked?”

Elizabeth silently rose from her chair and stood in front of me. She had a determined look on her face as she looked into my eyes and nodded.

I reached out and took hold of her tee shirt, which I released, from the elastic of her shorts. Elizabeth raised her arms above her head and slowly I pulled the tee shirt upwards, over her bikini covered breasts, over her arms and head. Her lovely brown hair fell back down into place as I put my arms around her and untied the thin straps of her bikini top. Her lovely boobs and nipples fell free and I took one in each hand, squeezing them tightly. I took a soft teat into my mouth and sucked hard, hearing Elizabeth’s sudden intake of breath as I bit on the nipple which hardened as if it had been rubbed with ice.

“Oh Michael, that is so good,” she cried, “That hasn’t been done to me for years.”

I repeated the sucking and biting on the other nipple and Elizabeth cried out again. I pulled her mouth down to mine and we kissed deeply, both of us loving the way the night was turning.

I stood Elizabeth in front of me and took the elastic of the shorts in my hands, slowly lowering them to the floor. All that she now had on was the bikini bottom, that wisp of material that my hands now grasped and suddenly pulled upwards over her hips, jamming it into her crack and making Elizabeth ‘yelp’ again. Her eyes were shining brightly with excitement as I firmly guided this lovely lady over my knees.

“Be gentle with me Michael, remember this is my first spanking, be gentle with me,” Elizabeth said with a laugh. “Oh, I sound like a fifteen year old about to have her first sex.”

“Quiet woman and behave yourself.” I laughed too, this was going to be fun.

My right hand fell onto Elizabeth’s stroked gentle circles on the smooth skin. As I raised my hand her whole body tensed as she waited for the first smack.

It landed softly and there was no reaction from Elizabeth as I ‘love spanked’ her bottom, making sure that all the area was slowly warmed.

“It doesn’t really hurt at all,” Elizabeth said with wonder in her voice, “I expected it to sting more.”

My answer was to increase the force of the smacks.

“Oh, oh shit, it does sting after all, are you going to do it much more?”

“I’m only warming you up Elizabeth, there’s a lot more to come yet, but don’t forget the code word.”

Once again after I had covered all her bottom I increased the force. ‘Smack, smack, smack’.

Slowly but surely Elizabeth’s bum changed from the light pink of her sun tan to the deeper pink that my hand was bringing to the skin. Elizabeth was now wriggling around on my lap and verbalizing her discomfort.

“Oh, ouch, ooooh,” she yelped, “Oh it’s really stinging now Michael.”

I paused for a short time to admire my handiwork and took hold of her panties. Elizabeth made no objection and helpfully raised her hips to make it easier for me to slide the bikini bottom down over her legs. I placed my hand between her slim thighs and eased her legs apart. Again no effort from Elizabeth to stop me as my hand moved up and caressed her pussy lips. She was quite wet and obviously very turned on. Elizabeth moaned as I slipped a finger into her cunt and gently frigged her, I was looking forward to slipping something else in that wet hole later that night.

I resumed the spanking on Elizabeth’s now bare arse, whacking it quite hard and watching the skin turn from pink to a soft red.

‘Whack, fwap, swappp’ resulted in Elizabeth yelping, “Oooaagh, oooh-nooooo!”

Of course her breathless protestations had no effect on me, I continued to spank harder and harder, waiting for Elizabeth to use the safe word.

“Oh God, when are you going to stop? I can’t take this much longer!” Elizabeth wailed, and then as I paused for a few seconds she contradicted herself, “No, don’t stop, this is such a turn on Michael, please keep going!”

I laughed out loud and returned to the job at hand. Elizabeth was now wriggling strongly on my lap, her legs kicking in mid air. My left hand held her strongly while my right continued to turn her bottom bright red.

Finally Elizabeth cried, “Mercy, mercy, Michael, I’ve had all I can take, pleeease stop!”

Of course the spanking stopped immediately, it had gone longer than I expected, Elizabeth had taken her first spanking very well.

I held Elizabeth across my lap as her panting gradually slowed and her breathing returned to something like normal.

“When you feel up to it Elizabeth you can stand up, but before you do, feel the heat in your bum.”

Elizabeth gingerly reached back with her right hand and felt her cheek. “Wow, it’s really warm isn’t it Michael, jeepers what an experience, I’m so fucking horny, I need your cock soooo bad. Spanking is a turn on for you too isn’t it, I could feel you getting harder the more you spanked.”

I didn’t need to answer that question as Elizabeth grabbed me between the legs as she struggled to her feet. I stood too and took her in my arms. Elizabeth was still shaking as we hugged each other and kissed deeply. I guided her to the kitchen where we both had a well earned glass of ice water.

“Come on, where’s your bedroom!” Elizabeth demanded.

I wrapped an arm around her and guided to my bedroom and we stood beside the bed.

“Take my clothes off Elizabeth,” I asked.

“Certainly sir, I haven’t done this for a long time.” Elizabeth said with a grin. My shirt was soon unbuttoned and removed and then Elizabeth knelt in front of me and slid my shorts and underpants off in the same motion. My cock sprang free and was soon engulfed in Elizabeth’s mouth.

I let her suck for a short time before pushing her head away and instructed her to kneel up on the bed.

“Kneel on the bed?” Elizabeth queried, “Don’t you want me on my back?”

“No, not on your back, on your hands and knees, hurry up I can’t wait any longer,” I panted.

Elizabeth was soon up on the bed with her lovely arse pointing in my direction. I too got on the bed and knelt behind her and moved her legs a little more apart with my hands. I took my erection in hand and rubbed the tip of it up against her anus, then moved it down over the perineum and rubbed it against the opening of her wet cunt. Back and forth I rubbed, from her pussy lips to her anus, teasing her, tormenting her. Elizabeth moaned, not knowing exactly what I was up to. She soon found out as I moved my cock down and paused against the entrance to her pussy. One of her hands came back and directed my cock into her cunt as I pushed forward. She gasped as I held her hips, my dick now fully into her tight hole. I stayed motionless for a short time, both of us enjoying the different feelings we were experiencing. I slowly withdrew and then pushed back again, once again entering her to the hilt. Gradually the rhythm increased, Elizabeth set the pace, moving back and forward as I stayed as still as I could.

“Oh this is soon good,” Elizabeth squealed, “I haven’t had a screw for months, it’s fantastic. You can come inside me Michael, I’m on the pill!”

It wasn’t long before we both reached a shattering climax, my cum rushing into her cunt and we collapsed panting onto the sheets. We were both perspiring in the warm night and held each other tight as our breathing returned to normal.

“Oh my, oh my Michael, that was a first for me,” Elizabeth said with a grin.

“What? That was the first time you’ve done it doggy fashion?” I asked. “You’ve never done it like that before?”

“All my husband, or should I say my ex-husband ever does is the missionary position. Missionary position, missionary position, missionary position, and no foreplay, just a quick fuck with never any thought for me. I’ve been missionary for so long I should go and preach religion to the tribes in Africa! That stupid secretary will soon discover he’s no good in bed and it serves them both right. This has been a great night Michael, I’m so glad I came over to see you. Have you any more surprise positions for me?” Elizabeth said giggling at her missionary joke.

“You bet I have Elizabeth and I’m glad you came over too.” I said as we cuddled in together holding each other tight, “How about we get some sleep and fuck again in the morning?”

“Oh, that’s something else to look forward to Michael, sounds good to me, see you in the morning, lover boy.” Again another giggle from Elizabeth as we kissed and settled down under the sheet, both of us extremely happy with the way the day had turned out.

When I awoke in the morning I was surprised to find myself alone. On bare feet I crept out to find Elizabeth sitting nude at my desk in the study, B & D magazines strewn around her, her fingers gently playing with her pussy as looked at the photos in “Fit to be Tied” – a bondage magazine.

I grinned to myself and crept up behind her, slipping my hands over her eyes and saying, “Guess who?”

“Oh shit,” she squealed, “you gave me a fright. I woke about 5.30 and couldn’t sleep so I’ve been here learning more about this stuff, it’s amazing what people do to each other isn’t it? Some of it’s horrible. Why would anyone want to be pissed on? Yuk!” Elizabeth then looked a little sheepish as she continued, “But this looks exciting, would you tie me up and fuck me sometime? It looks as if it might be fun and I really feel that I can trust you Michael, will you show me some of this kinky stuff, please?”

“Well how could I say no?” I replied, “Especially as you said please! I would be delighted to show you the ropes Elizabeth and other things as well, you know you only have to use the safe word and I will cease whatever I’m doing if you don’t like it.”

“Can I ask something else Michael?” Elizabeth inquired with a serious look on her face. I nodded and she continued, “Were you going to shove your cock up my arse last night?”

I laughed and replied, “No I wasn’t Elizabeth, I was just playing a little game. Have you ever been fucked up the arse Elizabeth? Would you like to try it sometime? A lot of women like it you know, some more than the normal way of screwing.”

“I’ve never done it and I’m not sure about it at all Michael, I’ll think about it and let you know sometime.” Elizabeth rose from the chair and grabbed my cock leading me back towards the bedroom saying as we walked, “What I do know is that I want this back inside me right now!”

“Who am I to refuse a beautiful lady?” I exclaimed as Elizabeth pushed me onto my back on the bed and knelt up beside me.

“You do say the nicest things Michael, you are very good for my ego which has been bashed about a bit lately. Let me thank you, I haven’t had much practice at this but here goes” Her words faded as her mouth surrounded the end of my cock, her tongue running circles around the head. Then, after a quick grin at me she took as much of my cock as possible into her mouth, sucking me into erection. It didn’t take long until once again I was fully hard.

In one quick movement Elizabeth released my cock from her mouth and straddled my groin. With a long sigh and a wide smile she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. My hands reached up and caressed her breasts, pinching her nipples which became rock hard. Elizabeth and I groaned with pleasure as she began to move up and down, occasionally stopping as she tried to make our love making last as long as possible. A couple of times she leant forward and we kissed deeply, our tongues entwined in passion. I don’t know how long I lasted but it was heaven, finally Elizabeth’s up and down movements quickened and I couldn’t hold on any longer. We orgasmed as one and once again collapsed in a sweaty heap, holding each other tight as we both realized that together we had found something very special.

After some quiet rest we showered and had some breakfast. Elizabeth chatted away, now sounding so positive and happy about the future.

After we had cleared away the dishes and the glasses from last night I said, “Elizabeth I’m sorry but I have to do some writing today, I have a deadline to meet by 5.00 p.m. and I’m stuck for ideas. I’m suffering from writer’s block. Can you give me an idea?”

Elizabeth thought for a while and then burst out, “I’ve got it Michael, why don’t you write about what happened here last night, my first spanking. All you have to do is change our names and the location to the mountains, the rest should be pretty easy!”

“Brilliant idea Elizabeth! Thank you so much, I’ll only need a few hours to knock that out and I can send it by email, what will you do with yourself?”

“I’ll take some of your magazines and go and do some more sunbathing. Will you cover me with sun tan lotion before I go?” Elizabeth grinned at me again.

“With pleasure, madam, there’s a bottle in the bathroom” I replied as Elizabeth raced off to get the bottle of oil. There were lots of fun and laughs as I applied the lotion all over her lovely body taking care to make sure that I covered all the nooks and crannies. Finally I slipped her bikini back on and showed her back down the stairs.

As we passed the padlocked door Elizabeth asked, “What’s in here Michael, why such a big padlock?”

“That’s my wine cellar Elizabeth,” I replied truthfully. “I’ll show you what’s in there after I do my story, I have a special surprise in there I’m sure you’ll like.”

“Oh goody, another surprise, I love surprises and I certainly got some last night didn’t I?” Elizabeth said with that delightful laugh. “Give me a yell when you’re finished and we can go for a swim, in the meantime these magazines will keep me quiet.”

We kissed again, both looking forward to the swim and whatever else that day held for us.

Of course Elizabeth sunbathed on her back, totally nude with her legs spread and her sex pointing in the direction of the window of my study. What a distraction, but I put my head down and concentrated on the story which didn’t take that long to write. When I was satisfied I emailed it off to the publisher and waited until she had read it and confirmed by return email that everything was OK and that payment would be in the mail that night.

I saw that Elizabeth had moved indoors and a very happy frame of mind I slipped into my swimmers grabbed a towel and went next door to go to the beach with my neighbor.

I knocked on her front door and Elizabeth answered it in her bikini, a picnic basket ready for the beach.

“Let’s go lover boy!” she grinned and I grabbed the basket in one hand and one of Elizabeth’s hands in the other, we crossed the road and took the twisting path through the titree and down the cliff face to the beach.

It was usually quiet on a weekday and fortunately we had the sand to ourselves and we lay on our towels chatting. Elizabeth was fascinated by some of the stories she had read and had some questions.

“Michael, a lot of the stories are about men being spanked by dominant women. Have you ever been spanked? She asked.

“You only have to look on the internet to see how many professional mistresses there are making their living by punishing men, I’ll show you sometime if you like.” I replied. “Yes I have been spanked a few times but mostly I prefer to be in charge. I can’t take it hard and only like it in fun, a bit like I spanked you. Would you like to spank me sometime Elizabeth?”

“Oh I don’t know about that but perhaps it might be fun to have you across my knees sometime,” Elizabeth said with a giggle and then continued, “As far as the Internet is concerned I don’t even know how to switch on a computer. The other thing I noticed is that in some of the stories women are spanking women. Do you think this happens a lot?”

“I don’t know that it happens a lot,” I replied, “I’m sure it does happen and in fact I have seen it at a club one night, but perhaps it’s written about because it’s a fantasy that lots of guys get off on, lesbianism fascinates men you know. Would you like to make love with or be spanked by another woman Elizabeth? Do you have any bisexual fantasies? Have you had any bi-experiences? I know a lady that could accommodate you if you want to give it a try.”

“Shit, don’t rush me Michael. Questions, questions, questions! You are inquisitive aren’t you?” Elizabeth shot back at me, a look of unease on her face, perhaps I had hit a nerve.

“Take it easy Elizabeth,” I said soothingly, “I’m not trying to rush you into anything, after all you asked the original question. I’m just opening your mind to new possibilities.”

“I’m sorry I snapped at you Michael,” Elizabeth kissed me and went on, “The truth is I really had the hots for a girl in my last year at high school, nothing ever happened but I really fancied her, I just wasn’t game enough to say anything to her. I’ve fantasized about her ever since, sometimes when I was being fucked by my ex-husband, but never done anything at all with another woman.”

I decided it was time to change the subject, “Let’s swim!” I said, standing and helping Elizabeth to her feet, “there’s nobody around, we won’t need these!”

I slipped our swimming gear off and we raced nude for the water, splashing each other as we ran through the shallows, yelling like two kids as we were gradually engulfed by the cold water. Our hands roamed over our bodies under the water, kissing, cuddling, splashing and dunking each other just like two new lovers.

Just as we were leaving the water an elderly couple walked hand in hand with their pet dog along the sand. We had to duck down so the water would cover our bodies. The couple looked at us and laughed. “Have fun kids, we wish we could do that!” the man called out as they walked on.

Elizabeth and I laughed back and waved as we waited for them to move away and then raced for our towels. After drying each other we donned our swimmers and sat on our towels eating the delicious picnic lunch, with another bottle of champagne. As we chatted away the couple and their dog returned from their walk and smiled at us as they passed.

“I think the old guy fancies you Elizabeth, he was certainly having a good perve of your body.”

“I don’t mind him looking, but you’re the only one allowed to touch.” Elizabeth laughed as she grabbed and started to rub my cock, come on, let’s go back to my place, I’m as horny as hell after reading most of the morning.”

We gathered our gear and raced off back to her house.

Elizabeth led me upstairs to her lavish bedroom where we showered to get the sand and salt off our bodies. Falling on the king size bed we held each other tight and kissed passionately, out hands roaming over each other’s bodies.

I sat up and pushed Elizabeth down onto her back. She groaned, “Not the missionary position again, please.”

“Hush my darling, your pleasure is my only concern, let’s see if you like this,” I said as I spread her legs apart and knelt between her legs.

Elizabeth groaned as my fingers spread her pussy lips apart and my tongue licked around the edge. I moved down to a sensitive spot on the inside of her thigh where I teased her by licking, kissing and making designs with the tip of my tongue. I came close to her pussy then floated away making Elizabeth anticipate what was to follow.

I licked the crease where her leg joins her pussy and then buried my head in her bush. Gently I brushed my lips over her slit, exciting her so she raised her hips to my face, demanding more. I placed my lips right over the slit kissing gently, then harder. My tongue separated her pussy lips and as I spread her legs a little wider I ran my tongue up and down the layers of pussy flesh. I tongue fucked her, pushing my tongue into and out of her cunt, teasing her as once again she raised her hips, wanting more.

My tongue rested and gently caressed Elizabeth’s clit, her legs shuddered as she approached orgasm. As I formed my mouth into an O and gently sucked on her clit Elizabeth cried out, “Ohhhhhh, this is fantastic, don’t stop Michael, don’t stop!”

I continued to lick and suck on Elizabeth’s clit and added to her pleasure by slipping two fingers into her cunt and slowly but surely finger fucked into another screaming orgasm. Elizabeth was like a bucking bronco but I held on, continuing to play with her as I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue. As I hadn’t shaved that morning I gently rubbed the stubble on my chin over Elizabeth’s clit giving me a chance to see her face. Perspiration was glowing on her forehead as our eyes met, her pleading look told me to ‘keep going, don’t stop’ so I returned my tongue to her cunt bringing Elizabeth to another thrashing orgasm.

My jaw and tongue was now becoming a bit sore so I moved up beside Elizabeth talking to her, stroking her, caressing her breasts, bringing her back down slowly.

As her breathing returned to something like normal Elizabeth opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Wow Michael, that was absolutely the best oral sex I’ve ever had, you were fantastic, I’ve never had multiple orgasms before. God, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

We held each other tight and once again kissed deeply. Elizabeth continued, “I’ve had more sex and more fun in the last two days than I’ve had in the past two years. Thank you so much darling Michael, You’ve made me so happy when I thought my life was in ruins, how can I ever repay you?”

“Repay me? You don’t have to repay me Elizabeth.” I replied. “I’ve had a great time with you too and I hope that our friendship will grow stronger and stronger. I’m sure that you can give me lots of ideas for stories and I can teach you how to use a computer.”

“You know Michael, I think I can really trust you and I would love to try some more of the B & D stuff that’s in the magazines,” Elizabeth said with a mischievous grin. “I’d like to spank you some time too, if that’s OK?”

“Sure is my darling, why don’t we get dressed and go into town for dinner? After we can go back to my place and I’ll show you the surprise I have for you in my cellar.”

Elizabeth’s reply was another passionate kiss, what surprises would that night and the future hold for both of us?

Elizabeth and I had a lovely dinner at a small intimate restaurant that I knew and continued to enjoy each others company as we learnt more about our respective lives. Time flew quickly and soon it was time to return home.

As I turned the car into the driveway Elizabeth laughed and said, “I think it’s time for your spanking Michael, I’m looking forward to turning your arse red. But first you promised to show me your wine cellar, what’s the surprise you have in store?”

“You’ll soon see,” I replied as I unlocked the door and switched on the dim light. Rows of wine bottles lined the walls, labels on the shelves showing their type and year.

“Not much of a surprise here,” Elizabeth sniffed, “Just another wine cellar, what’s the big deal?”

“Have a look through here miss smarty pants,” I said as I opened the ‘cupboard’ door and ushered her into the dungeon.

It was quite dark and Elizabeth gasped as I switched on the spotlights to reveal the B & D equipment. There were racks of various whips, canes, cat’o’nine tails, tawses, crops and straps. A whipping horse, chains hanging from the ceiling, leg spreaders, blindfolds, ropes, handcuffs, leather gear and in the center a gynecologists examination chair complete with stirrups.

“Oh shit Michael, I had no idea you had all this stuff, your not going to use it on me are you? Fuck, your really are a lot more kinky than I thought you were,” Elizabeth had a worried look on her face.

“Relax Elizabeth,” I said, “You should know me well enough by now to know that nothing ever happens in a scene with me that the submissive doesn’t want to happen. In actual fact the submissive is really the one in control as long as the dominant person stops when the safe word is used. There are some masochists who really enjoy pain and get sexual satisfaction from it, they are the ones who love to use this equipment. Come on, let’s go upstairs and you can be in control of me”.

Elizabeth brightened, the dungeon had been a bit of a shock for her, but the thought of giving me a spanking brought a smile to her face.

Once upstairs Elizabeth immediately took control.

“Right Michael, I want you to strip naked, come on now hurry up, no dawdling or your punishment will be harder.” she ordered, “That’s better, now bend over the back of that chair and spread your legs wide apart!”

I grinned at her and did as I was told. This was a position I had been in before and I wanted to make sure that Elizabeth enjoyed the experience. She stood behind me and her hand tentatively stroked my cheeks. I hardly felt the first few soft smacks but slowly Elizabeth gained confidence and the spanks grew harder. Elizabeth followed my advice from our talks on the beach and in the restaurant and made sure she covered my entire arse as well as the tops of my thighs.

Slowly but surely my bum started to tingle as Elizabeth cried out, “Ooooohhhh, your skin is turning pink Michael, I like doing this, am I doing it right?”

“You’re doing just fine Elizabeth, it’s one of the best spankings I’ve ever had, ouch, that’s a bit hard!”

“Don’t be a baby Michael, you spanked me a lot harder than this,” Elizabeth chuckled, “Oh my hand is getting a bit sore but I thought this might happen so I brought along my old wooden hairbrush, stay right there while I get it from my hand bag.”

I followed instructions and stayed bent over the chair, my bum tingling nicely, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long. Elizabeth returned and her hand felt between my legs, grabbing hold of my stiff cock.

“Naughty boy!” Elizabeth exclaimed, “Did I give you permission to get a hard on? No of course I didn’t, it’s the hairbrush for you my lad!”

Elizabeth was certainly entering into the spirit of the occasion and brought the hairbrush down with a ‘whack’ on my right cheek. It really stung as I knew it would but I managed to say nothing, grimacing to myself as a succession of smacks fell.

After about 12 hard whacks I was squirming around and calling out loud with each spank. “Owwww, jeepers Elizabeth, not so bloody hard.”

“You know what the safe word is Michael, but don’t you dare use it until you really have to or I’ll give you more.”

“I think you, ouch, have been reading, yipes, too many of those magazines Elizabeth,” I cried as the spanking continued.

“Oh god, your arse is so red now Michael, it must be really stinging,” Elizabeth said as she stopped hitting me with the hairbrush and bent down to have a good look at her handiwork, ” I can’t do any more this time, stay there while I get something to sooth and cool you a bit.

I must admit that I was glad she had stopped as I was not far from using the code word. I reached a hand back and felt my arse, which was quite hot, Elizabeth had done a good job. I stayed in position as Elizabeth returned and I sighed as I felt her hands soothing a cool cream onto my burning cheeks. Gently Elizabeth massaged the cream into my skin and the stinging decreased.

Elizabeth reached once again for my cock and giggled as her creamy hand slid up and down. I could contain myself no longer, I turned around, swept Elizabeth up in my arms and carried her the bedroom where once again we had some amazing sex. There was no doubt that since that first spanking Elizabeth had become very curious about different positions and was in a hurry to try them all!

The days turned into weeks and Elizabeth had shifted from the city and into her house next door. I had shown her how to get onto the Internet, which helped her to fill in the hours, while I was writing. She was also helping with ideas for my stories, nothing like getting into a few chat rooms to widen one’s ideas!

The days were cooler now as winter approached. One weekday Elizabeth was in the city at her solicitors sorting out the details of her divorce while at the same time I had a visit from one of my editors. Elizabeth knew that the editor was coming down for the day. She planned to be home early afternoon to be introduced to the editor, Ellen, who was a long time friend of mine and a fellow spanking enthusiast.

I heard Elizabeth let herself the front door and I met her with a hug and a kiss at the top of the stairs.

As we entered the living room I said, “Elizabeth, I’d like you to meet Ellen, my editor.”

Elizabeth stopped as if in shock. “Ellen! I thought you said Allan! Oh I’m sorry Ellen, I was expecting to meet a man and I got a bit of a shock. It’s nice to meet you, have you and Michael had a productive morning?”

“Hi Elizabeth,” Ellen replied, “Yes we’ve had a good morning but I think this afternoon is going to be better, it will be for me that’s for sure.”

“Perhaps I’d better explain,” I said as we all sat. “Not only is Ellen a very good editor she is also a true masochist and when she comes down here to visit she gets a punishment session in the dungeon.”

Ellen explained some more to Elizabeth. “Elizabeth a true masochist derives sexual pleasure from pain. I obtain multiple orgasms from being caned, it’s fantastic. When I was a student journalist I had a crush on one of my tutors. He was about 35 and quite experienced, I would have done anything for him. One night in bed he asked me if he could spank me. Like you at first I was shocked but the spanking turned me on so much I was hooked. I learnt that I really enjoyed pain and as I said before the orgasms are incredible. I explored the scene and when I graduated as a journalist it was a natural progression for me to get into the spanking magazine scene. Would you like to watch Michael punish me? I don’t mind, in fact having you watch would add to my enjoyment.”

There was a minute’s silence while Elizabeth took all this in, then she looked at me. “You’re a real bugger at times aren’t you Michael, at least you could have warned me, I’ll deal with you later!

Then turning to Ellen she said in an excited tone, “Thank you Ellen, I’d love to watch, when do we start?”

Ellen stood, “Give me about fifteen minutes and I’ll be ready. Is the key in its usual place Michael?”

I nodded and Ellen moved downstairs.

I explained to Elizabeth, “Ellen likes about fifteen minutes to prepare herself. She uses the bathroom and then meditates to get herself into the right frame of mind. You can be my assistant today my sweet, an extra pair of hands is always useful. Just follow my lead and don’t worry about the severity of the punishment, Ellen is used to it.”

Shortly after, Elizabeth and I joined Ellen downstairs in the dungeon. She was wearing a shapeless blue dress that was held up with bows on both shoulders. Her feet were bare and she was standing under the chains attached to the ceiling.

I handed Elizabeth one of the wrist cuffs and she followed my lead attaching it to one of Ellen’s wrists. Ellen then raised her arms straight above her head and I attached the cuffs to the chains. Elizabeth’s eyebrows raised as I placed a blindfold over Ellen’s eyes and then a stereo headset over her ears.

“A true masochist loves not only the pain but also the suspense of a punishment session.” I explained to Elizabeth. “Ellen can now hear only classical music and she can’t see anything at all. This means she can’t see or hear the cane when it’s about to hit her, it adds to the excitement for her. Undo the bows of her dress will you please darling.”

Tentatively Elizabeth loosened the bows and the dress fell to the floor. I heard an intake of breath from Elizabeth as she saw Ellen’s lovely body now only clad in a small bra and panties. I handed a leg-spreading bar to Elizabeth who bent and attached it to Ellen’s ankles.

I then tapped Ellen on the shoulder and she nodded that she was ready.

“Come around here to the front Elizabeth, the action is about to really start,” I said.

Elizabeth joined me in front of Ellen and watched as I grabbed the front Ellen’s bra, which I suddenly ripped off, letting her large breasts fall free. I repeated the action with Ellen’s panties and her shaven pussy showed between her widely parted legs.

“Why don’t you warm Ellen’s arse up a bit?” I asked Elizabeth, “Use this paddle, hand spanking is not painful enough for her.”

Elizabeth took the paddle from me and took up position behind Ellen. A few tentative whacks only brought “harder” from Ellen’s lips. Elizabeth gradually applied the pressure, using more force over all the flesh of Ellen’s lovely buttocks, which turned a bright shade of pink.

“That should be enough of the warm up Elizabeth, come around here again.”

Elizabeth was a bit flushed as she stood in front of Ellen. “Play with her breasts Elizabeth, tweak her nipples.”

Elizabeth gave me one of those looks but her curiosity was well and truly raised so she reached her hands out and gave Ellen’s lovely boobs some good squeezes, squashing the soft flesh between her fingers. Elizabeth grinned at me and then bent down and took a nipple between her teeth, biting and sucking hard on the teat.

“Oh that’s so good Michael,” Ellen hissed, “You know how sensitive my boobs are, this is such a turn on.”

Elizabeth grinned at me and made sure that both the nipples got equal time and then attached the clamps that I had placed in her hand. Another moan of pleasure came from Ellen.

“I bet her pussy is really wet Elizabeth, have a feel and see!”

Elizabeth shot me another of those looks but couldn’t resist sliding a hand over Ellen’s cunt. I grinned as I watched a finger slide right in and then withdraw, glistening with Ellen’s juices.

“God, she’s so wet Michael,” Elizabeth whispered, “she must be ready for the punishment now.”

“Yes I think you’re right Elizabeth,” I replied, “And there’s no need to whisper! Stand back now and I’ll start the caning. Please remove the nipple clamps, that’s Ellen’s sign that she’s about to get caned.”

Elizabeth did as I asked and stood back as I took a flexible cane from the rack. I tapped Ellen’s bum with the tip of the cane as I took up position, she knew all was ready.

I stood motionless for about three minutes.

Elizabeth almost screamed at me, “Why don’t you get on with it? This waiting must be driving Ellen crazy.”

“Remember what I said about suspense Elizabeth? The waiting adds to Ellen’s enjoyment, she has a love/hate relationship with this time of the session.”

“Whoosh” the cane hissed through the air and exploded onto Ellen’s arse.

“Ahhhhh, that’s so good,” Ellen said with a sigh, “More, more.”

At various intervals, some short and some long, I continued to cane Ellen, leaving red stripes on her buttocks and thighs. At times she let out a little scream as the cane bit into her flesh, but most of the sounds were those of pleasure. Elizabeth watched with wide eyes, the realization sinking in that Ellen was actually enjoying her punishment.

“That’s ten,” I said as the cane hit home once again, “Only two more, look Elizabeth, Ellen is starting to orgasm from the pain.”

I was right; tremors of pleasure could be seen passing through Ellen’s perspiring body. I waited for them to subside a bit then number eleven burst across Ellen’s thighs.

“Owwwww!!!!” Ellen cried out, “Oh shit Michael, that one really got me, oh I’m coming again!”

Again I waited as Elizabeth and I watched in awe as another orgasm swept over Ellen. I grabbed a couple of large cushions from a side shelf and placed them on the floor at Ellen’s feet.

“Last one coming up Elizabeth,” I said, “After this one will you quickly release Ellen from the leg spreader and I’ll let her down onto the cushions.”

“Aieeeeeee” screamed Ellen as the twelfth and last stroke burst across her arse. As Elizabeth unstrapped the leg spreader from Ellen’s ankles I removed the stereo earphones and blindfold. I then unhooked the wrist cuffs from the chain allowing Ellen to fall face down onto the cushions, her striped bottom staring up at us.

“Ooooooohhhhhhh, here they come,” cried Ellen as a series of orgasms took over her body.

Elizabeth and I hugged as we watched the amazing sight of Ellen moaning with pleasure as multiple orgasms continued to flow.

“Come on Elizabeth, let’s go upstairs, Ellen will join us after she calms down. She likes to be left alone at the end of a session to compose herself.”

Elizabeth and I went upstairs and over coffee discussed what had taken place in the dungeon. Elizabeth was still amazed at the punishment Ellen had taken and I reminded her that Ellen was a true masochist. I assured Elizabeth that I would never attempt to punish her like that and that she was always safe with me.

Twenty minutes later a dressed and radiant looking Ellen joined us.

She hugged and kissed both of us as she thanked us for a fantastic session. I went into the kitchen to prepare a casserole for dinner and left the two girls to chat. I couldn’t make out what they were saying but there were lots of giggling and some “oohs” and “ahhs” coming from the lounge room. They were obviously getting on really well together as they talked about what had happened down stairs.

After putting dinner in the oven I returned to the lounge.

Elizabeth rose and threw her arms around me, “Darling Michael,” she said with a wicked grin on her face, “Ellen guessed that I helped you today and she would like to repay me. Would you mind if Ellen gave me a spanking?”

“Well this is a turn up, isn’t it?” I admit I was a bit surprised, “If that’s what you want Elizabeth that’s OK by me, dinner will be a couple of hours, you can have your spanking now if you want to.”

“Thank you darling, you are so nice,” Elizabeth said as she kissed me. Then she turned to Ellen and said, “OK Ellen, I’m game if you are, what do you want me to do?”

“Just wait a minute and be quiet Elizabeth,” Ellen was suddenly in control. “Michael, have you got that old folding massage table?” I nodded. “Good, bring it out here, I’ll be standing up for a little while longer so I’ll spank Elizabeth while she lies on the table.”

I fetched the massage table and set it up. Ellen set a cushion on the table and hugged a suddenly nervous looking Elizabeth.

“Just relax and enjoy Elizabeth,” Ellen said as they stood beside the table, “Put your hands on your head.”

I sat down on the couch and watched as Elizabeth did as she was told. Ellen knelt down in front of Elizabeth and undid the button of her shorts that slid down her legs to the floor. Ellen then grasped Elizabeth’s tee shirt and pulled it up over her head and arms. Elizabeth was now wearing only bra and panties. I felt my cock start to stiffen as Ellen turned Elizabeth around and unclipped the bra which joined the other clothes on the floor.

“Get up the table Elizabeth and put the cushion under your hips,” Ellen ordered.

Elizabeth glanced at me and the lump in my trousers and then turned and climbed onto the table. Ellen walked around the table so that my view was unobstructed and placed her hands on Elizabeth’s panty covered bottom. I watched Ellen’s fingers grasp the elastic and slowly pull the panties down, uncovering Elizabeth’s lovely bum and legs.

Elizabeth gave a little moan as Ellen’s hands returned to her buttocks, stroking, kneading and pinching. Then light spanks started, covering all of the arse cheeks and the thighs.

“Smack, smack, smack” went the sound of Ellen’s hands as they drummed rhythmically over Elizabeth’s smooth skin.

I heard a few soft moans of pleasure coming from Elizabeth as the spanking continued to build. The white skin was now a pale pink as Ellen warmed to her task, enjoying being in control. The spanks were louder now and as I watched I saw Ellen’s hands move down and spread Elizabeth’s legs apart. Ellen looked at me and I nodded my approval, I knew that Elizabeth would soon let us know if she didn’t like what was happening.

One of Ellen’s hands slipped between Elizabeth’s legs and felt her pussy.

“Oh you’re so wet Elizabeth, this is making you so hot! Do you want more?’

Elizabeth answered with a nod and Ellen resumed the spanking. “Whack, whack, whack.”

The spanks were getting slower and harder now, Elizabeth’s soft backside rippling under each blow. She was wriggling around on the table as the stinging took effect, the soft pink of her skin slowly turning red.

“Ouch! That hurts!” cried Elizabeth, “God I love this and I hate it too. Every time you hit me I want it to stop but when you raise your hand I can’t wait for the next one. Keep going Ellen, I’ll tell you when I can’t take any more.”

Ellen did not need any urging as she continued the spanking. I knew from experience how good Ellen was at covering all the buttocks and upper thighs equally and it was fascinating for me to watch her at work.

The hard spanks continued and I was not surprised when Elizabeth cried out, “Oh please stop Ellen, it’s stinging too much, I can’t take any more of this, it’s hurting too much.”

Ellen was unfazed, she knew that Elizabeth would use the code word when she had had enough.

A few more hard whacks and “Mercy, mercy, Ellen please!” Elizabeth cried out loudly.

Ellen stopped spanking immediately and softly caressed Elizabeth’s poor hot arse with her hands.

“You were so good Elizabeth, I didn’t think you would last that long, you deserve a reward.” Ellen said as she bent down to lick and kiss Elizabeth’s hot arse.

I stood and moved closer to the table. Elizabeth moaned with pleasure as Ellen assisted her to roll over onto her back. Elizabeth was breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling; a glow of perspiration covered her body.

“Oh wow, look at your nipples Elizabeth,” Ellen cried, “May I suck them?”

Elizabeth’s answer was to place a hand around Ellen’s neck and guide her head down to the waiting nipples. My cock grew even harder as I watched Ellen suck, lick, nibble and bite Elizabeth’s teats and the soft flesh of her breasts. Elizabeth was moaning with pleasure as Ellen’s mouth licked and kissed its way down over her heaving tummy where it hovered over Elizabeth’s pussy. Ellen glanced at me and I nodded as my hands reached out to play with Elizabeth’s nipples. Ellen fingers spread Elizabeth’s pussy lips and then her head lowered until her tongue could lick its way around the labia. Finally Ellen’s tongue contacted Elizabeth’s clitoris where it teased and tickled causing Elizabeth to cry out in passion. Ellen stuck her tongue as far as she could into Elizabeth’s wet cunt, her head moving up and down as she used her tongue like a mini cock. Elizabeth screamed as the built up orgasm arched her body almost off the table.

“Hang on Elizabeth, I haven’t finished yet!” Ellen said as she inserted the middle finger of her left hand into Elizabeth’s wet love hole. She withdrew it glistening wet and Elizabeth gasped as Ellen probed the finger into the opening of Elizabeth’s anus.

“Ohhhhhhh Ellen, nobody has ever done this to me before, it’s soooooo good!” Elizabeth cried loudly as her anus was invaded by Ellen’s finger. Ellen’s tongue returned to make love to Elizabeth’s cunt as her finger fucked away up the arse.

It wasn’t long before another huge orgasm arched Elizabeth’s body off the table once again. She collapsed back onto the table as Ellen withdrew her finger and tongue. Ellen’s mouth was wet with Elizabeth’s juices as she moved down and kissed Elizabeth on the lips, a kiss that Elizabeth returned with passion. They held each other as Elizabeth came down from her high and her breathing gradually slowed down to something like normal.

Nothing was said for about five minutes until Elizabeth regained her somewhat wobbly legs. The three of us hugged and kissed each other and I felt a couple of hands groping the front of my trousers.

Elizabeth spoke first, “Wow, that was incredible Ellen, thank you so much, and thank you too Michael. It looks like you have a big problem down here.” She looked at Ellen and grinned, “Perhaps we can do something about making it a bit smaller?”

Ellen grinned back and the two of them led me into the bedroom where they quickly removed my clothes. They pushed me into the center of the bed with one of them on each side. I lay back as first Elizabeth and then Ellen sucked my cock. They took turns to suck, sometimes kissing each other as they swapped. Elizabeth knew from experience that I was getting near to coming as she gently pushed Ellen aside and slid her cunt down over my cock. I had my eyes closed as Elizabeth moved slowly up and down, wanting as usual to make the moment last as long as possible. Ellen’s lips joined mine as Elizabeth and I came in a giant orgasm. The girls both collapsed on the bed beside me, the three of us hugging, kissing and laughing after a wonderful afternoon.

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